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Jesse & The Simulacrum


Never judge a book by its cover. Sorry to start with a cliché
but I feel it apropos. My story begins with a trip to the hairdresser
or barbers. My usual coiffeur Mr Danilov wasn’t in and
I was placed in the young hands of a sublimely beautiful
girl who introduced herself as Jesse. I was a bit reticent
at first having my haircut by someone I thought was a novice
despite her ravishing beauty but as she began to cut all
my concerns were allayed as she expertly trimmed away.
Sat in the chair I gazed at her occasionally as she worked.
A magnificent looking girl; blonde straight hair rosy
cheeks and a body which bordered on perfection. Not too
tall not too short, an ample bosom over which she wore a plain
tight fitting white T-shirt and shapely legs covered in
black leggings.

We chatted as she worked and I found to my surprise that she
was in possession of a not insignificant amount of intelligence,
wit and perception. What is it that most people talk to their
hairdressers about? The weather, pets, family, sports…hair?
My first conversation with Jesse was about Postmodernism.
precipitated by my noticing a book on the subject which
she had placed on the counter. I had read up on PM a while ago and I admit to never really understanding
it. Jesse however from what she said seemed to have a keen
grip on the subject. The shop was empty save for myself and
Jesse and we chatted some more after she had finished cutting
my hair. I was still sat in the chair and talked not to her
but her reflection. She enthralled me with her knowledge
of Postmodernism in the spheres of Art, Architecture,
Language and Politics covering everything from the theories
of Michel Foucalt, JF Lyotard, Bertrand Russell and Jacques
Derrida. And the way she explained it what it meant, the
creed, the philosophy meant that I gradually began to realise
(at a very basic level) what it all pertained to. We chatted
for must have been a good hour with still no new customers.
I found it very surprising that a place that employed a girl
like Jesse would not have a queue of hirsute men up and down
the street.

The conversation moved onto the subject of the simulacrum
and I asked her to explain the term which had always befuddled
me. She used the example of the conversation we were having
as being a simulacrum due to the fact that I was conversing
with her reflection and not her. ‘But surely’ I said
‘this conversation is real not simulacra’. ‘Is
it?’ she replied esoterically. ‘What in your mind
constitutes a real conversation’ she asked. I thought
about it for a moment and replied’ I guess seeing the other
persons face a not a mirror image’. She nodded thoughtfully
not acknowledging whether I was right or wrong as if what
I had said was helping her learn more.

After a few more minutes of thoroughly enjoyable conversation
a customer walked in and I took this as my cue to leave. I stood
outside the shop and then went back in and we exchanged numbers.

I texted Jesse that night, not content to wait for my hair
to grow for an opportunity to see her. We arranged mutually
to meet for a coffee and a continuation of our conversation.

We met for coffee the following afternoon and our conversation
almost immediately resumed upon that subject of which
she was so learned. We discussed the rather complex nature
of language and it’s use. The origin of the structure
of language and the universal means of conveying thoughts
and ideas. She propounded the theories of notable scholars
on the subject of semiology, Baudrillard, Saussure and
Levis-Strauss. Her knowledge and grasp on the subject
was unfathomable. She went after a while to grab another
drink and when she returned she placed it on the table and
said ‘Flirt with me’. I was taken aback somewhat by
this sudden command. ‘Go on’ she said. ‘Let’s
see an application of language as a means to acquire’.
‘But I don’t..I’m not sure..acquire what?’.
‘me’ she said. ‘You find me attractive. I know that,
let’s see how you articulate your attraction’. ‘My
mind was racing with words that I could formulate into a
sentence that she and I would perceive as flirting and I
began to realise what it meant to convey immediately a thought
so as to precipitate a desired reaction. ‘I…’ errr’
‘Go on’ she urged. ‘I want you to close your eyes’.
She acceded. ‘Concentrate on the words that I’m going
to say’ She nodded her head. I then looked at her mesmerizingly
beautiful face, calm and serene and said very softly the
first word…’Breath’. She smiled. ‘Smile’
I said. She smiled some more. ‘Neck’ I said followed
by ‘lips’. I saw her face redden slightly. ‘Blush’
I said. ‘Kissing’ I said. She bit her lip. ‘Kissing’
I repeated.

‘There is a low lit room with no windows, you and I are in
it..outside it is raining, but we can only tell from the
sound of raindrops falling on the roof’ In the distance
there is a the sound of a thunderstorm. The room is warm and
you can tell from the dampness of your clothes that you have
not long been out in the rain. You look at the floor and you
see puddles of water’ Jesses eyes remained closed as
I spoke. ‘You look at me standing my shirt clinging to
me and you watch as drops of water fall off my hair and fingers.
You stand and watch breathing in soft measured breaths.
You feel slightly uncomfortable in your damp clothes but
fight the urge to remove them. I walk up to you slowly and
blow gently on your neck. The air from my mouth cools your
wet skin and causes tiny goose bumps to materialise over
your body. Your discomfort is maddening because you know
what you have to do to make it stop…but you don’t do it’

Jesse slowly opened her eyes and smiled a smile of congratulation.
‘That was good’ she said. ‘You use language very
well’. ‘Thank you’ I replied. We talked some more
about flirting and flirted whilst we talked. The nature
of the conversation was such that it broke down several
barriers which would ordinarily be present when two people
who were attracted to each other spoke. We were comfortable
knowing each other and it wasn’t a surprise when she asked
me back to her flat.

On the walk to her flat which was only a few minutes down the
road we talked some more of the deconstruction of the grand
narratives. This discussion continued as she led me up
some stairs into her flat. I was so absorbed in what she was
saying that it was only when we stopped that I realised I
was standing in her apartment. I looked around at my new
surroundings and saw the flat was furnished unsurprisingly
in a very eclectic manner. A mix of vintage and modern furniture
that was arranged in such a way so as to be aesthetically
pleasing. I could have described her in the same way. She
placed her bag down on the counter of her kitchenette and

In a matter of seconds she was naked and my brain had little
time to take in how perfectly formed she was but I don’t
think it was her intention for me to gaze on her as she moved
away from the kitchenette and walked over to her coffee
table and grabbed a remote and aimed it at a large flat screen
television. As she did this the screen flickered on and I saw in clear
Hi-definition her naked body live on the screen. I looked
around for a camera but it wasn’t obvious where it was.
She watched me or rather looked at me standing behind her
looking at her back and bottom on the screen. I looked at
her face on the screen and saw her features fixed in a gaze
of what I can only describe as abject emptiness. She made
no attempt to appear seductive or coy or flirtatious she
was simply impassive.

I took no cue because this wasn’t a lead and follow situation.
It was a free for all in terms of expression. I walked around
her flat in turn shedding my garments until only my underwear
remained. I used this opportunity to also satisfy myself
there was no one else in the flat. I then walked to her door
and locked it by sliding a deadbolt. I turned around and
took off my boxer shorts and watched her, the her that stood
in the centre of her living room as she remained motionless.
With previous descriptions of my exploits I have waxed
lyrical about the physical appearance of my partners but
here I don’t feel it justified. You have to imagine what
Jesse looked like because I’m too greedy to share the
image with you. Anyway it wasn’t the way she looked that
had me interminably aroused but rather how she looked.
I’d never met a girl so inscrutable as she appeared right
now. Staring deep at her own image not sensing at all what
I was doing or what she was doing to me. I was as hard as anything
watching her but I could glean no change in her physiognomy.
I walked slowly up to her and instead of grabbing her I walked
past and watched my full length naked body on the screen
pass her. In shot briefly and then out. I stopped turned
on my heel and walked past her again this time I passed my
fingers over her stomach. Still no response. I walked past
her a few times stroking her in various places as I passed.
In and out of shot. I had to admire her for her staunch intransigence
at not betraying a single emotion.

For what must have been a good fifteen minutes she stood
motionless and I was become more aroused by her inertia.
I began to take more of her in the real image and the virtual
image and they began to blend into one. I then walked to the
TV screen and thought I saw her (the image of her) move slightly.
I looked back and she remained motionless staring straight
ahead. It began to dawn on me then what it was she was after.

Slowly and very deliberately I reached out my hand and stroked
her arm or rather her arm as it was on the screen. I watched
intently as I saw her move her hand to stroke her arm in sync.
She let out a soft almost inaudible sigh as I stroked the
screen. This was beyond bizarre I thought to myself but
also very inventive. Still stroking her arm I gradually
moved my face towards her naked image and began to kiss the
screen positioning my lips over her neck. I couldn’t
distinguish anything as my face was close to the screen
but I heard her. I heard her moan as I kissed. The sounds of
her reverberated around the room coming as they were from
her real lips and from the screen. They filled my ears as
my cock filled with blood. Taking my eyes briefly away from
the screen I looked back and saw her standing with her eyes
closed and her head craned back unashamedly exposing her
long slender neck. I grinned now having full measure of
the manner of foreplay. I then resumed kissing the screen
this time directing my lips and tongue over her pixelated
breasts trapped behind glass. Again I was too close to the
image to see but I heard her moans become longer and more
protracted. The screen was becoming moist with my saliva
I kissed her tits and then slid my tongue down the glass over
her stomach.

The journey was accompanied by a chorus of ooohs and aaahs
that floated through the air from her mouth and the speakers
and gently buffeted my cock and balls. I felt light headed
as if my very being were being deconstructed, broken down
into signals and waves and transmitted over her. Was this
what she meant by simulacra? I slid my tongue further down
and kissed her navel. I then stood back up and saw her on screen
panting and flushed. I saw behind her past her shoulder
at the couch and I gently placed a hand on the image of her

‘Sit down’ I instructed the image and gently pushed
my hand over her images shoulder and watched her lower her
tantalising body onto the couch. I then squatted down hard
as a rock and positioned my face at the image of her knees.
Using my hands I placed them over her on screen knees and
made a motion to part her legs. This time my head was a sufficient
distance from the screen to see the result of my directions.
As I moved my hands apart on the glass I saw the image of her
legs part and I saw what was between them. I gazed as if in
a trance at the wonders that lay before me in high definition.
A Shaved and perfectly crafted snatch as ever graced a TV
screen. I gulped at the beauty of her womanhood and every
muscle in my body tensed at the thought of the wanton sexual
power that lay between her legs.

Making every effort to stay transfixed to the image and
not her I moved my face to that part of the screen that showcased
her femininity in all its glory. As I moved closer I could
have sworn I smelled her, whether this was coming from her
body the real her or whether my mind had completely blown
and I was smelling her through the screen I couldn’t be
sure but there it was, the unmistakable scent of her sex.

I saw on screen that she was already glistening slightly
and I resolved to illicit more juice from her. I licked the
screen and heard a gasp I licked again more gasping, again
and again I licked and kissed her mound placing my hands
on the screen to stop me from pitching forward. My leg muscles
burned as I remained in a squatting position pleasuring
the virtual Jesse. I was by now irredeemably hard and pleasuring
her ferociously. I took a brief respite from my pseudo fellatio
and wiped away my saliva off the screen but the action of
my hand on the screen with her pussy behind it just elicited
more moans of pleasure from her. I wiped the screen and patted
it watching what was happening with engorged incredulity.
She was obscenely wet, how? I had no idea because as far as
this foreplay was concerned there was no physical contact.
I gazed in wonder as her sodden pussy filled the screen and
went back to soak up some more of her. I licked the image of
her clit which she revealed a swollen pink bud on camera.
I licked it and sucked the glass and all the while she buzzed
and purred like a bee and cat chimera.

I continued kissing and licking and sucking completely
lost in the action and it felt so real. I began to question
the fabric of reality, my own sensibilities were rocked
from their foundations as Jesse continued to pant and moan
louder until a scream that escaped from her lips and the
speakers told me she’d climaxed. I fell back and sat gazing
at the TV at the image of her insensible from the pleasure
that she had precipitated from her mind over her body. She
lay back on the couch breathing heavily her head tilted
back and her breasts heaving. Her legs were still splayed
open and her pussy was wet and swollen. I sat completely
absorbed and looked at my monumentally hard member which
was slightly coated in precum semen.

I sat and watched as she pitched her head forward and looked
at the screen. I saw her reach over and grab a remote control
and point it at the screen and then the screen went black.
For a moment I truly believed she was gone and I sat dumbfounded
when a soft stroke of fingers through my hair signified
she was still there. I stood up gingerly not daring to look
around for fear she wasn’t there but then I felt something
that assured me she was real. Soft lips kissed my shoulder
blades and I sighed in exultation. This then turned to confident
arousal as she kissed my back and buttocks. Still I didn’t
dare turn around. I then saw her hands materialise in front
of me snaking their way over my abs and chest. I gasped at
the pleasure but I stood facing the screen. My hard on was
by now perhaps the most upright thing in the whole room and
I feared that if she laid one hand on it it would go off like
a rocket. She then whispered one word in my ear ‘couch’
and I turned slowly and saw her. She looked incredible,
swollen, flushed in a word ready. With phenomenal willpower
on my part I walked past her achingly beautiful body which
I knew could send me another world of ecstasy and sat on the
couch with my member almost ridiculously hard. I watched
the real Jesse walk with ineffable grace and sensuality
to the screen and bend down (oh Christ what a sight) and play
with a few buttons on what I believed to be a DVD player. After
a few seconds of glorious naked manipulation the screen
came back to life and I was presented with the naked image
of her from twenty or so minutes before, statuesque and
inscrutable. I watched the screen and her, now presented with two naked
Jesses my mind was starting to unravel. The real Jesse (which
one was real?) continued to fiddle with controls on her
DVD player and also pressed a few buttons on another device
which looked considerably technical. The virtual Jesse
began to respond as she had done before moments ago when
I was licking and kissing the TV screen. Fortunately the
camera was positioned such that only she was visible on
the screen for a shot of my stubbly face so close to the TV
would have killed my erection instantly. What was on the
screen however continued the flow of blood in the right
direction namely my erection. I watched and listened,
completely enthralled as TV Jesse began to moan and caress
her body. My eyes only left the screen momentarily to gawp
at the real fuckable Jesse. I saw her fondle her breasts,
stroke her arms and stomach and thighs. I heard moans emanate
from the speakers that must have been placed around the
room for the sound came from everywhere. I felt myself getting
warmer, my heart began racing and my pecker kept on pulsating
to acquire greater heights of turgidity.

When the part where she opened her legs started I reflexively
grasped my cock because I felt that if I didn’t restrain
it, it would have made straight for the screen. What was
strange about the whole affair was that even though the
achingly beautiful Jesse was in the room a living tight
and curvy presence complete with breasts of unparalleled
beauty, legs that belonged to the gods and a bottom that
would have armies going to war with each other, it was the
image behind the glass the millions of pixels framed in
that screen that had my senses on fire. I watched her tilt
her head back and moan as my tongue had begun to work on her
on screen femininity. I saw her turn wet on camera saw her
bud swell.

I knew at this point that I was gone, soul, mind and body all
deconstructed and reconstructed as an abstraction, shapeless,
formless ethereal. A long ringing sound in my ears was replaced
with the pump pump sound of my cock bouncing with the erection.
My eyes just saw a pink form and every part of my body felt
like it was my cock. I continued to exist in this highly pleasurable
yet unphysical state when another sensation slowly bought
me out of my stupor. My fragmented mind began to come together
to try and fathom what this new sensation was and as it did
I was at once aware of her again on the screen moaning and
panting louder and faster her sodden pussy in HD wantonly
on display.

I felt something and without looking down I knew what the
feeling was. It was a tongue, her tongue lightly lapping
my prepuce. I wailed In pleasure at this new sensation partly
through pleasure and partly through relief that I was back
in a world where I could feel her. I watched her on the screen
knowing full well that the real Jesse was now at my cock.
I felt her kissing my shaft gently at first then with more
force knocking it and jostling it. I felt as she took me in
her mouth and another louder gasp escaped my throat. She
was sucking me off in reality (or was it a simulacrum or simulacum?).
My moans were now coupled with the sound of the blowjob and
the louder moans that were pronounced from the speakers.

She continued to fellate me using her own recorded sounds
of pleasure as a way of conducting her ministrations and
when she stopped on screen she stopped the blow. I sat breathing
heavily my body glistening with sweat. I felt her hands
on my thighs as she heaved herself up and her very real and
ineffably sweet face loomed large in front of mine. She
smiled and I made to kiss her but she backed away quickly.
I smelled a trace of semen on her lips as she retreated back
to the DVD player. I looked down at my cock with was coated
with a clear viscous fluid that I took to be a mix of her saliva
and my precum. My cock was still fully erect, I saw it veiny
and swollen. I sat motionless unable to move as she continued
again to attend to her technology. I was aware at this point
that neither of us had exchanged a single word in the past
half hour but I wasn’t about to say anything for fear of
it ruining this elaborately staged foreplay. What had happened? I mean I know what had happened but what
was the meaning of it? What was Jesse trying to achieve?
A simultaneous pseudo climax ? A hyperreal bout of oral

I felt strange, a mix of rapturous pleasure both spiritual
and physical but also tentative and new. This was uncharted
territory almost what I imagine being on some sort of hallucinogenic
drug would feel like but without the stupor and flaccidness
that accompanies narcosis. I sat looking at the black screen
and saw the both of our naked images reflected in the black
screen. Jesse continued this time with some eagerness
and diligence to operate her controls. She had a laptop
open and I saw the glow from the screen illuminate her face.
What was on the screen I couldn’t tell but the effect of
the light on her face and the alternating colours and patterns
that splashed her body caused me to have vague absurd notions
that she was uploading herself onto the computer. I shook
my head to dispel such crazy and worrying thoughts as I began
to get anxious. A part of my brain the part that governed
my Id began to scream at me. ‘Get up!’ ‘Go to her’
‘Fuck her!!!’ But this wasn’t the realm of the Id.
It was the superego that kept me in place nursing a monolithic
hard on. The rational side of me was more than content to
watch her and stroke my shaft and it was only a few seconds
of waiting before I was rewarded for my composure.

The screen flicked back on only this time two images appeared
side by side. I saw what she had been working on and what I
saw blasted my senses out through my cock and over the entire

Using the footage of her virtual fellatio and my very real
fellatio which was now virtual The screen was split into
two, then into four then into eight, sixteen and back, alternating
seesawing Zooms in and out, multiple angles from infront,
behind, above below . Intermingled . The screen was filled
with nakedness and pleasure. Everything was seen at once.
Gasping sweaty faces, perfect bodies, glistening muscular
athletic young, bodies miraculous breasts and buttocks,
a strong hard cock, swollen pussy, wetness, saliva, trails
of semen. A cacophony of moans and sighs and gasps and slurping
and smacking. I watched utterly dumbfounded and more erect
than I’d ever been my entire life. My entire body was experiencing
something so profound it was almost religious. And then
just when I thought I could take no more the real girl stood
infront of the screen but rather than block the image her
body projected the image.

The sights of us naked and pleasured was plastered on her
body as she slowly and seductively swayed. I snapped, my
superego was a quivering wreck and this freed my Id. I lurched
from the couch my hard on like a knights lance in a jousting
tournament and made straight for her. She braced herself
for impact and we wrapped up into one another in a tight embrace
kissing each other with demonic ferocity. The next few
moments were a blur of extreme intense excitement and pleasure.
Our bodies were joined and lit and figures danced on them,
our figures. I saw the detail of her pussy on my chest. I saw
my recorded hard cock on her back. I saw a myriad of images,
all equally, absurd, obscene, humorous, wondrous. Her
legs or rather the recording of her legs snaked around my
real body. I began to think I was becoming her but the confusion
made the event all the more heavenly. I penetrated her slowly
and I didn’t even know I’d done it. The noises, the colours,
lines and curves were that distracting that it was only
a returning sensation in my cock that made me realise it
was buried in her.

Stood together our bodies pressed up hard against each
other bathed in televised images of lust I we slowly copulated.
We shared deep wanton kisses on each others mouths, necks,
arms and shoulders. My cock now at its hardest, widest and
longest moved sublimely in and out of her tight love canal.
I couldn’t hear her moaning for the moaning that emanated
from the display drowned out any real sounds of pleasure
but I could see from the expression of ecstasy on her face
that she was enjoying every inch of me. I smelled her scent,
sweat and fragrance mixed together and this was a further
assault on my senses one that I repelled by driving my dick
harder and faster into her. We stood fucking each other
and I noticed despite my reverie that the edited film was
on a loop.

I prayed to myself that we were on a loop also and would carry
on making love to each other forever an endless cycle of
sex, orgasm, sex, orgasm….At one point she wrapped her
legs around my waist and I held her aloft and fucked her whilst
she clung to me. She began to squeeze her thighs tighter
round my waist as if trying to enter me as I was entering her
and I began to think about the whole of womankind and how
ultimately there is no such thing as gender. The conversation
of the grand narrative we had earlier began to make sense
as she squeezed tighter and I fucked her harder. When she
placed her feet back on the floor the release of pressure
around my waist sent a fresh supply of blood to my cock and
it swelled and pulsed inside her wet snatch. I bit her shoulder
gently and looked up at the screen at an image of her sucking
my cock. It was sheer bliss. A feeling that I had two cocks
one which was being artfully fellated and the other one
sliding in and out of Jesse.

Tiredness and exhaustion forced us onto the floor and we
copulated on her rug whilst watching our x-rated endeavours
on the screen. In a spooning position we fucked and watched
together. I had no idea whether I was the audience of the
performer. I kissed and licked her armpits as I was positioned
behind her using my length and girth and lifting her leg
slightly for maximum penetration. With a renewed sense
of energy I began to fuck her harder taking considerably
long strokes so she felt every inch of my cock which she was
responsible for bringing to this incredulous level of
hardness. She twisted her body slightly more to face me
but not so much that we were face to face after all it was what
was on the screen that was driving us to insane lengths.
I felt her pussy twist with her body kind of corkscrewing
around my shaft and this tightened her. I had to realease
her briefly and with my hand gripping the base of my penis
I slapped her wet labia and clit with my cock which was coated
with her and mine juices. After a few seconds of shameless
meat slaps I re-entered her and we fucked on the floor.

Suited to this position I resolved to end it on the floor
with her as the movie played. Using my thigh muscles and
bum I began to fuck her harder and faster. The movie now a
collage of images once more drove me to penetrate her harder
and deeper and I felt that I was close to orgasm. Lifting
her leg I began pounding her wildly bumping and jostling
and shimmying her perfect body across the floor. Amidst
my senses which were by now irreparably uninstalled and
scattered about the room and not knowing what feelings
were real or what were imaginary I climaxed in her. I was
unsheathed but without remorse. The orgasm experience
itself was nothing like I’d felt before and I couldn’t
begin to describe how infinitely weird and wonderful it
was. It was made all the more sublime because it coincided
with her on screen orgasm. Whether the girl on the floor
orgasmed too I don’t know. My seed was ejected into her
and I think she wanted it. The whole affair was about knowing
each other and in turn knowing the mind of humanity.

Postmodernism is about the bringing together of ideas,
creation out of destruction, rebirth, reinvention and
for me to spill my seed somewhere other than inside her would
have been contradictory and hypocritical. Post orgasm
and still hard I slowly continued my penetrations which
gently abated and I don’t know how she did it but as I slowed
down and withdrew my glistening member out of her pussy
the screen faded to black. We lay together on the rug. Hot,
tired and happy. I watched her back and saw her body moving
gently in time with her breathing. With my mind soul and
body pushed to their zenith an extreme feeling of exhaustion
over powered me ad and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke after an indeterminate length of time with a pain
in my testes and abs that acted as a reminder of what had transpired.
Still laying on my side I looked up and saw Jesse earnestly
fidgeting away at her laptop. She was sat and I could see
she was still naked from the waist up . Seeing her after sleep
made her even more spectacular a true vision of perfection.
I got up gingerly and noticed that remnants of my seed has
crusted over parts of my penis. I stood up and walked over
to where she was. She wasn’t entirely naked but the thong
she wore as she worked might as well have not been there.
She pressed a few more keys and looked up satisfied at me
and smiled. Another key press caused a CD drive to open and
out popped a CD. She took the item labelled it simulacra
and placed it in a case and handed the case to me.

‘What’s this?’ I asked the first exchange of words
for what may well have been over 4 hours. ‘Play it when
you get home’ she said. I took the proffered gift and kissed
her softly as she sat in her thong. She reached out her hand
and began to stroke the inside of my thigh and I felt myself
getting hard once more. Sadly though I wasn’t going to
make use of that hard on but I wasn’t ungrateful. How could
I be? Very few men get to experience what I did and the memory
of it is more than enough.

When I got home I fell asleep again but the first thing I did
when I woke was to play the DVD. What I saw made me realise
that I’d have more than just a memory of Jesse to entertain

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twosharp2 73 M
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Strange but very well written.


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It took a few minutes, than I realize how she was playing with herself to see if you could first satisfy her
as if you were in your own home. I would say this, not to many men will read this; it confuse them.
Great story.


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Interesting, if not slightly odd huh.


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amazing, loved it! really enjoyed playing while reading it x