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Juliet and the gigolo...


At 54 and recently widowed Juliet had thought she was past
all that. Men. Since the dual shock of her husband’s death
just over two years ago coupled, at the same time, with the
discovery that he was a philanderer (he’d died ‘in the saddle’
so to speak with his bimbo secretary who was less that half
his age) Juliet had sworn off men and by extension, since
she wasn’t into women in that way, sex. Sex had never been
great with her husband, perfunctory at best and towards
the end relegated to the level of ‘chore’ and pandering
to his increasingly less frequent needs. Her lack of interest
in men and the whole messy business of sex had taken over
until very recently. Right now, in fact. She’d hooked up
with a bunch of school and college friends who’d coalesced
into a kind of unofficial Abandoned Wives Club and the host
for this particular biannual weekend get-together was
her old friend Sally. Sally had decided that what the girls
needed was a night on the town, culminating in a visit to
a girls only strip club. A few glasses of wine and an hour
or so of watching tanned, toned and oiled male physiques
gyrating for their entertainment had re-awoken Juliet’s
long-dormant libido. The other women had taken it all in
their stride as merely slightly risqué entertainment,
giggling and squawking, generally having a good time and
being very loud but Juliet had simply stared with ill-concealed
lust at the display of male flesh. Sally had noticed her
intense expression, correctly interpreted the look of
helpless hunger on her face and sidled over to her. “Makes you think about what you’ve been missing all these
years, doesn’t it...” Sally asked her rhetorically. “It certainly does” Juliet responded with feeling could.
Sally regarded her pensively for a moment, then fished
in her purse and withdrew a business card. “I know this man...” “Hmmm?” Juliet tore her gaze away from the action and looked
at Sally. “What man?” “He’s a very nice boy... He... um... takes care of ladies’...
um... needs... Sort of ‘hands on’ stress relief, if you
know what I mean”. “Oh?” Juliet responded, her interest piqued. “Hands
on stress relief?” “Yes. You know, sensual massage and all that. He might
be just what you need”. Sally slipped her the card under
the table. “He’s very good. I think you should give him a
call. You won’t be disappointed...” Soon after that the show was over and the party broke up.
Juliet returned to her hotel room, more than slightly buzzed
from the wine and feeling terribly aroused. She undressed
and slipped, naked into bed, relishing the cool weight
of the cotton sheets against her superheated skin as her
mind flooded with images from the nights show. She thought
about what sally had said to her and began to fantasise about
having a good-looking strong young man pandering to her
whims... her needs... She was feeling pretty needy right
now and as she fantasised her hand stole almost of its own
volition down her body, as if drawn to the throbbing heat
at the juncture of her thighs. As her fingers touched the
softly swollen heat of her runaway arousal she gasped aloud
and, for the first time in many years began to masturbate.
Despite her best efforts, maybe due to the alcohol and lack
of practise, satisfaction eluded her and after half-an-hour
or so she gave up in disgust with a groan of frustration she
rolled over and fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up feeling irritable and frustrated.
She showered and breakfasted then returned to her room,
thinking about the previous night. She dumped her handbag
on the bed and sat down next to it. She glanced at her handbag
pensively, then picked it up and retrieved the card the
Sally had given her. She fingered the card the card for a
moment, feeling her heartbeat rise then reached for the
phone. She punched in the numbers but after several rings
she was on the point of chickening out and terminating the
call. Her thumb was already hovering indecisively over
the cradle when it was answered. “Hello?” A warm male voice sounded in her ear. “Er... hello...” she stammered, feeling abruptly hot
and bothered. “Can I help you?” “André?” “Speaking”. “I’d... ah...” Juliet took a deep breath. “Sally gave
me your card. My name’s Juliet. I’d like to book a massage”
she blurted hotly. “Oh-kay Juliet...” André replied laconically, his smooth
voice caressing her ear and setting up sympathetic vibrations
all over her. “Ah... when would be good for you?” Juliet
lay back on the bed, toying distractedly with the phone
cord. “Um... how about tonight? I mean...” she qualified, trying
not to sound too desperate “...if you’re free?” “Oh I’m free, well, available...” he chuckled. Goose
bumps rose on Juliet’s arms. “Excellent!” she breathed. “Um... How much...?” “Best not to get into that on the phone. If you let me know
where you are I can pop over with a brochure. That’ll have
everything you need to know in it”. “Everything?!” she asked him flirtatiously, her heart
pounding so loud and hard that she was worried André might
hear it. “Yes... absolutely everything!” André responded. “Oh, good...” “Where are you?” André asked. Juliet told him the name
of her hotel. “I’ll pop over with a brochure. Leave it for you at reception?
Have a look at that, then give me a bell if you want to proceed”
“Excellent! Thank you” she gushed. “So... I guess I’ll hear from you later?” “Of course” Juliet gushed. She blurted a quick ‘good-bye’
then almost dropped the phone as she replaced it on the bedside
table. She fanned herself theatrically as her imagination
ran riot. “Oh my gosh!” she giggled to herself. “I’ve just
booked myself a gigolo!”

She had intended to wait a couple of hours before going to
check at the front desk, but excitement and curiosity got
the better of her and she went downstairs, using the excuse
that she needed to stretch her legs. She had been stationed
in the coffee shop, at a table with a clear view of the reception
counter when a well-built , casually but neatly dressed
young man strode confidently in. She watched with interest
as he approached the counter. He withdrew a slim white envelope,
spoke briefly with the attractive receptionist, passed
the envelope over then turned to leave. On his way out he
must have felt Juliet’s intense gaze. He glanced across
the busy vestibule at her and his eyes rested on hers for
a fleeting moment during which he favoured her with a shy,
knowing half-smile and then he was gone. That brief smile
elicited such a physical response in Juliet that she actually
heard herself whimper. She took a long moment to collect
her wits then forced herself to finish her coffee, slowly,
before heading for the reception counter to check her messages.
The receptionist handed her the slim white envelope with
a warm smile. Juliet thanked her with a smile of her own,
albeit a tense one, then headed to her room with almost indecent
haste. Safely ensconced behind her locked door, Juliet sat on
the edge of her bed, turned the envelope over in her hands,
savouring the moment, savouring the feel of the heavy stationery,
examining the envelope minutely. It was a quality item,
DL size, manufactured from some kind of heavy paper with
the tiniest flecks of green and maroon in the weave. Her
name was hand-written on the front in Andrews neat cursive
script. She slid her finger under the flap and opened it
carefully, noting distractedly that the envelope was
lined with tissue paper of a deep purple. She withdrew the
contents, a couple of sheets of the same kind of heavy white
paper and laid the envelope beside her on the bed, squaring
it carefully with the edge of the bed. She took a deep calming
breath then unfolded the pages with trembling fingers...
The top page was a curriculum vitae of sorts; it had Andrews
name laser-printed in a bold modern font, all lower case
letters centred a couple of inches below the top edge, with
his mobile phone number positioned more discreetly below
it. Below that was a photograph of the man himself, nude
and artfully posed to display his rather nice, athletic
physique to its advantage. Juliet moaned aloud with appreciation
and more than a little lust as she gazed at the classy black
and white image for a long time before moving on... Beneath the photograph were Andre’s ‘vital statistics’
in both imperial and metric; height (5’11’, weight (180
pounds), chest (42”, waist (31”... Length (7” uncut).
That last not so little morsel confused Juliet for a moment
until she realised what it meant. She blushed, then glanced
at the photograph just to check, deciding that André was
maybe being a little modest! There followed a brief paragraph outlining Andrews career
and qualifications; Age (26), occupation (part-time
Personal Trainer and final-year Sports Science Student),
qualified and registered in Aromatherapy Massage and
Sports Therapy Massage. She gazed at the photograph again
then laid the top sheet carefully aside and turned her attention
to the second... Under the bold heading ‘Services Offered’ was a list,
concise but comprehensive of exactly what she could get
for her money, starting innocuously enough with a ‘Full
Body Aromatherapy Massage (1 hr)’ for £40.00, getting
slightly more interesting with a ‘Full Body Sensual Massage
(1 hr + to completion) for £50.00, then getting downright
cards-on-the-table-explicit with things such as ‘Full
Sex , hourly rates, overnight rates, weekend rates and
comprehensive list of extras to mix and match including
‘oral sex’, ‘reverse massage’... Under the brazen heading of ‘Payment’ André stated that
his preferred method of payment was cash beforehand, cheques
made payable to André Brandt Personal Training were also
acceptable if backed by a valid cheque guarantee card.
Under the heading ‘FAQs’ André made a few pertinent points;
‘Yes, I practise safe sex; Yes, I am regularly tested for
STD's (current certificate available); Yes, I will
do just about anything you require, just ask (negotiable
rate!!!)’. On a third and final (Juliet checked just to make sure!)
page André had written her a brief personal note; ‘Hi Juliet,
I enjoyed our little chat on the phone. I hope I can be of service
to you and I look forward to hearing from you. André, xXx’.
“Oh I think you can!” Juliet said with feeling as she tucked
the note away and, after glancing at her watch, returned
her attention to a scrutiny of the ‘services offered’ catalogue.
Every now and then she found her eyes drifting speculatively
towards the phone. Her initial shock at the explicit nature
of the list had given way to a growing curiosity, as well
as a growing feeling of arousal and excitement. Her eyes
drifted to the phone for the umpteenth time... She checked
her watch... seven minutes to two... and decided to wait
until half-past two before making the call. She had just
enough time to rush out and cash a check. She made it safely
to the bank and back in a giddy rush, sank gratefully down
on the edge of the bed and checked her watch. Two twenty-seven... After the longest three minutes
of her life she snatched up the phone and dialled Andre’s
number. While she waited for the call to be connected, she
smoothed the list on her lap and gazed at it. “Hello?” Andre’s warm voice caressed her ear, startling
her. “Hi André. It’s Juliet?” she blurted like a nervous schoolgirl.
“I called this morning? Do you remember?” “Hi Juliet”. Even warmer and friendlier. “Of course I
remember. How are you doing?” “Ah... fine thanks”. “Good. What can I do for you?”. “Well... like I said earlier... I’d like to book a... um...
massage... or something”. “Okay. No problem. Did you have a chance to look at the stuff
I left for you?” he asked solicitously with the merest hint
of mischief in his voice. “Yes I did as a matter of fact... It’s ah... very interesting.”
“Any particular items you’d like to discuss?” “Um... well... I don’t know. I’ve never done anything
like this before”. “That’s okay Juliet. If it makes it any easier for you,
you could just book a regular massage...” “No” she interrupted him. “I mean... I think I want more...
The... um... ‘sensual massage to completion’?” “Yes?” “Does that mean what I think it means?” “What do you think it means?” “Well... I guess you’re using ‘completion’ as a euphemism
for... um... you know...” “Orgasm”. “Yes!” “Is that the sort of thing you’re after?” “Oh yes!” she said with feeling “But...” “But?” “What happens if it’s um... over too quickly...” “Over?” “It’s been some time since I... I mean I might get too excited
too quickly and...” “Juliet?” André interrupted her gently. “I’ll take it
nice and slowly...” he drawled sexily “...and If you get
to the stage where that becomes a pressing issue and don’t
want it to be over too soon... I’ll just take it even slower...”
“Yes! That sounds nice... sold!” “Oh-kay. When would be good for you?” “This evening sometime. Eight o’clock?” “I can do that. Actually... would you like to meet me beforehand?
For a chat over coffee? To see if you think the chemistry
is right?” “I don’t know...” “I understand. The discretion thing”. “No! It’s not that. It’s just that I’m nervous... and excited...
And I think the chemistry is fine. Really! You look gorgeous
and you sound really nice. Can’t we just chat on the phone
for a bit instead?” “Sure. If that’s what you want”. “Oh... You don’t charge for phone chat do you?” “No!” he laughed. “Hadn’t thought of that, yet! At the
moment I just charge for the physical stuff”. “And you’re not exactly cheap are you?” Juliet cringed
at her audacity. “No. But I am worth it” André came right back at her, completely
unfazed. “It’s like any service. Take food, for example.
MacDonalds burgers versus prime Kobe beef...” “I know... I was just teasing you”. “In any case. Repeat clients attract a significant discount”.
“Ooh! I see. Um... Have a lot of clients do you?” “Not really. I don’t do just anybody, you know! Just a select
few valued clients. All vetted by Sally”. “Sally?” “She gave you my number?” “Yes”. “And a recommendation?” “Oh yes! An enthusiastic recommendation, at that!” “Sally got me into this line of work”. “Really. I’m shocked!” “Don’t be!” “How did she...” “When I started Uni I rented a room from Sally. She took
an interest in my studies and suggested that I practise
my massage techniques on her... She liked it... a lot...
and suggested that offer my services to some other ladies
of her acquaintance. One thing led to another”. “She never told me that!” “What did she tell you?” “Told me how nice you were and that I wouldn’t regret calling
you” “Cool!” “So Sally is your... um... pimp?” Juliet teased. “Hmmm... it sounds so sordid when you put it like that!
I prefer to think of her as my agent” André laughed. “She
helped me put my CV together and gave me some pointers on
my... ah... technique...” “Ooh! I see... How interesting... Does your... agent
take a cut of your earnings?” “Not exactly. Just the occasional massage. Anyway Juliet.
Enough about me. What’s your story?” “My story?” “Yeah... you know... Tell me about yourself. If you want
to, that is”. “I’m just a lonely middle-aged woman with time on her hands
craving some attention” Juliet said, allowing bitterness
to creep into her voice. “Ouch... Okay”. André responded gently. “Speaking of which...” Juliet's tone brightened
again as she shook off her brief lapse into self-pity. “Would
you mind coming over a bit earlier? I’m really in the mood
for some company right now...” “Okay” André responded evenly after a slight pause. “Give
me an hour or so to get ready?” “Okay”. “Call it four o’clock?” “Okay... I’m in room Four-ten”. “Four-ten. Got it.” “Okay...” “See you real soon Juliet...” Juliet lay back on the bed for a couple of minutes, examining
the almost-forgotten sensations of arousal clamouring
for attention as she fantasised about what was to come.
Abruptly she shook herself out of her reverie, checked
the clock, then switched off her mobile, unplugged the
room-phone and headed to the bathroom to draw a bath, adding
a generous dose of bath oil to the water... Juliet treated herself to a long extravagantly deep bath,
luxuriating in the caress of the slick, headily scented
water as she thought about what she was about to do... Her
watch alarm snapped her back to reality... ten to four...
In ten minutes time there would be a knock at the door...
An hour later she would be having an orgasm. Wow!!! As easy
as that! Why had she not done this before! It might not be
cheap, as André had pointed out, but she had decided to use
the untouched money from her philandering husband’s estate
to give herself little treats. her way of getting her own
back. She pulled the bath plug, stood and stepped from the
bath, thankful that the steamed over mirror blurred her
reflection as she wrapped a large fluffy bath towel around
her and secured it demurely over her breasts. She wandered
into the bedroom trailing a cloud of fragrant steam, gave
the room a quick once-over, then turned down the lights
and sat on the edge of the bed to wait. She didn’t have to wait
long... At four o’clock precisely there was a knock at the door.
Juliet took a deep, calming breath then rose and, as if in
a dream, moved towards the door. She peeped through the
spy hole and saw André, standing there in all innocence
dressed in his corporate personal trainer outfit of smart
logo’d polo shirt over tracksuit pants and new-looking
running shoes, carrying a messenger bag over one shoulder
and his massage table over the other. Juliet took a deep
breath then opened the door and invited him in. She closed
the door behind him and leaned back against it, gazing at
him, unsure of the gigolo/client etiquette. André regarded
her with his big brown eyes, then held out his hand. “Hi Juliet. Good to meet you”. Juliet pushed herself away
from the door and took his hand, he gave it a gentle squeeze
then leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Good to meet you too” Juliet blushed. “I see you’re ready. Would you like to get started right
away?” André asked. “I guess so... I... um... have your money” Juliet blurted,
then reached over and picked up the wad of bills. Her hands
were trembling as she peeled off fifty pounds and handed
it to him. “Thank you” André smiled and tucked the cash into a pocket
on his bag. Juliet stood and watched as he quickly unfolded
and set up his massage table. “Is that really necessary” she asked. “No, but you might like it” he grinned at her enigmatically.
He bent, secured the legs, tested it with his weight, then
laid a clean towel neatly over it. “Okay... if you’d like
to hop on and make yourself comfortable?” Juliet did as
bid, lying face down on top of the bed and covertly watching
André as he busied himself with his rather stylish messenger
bag. As if aware of her scrutiny he grinned disarmingly
at her as he removed a small bottle from some kind of insulated
container. “Keeps the oil nice and warm” he explained as
he opened the bottle, releasing the heavy, heady scent
of lavender and patchouli into the air. “Let’s just loosen
that towel, shall we?” Juliet obediently loosened the
towel beneath her and allowed André to drape it over her
lower back. With the gentlest of touch he made a couple of
small adjustments to her position and then... Juliet whimpered
as she felt his warm strong hands in the middle of her back,
generously spreading the oil over her naked skin. She sighed
with pleasure as he gently but firmly kneaded and caressed
her shoulders and back. “Oh my God that feels wonderful...” she sighed as he worked
on her. André worked up her spine to the nape of her neck causing
Juliet to shudder and gasp with sensual pleasure. “Your
girlfriend is a very lucky lady!” “Girlfriend!” André laughed. “What makes you think I
have a girlfriend?” His hands paused for a moment. “Oh... I kind of assumed that a hunk like you would have
them beating a path to his door!” “I manage to avoid them... In any case... I prefer women
rather than girls...” he resumed his caress “...real women
like yourself Juliet”. “Ooh you smoothie!” Juliet giggled. “Hmmm... you have very nice skin...” André told her huskily
as he worked the knots of tension out of Juliet’s shoulders.
As she relaxed further Juliet was suddenly assaulted by
a crushing wave of almost unbearable sadness. She sobbed
once, then started to cry silently. “Juliet?” André asked solicitously, his hands suddenly
still. “What’s wrong? Do you want me to stop?” “No. Don’t stop please”. “What is it?” Juliet twisted around to look up at him, a protective arm
over her breasts. “What you’re doing... It feels so damn nice... My husband...
he never did anything like this for me... not in all the years
we were together... And just look at me! I’m a saggy old hag
that has to resort to paying for it... God knows what you
think of me!” “Hey... Juliet...” André reached out and stroked the
side of Juliet’s face with genuine tenderness, eliciting
another wretched sob from her. “Come on... I wouldn’t be
doing this if I didn’t feel something for you, you know”
“Yeah, right” she spat bitterly. “Really!” André insisted, holding her defiant gaze.
“Now come on and let me pamper you to the absolute best of
my abilities”. Juliet held his gaze a moment longer. “Come
on!” he chivvied her, smiling charmingly. Juliet rolled
over onto her belly, challenging André to do his best. André worked his way lower, easing the towel lower down
Juliet’s back, teasing her a little, before abruptly moving
on to her legs... working up her calves... the backs of her
thighs... teasing her until she sighed and squirmed wanting
more... He moved to the head of the table... using long sweeping
movements down from her shoulders to the small of her back,
easing the towel lower before moving to the foot of the table
and working up her calves... her thighs... again and again...
each time moving incrementally closer to the throbbing
core of her arousal... Juliet’s breathing became first
audible, then harsh as her arousal grew... She eased her
thighs apart in needy invitation... His hand brushed against
her sex, trailing fingers caressing the molten core. Juliet
cried out aloud with pleasure at his intimate touch. André
eased the towel off her completely. “Mmm... that’s better!” he purred, pressing gentle fingers
against her sex. Juliet gasped. “Much better...” he added
as she began to move against the delicious pressure of his
skilful touch, raising and lowering her hips almost involuntarily.
“Oh my God!” she moaned. “Oh... Oh... That feels so nice...”
she sighed as André picked up on the rhythm of her need. He
reached for the oil with his free hand and poured a liberal
dose over her buttocks and the backs of her thighs. His hands
roamed slickly as he skilfully kneaded and teased her.
Juliet’s gasps and groans became more frequent as she wantonly
eased her her thighs wider. Over the rushing in her ears
she became aware of a rapid thudding beat and realised that
it was the sound of her heart hammering in her chest in her
excitement. She felt herself reaching the point of no return
and fought desperately for control... to no avail... as
she felt herself teetering on the brink she suddenly wrested
herself away from Andre’s hands. “I don’t want to come just yet!” she gasped as she squirmed
in an agony of arousal, eyes squeezed shut. “Are you having fun yet?” André asked her with a lascivious
grin. “Ooh you bastard” she groaned back at him as she rolled
onto her back, clutching at herself in desperation as she
continued to fight for control. André kept his hands on
her, nowhere crucial, merely keeping human contact as
she calmed herself down. When she’d regained a semblance
of control she opened her eyes and gazed up at him. Found
him smiling gently back at her. “Are we ready to go on?” he asked, trailing his hand up her
thigh meaningfully as his cast a long glance of seemingly
genuine appreciation if not lust at her nakedness. As his
eyes lingered a moment on her breasts, no doubt checking
out her spectacularly erect nipples, she reached out and
grabbed a handful of his polo shirt. “It’s not much fun being the only one naked” she pouted
as she dragged his shirt upwards. “Hmmm... You want me to get my kit off?” he asked sweetly.
“Um... yes!” she purred. André kept his eyes on hers as he grasped the hem of his
shirt with both hands and peeled it up and off in one fluid
movement. “Nice!” Juliet cooed after a moment’s speechless lust.
She hooked her index finger into the waistband of his pants
and tugged meaningfully at that, too. As she let her hand
drop her fingers brushed against something hot and hard
tenting the fabric of his pants. “Ooh!” she sighed, glancing
at the obvious bulge. “Is that what i think it is?” “You want to find out?” André teased her as he kicked his
shoes off and began to slowly push his pants down. “Oh yes!” Juliet answered, watching hungrily as he slid
his pants down. His erection caught on the waistband of
his pants and once freed, snapped back with an audible slap
against his toned, washboard stomach. He stood confidently
upright, his rampant erection inches in front of Juliet’s
face. “Good Lord” she murmured in awe, blushing furiously.
“What can I say?” André smirked. “You’re very inspiring”.
“You mean... that” she pointed “is my fault?” “Absolutely” he assured her. “Can’t fake one of these,
you know!” Juliet gazed some more. “Touch it!” she said thickly. “I want to see you touch it!”
she reiterated, licking her lips. André reached down and took a firm grasp, began to masturbate
slowly as his eyes travelled over her body. Under his ministrations
his erection grew visibly bigger and harder, his face darkened
with lust and his breathing became harsh and laboured.
Juliet‘s hand stole down between her thighs, unthinkingly
nurturing and maintaining her arousal as she watched in
rapt fascination. Andre’s gaze drifted down, lingered
between her thighs, betraying his fascination by the hypnotic
undulating motion of her fingers against her arousal-swollen
sex . “That really turns me on” he murmured hoarsely. “Really?” Juliet answered coyly, pretending to notice
for the first time what she was doing. “You like to watch
do you?” “God, yes!” André responded with feeling. She shifted
position slightly, canting her hips towards him and raising
a knee. André abruptly sucked in his breath through his
teeth and gripped his erection hard, evidently having
to take drastic measures to stop himself losing control.
“Ooh!” Juliet cooed. “It really does turn you on doesn’t
it”. “Yes... you do” he said pointedly as he hauled himself
back from the brink of professional disaster. “It’s much nicer when you do it for me though...” she hinted
unsubtlely, reaching for his hand and rolling onto her
back. “More oil milady?” André asked, already reaching for
the bottle. “Oh yes please!” “I figure that we’ve done your back?” he suggested. “And very nice it was too!” she agreed “... so now it must be time to do your front” he explained
as he cast an appreciative glance at her breasts. Juliet
looked away and coyly covered her breasts. “Are you staring at my boobs?” she asked him timidly. “And very nice they are too” he told her. “Don’t you think they’re... well... droopy?” “I think you have perfectly nice boobs, thanks for asking.
Real, natural woman’s boobs. Just the way I like them” he
assured her. “Oh!” she exclaimed in surprise, allowing her hands to
drop. “Now be a good girl and lie down”. “Okay”. André stood over her, raised the bottle of oil high and
drizzled it over her chest, stomach and thighs as Juliet
squirmed. With his palms he spread it around, down between
her breasts, teasing her until she suddenly reached for
his hands and pulled them onto her breasts, then pushed
them down. “Touch me!” she breathed hoarsely. Andre’s hands roamed
slickly, lovingly caressing her breasts, occasionally
swooping down to tease her sex. Juliet gasped and squirmed
until she could take no more, grasping his hand and guiding
it to the core of her need. “Uh!” she grunted as he pressed his fingers into the slick
heat of her sex. “My God Juliet” he breathed throatily. “I love to touch
your...” “Pussy” she offered, placing her hand over his and guiding
his caress. “I love to touch your pussy” André murmured hotly in her
ear. “It’s like dipping my fingers in hot whipped cream”.
Juliet moaned incoherently at his words, spreading her
thighs wantonly and urging him on with her hand. “Yes! YES! Like that!” she urged him frantically. André
bent towards her, nuzzling the side of her neck and nibbling
her earlobe. She reached up, wrapping her arms around his
neck and clinging to him as she felt herself losing control
“I’m not going to last much longer...” she moaned. “I don’t
want to wait any longer!” she gasped as he skilfully brought
her to the brink and kept her teetering precariously on
the edge. “Do you want me to make you come?” he murmured into her hair.
“Yes!” she cried out in her desperate need for release.
“I want to hear you coming” his words caressed her ear.
“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she begged as violent
tremors wracked her body. A low moan began in her throat,
rising in pitch and volume until, with a fractured cry of
ecstasy and release, her orgasm overwhelmed her. Juliet
clung desperately to him as the waves of pleasure engulfed
her, rendering her insensate and incoherent for long moments
of pure bliss before gradually subsiding to leave her weak-kneed
and shaking. As her senses slowly returned, she realised that André
was holding her gently and she was sobbing and trembling
from the sheer enormity of her experience. “Oh my God!” she moaned shakily. “That was...” she stole
a glance at André “... nice”. “Nice!” he squawked in outrage. “Okay... very nice, then!” she teased him. He shook his
head and smiled at her. “I dunno’ he said in exasperation. “You deliver some of
your very best work and all you get is ‘nice’!” “Sorry!” Juliet laughed. “But I just couldn’t resist
teasing you, just a little”. “I forgive you!” he grinned good-naturedly at her. Juliet
propped herself up on an elbow, then levered herself upright
and sat on the edge of the table, swaying slightly as she
felt abruptly dizzy. André stepped in and steadied her.
“You shouldn’t try to get up too quickly after... well...
a nice massage” he explained. Juliet leaned gratefully
against him, her breasts brushing against Andre’s rampant
erection. “Hmmm... speaking of up...” she said meaningfully, leaning
back to gaze at his erection. “May I?” she asked politely,
reaching out and tentatively taking his hot hardness in
her hand. “Be my guest!” he told her gallantly as she began to fondle
him with gentle curiosity. “It’s been a while since I had my hands on one of these! Didn’t
realise how much I’d missed it until now”. “There’s still time on the clock!” André pointed out.
“If there’s anything else you’d like me to do for you, you
being my newest and nicest client...” “Still time, eh?” Juliet echoed thoughtfully as she teased
and kneaded him, relishing the feel of his hot hardness
under her touch. “I don’t suppose...” she began coyly, looking away. “What?” “Would you... you know... make yourself come for me?”
she blurted in a heated rush. She looked up into his eyes
and held his gaze. “I want to watch you make yourself come.
It’s a big turn on for me... I’ve never seen a man do it for
himself, especially a gorgeous hunk like you. She took
his hand and guided it to his erection. André took a half-step back, and gazed down at her as he
began to masturbate unselfconsciously. “Oh... Oh yes” Juliet breathed distractedly as she watched
him hungrily. She leaned back, propping herself on her
elbows and hooking her ankles around the back of his knees.
“Do you want to watch me, too?” she asked. “I think I’d like
to be watched by you...” she shifted position slightly
and a hand snaked between her thighs, hovering tantalisingly
over her sex. “Please!” he urged her. “Do it!” he added hungrily as he
began to masturbate in earnest, his face suffused with
lust, muscles rippling. “Oh yessss...” Juliet hissed, pressing her fingers into
the softly-swollen slick heat at the juncture of her thighs
and massaging herself with rapidly growing abandon. “Go
on... Do it...” she urged him excitedly as she strove to
attain his level of excitement. As she closed in on his runaway
arousal, the urgency of his motions, coupled with the expression
on his face as he gazed down between her thighs spurred her
on to greater and greater abandon. “I’m not going to last much longer!” he warned her as he
felt his swollen testicles contracting. “Don’t lose it yet!” she pleaded. “I’m nearly there!”
she told him as she frantically rubbed herself, her hips
bucking involuntarily. “Aaah... God!” André moaned through clenched teeth as
he hung on. “I”m gonna come!” Juliet gasped as she drove herself headlong
towards climax. “Let yourself go!” she urged him as she
felt herself teetering on the brink. “Come on me! Come on
my breasts!” With a plaintive moan André let go and uttering
an urgent shout of release he came, ejaculating explosively
and copiously all over Juliet’s, breasts, throat and shoulder,
hot spurts of viscous semen liberally decorating her and
triggering her own orgasm. Utterly spent, André sagged
to his knees, clinging to Juliet as she wrapped her thighs
around him and squirmed in blissful release. It took them both several minutes to recover, Juliet leaning
forwards over Andre's shoulder, clinging to him as
he clung to her as their pants of exertion slowly subsided.
Eventually André summoned enough energy to climb shakily
to his feet and disentangle himself from Juliet. He picked
up a towel and gently wiped her down. “Sorry about the mess” he grinned sheepishly at her. She
smiled at him as he attended her then, wrapped her arms around
him in a fierce hug. “Is it okay to have a post-fun hug?” she asked. “Of Course it is” he assured her distractedly stroking
her hair. She gave him an extra fierce squeeze, then let
go and gazed fondly up at him. “Thank you” she told him simply, with a wistful smile.
“You’re very welcome” he responded. They lapsed into
an awkward silence. “I suppose I’d better be on my way” André told her, trying
to be professional. “I suppose....” Juliet echoed. After another awkward
silence they both tried to speak at once. “I don’t suppose...”/“You have my number...” André indicated
that Juliet should go first. “I don’t suppose you’d like to see me again... soon...”
“Any time Juliet. You have my number”. Juliet wrapped herself in a bathrobe while André dressed
and packed away his things. Then he had no more excuse to
stay, looked helplessly towards the door, started moving
reluctantly towards it. He had his hand on the doorknob
well Juliet spoke. “I really enjoyed that André...” “Me too...” he agreed, turning the doorknob and pulling
the door open. “André!” Juliet blurted. “Yes?” “Would it be okay for you to have dinner with me? I like your
company?” “Sure!” he beamed. “Tonight?” “Sure!” “And then... can I book you for the night? tonight?...
I’d really like...” her voice tailed off. “What would you like?” “I’d really like to get fucked senseless before I’m too
old to appreciate it” she blurted in a heated rush. “Sure!” André grinned. “Can do!” “Excellent!” Juliet grinned back. Meet me at eight?”

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WOW!!!, You had cumming before i could even finish reading.
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