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In Charge - Part 3


I ran my hand slowly from the base of my cock up to the head as I watched her perform for me. I has instructed her to lie on the bed and masturbate while I watched and though a little reluctant at first she was beginning to get into it. Have breasts stood up proudly from her chest even though she was lying down and one hand rubbed and pulled hard on a nipple. The other hand snaked downwards across her flat stomach to the small strip of trimmed pubic hair, then further to the wetness beyond. She cupped her mound, pressing her fingers inwards towards her moist opening and let those fleshy lips slip and slide between her digits. The middle finger pressed deeper as she pressed her palm hard against her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning quietly.

Stepping forward, I reached down and roughly grasped her free breast, mashing it firmly downwards, trapping the nipple beneath my calloused hand. That snapped her out of her trance and she opened her eyes and stared lustfully at my swollen member as it swayed inches from her face. However, I wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted yet.

“Turn over” I instructed and she complied, presenting me with that fantastic arse again. Standing behind her, I grasped her hips firmly and dragged her down so that her legs were hanging over the edge, knees near the ground. Bending my knees, I let my cock drop down onto her cheeks and she moaned approval thinking I was about to enter her wet and enflamed pussy. I didn’t though and instead slide slowly up her back, my cock following her spine, then reached back and slide my hand around one cheek, stopping just short of her wetness. I leaned forward, nuzzling her neck and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to feel my cock inside you?” At the same time I pressed 3 fingers against her wet opening and rubbed in a circular motion. “Oh god yes” was her reply.

“I’m still not sure you want it bad enough yet” I murmured, then drew my middle finger upward, lightly teasing her puckered hole. She shivered and arched her back. “You like that do you?” I said continuing a light, circular movement, trailing around the tight opening. She moaned her approval.

Reaching over to the side of the bed, I grabbed some lube, then standing above her, let some dribble down from a height between those glorious globes. This induced an involuntary clench of her cheeks and arch of her back, ensuring a good spread of the lube.

I pushed her flat down onto the bed to make sure she couldn’t see what was happening and then crouched behind her.

“What do you think” I said. “Here” (sliding a finger up and down her slit, then pausing at the opening to her pussy) “or here” (sliding further up and pressing firmly against her clenched sphincter).

“Just fuck me” she pleaded pushing back towards me.

SMACK. I slapped her arse again making her jump and moan at the same time. “I’ll decide when it’s time to fuck you” I said, and continued to rub around her perineum, that sensitive area between her pussy and her arse.

I really wanted to be inside her now but wanted to make her wait a little longer. I grabbing my cock and began to slide it up and down her arse crack, but kept it pointed up so when she pushed back, it wouldn’t enter her. She began to grind herself onto my shaft, her slick lips spreading either side as i pressed slowly up and down.

It was all too much to take, so I roughly spread her cheeks, lined myself up with her pussy and plunged in to the hilt in one thrust. She cried out and arched her back up towards me. I pushed her back down on the bed and with my cock still firmly inside her, got up to a crouching position and began a slow hard thrusting rhythm, slamming my pubic bone into her and pushing her up the bed. Every thrust brought on a primal grunt from her, so I started to pick up the pace and soon her grunts became almost continuous as she built towards orgasm. She was getting close, so I began to press a finger against her arse and reached around with the other hand to tweak her nipples. As she approached her apex, I plunged my lubed finger into her arse, triggering her orgasm, then held on tight as she bucked and spasmed.

When she finished and her body stopped twitching, I withdrew my hard cock and sat on the bed.

“Right” I said, “You can suck me again, before I fuck that lovely arse of yours”.

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this is very good but it could stand more of a story


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but it is real
as it goes in life