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Inside the mind of a lonely 18 year old


It is sad for me to admit but my best sexual experiences happened
when I was only eighteen years old. Since then nothing has
compared, leaving me with an empty feeling ever since.
This is my account of the events of that summer when I was
introduced to how thrilling sex could be.

I had waited for that night my entire senior year. In those
days the legal drinking age was eighteen which meant I had
no social life until my birthday. Luckily my birthday was
a week after I graduated from high school so I thought I would
be fun summer before I headed off to college. Little did
I know at the time just what kind of impact it would have?

I grew so frustrated waiting for my big day, not because
I wanted to drink because I really didn’t enjoy alcohol
that much. But it would finally give me the social interaction
I so desperately wanted and needed. I spent most of my free
time shopping every single store in our town looking for
the perfect outfit to wear when I could finally walk into
one of those bars and be treated like an adult. I wanted something
cute and sexy but not too sexy if you know what I mean. Of course
my mother didn’t approve of the outfit I bought but then
she never approved of much of what I wore. Mom was old school
and just frowned at me when I showed her my birthday outfit.

The moment I opened my eyes the morning of my birthday I felt
like a new person. I could feel the energy surging from the
time my feet hit the floor. “Happy birthday, ” mom
said as I walked into our kitchen unable to hide the big grin
I had on my face. She knew I had waited for this day and knew
I wanted to go to the bar but still she had to make me feel guilty
one more time. “I hope you plan on spending some time tonight
with your father and me, ” she said while pouring me a
glass of juice.

Wanting to show my mother I could play that same game, I replied,
“Oh I don’t know. I really haven’t given it any much
yet.” Of course she frowned once again before turning
away from me. I knew my mother was a virgin when she married
dad but that is just how it worked for her generation. But
for my generation, girls turned into women earlier and
sex was not viewed as the big taboo she claimed it was.

Although I was a good girl I had begun to learn about my body
and my sexuality years before. And thank goodness for my
mother because my urges were not as strong as my fears when
I began to date. Making out was thrilling for me and I enjoyed
parking with a date and kissing until the boy would get too
pushy. I eased into letting boys touch my private parts
but only above the waist as first. Feeling a boy’s hands
on my breasts did even more for me even if I knew it was wrong.

By the time I was seventeen, I developed what I thought was
a serious relationship with a boy I was going steady with.
We dated for almost a year before one night in the back seat
of his car, I lost my virginity. When I sat up after he finished
I felt strange inside as I pulled up my panties and straightened
out my skirt. I didn’t see stars and I didn’t understand
why I felt like I wanted more but I did.

But I also remember my first serious boyfriend kissing
me a few more times and assured me we would be in love forever.
I sat next to him hooking my bra when he added that someday
we would probably get married. He stopped calling after
our next date because I refused to do it again. Sex was simply
much easier for boys than it is for girls.

But that was all in my past now that I was eighteen and could
start a new chapter in my life. After my birthday dinner
I soaked in the bathtub for a half hour before fussing with
my hair and makeup preparing for my first night in a woman.
I put on my rather short skirt and blouse and went downstairs
to face my parents. My dad told me I looked cute, my mother
frowned and that was about all the reaction I ever got from

It was one of those perfect nights when I left the house and
drove up town just to cruise around before I headed to the
popular bar where all my friends hung out. And when I opened
the car door in the parking lot I heard good music for a change.
Certainly not the kind of boring music my parents listened
to. This surge of energy hit me again as I grabbed my purse
and headed for the front door for the very first time.

I remember the man at the door immediately asked me for my
ID. He looked at my driver’s license while I looked out
into the crowded bar almost overwhelmed by what I was seeing.
Girls in short skirts and a ton of good looking boys everywhere
as my heart beat a little harder in my chest.

The doorman handed me back my license, glanced down at my
chest and grinned. “Have a good time, ” he said as I
thanked him while putting my ID back in my purse. Those first
few steps were the greatest moments of my life. I looked
everywhere searching for people I knew and although some
of them I recognized many I had never seen before. Inside
I felt great just being there even if they were mostly strangers.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed I slowly made my way to the bar
once I found an opening. And the first thing that anyone
said to me was a boy to my left. He made some comment about
my breasts while pointing at my blouse and toasting his
beer with his buddy as if I had not heard him. All I did was
ignore him and walk away from that group of creeps.

Two of my friends, Julie and Annie were at a table when I spotted
them and rushed up grinning from ear to ear. I didn’t even
like beer but I sipped it while watching everyone else drinking
around me. My girl friends were already giddy and said they
had been there for over two hours. I commented to them that
I was surprised how cheap the beer was. “You didn’t
buy it, yourself did you?” Annie asked while laughing
at my expense.

I didn’t know what she was talking about so I simply smiled
unsure of how things worked. Julie explained, “This
is just a big game. Find some guy, flirt with him and pretend
you might be interested in him and before you know it, he
will buy your beer.” So I just hung out and watched the
crowd having fun for the next hour. And to tell you the truth
it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. My
girl friends were wasted quickly which meant I was on my
own for the rest of the night.

The night was not exactly as I expected but it was still better
than sitting at home with my parents. I had lost track of
Julie and Annie sometime later when I wandered around pretending
to be drinking in search of someone else to talk with. Although
the music was so loud it would have been hard to really talk
with anyone.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm and I remember looking up
and into his eyes as I almost dropped my beer. The boy in front
of me had been my very first crush three years earlier although
he never knew who I was. Jimmy was the most popular boy in
our school when I was a freshman and sophomore and during
his senior year was the jock every girl dreamt of dating.

Neither of us spoke at first as it felt like destiny had brought
us together. I felt a lump in my throat as I stood looking
into his eyes for the longest time. Finally he smiled and
asking me my name. I told him and then he simply reached behind
me and put his arm around my back. I had not said more than
two words to him and now he was holding me as if I was his girl.

And before I knew it he paraded me around the bar and introduced
me to all his friends which were just about everybody in
the bar. Just being with Jimmy made me go from a nobody to
a somebody. Every part of me felt excited by all the attention
I was getting. And the best part was the way he kept holding
on to me as if some other boy might try and steal me away. I
have never felt such a high and I loved it.

If his friends made comments about me, Jimmy would squeeze
me even tighter next to him. His friends flirted with me
but I stayed glued to his side. Something inside me sensed
he wanted me to give him all my attention and ignore every
other boy.

It was the most unexpected birthday gift I had ever gotten.
I checked my watch and realized I had to leave soon even though
I didn’t want to. I had tried to get off work the next day
but that didn’t happen meaning the morning was going
come very soon. Now all I had to do was tell Jimmy I had to leave
but it was certainly not because I wanted to. It just felt
too perfect in his arms and I didn’t want that feeling
to ever end.

Just being next to him was intoxicating as his big brown
eyes and wonderful smile mesmerized me. Finally I whispered
to him between songs that I had to work early the next morning
and needed to say good night. He grinned at me and pulled
me tight to him one last time. My chest crushed into his side
as I felt my heart rate triple. He was so strong, so handsome
and so appealing it was hard to just walk away.

“I’ll walk you to your car, ” he finally said before
escorting me out the door. My legs were so weak holding his
hand I don’t know how I actually made it to my car. This
was all a dream come true as I found my keys and unlocked my
car. As I turned to say good night he pulled me into his arms
and pressed his lips to mine for the first time. It was like
fireworks were filled the sky above me as our lips meshed
together. My entire body tingled from his first kiss.

I don’t really know what happened but the next thing I
knew I was in the backseat with him making out like crazy.
My hormones were raging strong than ever before. And the
hotter he got the hotter he made me get. Just feeling his
hands on me as he grew more and more daring made me respond
even more. His hand was under my blouse resting on my breasts
when I gasped for air and told him I really needed to go but
not because I wanted to.

“Please stay a little longer, ” he said before kissing
my neck while my head spun. Jimmy was not letting me go just
yet. Next I felt him slip his hand under my skirt causing
me to tense up. This was a huge step for me especially with
a boy I had just met. I let his finger tips rubbed against
my wet panties while I sucked for air.

My hormones were surging even more as I felt his finger tips
then slide under my panties. I had walked in the bar a few
hours earlier never expecting to be with Jimmy before the
night was over. “I want you, ” he said between our lust
filled kisses. “I want you to but not this way, ” I replied
again wanting to show him I wanted him so much but not on our
first night and not in a parking lot. I feared I would upset
him and he would never speak to me again.

Jimmy let me go as I pulled my top back down fearing others
might walk by my car and see the condition I was in. “I’m
sorry, ” I told him hoping he would understand and not
get angry at me.”Hey it’s ok. I didn’t know you were
still a virgin, ” he replied without looking at me directly.

It was that exact moment in my life when my attitude towards
sex began to change. “I’m not a virgin, ” I said softly
before reaching under my skirt knowing if I didn’t give
him what wanted, I might never see him again. I wiggled out
of my panties while he sat next to me. Instantly he began
to kiss me again while his fingers pushed up under my skirt
now that my panties were no longer in his way. It was happening
so quickly I had no time to adjust or respond to how serious
this was becoming between the two of us.

It was the complete opposite of my first boyfriend who I
thought I was in love with. With Jimmy it was just lust but
for some reason that made me much more excited. He had my
blouse open before he laid me on me down in the back seat.
Pulling my skirt up around my waist I laid there and watched
him unzip his jeans to free his large swollen organ.

I trembled under him while he climbed on top and forced my
legs apart with his hips. He was breathing very heavily
when I felt the mushroom head of his cock push up inside of
me. I had less than a second to absorb his penetration before
he pushed even harder and wedged his cock all the way in.
Just feeling his throbbing organ inside of me was mind altering
at such a young age.

I had felt that only a boy inside of me once before and it didn’t
feel like I had with my first real boyfriend. Jimmy’s
hardness kept pushing up into me and sliding against my
wet lining before he would pull back and ram himself even
deeper the next time. I laid there savoring everything
he did to me and how it made me feel.

It took less than a minute before he brought me to life as
a woman. I kept whimpering to him not to stop the harder his
thrust became. He grew wildly excited during our union
until I felt him expand inside of me and prepared to feel
him explode. His body jerked as I waited find out what it
felt like to feel a man’s cum inside of me. My first boyfriend
used a condom but now I was on the pill and I was ready to have
a man fill me for the very first time. “You feel real good, ”
Jimmy muttered once right before I felt his first of many
spasms. He pumped and pumped even more cum inside of me while
I clung to him. I prayed to myself hoping the pill worked.

When he was finished we both cleaned up as best we could before
we kissed good night. “I will be back tomorrow night, ”
I told him hoping he would be there and want to see me again.
Jimmy didn’t’ respond as I drove back home shaking
from the excitement yet also on the verge of crying. Once
I got into my own bed and had the chance to relive the entire
night I kept feeling his hard shaft going in and out of me
so vividly that my fingers slipped under my panties just
so I could touch his warm stickiness a little longer.

When I awoke the next morning I instantly realized I could
not put my crusty panties in the laundry. My mother would
instantly know what I had done the night before. I hid them
in a drawer and went off to work. The day was a blur and of course
my mother preached me to when I got ready to go back to the
bar for the second night in a row. “Your going to wreck
your reputation, ” she yelled as I backed out of the drive
way. I didn’t care in the least what my mother said.

I found Jimmy in the bar playing pool when I walked in. I was
thrilled when he spotted me and motioned for me to come to
him. I really didn’t know what to expect when I reached
him but was shocked when he pulled me into his arms and kissed
me right in front of all of us friends. He bought me a beer
and within fifteen minutes he suggested we go back to his
place because he had not yet showered after work.

“I didn’t know what time you would get there so I came
to the bar right after work” he explained as I sat next
to him in his car. “I am glad you did, ” I replied wanting
him to know how happy I was to see him again. I can’t say
his apartment was very tidy or clean but I hung around the
kitchen with him just the same. “I have a roommate but
he is hardly ever here. Well except for when he is fucking
some girl in his room in the middle of the night, ” Jimmy
explained while handing me a beer and laughing as my shocked

Just looking at him took my breath away as I loved his dark
masculine features and five o’clock shadow. He disappeared
while I waited at the table still pinching myself that all
of this was really happening to me. I was daydreaming when
he yelled out for me to bring him another beer. I grabbed
one from the frig and walked down the hall looking for the

He took the beer and once again surprised me when he said,
“You’re still dressed.” Jimmy laughed before I
could even answer since I had no idea what he expected me
to do while he was in the shower. Feeling stupid like a high
school girl instead of a real woman I was pretending to be
I responded, “Do you really want me to get naked?” Jimmy
looked at me briefly and said from now on anytime I was at
his apartment, he wanted me nude.

I blushed and began to remove my top and my skirt. It felt
awkward standing in the doorway of his bathroom wearing
only my bra and panties. It was also the most exciting thing
I had ever felt. His bluntness was new for me and something
I would have to get use to in a hurry. He glanced my way and
pointed to my bra before he washed the last of the shaving
cream off his face. I felt my face turning red as I reached
behind and unhooked my bra in broad daylight in front of
a boy for the very first time.

Jimmy reached out and took hold of each of my breasts with
his wonderful warm hands. He pulled me tight to him causing
my breasts to flatten out against his strong powerful chest.
My legs wobbled as our lips met while my nipples hardened.
I didn’t’ know how our second time together would work
but I quickly discovered what to expect from then on. It
was the most exhilarating kiss of my life as I withered in
his arms quickly. The next second we were together on his
bed with his hands exploring every inch of me.

I grew very nervous when I pushed his fingers between my
legs and explored me in broad day light. In those days girls
did not shave so my pussy was hairy and very wet from his touch.
“Anybody ever eat you before?” he asked as I squirmed
next to him filled with this strange kind of lust. “What
do you mean”? I recall asking, having no clue what he was
talking about. Jimmy told me to just relax and trust him
as he spread my legs and moved his mouth directly in front
of my pussy. It was the bizarre thing I could have imagined
before I felt his tongue touch me for the first time and screamed

It felt like a million volts of electricity were being shot
through my entire body. Never in my life had anything felt
so intense and so perfect both at the same time. I remember
at one point with my head flopping from side to side he told
me to try and relax while his tongue continued driving me
insane. I don’t know if it was a full orgasm or just a tiny
one but it was my first and I loved every second it lasted.

His cock was quickly planted inside of me as he began to fuck
me very hard without letting up for even a second. I could
feel his balls slapping against my ass with each powerful
thrusts so I began to move my hips hoping to meet his thrusts.
My timing was not good but together but I tried my best to
please him.

Jimmy grew rigid quickly as I laid under him gasping for
air. I had been in the bar only ten minutes and now I was on
his bed being fucked by him for the second time in less than
twenty four hours. The first few spasms I felt coming from
his shaft rocked my world. Then his spasms began to lesson
as we clung to each other while he remained firmly inside
of my pussy. If my mother ever found out what I had been doing
she would have killed me. But I felt like a grown woman and
I was living in a different time than she had when she was

Over the next week I learned that if I let Jimmy screw me early
in the night, we could spend more time together in the bar
with his friends. And the sex was better too because he would
not be drunk like he was if we waited till later on. If I asked
him to wait then we did it in the parking lot which I didn’t
like as much.

I had taken my sex education from a kissing to enjoying intercourse
almost every night. And then I got my period and the cramps
were so terrible I stayed home and suffered in my own bed.
I laid there worried about what he would do without me there
to satisfy him. I told myself Jimmy was the kind of man who
needed a girl every night and if I wasn’t going to be there
for him, he would have to find someone else.

I didn’t feel a hundred percent three days at home but
I did manage to go to the bar hoping to find Jimmy and hoping
he would give me a chance to explain. I felt like Cinderella
and the clock might have just struck midnight. And I panicked
immediately when he was nowhere to be found. I thought to
myself he could be at his apartment with some other girl
and it broke my heart.

And then out of nowhere I felt myself being twirled around
and there he was grinning at me before he pulled me into his
strong arms and kissed me. “I was not feeling good the
last few nights, ” I told him after our embrace. “I
figured so. You feel better now?” he asked while holding
me in his arms. I didn’t respond because I felt like crying
from the relief that I had not been replaced.

“Well at least you got your period, ” he whispered
to me which shocked me that he knew. “How did you know?”
I whispered in his ear not wanting his friends to hear me.
“I’m not ten years old. I know how a woman’s body works, ”
Jimmy said before patting me on my head and pulling me by
the hand back towards the pool tables. He was the smartest
and the most perfect boy I had ever met.

So within three week into our relationship Jimmy had laid
down a few rules which I gladly followed. I clung to him in
the bar because that is what he expected. I always wore skirts,
short ones because one night I wore jeans and Jimmy told
me not to wear them again. And I always stripped naked when
I went to his apartment just like he wanted. Of course his
roommate was never there yet it was a concern he might just
walk in and see me. My view of sex was changing more rapidly
than I would have ever thought possible.

But the thrill of being his girl friend was worth all the
chances I took. But my education was far from over. One night
while we were at the bar Jimmy whispered to me to go in the
ladies room and bring him my panties. “What “? I asked
surprised and embarrassed. I had worn a very short skirt
and what he was asking was just too risky unless I wanted
to stand the rest of the night.

Chuckling, Jimmy whispered to me he promised them to Roger
a good friend of his. “You are going to give my panties
to Roger?” I asked trying to digest what he was telling
me. And then he just smiled, pulled me into his arms and told
me to go and take off my panties again. Feeling like he was
dead serious I walked to ladies room which was crowded as
always and waited for stall.

I can’t say it thrilled me but then I also didn’t want
to upset Jimmy and let him down either. I slipped my lacy
panties down and tucked them in my purse before leaving
the bathroom. I rushed up to him and carefully showed Jimmy
they were in my purse. My pussy was exposed just inches above
the hemline of my skirt which also made me tingle differently.

Jimmy would then occasionally ask me to take off my panties
but in order to be fair, he also gave me money to buy more.
He found it fun to give them to one of his buddies. At first
it was embarrassing for me but after just a few weeks it became
just a game and one that brought me even more attention.
All of his friends hung around me joking about my panties
and where they kept them at home.

You can say I should have felt degraded but I felt just the
opposite. I enjoyed doing things that made me popular even
if most girls my age were not brave enough. Instead they
all watched Jimmy and I and our group and looked jealous
because of all the fun we were having.

One particular night Jimmy moved the bar even farther.
He leaned over and said, “What do you think of Roger coming
back to the apartment and partying with you and me?” I
didn’t respond. And then I realized I was always naked
because that is how Jimmy wanted me to be when I was at his
place and I felt even more confused.

“What about?” I paused as Jimmy looked at me. “You
know what I mean. You don’t like me dressed when I am there
with you, ” I whispered to him. “So what?” he replied
almost as if he didn’t hear me. The subject was dropped
and we never discussed it again. I sat there nervous and
on edge not knowing what he wanted or expected of me until
it was time to go.

I drove my own car back to his apartment and walked on pins
and needles. Sure enough I saw Roger and Jimmy at the table
already drinking. My heart was in my throat as I froze like
a statue without speaking a word. My body trembled as the
two of them looked at me yet neither of them spoke either.

I was use to stripping by the door but didn’t move a muscle
with Roger there. It took but seconds before I knew what
Jimmy expected of me but stalled trying to figure out my
next move. It was a game of chicken as they waited for me to
make the first move. I gave in and lifted my leg and flipped
one of my heels off. Their eyes grew even wider when the other
came off and I stood there barefoot in front of them. I had
never been so nervous nor had I ever felt so alive.

I stopped again wondering if my boyfriend really expected
me to strip in front of his friend or if he was just testing
me. The silence was so loud it hurt as I slowly reached for
my blouse and stared right at the two of them. Jimmy grinned
while Roger looked shocked but in a good way. I folded my
blouse and laid it over the empty chair standing there wearing
only my bra. I had trouble breathing as Roger’s eyes roamed
over my breasts for the first time.

“Is this good enough?” I asked Jimmy once hoping he
would let me off the hook and stop this dangerous game we
had begun. He simply did not respond as I felt something
in me pushing me to go even farther. It felt like a dare so
strong it took my breath away. I held my breath and felt my
skirt fall to the floor. My pussy was swollen and leaking
as Roger’s eyes remained glued to my body. It took ten
minutes or more as I struggled inside fearing to push myself
even farther.

All my sexuality was on display and in full bloom as I waited
in silence for Jimmy to tell me to stop. But he didn’t and
after a full minute of standing in front of them wearing
only my bra and panties, I reached behind and unhooked my
bra. I knew it was wrong yet it felt right for all the wrong
reasons. My breasts were heaving on my chest as I clung to
my bra as Roger waited like a starving child for me to reveal
my breasts.

My areolas are large and very pink when I am turned on and
once he saw them his face light up like a Christmas tree.
It took but seconds with only my panties on before Jimmy
took my hand and led me towards his bedroom. “Just relax”,
Jimmy whispered as he reached for my panties and began to
pull them down over my hips. Of course Roger looked on eagerly
as my dark thick pubic hair came into his view.

When Roger got his first look at my pussy he didn’t move
a muscle while Jimmy helped me onto the bed. As I laid there
watching them undressing my mind kept telling me to accept
what was most likely going to happen to me. Roger climbed
on the bed first with his male purple organ swollen and already
oozing cum. I did not reach for him while I stared at his organ.
He of course reached for me but I pushed his hand away. Yet
I knew in my heart he was there for only one reason and before
the night was over I would feel his organ inside of my body.

Jimmy climbed on the other side of me and that is when I closed
my eyes and stopped resisting. Four hands and two pair of
lips were soon all over my body as the two of them grabbed
at the same time. And at times it became too overwhelming
for me to deal with so I tried to push them away or at least
slow the two of them down.

No one ever describe the kind of sex I was now experiencing.
It was way too over whelming especially for a girl my age.
My mind tried to keep up with how aroused I was becoming but
it was impossible. And two males touching me were way more
confusing than just one. I never had time to respond or even
resist as I fell prey to their instincts. By then they acted
like a pack of wolves about to seize their next victim.

Soon my legs were spread and Jimmy began to lick my pussy
while Roger watched him and massaged my breasts. The more
aroused my body became the more I began to cling to Roger
kissing him as if my life depended on it. “It’s ok. I
want to watch you cum, ” Roger whispered once while I
wiggled and tried to slow my heart rate and my hormones.
It was simply too much for me to control any longer.

My orgasm hit me hard as I cried out and tried my best to get
Jimmy to pull his tongue off of my pussy. But he kept up and
reduced me to the point where they knew I would be too weak
to resist any longer. I felt dizzy and became disorientated
quickly. I remember sucking for air when I opened my eyes
and saw Jimmy looking down at me with his throbbing shaft
pushed against my wet outer lips. But he didn’t push inside
of me and instead climbed off and told Roger to take his place.
“She will do a great job for you, ” I heard him say to
his friend.

I looked up and saw Roger climbing on top of me next. His shaft
slipped in easily as I laid under him feeling him begin to
enter me for the first time. His cock was skinner but longer
and it affected in ways I had not experienced yet. Roger
remained inside of me for a long time as we slowly began to
figure out how to fuck each other.

With Roger now inside of me I did my best to ride it out while
my boyfriend looked on and gave Roger advice. I was whimpering
with Roger even though I had no feelings for him what so ever.
The intensity was still there because he was part of my body
in the most intimate way possible. Roger became very stressed
and began to punish my pussy just before I felt the first
thick knot of his cum shot out and begin to fill me. I also
remember what strange odd sounds he made while he drained
himself into me. I had no time to rest because Jimmy then
climbed on top of me and fucked me while Roger watched. Different
men, different styles yet both satisfied me.

When my summer came to an end and suddenly my sexual adventure
was over. I knew once I was off to college he would find another
girl to take my place. I felt hurt at first but got over him
easier than I thought I would. The part that haunted me was
the way he thrilled me, surprised me, shocked me and pushed
me sexually speaking until the very end.

I reverted back to that respectable girl I was before I met
Jimmy. I kept telling myself to wait for another boy/man
like Jimmy who would take me even farther sexually speaking
but he never came into my life. I eventually married, had
a child and lived as if that girl I was when I was eighteen
stopped yearning to get out. But she is still there and I
am still waiting for my next Jimmy to come along.

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Thanks once again. Your stories are always so enjoyable.


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Come to me i might be your next Jimmy to bring out that 18 year


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Incredible as ever. Reading your posts is a terific education in the dynamics
of "coming of age" regardless of the time frame.
And, on this site, the wonder and amazement that you show
women growing through should lead every male to pause in
wonder for the gift a woman is.


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Very well written, building anticipation throughout
the story.


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That was amazing... you write beautifully of a memory that
you must have held close... TY for sharing


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I was 15 16 17 then 18 and a paper boy ! A lady 46 on my paper route
and I did yard work for her as well . Dressed very sexy in front
of me , wow! when I turned 18 she took me under her wing ! Taught
me over the years the true meaning of sexual pleasures !
Way on the other side of sexual pleasure ! Friends till she
passed on 2 3 years ago . She lived in my home town ! went back
to visit at least once a year ! Classygal1000 your the best
writer on here !


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My compliments. There are so few on this site who truly write
well. This was well paced, well stated, and erotic. Excellent

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.


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Very well done


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great story, fascinating


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As always an excellent story, I'm tempted to ask if
it is real or made up but I will not put you on the spot!