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It started with the "Flip of a coin"


We started out as four high school kids who decided to go
to prom together. My best friend , Jimmy and I asked two sisters,
Debbie who wanted to be called Deb and Diane to go to prom
with us as double dates. And to our pleasant surprise they
both accepted. Little did we know from that one night, it
would bond the four of us together for life.

I picked up Jimmy before we headed over to the girls house
to pick them up for our big prom date, night. I was feeling
great for lots of reasons but also because my dad even let
me drive his new, four door shiny Buick to prom. Jimmy and
I were just a couple of kids ourselves as we rode over to Deb
and Diane's house, feeling on top of the world.

Neither of us had ever dated either of those sisters before
but still had hopes they might agree to park for a while and
make out later on before we took them home. We just figured
if both sisters were together they might feel safer and
then hopefully be more daring. But first we had to meet their
parents and do the prom picture thing that parents always

Jimmy and I both had their flowers ready when I rang their
front door and waited. Their father answered the door and
welcomed us inside to meet their mother. Jimmy and I knew
we had to make a good first impression on their parents before
we could see our dates. I remember the mere fact that Jimmy
and I were both only seventeen, but felt like we were nearly
men so the girl's parents had to feel comfortable with

Like all parents of teenage daughters must think, Deb and
Diane's parents hoped that when we returned their
daughters later that night and they would still be virgins.
So Jimmy and I played the game, shook their father's
hand and smiled a lot at their mother once inside their home.

That went pretty well and a few minutes later Deb and Diane
finally appeared at the top of the steps. Jimmy and I got
one look and we knew we had hit the jackpot for sure. Both
of our dates had their hair up and looked really elegant
in their prom dresses. They were stunning to say the least.
Diane, the younger of the two sisters had a dress that was
strapless so all I could do was drool as she walked down the
stairs with her shoulders exposed.

But Jimmy wasn't jealous for a second. Deb, his date
was our age, and more developed so the top of her gown showed
off her assets in a big way. I know Jimmy and I were nothing
but smiles after that. Not only were our dates gorgeous
but if we got really lucky .

I handed Diane her flowers while Jimmy handed Deb hers and
the girls mothers quickly helped pin them to their gowns.
I remember Diane had amazing eyes that sparkled as we glanced
at one another in what felt like a very special way. I hardly
knew Diane but felt connected to her already.

We posed for a few pictures before the girl's parents
told us to have a good time but also to behave. I made sure
I opened Diane's door when we reached my dad's
car and helped her get inside. And Jimmy did the same thing
for Deb as the two of them climbed into the backseat. "Ok
is everyone ready?" I asked before I pulled away and
headed towards the supper club where we were going to have
dinner first.

We had not gone a block when Deb said to her younger sister, "
Give me a cigarette." I was shocked when Diane reached
in her purse and passed a cigarette back to her older sister.
Here was Jimmy and I were thinking we were the mature, older
ones and both sisters were already smoking. It should have
been a sign for Jimmy and I that these two sisters were not
as innocent as we originally thought.

We all felt so grown up when we walked into the supper club
for dinner and of course all the real grown up's look
at the four of us and smiled. Diane held my hand as we entered
the dining room and I felt like a million bucks. Of course
we weren't old enough to drink. But I sure wished we
could have at least had a glass of wine each. I had read somewhere
the wine makes a girl relax in the right way, if you catch
my drift.

But Diane smiled a lot and seemed like she was enjoying herself
as my date and Jimmy and Deb were getting along well too.
I remember thinking both sisters looked very pretty and
very sexy in their prom dresses. We all ordered our meals,
chatted back and forth and before we knew it, we were walking
to the gym at the high school where the prom dance was being

Diane and I danced a lot and the more we danced together the
closer Diane kept moving towards me. She was coming around
nicely and I was really hoping she would agree to go out in
the country later on, to make out with each other. But that
also depending on how well Jimmy and Deb were getting along
because we had rolled the dice by asking both sisters to
prom. If one said no, the other would also say no.

Diane's brown hair was curly even though she wore it
up on her head but it was her brown eyes that really got me.
It seemed like she had a natural smile on her face all the
time. And while Diane and I had taken a break from dancing
and were sitting together holding hands, she whispered
me she was having a really good time.

"Do you think Deb is too?" I asked Diane hoping
she would say yes. "I think so but I will ask her the
next time we use the ladies room together, " Diane
said as we squeezed each other's hand and stared into
each other's eyes. She may have been only sixteen but
she looked, acted and seemed like a grown woman to me. Jimmy
and I just prayed that Deb and Diane would agree to go make
out with us before we took them home later that night.

A half hour later the four of us were parked alongside a country
road without a house in sight. Jimmy and Deb in the backseat
and Diane and I in the front. Diane and I slowly came together
to share our first kiss and although it was tender it wasn't
passionate just yet. But we tried again and it didn't
take us long to move closer to each other and really get into
our kisses.

After that, it was just four teenagers in the same car fogging
up the windows. Diane and I had been kissing for about a half
hour and I didn't think things could get any hotter
but they were about to. Diane suddenly pulled back and looked
into the backseat where her sister and Jimmy were making
out. "Should we?" Was all Diane asked her big
sister before I heard Deb say "I will if you will."
With that Diane turned back to me and showed me where to unzip
her prom dress but only half way. I was so nervous I was shaking
as I pulled on the zipper and felt it slid down to the small
of her back. Diane looked scared but didn't stop me
as I unhooked her bra next.

I had touched a couple of boobs so far but no girl had ever
let me strip her down to her waist like Diane was doing. I
could tell she was really nervous but didn't stop until
her small pointed breasts were uncovered. I slowly lifted
my hands and gently laid them on each of her soft mounds as
our lips met back up with an explosion of passion. Holding
her warm breasts in my hands was making my cock so hard it
was trying to bust out of my pants.

And while Diane was whimpering in the front seat with me
touching her, Deb was whimpering even louder while Jimmy
had hold of her large mounds. The girls let Jimmy and I have
our fun for about a half hour longer before they put their
bras back on and said they had to go home. Jimmy and I walked
our dates back to their front door ten minutes later and
gave them each a quick kiss good bye as their parents opened
the door for them.

"Holy shit. I can't believe they let us play with
their tits, " I said to Jimmy as he told me all about
how big and soft Deb's had been. "Diane's
weren't as big but boy were they really warm and very
soft, " I told him as we couldn't stop smiling.
The following Monday when Diane and I passed in the hall
at school, I smiled and she blushed the first time we saw
each other after our prom date. She was with a group of her
girlfriends so Diane couldn't really stop and talk
with me. But that was ok because just seeing her again made
me tingle.

It took Jimmy and I three more days before we had a chance
to ask Deb and Diane out again on another double date. We
only had a month or so before school would be over and Jimmy
and I had jobs lined up in the tire factory in our town. So
if we were going to impress the sisters, we needed to get

The following weekend the four of us were back on a double
date although we had to ride in my mother's older car,
not my dad's shiny Buick. But the girls didn't
seem to mind too much and after a movie and a pizza the four
of us were back making out on a dirt road outside of town.

It didn't take me long to figure out that Diane's
lips were much more eager on our second date. And it took
a lot less time for Jimmy and I to have their bras off and had
more time to play with their tits while we kissed them. I
know what I am about to say is going to sound stupid but it
felt like Diane and I were a real couple who could fall in
love even thought we were still both kids.

By our fourth date Jimmy and I compared notes and both felt
like the sisters were really close to going all the way.
He had claimed he had his hands down the front of Deb's
panties two times so far and she didn't resist him much
at all. I had only touched Diane over her panties because
she was still pushing my hand away when I tried to touch her
bare pussy.

So school ended, Jimmy and I graduated with Deb and then
what we didn't see coming, came. Jimmy and I both got
our draft notices weeks after graduation and before we
knew it we were off to basic training and then Vietnam. I
remember on our last date, Diane sobbed the whole time and
promised she would wait for me just like Deb promised she
would wait for Jimmy.

Through some kind of miracle, two years later Jimmy and
I were still alive and took the bus back to our home town.
And there waiting for us with tears in their eyes were Deb
and Diane who rushed into our arms as soon as our feet hit
the ground. Of course Diane was not the little girl she was
when I last saw her but she was just a sweet. And I swear Deb's
breasts had continued growing over the past two years,
although I don't know how that happened.

But as soon as I tasted Diane's lips after two long years,
I knew I was in love. "I need to see you tonight, "
I whispered to Diane after a long rather torrid welcome
home kiss. "Me too but we have to go with Deb and Jimmy
like we always did, " Diane whispered back to me.
"But I want to be alone with you, " I said to her
as she stared into my eyes.

"I know but my sister and I promised our parents long
ago that we would both be virgins at our weddings, "
Diane said before she admitted if she was alone with me,
she might not be a virgin when I dropped her off after our
date. Kids were raised differently back then than they
are now and the only way Jimmy and I was going to have these
two sisters was if we married them.

There was no doubt that Jimmy and I both needed them since
we had experienced a few women while in Vietnam and now we
were really hooked on sex. And for their part, Deb and Diane
may have still been virgins but they were more than ready
to end that phase in their lives too.

Jimmy and I both bought rings and planned out our special
night when we were going to propose to Diane and Deb. We were
ready and we hoped the sisters were too. We had taken them
out for dinner, fancy kind of place before we held hands
with our dates and walked down by the river that runs alongside
of Main street.

Jimmy looked at me and nodded before we both reached into
our pockets for the rings and got one knee in front of Diane
and Deb. Diane had tears running down her cheeks when I pulled
her into my arms after she said yes. I can safely say Diane
had never kissed me quite like she kissed me after we were
officially engaged.

My future wife had some serious heat burning inside of her
and it only amazed me, the longer our kiss lasted. We then
rushed back to their house so they could both tell their
parents they were engaged. And Jimmy and I were pleasantly
surprised how excited their parents got when they heard
the news. And Diane and I even kissed in front of parents
and that didn't seem to bother them anymore.

A small family type of wedding or should I say two weddings
were put together and to save money, we all agreed to get
married on the same day at the same ceremony. That was a really
difficult two months for and for Diane because we wanted
and needed each other so much. I was allowed to spend time
with her up in her bedroom as long as we didn't close
her bedroom door. And Jimmy spent every free minute of his
time in Deb's bedroom across the hall from Diane's.

By the time Jimmy and I got married, we had both seen our future
wives bodies several times although never with their panties
off. But Diane was not bothered at all if I was in her bedroom
lounging on her bed while she changed bras and got dressed
for a date while I watched her. And one time in particular
I panicked when Diane was topless holding up two different
color bras up and asking which one I liked, when her mother
walked by her room and saw her topless.

Diane's breasts had grown since her high school days
and were this wonderfully shaped ovals like pears. And
I learned that when Diane was horny, her nipples turned
a bright pink and sometimes even swelled up into little
points. But what I really wanted was to see her pussy and
have all her for myself. Diane sensed my desires easily
and kept marking a calendar she kept in her room, marking
off the days until our wedding night.

Jimmy and Deb got married first and then Diane and I exchanged
our vows a couple of minutes after them, in front of our families.
Diane and I were now husband and wife and so were Jimmy and
Deb. Her parents threw us a small reception in the same banquet
room although we did have separate wedding cakes.

And then after all of our waiting and all of our shared suffering
Diane and I were finally alone in our hotel room on our wedding
night. I was twenty, she was nineteen but we had adult desires.
We slowly approached each other knowing this time we were
not going to deny ourselves what we really wanted. It was
truly a special moment for both of us.

From our very first kiss, things heated up quickly from
there. We held each other so tightly , it was sometimes hard
to even breath but that didn't stop Diane and I for a
second. We were now going to celebrate what mother nature
had blessed us with as husband and wife. Diane's dress
came off quickly and then her slip she had worn under it.

I was undressing her unable to stop myself while she was
undressing me at the same time, unable to stop herself either.
It was the biggest moment so far, of our new marriage when
I finally pulled on her panties and watch them slowly slide
over her hips and down her legs. Diane was quite hairy between
her legs but it was soft and curly and fun to be able to touch
and play with.

Nothing was planned after that and somehow Diane and I got
onto the bed and began to learn about each other's bodies
for the first time. I finger her pussy a lot and Diane seemed
to enjoy stroking my hard cock and watching how it responded.
We had teased each other about as much as either of us could
take when I finally helped Diane lay on her back before I
slowly spread her legs for the first time.

I knew she was a little scared so I took it slow and laid on
top of her and kissed her before I took away her virginity.
She was so soft and warm and tender laying under me as her
breasts crushed against my chest as we kept kissing each
other more and more. But we also knew the time had come so
I reached for my swollen cock and slowly pressed it against
her wet outer vaginal lips.

And then as we stared into each other's eyes I began
to enter Diane's womb for the first time and felt her
tensing up at times and trembling at other times. But I managed
to plant my entire seven inches of hard cock in her pussy
rather easily. And once she got use to having me filling
her vagina, we began to make love to each other like we both
meant it.

Diane and I shared something so special, it could never
be repeated again for as long as we lived. Our first union
was this wonderful mixture of emotion, pleasure, intensity
and love in a way I simply can't put into words. Once
she got use to me moving in and out of her, I picked up the pace
as Diane got more and more excited.

We probably didn't last very long that first time but
it was still the most intense experience either of us had
ever shared together. So as the pressure continued to get
stronger and stronger inside of me, Diane began to work
with me to help me relieve it. The first time I bathed her
ovaries with my sperm, it took my breath away and took Diane's
breath away too.

Diane and I laid breathless on the bed for the next ten minutes
each covered in our own sweat with our heads spinning. She
then called Deb to tell her she was no longer a virgin and
find out how sisters experience had gone so far. I remember
Diane hung up the phone with a big smile on her face before
she said, "Deb isn't a virgin any longer either."

All I will say is that Diane and I got very little sleep that
night and even the next morning before we checked out, we
made love one more time in the shower. We simply couldn't
keep our hands off of one another after that. And that passion
we shared on our wedding night continued from then on.

Whether planned or by accident, Diane and Deb got pregnant
almost at the same time. Jimmy and I suddenly had two pretty
wives with pretty big bellies rather quickly. And we were
not trying to be mean but when Jimmy and I would get together
with our wives and watch the two of the waddling around with
what looked like a basketball under each of their tops,
we couldn't help but start laughing. Deb and Diane
didn't find any humor in it at all.

I remember the night Jimmy called us to tell us that Deb had
gone into labor at the area hospital. Diane got dressed
in a matter of seconds and off we went to be near her sister
at this important point in her life. Jimmy and Deb had a girl
and a month later Diane and I had our first daughter too.

All four of us quickly learned how much work a new baby can
be and our sex lives suffered for a while because we were
all exhausted most of the time. But eventually Diane and
I got back to expressing our love, once our daughter began
to sleep throughout the night.

And over the next few years Diane and I also learned how to
fuck instead of always making love to one another. My wife
was one hot woman with a great sex drive that demanded constantly
satisfaction. I was more than happy to try my best. And the
sex just kept getting better especially after we began
to feel comfortable enough about performing orals sex
on one another.

Diane and I purchased our first small home when our first
child was three and it happened to be a half a block from Jimmy
and Deb's first house. If I got home from work and Diane
was not home I knew she was at her sisters. And if Jimmy got
home and found Deb gone, he knew she was at our house.

The four of us were out for a pizza and a beer while our children
were at their grandmother's when Deb suggested her
and Diane get pregnant again. I wasn't sure I wanted
to go through all of that again and Jimmy felt the same way.
But our wives had different plans and as soon as Diane and
I got home later that night, my sexy wife was suddenly naked
minutes after we got in the back door.

And when I was a twenty five year old male and saw Diane's
perky tits and bushy pussy, it was more than I could resist.
So Diane and I ended up on our bed both hotter than hot before
we took turns giving each other more untold pleasure. I
swear once Diane had to lips wrapped around my throbbing
cock, I was pretty much turned into a bowl of jello. And she
knew just how to hold my balls in one hand and teased my cock
with her mouth until I was going out of my mind.

But then payback can be hell and Diane quickly learned how
much I could tease her pussy with my lips, tongue and fingers.
She use to get so worked up, she would cover her face with
a pillow to muffle her moaning sounds once she began to cum.
But then we both knew the really good stuff happens and once
my hard dick slipped deep into her pussy, Diane and I were
off to the races. She was pregnant again four months later
and a month and a half before Deb.

Our lives continued being intertwined for the next twenty
plus years. Jimmy and Deb had three children in total and
so did Diane and I. We all raised our own kids and each other's
kids who grew up more like one family than two. And then in
the blink of an eyes, the four of us were suddenly middle
aged people, and all six kids were grown and gone and we were
back to the four of us again.

We had all enjoyed good lives and it had started with Jimmy
and I taking a chance and inviting the two sisters to prom.
We were sitting around our kitchen table one night, playing
cards when we began to reminisce about our prom night..
Slowly we all began remembering things about that date
on prom night when Diane asked me and Jimmy how we had determined
who was going to ask which of them out.

I remember looking at my wife first and then back at Jimmy
as I felt my face turning red. "Ok , now you two have
to tell us, " Deb said laughing across from me. The
truth was Jimmy and I didn't know either of them very
well, back then but we liked how they looked especially
Deb's boobs. Remember she was a year older and more
developed than Diane at the time.

Jimmy jumped into the mix and told his wife and mine that
we ended up flipping a coin to determine who was going to
ask who out on the date. "You two did what?" Deb
asked Jimmy and I apparently shocked to hear this after
all these years.

I explained we really didn't know either of them so
we flipped a coin to decide. "So who won and who lost?"
Diane asked us next. I told them it wasn't a win or lose
kind of thing. "We just decided Jimmy would flip the
coin and if it ended up heads, he was going to ask Deb out and
if it ended up tails, he was going to ask Diane out, "
I said.

The two sisters looked at each other for a second before
my wife said, " So we ended up marrying you based on
a coin flip." I quickly reminded our wives we didn't
know we were going to end up marrying either of them. "It
was just a date to go to prom back in high school, "
I said.

But Deb and Diane were not done with this topic and continued
talking to each other on and on about what could have happened
to their lives in the coin had flipped differently. "So
I guess I could have ended up having Jimmy's babies
instead of you having them for him, " My wife said
to her sister as they both giggled as Jimmy and I sat silently
listening to this insanity.

It was amazing how our four lives turned out so well and in
some ways it was just because of a stupid coin flip. But our
wives were still not finished talking about this and joked
when Deb said, " I could have been in the front seat
that night and you would have been in the backseat with Jimmy."
"Well that would have been odd, " Diane told
her sister as we all sat at the table thinking less and fantasizing

Suddenly all four of us got every quiet and looked at each
other with the same thought. I think I was the first one to
say, " We can't do that." Deb said and Diane
quickly agreed but the thought of switching partners for
one night was still hanging over our heads. We all agreed
switching partners for even one night would be totally
crazy. There was a long pause as all four of us remained at
the table looking at one another. And Jimmy, turned serious
and asked the three of us if we wanted to try it one time for

"Are you saying Deb and me together and you and my Diane
together"? I asked Jimmy. Jimmy just smiled and nodded
his head yes. I remember feeling excited and bothered by
the idea both at the same time. And neither of our wives were
saying a single word while they also began to look more nervous.

The tension at our table was thicker than a froze tub of butter
left on the back porch during the winter. The idea of Diane
and Jimmy fuckiing each other was too bizarre to imagine
let alone the ideal of me and Deb having sex together at the
same time. Finally Deb stepped back into the conversation
and looked at Jimmy and me at the same time and said, "Are
you two actually serious about this?"

I wasn't sure if I was serious or not so I told Deb I just
wasn't sure. Diane quickly pulled me aside and said
we needed to talk this over in private. Deb then grabbed
Jimmy and dragged him out our back door so they could talk
in private too. This was one thing Diane and I had never talked
about and never thought it would ever come up. We were certainly
deeply in love and always would be.

But we were also normal human beings and the idea was tempting
to all of us more than it should have. We all had some natural
human curiosity inside of us that had been awaken. Sex had
been and still was a big part of our marriages and having
sex with someone we knew only seemed to excite the four of
us even more than we cared to admit.

Diane and I had not come to any decision yet, when Jimmy and
Deb walked back into our kitchen ten minutes later. "If
we agree to never talk about this again, we will try it if
you two want to try it too, " Deb said to us but was looking
only at her sister. I felt my legs quivering under the table
as we all looked at Diane to see what my wife was going to say.
"We trust each other and know each other better than
anybody else, " Jimmy added.

Diane then turned to me and with her big brown eyes and softly
said, " I will say yes if you will say yes." I
can't recall a time in my life when my heart was beating
so fast. The idea of being able to fuck Deb after knowing
her for twenty five years was impossible to comprehend.
I wasn't going to just get to see her big tits, I was going
to get to play with them as well as her pussy.

"Ok so how do we do this?" Jimmy said to the three
of us next. Deb and Diane huddled for a few minutes in the
living room before they came back to tell us their plan.
Jimmy and I would go to the local bar for a half hour while
our wives showered and got themselves ready. And then when
we came back home, Jimmy would go to my house to be with Diane
and I would go to his house to be with Deb.

The reality of it really hit me when Jimmy and I got up and
I kissed Diane good bye. I knew the next time I saw my wife
she would have already had sex with Jimmy in our bedroom.
The bar was only a block and a half away so Jimmy and I walked
down to it but didn't really have much to say to each
other for the first time in our lives.

We each had one beer and kind of talked about what was going
to happen but all we really did was assure each other, we
would treat each other's wife tenderly and with respect.
Jimmy had as many concerns about Deb being with me as I had
about Diane being with him.

But we finished our beers, shook hands and headed back towards
our two homes and each other's wife. We reached our
home first so I stopped and saw that Diane had our bedroom
light on and was probably waiting there for Jimmy. I gasped
a few times but kept walking towards Jimmy and Deb's
house a half a block away.

I had been inside their home a million times but it felt totally
different on that night. I walked in and waited and when
Deb didn't appear I figured she was also upstairs in
their bedroom, so I headed stairs. As I turned the corner
at the top of their stairs I looked into their bedroom and
saw Deb standing at the end of their bed wearing a silky looking

She looked as nervous as I felt. But we smiled at each other
as I began to walk towards her. Deb and Diane were still both
very good looking women even in their mid forties. I reached
their bedroom doorway and stopped for a moment to just look
at Deb and admire her for the lovely creature she truly was.
The front of her robe was heaving and the curve in her hips
made her look as sexy as any woman could have looked.

Not feeling very comfortable or sure what I should do or
shouldn't do I stopped and asked Deb if she wanted us
to talk first. . Deb simply smiled and shook her head no so
I slowly walked up to her and gently pulled her into my arms.
Once our lips touched it was odd but in a really good way.
Deb was full of passion and didn't seemed to hold back
as our lips meshed together while our heat boiled over quickly.

"I'm glad we all decided to try this, "
I said to her after a torrid long kiss. " Me too"
Deb said as she leaned forward to kiss me again. It really
didn't take Deb and I very long before we were both aroused
and ready for a new experience to happen between us. When
I untied her robe, Deb was gasping and blushing a lot while
I opened up her robe and saw Deb had nothing on underneath.

Her breasts were huge melons hanging on her chest and her
pussy although trimmed more than her sisters was still
quite hairy. I lifted Deb's robe off her shoulders
and watched it fall on the floor between us. And we continued
kissing each other while she undressed me until we were
both completely exposed in front of one another for the
first time in our lives.

My cock was full and throbbing but it only got worse once
I felt Deb's soft hands beginning to stroke it slowly
at first. "This is unreal, " I said to her as
my hand slipped down and felt her slippery pussy at the same
time. "I sure never thought we would be doing this
together, " Deb replied as I kissed her again and
the passion we had just exploded.

Deb and I climbed onto their bed at the same time and immediately
were back in each other's arms kissing even harder.
Her body was not as slender as my wife's body but Deb
was just as soft and just as warm as Diane. "Let's
try and take our time, " Deb said to me after my fingers
had slipped inside of her crack. I smiled and nodded my head
that I agreed.

We were both totally aroused yet we managed to torture each
other for the next fifteen minutes or so before I finally
began to taste her juices and I loved how Deb tasted. Her
cunt was juicy, leaking and as ripe as it could be when I finally
got Deb to climax in front of me, which was another totally
new experience we shared together.

Deb was amazing when she sucked my cock to the point I couldn't
take it any longer. But then instead of just climbing on
top of her and doing it, I slipped back down the bed and began
to lick her pussy again. " Oh God, " Deb said
as soon as she felt my tongue back working on her womanhood.
Her entire body tensed up the longer I teased her until Deb
was gasping and whimpering uncontrollably.

I loved watching her big tits heaving on her chest as she
wiggled and tried to contain the overwhelming pleasure
she was feeling. And once she had climaxed for me again I
quickly slid back up the bed and held Deb as she trembled
in my arms. I then suckled her nipples for a few moments while
she calmed down before I finally mounted my sister in law
for the first time.

My cock had been dripping for the past twenty minutes and
drops of sticky clearly liquid kept oozing out of it as I
got into position. Deb eyes were in fire as she looked up
at me and winched as soon as she felt my thick cock slipping
inside of her. She opened up easily as my dick slipped deeper
into her warmth until my balls flattened out against her

Neither of us ever thought we would be doing what we were
now doing or sharing what we were now sharing. Deb and I kissed
one more time before I began to fuck her gently at first and
faster after a couple of minutes. The intensity of it was
something I will never forget. And based on how Deb responded
I doubt she will ever forget it either.

Her pussy clung to my throbbing hard cock and slowly worked
me into a frenzy as we moved together and savored every second
we could. But at the end I needed to cum inside of Deb and she
needed me to cum inside of her just as badly. The first spam
rocked our world and then a flood of my sperm began to shoot
out and splash inside of her womb with wave after wave of
incredible pleasure. Deb and I went all in for the next twenty
seconds while I came in her and she responded to every one
of my spasms.

Deb and I eventually calmed down and cleaned up before I
got dressed again and met her in their kitchen with her robe
still on. Deb was blushing again when we saw each other after
we had fucked for the first time. "You were incredible, "
I told her as she smiled and said she thought I was too.

"Do you think Jimmy and Diane are finished yet?"
I asked Deb as we sat at their table and each had a beer to help
us relax after a great experience. "They must be.
We certainly didn't rush it, " Deb said still
blushing a little bit. I finished my beer and gave Deb one
last kiss before I walked out their back door and headed
back to my house.

But as I looked down the street I still didn't see Jimmy
heading back to his house yet. So I wondered if Diane and
Jimmy were not still doing it although that seemed not very
likely. I reached my back door and then I saw Diane and Jimmy
sitting at our table talking. "Are you two done?"I
asked them as I walked in. Jimmy smiled, stood up and shook
my hand while my wife remained seated at the table not saying
a word.

"Well I need to get home and see Deb, " Jimmy
said before he left. Diane remained seated wearing her
robe as she looked up at me and made me begin to worry. Did
something go wrong or did something go so right it had somehow
changed our marriage.

"Are you alright?"I asked my wife as she remained
sitting at the table not yet speaking. Diane finally stood
up and slowly approached me before I pulled her into my arms
and we shared our much needed reconnection kiss. "Did
you have fun?" My wife asked me after our kiss. I told
her Deb and I had a great time and asked her how her and Jimmy
had done. "We had a lot of fun too, " she said
as she blushed when she looked into my eyes.

Seconds later I had my wife back upstairs and back on our
bed where I removed her robe. And when I saw her amazing body
and knew that Jimmy had just enjoyed it , it made me want and
need her even more. She was definitely full of Jimmy's
cum but it didn't matter to either of us as we made love
and told each other constantly how much we still loved each

We were all shocked by how quickly things went back to normal
. And I am sure all four of us relived that experience in our
minds each time we saw one another. But wisely no one brought
it up at least for the next couple of months. And then one
night the four of us were down at the local bar enjoying a
warm Friday night out with some laughs and a few cold beers.

Deb looked especially good to me on that particular night
as we discreetly exchanged a few glances with each other.
And I noticed Jimmy and Diane glancing at each other too.
So I decided to kind of make a joke of it when I asked the three
of them if they wanted to take a chance and flip a coin again.
" Heads means yes we will and tails mean no we won't, "
Jimmy said as we all got excited and nervous at the same time.

It came up heads and the four of us left quickly with smiles
on all of our faces.

And the four of us flip a coin once a month if not more often.
It just keeps it fun for all of us before we all get too old.

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A good story line, very well written. It does plod a bit in the early stages but builds well to the (pardon the expression) climax. The indecision and uncertainty is expressed very well and realistic enough to make one feel this story is based on real events. Bravo! Tell us more!


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Great story! Hope to heat more!


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One of the best I have read on this site. Very well written and a great story line with lots of detail that showed emotion, passion and love. Please keep your stories for all of us to enjoy. Thanks.


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Great story, well written, lots of suspense. Looking forward to your next one!!