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JANICE (fm:older women/men)


I was having an awful morning; I was sat at work with the mother
of all
headaches; by lunchtime I'd had enough and told my
boss I was going
home early; forty five minutes later I was opening the front
door to
the house I shared with my parents. As I walked into the hallway
heard moaning from upstairs; the kind of moaning that comes
from having
sex; I knew my dad wasn't home so I closed the door as
quietly as
possible and crept upstairs, following the noise; it led
to my parents'
bedroom. The door was open and I looked into the room; what
I saw both
shocked me and aroused me. My mum was laid naked on her back,
her hands
massaging her tits, her legs bent at the knee and open; between
was a woman wearing stay up black stockings who was obviously
her pussy; as I watched I realised it was a neighbour. I know
shouldn't have stayed looking, but I couldn't
move. I'm used to seeing
my mother partially naked as she wears skimpy bikinis when
sun bathing
on our back lawn, but I'd never seen her playing with
her tits before.

"OHMYGOD Janice lick me, lick my cunt and clit I'm
ready to come", I
heard my mother beg her lover. She repeated her request
over and over
until she came; a loud cry erupting from her mouth as I watched

"Oh fucking hell Janice you certainly know how to
eat pussy", my mother

"You enjoyed it then", Janice replied.

"I haven't come like that in a long time",
my mother replied as she
caressed her lover's hair.

I've heard with dad, but her saying it to another woman
was a different
matter; here was my mother having sex with another woman;
the sight of
which had given me a hard on that had to be dealt with and I
myself away from the door, downstairs and into the kitchen
and from
there into the garage; not the best place to bring yourself
off; but I
needed to be discreet; besides I was so turned on I only needed
a few
strokes before jets of come exploded my cock as I moaned
as quietly as
I could. When I'd cleaned myself up I made my way from
the house as
quietly as I'd entered it, climbed in my car and with
the sight of my
mother with a woman between her legs I drove off, not knowing
where I
was going to end up. On my travels I stopped a made phone call
from a
booth; telling my employer I'd be off work for the rest
of the week and
then I returned home at my normal time to find mum acting
as if nothing
had happened; but then she didn't know what I knew.

As I'd been driving round the event I'd just witnessed
played over and
over in my mind. My mum was having a lesbian affair behind
dad's back;
I knew her and dad fucked other people, but it was always
as couples;
well, as far as I knew they did. It would have to end and end
soon; all
I had to do now was devise of a way to do it.

I was up at my usual time the next day. I quickly dressed and
left the
house, climbed into my car and drove round to where Janice
lived with
her husband; I wasn't sure what time he left so I had
to be there extra
early. I parked up the road from her house and waited; I didn't
long to wait, which was a bit of a surprise; what surprised
me more was
to see him carrying an overnight bag. I gave him five minutes
to ensure
he wasn't returning before I got from my car and walked
up to their
front door and knocked on it. Less than two minutes later
dressed in just a see through dressing gown tied so her tits
and pussy
were hidden from view opened the door.

"Can I help you"? She asked, with a confused
look on her face, but
making no attempt to conceal herself further.

"Yes you can, but I don't think it best to discuss
it here", I answered.
She now looked intrigued and beckoned me into the house.
I gave a sly
sniff as I passed her; she smelt of good quality perfume.
Go into the
lounge, I'll be with you when I've changed into
something more

"Dressed as you are looks fine to me", I replied.
She followed me into
the lounge and sat in a chair while I chose to sit on the sofa.

"Now young man; what is it you can help me with"?

I came straight to the point; there was no need to beat about
the bush
and my cock was becoming uncomfortable.

"My name is Phil", I said

"I know what your name is; now what is all this about",
she interrupted.

How long have you been having sex with my mother"?
I asked.

"I beg your pardon. What do you mean by coming here
and accusing me of
sexual relations with another woman? I think you should
leave young
man". She replied tersely as she rose from the chair.

"I'm going nowhere yet. Now sit down! I saw you
and her two days ago on
her bed; she was begging you to eat her pussy and make her
come. Your
head was between her legs. I stood and watched as you ate
her pussy
until she came. I heard her say it was the best one she'd
had for a
long time". I watched the colour drain from her face
at the realisation
of being caught. "I ask again; how long have you two
been fucking each

"Not....not long.....about...a...month I think",
she stammered in reply.
"Does she know you know about us"? I didn't
answer her question.

"Who started it"?

"I....I did. I've wanted her for a long time;
then I saw her in our
local gym. Your mum was the only other person in that night
and we soon
began chatting. As we chatted I became turned on by her and
what she
was wearing. She had on a tiny pair of shorts and a crop top
and apart
from her trainers there was nothing else. Both pieces of
clothing were
wet with sweat and I could see her nipples poking through
the thin
material and her shorts had moulded themselves to her pussy.
I was
becoming more and more aroused and attracted to her and
finally told
her so". I knew what she'd be wearing; it was always
the same.

"What happened next"?

"She....she didn't say anything; she just carried
on exercising and I
kept watching her until she said she was going in the shower
and then
home. The way she looked at me told me to follow her and I did.
watched as she slipped her wet clothes from her body; she
knew I was
looking and took her time. She had her back to me as she undressed,
once naked she turned around. She has a most wonderful figure;

"I don't wish to know; she's my mother; remember",
I said sternly.

"I'm sorry; I was forgetting. I offered to wash
her back for her. It
seemed a good excuse to touch her. Things snowballed from
there and we
ended up kissing; she was hesitant at first, but she quickly
kissing me back and when we broke off I told her I wanted to
make love
to her. She said she wasn't into women in that way and
had never done
it with a woman; only men. I told her that if she did she may
things differently. As she dressed, she said she would
think about it.
I wrote down my mobile number and gave it to her; then she

"Then what"? I asked, looking at her. Her legs
had parted slightly and
her gown had slipped from them; I could see the insides of
her thighs
and my cock twitched. She made no attempt to cover or close
her legs.

"Your mother phoned me the next day and asked to meet
me. I suggested
she came round here and we talked it over and eventually
we made love.
You see I'm bisexual and it seems your mother has the
same tendency;
only she's always been in denial".

"Does your husband know this? Does he know he's
married to a part time
dyke slut who picks up women in gymnasium showers"?

"Derek has no idea and I dread to think what would happen
if he
discovered my secret", she said as her head dropped
slightly. I noticed
her legs open a little wider as she spoke. "He's
a good man with a good
job, but he's away from home all week; he works Monday
to Friday in
London. I have a high sex drive you see, but I don't consider
myself a
slut even though I need sex during the week; I have my vibrators
but I
need more than they provide. I know he wouldn't take
kindly to me
cheating on him. He wouldn't be violent or anything;
but I'm sure he'd
throw me out and if he did I'd have nowhere to turn; my
parents are
both dead and my sister lives miles away". She stood
up and as she did
her dressing gown belt loosened slightly; more by design
than accident
I think. The gown remained closed but revealed the outline
of her
decent sized tits. My cock twitched again.

"How regularly do you fuck behind his back"?
I asked.

"Not a lot. I have to be careful as I've said",
she replied. "Why do

"Curiosity; call it curiosity", I replied.

"Does anyone know you're here"? She asked
as she sat down again.

"No not yet. My mother doesn't know she's
been discovered and my dad has
no idea he's married to a fucking lesbian who shags
her lover in his
bed. Can you imagine how he'd feel if he found that out"?
Tears welled
up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry", she said as the tears trickled
down her cheeks.

"Is that it? You're sorry; you're fucking
sorry. You should be more than
sorry bitch; you should be fucking ashamed. If he finds
out it'll
fucking kill him inside; he dotes on my mother and this is
how she
repays him".

"If it's any consolation, this is the first time
she's done anything
like this".

"Is that supposed to make things better? Well believe
me when I tell you
it doesn't". She had her head in her hands and
she was now openly
crying. "Can you imagine the damage that would be
caused if I let slip
about this". Her head shot up and she stared me in the
face with a look
of sheer terror in her eyes; I now had her exactly where I
wanted her.

"Oh God please don't say anything, please, I
beg you". Tears were
rolling down her face in rivers and dropping onto her dressing
"Please don't tell anyone; I'm begging
you". Her head was in her hands
again and she sobbed uncontrollably. I wasn't about
to tell anyone
about this; there was no point; my dad would be pissed at
mum for
screwing behind his back, but only because she'd kept
it quiet from
him; but I wasn't going to tell Janice that; she had
to think they'd
split up over it; besides, she was more bothered about saving
her own
skin. As I looked at her she raised her head and wiped away
her tears.

"What....what will it take for you to keep quiet about
all this? I can
pay you." She said in between sobs. Bingo; she was

"I don't want your fucking money. I want you.
I want to fuck you; when
and where I want. How I want". I said; looking her directly
in the eye.


"No buts bitch; that's the deal; I fuck you for
as long as I say; or
your husband discovers your little secret".

"I have no choice do I"?

"Not if you want to stay married you don't",
I taunted.

"When do I have start"?

You can start right now; by getting rid of the dressing gown".
remained still and silent. "NOW"! With her
head lowered she stood and
pulled the gown's belt loose; the gown opened and revealed
two firm
tits, a well toned body and a pussy with well tended pubic
hair. As I
watched she slid the gown from her shoulders I walked towards
her and
reached out with both hands, taking a tit in each one and
them; they were still firm and heavy; I looked at her face;
her eyes
were closed and her mouth open slightly; she moaned gently.
I slid a
hand down her body and she shifted slightly as if knowing
my next move.
I reached her well trimmed bush and she groaned as I massaged
her pubic
mound. I watched her face as she moved her head in small circles,
the while moaning; then I slid my hand between her open legs
and ran it
across her pussy lips. Her moans become a long sigh as I slid
a finger
inside her pussy, closely followed by two more; fuck me,
was she wet;
another followed and her sighs had turned to groans as I
finger fucked
her pussy.

"Oh please don't stop. Please carry on; please
make me come", she begged
between intakes of breath. She sighed with disappointment
when I slid
my fingers from her; she would come, but not yet. I stepped
back and
unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor.

"It's time to get on your knees slut". She
obeyed without complaint,
knowing exactly was demanded of her. Her fingers slid over
waistband of my boxers and pulled them to the floor, revealing
my hard
throbbing cock; she moaned as she leaned forward to take
it in her
mouth. I watched as my cock disappeared into her mouth and
groaned as
her tongue expertly played with the tip before she slipped
her lips
further along its length. "Not bad slut; not bad;
now let's see if it
will go down your throat". She was about to pull her
away from me but I
got my hands behind it first and pushed it slowly towards
to my groin.
As I felt my cock go into her throat I heard and felt her gag.
I pulled
her head back a little removing my cock from her throat and
she resumed
sucking me; she was good and eventually managed to deep
throat without
gagging and I could feel my balls being fondled and stroked
by her. I
presumed she was enjoying what she was doing; I know I was
and it
wasn't long before I could feel the familiar sensation
of pre
ejaculation; she must have sensed it too for her head began
faster and faster along my cock as if trying to suck my spunk
from my
body. Then it happened; with a loud groan of sheer release
and my cock
tip resting on her bottom lip I came. I could feel jet after
jet of
come explode from my cock's hole into her open mouth.
When I'd finished
she looked up at me, her mouth open and full of my grey spunk.
watched it disappear down her throat as she swallowed.
She took my cock
in her hands and licked it clean. I guided backwards towards
the chair
she'd been sat in; as her legs hit the cushion they bent
and she sat
down. I took her by the ankles and placed her legs on the chair
her wet and leaking pussy was now on full display; a musky
emanating from it. I kneeled between her legs and ran my
tongue along
her right thigh, then her left; I could feel her squirm as
I teased
her. I ran my tongue over her pubic mound and down over her
slit. As
soon as I made contact with her clit, her pelvis rose sharply
and she
cried out with pleasure as she came. Pussy juice flowed
from her and I
lapped it up, as a cat laps milk; this had the effect of lengthening

her orgasm. It was over five minutes before she'd recovered

"You're not bad at sucking cock Janice; your
pussy tastes good too", I
said as I sat watching her. She was still sat in the chair
with her
legs draped over the arms. "I think I'm going
to enjoy using your body
for this week". She looked at me aghast.

"What do you mean using me for this week"?

"Exactly what I said; for the rest of this week you
are to be mine and
will do anything I say. Did you think this was going to be
one off

"What if I won't go along it"? She asked.

"In that case your hardworking husband will discover
what his wife does
while he's away. Now get on your knees and suck my cock
again you
fucking slut and be good at it.

"I will try to be a good slut", she said; kneeling
before me. As she
once again engulfed my cock in her mouth I had a feeling she
was right.
She pulled her head clear of me and looked up at me.

"We could go somewhere more comfortable",
she said.

"Where do you have in mind"? I answered.

"I was thinking of the spare bedroom".

"I have a better idea", I said. "Let's
use your bed".

"If that's what you want, then we will. Follow
me and I'll show you
where it is", she said as she rose. I followed her upstairs
her tight arse as she walked and thought to myself, "I'm
going to enjoy
fucking that". Once in her bedroom I lay on the bed;
she followed me
and opened my legs. Her mouth soon made short work of getting
me hard
again. Fuck me she was good at cock sucking. When she'd
got me hard
again she began licking and sucking my balls until they
were tight and
the size of walnuts. Her tongue then moved to my perineum.
This was a
first for me; no other woman had gone this far before and
I was laid
enjoying the sensation when her tongue ran round the outside
of my
arse. Fuck that caught me off guard and my pelvis rose as
she licked;
this made her become bolder and she was soon giving me a good
as I held her head tightly in my hands. Then her tongue probed
my arse.
I sighed loudly and my eyes popped wide open at the unfamiliar

intrusion. I looked down as I felt her head move away from
me and met
her glance; she just winked and smiled and took both my balls
in her
mouth. She sucked them deep into her mouth. I had never had
oral sex
like this before; where she'd learned it from I didn't
care, I just
wanted it to carry on and told her so.

"Do you like the way your slut is sucking your cock"?
She asked as she
released my now aching bollocks.

"Yes", was all I could reply before my cock slid
between her lips, only
to reappear, covered in her saliva. As she orally fucked
me I could
hear her slurping as her mouth filled with it. In fact there
was so
much it was dribbling from her mouth and onto my groin. With
inward suck I felt my cock slide into throat before being
ejected; this went on and on until my groin was wet through
with saliva
and familiar feelings began building inside and I knew
I would soon
explode; then I felt my spunk begin its journey and then
her fingers
grasping the base if my cock. My rising spunk's journey
stopped and the
feeling of about to come, waned.

"Not yet", she said, looking at me. "Not
yet. I want you inside my
pussy". Her pussy! Fuck! I'd been so wrapped
up in her pleasuring my
cock that I'd forgotten about her pussy. I rolled her
onto her back and
slid my head between her legs. She tried to halt my progress
but I
wasn't going to be denied and I was soon licking her
clit and sucking
her copious pussy juice into my mouth; God she tasted good.

UUCKK", she kept panting as I assaulted her sopping
wet love tunnel.

She wailed as her back arc
hed and she grabbed my head and held it firmly against her
cunt as her o
rgasm ripped through her body. Her juices were flowing
from her and into
my mouth which soon filled as I couldn't swallow and
they ran down my c
hin. I was just managing to breathe through my nose. Finally,
her orgasm
subsided and she there a quivering, sweat coated wreck
of a woman. I lo
oked at her and spoke.

"How, why, what", was all she could say when
her breathing returned to
normal. "What's it going to be like when you fuck

"Who says you're going to be fucked"? I

"You mean....that was; that was it"?

"Are you kidding; of course we're going to fuck;
you have two more holes
my cock needs to explore".

"How do mean I've got two holes. You're not
putting your cock anywhere
near my arse", she retorted.

"Oh yes I am and you will enjoy it, believe me. When
I've done fucking
your arse you will be begging that husband of yours to fuck
it. Now
suck this back to life". I knelt by her head and slid
my cock into her
open, waiting mouth. As she sucked I used my fingers on her
pussy and
soon had them coated in her juices and began running them
between her
pussy and arse. At first she made it difficult to reach her
opening but I was quickly teasing her entrance, much as
she'd done with
mine; I felt her gulp when eventually, one finger slid into
her anus;
this was followed by another. Her breathing and rapid sucking
of my
cock told me was enjoying what was happening to her rear
opening. I
pulled my cock from her mouth and rolled her onto her stomach,
her legs, put my hands under her pelvis and raised it, giving
me a
clear path to her holes. I left her pussy alone and concentrated
on her
anus, running my tongue around it; rimming it as she'd
done mine. Every
so often I would force my tongue into it, making her groan
and squirm;
each time I went a little deeper; slowly relaxing her muscles.
As my
tongue began to ache I used my fingers, lubricated with
pussy juice;
first one then another until I had three fingers fully in
her anus. As
I fingered her anal opening, her buttocks had pushed back
towards me,
further relaxing her canal and she was now breathing heavily
as a small
orgasm took her, sending shudders through her body. As
she orgasmed I
rolled her over onto her back and lifted her legs behind
her head,
fully displaying her pussy; as I looked at it small rivulets
of pussy
juice dribbled from it. I knelt in front of her and gave her
slit a
long slow lick with my tongue before changing position
and sliding my
cock inside her, all the way to the hilt, small splashes
of cunt juice
flying through the air as our bodies made contact.

"Oh fuck that feels good. Oh yes fuck me, fuck my cunt,
fuck me, make me
your slut, fuck me, fuck me .....FUUUUCK MEEE"! I
did as she begged,
driving in and out of her sopping wet hole with such force
that her
juices ran from her and splattered over both of us with every
thrust of my cock and her tits bounced around like two half
set jellies
and a stream of obscenities left her mouth, all imploring
me to fuck
her harder. Her pubic mound was by now bright red, both from
and the fact my groin was slamming into it.

She was
screaming constantly as I pounded her hapless cunt; she
was shaking
uncontrollably as one orgasm obviously followed another;
it was midway
through one that I took as a window of opportunity. I slid
my cock from
her pussy, down her perineum and into her arse; slowly going
inside her; she was so turned on and relaxed that my cock
met no
resistance. I didn't even give her chance to get used
to it being
there; my saliva and the copious coated of pussy juice on
my cock was
enough lubrication and I was pounding her arse as hard as
I had her
pussy. I could tell from her facial expressions that I could
have done
whatever I wanted for at that moment she was so far gone with

"You like my cock up your arse don't you slut?
You're an anal slut
aren't you"? I taunted.

She was finding it difficult to
talk and breathe at the same time. As I fucked her I slapped
the sides
of her buttocks with my hands on every inward stroke of my
cock, making
her squeal with every hit and they were soon bright red.
Her body was
now out of control; sweat oozed in rivers from every pore,
her hair was
matted to her head, she stared forward with glazed unseeing
eyes and
her body convulsed. I'd never seen a woman so worked
up; it was obvious
she was now constantly orgasming; either that or she was
having a heart
attack; still In fucked her until I felt the familiar tightening
of my
bollocks and felt my cock stiffen.

I shouted as
my cock seemed to explode. I felt jet after jet surge from
it and going
deep into her bowels. It seemed never ending and then it
was over and I
rolled from the spent woman beneath me; both of us laid motion
speechless. From the corner of my eye I could see Janice's
chest rising
and falling as she took large breaths; I could also see her
pounding away pumping extra blood around her shattered
body. It was a
long time before we spoke.

"What the fuck did you do to me? I've never been
fucked like that
before. What did you do to my arse? It's on fire",
she finally said.

"I fucked you as I said I would. I fucked your cunt and
I fucked your
arse. It's on fire because I filled it with spunk",
I responded.

"God it felt good when you fucked it, it felt so, different,
so dirty,
so good", she said.

"So you like being fucked up the arse. You've
become a total slut, you
know that don't you. You'll want it up there again
and again now, you
know that don't you? Would your husband fuck you up
there"? She didn't
answer but rose and walked to the door; spunk seeped from
her arse and
ran down her leg; she made no attempt to wipe it away.

"I need to pee", she said as she left the room.
I rose from the bed and
followed her; she was sat on the toilet and I could hear her
hitting the water in the pan. She looked at my face and then
my cock.

"Do it; do what I know you want to do", she said.
I relaxed and a stream
of hot piss hit her full in the face; she opened her mouth
and I filled
and then directed my stream over her tits; her hands rubbed
it over her
skin as I pissed all over her body and when my stream began
to die away
she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. "You're
right Phil; I am a
slut aren't I"?

"Have you ever done that before"?

"No. I don't know what came over me, but I think
I'd better shower it
off, don't you"? She rose and paddled across
the flooded bathroom tiles
towards the shower. I chanced my luck.

"You've a job to do first slut; you've got
to clean up my mess". She
looked at the floor and then me before going onto all fours
lowering her face to the floor; I heard her sucking as she
moved across
the floor; the dirty bitch was actually sucking my piss
from the floor;
it was too much and my cock quickly hardened; I went behind
her, knelt
over her and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. "Lick
it you dirty
bitch; lick my piss while I shaft your slut bitch's
cunt". When I'd
gone round to her house earlier than morning this was the
last thing I
ever envisaged happening; fucking her while she sucked
piss from the
floor; as I fucked her I began wondering just what other
she was capable of. My thoughts became too much for me and
the familiar
rumblings began; she must have noticed too for she lifted
her head and
asked me to come over her face; I pulled from her and her head
by the
hair; she took my cock into her mouth to finish me off and
just as I
was about to come I pulled free and watched my first jet of
come hit
her in the eye, the rest hit her cheeks and nose, ran down
over her
chin and dangled in long threads until they fell to the floor.
being asked she lowered her head and sucked these into her
mouth as
well; as she sucked it up her left hand went between her legs
and she
frigged her clit to orgasm.

She showered and returned, still naked to the bedroom.

"You really are something else Janice; I've
never known a woman allow a
man to piss all over her and then suck his piss from the floor
I said as she sat by my side on the bed.

"I've never done anything like that before;
I don't know what came over
me. Has it altered your perception of me in any way"?
She asked. There
was a worried look on her face as I stood and reached for my

"Tomorrow, I will be round at the same time. I want
you dressed in
something that covers you, but shows off all of your body;
I want your
pussy to be shaved and I want to see you wearing shoes with
at least
six inch heels. Is that clear"?

"But Derek will want to know why I've shaved my
pubes off".

"What you tell your husband is not my concern. If you
have to go out
today, you will do so without underwear. Sluts don't
wear anything over
their cunts and you are certainly a slut. Have I made myself

"Yes. But why are you making me dress this way"?

"I like to see women dressed this way, especially
older women". I kissed
her and walked to the door.

"Oh, one thing more; when are you supposed to see my
mother again"? She
looked stunned as if caught off guard.

"Err, Thursday, why"? She replied.

"Cancel it and tell her it is over. You will no longer
be having sex
with my mother. I don't care what you tell her, but of
course you don't
mention me", I said in a tone that signified my seriousness.

"I'll tell her today", she said with obvious

"Until tomorrow then", I said as I walked from
the room, down the stairs
and out of her house. I was looking forward to tomorrow.

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