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It was in the summer, about June, when the corn in our field
was higher than our heads. Jane, my older sister, and I had
to hoe the weeds but, I always was glad when we got to the cornfield.

I didn’t know what to call those parts of our bodies
then. We, at first, referred to them as “it”
and “them”. She eventually told me these
were her “tits” and this was her “pussy”
and that was my “peter”. She would let me touch
her tits and sometimes kiss the nipples and even let me put
my hand in her pants to feel her pussy. She would also put
her hand in my pants and feel my peter. Sometimes, she would
let me put my finger inside her pussy. So, I did know a little
bit about such things.
She started letting me do that the summer I turned eight
years old. She was 13. Before that time we had only played
together. There were no other kids our ages nearby so we
played with each other. That was the year Jane taught me
how to fuck. I didn’t even know what that word meant
until she explained it to me. It just simply happened one
weekend night when the folks had gone dancing on the other
side of town, about 15 miles away. It happened that they
went usually three weekend nights each month.
Jane was always told to baby sit Jennie and me. Jane is five
years older than me. My younger sister, Jennie, is five
years younger than me. I have always been “the in
between one.” <br>
My bedroom window overlooked the dining room table. On
nights when the folks were gone, Jane would turn out all
the lights in the house except the one over the kitchen table
and, dressed in her nightgown, would read from one or two
small booklets that I had never been able to see. And, as
she read, she would become more agitated and would sometimes
turn around on the chair, straddling the corner of the seat.

I would peek through my lowered window shade and knew she
couldn’t see me in my bed. Jennie would be asleep
in the folk’s room in the back of the house. There
was a window on the north side of the house and another pointing
to the road. We lived on a deadened road. If any car came down
that road it would be coming to only one of three houses at
our end of the road. By watching out for a car light shining
through the north window we could make our hasty exits from
whatever we were doing and Jane would hurriedly open her
school books at the table and I would rapidly run to my bed.

One night, after having watched Jane ride the corner of
the chair for a while, I decided to enter the kitchen on the
ruse of having to go pee. I had to walk down the short hall
into the kitchen, and past the table to get to the bathroom.
It was necessary to walk right past her, within touching
This night she had her gown up around her waist and the top
down. She was rubbing her pussy hard on the corner of the
chair and was squeezing her breasts with both hands while
looking at the book on the table. I got out of bed, wearing
only my jockey shorts, and walked down the hall and approached
her at the table. She suddenly looked over at me and made
an effort to regain her composure.
“What are you doing out of bed?” Jane asked.

I told her I had to go pee and proceeded to the bathroom. When
I returned, she told me I had better not ever tell anyone
what I had seen her doing. I told I wouldn’t, but that
I wanted to play some too.
She said that she would let me stay there awhile if I would
do what she said. I told her I would do what she wanted me to
do, and that I wanted to see the book she was reading. She
told me she had gotten the book from a friend and that it was
called a French Fuck book. It was small, about 3x5 inches
and about 1/8” thick. It contained perfectly drawn
pictures of people but their genitals and breasts were
drawn larger than normal, to exaggerate them. Jane told
me I could read the book with her and she would show me what
they were doing in the book, but she again warned me never
to tell anyone what we were about to do. I told her I wouldn’t
because I wanted to see the book and have her pay more attention
to me than she had in the past.
She told me we would read the book together and do what the
people in the book were doing and that it would be fun and
would feel good. My peter had gotten pretty hard by then
and it was poking the front of my shorts out and there was
a wet spot on the cloth. Jane felt my peter and said it had
been growing since we first started playing with each other
a year ago.
She asked, “Do you ever played with it?”
I told her “Sometimes it would gets hard in bed and
I feel and squeeze it and that it fells real good when I do
She said, “I often play with my pussy and it gets real
wet. And I can make my nipples stand out just by playing with
them. I’ll teach you how to do those things to me.”
Jane sat on the edge of the chair and had me stand in front
of her. She was so close I could feel her stomach in my back
and when she moved, her tits would drag across my back.
She opened the book and we started reading and looking at
the pictures. I remember that the book had color pictures
in it and the people looked as real as photographs. The story
was about a man and woman in a house and how they progressed
from casual conversation to intimacy.
Jane would read and turn the pages while I stood there with
my hands on her legs enjoying her body against my back. After
a few pages, the man was undressing the woman.
Jane then said, “Now you undress me the same way he
did.” <br>
She only had on her nightgown and she moved the chair back
a little so I could turn around to face her. She rose up from
the chair to let me pull the gown out from underneath her
and smiled as she told me it was all right. I pulled the gown
up over her head and saw her completely naked for the first
time. I instinctively put my hand on her breast but she scolded
“Just turn around and do what the people in the book
do, ” she said.
She turned a page and the woman helped the man take off his
clothes. At this, Jane slid my shorts off to the floor and
hugged me back again to her belly. Her skin was pretty warm
and she sometimes caught her breath when she was talking.

She turned the next page and it showed the woman playing
with the man’s peter. So, Jane pushed the chair back
and turned me around and held my peter in her hands playing
with it and rubbing it. It was already hard and it felt real
She asked, “Do you liked that?”
I told her, “Sure, but I want to feel your pussy too.”
She again said, “Wait and do what the people in the
book do.” So, she leaned past me and turned the page,
which showed the man playing with the woman’s pussy.

Jane said, “Now you can play with it.”
I felt it and it was real soft and wet. She was just getting
pubic hair, which I didn’t have any as yet. I liked
to run my fingers through her pussy hair.
She said, “Wait, the book gets better.”
She turned more pages, reading the words all the while,
and began to squirm on the chair. And, she pulled me back
into her belly. The woman in the book then did something
I had never seen or thought of before. She was kissing the
man’s peter.
Jane said, “I now have to kiss your peter like the
woman in the book.” <br>
So she got out of the chair and kneeled down on the floor to
get even with my peter and kissed it.
She said, “The woman in the book does more than just
kiss it. Do you want to see what she did?”
I told her, “Sure, do what ever she does.”
With that, Jane put my peter in her mouth and ran her tongue
around and around over and below it, moving her head in and
out from my body. She sucked harder each time she moved in
and out and I felt an unusual sensation between my legs.

Jane asked, “Have you ever “come”
I said, “I don’t know what you mean.”
She said, “I guess you’re not old enough yet.
When you are, white creamy liquid will come out of your peter
when it gets hard.”
I told her that had never happened and she said that was ok.

She turned more pages and I saw the man kissing the woman’s
She said, “You have to do that to me now.” She
scooted to the edge of the chair and I knelt down on the floor
in front of her and touched my tongue to her wet pussy. I didn’t
touch it very hard or in the right place and Jane talked to
me telling me what to do.
She pulled her pussy open with her fingers and said, “Look
for the open place and put my tongue in it.” <br>
I could plainly see that there was a hole there, very open,
and deep too. I put my tongue in it.
Jane said, “That’s it. Now suck it, too.”
I did, and she closed her legs against my head.
Jane said, “Oh, that feels so good.” I had
to push her legs open so I could breath and she said, “You
are learning very good and we were going to have a lot of fun.”
She again emphasized, “But never mention this to
“I won’t, I promise, ” I said.
In a few more pages, the man was putting his peter into the
woman’s pussy and, by turning the pages rapidly,
I could plainly see that he was moving his body back and forth
and the woman was pushing up and down.
Jane said, “We have to go to the bedroom in order to
do that.” She led me to her bed and told me that we were
going to “fuck.” I had never heard that word
before and she told me it meant to do what the people in the
book were doing. She kept telling me not to ever say the words
she was going to teach me or to tell anyone what we were doing.
We sat down on the bed.
She said, “But before we fuck, people first play
with each other and kiss a lot. Here, I’ll show you
what I mean.” I had never kissed a girl before and
she taught me how she liked to do it. She put her lips to mine
and opened them slightly, probing my mouth. I tried to respond
in the same way.
I was pretty awkward but she assured me that I was doing fine
and would get better at it as time went on.
She said, “There is a sequence that boys and girls
go through in order to get ready to fuck. Play with tits and
make the nipples hard by gently squeezing them and rolling
them between your fingers. I did what she told me.
She then said, “Put my nipples in your mouth and suck
them and at the same time, move your hand down to my pussy.
When a woman’s pussy is wet it means that she was ready
to fuck.” I did what she said and told her that her
pussy was real wet and did that mean that she wanted to fuck
She said, “I sure am. Do you want to fuck me?”
I said, “Yes.”
“How much do you want to fuck me?”
I said, “I really want to. My peter is hard like the
man’s peter was in the book.”
She said, “Open my legs.” I did and she made
room for me to crawl on top of her. I found that when we were
lying together like that, that my head was little below
hers looking right at her nipples. I started sucking them
again and she held my head, showing the amount of pressure
she liked. She moved her pussy around on my peter and we found
that my peter met her pubic hair and that by bending only
a little she could kiss me on my mouth while my peter was at
her pussy.
She said, “Oh, god I’m hot.”
I asked, “What does that mean?”
She said, “When a woman gets hot it means that she
wants to fuck right away.”
I asked, “Do you want me to fuck you right now?”
“Yes! Put your peter into my pussy.” It was
awkward so she reached down, grabbed my peter and moved
it into her pussy. I started to move in and out and she moved
up and down. I could tell that she knew how to do it and I asked
her how she knew so much. She just said that she had read about
We fucked for quite a while, longer than I thought she would
want to. I was still at the right distance to suck her nipples,
which she insisted I do. We also would kiss while fucking.
Then I would go back to her nipples and suck.
She asked, “Are you going to come?”
“I don’t know?” <br>
She asked, “How do you like fucking?”
“I like it a lot. Do you like it, too?” <br>
She said, “I reached a climax and it really felt good.”
She had to explain to me what she meant.
She said, “Girls also come and with practice it would
get better. We are going to fuck a lot, every time the folks
go out dancing, but remember, never tell anyone about this.”
We lay on the bed resting and talking.
Jane said, “I’m now going to suck your peter
again to keep it hard.”
I told her, “It’s already hard.” She
sucked it anyway and it sure felt good. She was laying sideways
to me and I could play with her tits while she sucked. She
liked that and made soft noises.
Then she said, “Arch your butt up to me, I want to get
on top of you.” She got of top and fitted her pussy
around my peter. She moved up and down and back and forth,
getting faster and faster until she shuddered all over.
She suddenly fell forward and lay down on me, holding me
She whispered in my ear, “I’m coming again.”
I told her, “I want to see your come.” <br>
She said, “You can’t see it. Its just wetness.
But I really had climaxed.” We then fucked again
for several more minutes. I still didn’t understand
about the come thing.
Jane said, “The folks will be home soon and that we
had to get cleaned up so no one would smell her pussy juice.”
I could smell it and it smelled good. She went with me out
to the bathroom, both of us completely naked. She washed
my peter off and her pussy too.
She put away the French Fuck book in her room and said that
when the folks went dancing again, we would fuck again.
I went to my bed with what I had just learned was called a “hard
on”. Jane came in and felt under the sheet to find
my peter was still hard.
She said, “It will get soft in a little while but I’m
glad it stays hard all the time. As you get older it wouldn’t
stay hard all the time. Were going to fuck a lot, every time
we get a chance and that it would be good.”
I asked her, “Is my peter too small for your pussy?”
She said, “It is just right. It made me come twice.
It will get bigger but the important thing was how we use
it when we fuck.” <br>
I was still a little hesitant to use the words she had taught
me that evening, like “fuck, pussy, peter, etc”.
She said never to repeat them to anyone but her and that she
liked for me to talk to her using them. She had me say the words
to her and tell her what each meant. She said whenever no
one was watching or within hearing distance it would be
OK for us to use those words. She kissed me hard on the mouth
while I was lying in bed, and as she had not yet put on her gown
and panties, I pulled her down so I could suck her tits once
I finally went to sleep thinking about my big sister and
how good she had been to me. I had always wanted to see her
naked and I had wanted to play with her for a long time instead
of just a “grab” in the cornfield. Now, I knew
that she liked to fuck and wanted to fuck me every time we
had a chance. I knew she really meant it because she obviously
liked it a lot. And, I couldn’t wait until the next
After that first time, I was always asking her when we could
do it again and she would say when the folks went dancing,
that would be the time. Whenever no one was watching I would
put my hand on her tit and up under her skirt and she wouldn’t
stop me like she used to do. She told me that the folks would
be gone the coming weekend. Just a week since the first time
she and I fucked together! I could hardly wait until that
night came.
Sometimes, while doing our chores, she would pass closely
by me and whisper that we were going to get to fuck in just
a few more nights. The night we were waiting for finally
came. The folks’ car was hardly out of sight and it
was still light outside when she called me into the house.
Three-year-old Jennie, was not yet ready for bed and was
playing in the front room with her toys.
Jane said, “Lets go into my bedroom, out of sight
and fuck real quickly before Jennie loses interest in her
toys.” We had hardly gotten in the door when I hugged
her waist. Jane always wore a loose dress in the summertime
and had not yet started wearing a bra. She pulled down her
top and I started sucking her tits while she held my head
close to her. She held her tit in her hand and fed it to me,
which made me feel good. She reached down and felt my peter
and said, “It’s already hard. Let’s
do it now.” <br>
Jane lay down on the bed and pulled up her dress. She didn’t
have on her panties and I knew that she had planned it that
way because she always wore them. In the summer I only wore
shorts and she told me to get them off. I did and crawled on
top of her. I was completely naked and she had her dress rolled
up around her belly. She held her pussy up to meet my peter
but I still wasn’t coordinated well enough to find
her hole, so she guided my peter into her.
She was pretty wet and it went in easily.
She whispered into my ear, “Fuck me real hard and
go as fast as you can.” <br>
I was only too ready to comply and was fucking as hard as I
could when Jane suddenly pushed me off her. I bounced on
the bed against the wall and turned over to see Jennie standing
at the door of my room. She only had on a diaper at that age.
Jane hurriedly pulled her dress into place and took Jennie
to the folk’s room and put her in her bed and told her
it was time to go to sleep. Jennie wasn’t ready to
go to sleep yet though.
Jane told me, “Go on outside and play at something
while she got Jennie to sleep.” It seemed like hours
but it wasn’t long.
The sun had gone down and I was tired of playing with my dog.
The chores were all done and I wanted to come in. I went in
the back door and Jane motioned me to be quiet as Jennie was
going to sleep. I tiptoed into the house and went to Jane
and held her around her waist, there in the kitchen, and
she hugged me back.
“OK, ” she said, “we have to be quiet
until Jennie is sound asleep. Lets go to my room so Jennie
can’t hear anything.”
Jane pulled the door closed a little, but still open enough
to see any car lights coming down our road. We got undressed
and we started to hug again.
She told me, “We need to do it the right way.”
We started by kissing each other and with me feeling her
tits at the same time. I found that I enjoyed kissing her.
She showed me how to hold my lips and suck slightly on her
She said, “French people like to put their tongues
in each other mouths when they kiss, ” and she entered
my mouth with her tongue. “Now, you do that to me.”
I did and we took turns doing that while we kissed as I played
with her tits.
She said, “Be sure to play with my nipples like I showed
you last weekend until they get hard and stick out because
that means I will be ready to fuck.”
I rolled her nipples between my thumb and fingers until
each got hard and said “They‘re both hard
now. Are you ready to fuck?”
She said, “I sure am.” But first we were to
continue kiss and let our hands move down each other’s
bodies. She let her hand go down to my peter and held it tightly,
moving her hand just a little bit up and down. I put my hand
on her pussy and it was still wet from our earlier fucking.

She said, “Put a finger in my pussy and move it around.”
I did but I didn’t do it right and she showed me how
she did it.
“Now try it again.” I did it again and she talked
me through my motions until she said it was the right way.

She said, “Remember, the last thing to do before
fucking is for the boy to kiss and suck the girl’s
pussy.” <br>
I told her, “I have wanted to do that all week.”
She opened her legs wide and I scooted down the bed and got
into position between her legs. I lay there a minute just
looking at her pussy. She had light brown hair on her pussy.
I saw that her pussy had a long opening running up and down
and she told me that’s how girls’ pussys looked.
She told me also that she had a place at the top part that was
especially fun for her when it got rubbed. She took my finger
and moved it to a small bump in the top part of the long opening
and moved the end of my finger around and over it to make sure
I knew where it was.
She said, “Suck on that part and flip your tongue
over it real fast.” I was only too eager to do that
and as I did, she started to relax, and then she soon stiffened
her body and moaned slightly and pushed her pussy up higher
to my mouth. I thought I was doing something wrong so I stopped
to ask her.
“Don’t Stop! Nothing is wrong. Just do it
again, quickly.” I did and she started to bump her
bottom up and down on the bed while she held my head to her
pussy. She would catch her breath and would speak in a funny,
jerky way telling me to keep doing it because she was about
to come. Pretty soon, I tasted a strange, sweet tasting
liquid around her pussy.
Jane said, “That’s my cum. Taste it and see
if you like it.” I did and told her it was OK and she
said, “Then lick it off my pussy.” <br>
I started licking and when I was through asked, “Is
that ok?”
She said, “That’s fine. Now it’s my
turn to suck on my peter.” She laid me on my back and
spread my legs wide apart and laid between them with her
mouth over my peter. She took my balls in her hand and rolled
them gently around.
In between sucks, she said, “Someday I will make
you come and be able to have your cum in my mouth.”
She obviously liked to suck my peter and I liked for her to
do it and she lay there running her tongue over the head of
my peter for what seemed like forever.
“Are you ready to fuck yet?”
I said, “I want to real bad.” Jane put my legs
together and my peter was sticking straight up.
She got on top of it and said, “I like to fuck like this
because it feels so good.” <br>
She would ride up and down and back and forth and I pulled
her down to suck her titties, which she also liked very much.

She said, “We fuck together real good and we’re
going to fuck as often as possible.” <br>
She began to tense and I could feel her stomach quiver and
I remembered that last weekend she did the same thing just
before she said she had come. She did it again, and then I
knew she was coming.
She had always encouraged me to talk to her using the words
we had read in the French Fuck book so I asked her “Did
you come?” <br>
“Yes, I came again.” <br>
“Do you want me to fuck you the other way?”
“Yes, ” she said. And she rolled off of me
and lay on her back.
I fucked her, hitting my body against her pussy pretty hard,
and she held my butt with both hands and pulled me into her.
I couldn’t come yet and she knew it. Jane moaned,
“Fuck me until I come again.” And I did.
The second time, she shivered all over and pulled me against
her and she said, “Keep pushing it in until I say stop.”
I did and she went frantic moving her head back and forth
while pulling my ass cheeks towards her as far as she could
get them. I was driving as hard as I could and it was driving
her wild saying, yes, yes, yes, with each stroke I made.

I was getting tired by then and Jane could hardly breath.
“Do you want to stop and rest awhile?” I asked.

“Yes, ” she said between gasps of breath,
“my pussy is getting a little bit sore.”
We lay there next to each other. She cradled my head against
her tit and I ran my tongue over it like she said she liked.
I was bothered by a question all week long and wanted to ask
her but was afraid she might get mad. But, I asked anyway
“How do you know so much about how to fuck”?

Jane said, “Don’t ever tell anybody, but
everybody at school in my class does it.” She said,
“Haven’t you ever played with Ethel?”
Ethel was the girl my age that lived at the far end of our deadened
road. “Sure”, I said, “We have played
a lot before”.
“But have you ever played with her pussy?”
“Not exactly. I’ve grabbed her there but
she pulled back. Once I put her hand on the front of my pants
where she could feel my peter, but she didn’t hold
it very long”.
“When did you do that?” <br>
“On the way home from school in the woods last month
just before school was out”.
I asked Jane if she had ever fucked any of the boys in her class.

“Sure, ” she said. “All the girls do
it except for a few who live south of the school.”
I asked, “Is that how you learned how to fuck so good?”
She said, “Yes, I like to fuck them because the other
girls do it and I want to do it too.” <br>
I asked, “How long have you been fucking them?”
“I only started this school year, but I played around
with some of them before that.”
I said, “The boys in your class are older than me and
their peters are bigger than mine”.
“I know that, but yours will grow and besides, I want
to teach you how to fuck so we can do it whenever we want to.
Besides, you’re my little brother and I wanted to
be the first girl you fucked. It makes me feel good to know
that you want to fuck me and that you’re getting so
good at it.” <br>
“I like to fuck you too”, I said, “but
I don’t know how to do it as good as you do.”
“Don’t worry, ” Jane said, “you
are doing just fine and I bet before long you will be able
to take me down and fuck me even better.” <br>
“What do you mean, take you down, ” I asked.

“I want you to just grab me and throw me on the bed and
suck my pussy and fuck it without me having to tell you what
to do. And you’re getting there. Pretty soon, you
will fuck me like a real little stud.”
I felt pretty good after hearing that. We continued to lie
there, resting, until I thought I would try to do what she
said. I suddenly turned over on my stomach, reached up to
suck her titties and pushed her legs apart with my leg.
I said, “Raise your pussy up because I’m going
to suck you again.” She did hurriedly, and I put my
tongue in her pussy and licked in it like I was licking an
ice cream cone to get all the cream before it melted and ran
down on my hand.
“Oh, suck me good. I want to come. I can feel your tongue
in there. Oh, now you’re sucking on my bud. It feels
so good, do it some more. Keep it up, I’m going to come.”
I licked the cum she had made again and told her “When
I’m old enough to come I want you to lick it up too.”
“Don’t you worry, ” Jane said, “I’ll
suck all the come you can make right out of your peter. Let’s
fuck again”.
So I crawled up on her and finally, my peter went right into
her pussy the first time and I said “I think I know
how to get it in right, now.” <br>
“You did it just fine. Just fuck me good, little brother.”
I felt kind of funny when she addressed me that way. She seldom
said those words except around other people when referring
to me.
I said, “Big sister, I like to fuck you and I want to
keep fucking you all my life.” <br>
“Don’t you worry, you will.” <br>
We continued to fuck until she came again. She said it was
her third or fourth time. We laid still, me on top with my
peter still in her pussy. We talked. She told me about how
she had fucked some of the boys in our end of the neighborhood.
I asked her which one had the biggest peter. She said Bob
had the longest one. I asked her if it hurt when he put it all
the way in and she said it did the first time, but after that
it was OK. I asked her who she liked to fuck the most and she
said “you”. I really felt proud.
She said I should try to fuck Ethel though. I got embarrassed
and said she wouldn’t want to. Jane said that all
girls say that and that she was just young and didn’t
know what fucking was, but that I could convince her to let
me show her.
I said, “I’ll try but I don’t know if
she will. Besides, I want to fuck with you.”
Jane laughed and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll
fuck all we can and you can fuck Ethel, too”.
She said, “I had thought about us doing it all last
school year and had waited until school was out when we would
have more time together. I had figured out how we could do
it when the folks went dancing and that they did that about
three weekends each month. I knew that I could teach you
how to fuck and we could play around all we wanted. We just
had to keep an eye out for car lights and Jennie.”
I asked her, “What are you going to do about Jennie
seeing us naked?” <br>
She said, “It will be all right. She and I always went
around in shorts in the summer and that it wouldn’t
be unusual to her. So, I don’t worry about it any more.”
We washed up and then went to our own beds. In no time at all,
car lights came down the road and slowed up by our drive.
I thought about what had just happened and thought about
how long it would be before the next time.
That first summer with Jane being so good to me passed only
too quickly. We continued to fuck every time the folks went
out and Jane was left at home to baby-sit Jeannie and me.
I wanted to do it more often, but there was no chance without
getting caught.
By the end of that first summer that Jane taught me how to
fuck, I had become pretty good at it. She taught me the way
she liked to do it and I thought I was pretty lucky to have
such a good big sister. She did like to fuck, this I knew.

After school started, I would walk slowly down the road
hoping that Ethel would start out ahead of me, and then when
she entered the woods I would hurry up so as to meet up with
her as soon as we were hidden from view.
The first time we met in the woods, we knew we had nearly half
a mile on the trail to go and that was plenty of time to approach
her. I was somewhat bashful about talking about it to her
but I remembered what Jane had told me and as we walked along,
I reached over to touch her breast and she pulled away. I
told her it was fun to feel each other’s bodies and
that she would soon be learning that.
She said, “I don’t want to do that.”
“But it won’t hurt anything, ” I replied.

Ethel said, “It will wrinkle up my blouse and wouldn’t
look good when she got to school.” I sensed immediately
that the solution was to talk her into it on the way home after
school. So, we talked about that and other things as we walked
and I asked her if I could feel her on the way home.
She said, “Yes, but only if you kiss me first.”
“I will, ” I said, “and it will be fun
and you will like it.” <br>
“OK then, you can do it then, ” Ethel said
and we continued walking through the clearing onto the
school grounds.
I couldn’t wait until the last bell rang. I walked
ahead into the woods out of sight, and since I set rabbit
traps along the creek bed by the trail and knew every part
of the woods, I sat on a favorite log near the trail and waited
for Ethel. Pretty soon she came up the trail and smiled when
she saw me. We had grown up together and had played together
all our lives. We understood each other pretty well.
As she neared me, I started to get up but she motioned me to
stay seated and she sat by me. We were well out of sight of
anyone and she said now I could feel her breasts but after
we kissed. I leaned forward and placed a kiss to her lips.
It was short and closed mouth and it satisfied her requirements.
I told her, “I want to really feel your titties.”
“You shouldn’t say that, ” she replied.

But I told her, “That’s what they are and I
want to see them and feel them.”
I put my hand on her breast. They were naturally small, but
there was a decided protrusion. Her blouse was a little
tight and I wanted to feel her titties with my fingers. I
started to undo her top button and she withdrew a bit. She
wasn’t too keen on the idea of letting me open her
blouse but finally relented and I undid her buttons down
to her skirt, and opened her blouse.
She was blushing and said, “We shouldn’t
be doing this, you know.”
I said, “I know, but no one will know and besides I
think you want to.” <br>
She blushed even more and said, “I figured that someday
we would do this.” <br>
I told her “Let me show you something you will like.”
At that, remembering what Jane had said and taught me, I
kissed her fully on her mouth and she pressed her chest and
small titties into me hand. As we kissed, she put her arms
around my neck and swayed a bit.
I slowly touched my tongue to her lips and pressed until
she parted hers, first slowly and then more until my tongue
was entering her mouth. She started to pull back but I held
her close and put my tongue further into her mouth touching
her tongue and moving mine over and around it.
She squirmed on the log and pulled away.
“Where did you learn about that?” she said.
I didn’t want to tell her it was Jane, so I said I read
about it. She let me freely play with her little titties
and I kissed each of her nipples. They didn’t stick
out like I hoped they would, but were extensions of the pink
round spot. I knew Jane was right, because Ethel had really
meant she wanted to do this even though she at first said
she didn’t.
I held her hand and guided it to my peter, which was getting
“Don’t do that, ” she said. But she
did not pull her hand back very quickly and I knew she had
felt it good. She said she had to go on home then and buttoned
up her blouse. I kissed her again rather quickly and we continued
on through the woods. We agreed we would do that again, sometime
The following weekend the folks went out again and I was
anxious to fuck with Jane. After Jennie went to sleep, we
both hurriedly undressed and went to her bed. She was very
wet when I felt her pussy and I knew she was ready to fuck even
though we hadn’t gone through the first part the
way she liked.
We kissed and hugged and she put my peter between her thighs
as we lay on our sides and I sucked her nipples. She would
squeeze her thighs on my peter and hold her tit to my mouth
and would talk to me the way she liked to when we were fucking.
“I want you to fuck me real hard, ” she said.

“I will, you know I will, ” I replied.
“I want to come a lot tonight. I think I’m full
of cum, ” Jane said without hesitation.
“I hope you do, ” I told her, knowing that
she liked for me to lick it up. I had gotten where I liked to
do that. It tasted good and I knew that she made it because
she liked to fuck me. I had become more assertive as time
went on, and remembering what Jane had been teaching me.
I rolled over on my back and said “Get on top and ride
my peter like you like to do. I like it when you do that because
then I can play with your titties at the same time.”
She responded quickly and sat down on my peter and began
rocking back and forth.
“Oh, it feels so good this way. Suck my titties, quick.
I want to come. Put your finger inside my pussy beside your
peter and finger fuck me too.” <br>
We had begun doing that not long ago and I knew it would make
her come quicker. As I did, she began to move faster and soon
the lower part of her belly began to jerk suddenly and I knew
she was coming.
“Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming, ”
she moaned and laid down on me still moving her pussy up and
down on my peter. “That was really good. Did you like
it?” she finally asked.
“I sure did, ” I replied, panting with the
exertion. We continued to lay like that, the way she liked
to, her on top, with my peter still in her wet pussy, while
she moved slightly back and forth and I would move in time
with her, making our bottoms meet at each stroke.
We had gotten real good at fucking with that rhythm. She
kissed me over and over again, French style, hugging me
tightly as I held her butt tightly and pulled her onto my
peter as much as I could. We lay like that for what seemed
like a long time, but was probably only several minutes.
My peter was still hard but she rolled over and lay beside
Almost as if she was reading my mind, she asked, “Did
you try to get Ethel to fuck yet?” <br>
I was almost embarrassed at how well she knew me and I replied
“She did let me play with her titties last week on
the way home from school.”
Jane was really excited about that and rolled onto her side
and propped her head on her hand so as to talk with me. “Tell
me about it, ” she said.
I told her everything that had happened. “See, I
told you she would let you. Before long she will let you fuck
her too.” <br>
“I don’t know about that. She wasn’t
too quick about letting me do what I did, ” I said.
Jane was obviously glad that we had gone as far as we did.
She then told me that Elsie, her girlfriend, Ethel’s
oldest sister, had told her that Ethel had told her about
what had happened. I was somewhat taken back that Ethel
had told her big sister, Elsie, about it. Elsie was one year
older than Jane and they had grown up together too, as playmates.
Elsie had reddish-brown hair that hung down to her shoulders
and she was about Jane’s height.
Since I had started fucking Jane, I had been paying more
attention to the girls, and older ones at that. I had seen
Elsie all my life, her living just down the road from us.
But now I noticed that she had larger breasts than Jane and
that her butt was not as wide. Otherwise, they were about
the same size.
Summer turned into winter before I knew it and the folks
didn’t go out as often. The few times they did we were
sure to fuck as soon as Jennie was asleep. During the coldest
nights when they were gone, we would get under the covers
and play “grownup” and fuck as heartily as
we could.
There were times when Jane and Elsie would stay over at each
other’s house, spending the night, but only on Friday
nights. Some of the times were when the folks were going
out and Elsie would spend the night at our house. If the folks
did not go out, Jane would often spend the night at her house.
There would be no school the next day and they would play
throughout the next morning.
I had a boy friend, Carl, who lived about a quarter of a mile
east near the winding creek at the foot of the mountain.
Carl was a year younger than me and was rather shy, even in
school. I was about the only friend he had and we also would
spend nights at each other’s house, also only on
Friday nights. We mainly hunted and camped out along the
creek together. We sometimes talked about sex. Carl had
not had any experiences with girls as yet so I tried to tell
him about it and what to do. We would both get hard and stroke
our peters.
On one of our camp outs, I was talking about how it felt to
have someone suck your peter.
He asked. “Why you would do it?”
I told him, “Because it felt good. You have to have
someone else do it because you couldn’t do it to your
self.” He tried and realized that he couldn’t
suck himself.
So I said, “Let me show you, ” and proceeded
to put his peter in my mouth, suck, and go up and down like
Jane does to me. After doing it for about five minutes, I
asked Carl how it felt.
He said, “It really feels good.” <br>
I then told him, “Here, suck mine.” Reluctant
at first, he lowered his head and put my peter in his mouth.
I had to direct him to move faster and put more suction on
it until he got to the point where I enjoyed it.
From that point on, whenever Carl and I got together, we
would end up sucking each other, sometimes at the same time
in a 69. Neither of us could reach a climax but we both enjoyed
I told him about the French Fuck book and that it showed two
men kissing and fucking. We tried kissing and after a little
practice, turned out quite well. Carl had a longer than
normal tongue and it was almost like being fucked by a tongue.
We made kissing a normal part of our routine, but only when
we were alone.
On one of our camping tips, I had Carl lay face down on the
cot and after massaging his back, worked my way down to his
ass. After rubbing his ass cheeks, I wet my finger and started
to insert it into his hole. He was very tight and it took him
a while to loosen up till finally my finger was going in and
out without much trouble. I then put saliva on my peter and
slowly pressed it in.
Every time he said it hurt, I would back off then proceed
again until finally I was all the way into his ass. I then
started going in and out. It felt like fucking Jane but was
much tighter. As I lay on top of him and kissed his neck and
nibbled on his ear, which he said felt better than being
fucked. When I pulled out of him, he said he felt like he had
to take a shit but when he tried to, nothing came out.
I then lay down on the cot and Carl started to massage me.
He went through the same routine I had done to him.
He said, “I like this way better than the other.”
I told him, “To get the good you have to give the other.”
He agreed and continued to pump away. He didn’t want
to stop but finally gave out from exhaustion. We would go
to sleep in each other’s arms each holding the other’s
peter. This went on throughout the summer and fall and we
both could not wait for spring to come. Fucking had become
a standard thing we did and after a while, became very pleasurable
whether giving or receiving.
The winter turned to spring and Jane had turned 14. Elsie
was 15. I was 9 then. When Elsie came to spend the night on
the nights that the folks were gone, Jane told me that she
had company and I would have to stay in my room. But, she said,
she would make it up to me by fucking me at other times, somehow.

Elsie was good looking and had those bigger titties. I envied
Jane that she would be that close to them. The first night
I remember that Elsie stayed over when the folks were gone
was really something for me. As soon as the folks were out
of sight, Jane put Jennie and me to bed and told us to go to
sleep. It was way too early for me to go to sleep though. I
had grown a good bit since last school year. I knew that I
was now only a head height shorter than Jane and I also knew
that my peter was a much bigger.
Now another school year was more than half over. And Elsie
was spending another night at our house and she and Jane
had gone to her bedroom, leaving the door about half open,
as usual. I lay in bed for a long time and was unable to sleep.
I heard noises from their bedroom but I couldn’t
make out what they were saying. I tiptoed down the hall,
through the kitchen, hoping the light would not throw my
shadow, and sneaked up to their bedroom door. At that place,
the kitchen light did not shine very brightly at all; there
was only dimly reflected light. I knew that I was probably
safe and wouldn’t be noticed. I put my head around
the door casing and saw them lying on the bed.
They were completely naked and were kissing and playing
with each other’s titties and I saw Elsie put her
hand on her pussy, and I knew she was masturbating. Jane
had showed me how she masturbated and we had both done it
while watching each other several times. Jane could come
across from me on her bed but I had yet to be able to. We would
lie facing each other so we could watch each other masturbate.

I knew they were fucking but I didn’t know how they
really could since there was no peter involved. I stood
there very quietly for several minutes watching how they
would rub their pussys together and I knew they were French
kissing. They were taking turns sucking each other’s
titties. I was getting really hard just watching but I was
afraid I would be seen so I tiptoed back to bed and lay there
just listening.
I lay there trying to comprehend all that I had just seen.
Undoubtedly, Jane and Elsie had been doing that for some
time. That would explain why they were spending nights
together more often than before. Also, Jane had told me
that Ethel had told her sister, Elsie, about us playing
with each other on the way home from school that first time
we did it.
I didn’t know if Ethel had told her about all the other
times we had done it since then. We had never fucked but Ethel
had let me feel her pussy with my fingers and even stick one
in a little bit. She was always a little bit hesitant about
feeling my peter but would eventually come around and hold
it in her hand and I would clasp her hand tightly around it
and she would continue to squeeze after I let go.
We would do those things often on the way home from school
along that trail, but only if the weather was nice and the
ground wasn’t muddy. Then we had to walk the long
way around the road and there was no chance to touch and even
being seen walking too close together was sure to cause
any other kids close by to tease.
I knew it was only a matter of time until Ethel and I would
go all the way but I didn’t know when. Meanwhile,
I was really wondering what Jane and Elsie were doing and
how they could do it with out a peter. I spent many nights
thinking about it and I knew that eventually I would ask
Jane about it. But, I also had Ethel on my mind.
I also lusted after Elsie. Elsie came over for a night of
girl-talk and makeup with my sis. I remember studying her
every move, her walk, the way her beautiful raven hair danced
about her back, and everything about this girl turned me
on. I was just a kid and she was way out of my league, or so I
So Elsie was getting ready for bed and was gathering her
stuff to take a shower, and of course there I was waiting
in anticipation. I don’t know what came over me but
I simply had to see her, naked again.
I climbed on the top of the window outside the bathroom;
my legs were shaking from nervousness and excitement.
As I peered over the wall I could hear the gentle sound of
the shower and feel the heat of the rising steam. I looked
in the shower but she wasn’t there, then I saw that
she was on the floor and she was playing with herself.
My cock leaped at the sight, I couldn’t believe my
luck. She was a goddess, perfect rounded breasts with dark
nipples, which stood erect as she worked her pussy to a wet
She squirmed and opened her legs wider and I caught a glimpse
of her pussy. It was beautiful and tiny with a light dusting
of curls. I was so aroused I started rubbing my erection
against the wall as she started moaning. Her lips were parted
and her supple body had sheen of sweat as she bucked and gasped
at her hard orgasm.
At this point I almost fell from my vantage point from sheer
excitement, so I decided it was time to leave the glorious
Later that evening when everyone was asleep I heard my door
slowly open. It was Elsie and she seemed pissed off.
“I saw you peeking in on me!” she said sternly.

I started apologizing feeling genuinely sorry for invading
her privacy, secretly knowing that I would not trade the
world for the image of seeing her finger her clit. After
a few moments of silence, she calmed down some and said that
I had to do what ever she told me to do or she would tell my sister.

She stood me up as she laid back on the bed and said matter
of factly, “Take out your cock, I wanna see it.”
Stunned by the request and not believing my ears, I paused
staring dumbly, then slowly reached down and pulled my
hardening dick through the fly of my boxer shorts. She stared
in fascination as my dick became hard, growing and becoming
more erect until it stood up straight and tall.
I said nothing and she meekly took one finger and gently
touched the eye. My penis convulsed and her eyes grew wider
as she warmly encircled it with her delicate fingers and
began massaging it up and down. My buttocks clenched and
I thrust my hips forward trying to get her to jerk me harder
and she complied.
At this point I was having trouble breathing. She bent down
and sniffed at my dickhead. I don’t know if she was
repulsed or tuned on by my scent but she stuck her tongue
out and licked it. I thought I was going to die, it felt so
good. Soon she opened her mouth a little and slid my throbbing
young cock all the way in.
The warmth of her wet, satin mouth and velvet snake-like
tongue drove me wild with my muscles straining as hard as
they could get and for the first time in my life I reached
a climax. I had to steady myself by placing my hands on Elsie’s
head. It wasn’t much cum but I came shooting it into
her mouth. To my surprise she didn’t stop sucking
until she had drained me completely, keeping an insistent
rhythm bobbing her head up and down. She then pulled my face
to hers and French kissed me, pushing my cum from her mouth
to mine.
She then slipped her virginal looking nightgown over her
head and I saw her completely naked. My eyes drank in her
body; her breasts were upturned as if aching for my touch.
Her pussy hair looked beautiful hiding her slit. She sat
me down on the bed and put one leg up as she fingered herself.
I stared in amazement at her wet pussy, I could hear the sloppy
noises as she inserted her finger a little, inches from
my face I could smell her womanly sweetness and to my amazement
I was becoming hard again.
I reached forward and gently lapped at her soaking pussy
lips, loving the salty/sweet flavor. Greedier now, I opened
her legs wider and thrust my tongue into her opening as far
as it would go as my nose ticked her swollen clit. She gyrated
her hips and started moaning. Then she turned around and
with a sheepish look parted her heavy ass cheeks to give
me a better view of her anus. Feeling my bravery growing
as well as my dick I stuck my tongue out and softly rimmed
around her ass hole ending up with my tongue, slightly penetrating
her hole.
She let out a breathy; “Oooohhhhh” and her
legs extended clamping my head as the sensation shot up
her spine. She ground her ass crack into my face as she fingered
herself to a bucking climax, her ass clenching and unclenching
with each powerful wave. She finally relaxed with her legs
still draped over my shoulders. I lay there with my face
against her pussy, smothered with her cum.
“Lick it up, lick it all up!” Elsie ordered
me. So I started licking and sucking, enjoying the taste
as it went down my throat.
Satisfied she smiled at me and told me to turn around. She
took hold of my now rigid cock and rapidly jerked it up and
down then put her mouth around it. She did this until she
had managed to lather my cock with saliva, tracing every
vein with her tongue.
“I’m going to make you my boy-toy. You be ready
for me at every time I come over here, you understand?”
she said, looked right at me.
I said I did and told her I would be ready.
She positioned me between her thighs and she put the head
of my penis at her cunt and just as the tip was entering she
let out a sigh. I thought I hurt her so I was pulling out, until
she grabbed my butt with both hands and started pushing
me forward, deeper into her pussy. Slowly my cock inched
into her wet, slick cave until I was fully sheathed. I lifted
my head up and kissed her, mixing our cums together.
The sensation was tremendous; it felt as if my cock was on
fire, every nerve ending cried out in utter carnal pleasure.
I managed to shove and buck into her violently and as I looked
up at her she had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face as
she gazed back at me. She rolled her hips several times and
that was all it took for me to reach my second climax. I shuddered
and convulsed until I was finished with the orgasm of my
young life. She held me then against her tender breasts
with my limp dick still in her slit. I looked into her beautiful
face and kissed her again.
I heard a rustle noise by the door and looked to see Jane standing
there with her hand masturbating her hot pussy.
“See, I told you he would be good for you!”
directing her statement to Elsie.
“He sure was and he’s going to be, right my
little boy-toy?” I nodded yes as
Jane walked forward and joined us on the bed giving each
of us a warm, wet kiss.
“You now have to tell Ethel how good he is, ”
Jane told Elsie as she rolled me over on my back. Once there,
she raised her leg over my head and lowered her pussy down
on my face. Elsie rose up and straddled my hips facing Jane
and the two started kissing. As I started eating Jane, my
peter started to get hard again which Elsie noticed. She
stroked it with her hand until she guided it into her pussy.

Both Jane and Elsie were moving back and forth, one on my
peter, the other on my face. Jane became very wet and as she
climaxed, her cum started running out, filling my mouth
and covering the rest of my face. Jane got off my face only
to be replaced by Elsie. Jane gave my peter a few sucks then
climbed aboard driving all the way down.
They both started their movements again and soon they were
coming again. They held their embrace with each other,
kissing, sucking each other’s tits, and fingering
each other’s clits. My head was soaked as well as
my peter, legs and stomach.
The girls both got off and Jane started to suck my peter.
Elsie started sucking my nipples and French kissing me.
Jane had said she wanted to be the first to make me climax
but would settle for one on the same day as my first. She knew
how to give me a blowjob and just what it took to get me excited.
It wasn’t long in coming, the climax hit me like a
ton of bricks, and Jane finally got her mouthful of cum.
She continued to suck me until I was totally soft.
The girls left me and went to their bedroom but not before
telling me to save up my energy for the next time. I told them
“I love you.” They said, “We love you
too.” Just before I went to sleep, I heard sounds
of moaning coming from their room. I smiled, knowing what
they were doing. I slept very sound that night.
The next morning while doing my chores, Jennie came up to
me and said that she had been watching Jane and me and had
also seen me with Elsie. She said I want to be included in
the fun or else she would tell mom and dad.
I told her that she was too young and she said, “I don’t
care, I want to be included, and besides, I’m almost
six years old.” I told her I would have to think about
it and would have to talk to Jane.
Jane and Elsie were still in bed when I walked into the room.
I woke Jane and told her what Jennie had said. Jane thought
about it for a minute and finally said, “We’ll
have to include her to keep her from telling. We’ll
just have to figure something out.” So I left and
told Jennie we would include her but she was too young to
do everything. She said that was ok and went skipping off.
The next time our folks went dancing, instead of putting
Jennie to bed, Jane and I got the French Fuck book out and
placed it on the table. Jane sat across from us watching
and told Jennie that she could only do the oral parts.
The first thing was to kiss. Jennie was shocked when I French
kissed her. She finally opened her lips and our tongues
played with each other. I then told her to go give Jane a kiss,
which turned into a kiss lasting about a minute. Jennie
returned to me and stood in between my legs facing the table
and book.
We then went through the routine Jane had done with me only
Jennie was to stand in front on me as I turned the pages. Jennie
was to do what the book told her to do. It started with her
undressing me, then me undressing her until her bare back
was pressed against my chest. Jane took her own clothes
off, all except her panties.
I, of course, got a hard on and Jennie could feel it pressing
her backside. I reached around her and felt her flat tities,
slightly pinching her nipples. She then turned around
and sucked my nipples. Jane told her to come over to her and
sucked on Jennie’s nipples and in turn, Jennie sucked
Jane’s, which of course were much more prominent,
some of which was attributed to me sucking Jane’s
nipples over the past two years. Jennie liked that very
much as did Jane with her eyes closed, holding Jennie’s
head to them with pressure. Jennie finally returned to
her position in front of me and looked at the book.
The next page showed the woman sucking the man’s
peter so Jennie turned around and put my peter in her mouth.
She didn’t do anything at first so Jane came over
and showed her what to do, taking it in her mouth and sucking
while going up and down. Jennie then tried it again and was
better but was told that with practice, she would become
very good at it.
The next page showed the man licking the woman’s
pussy so I lifted Jennie on to the table and while sitting
on the chair, proceeded to lick and suck her smooth, hairless
pussy lips and tiny bud of a clit. She especially liked this.
After a few minutes, Jane came over and told me to get up so
she could lick Jennie. She did not sit as I had, rather bent
over and put her head between Jennie’s legs. I watched
with a ragging hard on as Jennie began to squirm and move
her hips. In the mean time, I got behind Jane and pulled her
panties down and proceeded to fuck her from behind.
Jane stopped me saying if Jennie is to learn, she has to complete
the different things she is going to have to do. With this,
Jane sat on the chair with her ass close to the edge and told
Jennie to come eat her pussy. I got down there with her and
pointed out the various places that Jane liked best and
what to lick and what to suck and nibble on. Jane became very
excited and climaxed with her cum covering Jennie’s
face. I told her she had to lick it all up and swallow. Jennie,
with a little surprise look on her face, cleaned Jane up.

Jennie kept going back and looking at the pictures in the
book till Jane said, “That’s enough lessons,
now lets go to my room and practice.”
Jennie was very happy with the night and was never put to
bed early again.
She became another mouth and two hands to help fulfill the
excitement of the night. Because of her small hands, Jennie
was able to insert not only her fingers in Jane’s
pussy but her whole hand, which drove Jane wild.
As I was sucking and squeezing Jane’s nipples, Jennie
was moving her hand and arm in and out of Jane while moving
her finger back and forth inside Jane’s pussy. Jane
bucked the hardest I had ever seen her do when this happened
and she had to admit she was glad Jennie had joined us.
It was shortly after this that Jennie was moved from my folk’s
bedroom to Jane’s. Jane put up a small front against
this to mother but inwardly, Jane couldn’t think
of anything better. For Jane and Jennie it meant they did
not have to wait until the folks went out. And Jane had become
addicted to Jennie’s fisting.
Jennie’s chores now included weeding the cornfields
so the two of us were out there quite often. Every so often,
when we were definitely out of sight of anyone, Jennie would
say she “This is a good time for me to practice sucking
your peter.” I would take my pants off and lay down
between the rows and she would practice on my peter. She
got better as time went on and finally was able to make me
After that, I said, “If you can make me climax, I have
to respond to you.” So we would end up in a 69 with me
sucking her pussy and rimming her ass hole. She enjoyed
it immensely but did not cum. She was still too young. But
you had to give her A for effort. She tried her best to perform
like the older ones.
Jane had set the rules about Jennie and number one was no
penetration into her pussy or ass hole. Jane said the day
would come that it would be right for me to take her cherry
but until she told me, Jennie was off limits. Oral only was
the name of the game. Of this, Jennie and I practiced oral
as much as possible and she became almost devoted to me.
However, Jennie and Jane loved to 69 each other and Jane
always had Jennie fist her.
I had sex a few more time with Elsie when she stayed over night
with Jane, but I felt like I was only a fill in to satisfy her
need for a peter since I was the only peter around. I also
found out she had tried Jennie’s fisting and had
liked it.
During one of our sessions, she had told me that she had talked
with her sister and told her that she thought I would be a
very good choice to be her sister’s first one. I don’t
know how much she told her about us but she seemed to be trying
to foster up a relationship that would stay in a close group.

I still had my chores to do and Jennie to take care of when
she ran me down in the cornfield. And of course Jane required
my attention whenever she wanted it. I felt I had passed
by the efforts of the French Fuck book. I was amazed how my
peter had grown over the last three years. I guess it was
the exercise or suction that did it. It was now almost 7 inches
and every girl I was with now remarked how nice it was.
Even Carl was amazed. He had grown along with it, at least
his ability to receive it. We still went on our camping trips
and we still kissed, sucked, and fucked. I had tried to get
Carl to try and have sex with a girl but he just didn’t
seem to want to. He was too shy around anyone, and he preferred
to have things the way they were, he and I having our thing.
He had started to become effeminate and I told him that he
could not do that. To have sex was one thing, but to display
it would be disastrous.
He told me he loved me and loved the sex we had and nothing
could ever change that. I told him that our relationship
was only friendly, and sexual for pleasure only, and that
he would someday meet the right girl that fitted him, and
that he would then

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WOW! That is one of the most erotic stories I have ever read.
I had some experiences with my neighborhood friends when
I was young. Most of it was sucking each others cocks, no
fucking. But you were just so fortunate. I love the way the
story unfolded, and as I played with my own cock, I thought
back to those early days....


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very sexy storie lucky you


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I was an only child...however i was able to find friends who were egar to test the times when you really don't know for sure what to do...