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Innocent Angie


This is a long one...hope you all enjoy.

I rented a summer house a couple of years ago in the south
of Sweden. It is a small farm situated in a very rural area.
My neighbor Karin made it a habit to come over to my house
a couple of times a week, She also took the habit to look over
my house and do things when she thought it necessary. She
and her husband really looked after me and I began to feel
comfortable and at ease.

The summer came with good weather. Karen's niece Angie
now and then accompanied her at her visits and I had fun talking
to them. In the beginning of august Karin told me that she
and her husband would go on vacation for two weeks. I could
not help but feel a little disappointed and told her that
I should miss her and her visits and cares. She smiled and
was obviously pleased to hear that. The next day she said
that she had asked her niece Angie to come and visit me in
her place, of course if I didn't mind.

Angie was in her early twenties and lived on her own in a nearby
small town. She was ordinary good-looking, rather tall
and with a good figure. She was friendly and very easy to
talk with. We had a nice time in the garden having coffee,
talked and enjoyed the good whether. Suddenly she saidquot;
I saw that you have a whirlpool bathtub in your bathroom.
Can I use it some time? "Of course, " I said.
"Come and I will show you how it works. We went up to
the bathroom and I showed her how to operate the tub. I was
standing there when she giggled and said "Now, I think
you have to leave. After all I have to get naked to get in the
bath. See you later."

I withdraw and went back out to the garden. She took a long
time in her bath but after about an hour she came out with
flushed cheeks and a happy smile. "Oh that was wonderful, "
Angie said, "can I do it again another day? "Certainly, "
I said, "as often as you like." With that she
left for the day. I went inside to the bathroom and I could
smell her scent in there. I took up her towel and held it to
my nose. It was nice. Suddenly my body shivered and I felt
lonely. It had been so long.

Two days later Angie was back. Full of energy she went like
a whirlwind through my house tiding things up. As before
we ended up in the garden with coffee, but she was eager to
get into the bath, she told me. It had been so fantastic the
last time. So off she went to the bathroom. After a while
I could not stop myself from going upstairs to my bedroom
and stand outside the bathroom door listening to the sounds
from inside. The bathtub hummed and the water splashed.
The splashing calmed down and I could hear moans and suddenly
she cried out several times. When she started to empty the
bathtub I withdraw to the kitchen busing myself with the

When she came down I asked "Did you have a good time."
Angie blushed deeply but composed herself. "Yes, "
she said giggling, "I really had a good time. If only
you knew how a girl can use that tub. Nearly as good as a real

Angle came back the next day, late in the afternoon. She
went inside and after a while I again sneaked into my bedroom.
I felt a little guilty but it was my bedroom and she was in
the next room with the door closed. I could hear the water
filling the tub and grinned to myself. Suddenly the door
opened and she came out in the room. Naked as the day she was
born. I took in her lovely nakedness for a second. When she
saw me she laughed deeply and delicacy covered herself
with one hand over her crotch and an arm over her breasts.
But she was not overly cautious and was in no hurry when she
went back into the bathroom." Sorry, " she
said giggling, standing out of my sight. " But now
that I can't come out, will you please give me my shower
cream. I must be careful not to dry out my skin." I looked
in her purse and found the cream. I went to the door and stretched
out my arm to give it to her. But she came round to fetch it
and gave me another short glimpse of her nudity. She looked
lovely. She then closed the door.

I went out for a while but could not restrain myself from
going back in when I thought it would be safe. And, after
all, she didn't seem upset over my intrusion .I sat
in my chair listening to her moans and at the end the satisfied
cries. I don't know what I was thinking about but stayed
in the chair long after she was finished. When she came out
she didn't really looked surprised when she saw me.
I guess she had anticipated something of that sort because
she was wrapped in a towel to give basic modesty. "Hi
there, " she giggled, "expecting to see more?
Sorry to have disappointed you. "She looked around
for somewhere to sit down. She saw dressing table in the
room but hesitated. "May I sit there and fix my hair?"
she asked.

I nodded my approval. Angie sat down but was still for a while.
Then she smiled and looked straight at me ."OK, "
she said, " I will let you have another look at me but
there are two conditions. First, you stay in that chair.
Second, you must tell me your inner, secret thoughts when
you look at my naked body. Agree?" She saw that I hesitated.

"Don't be shy, " she said, " I like
being watched. When being abroad on vacation I have taken
part in stripping and nude beauty contests. Once I came
first in a miss nude beach competition in the Canary Islands.
But at home I have to be more careful. Word goes around very
quickly in this small community."
I made up my mind. I could not resist being allowed to have
a long good look at this girl . "OK, " I said, "
agreed." Angie stood up and unwrapped the towel slowly
and gracefully and draped it over the chair. She pirouetted
a few times and then sat down ."Tell me, " she
giggled, "what are your secret thoughts when looking
at me in the nude?

" Oh my, " I said, "this will not be easy
to describe you in words that will do you justice. But I will
do my best." Angie had started to brush her hair, arms
lifted. Her breasts were swinging lovely. My first impression
of you was your big red hair, blue, curious eyes, high cheekbones,
a generous mouth and a big, friendly smile. These define
your character. You are an extrovert person who wants to
be seen.
When I saw you now my first impression was a lovely woman
with a sexy body. Then I saw your breasts and they took my
breath away. I love woman's breasts. Yours are full
and soft and sag just enough to show they are the real things.
You make them swing and bounce when you move. And your pink
nipples invite to be sucked. It's lovely ."

Angie had stopped brushing her hair. She listened intently
and when I talked about her breasts she moved her body and
shoulders to make them bounce. She also cupped them and
squeezed them." After your breasts I let my gaze go
down to your belly and hips. The belly is so nicely rounded.
Your belly button is adorable. Your hips are wide which
makes your waist look slim. With wide hips you can make it
very comfortable for a man lying on top of you. This part
of you is very womanly. Then I took a long look at your pussy
or what I could see. I love a well trimed pussy, and I got the
impression that you take good care of yours. I can nearly
feel the soft touch in my palm." When I was talking
about her pussy she wriggled in the chair and repositioned
herself to let me see her more frontal. She also shifted
her legs slowly giving me a look at her cunt lips, not in full
but enough. "I also got some thoughts about your legs, "
I continued after a pause. " You have nice curved long
legs that attach well to your body. And your thighs are most
impressive. Your thighs seem to be very muscular and strong
yet your inner thighs are soft and silky I guess. It must
be marvelous to have your thighs clamped around my head
when licking your pussy. I can also nearly feel how you lock
them around the waist or the bum of your partner when making
love and drag him into you and hold him there."

Angle now had forgotten everything about making her hair.
She was sitting in the chair slightly bent forward, her
breasts swinging free, legs apart and her elbows rested
on her thighs." Well, then we have your backside, "
I went on after another pause to look intently at her charms.
"Although you turned around a few times, I must say
I was so occupied of your front that I didn't catch enough
to remember. Yes, now I can see. "She had raised and
turned her back to me. Slowly she bent forward a little,
feet slightly apart, and ended the movement with her hands
on the table for support. She wriggled her ass slowly up
and down, and from side to side giving me a great view. "Your
ass is heart shaped with full buttocks and there is a two
finger hole between your upper thighs. I can see your pussy
hair through it. Lovely! Angle sat down and resumed brushing
her hair a little absentmindedly. I was silent for a moment
thinking about what more to say. The atmosphere was sensual
but relaxed as well. "Well, " I went on. "
I have described you in parts. Hoped you liked it. But the
most essential is the total view. You are a strong woman
with a great body and you are self-confident. You are proud
of your body and like to show it. You are statuesque and sexy
at the same time. I adore looking at you. "I had come
to the end. I had never been so outspoken with a woman before,
never talked about a woman's body in such a way. She
sat still for a while, thinking.

"Wow, " she said thoughtful." Thank
you. That was far more than I had expected. And it was quite
flattering. I liked it even more than showing off, and also
to see the lust in your eyes and hear it in your voice. "Angie
was silent for a while, slowly brushing her hair without
really noticing what she was doing. Then she sighed deeply,
shrugged her shoulders so her breasts bounced and said
."Now I think you have to leave and let me get dressed.
It has been lovely but I think we should stop here. So please
leave. I will see you soon." I just left the room. I
guess I had hoped for something more to happen but I didn't
want to press myself on her. It was up to her if she wanted

The next few times she came after lunch and stayed the whole
afternoon. She used the tub every day but I kept myself away
from my bedroom. However, On the Saturday Angie came a little
later than usual, in late afternoon. She brought food with
her and asked if she could cook dinner for us both. I was happy
that she wanted to stay for dinner, it was the first time.
"Before dinner I want to take my bath, " she
said. "And I want you to sit in the bathroom with me
and talk. Will you do that? " I happily agreed. Although
I had been allowed to see so much of her body during the last
couple of days I wanted to see more. I didn't know when
she wanted me to join her and lingered around outside my
bedroom. I guess she heard me because she called my name.
"Come on, I don't think we have to be shy any more, "
she said. I went into the bedroom and only saw her pile of
clothes on a chair. The bathroom door was open and I peered
inside. She was standing by the bathtub bending down to
control the temperature, with her back to me. She was naked.
"Come on in, " she said again.
Angie spread her legs a little more and bent over. With her
hands she pulled her cheeks apart giving me a good look at
her crack and pussy from behind. And she was clean-shaven
and her pussy lips were free to see. The whole area looked
very smooth and clean. "Like it" she said giggling,
closing her legs and raising up.

She stepped into the tub and sat down and started adjusting
the controls. The most of her was under the bubbling water
and thus invisible. Her breasts now and then surfaced,
looking lovely. I sat down and we made small talk. After
a while I noticed that she didn't listen to me. I looked
at her and saw that she had a concentrated, inward look.
She started to moan and adjust her body in the bath. I realized
that she was working on her orgasm. She moaned loader and
bucked her hips making the water splash over the sides of
the tub. She reached out and grabbed my hand holding it tight.
When suddenly her orgasm hit her she nearly dragged me down
in the bath. She smiled happily and the after-effects rippled
through her body.

Angie stayed in the bath for a few more minutes to calm down.
She looked content and had a broad smile on her face when
she continued talking to me. "Hold out the towel for
me, please, " she asked. I got the towel and held it
open in my hands. She stepped out of the tub and slowly took
the few paces up to me, completely unashamed. She turned
and backed into the towel and my arms. I closed the towel
around her and just kept my arms around her. "Dry me, "
she asked softly. I stroked my hands over her body, circling
her breasts and over her pubic area. She giggled as if she
was ticklish. Maybe it was the towel. It was lovely. At last
I was allowed to touch her. "Enough, " Angle
suddenly said. "Why don't you take a shower while
I make the dinner? It's been a hot day. "I did as
I was told.

When I came down in the kitchen she was well on the way with
the dinner. It smelled good. She had also laid the table
in the dining room and put candles on the table. His looks
and smells very good, " I said. "It deserves
wine. Will you join me? "No, " she said, "I
can't. I have to drive home. "Can't you stay
over, " I asked. "There are plenty of room.
Well yes, thank you, " she said, " I was afraid
you would never ask. "

We had an excellent dinner and good wine. We were sitting
a long time at the table talking about our lives. Eventually
she raised and we cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher
and cleaned up the kitchen. "Time for bed, "
Angie said. "Will you do me a favor and get my bag from
the car, please. And can I use your bathroom? "I went
out for her bag. Had she planned to stay over night? Had she
planned anything else? She hadn't given me any hint,
none I was aware of anyway, only been very pleasant the whole
evening. I went upstairs with her bag and stood in the hall
for a while, not sure what to do. Then I went into my bedroom
and heard her in the bathroom.

Then I saw the door open and the light went out in the bathroom.
"You can take the bedroom next door, " I started
to say. Then Angie emerged from the dark. "Silly, "
she said giggling, "Isn't there room enough
here?" And she moved past me and took the bedcover
off my bed and lay down in a seductive pose. And she was naked
and adorable and was going to be mine, after all. "Hurry
up and get ready for bed." Angie giggled. "I
want you. "I had to go to the bathroom but made it quick.

Perhaps I was afraid she would change her mind and go away.
I now saw why she had told me to get a shower. I went back into
the bedroom, a little shy and had put my bathrobe on. But
I had no reason to be afraid. When I approached the bed she
smiled her broad, warm smile and held out her arms for me.
And when I got close she sat up and opened my bathrobe and
had it fell down from my shoulders. "Silly, "
she said again. "I want you naked. I have longed to
see and feel your cock. I have teased you all week and seen
it outlined in your pants and it looked promising. And now
I can see I was right. "And she took my cock in her hand
and dragged me towards her mouth. I stopped at the side of
the bed and she opened her mouth and took my cock in as long
as it would go. She sucked and licked at it helping with her
hand at the base. She looked up at me now and then. She moved
my cock in and out and I felt that I was near to come. "Hold
on, be careful or I will come instantly, " I said.
Angie stopped sucking my cock. "I want you to come, "
she said simply and started to suck again. And I came. I spurted
in her mouth and she swallowed it all without hesitation.
It felt as heaven.

Angie sucked me dry and then lay back in the bed urging me
to come down to her. "I wanted you to come quickly.
I guess it's been a long time since you have had your
dick inside a real woman, " she said. " I want
to have a long, good fuck later. And I am able to have your
dick stand at attention for me again in a while. But now it's
your turn to please me." And she rolled on her back
spreading her legs. I started to kiss and lick her body from
her mouth, over her breasts down her ribs, over her belly.
I tested her belly button and my thumb fit nicely. I put my
cheek against her pubic hair and felt it's silky softness.
I let my fingers sift through the hair and took a firm grip
of her mons stretching her labia and rocking it back and
forth. She moaned and seemed to like it. I shifted position
and put my mouth at her pussy lips inhaling her scent. Slowly
I started licking her, probing deep into her cunt. She pressed
her thighs around my head and they were as strong and smooth
as I had guessed. She started to squirm and moan and soon
she became violent in her movements. Her hips bucked and
it was hard for me to hold my position licking her cunt and

Suddenly she pushed my head back and bucked wildly and then
became stiff. An orgasm rippled her body in several spasms.
She cried out in ecstasy. After a while she pulled me up between
her legs, on top of her. "How do my hips feel to lie on, "
she giggled, "are you comfortable? "Very much,
" I said, "and your breasts feel incredible
against my chest. "We embraced and kissed for a long
time, me on top of her. Then I rolled off her and asked her
to turn over. She looked inquiringly at me but made it. I
started to kiss her from her neck down again but this time
over her strong backside. I could feel her muscles contract
and relax as I kissed her. I came down to her buttocks and
massaged them with my hands. Slowly I parted her cheeks
and started licking down her crack. She was aroused and
squirmed. She spread her legs to give me better access.
She stiffened when I reamed her buttonhole with my tongue.
"I can't remember giving you permission to do
that, " she said giggling, "but it feels good
so do go on.
But wait, let's reposition so you can do me better."
Angie sat up on her knees and pushed me down on my back. She
put a pillow under my head and positioned herself on her
hands and knees with her backside within easy reach for
my tongue. I started to lick her slit from the clit to her
buttonhole and put my tongue deep inside her cunt. "Now
wait, " she said laughing throatily, "you
were supposed to ream my buttonhole, remember. I want it
there NOW."I obliged and made my tongue arrow-like
and pressed into her rose bud as far as I could. I licked and
probed her hole and now and then also her clit and cunt. She
liked it and bucked up and down nearly breaking my nose.
I reached up and caressed her lovely bouncing breasts.
She started to cry out and pressed down on my tongue keeping
it inside her bud. She also rubbed her clit fast. And then
she came in a violent orgasm, sitting upright on my face.
Her nipples stiffened in my hands before she slumped down
over my legs. I slowly stroked her hips, outer thighs and
over her belly. "Wow, " she said when she finally
turned around and lay at my side. "That was good. You
certainly know what pleases a woman. I didn't really
expect that. "Angie laughed happily and cuddled
up to me and kissed me. After a while I started to stroke over
her back and down over her buttocks.

She adjusted her legs giving me access to her inner thighs
and her pussy from behind. I caressed her and she started
to respond. "Hey, wait, " she said. "Time
for that good long fuck, don't you think. I promised
I would get your dick back up again, didn't I."
And she went for my dick. I had felt it harden a little for
a while and was certain I would be able to perform on my own
but I was curious to see what she had in mind so I held back.
She took me in her mouth and gently started to lick and suck.
It got a little hard. She withdrew and got something from
the bedside table. I became aware that she had put a few things
there. It have come from her bag. Angie repositioned herself
and took my dick back in her mouth. She did something I could
not see but suddenly I felt her finger against my anus starting
to press. And she had the finger smeared with some jelly.
It was obvious she was going to probe into my hole. I tried
to relax my sphincter muscle and she suddenly slipped inside.
She moved her finger in and out a few times to make it comfortable
and grease up the channel. She started on my cook again with
her mouth and one hand at the base. Her other hand was busy
in my anus, her finger probing deep. She searched for something
and suddenly I jerked. She had found my prostate gland and
started to massage it gently. My cook immediately started
to harden. When I was semi erect she took her finger out of
my anus and my cook out of her mouth ."Come, "
she said, "put your dick in me from behind."
And she repositioned herself.

She lay on her side; one leg bent up towards her chest and
the other raised. I lay at an angle behind her, my legs between
hers. She put down her upper leg and pushed at my bottom.
She dragged my dick towards her cunt and it felt as if I was
sucked into her. She lay still for a moment and when I started
to buck into her she stopped me. "Wait, " she
said, "I want you real hard first." And she started
to use her inner muscles to massage my dick. And she was good
at it. The squeezing started at the base and went up to the
tip. Several times after another. She was milking my cook
with her muscles. I lay still enjoying the sensation, feeling
my cook grew hard. When she felt I was at full attention she
pushed me out and went up on her hands and knees. "Fuck
me long and hard, " she commanded. I positioned myself
behind her and pushed forward. Her hand met my cook and guided
it into her cunt. She was wet and I slid inside without problem.
I began fucking her deep and slow to start with and then with
more rapid strokes. She met my movements with her own and
we found a rhythm. I reached down and cupped her breasts,
fondling them. Then I put one hand over her mons and clit
and caressed her. She started to writhe and moan and suddenly
she cried out and was still.

We held the position while her first orgasm ebbed out. Angie
looked back over her shoulder, a big smile on her face. "That
was good, " she said, "but you are not finished
yet, are you." She looked a bit anxious. She pushed
me out of her and lay down on her back, opening up her legs
."Come to me, I want more, " she said as she dragged
me down over her. Again I could feel the surge from her cunt
as I entered her. I just lay on top of her adjusting to her
body, my dick deep inside. "Are you comfortable up
there" she giggled and put her legs around my bottom
pressing me deeper into her. And she had strong thighs.
I couldn't move. Angle loosened her grip on my bottom
and started bucking. "Come on, fuck, " she
giggled. She used her legs to press and hammer on my backside
guiding me to the rhythm she liked. And she wanted it varied.
Slow, then faster and back to slow again. And she wanted
my cook to go deep inside her. Suddenly she had another orgasm.
It just came rippling through her body and she hold me tight
to her with her legs back around my waist. "Wonderful,
I liked that, " she said. "Now I want you to come
together with me. I think you are ready for it." Angie
started to meet my thrusts but this time she also used her
cunt muscles making herself narrower inside and gripping
my shaft. The sensation was incredible and I felt I was near
to come. I told her so. "Yes, come, come" she
cried, "I want you to and I am ready" I thrust
into her fast and hard and she cried out. And I came, standing
over her on my arms, my dick buried in her cunt.

It was heaven. I can't describe the feeling. Slowly
I lay down on her wide, inviting hips and slowly relaxed.
She was silent for a long time looking happy. She looked
up into my eyes and smiled. "That was good, "
she said, "really good. Much better than I expected
from you. And your stamina! I never thought you would give
me several orgasms in a row before your own." Angie
hugged me and closed her legs around my buttocks to prevent
me from dropping out of her pussy. She held me close to her
for a long time. And I felt most comfortable between her
strong legs and on her wide hips. Her soft breasts were pressed
against my chest. I think I had a short nap in her arms. It
was delightful and such a long time ago. When I woke up the
next morning Angie was not beside me in the bed. I nearly
panicked at the thought that she had left. Then I saw her
bag and other of her things and relaxed. I lay back and thought
about the tremendous evening and how generous she had been
and her sexy body and behavior.

It was certainly something to remember. I almost got an
erection just from thinking about her. Angie suddenly
opened the bedroom door. She was already dressed, at least
she had a frock on that went down to mid thigh. "Come
on sleepy, " she giggled, "breakfast is almost
ready." And she came forward and bent down and kissed
me showing her swinging breasts. No bra. "What have
we got here?" she said with a broad smile when she stroked
over my body and felt my erection. "Is that my doing?"
And she laughed happily. "But I want breakfast first,
what about you?" And she left the room. I took a quick
shower and followed her down. I had become uninhibited
and was dressed only in my bathrobe. Angie had laid a breakfast
table outside in the garden. She had coffee and juice ready
but also something in a cup I first couldn't identify.
It was only one cup. Angie saw my puzzlement and giggled.
"That is good for you. It's a raw egg. I think you
need it after yesterday to recover." And she actually
blushed a little.

Did she have something in her mind? We had a lovely breakfast
together. It was already midmorning and the sun was warm.
After we had cleared the table we sat in the garden enjoying
the weather. It got warm and Angie could not sit still but
went around in the garden. She went inside and when she came
back she had changed to a new, very revealing spider net
bikini. The bra supported her ample bosom and made her breasts
stand out and bounce lovely. The open back string "panties"
covered nothing but framed and enhanced her pussy and her
thick, dark brown forest. She looked really tempting and
my dick swelled. May be the raw egg helped? Like the days
before she pranced around in the garden showing off her
body. She swayed her hips with exaggerated movements,
which made her breasts and ass bounce. And she was heaven
to look at. She looked more naked with the bikini on than
she would have without it. The garment emphasized her charms
and framed both her breasts and ass nicely. And her pussy
was inviting. Suddenly Angie stood at my side. "Come
on, come and get me, " she giggled. She took a few steps
away from me and looked over her shoulder ready to run away.

She wanted to play. I raised from the chair and started to
chase her. She was quick but let me come close several times
and let my hand brush over her body. Suddenly she climbed
up on a big boulder and stood as a Greek statue, slowly turning
around. She was marvelous to look at. Angie climbed down
again and came up to me from behind. She put her arms around
me and untied my bathrobe belt and slid the bathrobe off
me. "Wow, " she exclaimed jokingly, "sorry,
didn't know you were naked underneath. Like to show
off, don't you. And that thing looks promising. Come
and get me." And she ran away again and I chased her.
She suddenly stopped and let me catch her. I took her in my
arms and she melted into me. We embraced and I got fully erect.
She pushed me down on the grass and had me lying on my back.
My dick pointed upwards. Angie stood over me and slowly
unfastened her bikini bottom at the side. It slid off her.
Then she let go of her bra. And she was standing in the nude
over me, giving me a tremendous sight up her lovely body.
And she looked marvelous. The sunbeams filtered through
her pussy hair and made her thick forest shining and glistening.
Her slightly open pussy smiled at me. She slowly lowered
herself and positioned her pussy over my mouth. I started
licking her cunt lips and her crack, up and down. I caressed
her ass cheeks and her hips and my hands went up to her breast
and massaged them. It didn't take long until she came
and she held my head to direct the strokes of my tongue. She
was rigid and still for a few seconds.

Then she backed and lowered herself down on my erect cook.
I didn't need any extra help today. She eased down with
short strokes up and down and I was soon completely accommodated
in her wet tight cunt. She sat down and bent forward caressing
my chest with her breasts. I stroked her body with my hands,
over her back, her ass cheeks and the sides of her breast.
She raised her upper body and started to move up and down,
slowly at first then faster. She changed her tempo several
times between wild bucking with short strokes to long,
slow and deep fucking. I felt my arousal grew and I grabbed
her hips trying to adjust to her rhythm. She felt it and sat
down and squeezed her inner muscles. She milked my cook
with rippling muscle contractions and it felt great. I
came violently and when she felt that she bent down over
me and bucked with short strokes and very soon she came herself.
Angle collapsed on top of me and we lay on the grass for a long
time. Eventually she sat up and smiled. She squeezed her
muscles but there were little for her to grasp. She laughed
of joy and satisfaction and I caressed her body. "Thank
you very, very much, " I said. "You are so good.
I don't know what to say or do to tell you how much this
meant to me and how great I feel. You are so sexy and caring
and a fantastic lover. And your pussy is just heaven to be
in. "Oh, thank you, yourself, " she giggled.
"You are not that bad either I must say. I have to reconsider
about Asian men. You have more patience and stamina than
the local men I have met do. I really enjoyed myself. "She
laughed again and stood up and went inside. I slowly followed
her somehow feeling this was the end of it and I was right.

When I came back out after getting dressed she was already
there putting her bag in the car. She had a thin, short summer
dress that made her body full justice. "I have to leave
now, " she said, a little sad, " it has been a
good weekend and I have really liked our games. If you feel
at ease my mission is completed. I am not a gold digger. I
liked to have sex with you because I like you, but I will not
go on with this relationship. "Do you really have
to leave already" I said, disappointed. "I
like to have you around. I have looked forward for you to
show up this two weeks. And you have made me real happy and
content this weekend. "She came up to me and we hugged
for a long time. "Yes, " she finally said. "I
have to leave. My aunt comes back this evening and she will
look after you. I will see you also now and then even if we
don't screw. "And she went away in her car. The
sun suddenly seemed to be less bright and my vigor shrank.

The next afternoon Karen showed up. She looked fresh and
healthy and said she had had a very good vacation. Oh yes
it was all excellent.

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