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Julie... - fiction


Julie's Story

Julie is a 38 years old woman I met 2 years ago on line.. I don't
really remember where or how.. It might have been in IGames.
She is a beautiful strawberry blonde (Colored) well tanned,
and she is an aerobic instructor. What a "bod"..
one to die for.. Need I say more?? Well, Ok, I will.. beautiful
hazel eyes and the cutest, firmest butt you have ever seen.
For the past two years, we have chatted probably
15 times altogether and it was always very pleasant, and
social in many aspects.. There is a glow and an orange aura
around her that one can not explain except from getting
attracted like a moth to a flame.. One of the first photos
I have ever got from her was a "royal blue bikini"
shot.. man, was she hot..

I found out later on that she was married to a great guy for
almost 16 years now or so I assume.. He is a Corporate Lawyer
Southern California.. She ought to be a model... She is
an amateur photographer I think.. I know it's her hobby
as well. I never really asked her. Because sometimes when
we chat, I feel like I am at loss for words.. Me.. a writer
-- no words..

In the past month or so, I found out that she was in "hibernation"
she did not get on the PC for a while.. She just dedicated
all of her on-line time to her "boyfriend" Or
when she was on ICQ, she would put herself on invisible.
Another thing was that she had a set of rules, she never contacted
anyone first, always waited for the other party to send
a message. And with someone like me that does the same thing
for different reasons of course, we almost never got the
chance to chat.. Silly, isn't it.. So I did modify my
rules, and man, I'm happy I did.. During these 15 times
we did get a chance to talk, we spoke of almost everything
and nothing at the same time. I got additional photos from
her, some better than others. She loves to get photographed
as much as I love getting photos..

She is one of the first people I met on line that had a digital
camera, and loved it.. I got more photos of Julie at the Gym
in an aerobic session, some outdoor photos, some semi sexy
and some of the family.. I grew a little attached and fond
of Julie. We have managed something that was almost impossible
judging from the little time we did spend on line, a friendship
that is absolutely open and honest. She eventually got
to read the book I am trying to compose.. I think she liked
most of it if not all.. She told me that now she thinks she
knows me better.. I think I had some hope for that.. She suggested
that I ought publish it. I am thinking about it.. We also
did developed some kind of trust.. We speak now of things
that not many people close to Julie have any idea... For
instance, the fact that she loves to pose nude.. ("Nudity
never bothered me" she said).. the fact that her husband
loves her so trustingly and blindly that he is open to her
"role playing" on the net.. And the fact that
she actually has a boyfriend she met on line.. He is an accountant,
and moonlights as a semi pro photographer. He saw a picture
of her and asked her to pose for him..

She met him with the approval of her husband the first time..
Her husband knew what and where she was going.. but did not
care he actually encouraged her.. Julie is very photogenic,
I saw some of the photos.. (the ones she could share with
no worries) The last time I was on line, she got on, and this
time I got a message from her.. She said: I broke my rule and
contacted you first. -- Happy me I said to myself! I love
chatting with this woman, it is so hard to find women on line
that actually can carry a conversation the way we do and
the combination of brain, looks, and more...

Two weeks ago, Julie decided to surprise me.. I
have been asking her for photos every chance I had even to
the point that I felt I was asking too much and too many times..
but she reassured me that if she felt that way, she would
let me know.. she sent me a couple photos of her in a real sexy
baby doll outfit hunter green, (one of my favorite colors),
another in a burgundy bra and thong, the reflection in the
mirror behind her showed her oh so well shaped back and derriere.
The poses were a tad provocative.. After all, that's
what I like the most, especially coming from her.. And she
knows it..

Three nights ago as usually, I asked her if she did
take any good photos lately with her new digital camera..
she said yes.. I asked if I get to see "any" of
them.. she said sure and sent me 2 photos wearing tight pair
of legging and a blue sweat shirt showing all of her flattering
curves one frontal and one half way turned sideways just
enough to see her butt.. the third photo she was dressed
in a pair of denim pants and a loose sweat shirt.. But if you
did not see it for yourself you won't believe it.. Julie
looks so hot and sexy no matter what she wears or doesn't
for that matter.. and I mean that.. Two nights ago,
we have chatted a little and she finally told me that the
"thing" she had with her boyfriend on line,
was a little more than just an online thing..

It is a difficult situation, because they are both married,
and they still managed to see each other four or
five times in the past year, and that the meetings
were not just for the sake of a conversation.. After meeting
him the first time, things got hot between them, of course
she posed for him, at first it was nicely done photos of her
against a scenic background, than things got hotter. Julie
makes love to the camera, and the camera loves her back.
Slowly the photo session progressed to an open black shirt
no bra, than on perfect tit showing, than came the bottom
off... Julie had the photos for a very long time before she
decided it was ok to share some of them with me. Some photos
that he took and some she took of herself for him...

I still go back now and then to view her photos she is so much
of a woman that she can keep me glued to my monitor.. I told
her that it makes me wish I was there.. Some of the photos
she sent were plain and simple.. the first 3 were from her
first trip to see her friend (She never told me his name -
I didn't ask some things are better left alone).. The
2 next ones, were the best ones.. no fuzzy filters were used,
and it was photos she took of herself.. in one she wore just
a red shirt open showing one beautiful boob and no underwear,
a well trimmed pubic temple.. she is sucking on her fingers..
"You don't want to know where my fingers were
before the photo was taken" she said... She has one
of the most beautiful set of breasts and nipples, not just
the shape, but the colors, the size.. and I have seen some
in my time.. The second photo she wore a 50's negligee..
in this one not much skin is showing, but her hand is uncovering
her perfect crotch and she has an expression on her pretty
face that can mean only one thing (use your imagination),
also there's a tan 8" vibrator/dildo on the night
table beside her. This woman has a pair of legs that would
trigger any man to lick them from toe to.. well you get the

Today I was looking at her photos, all of them.. dressed
and undressed.. I want to get all of her photos and put them
on a CD for her.. I checked the sizes, but my attention was
disrupted again and again.. I kept going back to the nudes
and the aerobic photos at the Gym.. I found myself analyzing
every part of her sensual body, and every time I looked at
the photos, I found another dimple, or a beauty mark I haven't
noticed before.. To top that, she had mentioned on one occasion
that with all I saw of her, I haven't seen nothing yet..
that she has naughty photos and short MPEG movies she made
for her Boyfriend in a moment(s) of passion.. Unfortunately,
he is the only one that has the privilege of viewing them..
I wish I could. Just the thought of that gets me hot.. I found
myself looking at her photos and wanting to touch myself..
this evening, I waited for her to get on line so I can tell
her that and tell her also that I feel like writing a short
story about it and about her. But she never came up. Julie
is the woman I take sometimes on my "mind traveling"
What is it you ask... it is simple and it's complicated..


For years I wanted to tell everyone about it, but didn't
dare.. If someone told me that they can go places, see things,
feel things, recreate smells, build scenarios, bring
people along, feel and taste and all that without leaving
the comfort of their chair even for a second, I would have
told them they needed to see a shrink.. but I have learned
to control it so well. As a result of past history of sleep
depravation because of war horrors and nightmares, I don't
dream anymore, or at least never remember if I do.. so I dream
when I am awake.. It's a kind of lucid dreaming if you

The difference between "normal dreaming"
and "Mind Traveling" is that in Mind Traveling
is set out this way: 90% of all the things you can use to create
the scenarios, have to be things you have already experienced
at one time of your life... you don't fly, you don't
fall in deep places, you can not build scenes with things
you have never experienced.. in a way, you use the memory
banks to the full extent.. the remaining 10% are left to
experiment.. if you have a photo of a woman you'd like
to have with you on one of the journeys, you can view a few
photos in several outfits and or different places and just
rebuild her in your mind. In this case, because I have never
met this woman, I gave her a voice that is a little rough kind
of a female Rod Stewart.. But that was about to change..


Because I can only use things that I have experienced, I
can not make love to her in my "dream" I can see
her, talk to her, even undress her, because I know what she
looks like naked, but it can not go any further. On the other
hand, I can take another woman that I actually made love
to, and recreate that.. the advantage is that if I went to
the 4 Seasons Hotel with one woman, I have the room and the
smell in my mind, and place another woman I was with even
3 years previously, I can put that woman with all her details
in that room which in actuality she had never seen.. make
love to her and use the memories and place the memories in
any order I chose to.. I know her body, I know her voice, I
know what she sounds like when excited, and I just rebuild
all my details. Memories are in colors opposed to dreams
that are in black and white.. memories on the other hand
is a series of "stills" opposed to dreams that
are in a form of short movies.. Mind traveling is a series
of stills you can rearrange to your liking, in addition,
I can touch her dress, it feels like velvet.. because I know
what velvet feels like.. I can have her wear perfume like
Trésor, because I know the smell... I can recreate the feel,
the smell and the vision.. it's a little like using
all your senses concentrating on all the details.. the
small ones and the big ones as well.

One of the best scenarios I can remember creating is a cybersex
session I have put in my book, it goes as follow:


White sand, palm trees, a cool breeze, jasmine smell in
the air, a light house, the waves from the ocean, the white
wake of the waves gently touching shore.. We are both dressed
in white, I have my pants rolled up almost to my knees, and
my shirt half way unbuttoned, you are in a white very light
sun dress, holding you sandals in your hand and walking
a few steps ahead of me.

Catch me if you can you said with a giggle, come on, old man…
I start running toward you but you are just standing there
and the wake of the broken waves gently caress your feet…
the sun is setting, and a red glow is all over us making everything
look warmer, God, you are so beautiful. I get to you grabbing
you from your waist and lifting you in the air never losing
eye contact I pull you toward me and let you slide down ever
gently until your soft firm breast is against my chest.
It feels like for every bump in your body there is a crater
in mine…

The noise of the waves and the palms waiving in the light
wind is like a soft melody I heard so many times. We are looking
at each other in the eyes and the fire within starts burning
us with desire for each other I hold your face with both hands,
pull you even closer to me, kiss you lightly on your forehead,
making my way down to you neck smelling kissing and licking
you, you let a soft moan and say…

in a broken voice, I want you… slowly I bring my lips to yours,
kissing you gently, my tongue passing form your upper lip
to the corner where both lips meet, sucking your air out
like if trying to pass through you at times a small bite on
your lower lip, while our bodies feel like one. We are in
an embrace that nothing can come in between us.

I finally let go of you and you say "it’s getting chilly"
I reach for your hand, and we walk toward our little cabin,
a large bed, a small table with a bottle of white wine, two
long stems crystal glasses, a fire place, a sheep skin rug,
soft music is playing in the background…

I start a fire in the fireplace, you pour the wine. I turn
around and you are standing in front of me with just one glass
in your hand you reach for me and run your fingers through
my hair looking at me the whole time with so much love in your
eyes. Hand me the wine and turn around to get you your glass,
you move like a gazelle your dress clinging to every curve
of your body… Cheers you say and with one gulp we swallow
the wine to the last drop.

A Brian Adams song starts playing in the background, and
we start moving slowly to the wonderful sounds and the crackling
of the fire… I feel a light rush from the wine, the heat, and
the need to touch you… I sit on the sheep rug in front of the
fire, pulling you lovingly to sit by me we are both looking
at the glow of the flames… you reach from behind me and unbutton
my shirt I feel your breath on my neck with one hand you start
caressing my chest while lightly touching not touching
bringing tour tongue to my neck and ear lob. I turn around
and you are completely naked in all your glory your skin
reflecting the color of the flames...


For now, I have cut all the "real" sexual details..
(not important at this moment). The point here is I had that
sex session with that woman, but there was no sand, no ocean,
no fire place, no palm trees and no sheep rug.. I combined
all these details from other times and places.. to create
one of my best mind traveling sessions so far...

I hope that next time I go on a journey, I will take Julie with
me, and I will have the time of my life.. for that I still need
the rest of the of the "details" meaning the
"naughty photos" and or the short movies..
Without them, my journey with her will always be incomplete.

One night I was in IGames under the name Phillip.. A message
from *AngelEyez* showed up on my screen.. Hi Phillip..
Hi I replied.. Shhhh don't tell anyone, I am incognito,
this is Julie.. Oh, Hi Julie.. are you hiding from someone??
No she replied, I am just waiting for my BF.. Okie dokie I
messaged her.. have fun I said and kept cruising the profiles
as I usually.. I need to talk to you Julie said.. I replied
Anytime.. she just said thank you and left the room..

A message blinked on my ICQ list, it was from her..

Julie: Hi again.

Phillip: Long time lol.. So what's up?

Julie: Oh, you remember I told you I had a boyfriend and that
he was married..

Phillip: Yes you did. What happened?

Julie: I have waited for him for over an hour, but he did not
show up like he said he would.

Phillip: Well, I am sure he has a legit reason, or at least
2 good excuses.. lol

Julie: I wonder if there is something wrong... I was on ICQ
and I saw his name pop up and than immediately go off line.

Julie: Well I know that he is married and sometimes his wife
comes to the room so he has to hide.

Phillip: See dear, you gave yourself the answer... give
him the benefit of the doubt until you hear his side.

Julie: You are probably right, I am just getting myself
worked up for nothing.

Phillip: Put on some good music and exercise for a while,
after all you are an aerobic instructor.. lol

Julie: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

Julie: I am losing my patience with this guy... I would love
to spend more time with him, he is a nice guy, no Mr. GQ, but
he is passionate, keeps me entertained, and the sex is good
(when it occurs) The rest of the time I have to settle for
some photos, or cyber on line or at times, when he can, we
talk on the phone or Netmeeting, you know.....

Phillip: Sounds like a double life to me.. eventually the
"new" fades away and both of you will get bored
with it.

Julie: You are probably right, but for now I having a great
time and I am not ready to give it up.

Phillip: Lucky you that I did not meet you before he did!
Judging from what I know of you, you are hot stuff! I am a little
jealous of your two guys!

Julie: Really?

Phillip: Yup. I wish I was there to maybe show you what I mean...

Julie: What would you do if you actually were here?

Phillip: Trust me, you don't want to go there.. besides,
you already have 2 great guys to tickle your fancy..

Julie: Yes true, but variation is good!

Phillip: First send me a hotter photo of you, I would like
to be able to actually feel like I am there.

Julie: ok, here it comes... I am taking a shower, I covered
part of my face.. I would hate to have my photos floating
all over the net. You understand... don't you..

Sure thing I said.. and waited a few seconds for the photo
to download...
It was a photo of her kneeling in the shower of course completely
nude... man did she look good!!!

Phillip: Wow, I love it! My showers never look that good..

Julie: LOL that's the shower in the Cabana So.. let's
see what you got.

Phillip: That's not what I was referring to, but Ok..


"Could Happen"...

It's 11:30 PM... The freeway is at a stand-still because
of some tire fire on the 10.. I decided to take the first exit
toward Citrus, I had no knowledge of the area... I must have
taken a wrong turn, I found myself on a dirt road, no street
lights... I tried backing up my car, and jumped what I thought
was a curb trying to drive forward, the wheels just made
noise but the car did not move... I tried again and again,
but no results... I opened the car door to try and see what
was holding me back, the moment I stepped out, I felt the
cold and mush of a large mud puddle. I stood up and it was so
deep and sticky that by trying to move, I fell. My whole body
was covered with sticky mud... I got up with some difficulties,
I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, a red light blinked
NSRV (No service) so I started to walk toward the house across
the street.. the only house that had the light on.. after
all it was almost midnight now.. With some hesitation I
knocked on the door.. A light at the doorway went on, a neighbor's
dog started barking, a tall blonde opened a crack in the
door just enough to see through her security door who was
it knocking so late at night.. she wore a nice black silk
kimono with a gold dragon embossed at the level of her breast,
I am almost positive she wore nothing underneath.. what
a vision for sore eyes she was.

Can I help you she said.. yes please! I need to call triple
A to get pulled out of the mud just across the path.. I am sorry
about my appearance. Oh, no problem she said.. I pulled
out my wallet and got the triple A card out, handed it to her.
The number is on the back. Where are my manners she said..
let me get you a towel or something... she walked swiftly
and returned after a minute with a couple towels and a large
bowl with warm water. She opened the security door and handed
it to me.. Here clean yourself up.. My name is Julie, what's
yours? Phillip I said.. French? Yes I replied, well duh..
I should have guessed by your accent she answered with a
cute giggle..

I soaked one of the towels she gave me, and started wiping
the mud off of my face.. I am sorry to impose like that I said
not looking directly at Julie.. oh, I don't get many
visitors, at least not that late at night.. we both laughed
and I continued trying to remove as much mud as I could..
it was a pretty warm night, typical to Southern California...
Can I use the hose in the yard, using a towel is not really
doing the job.. I dipped the soiled towel to rinse it.. sure
it's right here on the corner post of the deck... give
me a second, I will put the lights on.

I removed my jacket and placed it on the deck, took off my
watch, ring, wallet and some lose change I had in my pants
pocket and placed them on the jacket. I opened the spigot
gently not to get too strong of a stream raised the hose high
above my head and let the cool water run freely.. My shirt
and pants were sticking to my chilled skin.. Shit, that's
all I needed to end a wonderful day..

Julie came out with a cup of coffee, this will warm you up...
I dropped the hose, shut the water, and sat on the edge of
the deck.. ...Goodness, thank you! How can I ever repay
you.. Not to worry she said, I would have done it for anyone..
she handed me the second towel to dry myself up.. You are
not from around here she whispered.. without waiting for
an answer.. what were you doing in this area? Didn't
you see the sign that says "Private Property"
at the gate?? Gate? I asked baffled.. No, I didn't see
a gate.. I told her how and why I was there... she nodded and
said, could happen.. I was starting to shiver a bit.. trying
to pull on my shirt in different places to unstuck it from
my skin... still trying to dry my hair.. At least you are
not muddy anymore... come with me.. she grabbed my hand
and walked me toward a side gate.. this is my poolside Cabana..
there is a shower in there and fresh towels, take your time...
Are you sure I asked.. yup, I am.. go ahead she replied..
I obliged.. After all, in my condition, I was not about to
argue that.

I got in the Cabana, there was, a wooden bench, a door to a
sauna room, a sink, a large mirror and the shower stall...
kind of tight quarters compare to everything else on that
property. I got out of my clothing as fast as I could, trying
to wring them dry... I dropped them on the wooden bench,
and started my shower... the steam started to fill up the
little room.. A couple minutes passed by.. May I come in
came her voice from the outside.. um... sure I said.. I heard
the door open I will throw your clothes in the dryer so you'll
have something to wear when you are done.. Thank you dear
I shouted.. Here I am leaving a bathrobe for you on the bench,
it's my husband's, but he won't miss it..
I hope it fits...

I stayed under the warm water for a while, I felt strange
to be there, and this beautiful woman taking care of me as
if I was her long lost brother or something.. I have to do
something nice for her the moment I can... I turned the water
off, and stepped out of the tight stall grabbed a towel and
wrapped it around my waist another to dry my myself... I
tried to wipe some of the steam off of the mirror, looked
up, and startled myself real good! Julie was just standing
there gazing... Have you been here long I asked.. Long enough
she replied.. I picked up the bathrobe turned around and
put it on.. she was leaning on the wall one arm wrapped under
her breasts and her index finger from the other hand teasing
her bottom lip.. Yum she said.. I looked at myself in the
mirror a little embarrassed and ran my fingers through
my hair... I turned around and she was gone... hum.. Ok....
I pulled the towel I had on and hang them both to dry on the
top of the stall... tied the bathrobe and went out turning
the lights off.. You cleaned up nicely she said.. thank
you I replied with a large smile and a satisfied look.. the
pool looked real inviting, she put the under water lights
on and the small waves on the water gave it a peaceful look..
there were a lot of flowers and well trimmed bushes all around,
3 lounge chairs, a glass table with 4 forged old bronze looking
chairs in a corner..

You have a beautiful place here.. thank you she said with
some sadness to her voice.. Julie had her back to me.. slowly
she turned and handed me a cup.. here I freshened your coffee..
I wrapped both my hands around the warm cup... I better start
moving real quick here.. I already took enough of your time,
not to mention infringed on your space.. I'll check
if your clothes are done.. she walked away quietly, I'll
be right back.. don't go anywhere... She came back,
but all she had in her hands was a tall cocktail glass.. Not
yet she said.. Anyhow, it's starting to get cold here,
why don't we go in.. without waiting for a reply, she
started walking to a large French doors on the other side
of the pool by the Jacuzzi.. come on.. she said with a high
pitch in her voice... That's one of my bedrooms she
pointed and kept walking trough the door to a long corridor..
there were photos of what looked like her family.. some
real old black and white and some newer ones.. without looking
at the photos.. My roots.. and pointed backwards to the
wall.. at the end of the corridor on the left was a large kitchen
and on the right was a huge living room and a dining area at
the far corner... the place was decorated half contemporary
and half antique.. all done in a great taste.. I would say

Here have a sit.. I sat on the armchair in front of the fireplace..
on the table was my wallet, watch, the keys to my car and all
my other belongings.. She noticed I was looking at them
and said.. I cleaned them for you... I was just about to say
thank you again, but I felt that I am repeating myself saying
it too many times.. I just smiled in return.. On the other
side of the couch was a portable phone and my triple A card..
I wonder how long it will take before these guys to come rescue
me.. she laughed out loud, got up and said unless they are
psychic... Huh? I said.. I did not call them yet she answered..
I finished my coffee in one long sip.. How come?? I was sure
they will show up any minute.. You are not in a condition
to leave yet.. besides, even though you look marvelous
in this bathrobe... ah, you are right.. Are you in a rush
she asked.. is there anyone you have to inform that you are
lost.. No I said.. Cool she replied...

Without a word she got up and vanished in the long corridor...
I just looked around to admire the decor.. everything was
real nice.. somehow it looked like not many people lived
in that place.. The heating bill must be a killer.. On top
of the fireplace on the mantle was a large photo of an older
man dressed in a black robe and next to it was a plaque with
the caption To: the honorable Judge Robert B. Geller..
Julie stepped back in the room with some items in her hand..
That's my father she said.. great man! Than proceeded
to hand me what she just brought.. I hope they fit she said..
It was a nice bikini cut underwear, a matching tank top and
a pull string loose pair of pants all silk all black.. Nice
I said.. but not my style.. She just smiled and said remember
you asked "How can I repay you".. I nodded she
kept that cute smile and said well I am cashing my chips...
humor me.. put them on.. I was cornered.. I could not refuse
anything to that woman.. she pointed to a door across the
way and said.. the guest bathroom, you can change there...
if you are too embarrassed to do it here..

I didn't want to push my luck or be too forward.. I kept
all comments to myself.. and walk toward that door..


A message popped up on my screen.. Ooopppss Got to go, he
just showed up.. Sorry Phillip...

Well shit I said.. but I kept my composure and as usual I wrote..
Hey no problem, I know there is life beyond the PC.. We'll
continue another time.. But I thought to myself, I will
keep writing and give it to her the next time she is on.. Okie
Dokie she said and I logged off..

Back to the story... Where was I?... Oh, the guest bathroom...
So, I reached for the door handle turned around to catch
a glimpse of her before leaving the room.. she still had
a small devilish smile on her face, and her eyes were like
trying to see through the robe I had on.. by all means something
a man would do, but Julie knew what she wanted and how to get
it.. I turned on the light in the bathroom, I don't know
what I was expecting, but what I saw looked like a small three
bedrooms and not a bathroom... the thing that attracted
my attention first was that the whole room was covered with
mirrors floor to ceiling.. the rest of the room was all white
marble with some gray and pink veins.. a large oval bath
tub with that same texture, a roman day bed with red velour
and gold trim, a crystal mini chandelier, a control panel
for the lights, music and climate control.. at first glance,
it looked like there were no cabinets or cupboards anywhere,
I started getting amused by trying to guess where my reflection
was.. looking a little deeper, I saw a couple handles on
one of the mirrors, I opened a door to another room.. looked
like a dressing room with cabinets on both sides and about
25 drawers... while closing the door I noticed another
door I opened.. and to my surprise or delight or astonishment,
it was a room that even the Marquis De Sade would have been
proud of...

Not to disclose my findings, I quickly shut the door, got
out of my robe and put on the items Julie gave me.. the tags
were still attached to all the items.. It was from Frederiques
De Paris, the "For him Collection" Wow I thought
to myself.. who is this woman married to? Gill Bates?? I
must ask her... I looked at my reflection on all the mirrors..
I got dizzy there were hundreds of me.. I turned the lights
off and walked into the living room like a model on a runway...
The material felt real soft and arousing... Julie sat deep
in her arm chair just looking at me with some pride like if
I was one of her creations... She pick up a remote control
that was on the end table by her, pointed to the lights and
the light started to dim.. than came the music.. David Sanborn..
soft smooth jazz, sax music... I started to pick up my clothes
off of the couch... What are you doing she asked child like...
Getting dressed I said.. What for? Well, I don't want
to over-extend and over-welcome my stay here.. non-sense
she said.. I looked at my clothes again and asked what happened
to my under-shirt and underwear? I got rid of them.. you
can keep these black ones instead..

Would you like a bite to eat? Oh no thank you.. Not even strawberries
and whip cream?? Hummm.. how can I refuse such an offer??
Sure.. She got up and made her way to the kitchen opened the
refrigerator and got a big bowl of strawberries and 2 cans
of whip cream.. I don't like to share she said pointing
to the cans.. here's yours.. Julie I said.. can I ask
you a few questions?? Sure.. go ahead..

Is there a Mr. Julie somewhere? Yes she said.. her voice
was two tones lower.. His name is Jake, he is never
home and when he is, I am the last thing on his mind.. I know
he loves me in his own weird way, he spoils me and gives me
anything I want.. after 16 years of marriage, all he wants
in return is some simple minded sex. We have some fetishes
that I don't want to get into right now, let's just
say he is not your "usual" John.. to make light
of the conversation I replied with a smile, ... And I thought
his name was Jake.. she started laughing out loud.. "You're
too funny"... I put some cream on a strawberry and
was about to eat it.. Aren't you going to feed me first
she asked.. A warm fuzzy feeling took over me all of a sudden..
but of course I said... I got closer to her and started to
hand it to her, but she leaned over and guided my hand to her
mouth and let go.. I decided to start playing along and tease
her with it.. approaching her lips and pull back at the last
second.. finally I let her have it.. she looked up at me with
a coy look and said, I see you've played this game before..
Moi?? I still had a million questions for her, and some of
the questions needed to be answered right away.. for my
sanity mostly.

Aren't you expecting Jake to come home tonight.. I
mean this morning? It was 3:15 AM.. no.. he is in Washington,
or at least that's what he told me.. He will be back tomorrow
afternoon, I have to pick him up at LAX.. Ok, I can relax now..
what does he do? Oh, he is a high profile lawyer.. Corporate
Law and a contract lawyer or something of that sort.. He
is in Washington for the merger of Fast American Bank and
British National.. it's all over the news.. so you
see, we are pretty much safe.. What about you Phillip..
I am single, I have never been married.. How come? She asked..
Well, it never came up.. my career always came first, and
now with work and the fact that I am back to school, I don't
really have a social life... I have a lady I met on the net
a while back, I am kinda on hold on the back burner for now,
very much in love with her, but I am not so sure she knows it...
somehow I am glad I am not married, because I can't see
myself trying to explain what's happening here..
as much as anyone can be an understanding partner, you know?..
I took a strawberry, and cream and ate it.. want more I asked
Julie.. no.. I think I lost my appetite.. Here I was contemplating
"things" with a Frenchman... but out of all
the men that could have gotten lost in my front yard, I got
Father Theresa.. and in love no less... She suddenly got
up rubbing her neck with an expression of aches on her face..

I am sorry I said.. Father Theresa... that's really
funny.. I wish I was married to a man like you.. dedicated..
I am not a saint I said.. she turned around and said.. yes
you are... far from it I insisted.. would you at least give
me a back rub.. I sure can use one.. That I can do.. another
smile and a sparkle in her eyes.. bring that can of cream
with you will ya...

I picked up the can of whip cream and followed her through
the long corridor to a bedroom on the left side.. not the
same bedroom I passed before when we were at the pool.. She
put the lights on and dimmed them to almost a candle light
level.. the room looked big and decorated warmly, again
it was a half contemporary and half antiques.. in the middle
of the room was a black queen bed made out of forged metal
with a canopy and rose color veils on both sides, two
large pillows and a smaller one at the foot of the bed.. without
much hesitation she opened her black kimono peignoir and
let it slide off of her body.. she was totally naked in all
her glory.. The bottom part of her perfect body had some
tan lines, but her top showed she tanned topless.. I thought
to myself.. man.. why don't I ever have neighbors like
that.. she turned toward me not trying to cover herself
or giving me the feeling of being a stranger.. she sat down
on the bed, extended her hands to me and waited..

After absorbing what was happening, I walked toward the
night table, and put the can of cream close to the bed.. she
in turn laid flat on her stomach, her butt in plain view and
her back and long legs looked so inviting... she took the
tie off of her hair, and pulled it all the way to one side showing
her neck and her ear... I stood there for who knows how long
just admiring this beautiful woman's curves.. I thought
to myself.. her husband must be dead inside to let a woman
like that just rut in this golden cage.. she just laid there
rubbing her toes against the soft bed spread.. waiting
for me to make my move.. I tried to hold back as much as I could..
but I guess I am only human..

I sat on the bed and moved some of her blonde hair that rested
on her neck, touching not touching her so soft skin.. You
have a wonderful touch she said, and I could hear her breathing
now.. from there with the back of my hand I gently touched
her neck, she moved up to meet my touch.. you can touch me
a little harder she said.. I am not that fragile.. next to
the lamp on the table was a small bottle of exotic orchids
oil, I chose that over the whip cream... I opened the bottle
and the aroma was wonderful, filling the air in the room
with that great warm smell.. I poured a small amount in my
hand and rubbed both hands to warm the oil a little... than
I proceeded to put both my palms on her shoulders, she shivered
for a moment, than her whole body started relaxing.. That's
better she said..

Phillip.. I want to ask something of you.. Anything he answered..
Do you like playing games? What kind of games? Oh, You know..
Phillip paused for a second like if he was trying to figure
out what did she have in mind.. carry on he said.. What do
you like when you have sex.. humm.. I think I like it all..
in a way I like to give more than receive.. does that make
sense to you he asked.. Yes, but if the sky was the limit or
if there was no limits, and you are with a woman you really
fancy... how far would you go to satisfy her.. I think I will
go to the end of the earth and back.. why are you asking he
inquired.. There are some things I like to do and some I like
to have done to me.. I rather you stopped talking in riddle
he said cringing his forehead.. Ok, I like food.. So do I..
and... No, I like having sex with different food items..
wow.. that sounds hot, even for me.. what else do you like?


She paused.. well, I have a "friend" I met on
line and he is filling a gap in my everyday routine, I love
what he does for me.. he is pretty adventurous and I would
hate to lose him.. if he knew I am even talking about it, he'd
pooof... vanish He said so himself.. He love to take photos
of me when we are together, we even considered making a video..
probably watch it a few times and destroy it afterwards..
marriage comes first she said. I take some photos of myself
in some nice pauses and some more or less naughty ones and
he does the same, than we trade on line when we cannot be together..
you know.. being married and all..

Phillip now could not hide his excitement or curiosity
any longer he started to get into it more and more.. Ok, tell
me of some of the stuff you did together of for each other..
Would you respect me less in the morning? She asked with
a smile.. Hell no he said and continued to rub her back now
getting a tad lower like if he did not want her to notice..
we did some pretty hot stuff.. like Food stuff. did you ever
try it?... One night we played cards and I lost, I had to do
something special for him.. in these cases, anything he
asks for, and I oblige... Man, I would have loved to be there
to see you do all that said Phillip with an erection building
up.. You turn me on so bad.... continue.. one time when we
were together, he had tootsie rolls and he was inserting
them in my pussy, and I would ask him to pull them out first
with his mouth, than with his hand the harder he tried, the
tighter I would squeeze my pussy muscles and like swallow
them back.. actually that's how we got into foods..
many and different... with lots of baby oil of course..
and also I have a set of toys that comes with many attachments...
I love bananas.. do you??

Phillip was absolutely under her spell and could not contain
himself anymore.. you are such a tease he said.. one of his
hands started connecting the dots on her back while the
other he tried to re-adjust his dick to feel more comfortable..
her ass was calling for his attention she was rubbing her
crotch on the soft bed spread in circular motions.. he lowered
his hand to spread her legs apart real gently she aided him.
The room filled up with the orchids oil aroma and her sweet
smell.. he lowered himself and kissed her buttocks lightly
she twitched.. mmmm she moaned and kept talking about things
that this man would do to her, but I was completely lost in
what I was doing and what was about to happen next..

The chimes of a grandfather clock in the living room rang
six times.. I felt my balls were about to explode...
I had to do something or get out of there.. this woman was
driving me nuts... I ran my tongue from her lower back to
the crack of her ass leaving a trail of saliva, my tongue
found it's way to her butt and with circular motions
I kissed, licked sucked blew... my hand was pushed under
her pussy holding her up to my face I could feel the heat of
her pussy on my chin... with my thumb I started rubbing her
outer lips and clit.. her whole body was on fire... between
my saliva and her juices flowing, a wet spot started forming
on the bed I inserted one finger into that inferno, than
two.. more more she pleaded, I removed my hand,
and grabbed that orchids oil bottle poured a little in my
hand over her butt not to miss even one drop.. don't
stop now she said and spread her legs even farther... She
opened a drawer in her night table, pulled a dark tan vibrator..
here use that she said.. I took two of the pillows
by her head and slide them under her flat stomach.. her ass
was in front of me and all I wanted at this point was to see
her come like she never did before I wanted to penetrate
her, but I took my time savoring every second that passed
by.. FUCK ME she exclaimed.. Not yet I whispered in her ear..

I rubbed the dildo with some of the oil off of the crater on
her lower back she just laid there wiggling her ass for me..
I slowly inserted the plastic dick in her cunt.. pulling
gently and thrusting it in fast.. with every motion she
bucked back to meet my thrusts.. I leaned over, grabbed
her by her hair and pulled her toward me as close as she could
get.. she let out a small moan of pleasure laced in pain..
rub my clit she pleaded.. while still holding the dildo,
I would poke her pubic bone with two fingers.. she
moved wildly every time I pushed the toy a little deeper..
finally the whole thing was buried inside her at this point
I let go of her hair caressed her back oiling my hand I started
rubbing her asshole in slow motions up and down a few times..
OH, YES she said.. I looked over the open drawer, she had
quiet a collection there.. I found a double headed realistic
looking dick, except that thing was over 12 inches long
and looked like two dicks were attached to each
other.. I took one end of it and slid it all the way down from
her pussy up to the end of her crack.. I could tell she was
having a great time.. I inserted 3 fingers in her so wet pussy
and pulled out the vibrator very very slow..

She turned to face me and with a large smile on her face said..
here try these... she handed me a string that had black beads
attached to it spaced about one inch apart.. she held the
last bead and string between her teeth and said shove them
in my ass.. She raised her legs way up in the air.. her butt
still on the pillows.. I leaned between her legs my lips
finding hers, a hand on one of her erect nipples.. I kissed
her and took the bead and string to my own mouth.. kissing
her all over, I lowered myself slowly until her pussy lips
were in my mouth.. I bit her gently, licking.. flickering
with my tongue.. she was floating... I rubbed her asshole
a little with one of the black beads.. and pushed it in..
than another.. than another and another until all the beads
were buried and just a piece of the string hang out..

I kept nibbling on her pussy, the smell of her juices were
like the sweetest perfume I ever smelled on a woman.. I pushed
my tongue deep inside her like if I was making love to her
with the wrong part of my anatomy.. she didn't complaint...
I felt her climax building up, she would tighten her pussy
in spasms on my tongue.. Pull them out slowly she said with
a very short breath.. I started pulling on the string while
still fucking her with my tongue.. she let a cry of pleasure
each time one of the black beads exited her orifice.. I AM
Coming.. I oh god.. oh.. god... she exploded in a series
of short orgasms wrapping her legs around me taking my breath

We just laid there for a few minutes to get a breather.. I
laid by her on my back my erection started to hurt.. I needed
relief real quick.. I don't know what is it about you
she said.. she rubbed my chest and said I love a slightly
hairy man.. it looks so perfect.. I had the sheet covering
my uncomfortable flag pole... gently she rolled on her
side and started kissing and sucking my nipples.. I never
knew that a man can feel such a sensation form that.. but
she was good.. and nothing like any woman I ever made love
to.. she had the ability of going forever.. caressing and
kissing she moved lower pulling the sheet with her toes..
she uncovered me completely her eyes grew wider when she
landed on my manhood.. I am not big down there, but it felt
like my dick grew another two inches since an hour
or so ago...

She caressed my balls first than the whole length of my shaft..
her beautiful hand and the French manicure on her nails..
I wanted to close my eyes and let go.. but I just looked at
Julie doing her thing.. I had to force myself on a few occasions
to think about my taxes, some war movies, Bush and Gore -
Too close to call.. so I wont just explode in her soft hand..
I wanted her to suck me dry.. Like if she could read my mind..
she threw her hair on one side of her face with her tongue
she licked the little slit at the top of my dick head and it
felt like she was trying to insert her whole tongue into
it.. letting go at times circling her warm tongue around
it.. she licked it from my balls to the top like an ice cream
cone that was melting.. finally she opened her mouth as
wide as it would go and tried to swallow me..

I kept trying to hold myself back but her hand going up and
down and her mouth and tongue sucking and licking on my crown
was a little more than I could take.. I grabbed her hair on
the back of her head and in a few pushes managed to hit the
back of her throat, at first she gagged a little but in a hurry
she got into the rhythm.. two three strokes
fucking he mouth she kept jacking me.. Julie.. I am about..
I am about.. I am coming... I expected her to pull away and
just stroke it.. but to my surprise she tightened her grip
on my dick and sucked it even harder.. I started coming like
a volcano erupting.. it felt like it's never going
to stop squirting.. electric shocks went trough my whole
body.. she swallowed every drop..

I was still shaking a little when she said to me.. You know..
never in my life I swallowed anyone's juices.. I tasted
it many time with different men, some tasted good and some
so-so.. I don't know what is it about you that brings
the animal in me.. she laughed nervously.. another thing
is that I could never come when a man licked me.. I would feel
pleasure, but never really climax... ...and you... man
oh man... broke all the molds.. look at me.. I have a first
at the age of 38.. Yeah I said.. comes to prove you never too
old to experience anything at all.. What about Jake? Is
he ever go down on you?? Nah, not really.. because he was
brought up in a very religious surrounding and he never
believed that it was "normal", justified,
or needed.. I learned to live with it.. I would fantasize
about it while playing with myself. What happened with
Jake is simple.. I married my best friend.. and the sexual
lightning never really hit us.. I get my fun in different
ways.. especially on some of the gym equipment or when I
get a massage at the spa.. Oh.. there is a guy there that's
my personal trainer.. he is about 27 and has the "hots"
for me I told my girlfriends about it.. they told me to go
for it and that it would be stupid to just let it go.. I would
hate myself later..

I thought to myself this woman needs to be tamed a little
she is a real Maverick... and Jake.. well he is an angel..
After this much sex and sweat we put into it.. she is talking
to me about more!.. Suddenly she jumped off of the bed yelling
SHIT!! What is it I asked.. I am going to be late picking him
up from the Airport... God damn. I thought.. With all the
fun we had all night and this morning.. I never had a chance
to actually put my dick in that chick.. but I was not one to
complaint.. I looked at her from behind.. a whistled at
her walking naked.. she grabbed a couple towels and her
robe off of the floor.. I am going to jump in the shower real
quick she said.. make yourself at home, and useful.. make
me coffee too.. She turned to the mirror and said.. I don't
know how you find me attractive.. I look like shit.. I said
to her that she was very pretty, sexy, desirable.. but she
threw her hair back and got in the shower... and I put my clothes

In the kitchen, I made instant coffee.. I was stirring my
cup when she showed up dressed in a pair of jeans and a white
angora sweater.. I handed her , her cup.. with her other
hand she was still drying her hair with a towel.. she bent
down a little and I could not help but notice that she had
no bra on and the nicest cleavage.. you look good! she smiled
and said.. are you referring to my hooters? Yup I answered..
they are "fixed" you know".. The best
money can buy she said with a giggle.. Who ever did it, did
a hell of a job.. I have seen some before, even touched a few..
most stood like nothing will ever phase them.. and the others..
well, let's put it this way.. each time I hugged one
of these women, I had a black and blue on my chest from their
hardness.. but Julie's... if she didn't tell
me, I would have never known.. not even scares.. and soft
but firm.. anyways.. we sat down at the kitchen table sipping
our coffee a little quiet.. What are you thinking about
I asked.. Oh, nothing serious she said.. what is it than?
She looked up and said.. I had such a great time.. Father
Theresa.. a smile.. than she said.. Oh, what the heck..
Am I ever going to see you again?? Before I could say anything
she added.. after all we have some unfinished business..


Playing innocent, I asked oh yes? And what would that be..
She raise one eyebrow and said.. first there is a lot I didn't
tell you.. than there is a place I didn't show you and
third, all we did is play.. what you mean I asked.. I still
want you to.. well, how do I put that without sounding too
rough or too dull... I waited.. humm.. I did not feel "you"
inside me.. and I can only imagine how would that be.. with
the control you have over how long you can hold back.. she
started blushing.. so I said.. "What about them 49's"...
And quickly we dropped that conversation.. I picked up
the phone, dialed triple A, gave them my location.. they
said they will be out here in about twenty minutes or less..
After a while they showed up, they pulled my car out of that
mud hole.. I rinsed it a little, the truck driver help me
start it and I let it running to warm up.. When I got back in,
she said.. So, Phillip.. my dear new friend.. do I ever get
to see you again?? You will I said... We will stay in touch
and next time Jake is out of town... you can take me, show
me and finish the unfinished..

I have to call work and call in sick.. Ha.. if that's
sick.. I would love to be sick all the time she said.. I kissed
her said thank you for everything, she walked me to the door
and I drove off with a wide grin on my face.. I put my hand in
my jacket pocket to get my cell phone.. I found a note: Dear
Phillip.. I had a wonderful time.. I hope we will get to meet
again. soon, real soon.. here are some of the ways you can
contact me.. ICQ 194067524.. AIM, BarbieDoll2476.
My email AdultFriendFinder my cell phone (714)
445-0020 , answering service (714) 276-8477..
XXXX OOOO. Julie..

A message popped on my ICQ...

Julie: Damn you are good!!! I am sure you would be a great
cybersex partner... There are so many accurate things
in your story that are so parallel to my real life, it's
like you know me...

Phillip: Yes it does.. doesn't it..

Julie: But how.. am I this obvious??

Phillip: No! not at all.. It's just being receptive.
That's what makes me special lol..

Julie: I see.. So.. is that story continues?

Phillip: I could add to it

Julie: Yes, please do! It is very....

Phillip: very what?..

Julie: Erotic...

Phillip: I know.. tell me about it.. I had to stop typing
a couple of times..

Julie: Oh.. why is that?

Phillip: With my imagination, I gave myself a jumbo size
erection like I didn't have for a long time...

Julie: blushing here.. well, I need to go do a few sets
on my machine.. so if I don't answer quickly...

Phillip: take your time babe...

Julie: LOL ... confession.. laying on that machine when
I work out.. can get me turned on...

Phillip: now my imagination is running at 100 miles an hour..
not to mention the rest lol I think if I was your BF.. I would
ask you to take a whole series of photos doing all your routine
absolutely nude..

Julie: Hey.. that doesn't sound bad..

Phillip: Bad? are you kidding??

Julie: well lots of the machines at the gym would make for
some great sex positions.. the leg press even...the guy
semi sitting laying...on his back.. and me sitting on top
of him.

Phillip: I would love to see you do that.. but.. I am in a position
that I can't ask for ANYTHING.. and anything you'd
throw my way is appreciated like it is always the last one
I am going to get..

Julie: LOL.. you can ask...........LOL

Phillip: Can I??

Julie: yes you can ask.. and I can either say yes or no...LOL

Phillip: I wont ask.. I don't deal well with rejection..

Julie: it's up to you..

Phillip: I knew that.. Anyways.. That gives me an idea for
the rest of the story..

Julie: Yeah, Spa, sweat, water, mmm having the guy come
up behind me on the leg curl machine.. (that's the one
you're laying on your tummy ..angled down...ass in
the air... Oh, I have an idea for my next photo shoot for my

Phillip: and what would that be?? Anything to do with spa
machines? lol

Julie : I really feel the burn now as they say .. ouch

Phillip : If I was there, I would have made it all better for
you but I won't go there lol I may write about it though...

Phillip: another "What if" kinda thing

Julie : that's where the deep massage and hot tub may
come in...LOL

Phillip: You send me photos, and I will do an autobiography
about you..

Phillip: you can add white wine.. sax music, lots of exotic
oil.. toe sucking and pampering of all 2000 parts...

Julie : 2001..cant forget the mind.. LOL

Phillip: hahaha good point!

Julie: LOL.. did you know I don't drink.. well about
once every few years...and I don't drink wine...for
whatever reason have never liked it..

Phillip: I figured... body building and booze don't
mix.. wine coolers is the limit??

Julie : no...lets just say when I did indulge ..the last
time was vodka and tonic or vodka and soda...and whew .knocked
me on my ass

Phillip : these are the times I would have loved to be your
chair lol

Julie : LOL I had to crawl into bed...

Phillip: Me too, but this time not as a chair lol

Julie: LOL.. mmmmm the sheets?

Phillip : nah.. this time... the man....

Julie : I figured but I though I would try and be cute...LOL


Phillip : hahahahah you are!!!

Julie: I have to get in the Christmas spirit.. I am going
to get a bunch of candy canes.. maybe some tassels red and
gold and a strand of lights. Wrap the tassels and the lights
around me, hang some canes and ornaments to cover all the
"strategic" points and that will make a great
cover for a great Christmas card.

Phillip: what a great idea.. Do I get to see any of them?

Julie: lol... maybe..

Phillip: you are a tease.. you know that..

Julie: that's me...

Phillip: well, I guess if I expect any photos from you, I
better get busy and continue my story and have the characters
meet once again somehow.

Julie: Please let me know when I can read it. I really turns
me on.. sends me playing with my toys or with the jets in the
Jacuzzi.. you know what I mean..

Phillip: Yes I do.. Anyhow, this is it for now and please
say hi when you are on.. on line that is.. dirty mind you..

Julie: Ok, .. I will chat to you later and thanks for the
chat and story..

Before I could type anything, she dropped off line..

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