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In Charge - Part 1


Wrote this a few years ago in my blog under another member name.

“I am in charge and you will do as I say”. I spat those words in her direction and while I felt slightly uncomfortable in this dominant role, it was what we had decided to try.

“Stand up and show me what you have for me” I said from my seated position on the couch.

She stood up slowly, looking slightly embarrassed, and turned to face me, hands at her side, looking very prim and proper. She had a knee length black skirt on, one of those styles that went up high on her waist and accentuated her amazing figure. The top she was wearing clung to her large firm breasts and my eyes were drawn to her cleavage even though I was trying to look disinterested.

“Well” I said. “You need to convince me to fuck the shit out of you”.

I noticed a slight shiver run through her body and she began to rub her hands up her thighs, her skirt sliding against her stockings. Her nipples had hardened virtually straight away and became even more pronounced as her hands slid from her thighs, over her hips, along her ribcage them pressed inwards, squeezing those mounds together.

She reached down and lifted her top over her head revealing a lacy black bra and even more of that delicious flesh. Her arousal was obvious and the thin see-through material struggled to contain her massive bosom. Reaching behind her, she lowered the zip on her skirt and stepped out of it as it hit the floor and stood before me in a g-string and bra still wearing her long black heals.

“Turn around and bend over” I said. Her compliance was instant and silent. She spread her legs slightly, bending at the waist and presenting her firm arse for my inspection. I couldn’t help sneaking a quick squeeze of my rock hard cock as she turned away. The thin black strap that separated those beautiful globes clung damply to her skin and I could just make out the outline of her lips pressed tight against the material.

“Are you going to do exactly as I say?” I asked.

“Yes” she whispered quietly.

I reached forward and slapped her hard on the left cheek making her jump and cry out but remain bending over.

“I can’t hear you” I said slowly and calmly.

“Yes – anything you want” she said quickly and slightly louder.

SMACK. I connected with her right cheek causing a whimper and another tremor.

“Good. We can begin then”.

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nice story hope to hear more of the story