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If you never tried nudism, you won't understand it


Nudist are not some strange, crazy group of people obsessed
with their bodies or their sexuality. In fact as nudist,
we believe a person's body is just part of who they are
just like their personalities. Every person is born with
sexual organs that develop over the years, just like their
personalities develop over the years.

When Nancy and I were in our twenties, we decided to try nudism
for ourselves. The thing we realized rather quickly was
that people are more honest when they cannot hide under
their clothes and they also seem, much happier too. In fact
the first weekend Nancy and I spent at nudist campground
was the best time either of us had ever had.

Of course, we were both very nervous about being naked in
front of other people since we had never done that before.
Neither my wife or I had the perfect body but then 99% of the
rest of the people didn't either. But we were still
very self conscious before we began to take our clothes
off in the camper we had reserved for the weekend.

Like everybody else, we were raised to believe certain
parts of our body were so private, no one else should see
them unless you were in love. So when my wife and I looked
at each other as we began to undress, the way were both raised
was being put to the test.

I watched closely when Nancy had gotten down to just her
bra and panties. "I know this is feeling really, really
strange, right now, " I think I told her as my wife
offered me a quick smile and agreed. But to our credit, my
wife still removed her bra and panties and I removed my boxers

And then we just looked at each other's naked bodies
although we had seen each other naked for the past four years.
But that didn't mean it was still easy for us to just
open the door of the camper and walk out so everybody else
could see us when we were naked, too.

Nancy kept her dark hair short for as long as I had known her
and she always wore a gold necklace and bracelet because
she liked that look. But when that is all you have on, it feels
bit different. I remember I joked while staring at her body
and told her I really liked her outfit. Her breasts were
shaped like half moons and curved upward just a little bit.
And her vagina was always well trimmed but was still covered
by a dark patch of curly hair.

"Ok honey, if you're ready, let's go meet
the world, " I said to Nancy as she reached for my hand
and together we walked out into the bright sunlight with
only our smiles on. And the first thing that happened was
no one bothered to even look us. We were just two more naked
people at the campground filled with other naked people.

It didn't take either of us very long to realize being
naked did not tell other people the kind of people Nancy
and I truly were. Every women in the campground had two breasts
and a vaginal area and every man had a cock and a ball sack.
So we looked at a lot of naked people but didn't know
anything else about them beyond what their bodies looked

But it still felt very strange to be walking along holding
Nancy's hand while my cock dangled between my legs
for everybody else to look at. And without her bra, my wife's
breasts bounced more than usual when she walked. But if
anybody even cared to look our way, they were free to see
every private part of our bodies.

Nancy and I kept mostly to ourselves that first afternoon
although we did chat with a few other people by the pool area.
It was very interesting for both Nancy and for me to be standing
in front of another naked couple and talk to them normally.
Where are you from? or What do you do for a living? Kind of
chat you would have with anyone else you met for the first
time. The fact that everyone was exposing their sexual
organs., really didn't change the interactions.
Everything was still normal except for the fact, no one
had any clothes on.

So, near dinner time, Nancy and I held hands and walked back
to our camper feeling very excited about this new experience
we were sharing together. We were still very aware of the
fact we were both naked but that didn't wreck the experience,
it actually enhanced it. We both agreed while we ate our
sandwiches that it had been fun to see other people's
sexual organs during the day but we also agreed, we sort
of got use to it.

But the very best part of our first day at the campground
was when Nancy and I walked into a small bar they had on sight
to enjoy a couple cocktails and mingle with new people.
They had a juke box playing music, a pool table on one side,
so in other words it felt like every other bar we had ever
been in except for the fact Nancy and I were naked but then
so was everyone else.

We immediately met an older couple, who were in their late
fifties or early sixties, who also bartended. Frank and
Rose were just great and had smiles on their faces all the
time. Rose waited on my wife and I first and stood there chatting
with us as if it was just another bar and another night where
people went to have fun.

"Welcome. What can I get you two?" Rose said
to Nancy and I. To say Rose was comfortable in her own skin
would have been an understatement. Nancy and I ordered
a beer each and then Rose struck up a conversation with us.
She found out we were new to nudism and in fact this was our
first time trying it.

"Well this is who I am, " Rose said to us as she
backed up to show my wife and I her entire body. Rose's
vagina was hairy and quite bushy and her large breasts sagged
a bit too, but she seemed to be proud of it, not ashamed of
it. "Looking is free but touching will cost you, "
Rose said as her way of making us both laugh. Of course Nancy
and I had realized very quickly that no one touched other
than holding hands.

"Rose, stop teasing that young man, " Frank
her husband said as Nancy and I laughed even harder. My wife
and I stayed for a couple hours and talked to a few more couples
who were hanging out having a good time, just like we were.
And one of the couples my wife and I got to know and chatted
with were Douglas and his wife, Fran. They had been nudist
for nearly fifteen years and had bought their own camper
long ago.

And somehow during our conversation with Douglas and Fran,
my wife and Douglas both discovered they were also both
early birds. So Douglas invited my wife to take a morning
walk with him the next morning. Nancy looked at me as if she
was wondering what she should do so I told her to go with Douglas
and enjoy a morning walk. Douglas and Fran were both in their
early forties and both very nice people.

Fran then told us, she loved her sleep more than an early
morning walk and I had to agree because anytime I could sleep
in, I did. Nancy and I left the bar later on and walked back
to our camper feeling really good about this decision to
try out nudism for ourselves.

Now if your also wondering if any sex is ever involved at
a nudist campground, the answer is yes sex is involved.
But that is done in private and done very discreetly. And
that is what my wife and I shared once we got onto bed together.
I had always enjoyed holding Nancy's soft breasts
but after looking at them all day long, I couldn't help
but hold them.

My wife was a very hot woman when she is in the right mood and
on that night she definitely was hot. Her clit had popped
out sometime during the afternoon and it didn't take
much effort for me to make her climax. And when Nancy sucked
my hard cock, I nearly came in her mouth. But we both knew
what we needed was to be together and share our bodies with
one another.

So I climbed on top of Nancy and slowly eased my hard cock
into her pussy until we were as one. It was heaven for both
of us and no doubt anyone who passed by our camper would have
noticed it rocking back and forth. But neither of us cared
because we needed that fuck more than we may have ever needed
a fuck before. Nancy helped me ride it out until my seeds
were shot out and she took them inside of her vagina one more

We slept like babies and at some point, very early in the
morning I heard Nancy in the shower washing herself off.
Then she blew her hair dry which I didn't mind because
I am one of those people who can be woken up and go back sound
asleep a minute later. So I waited to see my wife when she
walked out of the small bathroom and tell her good morning.

Nancy had a big grin on her face along with her necklace and
bracelet when she appeared, naked of course. "Do
I look ok?" She asked me standing at the end of the bed
with her tits curved upward and her vagina trimmed even
a little closer than the day before. My wife's vaginal
lips were still a bit pinker than usual from our fun the night
before and they also still looked a bit puffier too. I laid
there and wondered if Douglas was going to notice.

"You look great. Enjoy your morning walk, "
I said before I rolled over and went back to sleep but not
before heard Nancy say to Douglas" Good morning"
and he greeted her back. The last thing I heard was Douglas
tell my wife, three miles before they walked off and I rolled
over and went back to sleep.

I slept for nearly two more hours before I woke up and walked
outside of the camper ready to embrace another new day.
I also wanted to see if Nancy had returned yet or not. I had
no idea where Nancy and Douglas were which was a concern
for me at first, although I don't know why. But I guess
the fact that my wife was naked and was alone with him somewhere
on the campground, did make me feel a bit odd.

I finally spotted her, some distance from our camper, laughing
and joking around with Douglas and another man I had not
yet met. And when my wife laughed her tits bounced up and
down but she couldn't help it. So I watched and waited
until Nancy finally looked my way and waved when she saw
me. It was great to then watch my wife walking towards me
with her breasts and her swollen hairy pussy exposed so
I could enjoy looking at them as much as I wanted to, all day

Nancy and I hugged first and then sat down on the lawn chairs
we had brought. "So how was your walk?" I asked
her. Nancy told me the grounds were simply beautiful and
she loved every second of it. "And Douglas knows almost
everybody so we stopped and talked with everyone we saw, "
my wife added. Douglas was a friendly person but he was still
a man with a very hairy chest and a rather large looking shaft.
It still kind of bothered me but only because I wasn't
use to having my wife walk alongside a naked male for three

We only had one more day before Nancy and I were going to have
to leave with our clothes back on. And what we didn't
expect was that we were beginning to dread the idea of having
to get dressed again. Just a day before we were afraid of
taking them off and now we didn't want to put them back
on. It more fun to be naked because it made us both feel so

But we still had a full day so my wife and I quickly ate breakfast
and then ventured out to take a swim, relax and meet new friends.
Nancy ended up being the star in the shuffle board area where
she must have played for several hours. And it didn't
take long to figure out that the older men played shuffle
board and they also obviously enjoyed having a cute, younger
woman with them.

We ended up at the bar again after dark and met even more people
and finished our last day on a high note. I didn't realize
how much I enjoyed being in the bar, even though I was not
a big drinker. Just joking and laughing with other women
who were also naked, added something to the experience
for me.

As Nancy and I walked back to the camper, holding hands,
I began to swell up for the first time in public. "I
can see you had fun tonight, " My wife said when we
got back to our camper. We both needed it and rushed inside
and into each other's arms. We were both learning that
being naked while around other naked people is arousing
in a different kind of way.

We ended up shortening our foreplay although Nancy climaxed
once before we got to the real deal. My cock was tingling
like crazy when it finally felt my wife's pussy wrapped
tightly around it. And based on the sounds my wife made,
she was really enjoying it too. We fucked with such urgency,
it was incredible before I ended up exploding inside of
Nancy's wonderful vagina.

I awoke the last morning to the sounds of my wife showering
again so she could go on her last morning walk with Douglas.
I looked up and told Nancy, " Have fun, " before
she smiled at me and shook her head yes. I don't recall
how long I slept after that but when I did wake up, Nancy was
still not back. But now I wasn't worried like I had been
the first morning.

Nancy finally walked back up the path until she saw me waiting
for her as she waved with a big smile on her face. I think I
knew at the moment, we should buy our own camper and make
nudism part of our lives.

Nancy and I were both accountants so when all our regular
friends were taking their vacations, during the winter
months Nancy and I were working nonstop because of tax season.
Nancy and I talked about what we had both had experienced
this first weekend at the nudist campground and quickly
decided this was how we would spend our vacation money.

We bought a very nice camper a month later and had it parked
at the campground so we had our private escape for years
to come. My wife and I now had a secret life as well as our public
life back home. When you're a nudist, most people don't
understand it nor would they approve. They just think anybody
that would take all their clothes off in public is either
crazy or has a disturbed mental state of mind.

For the next fifteen plus years Nancy and I enjoyed our nudism
more than most things we did in life. We became regulars
at the campground so rather quickly everybody knew my name.
Being naked felt as natural as being clothed. Although
neither of us could have ever imagined being nude around
our other friends, involved in our real life. Nudity was
reserved for the campground and only the campground.

Nancy and I never had any children of our own although we
enjoyed children even when we spent our time at the campground.
Lots of families are into nudism and they bring their kids
with them. But it was the teenagers I got the biggest kick
out of watching.

Where ever the teenage girls were, the teenage boys were
not far away. The campground even built them their own space
call the "Teen Spot" which was close by the bar.
So the kids had a pool table, juke box and normal things teenagers
would enjoy. I was never quite sure how those kids controlled
their hormones being constantly naked in front of one another
but I guess being raised as a nudist children prepared them
for when they became teenagers.

To me the teenage girls looked so young even though their
breasts were either just staring to sprout or had formed
already. And both the boys and the girls had pubic hair which
they revealed as if it was no big deal to them. But they still
looked very young to me.

And that leads me to the last part of this story. Does sexual
attraction take place more readily because everyone is
naked? My first response is no, because sexual attraction
takes place in everyday life even though both the man and
the woman are fully clothed. So I would say being naked in
front of other people doesn't' make it more common
but it still happens. There are just some people we come
across in life that peak our interest whether we are dressed
or we are naked.

Over the past fifteen plus years my wife and Douglas have
taken their morning walks together and became very good
friends during that time frame. And Nancy became even closer
to Douglas after he lost Fran due to breast cancer. I think
my wife felt sorry for Douglas because he was so lost and
alone. So she invited him to our camper more often for lunch
or dinner and she helped clean his camper every now and then.
Again, friends help friends even if they are naked.

My wife had also aged, of course and her hips had gotten a
little wider and a little fuller. And of course they had
seen each other's sexual organs for so many years,
that no longer seemed to matter to either of them. Douglas
was just Douglas and Nancy was just Nancy.

I was sitting outside of our camper enjoying my morning
coffee when I saw Douglas and Nancy coming back from another
of their many morning walks. And I guess what struck me odd,
was the fact my wife was holding Douglas's hand as they
strolled towards me. They always laughed when they were
together but I had not noticed them ever holding hands before.
And I am not saying this was the first time but it was the first
time I noticed it.

Nancy was no longer the twenty five year old woman at the
campground and had matured into a woman in her forties by
then. Like I said before Nancy had filled out in her hips
although she still kept her vagina area trimmed very close.
Looking at my wife walking towards me that morning I realized
how truly special Nancy really was.

So, as they held hands, Nancy waved like she always did each
morning when she saw me after her walk. And Douglas also
waved so I waved back at the two of them. Douglas gave my wife
a quick hug before he stopped at his camper while my wife
continued on towards ours. And as I sat there waiting for
my wife I wondered if the two of them might enjoy their friendship
even more if they had an evening together. But again, I didn't
even know if the two of them ever had any of those kinds of
feelings for one another.

Nancy slowly made her way up the steps before sat down on
our deck to relax for a moment. "Do you want some water?"
I asked her. My wife smiled and nodded her head yes so I went
inside, got Nancy some water.. A couple of other people
we knew passed by us and we waved at them when they waved at
my wife and I.

I didn't quite know how to word it so I kind of hinted
to Nancy how her and Douglas had been very special friends
for a lot of years. My wife smiled and me and agreed they had
known each other for a long time. I also remember looking
at Nancy sitting next to me and realizing how much of a sexual
creature she had become. Her hips were wide but wonderful
and her pubic hair famed her crotch in a very special way.

I probably did it all wrong, but I mentioned to Nancy that
maybe she might want to spend more time with Douglas now
that Fran was gone. "That is if you wanted to spend
more time with him, " I added quickly. I remember
my wife looked at me oddly for a moment but didn't comment
back. "I don't know how you feel about him or he
feels about you but I think it would be ok with me, if you went
to see him some night, " was how I worded it.

"Where did that come from?" Nancy asked once
I was finished. I explained that when I saw them holding
hands, it had gotten me thinking. My wife looked at me again
but didn't comment back for a few moments. " I
have always thought you two shared something special, "
I said to my wife. The subject was then dropped for the time

Nancy and I spent the next few hours at the pool like we always
did on warm days. And we ran into Douglas at the pool as the
three of us stopped to chat for a few minutes. I didn't
get any sense of what my wife was thinking after our brief

But I told them, I was going to go back to our camper to take
a nap. Nancy then asked if it would be ok if she went and played
shuffle board with Douglas. I just smiled at her and nodded
yes. So I headed back for my nap and Nancy and Douglas headed
over towards the shuffle board area.

They both had the right body parts if they had any desire
to use them together. But first I wanted my afternoon nap
and knew that Nancy would not do anything too quickly until
we had more time to talk about it. I woke up an hour later and
went to find Nancy and Douglas who were still playing shuffle
board together. And I can't be sure but I thought my
wife's nipples looked a little swollen and so did her
vaginal area. But then she may have always looked like that
and I just saw her body differently because of what was in
my head.

And from time to time my wife would reach out and touch Douglas's
arm or he would reach out and touch hers. It certainly wasn't
sexual the way they touched each other but they appeared
to like being touched. When my wife finally spotted me she
rushed up to hug me and while we embraced Nancy whispered
to me, "Did you really mean what you said to me, this

I stepped back and nodded yes as I felt myself excited and
a bit more nervous. "Is that something you might be interested in trying?"
I asked her. Nancy wrinkled her eye brows before she shrugged
her shoulder. "Haven't decided yet. I wanted
to talk to you again, " Nancy said back to me. So I sat
on one of the benches and watched Douglas beat my wife once
again at shuffle board.

The three of us finally began to head back to our campers
when my wife asked Douglas if he wanted to come over to ours
for dinner. "Sure that sounds great, " He said
as we continued to walk together. Nancy went inside to make
us dinner while I and Douglas sat outside and chatted back
and forth like we always did.

So I then shared with Douglas how special my wife thought
he was. "She is very special too, " Douglas
replied back to me. So I then suggested to Douglas that maybe
Nancy needed some help making our dinner so he should go
inside our camper to help her.

I was trembling a little when Douglas went inside. I wondered
what Nancy was going to do, not sure if this would work or
if it would maybe blow up in my face. I gave the two of them
a few minutes before I opened our camper door and saw my wife
and Douglas still working side by side in our tiny kitchen.
Immediately Nancy looked my way and offered a nervous smile.
I didn't say anything and instead just watched as my
wife slowly raised her hand up and rubbed Douglas on his

He must have sensed something was different because he
turned and looked at Nancy when her hand remained on his
shoulder. And no doubt Douglas also saw my wife's breasts
heaving more than usual and her nipples were a brighter
pink than normal.

But then I knew Nancy so well and realized how incredibly
nervous she also was. They had seen each other's reproductive
organs so many times over the years but now something felt
different. And it wasn't because they were both naked.
It was because the chemistry they had developed as beginning
to surface. Douglas felt her hand on his shoulder and slowly
turned until they were face to face. My wife then raised
her other hand and gentle held Douglas's other shoulder.

It was a half of an embrace as they looked into each other's
eyes for a few very tense moments. I was facing Nancy while
Douglas had his back to me. And when she closed her eyes,
I saw him lean closer to her so they could share their first
kiss. It was a tender kiss of friendship but it was going
to change quickly from friendship to something else. And
healthy male and a healthy female about to express their
physical desire for one another. Their kiss slowly got
hotter as the bodies moved closer and closer to one another's.

I am sure it was a shock for both of them but they were finally
locked in a full embrace as the continued kiss after knowing
each other for over fifteen years. It wasn't going
to take much for my wife to become wet as she remained in Douglas's
arms. And sure enough over the next five minutes their bodies
continued to prepare for a possible union.

Douglas finally pulled back a step or two and turned to see
my reaction to what they had just been doing. So I told Douglas
that Nancy and I had talked earlier in the day about how special
of friends they had become over the years. And then I told
him and her if they wanted to share our bedroom together,
I was alright with it.

" Are you sure?" Douglas asked me again. I nodded
my head and still had a smile on my face. So my wife then took
Douglas's hand and led him to the back of the camper
where our bedroom was. They shared a few more tender kisses
as they kept warming up together before they climbed onto
the bed together for the first time.

Nancy's soft whimpers started shortly after that,
as I waited in the front part of the camper to give them some
time to be alone as well as some privacy. I knew they were
most likely exploring each other's bodies now that
they were both aroused. But then that is just a natural thing
that happens when two people begin the process of joining
their bodies into one.

I heard Nancy begin to whimper more often, so I knew Douglas
was hitting the right spots that made her purr. And I heard
my wife say " It feels really good, " to Douglas
so I quietly walked to the back of the camper to see where
the two of them were at, in the process.

My wife was on her back and Douglas's head was buried
between her legs as she jerked a bit more and struggled to
catch her breath. I know my wife well and could tell she was
well on her way to having a really good orgasm. But I had never
had the chance to just step back and watch what she goes through
before her climactic release.

So, my goodness, does Nancy get worked up and her arms begin
to fly around as her back begins to arch. It sounded like
she just kept getting more desperate and more helpless
by the second. But Douglas kept his head moving as his tongue
continued to work on her needy vagina. "Oh God. Oh
my God, " Nancy said right before she exploded.

The essence of her, as a woman was suddenly unleashed as
she mumbled and moaned her way through a very strong orgasm.
It got to the point, my wife simply couldn't take any
more and began to push at Douglas's head to make him
stop licking her. And when he rolled over beside her so he
could hold her some more in his arms, I saw just how hard and
how large Douglas truly was when he was erect. I had seen
his penis for years but I had never seen it swollen before.

My wife clung to him, kissing him repeatedly while one of
her hands slowly reached down and began to gently stroke
his shaft. Two very old friends together on a bed for the
first time doing something they probably never thought
they would ever do. And it all started because they both
like to take morning walks.

I was shaking by the time Douglas slowly began to climb onto
my wife so he could mount her. He took his time as Nancy laid
under him still clinging to him with her legs now spread
for him. One soft whimper left her lips as she felt Douglas
begin to penetrate her vagina with his large shaft. I then
saw her toes curling a little bit and knew Douglas had all
of her attention.

I would have loved to have known what was going through her
mind when she felt his shaft going deeper into her womb.
But I am also sure words would never be able to describe a
moment like that. Because how does anyone describe the
miracle we call perfection.

Once Douglas's full girth and length was inside of
Nancy's vagina, I heard her tell him to give her a moment
to adjust. So Douglas waited on top of her until my wife lifted
her head up and gently kissed him on his lips. And that was
when they started in, figuring out each other's movements
and developing their own special rhythm.

They started very slowly and kept building up more speed
the their organs remained connected. Douglas was pulling
and pushing his hard shaft back into my wife's vagina
a little quicker and a little harder each time. Neither
of them spoke because fucking was the only thing they could
focus on after that.

I watched them together and if it should have bothered me,
it didn't. And I don't know why it didn't bother
me but it just didn't. Their union lasted longer than
I thought it might but by the end, I knew it was going to be
over real soon. And when Nancy's legs came up and Douglas
began to make more grunting sounds, I waited quite nervous
about witnessing the end.

This white, milky looking cream soon began to leak out of
her vagina as Douglas's shaft kept pounding her more
and more. At first it stuck to the base of his shaft and his
pubic hair but very quickly it also began to run down the
crack of my wife's ass. He was giving her work out for
sure and she was taking it without a problem. And then it
all suddenly stopped and they laid against her each and
were both gasping for air at the same time.

That was the time I left the two of them to clean themselves
up and went back outside to wait on the deck and think about
what I had just watched. Five minutes later Douglas walked
out with a soft but not totally soft shaft and took a seat
by me to make sure I was still ok with what just happened.
We didn't really need to say anything so we just shared
a smile and shook each other's hand.

Nancy took a bit longer before she walked out blushing a
little when she saw me. But I stood up immediately and hugged
my wife because what they did, didn't change who Nancy
and I were and would be forever. The three of us ate a half
hour later and sat around another couple of hours, enjoying
a perfect night under the stars.

When Nancy and I made love later that night my, wife was definitely
still stretched a little bit and was very gooey but that
didn't stop us for a second. Nancy continued to take
her morning walks with Douglas but at least now they had
something new to talk about. And from time to time, they
asked if they could share a special moment together again
and I always said yes but that never happened very often.

So please, if you take anything from this account of mine,
nudity didn't really have much to do with how things
unfolded. The friendship and chemistry that my wife and
Douglas developed over the years is what caused things
to happen the way they happened. We could have all met at
a normal campground and all remained fully clothed and
things would have worked out, most likely the exact same

But then if you never tried nudism, you won't understand

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KiwiUpNorth 52 M
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Great description of conversion to naturism!! And a sexy story as well.

Signed with a hug
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Delivered with a beating heart


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Sounds like our adventures at camp, in and out of the camper.LOL