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It all started innocently


It all started innocently enough, Maria after a long, hard
week of working called me to the office asking what time
I would return home because she wanted to go out for drinks
and relax and enjoy the evening, so I told her that it would
be ok and I will be home as soon as I could, so she enter the
bathroom to take her normal and relaxing shower and prepared
herself for a nice evening out, but then the water stopped

Maria tried everything but nothing happens, then she went
the kitchen and no running water there too, she really want
a shower, that was just for a night out with me but as always
she wanted to look her best, so she called the plumber and
as he picked up the phone she almost yelled “I really need
my plumbing fixed today, I have a meeting with my husband
and have to shower and be ready.”

“Need your plumbing fixed, huh?” He started to laugh
and at that moment, Maria felt really stupid, realizing
how he had taken it.

“I mean it’s all stopped up, ” Maria said, and he
started to laugh again, she was getting frustrated, and
just added. “Oh. You know what I mean.”

Then the plumber said “I’m pretty busy today. Can’t
it wait until tomorrow?”

Maria couldn’t believe in what she heard and she nearly
yelled “Weren’t you listening? NO!” It cannot wait.
Please, please, come and fix it. I will pay you whatever
you want.”

“That could be interesting, ” he said, and Maria had
to admit that he did sound hot, anyway she just answered
in an angry voice “You know what I mean. Sheesh.”

The plumber noticed her reaction and answered in a low voice
“I’m sorry. I’m just joking and trying to make you
calm down there, I will be there in about 20 minutes, is that

“That would be great. Thank you so much, ” Maria said
and sat on the bad just in shorts and a tank top, nothing else
underneath, watching TV and waiting for the plumber, Maria
was thinking about the call to the plumber and his erotic
suggestions, then turned on by her thoughts she knelt by
the side of the bed with the soles of her feet braced against
the wall and lean slightly forward with her arms against
the bed playing with her nipples while she also hold her
long-necked vibrator between her thighs and pressed it
tight against her pussy, she almost orgasm while she was
rubbing her hardened nipples, but soon she was so carried
away by the pure thrill of it, that she had to turn on the vibrator
and shoved it inside her wet pussy while she basked in the
pure ecstasy of the wonderful feeling of it and she cum for
a good minute and a half!

Then someone rang the bell and Maria run to open the door,
she was surprised to see a young good looking guy smiling
at her, she opened the door and showed him the way to the bathroom
and said. “It’s in here. Nothing will go down the drain.
Can you fix it?””

“In a jiffy, ” he said, so Maria left him to his work
and went to wait in the kitchen for his report, but her mind
couldn’t forget the guy, he was awesome looking, just
like his voice would suggest, then he came out a few minutes
later and said, “All fixed.”

“No way! That fast?” Maria was shocked.

“Yup, now what about the pay, ” he said with a grin,
and Maria laughed at that point, relieved to have her shower
back and trying to ignore his insinuation, she just looked
at him and asked. “How much do you want?”

He looked Maria over with that hungry look on his face and
no doubt that Maria was pretty hungry for him as well, and
if that was what he really wanted, she was prepared to give
it to him, so she said in seductively way. “Can I wrote
you a check? I want to give you some tips for the quickly job
you made too, can I added it on the check or give you apart?”

“Out of the check please, unless you have something of
more value.” He giggled and Maria looked at him, there
was that grin again on his face, not really likes a pervert
or anything, just like he truly admired her, and after seeing
what he looked like, Maria felt the same way and asked teasing
him “What if I said that I want you? Would that be a good

The plumber looked at Maria astonished and speechless,
he couldn’t imagine that his teasing game would go so
far, then noticing Maria was not joking with him he grabbed
her into his arms and started kissing her wildly and passionately,
letting his tongue play with hers, Maria pressed her body
close to his to let him rub his already hard cock against
her belly, and the warmth of his hand met her breast as his
tongue swirled around hers as he sucked her breath into
his lungs.

Maria’s body melted into his and her legs became wet with
need for him, then his leg came between her legs and his pants
became wet with her juices that flowed from beneath the
crotch of her outfit, he smiled feeling it and placed little
bites and circular licks over Maria’s ear, neck, chest,
and then her breast, which he bit over the material, then
he left Maria in her garment to admire her what turned both
of them on even more, and as big as her breasts were, they
still stood up straight with the nipples pointing up to
meet his mouth and Maria pleaded him "Bite it, but

He followed her command, biting the hard nipple while pinching
her other, Maria could hardly breathe, her mind grew blank
as she thought on the hard cock between his legs begging
to fuck her, she began undoing his pants, then lifting his
shirt over his head, yanking and pulling Maria got them
off of his body, then she pulled down his boxers leaving
him nude before her his cock was already hard enough and
begged at her to touch it, but she left it alone at that moment,
Maria wanted him to want her even more than he already want.

Maria’s lips bit a nipple of his as he continued to play
with hers, Maria own aching pussy rubbed his leg yet again
to tease herself even more, and she could feel the smells
in the air was that of sweetness and desire, then he lifted
her outfit over her head, and then went to his knees to pull
her panties off with his teeth and began to tease and bite
the mound of her pussy.

A few minutes licking her pussy and sucking and biting her
clit, and then he came up again so Maria could admire his
nudity, his stomach was muscular and tanned as she ran her
hands over it toward his hips and thighs, goose bumps slid
over his body as Maria teased with her fingertips and he
squirmed underneath them, his shaft rubbed against her
wanting some release, she didn’t want to give it to him
yet but he picked Maria up and carried her in on the bed and
she lay spread eagle for him to admire and smiled up at him,
she felt the air in the room hit her pussy, so Maria knew that
he could see almost all of it.

"Mmmmmm, " he said, kneeling next to the bed.
"You are beautiful." Then he looked over to
the side of the bed and laughed, Maria’s vibrator was
sitting there on the end table, she forgot to put it away,
so Maria just giggled "Okay, you caught me".

"I bet it is great inside your sweet pussy, "
he said. "Spread your legs?"

Maria was only too happy to do so, he turned the vibrator
on one of the many speeds it came with and set it against her
mound, Maria gasped as it touched her in its teasing manner,
driving her wild, and making her hips move, she just could
rubbed against it even harder and then he asked "Like

"Yes, " Maria said, breathlessly between
her moans, he came up to her breast again, biting on it and
moving the nibbles down her body, Maria squirmed, watching
the look on his face as she did it, he moved his cock against
the bed as he enticed her to beg for more, and then he grinned
"Want it inside you?"

"Yes, please, let me feel it in me." It was all
Maria could answer.

He did what she asked, moving the tip inside her, Maria watched
him do it, lifting her hips and spreading her legs wide,
her own hand reached between her legs to play slightly with
her clit and her moans came in short raspy sighs, as she pushed
harder against the vibrator inside her pussy, he then pulled
it out and ran it over her clit, moving her hand away, Maria
yelled and her body quivered all over as suddenly she reached
an orgasm, he looked at her and grinned. "That's
it, baby, cum as much as you want."

"I want more. Give me more, please." Maria begged
as her nipples were hard as he pinched them and the vibrator
dove back inside her soaked pussy, he pumped as hard as he
could until it nearly hurt her but she didn't care,
Maria really needed it, his face went for the wetness that
glistened inside and he began to eat her clit and lick her
juices from inside, moans escaped from his lips as he tasted
her orgasm and drove the dildo still into her, she felt bites
on her clit right before he brushed the vibrator over her
clit once again and held it there hard, then loud, high-pitched
moans came from within as Maria’s body shook with yet
another orgasm, as she calm down he pulled the vibrator
from her pussy and licked her there to taste my juices.

"Suck the sweetness out of me, " Maria begged
him, reaching down to brush her fingers through his hair,
then she ordered "It’s time, now fuck me, fuck me

He flipped Maria over on her hand and knees, she arched her
back and moved her ass against his aching body, his cock
slid right into her pussy, and he fucked Maria as hard as
he had made the vibrator bang against her, it was an unending
moment of ecstasy, Maria’s body quivered as she got another
orgasm, squeezing her pussy muscles against the cock that
needed to explode, he held back for a while longer but she
could feel him tense up, then Maria felt the pressure of
his load shooting into her body, making Maria cum again
with him while he mumbled in gasps for air "You are
so good. You make me feel so good."

“Does that mean it was a good tip for your hard job?”
Maria asked with a grin.

“I would guess so.” he said, kissing her sweetly while
he dressed up, Maria walked him to the door, then she looked
at the time and run to take her shower.

As I arrived Maria was already ready to go, we did not really
have any set plans so I asked her again what she would like
to do, Maria said giggling she would like to go have a few
drinks and then maybe some dinner, so we decided to try a
new bar that we have not been to before, there we could have
a few drinks, dance and talk before go to dinner.

So we continued to get ready to leave, Maria was wearing
a black top that was low cut in the front exposing her magnificent
cleavage and a short skirt and I also noticed her putting
on new black shoes with a very high heel, so she was getting
all dressed up to enjoy her night out, we drove to the bar
which was only about 5 minutes from our home, but looking
at Maria and how sexy she looked I told her it was better to
have a few drinks, relax and just let ourselves enjoy the
night, Maria smiled with a really sexy look and said "I
would like that".

We entered the place, which was still quite as it was still
early in the evening, there was some music playing but nobody
dancing yet, I did notice a few people in the bar and especially
one man in particular who was sitting at the barstools and
seemed to check out Maria up and down and was quite pleased
when we sat next to him at the bar, he was approximately 45
years old, good shape and carried himself very well,

Maria ended up sitting between myself and the stranger
not even really noticing him, the bartender came over to
us and asked us what we would like to drink, and we made our
orders and Maria told me what happened before with the plumber
while sipped our drinks, I was so turned on by her story that
I needed to visit the restroom, so I told her I would be right
back but thinking while I was gone the man sitting to the
left of Maria got up enough nerve to talk with her.

As I came out of the restroom I saw them talking and Maria
was smiling at him, and as I sat back down Maria introduced
me to the man whose name was Robin and we started to chat all
together, we had been at the bar for approximately an hour
and the bar was getting a bit more people in it, Maria and
I continued to talk and every once and a while Robin would
say something clever to Maria to make her laugh, I could
see that between the alcohol, the conversation and the
music Maria was enjoying herself, so I asked Maria if she
wanted to go somewhere else and to my surprise she said she
would like to stay there what seemed to please Robin who
was continuing to talk with Maria and once and a while to

It was now Maria's turn to excuse herself to go to the
restroom, once she was gone, Robin told me that she was very
pretty, I thanked him by the compliment and I told him I thought
she liked the attention from him, that brought a smile to
Robin's face as he took a sip of his drink and as she approached
the barstool Robin asked if everything turn out ok, Maria
replied yes and smiled at him, I thought that just with my
comment to Robin it seemed to make him just a tad more bolder
with Maria, I then excused myself to the restroom and when
I came out I noticed Robin's hand was touching Maria's

The music started playing a bit louder as the bar was a bit
more crowed so I asked Maria if she would like to dance, she
said yes and I told Robin to excuse us for a minute or two so
I could dance with her, he smiled back and said "sure,
but who am I going to dance with"?

To my total surprise and without hesitation, Maria said
"you can have the next dance with me when I come back".

Robin was more than pleased to wait his turn, sip his drink
and watch us on the dance floor as I took her hand and lead
her to the dance floor, knowing that Robin was checking
out Maria as we walked away, once we reached the dance floor
we danced together and as the song ended and we walked back
to the bar, Maria grabbed Robin's hand and said "your

Robin looked back at me smiled and I winked at him and said
"you two have fun".

I had a clear view of the dance floor and could see them dancing
and talking, I later found out from Maria that he was telling
her how sexy and beautiful she looked, as they continued
to dance I could see that she was becoming more and more comfortable
with Robin, and as the song ended they made their way back
to the barstools and Robin said to me "thank you for
sharing your wife with me!"

I responded back with an anytime and smiled, Maria seemed
to like my response and so did Robin, it was now Robin's
turn to excused himself to go to the restroom, so that was
a perfect time to talk with Maria and see if she was really
having fun and enjoying herself, she grinned as nodded
so I asked her if she would like to sit in a booth with Robin
and me and be more comfortable, she immediately said "SURE"
and I know when Maria says sure the way she did, she would
like that a lot!

When Robin returned I asked if he would like to join us in
a booth, he was all smiles as he said he would love to, so we
found a booth towards the back of the bar where we could continue
to talk and get to know each other better, Maria was sitting
in the middle of Robin and me and seemed to enjoy being the
center of attention, Robin commented her on her outfit
and how good she looked in it, Maria smiled and said thank
you then Robin asked her if she would like to dance again,
she said sure, so Robin looked over at me and asked if that
was ok, I said “that is fine, go ahead and have fun”.

That time Robin took more of the lead and had Maria in front
of him with his hand on the small of her back leading her towards
the dance floor, the booth that we were all sitting in had
a semi good view of the dance floor and I had to look through
a few people to really get a good view, but I noticed that
Maria and Robin were laughing and having some fun on the
dance floor, the song ended and Robin gave Maria a hug which
she seemed to enjoy, then the next song started to play which
was a slow song and they started a slow dance, Robin held
Maria’s right hand and placed his other hand on her waist,
Maria responded back by holding Robin’s hand and placing
her other behind his neck, as the song continued both seemed
to become more and more comfortable with each other and
I noticed Robin holding Maria a little bit closer and Maria
enjoying it.

The song ended and Robin leaned over and gave Maria a kiss
on the cheek, which brought a smile to her face, they returned
back to the booth and I asked if they enjoyed the dance, they
both answered yes at the same time and then laughed, I told
them they get one more song and then it was my turn to dance,
they each took a sip of their drinks, turned and headed back
to the dance floor, once again it was a slow song, and Robin
held Maria close with both arms wrapped around her waist
and Maria wrapping her arms around the back of his neck,
then I could see Robin whispering in her ear and both of them
enjoying what he was telling her, Robin became more bold
as the song went on and he started kissing Maria’s neck
and she was enjoying it.

I was watching them and I could feel my cock starting to grow
as I noticed Robin pressing his crotch into Maria and slowing
grinding to the music, Maria seemed to respond by moving
with Robin to his movements while Robin continued to kiss
Maria’s neck, each time moving closer to her cheek, then
as the song came to an end Robin held Maria close, leaned
over and kissed Maria on the lips, and she responded by opening
her mouth to feel his tongue in, then they broke the kiss
and turned to come back to the table.

I noticed that as they approached Robin still had a semi
bulge in his pants and even in the semi state it look like
he was well endowed, I was sure Maria could feel Robin’s
cock getting hard and I also felt that she could feel the
size of it and that was part of the reason that she wanted
to feel more of it against her on the dance floor, clearly
Maria was a bit aroused by everything that has just happened
on the dance floor as she came back to the booth, kissed me
and just smiled, Robin smiled, said you have a lovely wife
and excused himself to the restroom, so I asked Maria if
that was fun, she took a sip of her drink, ordered another
as she said very fun, I smiled and asked if she wanted to leave
and I almost burst in laugh as she said she wanted to stay
and tease Robin a little more.

Robin returned back from the restroom, took his seat in
the booth and sat just a bit closer to Maria and we chatted
a little more, at one point I notice that Robin had only one
hand visible on the table, as I glanced down I could see it
resting just above Maria’s knee, she did not miss a beat,
continued to chat but smiled more at Robin which made him
feel good about what he was doing, and as we talked I glanced
down without letting Robin see me and I saw his hand on my
her thigh, I was sure Maria was excited to feel his hand move
further up her thigh as she was smiling, laughing and enjoyed
his hand on her thigh.

I decided to play along, I also placed my hand on her thigh
and when I did she smiled at both Robin and me, nobody said
a word but we all knew where our hands were, Robin was already
100% comfortable with us and the situation so he moved his
hand to the upper inside of Maria’s thigh, he was close
to her wet pussy as I slowly moved my hand up her thigh and
I knew Robin could feel her skirt move up a bit from my hand,
Maria was trying very hard to sit still, hold a conversation
and smile without making it obvious that she was being touched
by two men under the table, then Robin’s hand moved to
the side of her wet pussy and I was pretty sure Robin was getting
hard as he was moving his hips to get better situated, I copied
Robin’s moves and put my hand just on the other side of
my Maria’s pussy lips and then we both started gently
rubbing the inside of my her thighs with just the fabric
of her panties between us and her wet pussy.

Just as I was about to tell Maria to rub Robin’s cock she
reached over and placed her hand on his crotch, I then placed
her other hand on my already hard cock and felt her give it
a quick squeeze, I was sure she was doing the same movements
on Robin’s cock as I felt his hand moving over to cover
Maria’s pussy through her panties, then she let out a
small moan, letting Robin know that she approved of where
his hand was, he also was aware that Maria liked what he was
doing as he felt her move into his hand, Maria then leaned
over and whispered to me that he has a huge cock and she wanted
him, so without hesitation I asked Robin if he would like
to come over to our house and have a drink and continue the
party, he looked at us a little speechless then he said “Yes,
of course!”

So we gathered ourselves, paid our tab and walked out into
the parking lot, I told Robin to follow us to our home so we
got in our car with Robin following close behind, as we arrived
at our home, Robin and Maria sat on the sofa as I mixed some
drinks and I could hear moans coming from the living room
as I was mixing the drinks, then as I turned the corner with
the drinks I could see Robin and Maria were kissing passionately
and she was rubbing Robin’s cock through his pants and
Robin was right back up Maria’s skirt, that time he had
pulled her panties to the side and was massaging her clit,
I just put the drinks down and sat next to her on the sofa,
took her free hand and placed it on my cock, she responded
by rubbing it in the same manner as she was rubbing Robin’s
huge cock.

I think the excitement of seeing Robin’s hard cock through
his pants was more than Maria could handle, she started
to unzip his pants to release his manhood, as she was unzipping
his pants he was sliding a finger into her wet pussy, finally
she freed his cock and when Maria saw it all she could say
was a wow, it was bigger than she thought but instead of being
intimidated by it, she was impressed and aroused by it,
Maria slowly stroked that massive cock and it seemed like
it took forever for her to stroke it from the base to the top
of the head, she was really enjoying it and so was Robin as
he continued to finger her soaked pussy.

I thought it would be a good idea to go into the bedroom, so
I excused myself for a minute as they continued to touch,
play and kiss with each other, I lit a couple of candles as
I knew we would end up in there soon, I lit just enough to give
the room a glow, still somewhat dark but with enough light
to see what was happening, then I proceeded to go back out
to the living room where Maria’s moans were getting more
frequent and a bit louder.

I suggested them to take the party into the bedroom instead,
and both of them were more than willing to go, Maria lead
the way with Robin right behind her and me not far behind
them and we entered the dimly lit room and closed the door,
that seem to be the queue for Maria to drop to her knees and
start sucking Robin’s cock, meanwhile he unbuttoned
his pants and shirt and let them drop to the floor, I was doing
the same to myself, letting my clothes fall to the floor,
I was getting so aroused watching them that I just stood
still and let her suck his cock for a few minutes, but it seemed
as though she was sucking it for hours.

I was not able to take much more so I brought my hard cock over
to my Maria’s mouth, for a moment she did not know that
I was standing next to her with my cock, then I moved it closer
and brushed the side of her cheek with it, Maria reached
up and took my cock in her free hand and she started making
turns stroking and sucking both our cocks and enjoyed alternating
back and forth between the two of them, and it was awesome
to see her saliva glistening on our cocks just from the light
from the candles.

After a few minutes of being sucked and stroked, Robin and
I decided it was time to make Maria the center of the attention,
so we brought her up from her knees, took her over to the bed
and laid her down, we then slowly removed her skirt but left
her high heels on, it made her that much more sexy, we clearly
could see and feel that her panties were soaking wet, so
we slowly removed her wet panties and threw them to the floor,
there was Maria laid on her back with just her top and shoes
on, she looked and felt really aroused and Robin and I were
hard as a rock, and then I buried my face between her legs
and started liking her pussy and tasting her juices, Robin
took the queue and moved towards her head and put his cock
back into her mouth, so Maria was getting her pussy eaten
by me while sucking on Robin’s cock.

I was sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy while she kept
trying to slide more and more of Robin’s cock into her
mouth, but it was just too big, I knew it wasn’t going to
take long for Maria to cum and I was right, in a couple of seconds
she started gushing her juices all over my face while Robin
was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and Maria was
really sucking his cock with suck enthusiasm, then I asked
Robin to switch places with me and he gladly did it, but as
he wanted to slide his cock into Maria’s waiting pussy,
he climbed between her legs and she seemed to spread her
legs open the wider she could to help that big cock enter
inside her, Robin grabbed her legs and held them out spread
eagle and her moans were enough to convince anyone that
she was ready to get fucked, so Robin placed just the head
of his huge cock near the opening of her pussy and that was
more than she could take as she came again, just from that.

As Robin lowered his cock into position to enter her wet
pussy, Maria pushed her hips forward to greet his huge cock
while I placed my cock into her mouth but she was so into Robin’s
cock that she was having trouble concentrating on sucking
mine, but I could care less just watching her get into that,
watching how much she wanted that cock, watching her need
him inside her, and that was more than enough to keep me hard,
Maria was completely lost in the heat of the moment and she
was begging to have that massive cock inside of her.

At that point Robin slowly slid the head of his cock into
Maria’s pussy and she let out a loudly moan and I could
see the head of his cock disappear inside of her pussy, he
continued to slid more and more of his cock deep into her
and filling her pussy with his cock, with ever thrust he
put his cock deeper into her pussy and Maria was cumming
like crazy I was so aroused myself seeing Maria being so
pleased that I put my cock into her mouth with a single thrust
and I shot a huge load of cum inside her mouth without warning,
she was swallowing as much as she could, but it was really
a big load of cum, so some was dripping down the side of her
mouth, also it was very hard for her to swallow it all when
she was moaning so much from Robin fucking her.

As I was shooting my load in her mouth Robin was pumping his
cock in and out of her very wet pussy, I could see and hear
Robin getting very aroused and Maria was in ecstasy, as
he pumped in and out of her she was lifting her hips to meet
every thrust, I could see that Robin was getting close to
cumming as he picked up the pace and seemed to fuck Maria
even harder than he was a moment ago, he had his cock deep
inside of her buried itself all the way up to his balls as
they slapped against my her ass, I knew Maria was ready to
feel Robin fill her waiting pussy with his hot cum, he could
not take it any longer and then he gave one huge thrust deep
into her pussy and let out a huge moan while he was twitching
and pumping his load of cum deep into Maria’s waiting
pussy and she was cumming with every drop of cum he was pumping
into her.

I enjoyed watching Robin finish fucking Maria and seeing
how much pleasure she was getting out of it, after he was
completely milked of all his cum by my her pussy he slowly
started to pull his semi limp cock out of her, just as the
head of his cock was coming out of Maria’s pussy she let
out a little squeak and I think she cum again, Robin got off
the bed and went into the bathroom, as I laid on the side of
Maria and I whispered softly in her ear and asked her if she
enjoyed that, her response was “UMMMM, YEAH” then
I asked if she wanted Robin to fuck her again and she said
almost yelling ”HELL. YES”.

Robin returned from the bathroom and Maria immediately
grabbed his cock and started sucking it again, sucking
it in a so aggressive way, like she could not get enough of
it, she was laying on her stomach and Robin standing at the
side of the bed with his cock being sucked, she seemed much
more comfortable with his cock after just fucking him,
she was once again lost in giving him head and her goal was
to get him hard as fast as she could because she wanted to
be fucked again by Robin’s big cock, I was also becoming
very aroused by how aggressive she was with Robin and found
my own cock growing, so I started to stroke my cock and let
Maria concentrate on giving Robin another incredible

Once I saw that Robin was fully hard and Maria was struggling
to get his cock in her mouth, I knew it was time to give her
more pleasure, so I told Robin to lie on his back and told
her to climb on top of his cock, she was a little sad that I
stopped her from sucking Robin’s cock, but at the same
time was happy cause she knew she was going to get that cock
in her pussy once more, then as Robin laid back I saw Maria
slowly lower her pussy on to his cock, her pussy was still
lubricated from her juices and his massive load that was
dripping out of her wet pussy and it didn’t take long for
Maria to completely lower her pussy on to Robin’s massive
cock, and I could see her eyes close as his cock was completely
buried in her pussy.

Maria slowly rocked her hips back and forth and each time
she was getting more aroused, she was sitting in an upright
position so Robin could have easy access to her tits, at
that point I was just a spectator watching Maria ride this
guy’s cock that we just met in a bar, she was riding it in
a way that told me she never wanted to get off his cock, after
a few minutes of watching that and stroking my now rock hard
cock I knew it was time for the move, so I climbed on top of
the bed in a standing position and got behind Maria and proceeded
to push her head down towards Robin so her ass would come
up, and as I lowered her head towards Robin she took the hint
and lowered her lips on to Robin’s in a very erotic french

Robin was more than willing to have Maria on top of him while
moving her hips and kissing him deeply, the more her head
lowered the more her ass would come up, when I felt her ass
was just in the right position I put the head of my cock near
her asshole and as soon as Maria felt my cock at the opening
of her ass she went nuts, knowing that she was about to get
double penetrated was enough to send her over the edge,
then I slowly started to push the head of my hard cock into
her ass as she continued to kiss Robin with all she was worth,
Robin was pushing his cock up to meet every one of her hip
movements and I was sliding my cock into her ass and she let
out an “OH MY GOD” and her entire body twisted under
the violence of a wild orgasm.

Maria was in heaven and Robin and I were having a great time,
as I continued to push the rest of my cock into her ass I could
feel Robin’s cock in her pussy, Maria was being fucked
in her ass and pussy, both holes stretched to the limits
and she loved every minute of it, the only time she stopped
kissing Robin was when she would say “OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS

Both Robin and I were pumping our hard cocks into their respective
holes and Maria was coming over and over again, every time
that it felt like we were slowing down she yelled “DON’T

Maria was possessed by being fucked with that much enthusiasm,
the more we pumped the more she seemed to want, we continued
to fuck her ass and pussy as hard as we could until we all could
not take much more, I was getting close to cumming and Robin
was not far behind, and within the next few strokes of our
cocks and hearing Maria begging for more we both let spurted
our cum inside her holes, I could feel Robin’s cock pumping
his load of cum in her pussy and I knew he could feel my cock
pumping my load of cum into her ass, Maria was getting orgasm
over orgasm while she felt the warmth of our cocks filling
her insides with hot cum, even though Robin and I both came
a few minutes ago we both had another huge load to give to
her, it seemed like we pumped cum into her ass and pussy for

I slowly started to pull my cock out of her ass and she let
out a little noise as the head of it slipped out, I noticed
some of my cum dripping out of her ass and as I got off of her,
she slowly slipped Robin’s cock out of her pussy and I
noticed a huge pool of his cum at the base of his limp cock,
Maria not having tasted Robin’s cum wanted to try a little,
and I was amazed when she went down and licked some of his
cum off the base of his cock, then she lifted her head, looked
at Robin and me and said “Tanks guys this was really a great
fuck. I had a great time, I want to do it again soon”

With that words Maria excused herself to go to the bathroom
and clean up a bit, I asked Robin if he had fun, he said he loved
every minute of it, I winked and told him so did I and I know
Maria did too, then Maria and I put on some clothes as Robin
got dressed to leave, we walked Robin to the door, exchanged
phone numbers and then Maria planted a huge kiss on his lips,
which included her tongue, Robin said he would be more than
willing to do it again and will look forward to the next time,
with that we watch Robin walk to his car, get in and leave.

Both Maria and I smiled, kissed and went to bed and slept
until the morning after.

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Oh my, I came twice reading this, You stories make me so wet!
I also love d/p.


vikingluso replies on 12/31/2014 9:23 am:
Great, thanks for your comment
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Hot story, really got me going!!

Signed with a hug
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Delivered with a beating heart


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I would like to meet Maria


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As many others,

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Damn this story really me got me rock hard lol...looking
forward too more


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Thanks a lot, after new year we go to work on a few more.

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had me cumming reading it.


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Wow, thanks for sharing

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Great story again as always, made me hard!


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Thanks a lot, we always try to do our best with our stories.

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you never disappoint me! your love for cock is great


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Thanks a lot for a so great comment

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My dick is so hard right now I'm light headed.


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Wow thanks for sharing

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That is a really hot story !


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Great story, fucking hot!


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Very informative post!


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now it is time to direct a movie