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Incredible office assitant


It was another busy day at the office, another day of work.
About noon my young assistant came in as usual, very bright
and chipper, she is always the highlight of my day. She is
never in a bad mood. She was dressed in a loose fitting black
top with simulated tears along the cleavage line and a short
jean skirt. I have often wondered what if anything she wore
under that skirt. She has always looked extremely sexy
in that skirt. Every time she comes into the office and sits
down in front of me I begin to instantly get aroused. I hope
that maybe this will be the day that she turns just right
or sits for even a brief moment at the right time with her
legs slightly spread so I can get a glimpse of her crotch
to see what it is that she wears under that skirt. Today was
no different, she sat in front of me and asked how my night
was and we had the usual office water cooler talk we always
have, all the while without trying to be obvious always
keeping a keen eye out for my opportunity.

We had an average conversation and my efforts went unrecognized.
My helper is a smaller girl slightly shorter than myself
and very sexy. She has slightly red frosted hair that extends
down to her shoulder blades and stunning features, small
but very soft and breasts that are somehow still ample for
her size. She has exquisite legs and a beautifully shaped
ass. She frequently wears jeans that accent the shape of
her ass beautifully. I have often gone home at night when
no one is around and fantasized about what it would be like
to walk up behind her when she was in jeans one day and press
my slowly stiffening cock up against her ass while I wrapped
my arms around her waist and placed my hands on the front
of her thighs just below her crotch. Only to have her lay
her head back against my large shoulders and close her eyes
as I slid them ever so slowly up the front of her thighs working
them in towards her crotch but never actually putting them
in-between her legs. I would only slide them across the
front of her flat stomach with my hands meeting at the center
of her zipper just above her pubic mound. And then slowly
over the front of her pants till I reached her flat stomach,
which would be slightly exposed, as she leans fully against
me with her head leaned back against my shoulder. I would
then ever so slowly, cherishing the moment, slide my hands
up her stomach pulling her shirt slightly higher until
I was just below her beautiful breasts. I have always imagined
her breasts to be ever so soft and pillowy with small hard
nipples, which were very sensitive to the touch. Once I
was just below her breasts I would slide my hands out over
her shirt cupping her breasts in both of my hands from the
underside and slowly squeezing them slightly together
while moving my hands fully over her breasts.

By now my cock would be rock hard and pressed tightly against
her ass, as I usually were shorts to work in the summer with
no underwear I’m sure my cock would be quite evident even
through her thick jeans. After spending just a moment caressing
her beautiful breasts I would continue to slide my hands
upward till I reached her exposed chest above her shirt
and while slightly nibbling on her neck and ears I would
move my hands slowly across her chest feeling the bare skin
underneath my large hands, her skin would be as smooth as
silk. I would slowly caress the soft skin of her chest and
neck as I nibbled on her ear and told her in a quiet whisper
how wonderful she felt. As I started my slow decent back
down her body with my hands she would begin to move her ass
slightly pushing against my cock and slightly grinding
her self against my cock.

I would then move directly down over her breasts pushing
them down slightly as I moved over them and stopping long
enough to gently roll her nipples which are now protruding
slightly through her bra and shirt between my fingers and
pull them just a bit. As I moved on I would continue to move
directly down her tummy till I reached the top of her pants
where I would again move my hands together at her zipper.
By now she also would be getting very aroused and would have
moved her hands around behind her ass and have begun slowly
milking my cock up and down through my thin shorts with one
hand on each side of it pressing together to completely
cover my cock with her hands. Once I had reached the top of
her pubic mound I would slip one hand right into the center
of her crotch and slowly knead her soft mound with my palm
while I let my fingers stray in-between her legs and gently
rub her pussy through her pants while my other hand squeezed
her soft ass from behind.

Since this part of my fantasy usually took place at the office
the fantasy never went any further than that. We then would
slowly part our separate ways and have to try to continue
on with the day’s business as though nothing had happened,
knowing the rest of the day that we were both very excited.
On this particular day everyone went to a rather long lunch
meeting about 1pm. I have always had an affinity for writing
naughty stories and had already started a rather long involved
one about my assistant. I had brought it to work to proofread
it. During the reading of it I had gotten involved in some
other things with the phone and some people in the office
and had to put it down for a while. It was sitting face down
in my briefcase. I got up to go use the restroom and when I
came back out there was my assitant standing there in her
short skirt behind my desk reading my story. I was completely
shocked I lunged toward her in hopes of grabbing it before
she figured out that the story was about her. But she pulled
it back and would not let me have it saying she wanted to read

I sheepishly agreed to let her read it but told her that she
had to stay in the room if she was going to read it because
I wanted to see her reaction. It only took a couple of more
lines of reading for her to realize the story was about her.
When she finally realized she turned just a bit red and told
me that she was flattered that I would write a story about
her. I explained that it was not the first story that I had
written but that it was the first about her. She sat just
in front of me about ten feet in a chair facing me. As she read
on she began to slowly uncross and cross her legs all the
while deeply intent on reading as she began to cross her
legs. My cock immediately began to stiffen, as all I had
on was shorts it was going to be difficult to hide. She continued
to read and eventually must have gotten so totally involved
she forgot what she was wearing and began to leave her legs
open a bit with both feet planted flat on the floor and her
beautiful crotch was slightly exposed to me, finally I
had the opportunity to see what she wore under her skirt,
I glanced slowly down cautiously looking back towards
her eyes wondering if she could see what I was looking for.
To my surprise I found she was not wearing anything under
her skirt that particular day and her beautiful cleanly
shaven pussy was perfectly exposed to my wandering eyes,
by now my cock was so hard and excited I thought I was going
to burst right out of my shorts.

When she had finished the story she looked up and told me
that my story was really quite something to read and that
it had aroused her intensely. She asked if there were more
stories she could read. To which I replied yes I had written
many of them but some of them were quite graphic and intense

and that when I was writing I write as though I were in the
situation myself, and that I was very uninhibited when
it came to sex. She told me that was great; she would still
love to read more. I asked her when she would like me to bring
them and she said she would like to meet somewhere and read
more of them tonight. I was completely shocked and of course
told her that would be great. So we made plans to meet in an
out of the way spot at one of the local lakes.

I left work that day a bit early and took my jet skis up to the
lake where we were to meet; I got them put in the water and
went for a bit of a ride to cool off as it was a hot day out. About
an hour later she showed up at the lake which was completely
deserted at that time and wandered down to the beach in the
same outfit she had worn earlier only this time as she approached
I noticed that through the slits in the top of her blouse
I could tell she had no bra on. Her nipples were poking slightly
through the material and the outlines of her breasts were
quite evident in the sunlight as she neared the spot where
I was sitting. When she got up to me she sat down next to me
and asked if I had brought another story, which I told her
I had. I had brought a story I wrote about going on a Jet Ski
ride to a nearby beach where we had an afternoon of breathtaking

By the time she had finished the story she said she was quite
aroused and needed to cool off a bit so I suggested a ride
on the Jet Ski out across the lake. As we started across the
lake with the waves slightly lifting the boat and settling
it again into the water she had her arms wrapped around me
and began to slide her hands down to the waist band of my shorts
where she rested them just above my crotch, by now the feel
of her hands just above my cock was making me restless and
I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. Apparently she noticed
as my cock growing because she began to slowly caress just
the head of my cock through my shorts, which immediately
made it spring fully to life, and began to jut sharply out
of my shorts.

She then scooted even closer and had her legs spread fully
apart behind me as she reached deeper into my crotch to get
better access to my hard cock. When she scooted forward
I could feel her crotch pressed against my back and could
feel that under her skirt she still was wearing no panties
and that her pussy was now fully exposed and pressed tightly
against my back, I could feel her wetness as she began to
fondle my balls through my shorts and massage the head of
my cock with her fingers tips. By now I could feel my cock
starting to leak a bit of cum out of the head and was becoming
extremely aroused. The front of my shorts were starting
to show evidence of my arousal as my cum began to leak through
my shorts.

As we neared the shoreline of a small island she suggested
we stop for a break in the sun saying she wanted to sit in the
sun for a while. I was all for that idea I could not wait to
see her beautiful tanned body in the afternoon sun on a beach.
We beached the Jet Ski and I pulled a couple of towels and
the suntan oil out of the front compartment and walked down
the beach with her till we found a secluded alcove in the
sun light. She had already removed here life jacket and
I noticed that her top had gotten pretty wet from the ride
to the beach. Since she had no bra on and a wet shirt her breasts
were outlined very clearly with her nipples poking stiffly
through the thin material.

I began to lay out the towels on the beach there just a few
feet from the shore line and when I turned around she had
already removed her top and was sliding her skirt down over
her ass, my eyes were locked on her as she removed her skirt
bending over slightly at the waist and picking one leg up
to keep from dragging her skirt in the sand I got a perfect
view of her tight pussy and beautiful ass when she bent over
and then picking the other leg up to completely remove the
skirt. There she stood completely naked in front of me,
was this a dream or reality? Immediately I could feel the
pressure in my cock start to stiffen and well up. All I could
do was stand and stare as she began to walk over to me and casually
lay down on the towel I had laid out for her. Once she laid
down on the towel I regained my senses long enough to decide
I should remove my shorts and join her on the beach towels
which I had placed only a inch or so away from each other.
Before I could even begin to remove my shorts she asked if
I was going to come join her or stand there with a hard on all
day. My face I’m quite sure turned red as I looked to realize
that I had a huge pup tent in my shorts and my arousal was quite

Of course a obliged her and removed my shorts exposing my
thick hard cock to the warm rays of the sun and her beautiful
eyes. As I walked over to lie on the towel next to her she moved
the towel even closer so that it was overlapping the edge
of her towel. My eyes took in her stunning body from top to
bottom, the frosted highlights of her hair shimmered in
the afternoon sun, her slightly almost unnoticeably freckled
skin was slightly tanned with no tan lines to be seen anywhere.
Her soft voluptuous breasts were hanging slightly off
to the sides of her body as she lay on her back and slowly closed
her eyes a bit in the sun. Her nipples were small but slightly
erect with small areolas around them that were a light hue
of pink. As my gaze wandered down her body to her flat sexy
stomach and pubic mound her pussy was cleanly shaved bare.
With her legs spread slightly apart her hooded clit and
pussy lips were squeezed gently together and her clit was
just barely protruding from the soft hood. Her thighs were
gently tanned and looked to be extremely soft and forgiving
to the touch. Her legs were beautifully sculpted and inviting
as I lay down beside her, I so wanted to slide my hand to the
inside of her thighs and caress the soft pliable skin so
near to her pussy.

Once I settled down on the blanket she asked if I could rub
some suntan oil on her, of course I was thrilled at the idea
of finally being able to touch this sexy woman I had fantasized
about. I took the bottle of suntan oil I had in the Jet Ski
as she rolled over on her stomach and asked me to put some
on her shoulders and back. She had an incredible ass even
better than I had pictured it soft and supple but yet toned.
Wonderful curves that arched outward at her legs just slightly
where they joined her creamy thighs to form a perfectly
shaped V. I began to squirt some lotion on her back and shoulders
as she watched me. She commented on how hard my cock was and
asked if I would straddle on top of her ass as I applied the
oil, by this time I was almost shaking at the prospect of
having my cock so near her beautiful pussy. I of course obliged
her and thrilled myself as I swung a leg over her legs and
rested my cock gently up the crack of her butt cheeks, it
was a beautiful sight as I started to slowly but firmly rub
the suntan oil into her shoulders and back

First I started at her shoulders rubbing the oil into her
skin firmly while pulling with my fingers at her shoulders
massaging the oil into her soft body. It was an extremely
erotic feeling to have my hands on this woman I had admired
so much. I paid painstaking attention to every detail of
her body as I coupled a massage with the application of the
suntan oil. Working a long time on her shoulders and neck
working every muscle and tendon, all the places one gets
tense from a long day at the office. As I moved slightly down
her back I noticed that I was so aroused I had started to leak
small drops of cum from the head of my cock that were dripping
in small strings down to lay in the small of her back just
above her ass cheeks. By now my cock lay almost perfectly
between her ass cheeks and the feel of her soft ass on either
side of my cock was exquisite. I worked the outer edges of
her shoulder blades allowing my fingers to drift over the
sides of her back down to the edge of her breasts which were
softly pushed out to the sides of her body from the way she
was laying. I massaged and rubbed the oil into her skin for
what seemed and eternity slowly working my way down to the
small of her back. Once I reached the lower part of her back
and hips I had to move my body down further on her legs.

As I moved lower and began to work the lotion into her shapely
ass and upper thighs I noticed she had parted her legs slightly
and I now had a beautiful view of her pussy I began to work
the lotion into her ass pulling at her but cheeks slightly
as I massaged them with one hand on each cheek working in
a circular motion each time getting closer to her pussy
and inner thighs. After each stroke letting my fingers
work closer to her pussy lips and several times even touching
her lips slightly where she would let out a slight moan.
I began to knead her ass with my fingers rubbing my palm firmly
into the muscles that made up her sexy backside. By now it
was evident we were both getting extremely hot. Her pussy
was showing signs of wetness and her lips had a light glaze
to them from her juices beginning to flow. The light film
of cum between her legs was glistening in the sun. I continued
down her legs making sure to massage every inch of her beautiful
body. Her back and ass were simply glowing in the warm afternoon
sun from having a fresh slick coat of suntan oil over them.
Once I reached her feet I gave her a foot massage lifting
each foot into the air slightly and placing it in my lap while
I worked on each and every toe as well as the ball of her feet
and the arch rubbing firmly as I know how good a foot massage
feels. After finishing her feet she rolled over and told
me how wonderful that massage felt and how she did not want
me to stop. Once on her back I again started with her feet
and worked my way slowly up her legs gently pulling them
apart a few more inches and spreading them to allow access
to her inner thighs where I could not wait to begin to massage.
Once I reached her inner thighs I spent a great deal of time
and applied a copious amount of oil to keep that area very
well lubricated as I kneaded and rubbed her thighs working
from the inside of her thighs up and over the top of her thighs
in a circular motion each time getting closer to her pussy
and letting my fingers stretch slightly upward with every
circle until I was almost parting her pussy lips each time
I circled by her sexy crotch.

After working her inner thighs I slid my hands out to her
hips and began to work the outer edges of her hips and thighs
scooting slightly further up on my knees to gain better
access to her stomach and hips as I began to move she parted
her legs even further bending her legs at the knees and placing
them flat beside me, up until this point her pussy had been
closed and her lips were pushed slightly together. When
she spread her legs to allow me to slide up between them I
noticed her pussy lips also opened up slightly exposing
the most beautiful pink flower I had ever seen, the hood
of her clit also pulled back slightly to expose her now slightly
swollen clit and there was a large drop of cum that had formed
a small pool at the base of her cunt. I was in heaven my cock
was so fully engorged and stimulated that by now the entire
head of my cock was glistening and wet from the cum that had
leaked out of it. I continued to work my way up her body inching
ever closer to her until my cock was only inches from her
parted pussy lips and my hands were just underneath her
breasts tracing small lines along the outer edge and pushing
just slightly upward as she began to moan excitedly. My
fingers were working the edge of her soft tits as I slid them
from her arm pits down along the edge of her breasts at the
most sensitive areas up to the center of her chest.

As I slid over the top of her chest and across the top of her
breasts finally sliding my hands fully over her breasts
and squeezing them slightly she moved her body downwards
pushing the head of my cock against her crotch and arching
her hips slightly so that my cock now lay between her legs
resting with the underside of the shaft against her soft
moist lips and the head of my cock pressing against her clit.
I continued to squeeze and massage her breasts as she started
to rub her pussy up and down the length of my hard cock. I could
feel her lips parting and her pussy starting to engulf my
cock lengthwise. Her pussy was warm and moist and my cum
had begun to drip down onto her clit adding to the wetness
of her pussy. Just when I thought I could stand it no longer
she asked me to squeeze and pinch her pink erect nipples.
I slowly worked her nipples with two fingers on each side
of her nipples pulling slightly and rolling her nipple
between my fingers and thumb. As she arched her back again
and rubbed her pussy up the length of my cock it slid slightly
inside her and with one small push the head of my cock finally
entered her hot wet cunt.

I began to slowly work just the tip of my cock in and out of
her body as I teased her slightly not letting her have more
than an inch or so never quite letting more than the head
enter her soaked pussy. She began to moan and work her hips
in circles as I thrusted slightly in and out of her vagina.
Her head and shoulders were arched back against the beach
and she began to lift her ass off of the towel urging me deeper
inside her. Finally after what seemed an eternity I gave
in and slowly but forcefully slid the entire length of my
cock inside her awaiting pussy. Her pussy was tight and
hot soaked from a combination of our juices. I began to thrust
in and out of her cunt in slow rhythmic motions with her meeting
every thrust. I had both of her tits cupped from the underside
pushing them up towards her face and squeezing them gently.
As we began to rock together excitedly she moved one hand
down between her legs and started to rub her clit slowly
in circles playing with her pussy and occasionally sliding
her fingers down to dip them into her pussy along with my
cock rewetting them before working again on her clit.
Within a few minutes I could tell she was nearing an orgasm
her fingers were working feverishly on her clit and her
other hand had begun to pinch and squeeze her nipples working
on them one at a time alternating back and forth. Her body
was a glow from the suntan oil in the hot evening sun and her
breasts were bobbing slightly against her chest while
she pulled on her nipples and squeezed her clit. I leaned
back even further picking her ass up with both hands almost
sitting back on my ass and began to thrust hard and deeply
into her cunt which was now slurping and sucking at my cock
with every thrust. Our lovemaking was becoming extremely
intense and loud, the sound of her wet pussy sloshing and
sucking at my cock and my balls slapping against her ass
with every thrust filled the air. I worked my fingers into
the crevices of her ass and began to rub her juices into her
ass and tease her asshole slightly with my fingertips.
I slowly slid the tip of my middle finger around her asshole
in little circles as I fucked her hard. When she was just
about to explode I slid my middle finger slightly into her
ass where I could feel my cock pumping in and out of her cunt
each time slapping my own hand with my balls. At that point
she began to scream with delight grabbing my ass with both
hands and forcing my cock deep inside her. Once my finger
was almost buried in her ass she came with awesome force
squeezing tightly around both my finger and my cock making
the cum begin to well up in my balls until I too was about to
explode in a sea of cum.

She quickly pulled back and reaching between my legs grabbing
my cock while getting on her knees and stuffing my cock in
her mouth as I was starting to cum. Before she could get it
to her mouth I shot a bit of my cum right onto her cheek, as
it was running down her cheek she began to suck feverishly
on my cock with one hand around the shaft milking it and one
on my balls squeezing them, making me cum even harder and
sucking it all down her throat. I exploded with awesome
force it felt as though the cum would never stop as wave after
wave of orgasm shuddered through my body. I reached down
and wrapped both of my large strong hands around her tits
and pulled her towards me as she took my entire cock down
her throat. My cum was leaking slightly from her lips, as
she continued to suck and lick until my cock was completely
clean there was nothing but her saliva on my hard staff.
I had to return the favor so I urged her to lie back down onto
the towel and slowly kissed my way down her body stopping
to nibble and bite at her hard nipples for some time. When
I reached her crotch where I spread her legs and began to
lick her inner thighs working my tongue in circles towards
her hot musty pussy which was wide open and pulsating slightly.
Her clit was fully erect and jutting out, swollen up and
begging to be licked.

I wrapped my lips firmly around her clit and began to slowly
suck it I and out of my mouth letting it pop completely out
of my lips each time even letting my teeth come together
against it nibbling gently on it, sending waves of excitement
up her back she would shudder almost uncontrollably each
time I sucked it in my mouth. Her clit was extremely hard
and her pussy was soaked, by now she had both of her hands
on the back of my head and was urging my face deeper into her
freshly fucked cunt. My chin was rubbing against her pussy
as my tongue darted in and out of my mouth flicking her clit
back and forth applying more and more pressure all the time
till my tongue was smashed against her clit and it would
almost flip under my tongues pressure from side to side.
I was staring up at her face and chest as my hands worked her
tits and nipples pinching her nipples with two fingers
and rolling them between my fingers while pulling out firmly
stretching the skin around her nipples almost to its capacity.
She then forced my head deeper into her crotch and begged
me to stick my tongue in her cunt telling me to eat her out
and tongue fuck her, begging for me to lick up all of her pussy
juices. Her pussy was wide open and her legs were spread
as far as they could go as I pushed on the insides of her thighs
to open them as far as possible. Her hands were between her
legs spreading her lips for me and rubbing her clit with
her thumb as she begged me to stick my tongue in her hole.
My hands were under her knees as I lay flat on my stomach and
held her legs in the air to gain access to all of the most sensitive
parts of her body. I started by licking from the crack of
her ass all the way to her jutting exposed clit stopping
momentarily at her asshole to run my tongue around the rim
of it and again at her pussy to slide my tongue directly up
the middle of her lips being sure to lap up all of her cum that
was oozing from her moist love hole. It was a beautiful clear
liquid that tasted as sweet as warm honey. I continued to
lap at her pussy lips working my tongue first around the
outer edges and then down the middle dipping it into her
hot cunt before licking at her clit quickly and moving again
to her ass. I traced this path with my tongue several times
starting at her ass and flicking at her clit as I finished.
Finally I satisfied her by slipping my tongue between her
pussy lips and sliding it all the way into her juicy pussy
where the freshest cum was, taking in the wonderful smell
of her pussy and the strong taste of her cum.

As I buried my tongue inside her she immediately began to
arch her back again and push my face deep into her pussy almost
suffocating me as my nose was pressed against her clit and
my tongue was thrust out so deeply inside her it felt as though
it would rip from the force of her thrusts. Her fingers were
gouging slightly into the back of my head as she pulled on
my hair urging my tongue deeper into here pussy and rotating
her hips feverishly grinding my face into her crotch. This
was awesome I had never been with a woman who was so erotically
forceful. All the while telling me how good my tongue in
her cunt felt and telling to me to fuck her harder. Finally
as I thought I was going to pass out from the warm musky odor
of her pussy and the lack of oxygen from having my face buried
in her crotch she came with amazing force soaking my face
and chin almost gagging me with what seemed to be quarts
of cum. I continued to lick and slurp at her pussy until she
was bucking and squirming uncontrollably twitching with
every lick and her body was locked stiff as a board in the
throws a powerful orgasm.

As her orgasm began to wind down I slowed my insistent licking
and slurping and began to gently clean up her inner thighs
with my tongue working my tongue in circles and occasionally
dipping it again in her wetness to get a taste of fresh cum.
After several minutes had gone by and she appeared to be
almost so relaxed she was going to fade to sleep I crawled
up the length of her body where she wrapped her arms around
me and for the first time of the entire day our lips met and
we kissed long and slow slipping our tongues in and out of
each others mouths. Tasting the cum on our tongues and our
lips mixing our juices together making a wonderful nectar.
We continued to kiss for a long period of time both of our
hands working slowly up and down each other’s body exploring
every inch.

We were both exhausted we continued to lie in each other’s
arms for what seemed to be hours kissing and cuddling gently
and touching each other’s face and necks. I would nibble
on her ears as she nibbled on my neck and kissed her way down
my chest until finally the imminent time had come that we
knew we had to get it together and get going as the sun was
beginning to set.

We walked to the shore and jumped in the water to take one
final last swim to refresh and wake us up as well as to clean
some of the evidence of our intense lovemaking session
from our bodies before adorning our clothes and climbing
back on the jet skis for the ride back to the dock. I drove
slowly on the way to the beach never wanting this moment
to end as she laid her head on my shoulders and had her arms
wrapped fully around me squeezing me tightly. The sun was
just going down over the mountains providing us with the
most beautiful sunset one would ever see. The sky was a beautiful
glow of orange and reds and pinks with traces of purple across
the mountain tops as the last of the winter snow was highlighted
in white in the crevices of the local peaks. We parted ways
at the dock to continue on with our daily lives vowing that
we could not continue this way as someone would surely find
out and thanking each other for the wonderful interlude
that was our day.

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That was the BEST story I've ever read. Great job dude.


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awesome!!!! Wish I am the one in the story


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What a Fantastic story! Now I have to go masturbate


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As a lesbian I am surprised that I found this so erotically
stimulating because it is about a man making love to a woman!
BUT! This is written so wonderfully and with such great
tenderness from a man that I am amazed! She is one lucky young
lady to have had such a great experience with you as a loving
first time partner! I HOPE you write MORE and CAN'T
WAIT TO READ ALL THAT YOU HAVE!! Now I have to go look at some
photos, watch some videos and masturbate! THANK YOU!


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great story, wish i m the boss.


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wish i m the boss


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That was great, going to have to go jet skiing soon


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this is a great story got me excited and hornier than normal.