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Jennifer's Black Obsession


It’s 7:00 o’clock on Friday night, and 24 year old junior
advertising exec Jennifer Randolph is wrung out from a
week at the office. When Jennifer enters the lobby of her
condo complex she sees an athletic black man standing next
to a beautiful white woman at the elevator. Sean Briggs
is a former pro football player and Jennifer’s new next
door neighbor. The woman at his side has long brown hair
and wears tight green hot pants and boots. Jennifer has
never seen her before, but figures her to be another one
of Sean’s female conquests. When the elevator arrives,
Sean puts his arm around the woman and steps on. Jennifer
follows behind, riding with Sean and the woman in silence
to the second floor. Jennifer closes the door to her apartment.
From next door the heavy throb of music starts to vibrate
the walls.

By 8:00 o’clock she is lying on her bed, buzzed from a couple
of glasses Chardonnay. The image of Sean and woman he was
with on the elevator makes Jennifer incredibly horny.
She reaches into the bottom drawer of her nightstand and
fumbles for her vibrator. In her fantasy she imagines herself
strapped to a huge, waist-high table in a dark room lit by
a single light. She is completely naked. Her arms and legs
are spread painfully wide, secured at the wrists and ankles
with nylon cords tied to steel posts at each corner of the
table. Out of the shadows a muscular black man enters and
walks slowly toward her. In the glare of the light she sees
that he is naked. As he walks toward her his thick penis sways
from side to side like a pendulum, heavy and fully exposed.
At last he stands in front of her, staring down at the space
between her legs. She can only raise her head to watch him.
Her nipples are erect and aching and she feels the wetness
spreading between her legs. The seconds tick by with agonizing
slowness. At the same time she can see him grow steadily
harder and thicker.

Jennifer rubs the vibrator feverishly against herself,
imagining him stroking the swelling head of his erection
back and forth over her clitoris. When she can stand it no
longer she shoves the vibrator inside her, shuddering
with pleasure at the thought of him thrusting deeper and
deeper, again and again.

Jennifer goes running the following morning. When she
gets home she climbs in the shower and emerges several minutes
later. Through the wall of her apartment she hears the steady
pulse of music from the apartment next door. She wraps a
towel around her and goes into the living room. Beyond the
glass door of her patio she sees the beckoning blue water
of the deserted pool in the courtyard below. When she opens
the patio door the whoosh of sub-sonic bass hits her full
force. On the patio next door, several black men lean against
the balcony rail. One of them looks over and sees Jennifer,
then motions to his friend. Instinctively she looks away.


Jennifer closes the door and goes back into her bedroom.
A cold shiver of excitement runs down her spine as an idea
forms. A second later she begins searching in the drawer
of her dresser. Toward the back she finds the white bathing
suit with the blue trim that she bought on a dare with her
sorority sisters back in college. The fabric is transparent
and sheer. Her friends told her to wear it during Spring
Break but she never did. She lets the towel drop and steps
into the bottom of the bathing suit, pulling it up to her
waist, feeling the narrow fabric thong of material ride
up into the crack of her ass. In the front, fringes of blond
pubic hair peak out from either side of the skimpy white
fabric. She goes into the bathroom, finds her safety razor
and carefully shaves, leaving a thin narrow strip of darker
hair above her pussy. She massages baby oil over her skin,
then goes back into the bedroom and slips the bathing suit
back on. Through the fabric she can see the faint line of
pubic hair that she left behind. Then she slides the top
on and adjusts the cups over her breasts. The dark saucers
of her nipples show through the gauzy material and the hard
tips jut out against the fabric. All of a sudden she feels
dizzy and light-headed. In the top drawer of her dresser
she finds a T-shirt and running shorts. She puts on her red
baseball cap and sunglasses, and shoves a towel, magazine
and sunscreen into her canvas tote.

As she walks out into the bright sun toward the pool downstairs,
Jennifer senses all eyes from the balcony shifting in her
direction. From behind the dark lenses of her sunglasses
she confirms half a dozen men watching her as she make her
way along the perimeter of the pool and drops her bag onto
one of the chaise lounges.
She takes off her hat and shakes her hair. Then she pulls
the T-shirt over her shoulders and slides the running shorts
down her legs and steps out of them. She feels a thrilling
surge of heat rise up within her. From the balcony animal
whistles and catcalls rise above the music. Emboldened,
she removes her sunglasses, turns and walks toward the
shallow end of the pool, showing off her bare white ass.
The voices on the balcony grow louder as she reaches the
pool edge and dips her toes into the cool water. She feels
exhilarated - intoxicated by the erotic charge of displaying
her nearly naked body to a gallery of admiring black men.
She descends the steps, feeling the water at her ankles,
then her calves, her thighs, and then at her waist. In one
fluid motion she pushes off and swims underwater until
she surfaces breathless at the other end, reaches up to
grasp the edge of the pool, and clears the water from her
eyes. Then she swims the short distance to the steel ladder
on the far side of the pool and climbs out.

The water trails through her hair and down her back. She
makes sure the men get a good long look at her bare ass as she
walks back toward her lounge chair. As she leans over and
spreads her towel out, she treats them to another unobstructed
view of her backside for several seconds longer, then puts
her sunglasses on and lies down on her back. Her nipples
are hard and erect. The dark patch of pubic hair shows clearly
through the wet fabric of her bathing suit. The heat of the
sun beats down on her as she watches the confusion on the
balcony through half shut eyes.

A few minutes later she hears the patio door open. She looks
over and sees Sean Briggs walking over toward her. On the
balcony the men are laughing and shouting encouragement
at him over the music. He looks up and smiles. When he gets
near to her his face turns serious.

"What are you doing?" he says with an edge in
his voice.

"Enjoying the sun, " she says.

"Well, the fun's over. You need to go put on some
clothes. Okay?"

"Excuse me?" she says. "Is there some
reason why I'm not allowed to sit out next to my own pool?"

"All right, " Sean says, sitting down on the
lounge next to her. "I'm going to make it real
clear. There are five horny brothers on the balcony up there,
okay? They see flesh like the kind you're shopping
and they get this funny instinctive urge. All I'm doing
is buying you a little time."

"What about the girls I see coming in and out of your
place? Do they need a friendly warning?"

Sean looks at her at says nothing.

"Come on, " she says. "It's not like
I don't know what goes on over there. I hear everything."

"Those girls are different. Okay?"

"Different how?"

"Different than you. Let's leave it at that."

"So you don’t think I can handle what goes on up there?"

"I know you can't handle what goes on up there."

"Maybe you should invite me and let me see."

"I wouldn't recommend that."

She gives Sean a long, defiant look. "Why don't
you let me decide for myself?"


When Jennifer enters Sean's apartment behind him,
the stereo system is blasting. On each wall beveled mirrors
reach from floor to ceiling. A wide screen HDTV plays in
the middle of the living room across from a long sofa. On
the screen two naked women are kissing and rubbing their
breasts against each other. Toward the far end of the unit,
the patio door is open and the men circulate in and out of
the apartment laughing and talking. They are athletic
in appearance, dressed in casual but expensive clothes
and range in age from late 20's to early 40's. The
men look pleased when they see Jennifer.

Sean holds up his hand as a warning signal when they approach.
"She's just checking it out, then she's
leaving, " Sean says.

"Checking it out?” one of them says. “Wasn’t she just
down by the pool?”

"That's right."

"I believe she was teasin' my dick two minutes
ago, unless I'm mistaken."

"Yeah, well that was then, " Sean says. "This
is now." He turns toward Jennifer. "Stay here.
I'll get you something to drink."

Sean goes into the kitchen. A moment later he returns with
a beer and hands it to her.

"So who are all these guys?" she says.


"Are you going to introduce me?"

"It's not that kind of party, " he says.
"Stay here."

Jennifer watches Sean walk out to the balcony to talk with
the men outside.

Jennifer sips her beer and watches TV. Several minutes
go by and the phone rings. Sean comes back inside, picks
it up, listens for a few seconds, then starts cursing into
the receiver.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Where are you?"
He listens for a second. "You're through. Understand?
Through!" He slams the phone down. "Fucking

Sean goes out to the balcony. A second later, a stocky man
with a shaved head and a gold chain around his neck bursts
through the patio door in anger. Sean follows behind him.

"I had my fuckin' freak on today, Sean. This is
bullshit, " he yells behind him.

"She cancelled on me, Tyrone. What the fuck am I supposed
to do?" Sean says.

"What about the bitch over there?" Tyrone says
pointing to Jennifer. "What's the matter with

"I already told you."

"Then what the fuck is she doing here?" Tyrone
ignores Sean and walks over toward Jennifer. He pushes
his body and face up close to hers and grins. "You know
what I think? I think she wants to be fucked." Tyrone
reaches behind and squeezes her ass. "Isn't
that right?"

Sean comes over and puts his hand on the Tyrone's shoulder.
"She don't know what she wants, " Sean

Tyrone shrugs his hand off. "Yeah she does, "
Tyrone says. "She's like every white bitch -
they got a thing for black dick but they're too shy to
say so." Tyrone reaches down and starts unzipping
his pants.

Sean grabs Ty and pushes him away. "Come on, "
Sean says to Jennifer taking her by the arm. "Show's
over." He pulls her with him toward the front door,
but she jerks her arm away from his grip. Her reaction catches
him off guard.

The men howl in surprise.

"Bitch show you who’s boss!" one of `em yells.

"Come on, baby, " another yells at her. "We
won't hurt you."

Jennifer looks over at the men then at Sean.

"Leave, " Sean whispers. "Now."

The men whistle and shout.

"Come on, sugar, we'll love you like you never
been loved, " another shouts at her.

Jennifer walks toward the front door as if to leave, turns
the door handle, then stops.

The men see her hesitation and shout encouragement at her.
"Come on, baby, " one of them yells. "Show
us that fine white ass again."

Jennifer reaches out and hands Sean the beer she is drinking,
then walks defiantly past him into the center of the living
room. Immediately, the men converge on her, running their
hands over her body, squeezing her ass and breasts. In the
mirror she watches herself being surrounded and fondled.
The tallest of the men runs his fingers through her hair,
then takes her face in his hand, leans down and kisses her
with his full thick lips. She feels a sudden surge of wetness
soaking through her bathing suit bottom as his tongue pushes
deep into her mouth. At the same time she feels her running
shorts being pulled from her waist down to her ankles and
feverish hands reaching underneath her bathing suit.
Restless fingers quickly find her pussy and clit. She feels
the first wave of pleasure as her juices flow unchecked
and the heat builds inside her. The men yank her T-shirt
over her head and rip her bathing suit top free. A pair of
mouths descends on her nipples and begins sucking. She
feels hot moist breath on her pussy as her lips are pulled
apart and a tongue begins flicking back and forth over her
swollen clit. She closes her eyes, savoring the pleasure.
A strong insistent finger is shoved up inside her. Then
two fingers. She opens her eyes.

In the mirror she watches the surging mass of men stroking
her, squeezing her, sucking her. She turns her head to the
side and sees Sean standing in the entryway watching her.
For a moment her attention is drawn to his face. His expression
is distant, detached, unemotional. He lifts the beer to
his lips and drinks slowly.

She turns her attention back to the mirror. Ten hands swarm
over her entire body, traveling up her back to her shoulders,
then down to her calves and legs, returning again and again
to feast on her soaking inner thighs. She spreads her legs
to allow easy entry to her moist center. The fever builds
in her. She feels the tidal surge of a climax building, rising
slow and steady. All the time the hands, the fingers, the
mouths never stop rubbing, pushing, sucking. Then she
feels herself coming. All at once her body grows rigid.
In the mirror her mouth widens into a silent scream. She
leans her head back as the first shattering wave hits her.
Her body contracts violently; her legs buckle. A second
wave crashes inside her. Her head spins and she feels like
she is drowning. She hears an anguished scream but it does
not sound like her. She sinks down to her knees and feels
the juices gushing from her. She closes her eyes as strong
hands lower her to her knees.

When she opens her eyes her face is level with the crotch
of one of the men. She can see the mass of his swollen erection
pressing through the fabric of his pants. The man unzips
his pants and reaches inside. He pulls himself free and
hangs his swollen penis in her face. Instinctively, her
pussy contracts and she feels the wetness flowing between
her legs again. She reaches forward and puts the big head
in her mouth, sucking on it slowly and deliberately. After
a minute the man steps back, pulls his pants off, then returns,
putting himself back in her mouth.

"Suck that cock, " he says, encouraging her.

In the mirrors around the room she sees multiple angles
of his powerful legs and ass flexing rhythmically as his
dick disappears in and out of her mouth. Her pussy smolders
as she watches his lean black body pushed up against her
white skin. After a few seconds he unbuttons his shirt,
exposing a wall of rippled abdominal muscles. She runs
her hands hungrily over the hard coils of his stomach. The
feel of his body, the sight of his black skin against hers,
the salty taste of him in her mouth, the musky smell of his
crotch makes her pussy drip.

The other men begin unzipping their pants and pulling their
shirts off. The heat rises inside her as she watches them
strip. Two men position themselves on either side of her
with their naked cocks hanging within reach. She takes
them in her hands while she sucks on the man in front of her.
A moment later she feels hot fingers searching between
her legs, rubbing her swollen knob. She begins moving her
hips up and down.

"Bitch likes that, " one of them says to another.

Off to the side, the tall man who kissed her watches. His
penis is the color of dark mahogany and heavily veined.
He strokes himself all the way down to a flared head the size
of cue ball. She pauses for a moment, watching him in fascination
while fingers probe her wet hole from behind. Her pussy
contracts thinking about him, anticipating the size and
feel of him inside her.

She resumes sucking on the man in front of her. After a minute
he steps back and the tall man moves in to take his place.
She pushes her sweat soaked hair back from her forehead
with one hand and reaches for him with the other. Her fingers
strain to close around him. She strokes him slowly, feeling
his thickness and length. Her pussy contracts in a rush
of hot lust as she studies the veins that criss-cross his
swollen shaft like angry worms. As she strokes him, a bead
of clear cum forms at the tip of his cock. She licks it, then
takes him in her mouth. The thick head fills her mouth as
she works her way down the enormous shaft, swallowing as
much of him as she can handle. Behind her the fingers reach
up, massaging her feverish cunt, pushing in again and again.
She pulls away from his cock for a moment, stroking him hungrily
as she studies him, feeling the hot juices streaming out
of her. She leans back, looking over at the mirror as a pair
of hands massages her aching breasts and nipples. A shudder
of pleasure travels through her while she holds the tall
man in her hand. Her tongue traces a long trail along the
underside of his swollen cock until she reaches the tip
and puts him back in her mouth.

"Suck it, " he says. "Deeper."
He puts his hands on the back of her head and pushes into her
mouth. “That's it, come on, " he says. "Take
it all."

She leans forward, struggling to enclose all of him, but
she cannot. At last she can stand it no longer, then pulls
free of him, gasping for breath.

The men immediately push her onto her back and spread her
legs apart. Hot lust washes over her as one of the men kneels
between her legs and holds her open with his hands. In one
fluid motion he slides himself all the way in. The shock
of pleasure takes her breath away. More incredible is the
view of his cock disappearing into her for the first time.
The sight of her blond, white cunt being fucked by a black
dick makes her wetter and hornier than she has ever been.
He starts slow, building in rhythm, pushing in, then pulling
out. In the mirror she sees his smooth muscular ass flex
each time he drives into her. With each thrust she feels
him hardening inside her, expanding, filling her. Her
pussy contracts and flows with hot juice. The room is filled
with the strong, musty smell of sex. His thick prick makes
sloshing noises as he enters and re-enters her – slow at
first, then harder, faster. The thrill of being fucked
- really fucked - makes her pussy throb. After several minutes
the man climbs off and is replaced by another. For the next
half hour she is fucked in turn by each of the men who finish
by pulling out of her, putting their hard, wet cocks in her
face while she sucks her juices off each of them.

At last the tall man approaches her and she feels a surge
of animal lust. He positions himself between her legs,
then pushes in slowly.

"Ohhhh, fuck...." she says.

"That's right, baby, " he says.

He travels all the way in then pulls all the way out, teasing
her by letting the fat head of his dick linger for agonizing
seconds outside the entry to her wet cunt. Her pussy flows
like a fountain waiting for him to enter her again. She looks
over and sees Sean watching her, but she no longer cares
to think about the look on his face - the look that says, "beware."
All she can think about now is having that long, thick dick
inside her. She loves the fullness of him, the thickness
of him and the other men, their bodies, their arms, their
skin, the wonderful, intoxicating sight of their beautiful
black cocks disappearing inside her.

"How's that baby? You like that?"

"Oh, yeah, " she says, panting.

Her hair sticks to the sweat on her forehead as he works her
with long, slow thrusts, rubbing the swollen knob of her
clit with his thumb at the same time. She feels her pussy
shudder as he enters her again and again, harder and harder.
She rolls her head. All at once she feels the climax coming
from deep inside. A moment later she erupts with an agonizing
scream that leaves her breathless and delirious. When
she opens her eyes the men are standing over her.

"Turn her over, " Tyrone orders.

Two of the men bend down and lift her up.

"Wait, " she says, holding her hand up, catching
her breath. Her body is still electric, tingling from her

"Now we go behind door number two, " Tyrone
says to her with a smile.

Jennifer looks up at Sean who stands in the hallway watching
her. As he turns and walks toward the kitchen she feels Tyrone's
hands rubbing her over her ass, then his fingers pushing
into the crease of her cheeks, finding her tight, puckered
hole. A thrill of fear and dread wells up in her as he tries
to burrow his fingers into her. Maybe this was what Sean
was warning her about. She hadn't thought about getting
fucked in the ass. She starts to protest.

"I..." she stammers.

Tyrone leans into her and licks her lips with his tongue.
"Something wrong?”

She shakes her head no, but she can see from his expression
that he understands immediately.

"You mean we got a virgin ass here?" Tyrone turns
toward the other men. "I'm liking this bitch
better every second." He turns back to her. "Well
go easy on you, " Tyrone says. "We'll be
nice. Won't we boys?"

One of the men pushes her down onto her hands and knees and
slaps her hard on her ass. The sting of his hand makes her
eyes water. She watches the mirror as a cold stream of oil
is poured from a tube onto her naked cheeks. She feels it
trickling down between her legs.

Tyrone leans down next to her ear. "Don’t worry, baby.
We'll make it so slippery we could get a freight train
in there."

The men stand in front of her stroking their cocks. The familiar
heat and wetness begins building in her pussy. One by one
they give her their cocks to suck on. Tyrone works his finger
into her ass, then pulls it out and puts it back in. A wave
of panic shoots through her as he spreads her ass cheeks,
then feels the head of his cock pressing against her puckered
hole. He pushes hard against her but she resists him. He
slaps her ass hard and she cries out. He pushes his fingers
back inside and finger fucks her for a minute. Then the oil
is poured fresh on her again. A second later the sensation
of his dick returns. The thought of Tyrone’s prick finally
making its way in fills her with dread.

"No ... please, " she says, feeling her ass
being stretched by pairs of hands.

Insistent fingers continue working the oil into her. Her
ass is spread wider.

Then she feels it.

A searing pain hits her as his cock punches through inside
her. It feels like she is being torn in two. Instinctively,
her ass muscles constrict to drive him out, but his strength
overcomes her and he pushes deeper into her. The world spins
around her. She cries out. The pain is like nothing she has
ever felt. Her head swims and the tears form in her eyes.
The voices of the men are around her. Hands are groping her,
feeling her. Then the burning comes again deeper, more
agonizing. She clutches the carpet as he shoves himself
in further. She gasps, trying to catch her breath. Sweat
mats her hair to her forehead. She feels her head being lifted
up and a mouth kissing her on her lips. Her breasts are squeezed.
Then a hand turns her sweat soaked face toward the mirror.

"Look at that, baby, " she hears somebody saying.

She opens her eyes. In the mirror she sees Tyrone's
naked black body straddled high above and behind her, riding
her like a horse. He is coupled to her, loins pressed fully
against her, cock buried deep within her. After pausing
a second or two he pulls back slightly, flexes his ass and
fucks her again.

"Ooohhhh, " she cries out, gasping for breath.

He leans forward toward her and licks her on the cheek.

"How’s it feel having that black dick up your ass?"
he says, whispering in her ear. Before she can answer he,
fucks her again. "I can't hear you, " he

She clutches the carpet, looking down, breathing in hard
quick gasps, trying to take her mind off the pain. After
a few seconds, she looks over at the mirror to watch his powerful
black body pressed up against her and she feels her pussy
start to tingle. The sight of him fucking her overwhelms
her. For a moment she forgets the pain and begins to move
with him as he fucks her with longer strokes.

“Bitch likes that shit, ” he says, grinning to the men around

He fucks her for five more minutes, then climbs off letting
the next man squirt oil onto her ass.

"Shit, I love tight white ass, " he says slapping
her ass cheeks.

For the next hour the men take turns with her, shouting encouragement
to each other over the hard pulsing rhythm of the music.

“Come on, fuck that ass, ” she hears one of them say.

The men laugh as they talk to each other, then taunt her,
whispering in her ear. She is systematically slow-fucked,
then jack-hammered as the men watch her kneeling on all
fours in the center of the room. She wipes the sweat from
her forehead and eyes as one of the men leans over from behind.

“You want me to fuck you some more, baby?”

“Yeah, ” she says, panting.

“Say it, bitch.”

“I want to be fucked, ” she says.


"In the ass, " she says.

“’With your big black dick’. Say it right, baby. C’mon.”

“I want to be fucked in the ass with your big black dick.”

“That’s better.”

She closes her eyes as he slides himself back inside and
begins fucking her again.

The tall man is last. In the mirror she watches as he squirts
a fresh pool of oil onto her, then takes his penis and massages
her asshole with the thick shining head. He spreads her
cheeks wide then shoves the huge cue ball head into her.
The sensation is beyond anything she could imagine. She
feels the incredible thickness of him swelling in her colon
as he pushes deeper, stretching her wider than before.
His thick shaft sinks deeper and deeper into her until his
balls push firmly up against her pursed cunt. He pauses
for a few seconds, then pulls away slowly until he is completely
out of her.

"Look at that, baby, " he says to her, nodding
toward the mirror.

She sees his horse cock pointing toward her gaping hole
that is stretched open like a dark tunnel. He tells her to
lie against him with her back to his chest. She spreads her
legs and he re-enters from behind, pushing slowly into
her. Lust sweeps over her as she watches him slide the full
length into her until he is buried up to his balls. She closes
her eyes and leans back on him panting, then opens her eyes
as she feels the fingers of one of the men massaging the shrunken
lips of her pussy. Another man leans over from the other
side and starts sucking her nipples. Then she feels a warm
mouth between her legs teasing her cunt lips. She whimpers
and rolls her head from side to side as fingers work inside
of her. Every once in a while, the tall man grasps her by her
waist and lifts her off him, then slides her back down on
his hard pole. Each time she cries out as he grinds himself
deep into her.

Then the man who is licking her climbs between her legs and
shoves his dick into her sopping cunt. His hardness fills
her pussy alongside the tall man's massive erection
buried deep in her ass. In the mirror she watches in amazement
as she is fucked top and bottom by two men. She reaches up
on either side and takes a cock in each hand and starts stroking
the long smooth shafts to full erection. The last of the
men straddles her face and hangs his cock into her mouth.

At that moment she feels more alive than she has ever felt.
Tyrone was right. She does have a thing for black cock. She
loves it in her mouth, her ass, and her pussy.

The fucking continues unabated for minutes until she feels
the tall man's fingers around her narrow waist, lifting
her away from him, pulling free, then reinserting himself
into her freshly fucked pussy. What happens next is something
she is not prepared for. She feels him grab her breasts from
behind and pull her back as Tyrone straddles her, trying
to stuff his black shaft into the space already occupied
by the tall man's thick cock. She feels a new heat in
her pussy radiating up to her clit that she has never felt
before. The sensation of her pussy being fucked by two cocks
pushes her toward the brink of ecstasy. Her pussy stretches
and strains as Tyrone squeezes himself in until, at last,
both men are completely in her. Then they start pumping
her in rhythm, sliding back and forth like ramrods. She
releases the big cock she is sucking, mesmerized by the
sight and feel of her cunt being stretched and fucked by
two massive dicks. The pressure of her orgasm rises up in
her until all at once she erupts, jerking up and down. She
cries out in one agonizing scream, thrashing her hands
up and down. The men stay with her, riding her like a bucking
bronco, fucking her even harder and deeper as she comes
violently. She screams again. The sound is primal, guttural,
animal like. Her eyes flare open wide, wild and frenzied;
perspiration drips from her hair and forehead. Another
climatic wave hits her. She leans forward with a demonic
look of rage, screaming, watching their cocks inside her
as she comes again and again, roaring like a leopardess.

All at once, Tyrone pulls out of her and shoots three long
jets of cum into her eyes and face, onto her neck, her tits.
Seconds later the tall man pulls out of her, pausing for
a second before he bucks like a canon shooting a white stream
a foot into the air. The other men follow, stroking themselves
to climax, launching cascades of hot cum onto her face,
shoulders and tits. Her head spins. She loses track of how
many times she has come or by whom.


When the last of them is gone, Sean goes over to the stereo
and turns the music off. Jennifer sits on the sofa wiping
herself with her T-shirt.

"That was quite a show. Very impressive, "
Sean says.

"I could really use something to drink, " she

He walks over to the kitchen and she hears him open a beer.
When he returns, he hands her the bottle. As she sips the
drink, she sees him pull out a white letter envelope and
wave it at her.

"What's that?" she says.

He tosses the envelope next to her. She looks at it then opens
it. Inside she finds twenty-five crisp one hundred-dollar

"Your pay. For services rendered, " he says.

She looks at the money, then pushes the envelope back toward

"Go on. You saved me, " he says.

"I didn't do it for the money, " she says,
taking another sip of the beer.

"I know that, " he says with the same even expression
on his face.

"Why didn't you join in with the rest of them?"
she says, ignoring the money.

"Next time, " he says.

She watches him for a moment. "I think you're
mad `cause I didn't follow your advice." She
leans back on the sofa. "I think you're mad because
you were wrong about me."

Sean pushes the envelope back toward her. "Take the

“No, ” she says.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not a whore."

Sean pushes the money toward her again. "Baby, after
today, that's exactly what you are."


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