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Just a Housewife


Just a housewife



It seems so long ago now that I was just an ordinary housewife
living in suburbia, with my 2 children and devoted husband.
We weren't quite the 2 car affluent family seen in modern
soap operas but had a comfortable living provided by my
husbands' hard work and long hours, my daughters were
well-behaved and beautiful girls. I met my husband while
at school, I had no real experience with boys before I met
John, there was the occasional fumble in the cinema with
a boy touching my breast or putting his hand up my skirt but
never getting any further than that. John and I married
when I was 16 five weeks from leaving school, with no qualifications
or real knowledge, I was too busy with fashion, makeup,
boys, and gossip to worry about book learning. Well so here
I am at the start of my story a woman with 19 years of marriage
behind her and two daughters to look after, Anna 14 and Sarah
9 John is 10 years older than me at 45 so that makes me 35. And
not as most of my friends and relatives thought pregnant
when I married John, that was the biggest shock for everyone
except the boys that dated me up to meeting John, they all
agreed that I was frigid because I didn't want to have
sex with them. John tries really hard to provide for us all
with long hours and hard work, the thing is our sex life has
suffered, it wasn't great before hand even on our honeymoon
we only made love once in the fortnight. Then we settled
into a routine that John would get a bottle of wine on pay
day each month and that would be the precursor to sex, after
the children were borne we went to sex on a quarterly basis
whether we fancied it or not. Now it's like a birthday
treat, an annual event like trouping the colour or fireworks
night. Please don't think I'm complaining I never
really liked sex so I don't miss it it's just the
closeness I miss, John isn't usually demonstrative
about his love for me, but after sex we would cuddle together
until I went to sleep and that was the best part for me. I try
to keep in shape and looking good for John I have still got
the body of a 20-year-old and am tight in all the right places
with out looking muscular and masculine. So to the story,
that's why were all here, to listen to my tail and make
some sort of judgement.

It was the first Monday of the new school year, Sarah was
in the second year at junior school and Anna was in the third
year at the comprehensive school. The two schools shared
adjoining sites and so it was easy to drop both girls off
together at Sarah's school and let Anna take her to
the gate and then walk over to her school while I fought the
traffic into town. I parked Johns BMW Alpina, his pride
and joy, in the multi-storey car park and walked to the lift.
There was a man waiting for the lift and I stood behind him,
I couldn't see his face but I could smell his after-shave,
it was expensive and classy, I felt a tingle in my tummy that
I had never felt before. The lift arrived and I followed
him in, I still hadn't seen his face it's a British
thing, avoiding looking at the people we have to share close
space with. But I couldn't avoid the smell permeating
the whole lift carriage. I found my self, sniffing in deeply
next to the man, he looked round and straight into my eyes,
I was shocked, I was caught smelling the mans coat. He told
me his name was Kurt from Germany and asked me to join him
for coffee in a café across the road, I didn't know what
I was doing but I accepted his offer. We sat for an hour in
the café I told Kurt all about my life and my children but
skirted around my husband, I should have realised then
the I was very attracted to my Teutonic friend. I had an appointment
and so I had to cut short my enjoyment and left without exchanging
telephone numbers or anything so I thought I was safe, as
was my marriage. I went about my morning's tasks and
did all the errands I needed to do, thinking all the time
about Kurt, why hadn't I asked him for his mobile number,
what would it hurt me giving him a call to chat some time.
I returned to my car about 12 noon, the car park was empty
and silent, I took the lift to the 6th floor where I had left
the car only to find it missing. John could have took it he
had a set of keys but he was due to be in his office all day and
would not know where I parked the car anyway. I decided it
must have been stolen and I needed to report it to the car
park owners and the police. I was just finishing telling
the car park manager as the police car arrived and asked
me a few questions, then they took me in their car all round
the car park in case I just parked some place else and forgot.
Eventually they gave me a crime number for my insurance
company to refer to and dropped me at the car park entrance,
I was just about to start walking to the bus stop when Kurt
walked past me. I said, "Hi" and he asked me what
was wrong, I told him about the car being stolen and he asked
me if he could give me a lift anywhere. I decided to let him
take me home even though I had very serious misgivings,
we walked up to the lift making small talk and entered the
lift very differently to the way we entered this morning.
Kurt had just told me a joke as the door opened and the people
leaving the lift must have thought I was mad the amount of
cackling I was doing, it was just nerves really and the fact
the car had been stolen. When we arrived at Kurt's car
he searched his pockets and asked me if I had my parking ticket
in my hand bag, Kurt had lost his ticket in town, I passed
my ticket to Kurt and we drove down the 6 floors to the exit
in silence. Kurt put the car into first gear as we left the
car park and he let the back of his hand brush along the outside
of my thigh all the way to the hem of my skirt. I really wished
I had put on a longer skirt today or tights but I was sitting
in his car with my bare thighs exposed to his wandering fingers.
I looked at his face, he was a little younger than me and very
handsome with short blond hair and deep, deep blue eyes.
He talked to me and I realised John had never really talked
to me in all our 19 years together. As we left the city centre
Kurt rested his hand on my knee, touching my bare flesh but
with a touch light as a feather I could convince myself he
wasn't touching me at all. As we went further out of
the city towards my village, Kurt was telling me about all
the things he had seen around the world. He pulled my thigh
towards him very slightly and I allowed my legs to part a
little. Then he gripped my thigh a little more and moved
his hand towards the front of the car and I slid a little down
in the seat in responce. Then he pulled a little more towards
him and I allowed my legs to part a little more and so on, he
was talking to me all the time he was doing this, without
looking once. I realised the crotch of my panties could
be seen now below the hemline of my skirt, and for the first
time Kurt stopped talking to me and looked down at my lap.
I felt on show to him, apart from on holiday no man had this
view of me except my husband John, I so wanted to close my
legs and pull my skirt lower to cover my self but something
stopped me in my tracks. Kurt was smiling at my discomfort,
he looked like the cat that swallowed the cream, all but
licking his lips, he broke the silence and told me to lift
the front of my skirt for him, not asked me mind you but told
me. I hesitated and moved my hands slowly to the hem of my
skirt, hoping he would tell me to stop he had been joking,
but he was watching from the corner of his eye as I hesitantly
moved my hands. My hands reached the hem of my skirt and I
couldn't think of a good reason to lift my skirt for
Kurt, I could think of hundreds of reasons to not lift it
but I found myself lifting my skirt all the same. I looked
at the view that presented it's self to Kurt and smiled
to my self, my panties were Marks and Spencer's best
quality full sized white cotton double-gusseted passion
killers. I might as well have been wearing running shorts,
I stopped my self from laughing out loud, and directed Kurt
down the final approach to my house. I thanked him and asked
him if he would like to have a cup of coffee before he went
back to town, he picked up my hand and kissed it and declined
my offer of a drink and sped off into the sunset, well into
the High Street. I felt a little let down, it had been exciting
in the car having a man touch me, direct me to do things and
show a little of my body to a stranger virtually in public.
I could kick my self, I still hadn't asked Kurt for a
number nor he mine, just as well, I hadn't felt this
reckless in the whole of my life before.

I phoned the insurance company as soon as I got in home, I
explained the situation to a 16 year old 'new deal'
kid on the phone and was told that I couldn't make a claim
as the car was only insured for theft from the public highway.
I was speechless, I called my husband right away, he checked
with his insurance broker who told him we got a discount
on the insurance because of that clause. Well far from not
being a 2 car family now we were a no car family, it would take
a long time before we could afford another second-hand
car to replace 'Alan the Alpina'. I called the
car park manager and he told me there was a sign at the entrance
to the car park informing everyone that the management
could not be held responsible for loss or damage to vehicles
left in the car park. I was devastated, I couldn't believe
my bad luck, we had paid £15, 000 for the car second hand
just this year and now because of a simple clause in an insurance
policy we had nothing.

'Drrrrrring, Drrrrrring'
"Hello Nottingham 9265...."
"Rose is that you"
"Yes who is this please"
"It's Kurt from Monday in town"
"Hi Kurt, how did you get this number"
"That's not important now, I think I know where
your car might be, you interested?"
"Yes where is it......."
"I'll pick you up in 20 minutes, bye"
"Kurt, are you there"

I dressed quickly, I decided to put on my usual M&S passion
killers and with the added protection of my tights, my long
skirt and I was fully protected. I was over heating but fully
protected, it was early August and 80c in the shade and I
was dressed for winter to stop myself letting the handsome
Kurt get his hands on me. Kurt ran to my front door with a parcel
under his arm, he took one look at me and said this will never
do I can't take you where we have to go dressed like that.
He handed me the package and said, "Here put these
on and only what's in the package!" I invited
Kurt in to the living room and took his package in to the dining
room, my hands were trembling while I opened the wrapping.
There was a top that looked just like a sport bra only a few
inches longer, a micro mini-skirt and bright red satin
thong panties, all in my size. I went back into the living
room and told Kurt that I was far too old to dress like this,
he just looked at the way I was dressed now and said, "Your
far too young to dress like that. I need to take you to see
some people to talk about your car, if you are over dressed
they will get suspicious that you are the police, you could
conceal half the Nottingham constabulary under that skirt
you're wearing!!" I went back in to the dining
room and started to remove my own clothes, Kurt called from
the other room reminding me to put on only the clothes he
had given me. I put the top on and looked in a mirror, I could
clearly see right through it, my nipples and areola were
visible for all to see. I changed into the thong and looked
at my self again I had to stand on tiptoes to see in the mirror
but it was a terrible site, all my pubic hair sticking out
around the skimpy panties. I shouted out that I couldn't
possibly ware these skimpy nickers and Kurt told me to go
have a shave and it would all be ok. I removed the panties
and went up into the bathroom, John had an electric beard
trimmer that I used to remove most of the hair, leaving just
a short stubble. Kurt shouted from the bottom of the stairs
to make sure it was smooth all over, so I used Johns shaving
foam and razor to finish the job off. I had finished before
I realised what I had done, I was standing there with a denuded
pussy mound just because a man who until 3 days ago was a complete
stranger to me had told me to. I stroked my mound and was surprised
at how smooth and soft it felt. I was starting to get moist
between my legs thinking about my situation, I pulled on
the panties again and now they looked right but very obscene,
I left the bathroom and walked to the stairs. Kurt was sitting
on the bottom step looking up as I turned the corner, he whistled
up at me sand said, "Very nice Mrs. West-". I
blushed from my head to my toes and asked him to go back into
the living room. I put on the skirt and pulled it as low as
possible to cover as much as the scant cloth was able to.
I went into the living room to Kurt and stood there, my stomach
completely bare, Kurt came over and looked all around me,
he tutted and pulled the waste band of the skirt up a little.
I looked down and the skirt was now only just covering the
crotch of my panties. Kurt told me to do a twirl for him, I
should have said no but I just turned in a circle slowly.
Kurt told me to do it again but faster this time, as I span
around I noticed in the hall mirror I could see the waste
band on the thong, and everything in between, when I turned
quickly. Kurt smiled and said, "It's taken a
long time but you're worth the wait! Now lets go before
my contact loses interest in helping us". I was surprised
to see Kurt had changed his car to a black VW Golf GTI Cabriolet
and the roof was down, it wasn't out of place with the
glorious sunshine today but I was hoping to get out of my
village without all my neighbours seeing my semi-naked
body. I sat by Kurt because the car was a German compact convertible
we were very close together, as we pulled away from the curb
Kurt rested his hand high on my thigh touching the expanse
of bare flesh below my skirt. We went past Mr Brice one of
my nosiest neighbours his eyes almost popped out of his
head as I passed. I looked down and could clearly see the
bright red of my panties on show under my skirt. I tried to
pull the hem of the micro-skirt down to cover my crotch but
Kurt told me to stop and leave it as it was. I asked Kurt why
he had insisted I left the house almost nude, he told me we
were going to an underground club and he was going to pass
me off as his girlfriend. I looked at him and said, "You
expect your girlfriends to dress like this in public?"
"My girlfriend will dress as I tell her".
"I'm not your girlfriend though".
"If you behave as I ask you could be".
"I'm a happily married woman with two wonderful
"I don't want to change any of that, I don't
need a wife or children".
"What do you expect".
"I expect a little gratitude for helping you and if
I manage to get your car back we'll discuss what I want
from you".
I sat sulking at his comments, he stopped the car and told
me to get out, I just looked at him, my face still looking
like a wet weekend in paradise, "I'm wasting
my time with you, we won't get anywhere if you don't
look the part today. So out I might as well go and do some work
as play with you!" I opened the door and stepped out
of the car, he drove off with out even looking back, I started
to cry a little I was very confused, I was semi-naked and
I was 5 miles from my home with no way of getting there except
walking. There were a few cars passing and one stopped and
asked me if I needed a lift, I looked at the driver and was
about to accept when I saw the grin on his face while he was
looking at my legs, I declined and started walking towards

After 10 minutes I heard a screeching of car tyres and Kurt's
black VW skidded past me, stopping a few yards down the road,
I stopped in my tracks, Kurt looked back at me and told me
he was prepared to give me one last chance. I ran to the passenger
door and pulled at the handle, the door was locked, I looked
at Kurt, he told me I had to do everything he asked with a smile
or it was off forever. I nodded my head, Kurt opened the door
and I sat in the car, Kurt told me to remove my panties, I looked
at him again, he widened his eyes and I slipped out of the
deep red thong. I placed my hand in my lap to cover my pussy,
Kurt slowed the car and I quickly removed my hand, I could
see my bare pussy lips just peeping out of my skirt, Kurt
didn't even seem to be looking at me and he didn't
touch my leg. We reached the dual carriageway leading to
Nottingham City centre and started to overtake an eighteen
wheeler, as we reached the cab Kurt slowed down slightly.
The driver of the lorry looked down and did a double take,
a sexy woman, even if I do say so my self, in a crop top and micro
skirt with a bare midriff and showing some shaved pussy,
he was losing control of his truck. Kurt laughed out loud,
and started to overtake the next lorry, the driver of the
next lorry had his window down and was hanging out of his
door to get a good look. I looked quizzically at Kurt and
he pointed to a long Arial in the lorry's roof, he said,
"CB radio, all the truckers along this route will
be looking out for us now. He told me to lift my skirt higher,
I did as asked and Kurt looked at my face and raised his eyebrows,
I smiled for him. Kurt suggested I recline the seat and I
did as requested, as we passed each lorry there were catcalls,
whistles and horns honking, a great cacophony of noise
all along the A52 into Nottingham and with each lorry my
nipples grew longer and my pussy grew wetter. As we approached
the start of the shopping area in the city centre Kurt told
me to put my panties on and return my seat to its upright position.
I put the panties back on I noticed a wet tide mark rising
along the front of my panties, a dead give away of how excited
I really was exhibiting myself to strangers on the open
road. Kurt smiled at me and told me I had done very well for
him, he patted my upper thigh as he told me I had done really
well. We parked in a side street just a little way from the
town hall and entered a restaurant, it was a drinking club
in the back with 4 tables in the front for people to eat at
to cover the licensing rules. We walked in and the talking
stopped instantly and all eyes were on Kurt and I as we walked
through the restaurant into the rear room. Kurt was holding
my hand tightly as we walked in, not for his benefit but to
stop me turning and making for the hills. He led me as if to
sit at a table and at the last minute pulled me back to him
making me half turn and my skirt fly out exposing my deep
red thong to all present. There was a sudden raising of the
noise level in the room and people were getting on with there
own business, we sat at a table that looked to be occupied
by a an old boxer, with the mandatory broken nose and cauliflower
ear. Kurt exchanged the usual pleasantries with the man
and they talked in hushed tones.
"I understand you might have a white Alpina becoming
surplus to requirements soon".
"Where did you hear such a thing cousin?"
"A little birdie told me this morning".
"Well birdie should learn to keep his mouth shut".
"I'd be willing to take it off your hands".
"How much".
"As a favour to me, I'll clean it up and take the
heat away from it".
"It's worth £10, 000 to me".
"It could be worth 10 years too if the wrong people
connected it with you".
"I don't like to be threatened in my own place
"No threat my friend, I would be willing to exchange
information for the car".
"What sort of information".
"A police undercover operation due to start next
week, I could give you everything you need to avoid compromise".
"This information, if it were true would be worth
more than an old BMW to me".
"Well that's all I want, how about it"
"Get rid of your tart and we can discuss business"

Kurt told me to go into the other room and wait for him, I sat
in the restaurant area alone until an older man walked in
and sat with me. I nodded when he asked me what my name was,
he asked again and put his massive fist on the table in a threatening
"I'm Rose".
"I haven' seen you before Rose".
"No its my first time in here".
"You need a drink Rose".
"No thank you I don't drink"
"I wasn't asking Rose I was telling"
He clicked his fingers and the waiter came over, my companion
told him to get me a Champaign cocktail and he would have
a large dark Rum. I told him again I didn't drink but
he wasn't paying me any attention, the drinks arrived
and I just looked at my drink as my new friend downed his Rum
in one gulp, he picked my drink and put it against my lips
and just said, "Drink!" I said I needed the toilet
and moved as fast as my shaky legs would carry me into the
ladies toilet, it was dark, dank and disgusting in there,
I just stood shaking. A woman walked in and asked me if I was
with the German, I said, "Yes" she told me he
was bad news, I should get away from him as soon as possible,
I would be better off working for her boss than the crout.
I told her I didn't work for anyone, she looked at my
dress and smiled and said, "We working girls shouldn't
lie to each other". I was shocked she thought I was
a prostitute, she was a prostitute!!!!! I was in a toilet
talking to a prostitute, dressed like a prostitute. "Is
Kurt a pimp?" I asked. Kurt is into everything she
told me, there was a loud bang on the door and a deep voice
boomed out "This drink is going flat, now get out here
and finish it". I quickly left the toilet with a passing
comment from the other woman to do as I was told in here or
it would be very unpleasant for me. My new friend was standing
by the door with the Champaign cocktail in his hands, I took
it from him and drank it down in one go. My very large friend
told the waiter to bring more drinks for us right away, my
head went into instant swim mode, I never drink, I never
drink in the morning and I never down a large cocktail in
one go. The next drink arrived and I took it and sipped it
gently, my hero downed in one again and laughed out loud,
he moved around the table and sat next to me. He placed his
massive hand in my thigh and pushed it up towards my pussy,
I remembered the last words of the girl in the toilet 'do
as you're told in here or it will be bad for you'.
As his hand passed my skirts' hemline and reached my
panties he hooked his fingers inside my panties and pulled
upward. I felt the flimsy material give way and my pussy
was exposed, my skirt was pushed back and the guy with the
bad breath was looking at my bare mound. He turned his hand
and forced his fingers between my thighs, one finger felt
like it was as big as Johns cock, he forced it into my dripping
cunt. There was a loud crashing sound, splinters of glass
were all over the place. I looked up to see blood pouring
from the back of my large friends head.
"Is this any way to treat a guest's woman".
"Is that any way to treat the owners brother".
"I'll expect that car to be at my place by 6 am tomorrow
as per our agreement, your information will be delivered
in an envelope at 7 am and we can all be friends still or not
as you please"
Kurt smoothed my skirt down and led me out of the club, we
were walking rather fast and jumped into his car as fast
as we could. We sped out of the Side Street and Kurt started
laughing, a very nervous laugh not the confident laugh
I had heard from him so far.

As we drove to my village Kurt was strangely quiet, he lifted
my skirt to look at my pussy instead of telling me to do it
for him, he didn't touch me just looked. We arrived
home about 3 o'clock and again I asked Kurt if he would
like to have a drink, again he turned me down, I was so confused.
As I stepped out of the car my resident nosy neighbour was
standing in exactly the right place to see up my skirt. He
nearly had an Angina attack as my pussy opened its lips to
him and winked, I walked into my house and slammed the door
falling with my back against it and sliding down on to the
floor. I was ticked off, I had been on a sexual high for 4 hours,
nearly , exposed to all comers on the public highway,
treated as a prostitute. I needed to feel a hot, hard cock
in my pussy NOW!!!! I could not believe how much I needed
sex, why did Kurt stop the man in the club, it would have been
nice to have climaxed on those massive fingers. Why didn't
Kurt want to fuck me, I was getting desperate for sex now.
John came home later than usual as we no longer had a car for
him to use to get home, 8 miles from town don't sound
a long way in a car but on local buss services it was an eternity.
The busses only ran hourly at 10 minutes to the hour so if
you missed the 10 to 6 bus the next was 10 to 7 which got in to
the village at 10 to 8 and there was a 30 minute walk home from
there. When John walked in the door at 20 past 8 his face was
like thunder, I had re-heated his dinner for him and it was
waiting in the table as he walked in the door. He asked where
the girls were and I told him they were in bed already, he
looked at me suspiciously and asked why, I told him they
had 3 late nights and Sarah was shattered and I suggested
Anna could do with an early night too and she agreed. After
his meal John went into the living room and sat watching
TV, I sat on the sofa next to him and rested my head against
his shoulder, the events earlier in the day had me aroused
more than I thought possible. As I slid my hand onto John's
stomach he leapt up tripping over the coffee table and almost
diving headlong into the TV set, he said, "I have to
go down the pub for half an hour to see about the darts match
Friday night!" I knew the half hour would be optimistic
as it would take him that long to walk to the pub, if he spent
half an hour in the pub it would be 90 minutes at least until
he returned, that would be at least 10:30pm more like 11:00.
We would both be too tired to make love by then, I went straight
to bed as soon as John walked out of the house, disappointed,
rejected and frustrated.

It was 7:00am and once again John couldn't find his
clean shirt, the whole house was awake, I handed John his
shirt, he stood and finished dressing while eating a piece
of toast, put on his tie and jacket and left the house. The
girls were eating their serials still dressed in their
nighties, I was dressed which was strange for me but as I
had put on the crop top with no bra and the short skirt with
no panties it didn't take as me long to dress as usual.
By 7:45 the girls were leaving the house to catch the dreaded
school bus and I was tiding the house when the doorbell rang,
it was Kurt, I was stammering a hello as he dragged me out
of the door. "Lots of things to do today, no time to
do them in" he said. We went down the path and there
was a Ford Scorpio parked at the roadside, I sat in the car
and got a shock from the cold seat, I remembered, that I had
no panties suitable to ware under the micro-mini skirt
and so had non on. We drove around Nottingham to the other
side of the city, I was disappointed that Kurt hadn't
touched me at all during the drive, hadn't looked at
my bare pussy or anything. There was a garage under some
railway arches, we screeched to a halt in front of the most
dilapidated set of doors. Kurt opened the door and there
was my husband's pride and joy, his BMW Alpina, no number-plates
but I recognised it from his works car park sticker in the
window. I pointed it out to Kurt and he was really angry,
he took a razor blade from a bench at the back of the garage
and scrapped the sticker from the window, then he used a
solvent to remove every trace of glue from the window. I
was puzzled by Kurt's actions but in the last few days
I had seen and done a lot of things that had made me confused,
Kurt pulled me by the hand back to the Scorpio and we headed
south on the M1 Motorway. We arrived in North London 2 hours
later all the time Kurt was talking on his mobile telephone,
we drove directly to a scrap yard and Kurt pulled me along
to the office to see a rather grubby man in a rather grubby
room. Kurt called the man Paul, and introduced me as his
latest girl, I felt a little twinge in my stomach at being
called his latest girl but I was definitely dressed for
the part. Paul told Kurt he had exactly what Kurt needed,
but he had changed his mind about payment, Kurt said, "We
agreed £200!" Paul said, "I want 20 minutes
instead!" I was just looking out of the window at the
piles of scrapped cars and other detritus littering the
yard, men coming and going with tyres, radios, headlight
clusters and radios, I could hear the animate heated discussion
behind me but was oblivious to it. Paul stood and walked
to the door as he was going through it he said, "I'll
leave the decision to you then Kurt, but it's my final
offer". I looked at Kurt and asked him if there was
a problem, he was looking uncomfortable, he told me he looked
after a few prostitutes in Nottingham. He told me the scrap
yard owner thought I was a prostitute and would only give
Kurt the documents if I spent 20 minutes with him in the office.
I was stunned into silence, I asked Kurt if the documents
were that important, and he just nodded his head, "Essential"
he said. I was still feeling very frustrated and rejected
from my sexual high of the past few days and the fact that
my husband had avoided me last night so I said, "OK!"


Paul walked into the office, he hadn't even washed
his hands, he just stood in front of me and pulled me to my
knees with my hair. I was taken a little by surprise, I didn't
know exactly what to expect but I thought normal pleasantries
were going to be observed. I was obviously wrong, Paul opened
his trouser zip and took out a rather poor specimen of manhood.
It was hard but nothing to shout about, he thrust it towards
my mouth and I guessed I had to give him a blow job, something
I had never done for John no matter how often he asked me to.
I was getting turned on though and started to blow him, I
felt his cock grow a little in my mouth, it was like a vote
of appreciation for my oral skill. I sucked harder and used
my tongue to play around his cock head, it grew a little more,
Paul was panting now, his face was bright red, he looked
in difficulty but happy. He fired his cum into my mouth I
was overtaken by it and couldn't keep from blowing
it all from my mouth, it felt like a cup full of the saltiest
thing I had ever tasted in my life. Paul slumped in his chair,
his cum and my saliva covered his trousers, he looked down
and laughed.
"Was that your first blow job girl?"
"No of course not!"
"Why didn't you swallow it then?"
"You were too fast for me, you shot harder than any
man I have ever given a blow job to before".
"Good, I like the thought of that!"
"Are you going to fuck me now?"
"I couldn't possibly make a second load!"
"But you asked for 20 minutes, you only used 4".
Paul looked out of the window and knocked, he beckoned to
someone outside and sat back in his chair, his cock was still
out and he pulled my hair again and my face was pulled into
the mat of saliva and cum in his lap. I took his flaccid cock
in my mouth and started to try to awaken it. I felt a hand on
my ass, lifting my skirt, and there was a gasp from both men
as they sae I was panty-less. I felt a massive cock between
my legs and the stranger behind me was forcing his huge member
into my pussy, doggy style, Paul started to harden and grow
again. I was feeling fantastic, the cock in my pussy was
bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. I was climaxing
from the first push in my hot and tender box, Paul was pushing
his growing cock deeper into my mouth and I was finding difficulty
in my own climax because Paul's cock was touching my
throat preventing me from breathing properly. The tempo
in my pussy was speeding up and I was driven over the edge
into my climax over and over again, Paul erupted into my
mouth for a second time, which I swallowed between gasps
of yet another climax. The cock filling my pussy, blasted
deep within my womb and spilled all over the floor mixing
with my cum juice already there. Paul looked terrible,
he was sweating profusely, his face was bright red and he
was having difficulty breathing. The guy in my pussy said,
"Dad you know you have to take it easy, where's
your pills?" I looked back and there still engaged
in my pussy was a 16 year old boy, as he pulled his rapidly
softening cock out of my pussy it must have been over 10 inches
long. I smoothed my skirt down and opened the door to the
outer office, Paul called me back to him, he kissed my cheek
and patted my ass. Kurt looked sheepishly at me and asked
if I was ok, he looked past me to the two men in the inner office
adjusting there clothes, I just nodded with a little smile
on my lips, and a massive grin inside. Kurt went into the
office while I stood outside, I hadn't reached a full
climax and a strange teenager's sperm was swimming
in my womb but I felt a million times better than I had this
morning when I left home. Kurt followed a few moments later
with some documents in his hands, he told me we just had to
collect some plates and watch a car get shredded and we could
go home. There was a BMW Alpina exactly the same as my husbands,
colour, model everything except it was two years newer
and had had a major side impact. Kurt removed the number
plates and the boy who had fucked me so well only moments
before picked up the car with a forklift truck and dropped
it in the car crusher. We watched until the block of mangled
metal came out on the conveyor belt, Kurt said, "well
that's that lets go home". I sat in the front seat
of the Ford Scorpio, on the plush leather seat leaking a
boy's cum all over it, I felt so uncomfortable, every
time I moved on the seat it squelched. Kurt opened the glove
box and took out a window leather and asked me to sit on it,
it felt nice against my skin, a little dirty but so soft.
We reached Nottingham around 2 p.m. and went straight to
the railway arches and opened the garage door. Kurt lifted
the bonnet on John's car and checked the VIN number
against the documents, he had the VIN plate from the crushed
BMW and drilled the old plate off of Johns car and riveted
the replacement plate in place. Then he checked the engine
serial number and said it was good there was only 3 digits
difference. He used a chemical to lift the grease from around
the serial number and a small electric welding gun to weld
over the indentations in the aluminium cylinder head.
He used a small grinder like a dentist would use on teeth
to flatten the weld lines down to a level and then placed
another attachment to the grinder and etched the missing
digits into the serial number. It was not good enough to
fool an expert but to me it looked good. Kurt then walked
over to an old engine standing outside the garage and scooped
some of the old grease on his fingers and rubbed it in to the
serial number, now no one would be able to tell the forgery.
Kurt went in to the car and emptied the glove box and door
pouches and put everything in the bin, I complained that
some of the things belonged to my children, and Kurt told
me to replace them with new. He fitted the registration
plates from he got from the scrap yard this morning. He finished
checking the car and removed something in a black plastic
sack from the boot that looked like a shotgun, I asked Kurt
what the car had been used for and he told me never to ask.
He handed three brand new ignition keys and the vehicle
documents to me and told me all the locks had been changed
and one key would fit all the locks. I asked Kurt how much
I owed him, Kurt told me he thought I wouldn't be able
to afford it and I said, "Well money would be a problem
but I would have to get it somehow!" Kurt told me I could
work it off like the £200 for this morning. I asked Kurt if
he expected me to work as a prostitute for him to pay for a
car, he nodded his head, I was once again shocked but also
excited, this morning had given me a taste of forbidden
fruit and I liked it.

At exactly 4pm I drove from the railway arches into Nottingham
in my husbands old BMW dressed up as a newer car. There was
a new speedometer with much less mileage than it should
have had and the inside was spotlessly clean. I thought
the car even felt better to drive, I went directly to my husbands
office and as I had 30 minutes before John finished for the
day I popped into the admin office and asked for a parking
sticker for the new cars front windscreen. I met John in
his office and told him I had a surprise for him, it was just
a few moments to knocking off time so we left and John's
face was a picture when he saw the gleaming BMW Alpina sitting
in the car park. I handed him his key and he drove out into
the street as proud as any man could be, then at the first
set of traffic lights he turned to me and asked how we could
afford it. I told him I had taken a part time job at weekends
and evenings until the car was paid for, not totally untrue
but the type of work would be my little secret. It was almost
a week before Kurt called me on the phone, they needed some
one at the kings head hotel in Nottingham, two businessmen
had asked for two girls who were new to the game. Kurt told
me I would meet a woman called Cheryl in the bar with the two
men at 7pm and I could keep half of any tips I made, the rest
would go towards the car payment. I was there in the car park
at 6:30 very nervous and also very excited, I went into the
public bar and bought a bottle of imported larger, which
I sipped from the bottle very slowly. I had told John I would
be working possibly quite late as relief barmaid at the
pub but was vague about the name to prevent him phoning me
there. There were only two people in the bar, both looked
like business men, I looked for 45 minutes for a girl that
might be Cheryl, but at 7:15 there was just me and two horny
men. The landlord asked me if I was Rose and I said yes blushing
from my head to my toes, "Telephone for you"
he said. I went into the back room and spoke to Kurt, he told
me he couldn't find Cheryl and there was no other girl
to help me out, I would have to satisfy both men my self. I
tried to protest but it made no difference to Kurt, I gathered
my courage and walked into the bar and asked the men if they
were expecting Cheryl, they nodded there heads and I told
them the bad news. One of the men told me I was dressed like
his wife, I looked down at my full-length skirt and bottom
warming tea shirt, I did have nice shoes with a 2" heal
and the dress looked nice just too long. I went to the barman
and asked if he had some scissors in the bar he nodded his
head and he handed me a pair, I went into the ladies toilet
and carefully cut the dress just below my panty line and
the tea shirt just below my bust. The bra came off and I looked
in the small mirror at the general effect and it was damned
good. I returned to the bar to catcalls from both men and
the barman too. The men told me they wanted to go into town
dancing at a night club, they would pay extra for me to go
dancing with them before we completed the transaction
that brought me to the hotel tonight. I agreed but wished
they had told me before I cut my clothes down. It was putting
off the inevitable but that was ok by me, we got a taxi and
were dropped off at a seedy night-club just off the main
precinct. The men paid the admission fee to get in the club
and got a round of drinks in, I danced with the younger man
who was trying to tell me his name but I stopped him and said,
"much better if we keep it business like ok?"
He nodded his head and we danced close for the entire record.
I danced the next dance with the older man the dance was a
fast one but we danced slow to it, I felt so strange with two
men paying attention to me and being very seductive with
there dancing, anyone would have thought they weren't
paying for me tonight. When we weren't dancing, I sat
between both men letting each kiss me in turn, we danced
a lot, drank a lot and kissed a lot and at midnight they decided
we had to go back to the hotel while they still had the energy
to fuck me. We arrived and they had to use the front door key
to get in as the night porter was nowhere in sight. The younger
man asked if they should toss to see who's room I started
off in and I asked them either of them were shy, they said,
"No!" Almost in concert and I asked them why
we didn't go in the same room together, I was being a
little mercenary really it was 12:30am and I could see me
being here all night if we split up. I sat both men down on
the double bed and stood in front of them and did a sexy striptease,
it took no time really one tea shirt, one skirt and one pair
of panties, 3 minutes I was naked. I lay on the bed and asked
the guy's why I was the only one in the room in the nude,
the men fell over themselves to strip and join me on the bed.
I let the older man fuck me first while I gave the younger
one a blow-job, I expected the older man to cum within seconds
and I could then savour the younger mans much bigger cock
in my cunt. I was wrong, the older man was far from a quick
shooter, I was royally roggered in my cunt and got a mouth
full of cum before the older man cum-washed the walls of
my love tunnel with a gallon of spirit-de-man. I had two
climaxes, which surprised me totally. Then the younger
asked if I would double-header them, I said yes even though
I didn't have a clue what a double header was. The older
guy lay on the bed on his back and pulled me on top of him, he
inserted his still hard cock into my pussy. The younger
man knelt behind me and eased his cock gently into my ass
hole, I was too shocked to utter a word and by the time I could
speak all I could do was sigh ahhhhhh! I felt so incredibly
full and climaxed a dozen times at least before both men
filled me with hot cum again. I told them it was time I went
but the young man pouted that he hadn't fucked my cunt
yet so I made him wash my shit off of his cock and gave a very
soft old man a blow job while young man fucked my cunt. I didn't
really feel him inside me and when he finished fucking me
there was a large cum stain mixed with my shit on the bed sheets,
I was so full of cum that as I tried to stand it ran out of both
holes like a mini Niagara Falls. I dressed as quickly as
I could, it was 3am and I would have some explaining to do
to John coming home at this time of the night with my clothes
ruined. The guys both thanked me profusely for giving them
such a wonderful night and gave me £150. I looked at it and
the older man said, "That's for you, a tip, we
have paid the German earlier, we wont even ask for a rebate
for only getting one girl because you were so good!"
The younger man told me he would tell Kurt that I had a £50
tip, he knew I'd be expected to hand over some of my tip
so I could keep the other £100 for myself. I drove home very
uncomfortable with cum dripping out of both of my holes,
my panties were disgusting and would have to be disinfected
and washed as soon as I could. It was a good thing the car seats
were leather, I rubbed over the seat with my skirt off-cut
to make it as clean as possible, it was 3:30am when I finally
got into the house. John was in bed and I slept in the spare
room so as not to wake him, I couldn't afford for him
to touch my pussy or ass it would be dead give-away to what
I had been doing all night. As soon as John woke up he was straight
into the spare room asking me what time I got home last night,
I told him I had no idea, he said the pub would be closed by
11pm I should have been home by 11:30 at the latest. I told
him the landlord had a lock in till way after 1am, John said
it wasn't worth £3.50 an hour to be working to that time
in the morning. I held out £100 to John and said the £3.50
an hour supplemented by tips came to £100 for the night tax-free.
John picked up the cash and looked at it, "How often
can you work there", he said. I told him I would only
be needed to cover emergencies, he told me I should try to
get a permanent job there. 9am the phone rang, Kurt was on
the line and he was so happy.
"You made a very good impression on those two men last
"They seemed to have fun".
"They want you again next week on your own".
"Did they really like me that much?"
"They had the best time ever and they use my girls twice
a month usually".
"That's good then".
"Keep the £50 tip for yourself and get some sexy clothes".
"Thanks for that, so what's next?"
"Tonight if you're up for it, there's a little
party at a private house in Derbyshire that needs 4 girls
if you want to be in on it!"
"Where do I have to go and what time?"
The directions Kurt gave me were easy to follow so I arrived
30 minutes earlier than expected, there was a stag party
planned to start soon in the massive private house, I was
shown to a bedroom by the owner of the house. He was very good
looking and around 40 years old, he told me he was divorced
and the party was for his older brothers son who was going
to be 20 and married this week end. There were 40 men invited
to the party, the host had paid Kurt for 4 girls to entertain
the guests, I looked at him and said, "What like stripping?"
Bill looked at the bed and said, "No, not stripping,
I need you to entertain in here". I had some new sexy
underwear and a see through nighty that I unpacked from
my overnight bag, Bill looked at the nighty and said, "The
others aren't expected to arrive for 30 minutes could
we!" He nodded towards the bed and I got the message
loud and clear, I started to undress, it was a cold feeling
just stripping for a man for money. Both the other times
I felt wanted and sort of loved but now I was going to fuck
my first punter for cold hard cash. Bill stripped and I helped
him get hard enough to put on a condom, another first for
me making a man put on a condom for sex. I lay on the bed and
opened my legs, very clinical, I had told my self that I wouldn't
enjoy this and was feeling that things were going exactly
as I thought they would. When Bill put his cock into my pussy
an electric shock hit my clitoris, I was a driven woman,
I pulled Bill as deep into me as I could, I wanted him to be
inside me so completely, not just his cock but all of him.
We only fucked for 4 or 5 minutes but I felt wonderful, I achieved
a climax just as Bill did, when I finally opened my eyes and
looked at Bill I saw true love on his face. He told me that
was the first sex he had had in 5 years, and the best sex in
his life. I just smiled at him as he pulled his smaller than
average cock out of my rapidly becoming large cunt, he pulled
off the condom and looked around in vain for something to
clean himself up with. He ran out of the room and returned
with a roll of toilet paper and a waste paper bin, he cleaned
his cock off and put condom and paper both in to the bin. I
dressed in the see through nighty which, even though I say
so my self looked good on me with nothing underneath, Bill
told me I looked wonderful and looked around the room again,
he was looking for something. He dashed out again and returned
with a small biscuit tin, he placed it on the dresser at the
side of the bed and placed £30 in the tin. I was just saying
thank you as the doorbell sounded, Bill left me to sit by
my self while he went to the door, a few minutes later a young
man walked in the room and asked me what I would like to drink.
I asked if there was any coffee going. The young man said,
"I guess Uncle Bill would have a pot on the go someplace,
are you sure you don't want anything stronger?"
I shook my head and the man was gone again returning 5 minutes
later, I asked him if he was the lucky birthday boy and future
groom, he nodded his head. I asked him if he would be visiting
me tonight and he said, "I'm here now would you
like to fuck me and show me how it's done?" I had
a sip from my coffee and set it down by the biscuit tin, I started
to pull my nighty off and the young man, Tim stopped me, he
opened his fly and put a condom on his hard cock. He left me
totally covered and put my legs close together, he lay on
top of me with his legs either side of mine, I was about to
point out the flaw in his plan when he entered me. Again the
feeling was like an electric shock in my clit. Tim fucked
me in that awkward position for 15 minutes before finally
filling the condom, I had reached 2 orgasms while Tim was
fucking me, he removed the condom, wiped his pecker and
dumped both in the bin. Tim felt in his pocket and pulled
out £20 and placed it in the tin at the side of the bed. The
doorbell had been constantly ringing while Tim was fucking
me and there were sounds of a full-scale party going on down
stares, I drank my coffee and cleaned up my pussy ready for
the next man to join me.

It had been a long night, I had lost track of the number of
men I'd satisfied between 8:30pm and 2am, I had to remove
a large amount of cash from the biscuit tin as it was overflowing,
and the bin was disgustingly full of toilet paper and condoms.
Fortunately I didn't have to scrabble about in the
bin to see how well I had performed. I had called in at the
cash and carry on the way out to the stag party and brought
a display box of 48 packets of three Durex condoms and there
were 33 packs left, which meant I had services about 45 men.
The sums just didn't add up, there were supposed to
be 40 guests, so even with some gatecrashers I would have
expected to only be looking after 10 or 12 men not 45. I spotted
Bill as I was leaving, and asked him how many other girls
had turned up and he smiled and said, "Only you!"
He asked me if I could stay the night but I told him I had children
to look after in the morning and my husband would be concerned
if I stayed out all night. Bill gave me a business card and
asked me to ring him on his mobile phone anytime of the day
or night. I arrived home and sat in the car counting the stash
of cash in my overnight bag, I had made just over £1000 in
tips and was a little panic stricken about how to explain
just over £1000 to John. I went round the back of my house
and placed most of the money, my overnight bag, sexy clothes
and 99 unused condoms in the garden shed. I took only £100
in the house it was 3am and John was sitting asleep in the
arm chair, I decided not to wake him and face awkward questions
at 3am so I went to bed leaving the £100 in an envelope on Johns
lap. In the morning I was woken up with breakfast in bed,
John had found the money and was over the moon, £200 for two
nights work in a pub, I was starting to earn more per hour
than him, especially as I wasn't paying taxes or insurance.
John asked me when I was working again and I told him I was
taking a night off, he looked a little down but told me to
keep in good with the pub managers, I shouldn't blow
this good little earner.

I rang for Kurt as soon as John was out of the house, a girl
picked up the phone and I asked for Kurt,
"He's not in".
"Where is he?"
"Not in".
"I understand that, could you tell me where he is right
"No I don't know where he is today"
"Oh that's a shame, I wanted to tell him I'm
going to take my car to the police today".
"Hi Rose, Kurt here is there a little problem?"
"Just one or two Kurt, the fact that only I have turned
up for two parties now, I had to fuck 45 men last night because
three of your girls didn't turn up!"
"I know darling I tried my best the dopey cows couldn't
find the house and.....".
"And what's this about police calling in white
BMW Alpinas for checking?"
"It's alright love, they won't find anything
wrong with your car it's all legit now".
"Ok I'm not going to have sex with any more of your
group bookings from now on, just one man and me ok and I'm
having tonight off!"
"OK love I understand but I have a real big favour to
ask for tonight, then you can have the weekend off ok?"

I would have to tell John that I would be spending all night
working in a London Club as a stand-in cocktail waitress
and would be travelling at the clubs expense by train. I
got my mum to look after the girls over night and all day Saturday
so I could sleep in, in piece. Kurt had given me good directions,
a train ticket and a hotel room, I was in one of London's
best hotels, treated like royalty and pampered by the best
flunkies in the world. The journey from Nottinghamshire
to London was a long one, I slipped into a piping hot bath
and drifted off to sleep, I was unaware of the presence of
the other person joining me in the bathroom. I nearly leaped
out of the bath when a finger softly traced the outline of
my breast under the bath water. I opened my eyes to see a vision
of feminine beauty standing in a hotel bathrobe, it was
open slightly and I could make out she was naked under the
robe. I asked her who she was and she replied she was Sam and
she was a friend of Kurt's, I asked her if she was here
to help me with the trick and she shook her head and told me
she was the trick. Kurt had booked adjoining rooms in one
of London's plushest hotels, Sam had entered from
her room and found me asleep in the bath and decided to join
me. I was unsure what to do with a woman, I was hoping she would
make some moves so that I could just follow her lead, she
just stood looking at me laying in the bath, naked, after
a few minutes that seemed like days. I decided I would have
to take charge, I had only managed to get away from home for
one night after all, I thought what would a man do to me to
make me fell sexy and special. I stood up in the bath and stepped
out, I pulled the tie holding Sam's robe closed in the
middle, it fell open and revealed a fantastic body to match
the face. Sam had 36'D' tits with a flat tummy and
really wide hips, she had a neatly trimmed pussy and her
skin was flawless. I took her robe off completely and helped
her into the bath, I washed her gently taking my time, cleaning
every pore of her body, worshipping at the female alter
to the love goddess. I had never touched a woman in this way
before, I was getting turned on with each stroke I made on
her body, by the way she was breathing I was having the same
effect on her. I leaned forward and let my lips gently, imperceptibly,
touch her lips, she responded by opening her lips slightly,
I let my tongue enter her mouth by a half inch and was immediately
met by her tongue. We kissed like this for a long time probably
20 minutes, then I took her hand and helped her from the bath,
I placed her robe around her shoulders and led her to the
balcony over looking one of London's many Royal parks.
The night was warm and the noise of the city far below gave
a rhythm to the night that is never heard in Nottingham.
I put a bath towel on the floor and helped Sam to lay down on
it. I started to massage her body, her breasts and down her
tummy I followed my hands with my mouth, paying special
attention to her nipples, trying to get them as erect as
possible. There was a special magic about being in the open-air
naked and making love to a beautiful person man or woman.
Sam qualified as one of the most beautiful people I had ever
seen and here I was with my fingers entwined in her well-trimmed
pussy hair and my mouth covering a very responsive nipple.
I let a finger slip over Sam's clitoris and her body
tensed in response, I was playing her like a violin each
'bow' of my finger across her love button made
her resonate, the note was getting higher and higher until
I made high 'C' and she climaxed. I was amazed at
the power I had over her, lifting her near to completion
and letting her down again at will. I hope no one ever gets
this hold over me, that I would never let my self succumb
to another's whim like Sam succumbed to mine. I couldn't
take my mouth from Sam's nipples, the feeling was like
no other I had ever had, each time I brought her near to her
climax her nipple would stand erect like a mini cock. Dawn
was starting to break over the park, the sky was totally
clear and was, appropriately, the deepest of Royal Blues
lighting the Royal park, it was approaching 4 am, I patted
Sam's backside and told her we needed to get some sleep.
Sam begged me to bring her off one last time, but with my mouth
this time, I smiled at her and moved position. My mouth clamped
over her pussy and I started to work my tongue deep as I could
into the folds of her tortured pussy, it looked red and sore
from hours of my fingering. She was reaching her orgasm
within seconds but not the little whimpering orgasms that
she had twenty or thirty times during the night, this one
was a full blown, baying at the moon type orgasm. Sam's
lithe body was jerking about so much I was having difficulty
keeping my mouth in contact with her pussy, Sam was creating
such a noise that a man came out of the room next to mine, he
stood looking at us without a word. My backside was pointing
straight at him and I was unaware he was there, Sam could
see him, and in her near delirious state beckoned him to
come over the low wall separating our balcony. The man was
dressed only in his bathrobe and as he came behind me he just
opened it and plunged his rock hard cock into my pussy from
behind, I was both surprised and happy to feel my pussy get
some attention. I started to lift my head to see who was giving
me so much pleasure but Sam held my head to her love tunnel
and ground her pussy hard against my mouth. I really needed
the attention on my pussy I had been making love to Sam for
5 hours without so much as a touch to my pussy, it was dripping
juice because I was so turned on and now I was being filled
by a very large cock. I climaxed within two or three minutes,
I was having difficulty breathing as Sam had clamped her
pussy over my mouth as tightly as she could, I felt a torrent
of hot man cum filling my hungry pussy. He didn't make
a sound as he climaxed just deposited his seed and then I
was empty, still full of man juice but definitely empty
I again tried to look at my impromptu lover but Sam stopped
me. It was five am when we climbed into my bed together Sam
and me, the night had been very long and I was totally drained.
I woke around two in the afternoon to find my self alone,
there was £3000 in an envelope on my bedside table, it was
a stark reminder that I wasn't Sam's lover I was
her prostitute, I cried a little, packed my overnight bag
and left the room. The journey back to Nottingham was uneventful
and I had lots of time to think about how I felt, the first
woman I had ever made love with, a feeling like no other I
have ever had and the letdown at knowing I was being paid
to play. I decided to look for more female lovers but not
as punters, I wanted to wake up to a kiss from a female lover
not a cold envelope on my bedside table in a plush hotel room.
I was no longer just a housewife, that was for sure, but I
was finding it hard to rationalise being a common prostitute.
I took the £3000 to Kurt and told him that would be the last
customer I would be seeing for him, I wanted my life back
right now and he would have to cut his losses and let me go.

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Dear. I feel you abandoned this place sa you did with Kurt;
you found yourself but please with a writings like yours
it's a bliss to be red and your presence made honest
people happy inspite of the sound of sadness in your letter's