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Its Very Large


We planned our day. I showered, shaved and dressed. We went
to Henry's to get Callie's car, again, Drove to
her house where she showered and dressed and picked up an
overnight bag, stopped at a great New York style deli for
lunch, the video store to rent a movie (I let her choose and
she picked some chick flic that I imagined I wouldn't
be all that interested in, but that would just free me up
to concentrate on other things while the movie was on!)
and were back at my place by the middle of the afternoon.

Shortly after we got there Callie looked at me with a silly
grin and said, "Scott, I think I need to practice something!"

She giggled at the confused look on my face, pleased with
herself that she'd caught ME off balance.

"Well, I might want to try anal sex again, but I don't
want to HAVE to do it!" she said, but she was clearly
jerking my chain and had still had that silly grin.

She giggled even more as I looked even more puzzled. Suddenly
the light went on, I'm usually quicker on the uptake
than that. She was talking about the little 'challenge'
I'd given her last time and promised to repeat.

"So what did you have in mind?" I asked with a
big grin.

"Sit over here and I'll show you!" she said
indicating a chair.

As soon as I did she came over and undid my pants and freed
my cock from my underwear. She started to lick my cock and
balls all over. As you can imagine, it didn't take long
before I had yet another raging hard-on.

She placed her lips over the end of my cock and after tickling
my pee hole for a bit she started to engulf the whole thing.
She easily got the head in her mouth this time and continued
to lower her face over my pole. As I felt my cock reach her
throat she paused and I could feel little spasms, but she
didn't choke and she didn't pull back. After a
minute to get use to it, she continued to lower her head and
I felt my cock head start to enter her gullet. It was a very,
very sexy experience.

It took all my self control to keep from grabbing her head
and stuffing the whole thing down her throat, but she was
on a mission and I wanted to do my part to make this work. After
all, the obvious goal was to be able to give me a balls deep
blow job, I sure as Hell didn't want to fuck that up!

She took a little bit more, making it so she had about eight
inches total, but of course that still left four to go, when
she started to gag. She pulled back, but slowly, and got
the gagging under control. She kept sliding it out of her
mouth and I figured she was done, but when the head and a couple
of inches were still in her she started back down again.
This time even more quickly than the first. She barely paused
at all when the tip hit the entrance to her throat, and she
got maybe another inch in before the gagging got too much
for her.

She raised her head again, and sadly this time she pulled
all the way off, with a popping sound.

I couldn't believe how much she'd made me want
to cum in just those two strokes, but the whole thing was
just so fucking erotic! And frankly there is just something
about a woman gagging on my cock that really turns me on!

She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and beaming smile
and said, "I bet that made you want to cum in my mouth
really bad!"

"Yes it did you fucking tease!" I said, but with
a gentleness and smile that clearly indicated while I was
serious, I wasn't about to retreat from our agreement.

This was her deal and I wasn't worried about being left
frustrated, though cumming in her mouth did have a great
deal of appeal at that particular moment.

As if reading my mind, she said, "Well, I don't
want to be accused of misbehaving, so I guess I better finish
what I started!"

She'd said it with what I can only describe as a shit-eating
grin, though cum eating would be a more appropriate __expression.
And cum eating is what she did.

She lowered herself over my cock again and started to slide
up and down more and more rapidly. That woman can certainly
suck cock. She was only taking about half of it, but it felt
amazingly good and I was quickly building to explosion,
even though I'd cum so much in the last day.

She could feel me start to tense and knew that my orgasm was
imminent. To my great pleasure she redoubled her efforts.
That did it, I started to cum and cum hard. I felt contraction
after contraction in my very soul, but after the last day
I didn't feel like the volume was huge. She kept sucking
until I was so sensitive I finally grabbed her head and made
her stop, but I did it gently.

She released me and looked up exactly at the moment my eyes
fluttered open and I looked down at that pretty face. The
smile on her face would've melted an iceberg in record
time. There was a single drop of cum at the corner of her mouth,
as I watched it started to slowly roll down the side of her
chin. Damn it was sexy!

She looked me square in the eye and swallowed with a great
deal of exaggeration! In spite of everything I still felt
a twitch in my groin.

I reached down and taking her under the arms, pulled her
up onto my lap. I kissed her deeply, sticking my tongue as
far down her throat as I could. She returned in kind. I've
never been one of those guys who is squeamish about kissing
or even Frenching a woman who has just sucked me off. After
all, what does that say about your appreciation for the
act? I've always felt that if I were a woman and a guy
did that, he would have seen his last blow job. Very much
as if a woman was reluctant to kiss right after I used my tongue
to make her cum, she'd damn sure never experience that
again, in fact, she'd probably never see me again.

"I know it wasn't perfect baby, but I'll
get it. I'm going to keep practicing until I can give
you the best blowjob you've ever had. I want to feel
every inch of that lovely cock of yours down my throat!"
she said with a big smile and obvious pride in how well she
had done!

And not without reason. Other than Laura and Sonia, she'd
given me what was without a doubt the very best BJ I'd
ever had. Both of them had taken time to be able to do it really
well, I had no doubt that Callie would accomplish her goal.
I damn sure was willing to practice as much as it took!

"Baby, that was positively fantastic. But if it will
make you happy, I'll let you practice however much
you want!" I said without being able to keep from chuckling.

It couldn't have been five minutes later that the little
bitch showed me a bit of ulterior motive though.

I have a very plush, thick sheepskin rug that sits in front
of the fireplace. She striped off her clothes and laid back
on it with her feet pointing at me. Spreading her legs very
lewdly, she spoke in her huskiest, sexiest voice.

"Get over here and put that big cock inside me!"

Due to the size of my cock, I can usually work it into a woman's
pussy even when it's fully soft, which it was right
then, not that there is much occasion to do that. Especially
if she's hot to trot, which Callie most certainly was
at the time. And who was I to refuse a request of this hot bitch

I finished striping off my clothes and crawled on top of
her. I worked my soft cock inside her. She looked up at me
and grinned, and started massaging my tool with her cunt
muscles again. MY GOD she is good at that. I couldn't
believe it, but I started to harden.

Soon I was hard enough to start pumping her.

"OH YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I WANT!" she cried

She started cumming immediately, and didn't stop
the whole time I fucked her. One orgasm right after the next.
Naturally, having cum so recently myself, I lasted a good,
long time, which was exactly what Callie had planned on.
We fucked for over 30 minutes before I finally deposited
yet another load in that tight little pussy of hers. After
which we both simply collapsed right on the floor and didn't
move for a very long time. Frankly, I was exhausted.

The rest of the weekend was far less rambunctious. We made,
what I like to call, 'low key and gentle love' three
more times before Sunday afternoon when I finally drove
Callie home.

We agreed we'd each had one of the best weekends of our
lives as we parted, but not before we'd already arrange
to get together the following weekend.

I went back home and spent the rest of the day sprawled on
the couch watching TV and dozing off and on. That woman had
flat worn me out.

I fixed myself an early, simple meal and decided to turn
in. Almost as an afterthought I picked up the phone and called
Becky. I told her what a great time I'd had on Friday
(omitting the part about what happened AFTER I left her
place of course!) and she assured me she too had enjoyed
it immensely. I invited her to go out for pizza and a beer
Wednesday night, which she enthusiastically accepted.

I cleaned up and turned in. It was especially early for me.
I was exhausted. As I lay in bed falling asleep I reflected
on what an amazing weekend I'd just had. I had begun
a relationship with Becky, exactly what that was going
to end up looking like I didn't know just yet, and cemented
one with Callie. The later I did know about and smiled at
the thought of how much good, hot sex I could expect with

Life was good! I was pretty sure I was going to be one busy
guy for a while, but a very happy one at that. I'm sure
I fell asleep with a big shit-eating grin on my face that
probably lasted all night!

And so it went for the next few weeks. I got together with
Callie almost every weekend, and though we didn't
spend the night together each time, it was the norm. We always
had great sex, but with one exception it was pretty vanilla.
Oh, much to my pleasure Callie continued to work towards,
as she called it, 'the perfect blowjob'. She was
making progress, but wasn't quite there yet and still
couldn't swallow my entire length.

In fact the one exception to vanilla sex had to do with one
of her 'practice' sessions.

After doing her best to inhale my entire cock, Callie normally
finished me off with a fantastic blowjob that covered only
about half my total length, but on this particular occasion
after trying several times she pulled off and stopped altogether.

She looked up at me and with a rather coy smile said, "Damn!
I still can't meet your challenge. I guess I'm
just going to have to pay the price!"

I was quite surprised, though I knew exactly what she was
referring to. I'd been sticking to vanilla sex after
our conversation that long weekend we'd spent together.
I figured that I'd let her drive when we returned to
more rough and tumble sexual adventures. This appeared
to be a first step.

"So, you think you deserve to get your ass fucked again,
huh?" I replied.

I was going to make her ask for it!

She just nodded.

I wasn't going to let her off that easy.

"Yes what?" I asked, knowing exactly what she

She actually looked a little shy, but softly added, "I
think since I still can't take your great big cock all
the way down my throat yet, I deserve to have my ass fucked!"

She'd known precisely what I expected.

I chuckled. I sure wasn't about to disappoint her and
after the sucking I'd received I was absolutely in
the mood to cum.

Then, even more softly, she went on "Scott. Will you
be real gentle, like last time?"

Kindly I replied, "Of course baby!"

"And do I have to be restrained?" she asked even
more shyly.

"No not if you don't want, but it WILL be easier
for you if we do it over the horse" I explained.

She just nodded again.

Without any further discussion I got out the horse and got
a jar of AstroGlide.

"Okay baby, come over here" I directed once
I was all ready.

She had a look of anticipation, but not apprehension. I
believe there were two reasons for that. First, she'd
learned to trust me and knew she could count on me to be as
gentle as possible, second she'd learned that pain
can be very erotic too! And to be sure, in spite of all the
progress we'd made, it is always going to hurt to have
something the size of my cock shoved up her ass!

She came and draped herself over the horse, grasping the
front legs with her hands to hold herself in place. I didn't
have to tell her what to do this time, she was clearly working
at staying relaxed.

I alternated between playing with her pussy and clit, and
working lube into her ass as deep as I could with my fingers.
She was wet before I even started and I continued to work
her up until I could tell she was right on the verge of cumming.

"Ready?" I asked softly.

She groaned, not wanting me to stop the attention I was giving
her clit as I asked, but she nodded.

I started to push my cock through her little rosy asshole!
I went extremely slow, stopping frequently for her to adjust.
I went even slower than the first time, in part because I
hadn't used a plug to loosen her up this time. She'd
breath deep and pant occasionally. Every once in a while
she let out a little grunt of pain, but she issued no complaints.
As I pushed I could feel her pushing back on me.

It took a few minutes, but at last I was all the way in. I started
very slow short strokes. God she has one tight ass. I increased
the length of stroke and the speed as she loosened up slightly.
I was already getting close myself.

Little grunts, moans and groans that were clearly a combination
of pain and pleasure kept coming out of her mouth.

Still I increased the pace.

"Yes, OH GOD! Fuck my ass, yessss, fuck it hard!"
she finally cried out.

That nearly did it right there. I started to give her a good
hard ass fucking while at the same time reaching around
and pinching and pulling on her clit.

"OH FUCK!" She screamed and started to buck
on the horse.

That was it, in just another instant we came together. Screaming
out at the same time so that I don't even know what either
of us said.

Once I pulled out of her she stood and turned to face me. We
kissed hard, for quite a while.

With a big grin she said, "I liked that better than
last time!"

I laughed and replied, "Yeah, I could tell"

It had been extremely erotic for both of us. Part of me hoped
she never did master sucking my cock!

So that's how Callie and I were progressing. As for
Becky, that was going well too, but very differently. I
was seeing her almost every week as well, but we were doing
very traditional dating things. Dinners, movies, a concert,
things like that, but as far as our 'physical'
relationship went, it was stuck in park.

Oh most of the time when I took her home now, she invited me
in and we'd regularly get into some serious necking,
but that was it. She'd never even been to my place. I
was developing a very serious desire to get into her pants
and soon, but I was willing to be patient (something I'm
not good at) because I really liked her and I didn't
want to fuck it up.

Finally the occasion arose to try and push things with Becky
forward a bit. Callie had told me she was going to be gone
for a long weekend to visit family for the holidays. I settled
on a plan.

I called Becky.

"You free Saturday night?" I no longer worried
about whether or not we were going to keep seeing each other,
that was well established.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" she said in
her normal bubbly way.

"Well, you've never been to my place and you have
no idea what a fantastic cook I am, so how about we come here
and I fix you dinner and we can watch a movie and just hang
out?" I asked, figuring if I got her on my turf I'd
have a better chance of making some progress.

She laughed, "Are you serious?"

"About what part?" I said acting indignant,
but wasn't. I assumed she was talking about the cooking.

"Oh, sorry!" she said, but didn't stop

"You really can cook?" she was still laughing.

"Well, you're just going to have to wait and see,
but I am serious, and I am a very good cook!" I asserted.
It's true too.

She finally stopped laughing, but the mirth was still in
her voice as she replied, "Okay, I guess I can risk

"Good" I said, "I'll pick you up at
5:30, okay?"

I wanted to get an early start for a number of reasons, having
time to cook was only one and not at the top of the list.

"Sounds great, see you then" and we hung up.

Friday after work I did all shopping. I planned a scratch
Caesar salad, Seafood Fettuccini and bought some crème
brûlée from a place I know that makes them daily, to have
for desert.

I also hit the video store and even though I have a pretty
big collection of DVD's I'd decide to rent one
anyway. The one I picked out was a recently released romantic
comedy that got good reviews and I'd read had a couple
of steamy sex scenes too. I figured if Becky hadn't
already seen it she'd like to and reasoned that the
subject and content might also be helpful.

Becky isn't much of a drinker, neither am I for that
matter, but she does like champagne. I got a very good bottle
and a bottle of red to go with the meal too. I figured some
wine couldn't hurt what I had planned.

Saturday I was up early. I don't live like a slob, but
it is after all essentially a bachelor pad. I cleaned house.
I also did as much of the prep work for dinner as could be done
in advance. I was all ready well before 4:00. I showered
then just relaxed for a while.

I got dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, having told Becky
to be sure and wear jeans too, and headed out the door after

It was exactly 5:30 when I ran the bell. Becky opened the
door, we shared a quick kiss and headed to the car. Becky
always dresses nice, and sexy, but conservative, if you
know what I mean. And I'd seen her in jeans before, but
never this pair. My God! They looked like they'd been
spray painted on and showed off her ass to perfection. The
top she had on was pretty sexy too! It was very tight and showed
plenty of cleavage. It also left a couple inches of bare
skin above her jeans. She looked ready to be ravished. This
could be a very good night I thought.

We were back at my place before six. I opened the champagne
and put on some soft jazz, then invited Becky to join me in
the kitchen while I started to fix dinner. We sipped the
bubbly and chatted away while I went about preparing the

I think Becky was still expecting me to pull something out
of the freezer and pop it in the microwave.

After about twenty minutes of bustling around I got my first

"Wow, you really can cook!" she said.

I laughed, "Maybe you should taste it before you decide."

"No, seriously, you clearly know your way around
a kitchen, I'm impressed. I bet it's going to be
wonderful. You are just one surprise after another"
she said.

I thought to myself, 'lets hope you find out about another
surprise before the evening is over.'

I finally had everything organized and the sauce was simmering.

"Lets go sit in the living room and enjoy the champagne
and music. We'll have the salad in about a half hour
and then it will take me about 10 minutes between courses
to finish the pasta" I said as I opened the wine so it
could breath and poured us each some more champagne.

By the time we sat down to eat we'd finished the champagne
and were both pretty mellow. We ate slowly and sipped the
wine, talking, but comfortable with periods of silence
as well.

When we finished eating I asked if she was ready for desert.

"I have to admit I DIDN'T make the desert"
I smiled.

She chuckled, "Maybe a little later, or maybe not
at all. I'm stuffed. Scott that was really good!"

"Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Feel like watching
a movie now?" I asked as I poured us each some more wine.

"Sure, you want me to help you clear first?"
she offered.

"Sure, that'd be great" I said.

It only took us a couple of minutes to clear, scrape and stack.

"I should wrap up the rest of this food. Why don't
you go pick out a movie, they're in that tower right
next to the TV" I suggested.

In a couple of minutes I joined her with the wine glasses.
As I'd guessed, she'd picked out the movie I'd
rented. Of course I'd put it right on top so she'd
see it first.

I popped the movie in and turned the lights way down. As the
movie stated I put my arm around her and pulled her closer.
She laid her head on my shoulder and we cuddled as we watched
the flic. It was a very good movie and it DID have a couple
of very steamy scenes. I'd considered making a suggestive
comment a couple of times during those spots, but thought
better of it.

"That was really good, I enjoyed it, " I said
as the credits rolled and I turned off the set and hit the
remote to start the CD player again.

"Yeah, me too. Kinda hot in places!" she said
with a sly grin.

"More wine?" I asked.

"No, I think I've had plenty thanks" she

That was fine with me, I wasn't trying to get her drunk
and we were both very relaxed and mellow already.

I pulled her to me and we started to kiss. We were soon hot
and heavy at it. I placed my hand on her bare midriff and started
to work my fingers under the bottom of her shirt. She made
no move to resist. I slid my hand up until I finally cupped
her breast. She moaned into my lips.

I began to wonder if it was the wine, or if I'd been too
much of a cautious gentleman before. She was clearly not
of a mind to stop me. I found her nipple through the flimsy
bra she had on and rubbed it back and forth with my thumb.
She moaned some more.

Emboldened I reached down and grasped the hem of her top
with both hands and started to lift. She raised her arms
to assist my efforts. I removed her shirt and dropped in
on the couch. The bra she had on was sexy and lacy. It was the
kind I love, with the clasp in the front. I reach and undid
and pealed it away exposing her breasts to me for the first
time as I slid it off her shoulders and let it join the shirt.

Her breasts were bigger even than I'd imagined, not
huge, but lovely. Probably about 34C I figured. Actually,
lovely doesn't cover it, they were perfect. Firm without
the slightest bit of sag. I understood why she wore such
a flimsy bra, she didn't need one for support at all.
The skin was flawless, you could see some of the veins because
it was so pale. It was almost as if they were translucent.
Her areolas were small and pink and perfect. I cupped one
tit in each hand and rubbed each nipple with one of my thumbs.
She moaned still more as they stiffened into little half-inch
erasers. She closed her eyes and let her head hang back.

I lowered my mouth to one and played with the other. I sucked
and licked all over the nipple before finally taking it
between my lips and sucking hard. She gasped and a deep growl
escaped her lips. I alternated back and forth teasing and
stimulating them for many minutes until finally she spoke.

Rasped would be a better description, "Oh God Scott,
that feels so good. My nipples are so sensitive!"

That did it. I stood and held my hand out to her to take. The
message was clear. She looked into my eyes and with a beautiful
smile took my hand. I helped her to her feet and led her to
the bedroom.

We stood at the foot of the bed kissing and caressing as we
slowly and sensually undressed each other. Soon she was
in just her panties and I had only my boxers, which were starting
to form a sizable tent. I knelt and slid her panties down
and she stepped out of them. She had a lovely, well-trimmed
bush. I leaned in and kissed her sex.

She bent and placed her hands under my armpits, indicating
I should stand, which I did. Now it was her turn to kneel and
start sliding my boxers down. I wondered what kind of reaction
she'd have when she saw me.

"MY GOD SCOTT!" she exclaimed with a combination
of awe and trepidation that I'd experienced more than
once before.

"You're huge!" she almost whispered.

But like a moth and a candle, she reached out and touched,
then held and finally gently stroked me as I hardened the
rest of the way.

After a minute she stopped touching me completely and in
a shaky voice said, "Scott, I'm so sorry. I don't
think I can! I've ne . . ." she trailed off.

She looked up at me and a tear rolled down her cheek.

I now bent and raised her to her feet.

"Becky, I'll be very gentle with you, I promise"
I said softly.

The tears flowed more heavily.

Finally she looked at me and through gentle sobs spoke again,
"Scott, you don't understand. I'm a virgin."

"WHAT!" I exclaimed.

I know, I know it was tacky, but I was stunned. Obviously
I knew she was shy, reserved and obviously somewhat inexperienced,
but I never dreamed this.

"I'm so sorry" she repeated.

"No, no Becky!" I said taking her in my arms my
throbbing cock trapped between us.

"I'm sorry, I just never imagined a woman so beautiful
and sexy as you" I just let it trail off, not needing
to finish.

"Oh Scott, I'm not beautiful" she said,
regaining some of her composure.

And suddenly I realized what a huge self-image issue she

"Becky! You are one of the most beautiful and sexy
women I've ever known!" I said emphatically.

"You mean it?" she was obviously sincere and
not fishing for compliments.

"Of course I mean it. I can't believe you don't
know that!" I said gently.

I went on before she could speak again, "Becky, I can't
imagine anything more wonderful than sharing your first
time. I will be extremely gently with you, and we'll
go very slowly. If it hurts, you tell me and we'll stop,
okay? Trust me!"

"I just don't want to disappoint you!"
she said so softly I could barely hear her.

"You let me worry about that. Come on" I replied
and without allowing any further discussion I moved her
over to the bed.

I laid her back on the bed and wasted no time burying my face
in her lovely twat, sucking on her cunt lips and licking
her clit. As I'd hoped, she was absolutely drenched.
I kept licking and sucking her entire region, returning
frequently to her clit. I was in no hurry, building her slowly.

In mere moments she was humping my face and moaning loudly.
Pulling my head even deeper into her crotch.

"OH! OH GOD! SO GOOD, SO VERY GOOD!" she moaned.

I just kept at it as she built and built. Finally I slipped
a finger inside her and located her G spot and started to
rub. That did it. In less then a minute she started to cum
hard. Yelling out.


It was like drinking nectar, I sucked and swallowed as much
as I could get. Perhaps the mystic of the virgin is true,
I don't know, but I'd never tasted anything so
wonderful. I knew if I could bottle and sell it, I'd
make a Hell of a lot more than selling beer!

Once she had finished and I knew she was extremely sensitive,
I stopped moving and just held her clit between my lips.
She was panting she had cum so hard.

I scooted up the bed a bit and held her as she caught her breath.

"God Scott, that was amazing. I've never experienced
anything like that!" she sighed.

I couldn't believe any woman as sexy and responsive
as she was could be so inexperienced. Well, it just was my
good fortune.

"It's time for you to experience something else
new!" I said softly.

She looked at me with a crooked little smile and said, "Will
it be as good as that?"

"Oh, it will be much better, trust me!"

She just purred. Evidently any reluctance she'd had,
had been sucked out of her, so to speak. I positioned myself
between her legs. I steadied myself with one hand while
I guided my very ready cock between her pussy lips and worked
it back and forth, coating it in her juices and flicking
her clit with each stroke.

Finally I placed the head at the entrance to her love canal
and started to push ever so slowly. She was so fucking wet
I honestly thought I could have just plunged balls deep
inside her with a single stroke, but that wasn't my

Soon I had the whole head inside her. She was moaning loudly
again. I kept pushing very gently, slowly feeding in a little
more at a time until I had about two inches of the shaft in
too. God she was tight, tighter than I imagined. I'd
never been with a virgin before, at least not so far as I knew.

At that point I started to stroke in and out very slowly,
just about an inch at a time, but each time I pushed back inside
I went just a tiny bit deeper.

"Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Your so BIG!" she moaned. It
wasn't in pain.

Slowly but surely I worked the whole thing inside her. Taking
slightly longer strokes as I progressed. Finally, just
as I felt my balls against her ass, I felt my cock head hit
the end of her womb!

"OH FUCK! I feel so stuffed full of cock! God it feels
good! OH YES! YES! FUCK ME!" she wailed.

She didn't have to ask twice. I started steady long,
slow strokes. She felt stuffed full of cock to me too! Damn
it felt good!

I kept at the slow pace, both wanting to be as gentle as possible,
and never wanting the experience to end for either one of

For her first time, she seemed to be a natural. She was extremely
responsive and was soon fucking me back with vigor. Somewhat
to my surprise, it wasn't at all long before she started
to cum. And cum she did! Screaming out how good if felt and
thrusting back harder still.

She came several more times before I finally could last
no longer. I tried, but failed to maintain the slow, gentle
pace, but the urgency was just too much. I started to thrust
harder and faster. Evidently she was loosened up enough
that it wasn't a problem, for she came the hardest and
loudest of all as I exploded deep inside her with my own visceral
scream! It was the most powerful orgasm I could remember
in a very long time. I just let my cock pulse until it finally
was over and started to deflate.

I rolled on my side and held her as we both recovered this
time. After a moment she hugged me hard and kissed me even

Once she at last released me she sighed, "My God! I
never dreamed it could be this fantastic!"

I kissed her softly and whispered, "It will only get
better sweetheart!"

"Couldn't possibly!" she cooed.

We held each other and as we fell asleep I couldn't help
but think, 'My God, two virgins in less than a month!'

When I woke Becky and I still had our arms wrapped around
each other. Her eyes were open and she was studying me. I
wondered how long that had been going on. When she saw that
I was awake she smiled.

I kissed her gently, then asked, "How do you feel?"

"Great!" she said softly.

"Want to feel even better?" I asked with a grin.

It took a moment for her to catch my meaning, but then her
smile widened.

"Mmm hmm" she purred.

We started to caress and kiss. Soon we were engaged in a very
erotic coupling that was quite a bit more vigorous than
the night before. Becky came even harder than before, and
more frequently too, if that's possible. It was incomprehensible
that she was a neophyte at this!

We lay in silence, holding each other, for a long time.

Finally she spoke, "Scott?"

"Mmm" I barely emitted.

"I'm really glad it was you!" she said tenderly.

"Not nearly as glad as I am!" I assured her.

It was a long time before we at last got out of bed. We were
both stalling, not wanting to part, but finally Becky said
she should go. I just nodded and got the keys.

We headed out to the truck and I drove her home in silence.

I walked her to the door and we kissed and embraced passionately.

As we reluctantly separated she asked, "Scott, am
I going to see you again?"

I was almost pissed, "What kind of dumb question is
that? Of course you are, well, unless you don't want

"NO! Of course I want to!" she exclaimed.

Then continued, "I'm sorry, it's just that
. . . Oh, I'm being silly!"

"Flat ass stupid is more like it!" I said, but
not unkindly.

I gave her a peck and turned to go.

"Scott, please don't be angry with me, "
she pleaded.

I turned back and kissed her hard this time.

"I'm not angry with you. You just need to think
more highly of yourself. You are one fantastic, beautiful,
sexy woman. You just don't realize it!" I said,

She actually blushed.

"Scott, thank you!" she whispered.

"No, thank you!" I said softly.

Then I finally did turn and headed to the truck.

"I'll call you in a couple of days" I reassured.

I really was going to have to work on her self-image.

And so it went. I managed to get together with Becky and Callie
each at least once a week. Sometimes more often. Callie
and I would fuck, suck and more. Having wild abandoned sex
virtually every time. Fairly frequently, but no more often
than every third or fourth time, we'd include some
BDSM in our games. It met both our needs and desires.

Becky was a different manner. We would be intimate almost,
but not every time, we got together, but it remained straight
vanilla. Oh, I'd regularly eat her to orgasm, but she
had yet to so much as put her lips to my cock and the notion
of any kind of kinkiness simply didn't occur. I was
perfectly fine with it though. I was growing very fond of
Becky, too fond I worried, but then I wasn't one to spend
a lot of time fretting over the future, rather just let it

Don't misunderstand, I was fond of Callie too, but
she was wild and crazy and fun, Becky could get serious I
thought. Anyway, for many weeks to come I was happy, busy
and pretty tired, but I wouldn't have traded it for
the world. Where it would lead I didn't have any idea,
but I was positive I'd enjoy the journey!

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OMG that must have been so must fun

Who did you like having sex with sex with better? Callie
or Becky?


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Hey Myleah, Great story
I didnt really have time to read the whole thing , but once
I got into it I couldnt stop.Will try to read more of them
next time...Scott