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It started as a "boy/girl" thing


While growing up I only played with the boys in our neighborhood
because I had no interest in dolls. I enjoyed building forts
and doing all the things boys like to do. If my mother was
concerned she never showed it. Instead she told me to have
fun but always remember I was a girl and when I got older,
things would change. But I was happy they way they were and
didn’t want things to change. I promised myself I would
not let it happen to me.

And then a few years later as my transition began, my mother
shock me one day when she handed me a training bra and told
I had to wear it. It made me feel like a horse with this uncomfortable
harness strapped over my chest. “You’ll get use to
it, ” she said before patting me on the shoulder and sending
me outside to play with my friends.

But it didn’t’ take me long to hate wearing a bra. Within
a day or so I snuck in our garage, took it off and hid it until
she called me back in for dinner. Then all I had to do was sneak
back in the garage, put it back on and walk in the house as
if I had done nothing wrong. I knew I could out smart my mother
and was successful but only for a short while.

But that trick only worked until my breasts quickly went
from mere buds to large soft breasts that needed support
and cover. Just once after I developed did I sneak in our
garage and take my bra off. I went outside and all the boys
stared at my chest because my nipples stuck out against
my t shirt. “What are you looking at” I said to them as
they laughed at me while pointing at my chest. I was angry
that my body was changing but there was nothing I could do
about it.

I spent the next hour or so in my room pouting. I was only thirteen
and I already had a full C cup. I remember feeling that life
was unfair since most the girls my age all were still wearing
either training bras or at least small ones compared to
mine. Why was I cursed with these huge things on my chest?

I was thumbing through a magazine still angry of course
when my mother called out to me and said Jimmy, one of my childhood
friends was at our back door. “Tell him I am sick.” I
yelled to her as I heard my mother climbing the steps. And
that never meant good news as I put the magazine down and
waited for her to appear in my bedroom doorway.

“Jimmy is at the back door. You go down stairs right now
and talk to him, ” she said with a scowl I had gotten to
expect from mom whenever I acted up. I remember climbing
off my bed and went downstairs to our backdoor. “What
do you want?” I said to him still angry at him and the other
boys for embarrassing me earlier in the afternoon.

And before he could even speak my mother walked into the
kitchen able to hear anything we said. I could not risk him
saying I took off my bra in front of her so I pushed open the
screen door and walked out to get him away from my mother.
We walked around the house before Jimmy said he was sorry
and felt bad that the others had made fun of me.

I should also stop here and say when I was thirteen; kids
were not like they are today. Girls were not allowed to wear
makeup yet or act like they were adults. In my era things
progressed more slowly and with each year, you got to do
a few more things but you have to learn to wait. I would be
able to start wearing blush and lipstick when I was fifteen
and date after I turned sixteen.

Jimmy and I walked down the sidewalk without really speaking
for a long time. “I hate it when they look at me, ” I finally
said to him when we reached the end of the block. “But I
thought you looked good, ” he replied causing me to at
least smile for the first time all afternoon. “You’re
lucky because you don’t have boobs growing on your chest, ”
I remember saying even though it now sounds so childish.

Jimmy chuckled and said he was glad he didn’t either but
went on to say he thought mine looked good. “Do you really
think so? I still hate them, ” I muttered as we walked
along. Jimmy tried to make me feel better and said he did
notice over the last couple years that I couldn’t run
as fast I use to. He figured my boobs were slowly me down.

We were just kids and hadn’t figured out anything and
too often we spoke whatever was on our minds. “You got
that right. They bounce all over the place, ” I said while
we both starting giggling at the same time. I was about to
take part in my first boy, girl thing that would change me
as a woman for the rest of my life.

As we neared the large park where we use to play, Jimmy looked
at me oddly for a second and then said. “Can I see them?”
I immediately barked at him saying, “No you can’t see
them.” “Why not? Let’s go over there in the woods, ”
Jimmy said before grabbing my hand and pulling me across
the park towards the woods.

I resisted but not like I fought with all my might to get away.
I protested to him a few times but also felt very funny inside
the closer we got to the woods. I just kept telling him, “I
not going to show them to you, ” but he dragged me into
the woods anyway. Suddenly I was very nervous and even a
little scared once we were alone and out of sight of everybody

For the next ten minutes we argued and disagreed on what
I would do and what he wanted me to do. In the end we settled
things and I agreed to lift my shirt up and show him my bra
but not go any farther. My legs felt weak as he stared me and
waited for me to hold up my end of the bargain. “This is
stupid, ” I said while Jimmy waited patiently. “A
deal is a deal, ” he said waiting for me to hold up my end
of the bargain.

The whole experience lasted not more than two seconds and
my shirt was back down covering my chest. “Wow those looked
big, ” he said once I had tucked my shirt back in my shorts.
“They are big and get in the way, ” I replied as we stood
feeling awkward. “Do it again, ” Jimmy said again
while smiling ear to ear in front of me. I shook my head no
but in the end I pulled my shirt back out and lifted it up letting
him have a good long look before covering myself back up.
“I’m going home, ” I said to him refusing to show
him for a third time.

My entire body tingled when we walked back into the park.
I had been told about sex from my mother but I had never felt
sexy until that day in the woods with Jimmy. Jimmy and I began
to walk to what we called “our spot” most days just so
I could lift my shirt for him and show him my bra. And then
one day while I was holding up my shirt, I felt his hand touch
my bra and I jumped back immediately.

“What was that for?”I asked shocked and confused.
“I want to see how soft they are, ” he said to me turning
red in the face. “Trust me, they are soft, ” I said still
angry at him for scaring me the way he did. Jimmy apologized
over and over while I stood there making him feel bad for
as long as I could. “You should have asked first, ”
I said scolding him like my mother always scolds me.

Jimmy got this big grin on his face, “Ok can I touch them?”
It took me less than a second to tell him no and walked out
of the woods without him. But as I walked out part of me wanted
to see how it would feel if someone else touched my breasts
but I was too scared to admit it. “Oh stop being like that.
Just come back, ” he yelled out and I turned and walked
back into the thick part of the woods where we hid.

Again our negotiations began all over again as Jimmy wanted
me to also unhook my bra so he could get a good feel and I refused
only willing to let him touch me over my bra. Five minutes
of give and take before I lifted my shirt and unhooked my
bra while closing my eyes and waited with my breasts hanging
free in the warm summer air but I didn’t feel his hands.
I opened my eyes and saw him staring at my chest as if he was
in shock.

“Are you going to touch them or not?” I recall saying
while getting frustrated because he had not touched me
yet. I was so excited and nervous and suddenly he had lost
his courage. “Ok I will. But I don't want to hurt you, ”
Jimmy said as I watched his hands slowly move over my breasts
and hold them softly in each of his hands.

Instantly I felt dizzy and stood there feeling his warm
hands on my bare flesh. I struggled to breathe as my nerves
were on fire. “Are you done yet?”I asked fearing I like
this way too much. “No” he said softly as his hands massaged
my soft breasts which made me feel even more excited. “Look
at what’s happening, ” Jimmy said as I looked down
and saw my nipples puffing out. “Yes that happens a lot, ”
I told him as his fingers kept playing with my breasts causing
my head to spin even more.

“Are they supposed to do that?”He asked. I told him
I thought so because anytime I feel funny, my nipples swell
up and kind of hurt. “Do they hurt now?” Jimmy asked
while keeping his hands on my chest holding them like he
was holding delicate flowers. “It’s not like a real
hurt. They just feel different, ” I said when I noticed
the front of his shorts sticking out. I quickly pushed his
hands away and hooked my bra insisting it was time for us
to leave. I was afraid of boys even though I trusted Jimmy
to a point. It was just too much for me to handle once I saw
his erection.

I had very strange dreams that night and woke up the next
morning soaked in sweat. I took a bath and tried to figure
out why I was so frustrated although in the back of my mind
I knew why. I liked how I felt the day before with Jimmy in
the woods and secretly wanted to feel my breasts being touched
again. My pussy was very sensitive in the bath tub as I looked
at it still not use to all the hair that had grown around it.
Along with having to deal with my chest I had also gotten
use to getting my periods which was even worse.

Feeling this need to go find Jimmy I reached the bottom of
the steps and found my mother waiting with a list of chores
for me to do. I thought she would never find out what Jimmy
and I were doing. But my mother was not stupid and told me
she didn’t want me hanging around him so much now that
I was getting older. When he showed up at our backdoor my
mother told him I was busy all day helping her around the

It was not till after dinner that she let me go outside but
told me to stay close enough to hear her when she called for
me. Of course Jimmy was there waiting as I walked out and
shook my head no before he even asked. “I have to stay close
to the house, ” I whispered to him as we walked to the end
of the block before turning around. My parents sat on the
front porch and kept an eye on me the whole time. I felt like
a prisoner and hated it.

My mother kept me busy but not every single day, so within
a few days I went looking for Jimmy. Little did I realize
my view of sex and myself was being formed at such an early
age. I found him with his friends playing ball and sat down
to watch not sure if he wanted to touch me again as much as
I wanted to be touched. He finally spotted me sitting on
the grass and rushed over to say hi. “Did you win?”I
asked as he looked down at me with a stupid grin on his face.

“Some of the guys want to see them too, ” he said as I
was standing up. I suppose I was shocked so I pretended to
have not heard him. Soon a few more boys our age gathered
around us as I felt my face turning red. “No” I replied
as they stared at me all eagerly waiting. “Oh come on.
It will be fun, ” Jimmy said as he grabbed my hand and began
pulling me down the street. I didn’t understand it but
I liked the new sensations I felt walking with him and his
friends and knowing I had something they wanted.

In my soul I knew what Jimmy and I had done was wrong yet I once
again found myself headed back to the woods. The closer
we got the more excited and nervous I became. I was pulled
into the woods and out of sight when I felt myself surrounded
by boys. “Ok now here is how it’s going to work, ”
Jimmy said as his three friends eyes were wide all staring
at me.

I don’t think my brain was even working as I stood there
scared to death. And my panties were moist as my nerves wound
themselves into a tight knot. All I remember was that I struggled
to breathe as I listened to Jimmy talking. “You can all
look at them but no one can touch her unless I say so, ”
he said as his friend quickly agreed.

Everyone’s head nodded as Jimmy turned to me smiling
and told me to take off my shirt and bra. I remember shaking
my head no so he told me he would protect me and not to worry.
“Go ahead, ” he said as I froze up scared to move a muscle.
“She’s not going to do it. I told you so, ” one of the
boys said. “Please, ” Jimmy said softly to me as I smiled
and began to lift my shirt very slowly. I heard them all mumbling
as my shirt rose up and exposed my white bra.

And then all four of them got very quiet as I stood in front
of them wearing just my bra. I could feel their eyes on my
flesh and it affected me deeply. “I told you they were
big, ” Jimmy said as if he was bragging like he owned me.
I don’t know how my fingers reached behind but they did
and I unhook my bra next as someone gasped. “It’s ok.
Take it off, ” Jimmy said as I let the straps fall off my
shoulders. My breasts were seconds from being shown as
I hesitated for too scared to actually do it.

“She’s kind of nervous but she’ll do it, ” Jimmy
told his friends as I held my bra over my chest. I felt like
his toy as I handed my bra to Jimmy as his friends gathered
closer and began to giggle. The tension everyone felt was
unbelievable as I stood there topless in front of a group
of boys for the first time in my life. It felt like the kind
of real sex that women know about and I was just a teenager
feeling those same things.

Jimmy reached out and held my breasts as I jumped back scared
of what was happening to me. Yet smiled, told me to relax
as his friends made comments and watched his hands massaging
my soft mounds. “Now watch what happens, ” he told
them as I felt my nipples began to swell feeling more sensitive
in his hands. “Look at that, ” One boy said when Jimmy
took his hands away and showed them how hard my nipples had
gotten. If this is what sex felt like then I wanted to feel
this way for the rest of my life.

I never got comfortable standing there and letting his
friends look while Jimmy touched me whenever he wanted
to. “They are real warm and soft, ” he said once. And
another time while holding my breasts he told his friends
if they were nice to me he might share but only if I said it
was ok. “Is that ok with you?” he asked after his hands
had me worked into frenzy. Each of the boys got turns holding
my breasts before I put my bra and shirt back on and we all

Jimmy and I continued to sneak off to our spot in the woods
whenever we could. And yes he continued wanting me to go
farther but I refused. When he showed me his cock for the
first time I freaked out. In the end I feared pregnancy and
broke it off before we anything else. When we were seniors
Jimmy got another girl in school pregnant and married her.

All of my memories came back when I got an invitation to my
class reunion twenty years later. I had married a man when
I was nineteen, had four great kids with him yet I began to
relive those special times when I was so very young and so
very curious. I never told my husband any of these stories,
fearing he would have thought poorly of me for being so bold
and so foolish when I was growing up. But the affect of what
I had done stayed inside of me. I turned into a proper, descent
woman, wife and mother.

Mom had passed away year before but we still always stayed
at Dad’s house when my husband and I came to visit. Dad
was thrilled as always and Roger, my husband and I drove
to my childhood home so I could attend my class reunion.

The reunion was good but my poor husband sat alone most of
the time letting me rekindle with my childhood friends.
I had not seen anyone for twenty years and it certainly brought
back lots of old memories, both good and bad. And then as
I turned to check on my husband I ran into Jimmy after all
these years. I froze up watching him walking up to me smiling
and pulled me into his arms. “It is just so great to see
you again, ” he whispered to me as we embraced.

When I finally backed up I felt my face turning red as we looked
into each other’s eyes. And before I could even speak
Jimmy glanced at my dress, more directly at my breasts and
said, “I remember those.” Blushing, of course I responded,
“I am sure you do.” For just a second I felt like I was
thirteen all over again and we were headed for the woods.

Jimmy had turned into a handsome man and a very polite man.
He quickly introduced me to his beautiful wife, second
one, and I introduced the two of them to Roger. Apparently
the girl in high school that he got pregnant did not work
out as he explained it. In turn I explained to Jimmy and his
wife that Roger and I had four great kids and that we lived
a few hundred miles away.

And then one of my favorite slow songs I listened to growing
up began to play. I grabbed my husband’s hand and dragged
him out on the dance floor even though he hated to dance.
“Just one song, ” I pleaded with him as he pulled me
into his arms. Roger asked me who Jimmy was and all I said
was that he was my first boyfriend when I was just thirteen.
My husband is very traditional and would not have understood
if I told him anymore than that.

But seeing Jimmy had gotten me flustered as my panties became
damp. I was a thirty eight year old woman and suddenly I felt
like I was thirteen. The song ended and as we turned to return
to our table I felt an arm on my shoulder and turned to see
Jimmy and his wife there. “Want to dance?” he asked
with his wife standing by his side.

I knew my husband would not want to dance again but before
I could figure out a way to say no and still sound polite,
Jimmy’s wife walked up to Roger and put her arms out to
him. And surprisingly my husband smiled at this very attractive
woman and took her into his arms as the two of them began to
dance while I stood there stunned. “Well, I guess we are
going to dance too, ” I said while giggling and slowly
falling into Jimmy’s arms. And immediately I felt him
pull me tight to him so my breasts crushed against his chest.

“Now behave. We are not kids any longer, ” I said softly
to him but he held me tight anyway. And as Jimmy and I swayed
to the music I also began to feel his manhood against me which
caused me even more issues. “I wish we would have done
it at least once, ” he whispered to me as we rubbed against
one another on the dance floor. His cologne swirled in my
head as I remained tight to him without responding.

My husband and I headed home the next day and although I had
enjoyed the reunion, meeting Jimmy still haunted me. There
was just something about him that affected me differently
than any other man I had ever known. It was not a love kind
of attraction but more of a primitive sexual kind of thing.

Over the next couple of years, life returned to normal for
me and my family. And then one day my phone rang and it was
hospital back home telling me my father had just been admitted
after fainting. By the next morning I was back on the road
leaving my husband and kids to tend to my dad. And when I arrived
in town I went directly to the hospital and was shocked to
find Jimmy waiting in the family area.

He told he and his wife had moved back a year before and when
he heard about my father, he rushed to the hospital so at
least someone would be there for him. Thank goodness dad
was ok but needed to spend a few days so they would monitor
him closer. I thanked Jimmy for being so thoughtful and
headed back to my childhood home to settle in for the night.

I had made a quick bit to eat and had just turned on the TV when
someone knocked at the front door. Five minutes later I
was backing up in the living room telling Jimmy this would
the wrong thing for us to do. “I don’t care, ” he said
as he kept walking towards me. “You want it too, ” he
said as my back touched the wall and I was trapped within
him inches from me.

“You have a wife. And I have a husband, ” I said softly
while shaking inside. Jimmy smiled at me before lowering
his eyes and staring at my breasts like he use to when we were
thirteen years old. My hips had widened after four kids
and I now had the body of a mature woman, not a young girl just
starting to form. “Don’t look at me that way, ” I
said to him but his eyes never moved.

Chuckling he asked me if we should negotiate like we did
as kids “There is nothing to negotiate, ” I said softly
while pinning me against the wall. My breathing became
labored as I trembled. “Ok just lift your shirt so I can
see your bra, ” he said as if were back in the park all over
again. “No I am not showing you my bra, ” I said firmly
hoping to stop this in its tracks.

“Just once and then I promise I will leave, ” Jimmy
said softly while staring at my chest. “No, ” I said
again hoping he leave. “I’m not leaving till you show
me your bra, ” Jimmy said again with a big grin on his face
that I remembered so vividly. Sucking for air I looked at
him and knew he would not leave unless I did what he asked
me to do. “Ok just a quick look and then you have to leave, ”
I said as he grinned at me and backed up slightly giving me
room to lift my top.

Checking out the front window I could see people walking
by and might be able to see what we were doing. “We need
to go somewhere else, ” I said to him as he backed up even
more and followed me into the downstairs bathroom. “Don’t
close the door. This is not going to take that long, ”
I said as he stood in the doorway blocking me from rushing

I was shaking as I reached for my blouse and slowly pulled
it up. I felt the fabric sliding over my breasts as they heaved
on my chest. “Wow! They got even bigger, ” Jimmy said
once I was exposed in front of him. Joking I told him it was
even harder to run than it was when I was thirteen. We both
giggled at the same time as I stood holding my blouse up around
my neck.

“Ok now take off the bra, ” he said as I shook my head
no. “You have to, ” Jimmy said still staring at my bra
and large breasts. “No I don’t have to, ” I said.
“But down deep you know you want to, ” he replied as
I heard the air leaving my lungs. Like I said there was something
about him that made me do things I would never have done.
And even in my late thirties he had that same affect on me.

I removed my blouse completely and reached behind to unhook
my bra after a few seconds of hesitation. When my soft, kind
of saggy breasts came free they flopped on my chest with
my nipples completely swollen. The tension we both felt
was just like when we were kids as he walked towards me and
gently took hold of both of my breasts with his hands.

My head spun again like it did every time this boy touched
me. Jimmy was more comfortable holding my breasts as a man.
“Please Jimmy. We have to stop, ” I said softly while
his hands remained on my flesh. “They still get as hard
as I remembered, ” Jimmy said as his finger tips pinched
my already sensitive nipples. “Yes they do. Especially
when you’re touching them, ” I replied while gasping
for air. We didn’t kiss or make any other moves other than
me standing topless while he played with my chest. I could
see his pants bulging the longer we remained together.

Finally Jimmy backed up and let go of my boobs. I was a complete
mess by then unable to stand without bracing myself against
the sink. I can’t remember the last time I felt so aroused.
“Go upstairs and take off your shorts. I never saw your
panties before, ” he said to me and then walked away leaving
me gasping for air.

I climbed the steps no longer having any rational thoughts
in my head. He walked up behind and followed me into my old
bedroom where my suit case was resting on the bed. He waited
in the doorway as I turned and reached down to lower my shorts
in front of him. “Go ahead. I will wait, ” he said when
I hesitated for a second or two. Feeling my face turning
red, I wiggled them over my hips and felt them slid to the
floor so I could easily step out of them.

I was shaking from the excitement as I looked up and saw him
staring at my crotch barely covered by my panties. “Ok,
your panties next, ” Jimmy said as I looked at him and
found it hard to focus. “Come on. Just do it., ” he said
but I could not move my hands. I don’t know how but I reached
for my panties and slid them down exposing the dark patch
of hair I had covering my pussy in front of him. I could feel
my juices flowing as I stepped from my panties and looked
up at him completely naked.

The bulge in his shorts was obvious as was my state of arousal.
“What now?”I asked although I found it hard to speak.
Jimmy stared at my body obviously absorbed in some sort
of trance. “You look fantastic. Now climb onto the bed
and spread your legs, ” Jimmy said as calmly as ever.
“What?”I asked once as he chuckled and told me again
to get on the bed and spread my legs.

I knew what was going to happen as I moved my suit case to one
side and laid down on my back and waited. I stared at my ceiling
and waited while I heard him taking off his clothing. I couldn’t
believe this was happening yet I did nothing to stop it.
With my chest rising up and slamming down on me under such
pressure I looked up and saw Jimmy at the end of my bed.

“Spread your legs, ” he said staring at me with a smile
on his face. I felt my thighs come apart and widen as my pussy
opened up in front of him clearly swollen and ready for his
cock. Jimmy pulled me down so my ass as at the edge of the bed
before I felt his thick organ press against my outer lips
for the very first time.

And then I felt him push again and stretched my inner muscles
by this thickness. Jimmy paused for a second before reaching
down and grabbing hold of my breasts with his hands. He had
control and without warning forced himself into my pussy.
“Oh my goodness, ” I said shaking under him once I felt
his cock planted inside of me. Jimmy and I began to fuck even
though we never kissed or said anything romantic to each
other. It was just a fuck but what a great fuck it turned out
to be.

Jimmy’s thick organ fit inside of me and probed my depths
causing me to whimper and moan constantly. And as his throbbing
organ worked in and out of me, I felt myself spinning out
of control even more. We both became frantic rather quickly
during our first union although it didn’t take much.

Jimmy let go of my breasts and began to hold my hips with his
hands as our organs continued functioning as one. I noticed
that quite often he would look down and watch his cock wedged
between the pink lips of my womanhood and he would then smile.
It also began to work on me as I felt an orgasm coming on even
though he had not taken the time to play with my body to get
me excited.

“Don’t cum yet, ” I pleaded with him as he continued
fucking my pussy mercilessly. The pressure continued
to build inside of me the longer he used my body for pleasure.
And when I felt him expand deep inside of me ready to explode
I lost it and flopped under him with no control left what
so ever. My climax took over and I felt lost in my own lust
while he continued pumping in and out of me with even more

I don’t remember the moment he began to fill me with his
sperm but I do recall feeling this wonderfully warm wetness.
Jimmy continued grunting on top of me as he thrust himself
harder and harder while I waited for him to finish. Our union
was over quickly as our bodies trembled during the final
moments we were locked together on my bed.

Jimmy cleaned up while I rushed to the bathroom to shower
and wash away the evidence of what had just happened. I came
out wrapped in a towel and found him still sitting on my bed
now dressed. “It was great. But we shouldn’t have done
it, ” I said to him as I picked up my panties and other clothing.

“I’ll be back tomorrow. Be in your bedroom, naked with
your legs spread, ” he said before leaving me without
saying anything else. I told myself he was crazy and that
I was not going to be naked and on my bed the next day. We had
made a mistake and I had to deal with it but it was most certainly
not going to happen again.

By six I had gotten home from the hospital where my dad was
resting comfortably with hopes of him being released the
next day. I was nervous of course knowing Jimmy was going
to come over at some point and this was going to end in an argument.
Seven turned into eight and as the sun began to set I looked
up once and saw his car pulling up in front of the house.

I lost all my will as he stepped from his car and ran up the
stairs and stripped naked just like he expected. I laid
on my bed and spread my legs hardly able to breathe. I heard
him climbing each step while I trembled yet remained wide
open for him when he got to the top. Quickly I ran my fingers
over my crack and could feel how slippery and wet I had become.
I closed my eyes when he reached the top as excited as I have
ever been.

He made no comments when we walked into my old bedroom and
saw me in position. There was a strange silence between
us yet I felt him looking down at me. I kept my eyes closed
and heard him once again removing his clothing. I tried
to lay still while his thick shaft forced its way inside
of me until we were once again locked together as one. No
man had ever treated me like this nor would I have allowed
it. But then Jimmy was not just another man.

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Awesome story. WOW.


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That was a great story.Remnds me of growing up with my cousin, she
was the only one I had to play with. LOL


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Interesting insight although a bit twisted or maybe it
alludes to an experience or two of my own....


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EXTREMELY well written.... my compliments!


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WOW great story, it sounds like a really hot time for both
of you, Please keep the stories coming.


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wow!!!! great story


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Awesome story, as yours always are. Thank you SO much!


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Wonderfully written; the erotic thought process makes
it much more than "just a fuck".


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Beautifully written and devastatingly erotic, as always!
You are one of the best authors on here... looking forward
to many more offerings from you.


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as usual, highly titillating


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Awesome story. EXTREMELY well written...


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Damn fine writing.


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extremely hot, well told...............


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Takes me back to my youth and the neighbor girl and my "hideout"!
Unfortunately I was never able to complete a union with
her! Damn!