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Ivory Kisses


She saw him whilst reading in the bookstore.
Selena had been sitting there for the past hour in the comfy
overstuffed chair, lost in the words of Bram Stoker, occasionally
sipping her now long-cold tea. Lemon and honey. She had
been deep into the story, when she had that telltale frission
of awareness, telling her that she was being watched. This
was odd in and of itself, because normally, it would take
"World War III", as her sister laugingly said,
to distract her whilst she was deep in an interesting story.
She pushed her silver-rimmed glasses up her nose, glanced
over her book, and there he was. She looked back down at the
words, and then up again through her eyelashes, so that
she could examine him hopefully without his notice. He
was still staring--not a rude stare--just a pensive, albeit
smouldering gaze. She felt a blush being slowly drawn out
of her.
He was a beautiful man, just the type that she had always
dreamed about, but, had always been too shy to talk to. Even
leaning against a bookshelf, she could tell that he was
tall, probably about 6'1", she surmised. His
hair, a thick, wavy, gleaming ebony, reached down past
the collar of his black silk shirt. His skin was pale, and
had a pearlescent luminescence to it. Ebony and ivory.
His mouth was a deep red, with a full, sensuous bottom lip
that promised gentle kisses, but it was his eyes that mesmerized
her. Even from this distance, she could tell that they were
a rich, clear grass green. His mouth slowly curled up into
a provocative smile, making her realize that he knew that
she too, had been staring. She blushed an even deeper crimson.

She became flustered, knocking over the dregs of her tea,
as she reached for it. Standing up quickly, she put her head
down to let her long, curly, blood-red hair cover her flaming
face. Through the screen of hair, she saw him straighten
and mentally gasped. 6'1"? Try 6'5".
She backed up, bumping into the armchair. He didn't
stir, but stood there following her with his eyes. She decided
to take the only logical avenue of action. She grabbed her
purse, and went home.


He watched her hasty retreat from the room with lazy amusement.
Looking down, he noticed that she had left something behind.
Walking over with feline grace, he scooped it up. A slow
smile melted its way across his features. Her wallet. He
opened it. Selena Outlaw. Anyone looking at him now would
have decided to make it an early night. After all, one would
have to be awfully tired to imagine a man whose smile...
Hm. Something else caught his eye--ah, yes, the book that
she had been reading. He left it there; his sharp eyes had
already picked up the title whilst he was still across the
room. Dracula. Pocketing her wallet, he sauntered out
of the bookstore, and into the crisp autumn night.



Once home, Selena made a beeline for the bathroom. She needed
a long, hot bath, to wash away all thoughts of the mysterious,
handsome man. She cut on the water, and poured in the peony
petal bubble-bath. Sitting on the side of the tub, she braided
her hip-length hair, and wound it into a messy bun. Her tabby
cat, Artemis, wound herself between her ankles. Picking
her up, she went to the kitchen to pour her some cream, and
then crouched down to stroke her soft, furry back. Artemis
purred in feline pleasure. Selena laughed and wandered
into the living room to choose some soft, soothing music.
Let's see, Shankar, Liszt, Barber, Tchaikovsky,
and...she ran her finger lightly over the titles..."Hm,
well, why not?" she thought--the Bram Stoker's
Dracula Soundtrack. "As a matter of fact...why not
make it a night?" Biting her generous lower lip, she
discarded some of her earlier choices and choose the Interview
with the Vampire soundtrack, as well as the Queen of the
Damned score, and placed them into rotation on her CD player.
Wandering back into the bathroom, as the first strains
of music drifted through her apartment, she cut off the
running water, took off her clothes, tossed them into the
hamper, and climbed gratefully into the steaming, scented
water. Sighing, she leaned back and let the water engulf
her weary body. Her mind drifted off...and ran right into
that infuriating man. The way that he had been looking at
her, with those delicious eyes...she shivered. Like he
had wanted to consume her alive... She tried valiantly
to turn her thoughts to more mundane matters, but soon gave
up. Taking the sponge and loofah, she proceeded to bathe
herself, intent on the looming oblivion of sleep.
Stepping out of the tub, she pulled the plug and absentmindedly
watched the water run down the drain, her thoughts drawn
to the man in the bookstore. He had been just so...tall.
Selena had always loved tall men, the taller the better.
And his hair...she sighed. She had always loved dark-haired
men, as well. Her hands positively tingled with her desire
to run her fingers through his luxurious raven mane. Not
to mention his lovely eyes... Standing up, she went over
to the mirror, looking deep into her own forest green eyes,
whilst she brushed her teeth, wishing idly that it was his
emerald ones that she was gazing into. Walking over to her
bathroom closet and she took out her aloe lotion, and began
to rub it into her already soft skin. The comforting, familiar
motion began to lull her into a softly sleepy state.
She walked into her room and rummaged in her drawer for underthings
and pajamas. Pushing aside her comfortable flannel, Selena
reached for her scarlet silk pajama bottoms. Her hand stopped.
She looked down at her choice and chuckled ruefully. "Ah,
well, " she thought, "as long as I already have
them in hand..." Donning a matching sleep bra, she
moved over to her bed to draw back the curtains, and turn
down the sheets. Artemis sauntered in, leapt upon the bed,
curled up, and began to purr. As Selena started to walk away,
she lifted her head, uttering a single, "Meow?".
"I'll be to bed in a bit, love." Selena crooned.
Striking a fireplace matchstick, she glided from candle
to candle, lighting all of them, breathing deeply as the
scents of lilac, jasmine, and various others began to waft
throughout the room.
"Move over!" she laughingly exclaimed to Artemis.
Indignantly stretching, Artemis stood, arched her back,
and sauntered over to the opposite pillow, plopping ungracefully
down upon it, with a look of feline defiance. Lying back
against the soft, lavender scented pillows, Selena once
again allowed her mind to wander...and wander it did, right
back to the man in black. She sighed, giving into defeat.
She snuggled underneath the covers, the crisp breeze from
her open window playing with the escaped curls of her hair.
She began to drift off to sleep, with thoughts of his gorgeous
red mouth and white teeth; the canines gently nipping into
his lower lip... "Gently nipping his lower lip?"
she thought drowsily. I must be more tired than I thought,
that's just...", she yawned, "impossible...".
A sharp knock on the door jarred her awake. She sat up, blinking
sleepily at the clock--10:30, she had only been asleep
for a half hour. Another at her door brought her fully
to her senses. She grabbed her glasses, pulled back the
curtains, and stumbled out of bed, yelling, "Just
a minute!". Shuffling to the door, with Artemis at
her feet as her self-appointed bodyguard, she muttered,
"Who is it?"
"You left your wallet." a delicous baritone
voice with a strong British accent intoned. Instantly
jarred awake, Selena leaned against the door, knowing--just
knowing--exactly who it was. Looking through her keyhole,
she discovered that her surmise was correct.
"Oh." was all that she could think of to say.

He held up her wallet to the peephole. "See?"
he inquired.
"Just a minute!" she called.
Walking over to her armoire she withdrew a dagger and slipped
it into the back of her pants. He may be Eros incarnate, she
chuckled to herself, but she wasn't stupid enough
to open the door completely unprepared--a dagger and her
red belt in kung fu should take care of most problems. She
walked back to the door, took a deep, steadying breath,
unlocked and opened it...and stared into a black expanse
of silk-clad shoulder. Selena had always been proud of
her 5'9", but compared to him, she was almost
average. She looked up, and was immediately arrested by
his eyes, just as vibrant as she had remembered. Eyes like
two soothing pools of green, so like her own, and yet, despite
their lighter colour, deeper, somehow, darker. The motion
of her head caused her to catch a whiff of his scent. Clean
laundry, some sort of shampoo, and....another breath...him.
'Wow, ' she thought pensively, 'What are
they putting in the laundry detergent these days?'
"Hi." she managed.
"Hi." He gently smiled down at her. After a few
beats he said, "Your wallet?" and held it out
to her.
"My wallet. Right." She stood back and leaned
against the door, the movement prompting his eyes to slowly
travel down her body. She blushed as she remembered that
she had failed to put on a proper top. She straightened her
back, embarassment causing a full body flush, as she sought
vainly to cover herself without seeming obvious about
it. His eyes once again met hers, but there was no trace of
disrespect, no leer. "Well?" she prompted.
"Aren't you going to invite me in?" At this
Selena hissed and growled deep in her throat.
"Invite you...('Impeccable manners'
she thought.) Right. Yes. Of course. Please, come in."
Smiling kindly, he swept in, and she closed her eyes, breathing
him in. Opening them quickly, lest he catch her, she closed
the door. He handed her the wallet. Artemis ran at him, hissing,
but was quickly scooped up by Selena, who walked over to
her bedroom, and tossed the cat gently on the bed, closing
the door.
"Thank you." she softly murmured, as she walked
"You're welcome." He gave a small bow,
eliciting a laugh from her.
"Oh, by the way, my name is--"
"Oh, right. Wallet. So...what's yours?"
"I'm Adrian."
"Adrian. That's a lovely name. Can I get you anything?
Are you thirsty?"
"As a matter of fact, I am." he admitted.
"You can sit down. I'm afraid that all I have is
juice, milk and water. I don't drink wine." For
some odd reason, this caused him to throw back his head,
and laugh. 'Interesting, " she thought, "He
covers his mouth when he laughs. Gay?' She hadn't
gotten any of those vibes, but the possibility of his being
gay made her relax somewhat. Gay. Of course. He's gay.
No straight man would ever look at her twice. Gay men, on
the other hand, were drawn to her like a magnet, she thought
ruefully. She sighed. She was destined to be surrounded
with gorgeous men that she could never have. She peered
at him quizzically.
"It's just that, I noticed that you had been reading
Dracula in the bookstore, and one of the most famous lines
is, "I--"
"--don't" they finished
together, laughing.
"Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way,
what do you want to drink?" she inquired. "I
have pomegranate juice, grape juice, cranberry juice..."
her voice trailed off. His eyes caressed her face, and quickly
flickered down before he said,
"Ice-water is fine, thank you."
"One ice-water, coming right up." She turned
to leave, when he said,
"What's that in your pants?"
"A hairbrush." she lied, not missing a beat.
She made a detour to her bedroom, but as soon as she opened
the door, Selena ran out and disappeared somewhere into
the apartment. Shrugging, Selena went in, and rummaged
around in her drawer for the matching top to her bottoms.
She then went into the kitchen to get the water, and a glass
of cran-grape juice for herself. Walking back into the
living room, she handed him his water, which he gracefully
stood to accept, once again looming over her. She sipped
her juice, then stopped, noticing that his eyes had fixed
on her with that same intensity that he had demonstrated
in the bookstore, seemingly concentrating on her drink.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Well, it's just--red hair, red mouth, red pajamas,
red drink. Let me guess, your favourite colour?"

"Elementary, my dear." She laughed.
"It's your colour."
"Well, thanks." Definitely gay, she surmised.
Straight men just didn't notice things like that.
Putting down her empty glass, she suddenly noticed that
he hadn't had any of his water. Following her eyes to
his glsex, she asked, "You're no longer thirsty?"
"More than ever."
'Of course, ' she thought, mortified, 'Water,
who wants water? He was just being polite, and here I am acting
like...' but he was suddenly moving... Leaning down,
until he was on her eye level. "So, is there anything
else that I can get you to drink?"
"Actually, yes." his mouth was a thought away
from hers. She slid her hand behind her to the dagger. "You."
Jumping away from him, she pulled out the dagger, and took
a defensive stance. 'Ok, not gay, ' she thought,
'Crazy.' He straightened and gave her an amused
glance. She blinked, and suddenly the dagger was gone,
and he was behind her, one arm around her waist, the other,
around her breasts in a tight embrace. She opened her mouth
to take a breath, to fight, and he moved his arm from her breasts
to place his hand gently over her mouth. She indignantly
stood there, offended that he thought that she was cowardly
enough to scream.
"You just do not want to scream." he whispered
in her ear. He lowered his hand.
"I wasn't planning on it!" she snapped,
headbutting him.
He stumbled back, letting go off her, as she ran for her weapon,
her hair coming out of its bun and trailing behind her like
a flag. Just as she was about to reach for it, he was in front
of her, between her and her dagger. Blast, he was quick.
He didn't move, just stood there, as if he had all of
the time in the world. Diving over the couch, she reached
her armoire, heaved open the doors and pulled out her staff,
swinging it around just in time to connect with some part
of him that made a funny noise as he went down. Leaping back
just in time, she kept herself from being thrown off balance
by his scissoring legs. He leapt up, laughing and growling,
"Growling?!" her mind screamed at her. She
went on the defensive, holding the staff as he slowly circled
her. He suddenly made a feint to the left that she anticipated,
turning as he planned to catch her off guard on her other
side. She pretended to fall for it, then turned, and swung
at him as he went for her. Her back was too him, as she felt
the full impact of the staff hit something. She knew that
she had made contact, but there was no thump of him falling
to the floor. She spun around, only to find that he had caught
the end of her staff in his hand, and was holding it lightly!
The amount of force behind her blow should have shattered
the bones of his arm all the way up to his elbow. He grabbed
the staff, throwing it out of her reach.
"You are quite strong." he conceded with a tilt
of his head. He started towards her, and she spun, hitting
him in the middle with a kick that took him back several feet.
He straightened up, brushing off his stomach as if nothing
had happened. "Very fast, as well, I see." He
smiled and she blanched, because, no, that had not been
her imagination, yes, both his canines, and his incisors
were resting on his bottom lip. Sharp and white. Suddenly
he was behind her again, this time, squeezing deliberately
until she began to pant from the lack of air. He loosened
his hold slightly, and there was no sound other than her
sharp, staccato breaths, and the quiet strains of Eliot
Goldenthal's "March Funabre" from the
Interview soundtrack.
'How appropriate.'she thought bitterly. "Adrian,
please, " she began.
"Oh, no, no, no, no." he whispered seductively
into her ear, rocking her slowly back and forth, inhaling
the scent of her hair. "Don't beg. That comes
later." He spun her around to face him, pressing her
body close to his, and her eyes involuntarily widened when
she saw that his pupils had become slitted, like a cat's,
his irises a pale silvery green, like moonlight on leaves.
He gently brought her head to his shoulder and lazily began
to unwind her braid. Still rocking back and forth he caressed
her hair. Selena's heart pounded against his body,
and as she had her ear against his chest, she noticed with
growing horror that she couldn't detect a heartbeat.

Taking the nape of her neck in one hand, he gently pulled
her head to one side and lowered his mouth to her neck. She
closed her eyes, bracing herself for the pain. Several
beats psexed, and still he didn't move. Finally, he
whispered, "You smell absolutely lovely, but you
know one thing that I'm not sensing? Fear. Now, why
is that?" She didn't answer. He buried his face
in her soft hair, inhaling deeply, his eyes slightly rolling
back in his head. Selena just held her body as stiffly as
she could, and gave up on trying to control her trembling
breaths. Holding her against him, he began to sensuously
laugh. "Ohhh. I see, then. You are afraid, just not
for your life, but for something else...what is it?"

Suddenly he thrust her at arms length, looking admiringly
down over her body, into her eyes. He narrowed his own, as
understanding dawned over his face. "You're
a virgin!" He smiled. "And you're afraid
that I will...relieve you of that particular malady."
His sarcasm made her flinch. He brought her slowly back
to him. "Relax. I'm not going to you."
he said in a singsong tone. She sagged against him in relief.
He went on, "No, that would be entirely too kind, "
she stiffened once more, "letting you play the martyr."
He laughed out loud, mocking her. "I wish that you
could have seen the look on your face. False relief."
he sighed. "I love it. No, my dear, believe me, "
he crouched down, looking into her eyes on her level, lifted
an eyebrow, "I promise you, that you are going to enjoy
this. There, there, dying's not so bad. I've done
it once, myself." he drawled.
With that he swept her up into his arms and began to take her
into her bedroom. Artemis shot out, and stood in his way,
legs planted, her back arched, every fur on end, hissing
loudly. Growling he bared his teeth at her.
"Wait!" Selena called out, struggling in his
arms. "Do not hurt her!" He chuckled.
"At an obvious disadvantage, and still giving orders.
I like you. Fine." Bending down, he scooped the scratching,
biting Artemis up with one hand, tossed her gently out the
window onto the fire escape, and deftly closed said window,
with Selena still in his arms. She had planned on trying
to escape, but he really was quite fast...
Adrian set her gently down on the foot of her bed, crouched
over her, one arm on either side of her, tenderly removed
her glasses, and looked into her eyes. His own had returned
to their normal grassy green; the pupils reassuringly
round. He leaned over her, bringing his face closer and
closer to hers, causing her to crawl backwards towards
the head of her bed to try to get away. He crawled after her,
like a cat, until her back bumped the pillows. Bracing himself
with one arm against the wall, he took her chin with the other,
and lowered his mouth to hers. Selena closed her eyes, determined
not to react.
He nibbled the sides of her mouth, and then gently kissed
her. His lips were soft, and he didn't apply any pressure.
Just kissed her tenderly, as if he could spend the rest of
her life kissing her. A sharp bolt of electricity ran from
her mouth down to her stomach, causing her breath to quicken
involuntarily. As soon as she opened her mouth to try to
gasp, he used his lips to suckle her bottom lip. Moving his
hand from her chin to the nape of her neck, he deepened the
kiss, sliding his tongue slowly into her mouth, drawing
hers out, tickling it with his own. She pulled her mouth
away to try to breathe. Adrian moved to her ear, and breathed
into it, eliciting an involuntary shiver from her. When
he snaked out his tongue and traced the seashell curve of
her ear with it, then dipped it inside, she bit her lip as
a wave of sensation rose over her. He moved his head down
lower, placing his mouth over her neck. She tensed, waiting
for the bite. He opened his mouth, and something powerful
brushed her throat--it didn't hurt--but shards of
light exploded behind her lids and a tremor ripped through
her body, making her feel weak and and feverish. Selena
gave up. If it was going to happen anyway, why not enjoy it?
She ran her hands through his hair, bringing his mouth to
hers, and kissed him with all of the passion built up in her
from years of yearning. Her flavour and scent sent all the
blood his body had to spare right to his cock, which was throbbing
so hard that it hurt. He moved slightly back, and then began
kissing down her throat, to the top button of her shirt.
He moved one leg so that his thigh was between hers, and deftly
undid the buttons, kissing her heated skin after each came
free. When he reached her navel, he ran his tongue around
the small silver barbells that resided there, causing
Selena to arch slightly. Moving to one side, he undid the
string holding up her pants, and looking into her eyes,
drew them off, with a gentle tug. Climbing back to his original
position, he undid the clasps on the front of her bra, cupping
her breasts as they emerged from the carmine fabric. He
ran his thumbs over the dusky rose tips, huskily whispering,
"Is this how you like it?". An involuntary gasp
was ripped from Selena's throat, and she arched her
back up, driving her breasts into his palms. She felt his
cock pulse against her thigh.
Sitting up, Selena tried to undo the buttons of his shirt,
with little success. Adrian ran his hands over her breasts,
whilst biting her earlobe, and she ripped his shirt with
a small cry of surprise. Pulling his shirt over his shoulders,
Selena accidently brought her breasts to his lightly furred
chest. She had always hated chest hair, but he had just enough
to create a friction that made her close her eyes and squeeze
her thighs around his. He closed his eyes in silent appreciation
when he felt her hot sex open like a flower on his thigh.
Running her hands over his chest, she was surprised to feel
the chill of metal running through his nipples. Nipple
rings. "Pain for pleasure..." he whispered
against her mouth. The cold of the metal combined with the
rasp of his hair against her own sensitive nipples caused
her to rake her fingernails down his back, making him growl
and rub his thigh between her legs in retaliation. He kissed
her deeply, leaving her in a daze as he backed away and quickly
finished undressing himself. Taking her into his arms
again, he slowly licked and nibbled down her neck and chest
until he got to the tip of her right breast. He bit down onto
her breast, whilst Selena writhed in pleasure under him,
squeezing her thighs around his. Suckling softly, he let
her nipple fall from his mouth, only to suck it back in. Moving
to her left breast, he repeated his delicious ministrations,
all the while stroking his hands softly over her waist and
thighs, whilst she weakly ran hers through his thick, glossy
She felt his erect cock brush against her leg, and stiffened.
Looking down, she emitted a small gasp, and closed her eyes.
He had to be at least 8"! Correctly guessing the cause
of her sudden alarm, he chuckled, "Nine, to be precise."
Selena shook her head in mute alarm. "I promise that
I won't hurt you." he whispered to her. Selena
turned her head away, and just lay there, for a moment. She
kept her eyes tightly shut, afraid of what else she might
Looking down at her, he seemed to come to a decision. He deftly,
but gently tied her arms to the headposts with some of their
discarded clothing. She struggled ineffectually against
her bonds until he lightly cupped her swollen sex in one
hand, slowly stroked it until she squirmed, and said, "Relax--this
is merely to ensure that I do all of the work." Moving
between her legs, he placed a pillow under her pelvis, pulled
down her white cotton panties, and tossed them aside. Making
himself comfortable between them, he proceeded to tenderly
open her legs.
"What are you doing?" she quavered.
Adrian bit her on the sensitive hollow just above her hipbones,
eliciting a deep appreciate purr from her. He kissed and
licked her thighs from side to side, breathing warm, moist
air over them, and her untouched sex. Selena shivered as
she felt his soft hair tickle her sensitive inner thighs.
After a few moments, she started to become rather uncomfortable
having a mans' head between her legs, and tried to pull
away, but he pulled her hips back to him and nuzzled her for
a while, until she calmed back down.
He began to lick her, with long, slow, hungry strokes. Adrian
soon found that a wide, flat tongue sliding from Selena's
tight, wet sex to just below her clitoris was rewarded with
her halting sighs. Not wanting to neglect the satin soft
crescent between her opening and clit, he lavished slow,
delicious, lingering strokes that almost included her
swollen pearl itself...but not quite. He then teasingly
gave it, and the smooth lips around it, soft little kisses
from his parted lips. Moving back a pet, he slid his tongue
up her inner lips then moved it to first one side, then the
other just in the vicinity of her little jewel. Slipping
upward beside it, up over her hood, he paused, then slipped
down the opposite side. Selena's restles squirms
and undulations drove him to bite her precious hood and
the prize inside with his lips, whilst sucking her into
his burning mouth.
Sensing her excitement, Adrian drew back to allow her to
calm down, nuzzling her thighs once more. Leaning forward,
he breathed on her swollen, wet vulva, drawing a deep breath
to savour her aroma and then exhaling it onto and into the
soft peach fuzz on top of her pubic bone. Then he began to
kiss her. He kissed her slowly, and softly, over, and over.
She began to swell even more, and lifted her hips to meet
the next kiss...and the next...and the next...and the
one after that...
Moving to her swollen pearl, he placed his tongue over it,
whilst moving his head in small circles. As her breathing
began to become ragged once more, he closed his lips and
sucked her into his mouth. Adrian pursed his lips around
her throbbing clitoris, and ran his tongue over it, back
and forth, first slowly, then flickering with heightened
speed, only to slow down once more. Moving down, he moaned
against her lips, sucked them into his mouth, and slowly
rolling his tongue just inside of her, giving her a light
French kiss. When he moved back to her pulsating pearl,
and moaned whilst gently lapping against the top of it,
the vibrations from his baritone voice finally threw her
over the edge. Selena felt it begin as a tingle in her extremeties
that quickly flowed into a sudden burst of pleasure, as
her orgasm washed over her in waves. Her body arched uncontrollably
against his head, and a sudden moan was pulled from her,
her soprano voice mysteriously manifesting itself in
husky alto tones.
Adrian untied a now pliant Selena, kissing and nibbling
her wrists where the bonds had been. Kissing her closed
eyelids, he whispered, "Wake up, wake up. We're
not finished yet..." Moaning softly against his
mouth, Selena wrapped her arms around his neck, and brought
her face to his. Her sleepy pleasure turned into passion,
as his long, slender fingers found the still swollen pearl
that his mouth had so recently vacated, and begin to pay
their own homage. Moving his mouth against hers, he slid
two fingers into her, just as his tongue slipped past her
yielding lips. His hands stroked her soaked slit, and just
inside of her burning sex as his tongue slipped over hers,
and dipped into her heated mouth.
He began to softly tease her g-spot, whilst running his
thumb in a circular motion around her hard little clit.
When he dipped his head to her neck to nibble and suck on the
pulse at the base of her throat, she climaxed once more,
driving her clenching sex into his hand with her arching,
her thighs clamped around his wrist. Adrian lay quietly
against her breasts, fighting for control, as her body
slowly began to relax once more. He pulled slightly away
from her, trying to ignore the almost painful throbbing
of his hard cock, and the memory of just how tight she was
against his two fingers and how her teeth had sunk into her
plump bottom lip as she came. He looked at her--at her golden
skin flushed to a rosy hue, at her swollen red mouth, at her
full, rounded breasts with their small, sensitive tips,
at her thighs pressed closely together, and at the intersection
between them, with its soft, wet hair glistening temptingly.
This little visual odyssey was doing nothing to alleviate
his raging hard-on. Selena finally opened her eyes, and
looked at him, smiling slowly, her eyes raking over his
body. He bent his head to her just in time to notice a blush
suffusing her already rosy cheeks.
Selena put her hand on the nape of his neck and drew him close
to her for a surprisingly passionate kiss. Running her
other hand down his body, she toyed with his rings, pulling
and twisting them just enough to make him moan against her
mouth. Her hand drifted lazily lower, as she ran her nails
lightly over his happy trail, causing him to cry out his
surprise into her mouth, whilst she nipped at his lower
lip, and sucked his tongue hard into her mouth. He knew that
he was going to have to move back soon, or lose his precious
control, when she broke off the kiss. She looked into his
eyes, and he felt a hot, delicate hand slip around the base
of his pulsating cock. He went perfectly still. Selena
squeezed and ran her hand up the length of his manhood to
the head, causing Adrian to involuntarily buck and shoot
a few spurts of cum into her hand. He moved away from her,
and her maddeningly exploratory little hand, and closed
his eyes.
After a stabilizing moment, he looked back at her. Selena
slowly opened her legs to him. He crawled over her, until
he was between her soft, strong thighs. He could feel the
moist heat of her against his swollen erection. He moved
his hips slowly, letting the head of his cock tease her heated,
wet sex. Her body undulated under his, making him feel the
scorching blushes under her skin. Slowly, he began to enter
He hadn't gotten more than two inches in when he felt
the barrier of her virginity. He paused. Guessing the cause
of his delay, Selena arched to meet him. "Wait."
he growled. Selena wrapped her arms around him, and rubbed
her breasts tantalizingly over the front of his chest.
"Don't. Move." he ground out. With a wicked
chuckle, Selena pulled his head down to hers, and suckled
his earlobe, then moved down to his neck and bit. Growling
loudly, he quickly thrust past the offensive barrier.

Selena stiffened as a sudden white-hot pain pierced her.
As suddenly as it had come, it was gone, and Adrian big, thick
prick was impaling her. She wrapped her long legs around
his hips, and roughly sucked on the bite that she had inflicted.
Adrian wrapped his arms around her back, pulled her closer
and drawing her nipple into his mouth. After he got her moaning
and writhing, he drove his cock home to the hilt, deep into
her tight opening. Adrian couldn't believe how tight
she was. He gave her a few gentle thrusts; nipping at her
nipples, he continued to plow his hard cock in and out of
her virginal sex. Selena’s body jumped and quivered as
she let out loud gasps. That huge shaft pistoning into her
felt so erotic...
Before long, Selena was moving in conjunction with Adrian,
arching her sex up to meet each of his thrusts as her breathing
became shorter and more ragged. She felt his lips against
against her ear. She felt his breath, hot and wet, as he moaned
to her."You're so tight." His hot tongue
found her neck; his hands, kneading her waist and moving
down. He worked in slowly, groaning with pleasure. "Mmm..
I can tell that you like it. Tell me how much you like it."

Selena's voice was soft and breathy, "I love
"That's it, lover. I knew you wanted it the first
time I saw you..." Adrian held onto her waist, and
pushed into her deeper, and harder. He grunted, reaming
Selena's sex hard and fast, until she let out a cry .
"That's it." He slammed into her deeply,
forcing her an inch or two up the mattress. She groaned.
He slowed down to kiss her deeply. "You're so
young. So young and so tight." Then the words turned
into sounds...
"That's right, make that tight little...arrrggghh"
he panted, "...grab my big cock, lover..."
Adrian was burying the length of his shaft and grunting
with each and every thrust now. "Yes, you tight little
wet, ohhh...yes, you like my cock deep, ugh, inside, mmfh,
your tight little sex, don't you? " He pumped
his cock hard into Selena. "Oh, yes, you have the tightest
ummm...I have felt... " His breathing quickened
and became a little labored. She finally heard him start
to groan and grunt. She began moaning incoherently as Adrian
pumped his hips furiously, ramming his cock inside of her.

As they built up momentum, Selena felt the cock inside of
her swell, and she knew it was only a matter of time before
Adrian came. He had constantly been on the verge of cumming
since he had first sunk his cock into her tight sex. How much
longer he could hold, he didn't know, only that release
was imminent. "Oh yes..." Adrian moaned. His
nuts tightened and he knew he was going to fill Selena up.
She could feel his balls tighten as he was about to cum. She
clenched down deep inside, squeezing his cock. That spurred
Adrian on and he rammed three or four more times inside Selena's
sex before grabbing her hips, and releasing what felt like
a gallon of cum to flood her tight opening. As he came he bit
into her shoulder, slamming into her, shooting her already
drenched sex full of cum. He moaned, "Yes, take it
lover, take all my cum inside of you..." Her body spasmed.
She shook as the orgasm tore through her. Selena rode Adrian's
cock pumping her cunt at Adrian as they both climaxed...

Selena had never felt more relaxed in her life. As she floated
in her personal post-coital bliss, she felt the chill of
Adrian's sharp fangs against her throat. She knew
that she should struggle, but all she could do was lie there
waiting for him to commit the final act. She heard him growl
from what seemed like far away, and suddenly she sensed
that she was alone. Opening her eyes, she saw that she had
been covered with a blanket, her window was open, and Adrian
was gone. Nothing was left of him besides the bruises on
her body, and his scent lingering in the air, and on her skin.
A loud purring in her ear alerted her to Artemis' return.
Nuzzling against Selena, she finally seemed to satisfy
herself that her mistress was fine. Curling up in a ball
at Selena's hips, she instantly went to sleep. Selena
knew that she should probably close the window, but she
wasn't frightened. Curling up around Artemis, she
drifted off to sleep...

Wish to read an ALTernate ending? Go to, and look
under Ivory Kisses

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