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In Charge - Part 2


I stared for a moment at the red welts beginning to rise from the tender skin of her arse where my hand had impacted. She seemed to be into this submissive role and I was beginning to warm to my part as her master. I would be a kind master but sometimes you had to be cruel to be kind. Today would be a day of firsts and there were lessons to be learned.

“On your knees in front of me” I said. My voice was calm and steady and belied my rising arousal. She turned and sank to her knees at my feet, her face giving nothing away but when she looked up at me I could see the fire in her eyes.

“You need to learn now I like my cock to be sucked” I said “but first I want you to remove that bra”. I quick flick behind her back with skilled fingers and the garment dropped to the floor.

“You can touch me now” I said, which brought a smile to her lips. She shuffled forward and ran her hands up my legs as she pressed her face into my crotch. I lifted her head and stood up. She immediately reached up and undid my belt, then pulled my fly down slowly, relieving the pressure a bit. I didn’t want to mess about – I wanted action, so I grabbed the side of my pants and underwear and pulled them down my thighs, stepped aside and kicked them off.

“Watch and learn” I said “but don’t touch yourself”.

I sat on the edge of the couch and gripped the base of my cock firmly with one hand. With the other hand I squeezed and pumped the exposed shaft slowly and rhythmically until it was hard as steel.

“I like it slow and firm” I instructed my avid student whose hands were beginning to stray towards her breasts as she started a rocking motion on her haunches.

“Put your hands behind your back and lean forward” I told her. She did so quickly and I caught her head just before she made contact with my cock. “Just your tongue for now” I said. She flicked it out and licked the sensitive head collecting a little pre-cum for her trouble. The salty taste obviously agreed with her as she moaned slightly. I returned to stoking myself, enjoying the delicate sensations.

“Now suck the head and when I say suck I mean suck. Don’t lick or hold it in your mouth – suck it”.

I watched as her mouth opened and her lips slid down, enveloping the head. Then came the suction I was after – wet slurping suction as I began to slide in and out of her mouth. “Not to fast” I warned when she started to pick up the pace “and roll your tongue around it”. The sensations were intensifying.

“Give me your hands. Now hold the base in a tight grip and start to suck more of me but keep it slow” I continued to instruct. “Squeeze tightly and you’ll feel me swell in your mouth”.

She was moaning quite loudly now and I noticed her spare hand had found her nipples which she tweaked and rolled. I pulled her hand roughly away and said “Not yet”. Guiding her hand under my balls I said “Now reach right back and press a finger against my arse – not too hard, you just want to apply pressure. Ohh yeah, thats it”.

Her bottom half had begun to sway and she was arching her back, then taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. It felt fantastic. But I didn’t want to come yet. I reached down and pulled her head of my cock and was greeted with a moan of reluctance.

“But I want to taste your cum” she said insistently.

“Well my pretty little cocksucker” I said “I haven’t decided where this first load will go yet. In your mouth or in your pussy or in your arse”.

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