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Janet, John's new frist mate.


This was an opportunity John had been waiting to get. He
had snagged the job as head of the advertising department
for a major east coast corporation. As he pulled into the
parking garage, John smiled, “Not bad for just hitting
thirty.” He thought. The nice part was the suit was optional
unless he had a meeting or client visit to take care of. He
was happy to move to the new city and get a fresh start and
a better job deal.
After the preliminary handshakes and stuff he headed to
his new department. He had been here before and met the staff.
They were all art types and had that bohemian attitude like
he did. It was going to be a fun place. His assistant was a
cute young girl named Janet. She had just turned twenty
three and was working her masters program. She was sharp
and very talented, not to mention very easy on the eyes.

Janet met him and smiled. “Hey boss, good to see you!” she
said. John laughed, “My name is John, give me some slack
Janet.” He said laughing. She walked with him down the hall
and made idle chat. He settled in his office and decided
to make the place a little more to his tastes. Janet, I have
to get some things from my car, can you handle the shop today?”
he said. Janet looked surprised. The last manager here
never trusted her to do that. “Sure!” she said shocked.

John made it a point to say hi to all the staff and let them
know Janet was running this show this day while he settled
in. Again he sensed some amazement. The staff seemed to
relax and as he left to grab a few boxes from his car, they
gathered and agreed they liked him. He seemed to be a guy
that let his people do their jobs and trusted them. They
were dead right.
Later Janet popped into his office. She told him all was
going fine and offered to help him set up. “Sure, a woman’s
touch is always nice to have. I may be a designer, but I hate
my own work.” He said. Janet laughed. She really liked John.
As she helped him unpack, he could not help but look at her.
She was around five foot four, a bit on the thin side that
he tended to like. She had short dark brown hair and a chiseled,
but youthful face with brilliant blue eyes.
Janet’s body was lean, with small hips and her chest was
not huge, just a handful as he liked. He absolutely adored
her small firm ass over a nice three finger spread between
her legs. It was too bad she was engaged, he would love to
get to know her on an off work basis. John changed his train
of thought and by lunch was settled in. He was a bit hungry.
“Janet, let me buy you lunch and we can go over our schedules
and projects, plus get to know each other. I prefer a relaxed
meeting to a damned office.” John asked politely.
“Sure!” she said smiling. “Let me grab my case and use the
ladies room first.” She added. John nodded and said he would
meet her at the elevator in ten minutes. There was a nice
restaurant and bar in the building and they had lunch. He
had told the office he would be here with her and to call on
his cell if they needed anything. John planned on a nice
lunch, and then getting to know his first mate and about
the shop. After eating, he ordered a beer. “Care for a drink
Janet, it is okay.” He told her. She looked shocked but agreed.
She also ordered a beer.
After lunch she moved next to him in the booth and they went
through the briefs together. John could smell her fresh
body and light perfume. Janet was getting relaxed with
John and soon dropped all worries about saying what she
thought. He listened to her ideas and recommendations.
“You know, why did they hire me? You could have easily handled
my job.” He said to her. Janet blushed and felt a proud tingle
hearing her new boss say that.
Over the next few months, the two had a management meeting
at lunch on Fridays. It was usually just the two of them,
but occasionally included other staff. John had secretly
gotten a pretty big crush on her. He did well to keep it from
showing. It bothered him that she was engaged, but that
was beyond his control. He settled for the lump in his chest
each day when he saw her. The lunch meetings were enjoyable
for him, he did not know that they were for Janet too. She
had developed a bit of a crush on him too.
The lunch meetings were very useful, but had a feel of light
sexual tension. Janet would at times touch his arm and linger
a bit and press her thigh to his leg. A few times she would
wear loose tops and no bra, with her tight jeans and he could
see her small nipples when she bent over. This caused many
a jerk off nights for him. He even caught himself imagining
it was Janet when he had sex with a lady her was seeing casually.

They worked like a real team running the office. The morale
had tripled in six months and the higher ups were very happy.
John got Janet a 30% pay raise that she deserved. He told
her over lunch one Friday. He had privately also gotten
her two extra days off and tickets to fly to see her fiancé
out of state. Janet was spellbound and shocked. She hugged
John hard around the shoulders and kissed him. It was not
a passionate kiss, but a quick peck on the lips. John fought
hard to suppress the hardon he got. She also blushed a bit
and felt guilty as she sensed her pussy get a bit wet.
In the spring he had been there for eight months. Work was
going very smooth. He and Janet were very tight and best
friends by now. They talked about anything, including
sex. Neither had admitted their attractions, but they
were vaguely aware of it. One Friday night the office got
together for Happy Hour. John picked the tab up as they deserved
it. “Are you busy tomorrow Janet? He asked. She said no wondering
why. “Well I hate to ask, but we have a business plan that
needs to be final Monday. Can we meet and go over it tomorrow?”
he asked feeling bad for wanting to have one of his people
put overtime in. She said her trademark, “Sure.”
They had both been to each others apartments before, so
agreeing to meet at his was not a big deal. “Just dress casual.
Is ten in the morning okay with you?” Again, “Sure” Janet
said. They drank a few more drinks and snacked before John
left at around ten that night. He went home and showered.
One of his friends had mailed him a DVD of adult films. He
decided to watch it and then crash. It ended up another night
of jacking off thinking of Janet.
Janet arrived a bit before ten the next day. She looked great.
She had a pair of low cut tight shorts on that showed her lower
stomach. John had not seen that much of her tight belly before.
His eyes bulged as he saw her top. She was only wearing a small
bathing suit type top. He could see her nipples jutting
through the material. Janet had unconsciously meant to
dress like this, it was her not really her regular off work
warm weather wear. He fought his cock as it erected a bit.
They finished by noon and had a few beers. She had no plans
and he suggested just hanging out and enjoying the day.
Janet was up to the plan. They grabbed some snacks and beer
and ended up at a nice park in the nearby mountains. Janet
spread a blanket out and they chatted. A little later she
lay back to soak the sun. The two had talked about Rick her
fiancé. They did not plan to marry until next spring when
he finished law school and Janet got her masters.
John stretched below Janet and sipped a beer as she lay in
the sun. She enjoyed the sun, and imagined what sleeping
with John would be like. She had noticed his erect cock a
few times and lusted a bit. Being engaged kept her from acting.
It was getting harder all the time. She felt her pussy get
wet and parted her legs a bit. John looked over to her prone
body. He admired her petite figure and noticed she was a
bit damp between her legs. His cock jumped. He wanted her,
but respected her situation.
Janet rolled over and he watched. John smoked another cigarette
and enjoyed looking at her body. The way she laid gave him
a straight view of her crotch. He could see a bit inside the
leg holes of her shorts. It was obvious she had no panties
on. He could see a glimpse of her dark pubic hair sticking
though. His hand moved to his crotch. He turned away and
looked out at the scenery. He felt envious of Rick. He cracked
another beer and Janet stirred. She sat up and moved next
He felt her move and looked. “Got an extra cold one John?”
she asked. He grabbed one from the cooler and opened it.
She took it and noticed his erection. “Hey, can we talk a
bit?” she said nervously. John sensed this was not a normal
chat. “Yes, what’s on you mind?” he asked. She moved nervously
a bit and leaned on his shoulder. This surprised him big.
Then she ran her hand over his and put her fingers between
his. John heart leaped and stopped for a moment.
“Okay, seems as though we both know it and you have not brought
it up, so I will. We are both very attracted to each other.
I would love to make love to you, but can’t because I am engaged.
As embarrassing as it is for me, I have masturbated thinking
about you. I really respect that you never pressed it on
me. If you had, I probably would have slept with you. I have
seen how turned on I make you. I didn’t help today with this
outfit. I kind of wanted to please you a bit. The problem
I feel is I made it worse. Did I?” Janet asked. John was quiet
a bit unsure how to answer.
Finally he said, “Yes, you are right on all counts. I am guilty!”
he said trying to make a bit of humor to cut the tension. “We
are professionals, but we are a man and a woman. I appreciate
your candor. I too have masturbated thinking about you.
I will not interfere with your engagement or feelings.
That I promise. I will be okay. Thanks for clearing the air.”
Janet hugged him a bit. “Look, I feel bad too.” She said.
Then she reached and put her hand on his cock bulging in his
shorts. John jerked and looked at her confused.
Janet expected this and said, “Look, I can help a bit if you
want. I don’t feel I am violating anything with what I have
in mind. Okay?” He sat silent as she unbuttoned his shorts
and pulled his zipper down. She tugged a bit and pulled them
down. John’s solid cock sprang out to her eyes. He heard
her gasp slightly. “Look, I am not going to make love to you
or give you a blow job. But I can jerk you off. If you want,
you can cum on my tits. I know you like them. I want to make
you feel some relief.“ she said as she undid her top.
John was stunned as her small breasts and dark erect nipples
appeared to his eyes. He had dreamed of this. He wanted to
make love to her, but this seemed almost as intimate. She
pulled him to his knees in front of her as she positioned
herself. Leaning over she spit on his shaft. She knew she
could give a good hand job and was excited over this one.
John gasped as her small hands surrounded his cock. “You
can touch them if you want.” she said as she began to pump
him. He nervously reached one hand out and touched her left
breast. It was warm and soft.
As he gently roamed her breast and felt her hard nipple,
Janet firmly jacked his dick. She secretly loved feeling
his hand on her breasts. She wished she could do more. She
stared intently at his shaft as she worked it, occasionally
adding more saliva to lubricate her hands. John was in heaven
from her soft hands. He cupped her small breast and held
her naked shoulder. Janet could feel his body jump in pleasure
to her hands. She loved the feeling of pleasing him.
He wanted this to go forever, even though it was not full
sex, she was making love to him in a special way. Janet looked
up to his face. He looked to her and smiled softly. He was
so happy she cared to do this. Her hands flew on his cock.
His legs began to grow tense as his orgasm approached. She
felt him tensing and rubbed his balls gently. Janet teased
his asshole lightly and that pushed him further. John grunted
soon loud. His balls tensed and she felt his shaft swell
in her hand.
John pushed his hips to her and jetted a huge gush of hot white
seed onto her breasts. Janet kept stroking his member and
rubbed the head on her breasts. He was lost in climax and
continued to eject his cream on her. He felt her softly kiss
his belly and jerked a huge gush. John’s head pounded from
the intense pleasure she gave him. He was dizzy. Janet steadied
his body with one hand as she brought him to full completion
with her other hand, she really wanted to suck him.
His cock began to soften after his cumming from her small
hand. Janet pulled him to her and kissed his stomach softly
again. She tasted his saltiness on her lips from the sweat
of passion. She let him lean back and helped him lay on the
blanket. Secretly she wanted to lick his cock clean, but
held back. Janet could deal with this sex act without guilt,
but was not sure of any more. She smiled seeing John satisfied.

There was cum all over her chest and tits, some had hit her
chin. Unconsciously she swept the glob on her chin off and
licked her finger. Janet jumped in shock to her reaction.
“Oh well.” She thought. She felt thsi was okay. She was incredibly
turned now. She wished she could get eaten out and laid by
him. As she watched John gather himself again unconsciously
she rubbed his cum into her upper body and secretly enjoyed
it. This was her private moment, but she knew she would masturbate
as soon as she got home with her favorite toys.
Twenty minutes later they were sharing a few beers and a
smoke. Janet still had her top off. She did not mind him seeing
her breasts. Both sat beside each other and enjoyed the
scene in front of them. “Thank you Janet, I hope that did
not make you feel guilty.” He said. “No, not really, I will
say I wish we could have done more, but I am okay. Did I help
a bit?” she said in a small voice. “Yes.” John lied. It did
but he still desired to make lover to her. He knew, although
he could settle for the moment she gave him. He hugged her
to him a bit.
Janet looked at him and kissed his cheek. “Let’s get going,
I have a few things to do at home.” She said. John agreed and
she put her top back on. He was a bit sad she had to do that and
go home, but knew he would see her Monday. “Hey, are you going
to be okay with this Monday at work?” he asked, as they drove
home. “With no hesitation, she gripped his thigh, “Yes,
you know I only do what I want and believe I can do.” She was
right John knew from working with her. He felt better.
Back at his place around seven that night, he walked Janet
to her car and they hugged as friends. John thanked her for
the day and she said the same back. “See you Monday, John.”
Janet said and waved getting into her car. He was a bit saddened
as she left, but felt a deep happiness knowing she cared
like he did. The saddest part was she was still engaged.
John knew he would have at least that moment earlier to cherish.
Headed inside and got comfortable. John grabbed a beer
and turned the TV on.
Janet drove home and felt happiness over what she had done
for John. If it was not for Rick, she would love to be with
John. She was actually amazed she had no guilt, it was what
she wanted. Then confusion hit her, not guilt. She began
to think of her and Rick’s relationship. This would play
on her mind for the next few hours. She remembered what she
told John a while ago, “You know I only do what I want and believe
I can do.”
John considered going out or calling Cynthia his occasional
friend. He decided not to call her quickly. He did not want
to be with another woman after being with Janet that day.
It did not feel right. He decided just to stay home. At nine
or so the phone rang, it was Janet. “I forgot my case.” She
said to him. John looked and saw it on the desk. “I will bring
it by tomorrow if you want.” He told her. She said okay to
that. He again thanked her for the day. She laughed a bit
and told him she enjoyed it too. They chatted for a bit and
hung up. Little did John know Janet was gently masturbating
herself as she listened to his voice.
John leaned back trying to find a good show on TV. Now he knew
why he hated TV, there was nothing on Saturday nights, even
with cable. He clicked the tube off and looked for a CD, he
decided to just read and listen to music on his patio. He
settled on the bench outside and read. Around an hour later
he heard, “Hey boss!” and looked up. He saw Janet in her same
clothes walking across the lawn to him carrying a twelve
pack of beer. He got up and walked to her to help. “What are
you doing here? I said I would bring your briefcase over
tomorrow, ” John asked curious.
Janet handed him the beer and walked with him. She put her
arm around his waist as she walked. The two went inside.
John put the beer in the refrigerator. “So what’s up?” he
asked. Janet dropped on his couch hard and sighed. He handed
her a beer and waited. “Sit next to me, please. I need to talk
to you” she said. Janet smiled at him and closed his patio
door. She closed the drapes and sat back besides sideways
crossing her legs under her body. He was clueless and a bit
worried, but knew something had happened. He then noticed
she did not have her diamond on her left hand.
“Look, we have been playing this game forever, it is not
a bad one, just nerve racking. I know we both go home nearly
every night and masturbate thinking of each other. Two
weeks ago when I visited Rick and we made love, I pretended
it was you!” Janet said placing her hands on his legs. “Okay,
here’s the deal. Today I did something for you, but really
for me. I needed to find out something, I did! When I called
you an hour ago I was masturbating as I listened to your voice.
After we got off the phone I called Rick. He was partying
in his place and I saw the picture clear. I am not engaged
anymore. Is that clear enough for you!” she finished staring
hard at John.
John was stunned. He was lost for words. His mind scrambled
to put this in perspective. He really cared for her and now
she flat said she did too without saying it, then she did.
“Well!” she demanded without harshness, but softly. “Look
you jerk, I am in love with you!” she added. He froze. All
he could do is pull her to him tight. John’s mind was fried
at this admission. He wished for it and now he heard it. He
loved her too. Janet being Janet, and always was thorough.
She spoke again, “You know I say what I think and believe.
I believe.” Janet leaned back and began to take her clothes
off. “I have pained for over six months wanting you, I know
you have too! Now we can finally have our way. “ she said.
She yanked her clothes off breathing hard and looking at
John He was speechless. This was too real to be true. Janet
now stood totally naked before him. His mind could not settle
enough to savor her body, but he knew it was just what he imagined.
Her hands tugged his shirt off. She yanked his shorts open
and dragged them off his body abruptly. John saw pure lust
in her eyes. He was paralyzed in shock and desire. His cock
was like a lightning rod pointing skyward.
“Janet, pinch me so I know I am not dreaming.” John said weakly.
She knelt between his legs. “I have a better idea, does this
tell you?” she said hotly. She gripped his hard cock and
pushed it into her mouth sucking hard. He tensed and tried
to regain his control. He felt like she was him, but
a he wanted. She sucked him deep and hard. It was beyond
pleasure. As suddenly as she started she leaned back on
her legs. “Convinced?” Janet asked a bit more softly. He
nodded to her still stunned hearing her words.
Janet now smiled seeing his acceptance. She had been scared
shitless coming to see John, but now relaxed. Now gently
she pumped his cock as she looked to his eyes. He smiled and
pulled her up. She sat on his thighs and smiled softly. “Make
love to me John.” She whispered. He smiled and they kissed
their first deep kiss. Both of them gasped and aimlessly
toured each others body with their hands, He pulled her
close and felt her bare chest against his. John knew she
wanted him now and he wanted her.
Their tongues toyed and played as they pressed open mouthed
and touched each other. He had desired this petite brunette
from the first day he met her. Janet felt the same way soon
after meeting him. She slid closer and his cock rested in
the wet space between her legs. Janet gently rocked her
hips humping his shaft with her crotch. He sucked hard at
the soft slick feeling of her pussy on it and the brushing
of her small bush on his lower stomach. They held each other
tight for a long while enjoying the closeness they shared.
Janet wanted to have him finally make love to her bad. “John,
take me to your bed. I want your body inside mine soon.” She
said leaning back and sliding off his thighs. She gripped
his hand and holding each other went to his bed. As they kissed
again, John gripped her pussy in his palm. Janet groaned
as he slid a finger into her body. She reached and gripped
his cock. It was hard as a rock and wet from her pussy juices
as she had rubbed it on her couch, plus he leaked lube. It
was bigger than she had had and she did not worry. She got
more excited wondering how it would feel deep inside her.
They rolled on the bed for five minutes, grasping and gasping.
“John, go inside me now! I want you to love me.” She said as
she rolled back and spread her lean legs. He looked at her
body in disbelief that in a moment he would be joined to it
as part of her. “I am safe, it is okay. I want to feel you cum
in me.” She added. His dick jumped as she said that and stoked
him. Janet pulled him by his shaft over her body. He positioned
and she rubbed his cock on her wet lips.
“Go in me.” Janet said softly as she pulled his body. Her
hurried lust was now replaced with passion and the need
to be slowly loved. That was what John had dreamed of as he
jerked his cock thinking of her in the past. Now he was actually
starting to do it. Janet tensed a bit as his head began to
fill her body. She clenched his hips and pulled him, holding
her eyes closed below him. John felt her body part to him
as he moved deeper. He leaned over and kissed her mouth.
She softly kissed him back as their bodied fully met.
Janet groaned and shifted under him. He totally filled
her more than she had ever experienced. Her vagina felt
stretched pleasantly to its limits. She loved the feeling
of fullness. John fought the want to cum as he felt her body
clench his shaft so hard and deep. The two kissed gently
and touched each others faces. “John, I don’t care if you
cum fast or slow. You gave me what I have wanted, feeling
you inside me. Cum when you are ready, I just want to feel
it. You feel huge in me.” Janet said softly near a whisper.

John brushed her face with his hand and began to pump to her
body. As she looked intently to his eyes he felt her deep
folds caress his shaft as it moved in and out of her body.
Janet did not wrap her legs around his body, but strained
to open her body wider to his. She smiled tenderly as her
hands and fingers rubbed his sides and back. She gently
pulled his nipples as she felt him move deep in her body.
Her mind took a shift and she remembered Rick and her other
boyfriend. They never looked at her eyes when they made
love to her. She then realized, she was just fucked before.

He was intent to make this sweet for Janet and moved slowly,
but deliberately totally filling her without hurting
her. This was a fantasy now real. He had gazed at her sweet
little breasts gently shake, now he had his body deep between
her legs and felt her nipples drill his chest. Janet held
him softly, but firm. He could hear her breath suck as he
filled her. She was a quiet lover, though he knew she was
intensely feeling his body please hers. He felt her began
to roll her hips to his and saw her face become wet in passion.
Janet had a far away look in her eyes.
As they built to the peak, Janet began to groan just a bit
louder and John heard her make stained noises as her throat
tightened. Their bodies smoothly joined and moved as one
together. He sensed her approaching the limit in pleasure.
John did not speed up, he stayed paced to her body. Soon she
was breathing hard and rolled her head from side to side.
“Oh John, I think I am going to cum. I have never cum making
love. Don’t stop!” she whispered strained. He felt her
begin to tighten on his shaft inside.
John moved his hips steadily to hers and felt his end start.
He worried a bit he would cum first. His worries were over
as he felt Janet push gently to him from the bed with her hips.
She looked into his eyes and tried to speak, she couldn’t.
Deep in her body the electrical surge of climax took her.
He felt her vagina clamp hard and go crazy on his cock. Janet
opened her eyes wide and held her mouth agape. She stopped
breathing and completely stiffened under him. Slowly
her eyes closed tight. He could see tears push from her lids
as she sighed hard.
He felt her body tenderly lose control as she pressed against
him. Janet’s fingers dug into his arms as she arched wide
mouthed in a silent scream. John knew she was cumming and
felt his body tensing. His legs began to shiver and he pressed
deep to her. His hands clenched her body as he readied to
release. Even though Janet was in her own world of pleasure,
she felt him ready. “Finish with me, it will make this perfect.”
She managed to say with a soft strained voice. He felt his
body tense in the final moment before release.
A small smile appeared on Janet’s face as she felt him ready.
John’s body stiffened and she felt his cock thicken in her
body. She wanted this and it took her higher on her road of
pleasure. He seized hard and pressed his body hard to hers.
Janet gasped as she felt the first burst of his cum fill her
body. She felt so good and softly moaned as she kept feeling
his body jet his cream into her. This was not sex, but becoming
one, she thought deep in her mind as she enjoyed feeling
John fill her body.
Janet pulled his sides wanting him deeper as she enjoyed
the feeling of his cock jumping inside her body. She forced
her eyes open and saw John’s contorted face as he climaxed.
It gave her a feeling of completion to know she had pleased
this man as she wanted to. She smiled at the fact she had came
with him. It was not needed to her, she wanted to please him.
She thanked the higher powers for giving her the chance
to have this with him.
John’s mind was numb as he felt his sperm rocket into Janet
deep. It was a journey he never expected and he loved her
more for giving it to him. He could feel her body pull him
as he ejected his essence into her. Deep inside he knew she
wanted it and felt no remorse giving her his seed. He moaned
softly each time his body tensed and filled her. He could
feel her soft hands holding him gently and her body trying
to take him deeper. He wanted to kiss her, but his body was
in its own world,
The two new lovers soon were still and clinging together.
John was in disbelief this had happened, so was Janet. Both
silently and afraid to say it felt deep love for each other.
The two rolled apart and held each other. Janet could sense
John was a bit in shock, she had been pretty forward to him
earlier telling him her feelings. But that was the only
way she could do it. Janet held her belly and smiled knowing
his cream was deep in her. She was a bit surprised none had
leaked out yet.
“Hey Shooter, want a drink?” she said and kissed his cheek.
“Shooter?” John asked back weakly gaining his composure.
“Yeah!” Janet said and giggled. He looked at her puzzled.
“I don’t want to talk about sex with other men to you, but
I have never felt someone cum inside me so hard. I love the
feeling. You will do it again!” she said. John smiled, his
mind ran a bit, “Okay, Peanut, let me reload for you!” she
said and laughed. She kept laughing with him and they hugged.
“So you want a beer, Shooter?” she said poking his ribs.

John smiled at her. He never wanted her to leave. They got
up and Janet grabbed his hand. They walked naked to the living
room and he sat on the large bean bag in a corner. He watched
her cute butt as she headed for the kitchen. John was in awe
that he was looking at a woman he had wanted and that now she
had his cream deep in her body as she walked to get a few cold
beers. He pained over a feeling.
She came back and they cuddled on the mushy bag. She had put
some soft jazz on the radio and turned on his indirect lighting.
The room was soft and pleasant. A cool breeze flowed over
them from the window as they held each other talking. He
pained on a topic he wanted to bring up. After a few beers
they just lay naked holding each other. Janet spoke up a
bit serious. “John, I want to tell you. I have not been with
a lot of men, in fact only two, so I may not have a norm to judge
on. But I have to say, I have never made love like we just did.
It was so wonderful. It was not rushed, hard or just fucking.
God I hate fucking! Anyhow, I am glad we did it.” She said.

“Me too. What I felt with you was so different. You know I
wanted you, but when it finally happened, it was not what
I expected. It was beyond that.” John said back. Janet hugged
him, “I love you.” she whispered to his side. John smiled.
He had heard that before, but she said it different. “I love
you too.” He responded sincerely. She looked at him and
he saw deep into her soul. He knew it was special. They kissed
deeply and touched each other tenderly, not with lust.
He knew she meant her words.
It was getting late. John looked at Janet. “I hope you will
stay here tonight.” He said holding her in the dim light.
“I haven’t left yet, have I? Can you give me a ride to work
Monday” Janet asked sarcastically. He knew she wanted
to stay. Then her remembered it was Saturday night and smiled
privately. “You know I make a mean breakfast.” She laughed.
“I would not mind making you breakfast or dinner ever. I
love to cook.” She added. “I may take you up on that.” John
said laughing. “Go ahead!” Janet said daring. That was
it for John.
Janet was totally hooked on John. So he was her boss, she
would quit if it was a problem, but she wanted to be part of
his life, even if for a short time. Little did she know he
felt that way also, though she sensed it. She was happy,
she did not want it complicated as with Rick. They popped
a CD in and sang Beatles songs together till nearly four
in the morning. She felt good. She was naked with him and
he enjoyed her, and did not pushed for round two in the bed
as Rick did. She liked sex, just she wanted to be part of it,
not the reason. “God! Was I a dumbass!” she thought, happy
she had broke it off.
“Let’s have one more and get some sleep, you did promise
me breakfast!” John teased her. Janet laughed and said
it was fine, she pushed him away playfully. He smiled and
walked to the kitchen for more. He opened the door and saw
a small split of champagne. “Why not?” John thought and
he grabbed it and two glasses. Janet smiled, “Oh bubbly!”
she gushed as he sat down. John fought with the cap as she
laughed and finally popped the cork. It hit the ceiling
and bounced all over the room out of sight. They both laughed.
He poured their drinks and presented her with one. John
savored her wonderful being in front of him. In his mind
she was everything he sought in mind, spirit and flesh.
They toasted the night and her choice. He kissed Janet and
they broke laughing. “You know, I have not been this relaxed
with a woman ever.” John said. She smiled. “Why do you think
I am here, Shooter?” she joked back really telling him she
meant it. He liked her wit.
Janet was content. She sipped a bit and looked at John. He
was looking hard at her and spoke. She missed what he said
the first time, “Sorry, what did you say?” she returned
to him softly. Then she heard him repeat nervously this
time. “Janet, we have known each other for almost a year.
We have shared tough times and times like today. All were
sweet adventures. Would you like to continue this adventure?”
John asked. She leaned back and smiled wryly, “Of course!”
she said.
He refilled her glass and leaned back on his legs facing
her. She smiled and they toasted. As she slowly sipped the
bubbly cold champagne John continued, “Well now that you
are not betrothed, would you give me the happiness to be
my wife?” he said very serious. Janet choked on her drink.
“What!” she said spitting champagne and coughing. John
was in panic now. “Did I hear that right, are you proposing
to me?” she blurted to him.
Janet’s mind reeled at his words, she really wanted that
to be what she heard. John, now very nervous said, “Yes!
Will you marry me Janet.” She was stunned, he did say it.
“Fuck yes I will!” she shouted loud. Her heart raced, this
was what she really wanted she realized. John was still
stunned and had not absorbed her saying yes. Janet was euphoric
and dropped her glass. She flung her body to his knocking
him over. John’s head hit the coffee table stunning him.
Janet panicked, the guy just proposed and she nearly killed
John started to laugh, “Damn, I would have worn a helmet
and body armor if I knew you would act that way!” he said holding
the back of his head. “I am so sorry!” Janet said soothing
him. Just to repeat, she said, “Yes, I will marry you!” and
she kissed him hard. As she lay on his body stroking him and
feeling on top of the world he spoke. “I never have heard
of a lady saying ‘Fuck yes’ accepting a proposal.” He said
with a laugh held her body. Janet giggled. “You never asked
me before!” She answered. The two laughed hard.
He held her tight and she him. Janet was so happy that her
secret fantasy of six months was real. “I guess the hand
job did it?” she joked. John laughed and teased, “It was
alright, we can work on it!” he said. Janet elbowed his side.
Now that the stress was, they both were over were very turned
on and wanted each other. John pulled her up. “Let’s go to
our bed dear.” He said smiling. She clutched his arm and
nearly dragged him to bed. It was a wonderful day and she
planned to just fuck his brains out now. Janet knew he loved
her, so she wanted to give him a night of pleasure. “Does
this mean I can give my place up and make this girly here?”
Janet laughed. He smiled, “Yeah. If you want. But no fluffy
toilet seats though.” John laughed back
The two fell groping on the bed and soon she was over his legs.
Janet jerked his already hard cock firmly and stared to
him. John felt her take it into her mouth and suck hard. Janet
was determined to make him cum and keep him hard, She had
never tasted a lovers cum and swallowed it, she intended
to now. He watched as she devoured his shaft. He new he would
not last long at this pace. John loved her petite form moving
over him giving him pleasure he knew she wanted to give.

Her pulled her around and sunk his face into her pussy. She
tasted so wonderful. Janet had a robust taste and smell,
not unpleasant, but one that made him harder. He felt her
mouth suck his shaft with purpose as he licked her inner
lips, Janet had a beautiful pussy. John sucked her clit
to his lips and she jerked. Her passion over the proposal
got her and she moaned hard as she came. John felt his face
get soaked as she gushed cum on him.
“Oh God, make love to me!” she said peaking and forgetting
she wanted him to fill her mouth. Janet was far over the edge
in joy as she leaned up and lay back. She strained and pulled
John over her. Her hand grasped his cock and fought to push
it inside her body. Janet wanted kids one day and now she
wanted to feel what it felt like as she would make one with
John soon, she hoped. His cock drove deep to her. Unlike
before making love she wrapped her legs around him. She
never did it before, Janet had felt that was far too intimate.
She never did it to Rick before, in fact they did not even
make love the night he proposed, even though she wanted
John pumped hard to her body. He was happy holding and being
part of her. He felt the same, he hoped to someday give her
a child. He knew her gentle features and mind would make
a good son or daughter. John and Janet pretended it was the
time separately. The passion changed. Earlier love making
they had was wonderful, this was special, no worries, just
caring. He knew one day they would make this kind of moment
with her into a family. It felt wonderful.
Their bodies surged against each other as they built to
release. They had started soft, but firm mating, now it
was abandon. The room filled with their groans and the noises
of their mouths and bodies sucking each other. Janet felt
her body ready for his release. She began to tense as he did
too from the heat they had. “Fill me with you seed. Show me
how you will give me a child.” Janet moaned holding his face.
John smiled at her and kissed Janet hard. His body was there.
Janet felt him tense and jerk, she smiled s his sperm filled
her body again. This was different, she actually felt sad
she was on the pill. She knew one day that this pulsing together
would make a child they both would want. John felt her body
grip his shaft very hard this time. He knew what she was feeling
and thinking. He released to her with no worries in the world,
she would be his wife in the future, Getting her pregnant
was not a concern now.
The two twisted hard and completed. Both were breathing
hard and felt their hearts pounding. John was in heaven,
the lady he wanted said yes. Janet was the same. In the afterglow
they stoked each other and kissed tenderly enjoying just
being together, It was no longer a man wanting a woman or
the other way around. They knew that at every possible moment
they could be able to be naked and close together. It was
not a chase anymore.

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