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Just Deserts!


Their eyes meet again for the fourth time in the last half

She sat at a table for two but she was all alone. He had come
in and was led to a table across the room, she had already
been seated at the table. He was waiting for his dinner date
who was now obviously late. He was getting impatient to
have his dinner. It had been a lousy day and he was now looking
for some nice easy companionship and a good meal.

Randy's eyes had been drawn to this brunette sitting
across the room when he first noted her sipping, no licking,
her drink. He had never seen anyone lick their wine glass
the way he had seen this woman do. It looked like she was licking
a cock and then take just a sip of wine, sworling the liquid
in her mouth then swallowing it with a tilt of her head exposing
the length of her neck. She had long reddish brown hair that
hung loose down her back. Randy couldn't tell how long
it was but it shined when she turned her head back to swallow
the sip of wine.

Chris had seen him walk into the room following the waiter.
He didn't look to bad, Blond with blue eyes and a nice
mustache. It looked like the mustache would tickle if he
kissed her. She was waiting for her boyfriend. It was a Birthday
celebration and she was getting hungry as well as a little
horny. She had been thinking of what was to happen after
the meal. Then she had meet the eyes of this guy across the
room. Before she had realized what she was doing, she saw
his gaze move lower. Then it dawned on her, just what he was
watching. Should she stop licking the glass or go on doing
just that? She might get an interesting reaction from this
complete stranger. Oh what the hell, it's a birthday
celebration, she might as well have some fun out of this
delay. Once again, she licked the wine glass. Saw him react,
he stopped his drink in mid air and watched her. Wonder what
he is thinking?

Randy saw her motion to the waiter. Saw the waiter take an
order from her. Why is his date late? He was getting hungry.

The waiter stopped by his side. He didn't call for him.
"Excuse me sir, the young lady across the room sent
you this." He set down another drink, and a note was
with the drink. The note said, "please to accept this
for disturbing your thoughts". The drink was a glass
of white wine. Even thought he was drinking a Bourbon and
Seven, Randy picked up the glass of wine and raised it in
her direction in a toast. Maybe the evening was not going
to be lousy after all. I suppose it is only appropriate for
him to go across and thank the lady for the drink, he thought
to himself.

Randy did just that.

Carrying the drink with him, he approached the table with
the brunette. "Thank you for the drink, Miss. It looks
like my dinner date is not coming after all."

"No thanks are needed." replied the brunette,
"I am sorry that I interrupted your thoughts. I, myself,
am waiting for my own dinner date. He seems to have been delayed."

"In that case, would you mind if we dined together",
asked Randy.
"I would be delighted", replied Chris. "Oh
I suppose we ought to introduce ourselves" said Chris.
"I am Chris, and you are...?"

"My name is Randy O...."

"Please, no last names, Randy. I just want to have
the evening with a pleasant gentleman with no strings attached?
Okay?", asked Chris.

"Well, if you'd like. It's okay with me",
replied Randy.

"Why have you waited so long for your date, "
queried Randy.

Chris replied, "It was to be a Birthday celebration
but looks like it will have to wait."

"A Birthday, well, Happy Birthday to you."

"Thank you, Randy, but it isn't my Birthday celebration.
But I am willing to make the best of it."

"Chris, since we have both waited so long for our dates,
how about if we place our orders and not delay with our dinner
any longer?"

They ordered and sat talking well after their meal was finished.
Neither one of their dates showed up. By the end of the second
cup of coffee, Randy looked at his watch and noticed that
the time was 10 PM. He had been at the restaurant since 7:30
PM. No telling how long Chris had been waiting.

Randy asked Chris if she had driven herself to the restaurant.
And if not, could he drop her off somewhere since he should
be leaving. It was going to be another long day tomorrow.
"As a matter of fact, yes, I would like a lift to my apartment.
Thank you for offering, " says Chris.

"Waiter, please bring our checks, " requests

"Where do you live, Chris?"

"Just drive straight ahead. I feel like just riding
around for a while. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, I suppose so. Do you have a place in mind to drive

"Yes, as a matter of fact. Go to the place where the
kids like to park and make out."

"I thought you wanted to drive around for a while."

"Just long enough to get where we are going, "
replies Chris.

Randy hadn't been to that place for a long while. Did
he remember were it was? And what was going on inside Chris's
mind? Nothing bad, I hope, thought Randy. But then it wasn't
every day a guy got "picked up" by a good looking
lady in a restaurant. It was a nice evening so far, might
as well see where it leads to.

"Well, we are here. It's been a long while since
I had been here, almost forgot how to get here, " laughed

He turned to look at Chris. Chris picked up his right hand
that was on the stick shift and began to lick the fingers,
one by one. Randy watched her do this and wondered what was
going to happen next.

"It is okay for me to do this, isn't it, Randy?"
purred Chris. "I just have this bad habit of licking
and sucking on things. You do not mind, I hope."

"Well, I guess not. As long as I do not need a towel or
something to wipe off with, " laughed Randy.

"Oh, no, that's what my tongue is for, "
replied Chris.

She continued to lick his fingers and as she finished each
one, she sucked on the tips. This made Randy's hand
start to tingle. He had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.
It started to spread down into his groin. He had never had
a woman lick and suck on his fingers before. It was an interesting
feeling. Wonder what is next, thought Randy.

Chris was holding his hand and arm while massaging the inside
of his palm with her fingers, she continued to lick up his
arm. She was doing this with her left hand. Before he realized
it, her right hand had come across to his waist band and was
releasing his belt buckle. Should he say something about
this or just see where it continues? Shut up, said Randy's
brain, it feels good.

Chris had the belt buckle undone and was zipping down his
zipper. She was rubbing, all the while, his right hand and
arm. She moved her right hand up onto his stomach and was
beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt, going from the
bottom up. He had his shirt undone and his pants undone and
he was beginning to feel a little cramped with his pants
on. But he wasn't going to move for fear of stopping
the good feelings that were being drawn to the surface.

"You don't mind, do you?" murmured Chris.

"Hmmmmmm......, " replied Randy.

"Kind of figured you wouldn't, " said
Chris as she continued massaging his stomach and chest.

He wasn't wearing any t-shirt under his dress shirt,
so Chris had a full field of chest in front of her. He had a
nice chest with a nice mat of hair. It wasn't too thick,
just enough to pull if she felt like it. His tits were beginning
to get hard and stand out. She rubbed the right one to make
it harder then moved over to the left side. She stopped rubbing
his arm and moved that hand up to his neck by his ear and started
rubbing there.

"You are really tense, Randy. Want me to stop and make
you more comfortable or would you like to go to my place now?"
whispered Chris.

"Anything you want, doll, it's your move now, "
rasped Randy. He drew in a ragged breath and let it out slowly.
This lady was really getting him hot. His cock was beginning
to stir and if she didn't stop, he wasn't sure what
he was going to do in such a cramped spot as his drivers seat.

Chris started buttoning up his shirt and said, "Let
go to my place and I will work the kinks out of you. After all,
you were a nice dinner companion and I at least owe you some
thanks for that."

Randy started up the car after getting her address and drove
over to her apartment. Chris's left hand was still
over his stomach and crotch area. His pants still were undone
and she was still rubbing his crotch. What was going on inside
her head, Randy wondered again.

Inside her apartment, Randy shut the door. He turned to
give her the keys and he meet with her lips just a few inches
away from his. She had moved very close to him and he didn't
hear her move from where she was setting her purse down.
She moved very fluidly into his arms and kissed him softly
on the lips. Her hands were on his neck, rubbing the back
of his head and neck and he kissed her again, softly.

"Let me do everything to make you comfortable and
ease some of the tension that I felt earlier, " whispered
Chris against his lips.

This time the kiss was a little moister and her tongue came
out and licked his lips, top and bottom. She sucked his lower
lip into her mouth and chewed on it, not too hard. She released
his lip and then went after his tongue. Sucking and pulling
on his tongue while she was rubbing her hands on his neck
and up the side of his ears, Randy was beginning to get very
light headed with the sensations that were beginning to
overtake his thought process. He needed to sit down or do
something before he fell down with this heady sensation
that was beginning to create a fire starting from his groin.
Chris sensed this and led him slowly to the sofa, not letting
go with the kiss or the massage of his neck.

Randy let out a ragged breath and said, "Be gentle,
I've had a rough day."

"I promise nothing of the kind. But I do guarantee
that you will be relaxed when I get done with you."

Chris then leaned down to his lips again and did a slow rotation
of her tongue around his mouth that led to his left earlobe.
While this was going on, Chris had started to unbutton his
shirt. She moved from his earlobe down his neck to his chest,
all the while, licking and sucking as she went. She moved
from one nipple to the next and rubbed as she went. She kissed
and rubbed and licked until Randy thought he was going to
have to ask for soap and a towel to dry himself. He was getting
really relaxed and getting really excited. He wondered
if he should make a move to release his belt just as she got
to it and released the buckle herself. He let out a sigh as
she continued her massage. Chris then soaked his underpants
with her lips and saliva. He had never had anyone soak his
underpants this way. What a turn on!

His eyes had been closed so he wasn't aware of anything
but the sensations going on with his body and what he mind
was thinking. Should he help her or was she going to do it
all by herself?, he wondered. He dragged his eyes open and
saw that she was out of her clothes and just had panties,
garter belt and bra on. How had she gotten out of her clothes
without him noticing it? I guess it doesn't matter,
thought Randy.

Looking at her, he saw that she had nice full breast and that
her bra was having a hard time holding them in. They spilled
out over the top of the bra cups. Randy reached out and placed
his hands, one over each breast and started rubbing them.
This elicitated a moan from Chris.

"Oh, yes, that feels good, " breathed Chris.
"Don't stop."

"I won't if you won't, " whispered
Randy back to Chris.

This received a low chuckle from Chris. "This is just
the beginning, " said Chris.

"I hope so, " whispered Randy.

Chris knelt down and started to take off Randy's shoes,
socks and pulled his pants completely off, leaving his
underpants on. She sat down on the floor in front of him and
started to massage his feet. After doing one foot, she switched
to the other foot. Randy had never felt so relaxed. What
was she going to do next?

He found out, she started sucking on his toes! She was rubbing
one foot and sucking on the toes at the same time. She rubbed
the leg upward and got to his knees. She kissed his knees
and the inside of the thighs, rubbing all the while. She
got to her knees, was inside his legs, and started rubbing
his crotch. He closed his eyes and let the feeling take over.
Chris started blowing on the wet spots that she had made
by sucking and licking. He gasped, she had started sucking
on his cock through the fabric of his pants! Wow!!! What
a feeling! He dared to peek and saw that his member was straining
against the fabric for freedom. Should he make a move to
remove them or just wait and see what was to happened.

Chris moved upward above his waist band and started licking
his belly button. Licking and sucking as she went, she got
higher and higher. She came to one nipple and sucked and
chewed on it while rubbing the other one. She had long lacquered
nails and she was scratching and rubbing his nipple. It
felt real good.

All of a sudden, she nipped his tit. Randy drew in a sharp
breath. He wasn't ready for this sensation. But he
was really hot! He felt like throwing Chris onto the floor
and taking her but it was her show and besides, he was enjoying
being on the receiving end this time.

Suddenly he felt Chris setting herself on top of him. She
continues to move upward on his chest to his mouth again.
Chris was rubbing herself along his cock and twisting and
turning. Randy moved his hands up to her buttocks and started
rubbing in the same rhythm as she was over his cock. He was
getting real hard and it was beginning to strain his shorts.

Randy moved his hands to the inside of her panties and rubbed
along her anal opening and up to her wet opening. He managed
to get his index finger on his right hand to go into her wet,
hot opening. The kisses were getting really wet and sloppy
and he could hear Chris begin to draw a ragged breathe as
he stuck his finger in and out of her hot spot.

Chris pulled her mouth away from his and rasped, "Let's
go get comfortable."

She climbed off of Randy and pulled him up off of the sofa.
She gently removed his shirt and laid his pants over the
arm of the sofa with his shoes next to the arm. She then moved
into his arms for another deep penetrating kiss. It seemed
to go on forever.

As she moved away from Randy, she said, "Getting relaxed?"

Randy looked down at himself straining at his underpants
and laughed, "If that is any indication of me being
relaxed, I have a long way to go."

"Well, lets just see if I can get 'him' to
relax?", chuckled Chris.

She led him into the bedroom but didn't bring him in
all the way.

"Wait here. I'll be right back."

Chris went into the room and lit some candles. She came back
out and led Randy into the room.

Just inside the room, Chris turned back to Randy and she
removed his underpants. She dropped them by the door saying,
"This will help you find the door if I leave a marker."

Randy laughed at that. This is one hot lady. She sure knows
how to get a body really bothered.

Randy took a look around the room and noticed the candles
on the dresser and candles on the night stands. He also noticed
mirrors on three walls an well as the ceiling.

He turned to Chris and said, "Interesting, why so
many mirrors?"
"So that I do not miss anything going on. I like to watch
myself and others as we have fun. It grows on you and after
a while, you forget that there are so many mirrors. I like
the effect they have on others when they see what is happening
to themselves. They do not have to wonder anymore, they
can see it."

She led him over to the bed. It had satin sheets and furry
pillows. He was already to set down when Chris grabbed his
hand and asked him if he was really ready for what was to happen.

"Sure, unless you wind up beating me up! You aren't
going to do anything really kinky, are you?" asked

"Me, do anything kinky!! I do not do kinky, I do relax"
replied Chris.

"Okay, then do what you would like", said Randy.

Chris had Randy lie down on the bed with a furry pillow behind
his head. She also put a small furry pillow underneath each
knee. She laid down next to him, full length and started
to kiss him. Before he realized it, his hands had been drawn
up over
his head and she had handcuffed him to the headboard. It
was all so swift, Randy didn't know what was coming.

"Have you ever been helpless in this type of situation?"
asked Chris.

"No, I haven't. You aren't going to hurt
me, are you?"

"No, I just like to make sure that you will not move
on me. I want to relax you."

"Okay, I guess I can't say "no" in
this position. Can I?", asked Randy.

"Do not worry, you'll love it."

Then Chris started pouring some baby oil onto her palms
and rubbing it into her hands. She then sat down on top of
his cock and with her hands started rubbing his face and
moved down to his neck and arms. She continued to rub and
massage his arms and neck. She leaned up onto her knees,
releasing some of the pressure on his cock and midsection.
She then came back down and started rubbing his chest with
the oil. He was beginning to feel sleepy but he came suddenly
wide awake when she tweaked his nipples and started kissing
his mouth again.

She whispered, "I do not want you to go to sleep yet.
I have just started."

"No chance of that, Chris. I am really beginning to
feel very good. Thank you for what you are about to do to me."

"Do not thank me yet, I will probably be "Thanking"
you later." whispered Chris.

Chris then started to rub his hands and work down each arm.
She moved from one hand and arm to the next, adding baby oil
as she went. Randy had never felt so relaxed in his hands
or arms before. He was enjoying watching the muscles move
in her arms and the movement of her breasts as she moved from
one arm to the next. Her breasts were so close to his mouth
that he couldn't resist a little lick on the nipple
that was peeking through the fabric of her bra. He wondered
what her reaction would be if he managed to get one in his
mouth and made her bra and breast as wet as she had made his
crotch and cock?

"Ooohhh, " whispered Chris. "Are you
trying to tell me that you want them free?"

"No, just getting you as wet as you got me" replied

Chris laughed, "You do not have any idea of just how
'wet' I really am."

"Hope that I find out", whispered Randy.

"Oh, you will, you will", rasped Chris as Randy
moved over to the other breast and started to get it as wet
as the one he just left.

Chris moved off of Randy and turned around to where she was
facing his feet and her buttocks was in Randy's face.
What a tempting bottom she presented him. Randy strained
himself upward to see if he could touch her bottom. She was
just inches away from his mouth.

Chris had put more oil on her hands and started to massage
his feet and ankles. As she worked her way up, her bottom
came closer and closer to Randy's waiting mouth and

At last, her bottom was close enough for Randy to lick without
him straining to reach it. As his tongue touched Chris's
bottom, she let out a small gasp.

"Oh, your an 'ass' man as well as a 'tit'
man", questioned Chris.

"Oh, I just found this bottom in my face and I wondered
what 'it' would taste like."

"Well, any thoughts yet?"

"Not yet, can't taste anything yet, but I will
let you know what I discover."

Chris was moving up his legs as this was going on. She had
moved up to his knees and was working the oil around his knees,
his thighs and underneath his legs. As she continued to
move up his legs, she moved farther down to his mouth. Randy
liked what was being done to his legs, he was really relaxing.
This made her bottom come closer to his face. He was now able
to lick her crotch. He was getting his tongue inside the
small sliver of panties that was covering her. He got it
really wet with his saliva. He was able to taste her scent.
There was something else he was able to taste, something
'heady'. Must be the perfume that she is wearing.
Couldn't place the scent, but it sure went to his head.

His tongue made it inside the panties close to her 'love
canal'. He managed to get his nose involved with rotating
on the fabric while his tongue was licking. She was getting
very wet. Chris started to rotate back and forth slowly
on his face. He heard her let out a soft moan. He hoped he was
making her feel as good as she was him.

He looked up into the mirror to see what she was doing and
saw that she licking the inside of his thighs. Couldn't
see too much because of the way her head was between his legs.
But he could
feel her tongue licking its way up to his crotch. Her hands
were still massaging the back of his knees.

Randy closed his eyes and continued to enjoy what he was
receiving. He didn't stop his own licking and sucking.

What was this, he felt his toes being licked. How could that
be, Chris's mouth and hands were on his thigh and crotch.

He moved his head to look into the mirror at his right and
saw another dark head at his feet. He couldn't make
out the features but the head was moving back and forth as
he felt his toes and feet being worked on. He thought to himself,
well, what a surprise. Wonder who this is? Whomever it is,
this person knows what to do. God, this feels terrific.
His mind said to forget it and 'Enjoy'.

Randy did just that. The movement in his crotch got more
intense. Lips hit onto his member and started sucking at
the tip. He thought he was going to go through the roof with
the good feelings. It was too soon to give in to the tension
that was building.

At just that moment, Chris's bottom came full force
down onto his face. Randy managed to touch her clit through
the fabric and elicited a gasp from Chris as he touched it
with his tongue. Boy, is this one wet lady! Wonder how much
of this Chris can take before letting me get all the way into
her canal with his tongue. He sure wished that he had the
use of his hands and would be able to move the fabric to get
to her button.

As he thought this, Chris reached down and moved the fabric
aside for just that purpose.

"Thank you, " came the muffled statement from

", Thank you, " replied
Chris. "I want to keep my panties in one piece and not
all chewed up. You did eat dinner, right? The way you are
going at my crotch, you would have thought that you hadn't
eaten all day."

"Not this kind of eat. This is just dessert."

Randy felt something different now. Two tongues and at
least four hands were now on his mid section. He looked over
at the mirrors and couldn't see anything on the right
side, Chris had moved over where his view was blocked. The
view on his left only showed him a dark head and a slim body
lying on the bed. He looked at the overhead mirror. It didn't
help either. He saw slim arms attached to a slim body that
went with the dark head.

The hair was a little longer than neck length and fell over
the face. Randy couldn't make out the features. But
this person knew what to do with her hands and tongue.

"Whose your friend?" asked Randy.

"Just my roommate. I hope you do not mind. We like to

"As long as I do not get ignored, I do not mind",
replied Randy.

Before Randy could say anymore, Chris pushed her crotch
down onto his face. Why talk when he could suck, thought
Randy. He did just that. Putting all of his concentration
into the job. He worked up a good wet mess around her opening
and nibbled around her clit. He was able to rub his nose around
her clit while sucking and pumping his tongue in and out
of her moist wet hole. He could feel the inside of her opening
begin to throb.

He found one spot that she seemed to react to the most. It
was just inside the inner lip and just under her clit. He
began to nibble on that with his teeth and suck on the lip
at the same time. He felt a dribble of moisture coming from
inside her opening. She tasted like strawberries. The
flood of moisture was creamy and wet.

The more he concentrated on this spot, the more he made Chris
squirm. He could feel the heat coming from inside her. If
he kept this up, he wondered, would she orgasm?

Chris ground her butt into Randy's face as she began
to feel the throbbing increase inside. If she wasn't
careful, she would cum real soon. She wanted the feeling
to last or at least delay the inevitable. With Randy rubbing
his nose around her clit, she could feel the moisture flowing
out of her opening into Randy's waiting mouth. The
spot that Randy was chewing and sucking on seemed to be her
Achilles heel. Very few men were lucky enough to find it.
This guy sure knew how to hit the spot!

Chris and her roommate started to really attack Randy's
cock. She started with his right ball and her roommate started
sucking on his left ball. Both of them sucked their respective
ball into their mouths and started sworling them around.
Randy reacted with a grunt. Chris could feel the ball begin
to tighten up and his cock begin to grow a little thicker.
Chris had a thought that this was going to be better than
eating a piece of Birthday cake.

Her roommate made a motion to Chris to continue chewing
while she moved to the cock. Chris moved her hands to the
back part of his thighs and around under his legs. She started
to tickle his skin underneath his balls and massage the
area down to his ass opening. She saw him flinch and his ass
pucker up tight. But she didn't stop with the massage.
Chris knew that after a while, Randy would get use to this.
She had discovered that most men were wary of this type of
caress. But she had also discovered that most of her play
things liked this massage after experiencing the effects
they achieve.

Her roommate started licking Randy's cock starting
from the base and using long strokes, she went up and down
on both sides of the shaft. As this was being done, Randy's
cock started to grow in length and get a little harder.

Randy had not had anyone give him such a thorough tongue
bath before. His cock was starting to throb with the attention.
Randy's excitement was being transferred to his cock.
Randy thought his cock was going to erupt on its own because
he started to feel his balls tighten up with the build up
semen. Just at that moment, he felt a warm moist mouth enclose
the tip of his cock and suck real hard. He felt a small flow
come up his cock. Did she taste it? he wondered. Was he going
to erupt so soon?

No, the roommate moved down on his shaft and started lapping
around the cock. UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN. GOD, could he feel
the pressure building up. His balls tighten some more.
But he didn't come, he felt someone squeezing his balls.
That delayed the eruption. But it didn't stop the build
up of tension.

Randy felt Chris licking the base of his balls and the area
leading down to his ass. His ass involuntarily puckered
but he forced himself to relax. He was wondering what was
going to happen next.

He didn't have long to wait. He felt someone slide down
on his shaft. He looked up into the mirror to see Chris kissing
her roommate and her roommate had sat down on his cock. He
still couldn't get a clear picture of the roommate.
Arms were in the way and nothing could be seen clearly in
any of the mirrors. The roommate started rocking back and
forth on his cock and he still had Chris's butt on his
face. He could feel that Chris was beginning to orgasm because
of the pulsing from inside. He jabbed his tongue in and out
faster now, trying to get her closer to her climax.

He heard someone gasp but wasn't sure where it came
from. The feelings he was getting from his cock and what
was going on inside his mind was making him get very hot.
He couldn't tell where all the hands were, they seemed
to be all over him now. What a feeling! His balls were being
crushed by the roommate, his ass opening was getting wet
from the moisture coming from the person riding his cock.
He felt a finger trying, or was it a tongue, to enter into
his ass. He couldn't see now, his face was fully embedded
into Chris's ass. He was working as fast as he could
to make Chris climax. His time was real close.

Chris was grinding her ass into Randy's face. She was
beginning to feel the tightness turn into a wildfire starting
with her clit. Her clit was being rubbed raw by Randy's
chin and it was beginning to throb madly. She could feel
the fire start to burn inside her belly and travel upwards.
She was getting dizzy with the heady feeling. Her roommate
started to kiss her so deeply that Chris knew her end was
near. Her roommate started to chew her lip and kiss her breast
while tweaking the other exposed nipple. With Randy attacking
her clit and opening and her roommate going after her tongue
and mouth, Chris knew the heat of her climax was almost upon

Chris exploded and gushed all over Randy with a wild wetness.
The heat from the climax made Chris dizzy. Her pussy just
contracted and didn't stop. She could feel it contract
down onto Randy's tongue. She was getting light headed
from the release of the tension. The blood just rushed to
the middle of her body and she began to fall. Her roommate
caught her as she started to fall. Chris laid in her roommates
arms until she realized that she was smothering Randy.
Chris pulled up a little and heard a rasp of breathe being
drawn raggedly in by Randy.

Her roommate came off of Randy's cock and went out of
the room.

Chris then pulled herself up off of Randy's face and
turned around and kissed him. She licked and lapped up all
of her juices off of Randy's face. Sucking his tongue
into her mouth, she got all of the flavor of her own cum.

Randy couldn't believe that this lady was eating her
own cum and his tongue as well. He was still throbbing with
his own desire not being quenched.

Chris finally let up and looked Randy in the eyes. "That
was nice. Thank you."

"Your welcome. I am glad you enjoyed that. It was really
exciting. But what about me?" asked Randy.

Chris turned around and surrounded his cock with her mouth
and went all the way down to the base. She cupped his balls
in her hands and massaged while she continued to go up and
down on his cock. The pressure was building up again. He
was that close to the edge.

Randy wished he could have his hands free to play with her
breast while she was going down on him. He closed his eyes
and let his mind wander with the feelings of pleasure as
he finally erupted into Chris's mouth. He didn't
think he would ever stop. The release of tension from within
made his balls get really tight and he thought that they
were going to hide inside of his body. Chris just sucked
him dry.

Randy's cock continued to throb after the last drop
had been sucked out. His mind was a fog, he couldn't
keep his eyes open because of the sudden release of tension.
He was drained of all feeling except the throb he felt between
his legs.

Randy opened his eyes and looked straight up into the mirror
and saw that he still was semi hard. That had never happened
before. He usually went limp after a normal love session.
But then, this wasn't normal. He didn't go out
every night and pick up a lady. He didn't make it a habit
to do this even on a first date. What was so different with
this lady?

Chris had not stopped rubbing or sucking his cock. She was
right when she said that she liked to lick and suck things.
She continued sucking and moved her body to the inside of
his thighs. Licking, she moved to the underneath side of
his balls.

Randy's cock started to get hard again. He was surprised.
He usually needed 2 or so hours before he could get hard again.
Did this lady have the magic touch or what! GOD, how he wished
that his hands were free!!

Chris looked up as someone came into the room. She turned
to Randy and asked, "Did you want something to drink?
My roommate has fixed something."

"Yeah, sure", replied Randy.

He looked around Chris to the doorway and saw a person standing
there holding a tray with two drinks on it. Then he really
took a good look at the person holding the tray. It was the
same dark shoulder length hair but he couldn't make
out the features because of the darkness of the room. The
light inside the room cast a flattering glow upon Chris
but did nothing to illuminate the doorway.

The roommate moved into the room with the tray. Shocked,
Randy noticed that the person had a robe on that hid the figure
and a mask that hid the top portion of the face, leaving the
mouth free to observe. The lips were full and colored a bright
red. The effect was a starkly contrast with the robe that
was a soft pastel. The robe was buttoned completely to the
top and to the bottom. The roommate smiled a smile that held
a hint of a promise. A promise that Randy wondered what was
to happen next.

"Thank you for the drink, " said Randy when
the roommate knelt down and let him drink from a straw. "Are
you going to release me for the next part of our play?",
asked Randy.

"No, I do not think so. That would spoil the next part
coming up." replied Chris.

"Really, what do you have planned? Do I get to watch
you two or am I still the 'center' of attraction?",
asked Randy.

"You forget yourself, you are still handcuffed to
my bed. Why would I want to release a willing 'sex toy'.
Besides you might like what is coming next."

The roommate set the tray down and then knelt down at the
foot of the bed. She started to lick his foot all over and
then lick upward on this leg all the way to his thigh. He was
really getting a 'tongue bath' this time. The
roommate didn't even use her hands, just her tongue.
Once the one side was done, she went to the other side and
did the same thing. Randy wondered if soap was going to be
used next to really get him clean.

The roommate then got onto the bed and started at his neck
and went down. This was really erotic. He had heard about
the tongue baths before, but he had never received one.
This was really something especially since no hands have
touched his body.

His cock was starting to rise again. He got a whiff of her
perfume. It was a light scent. It did seem familiar but then
most perfumes smell the same in a situation like this. He
was surprised that it wasn't musky like Chris's.

Chris was sitting in a chair all the while watching and sipping
on her drink. "Would you like another sip of your drink,

"Yes, please, I have a feeling that I am going to be
quite dry by the end of this session" replied Randy.

Before he got a drink, Chris leaned over and kissed him long
and deep. He felt like she was trying to swallow his tongue.
While Chris was going this, he gasped as he felt lips close
over his cock and swallow it all the way down to the base.

He had to admit, this was really exciting. Having one slurping
all over his body and another trying to swallow his tongue.

The roommate then dragged her teeth up his shaft and stopped
at the head. She tried to put the tip of her tongue down the
opening. He had experienced this before. It always was
a heady and erotic sensation. The roommate continued to
stroke his cock with her tongue and then swallow his sword
to the base.

It wasn't long before he felt like he was going to explode.
But of course, the sensation stopped. Randy let out his
breathe and rasped to Chris, "Can I have that drink,

As Randy drained the glass, Chris chuckled. Chris then
leaned down to capture his mouth again.

The roommate then turned around to face Randy. He felt her
finally touch his upper body and massage his chest. He then
felt her sit down on his stiff member. It slid into a moist,
wet opening. She leaned down and with her mask still on her
face, she started to kiss and nip at his nipples. As she pulled
up and pushed down on his cock, the roommate would alternate
with little nips and kisses on his nipples. He had felt this
before but never could figure out how someone can time it
so well to fall forward and not loose the rhythm of sliding
up and down on a cock.

With Chris sucking on his mouth and tongue and the roommate
sucking on his nipples and rocking on his cock, he could
feel his cock begin to get really hard. His balls were beginning
to tighten up. Every time the roommate dropped down on his
cock he could feel the moistness begin to flow out of her
hot spot. This one was a hot lady too.

He felt more than saw the robe come off of the roommate. He
dared a peek at the ceiling mirror and saw her back side coming
up and down. Randy tried to get away from Chris's assault
on his mouth to look at the mirror on his left to get a better
look at the roommate. He wanted to see if she had a nice set
of tits like Chris.

Chris wasn't too willing to release his mouth. Was
she trying to hide something from him about this roommate?
He resigned himself to continue the assault he was receiving
from Chris.

Chris moved off of his mouth and over to his earlobe, nipping
and nibbling at his neck as she went along. He wondered if
he was going to be permitted to snack on her delicious box

Before he had a chance to look any further, the roommate
had turned around and placed her ass in his face. Her opening
was close enough that he didn't have to stretch to reach
it. He noticed that he hair around her opening was blonde.
That was interesting. The hair on her head was dark. What
was going on here, he wondered.

Oh well, do not look a 'gift wrapped pussy' in the
mouth, thought Randy. He then proceeded to run his tongue
around her opening and tease her clit with little flicks
of his tongue. In reply to this, the roommate clamped down
on his cock all the way to the balls. Randy gasped at this,
he knew that her mouth hadn't left his cock, but he wasn't
expecting her to go all the way down so quickly.

Randy placed his tongue just inside of the roommates box.
He tickled her clit with his chin and moved back and forth
with his tongue inside her opening. The roommate moved
down onto his face just a little bit more giving him a chance
to clamp down and suck on her opening.

Randy felt Chris move down the bed to place herself between
his legs. Chris then touched his balls and started to massage
them. He was getting tight and his cock began to grow harder
being inside the roommates mouth. He felt Chris massage
the area between his balls and ass. Was she going to stick
her finger inside his ass? He didn't think he would
enjoy that.

Chris was massaging his balls and the spot just above his
ass opening. She wasn't going to take over from the
roommates assault on Randy's cock, she was going to
make him feel that much closer to a big mind exploding climax.
She licked the ass opening and then just tucked her finger
inside the opening. She didn't move her finger as she
licked his hole. The area around his opening started to
relax just a little. As the opening relaxed, Chris pushed
her finger a little more.

Randy felt Chris's finger go inside the opening. He
felt himself tense up. But he also felt her tongue working
around the opening. It was feeling good. He was surprised.
Nothing hurt like he had read or understood from listening
to others about this type of sex. Maybe it was all false information.
He felt real wet down there with Chris slobbering all over
him. He was also feeling the deep strokes that the roommate
was doing to his cock. GOD, did it all feel so good. He almost
lost his own concentration on what he was doing to the roommates
hot box. He thought that he ought to concentrate on this
because he didn't want to make it bad for her. After
all, she hadn't cum, as far as he remembered.

The roommate continued to deep throat Randy's cock
as well as rock back and forth on his tongue which was definitely
inside her wet box. She could feel her juices begin to flow
down into Randy's mouth. She hoped he liked the flavor.
After all, this night was for him, even though he didn't
or hasn't figured it out. If he continued to do what
he was doing, she was going to climax soon. She pulled up
and felt Randy's mouth pull off with a sucking noise.

Randy was disappointed. The roommate pulled away just
as he was really getting into eating this piece of pussy.
He couldn't make out the taste, but he knew that he had
tasted it before. Something was nagging at him about this
taste. Couldn't put his finger or rather his tongue
on it yet. Something was real familiar about all this.

With the roommate pulling up off of his face, his attention
went back to his cock and ass. He had not realize it till now
but he could feel a light touch somewhere inside and a nudge
every now and then on the base of his cock. He had never felt
that before. The roommate hadn't stopped her rhythm
on his cock and he could feel the build up of semen in his balls.
There was that touch again. This time it pulled along the
side of his cock. Wait a minute, there was a finger inside
his ass!! He clamped down. Then he realized that it didn't
hurt, it felt good. He was feeling the finger rubbing along
the inside of his cock at the base. He could feel the cock
begin to pulse stronger.

He let out a gasp as the feeling turned his cock on fire. He
felt the base get really hard and wondered how long he could
take this new pleasure. He went back to the clit that dangling
in front of his face with a vengeance. He licked and sucked
and nipped it. He could tell that the roommate was close
to climaxing because he heard a moan and he could see her
opening begin to twitch. He began to flick his tongue back
and forth between the opening to make her twitch more and
hit the clit. He was going to explode and he wanted the roommate
to explode with him. He wanted her to drain him and he wanted
to get every drop she had.

The roommate looked at Chris and did a little nod of her head.
That was Chris's cue to remove the wig that she had been
wearing and the mask. It was time to reveal herself. Especially
since, the climax was very near for both of them and it was
to be a really big shock. It would bring the whole evening
to a final climax.

Randy didn't even feel the roommate move around to
place herself on his cock. He was in too much of an exstatic
fog because of the feelings inside his ass. He saw a face
come down onto his mouth and felt the roommate start to rub
his face and kiss him at the same time. Something was familiar
about this too. He tried to open his eyes and couldn't
focus on what he saw. He saw a faint outline of blonde hair.
He felt the lips and tongue kiss him like he had been kissed
before by someone. He was too far gone to really associate
what or who was doing what, he was just feeling too good.

He came exploding up inside of the roommate. He felt the
tickle inside his ass that was his undoing. He couldn't
hold back the explosion. He also felt the roommate start
to contract on his cock. That did it. It was like sky rockets
going off inside of his head. He opened his eyes and looking
into blue eyes twinkling into his. He heard her say "Happy
Birthday, darling." But it didn't mean anything,
he wasn't hearing anything. He was just feeling like
a big explosion that wasn't going to quit.

He started to calm down. He felt the finger coming out of
his ass with his ass trying to keep it inside. It felt so good.
He was pulsing like mad inside. His cock was still throbbing
inside the roommate. He opened his eyes and the fog started
to clear. SON OF A BITCH, it was CAROL! His dinner date for

What was going on? His mind was playing tricks on him, that
was what it was. Yes, it had to be. There was no way she could
be here!

"Yes, darling, it is me. You forgot that it was your
Birthday, didn't you? Well, surprise! I thought you
deserved a different surprise for your Birthday. Meet
my cousin, Chris."

Randy rasped out a laugh and said, "I had forgotten
that today was my Birthday. Thank you. This is the best Birthday
I have ever had. I love you both for the gift. Now, uncuff
me so I can kiss you both."

Chris laughed as she uncuffed Randy. It really had turned
out to be a nice evening. She hoped that there would be more
like them. This guy was really a good eater and he liked his

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