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I was no loner snow white / I was no longer pure


I always felt lucky because I had one special friend from
third grade on. Oddly enough it was with a boy who turned
out to be a lifelong best friend. Rick and I shared very little
in common yet we spent all our time together. As children
we played every free moment and as we grew older our play
turned into wasting hours on the phone. “At eleven and
twelve I would do anything not to have to spend an entire
night talking with my parents. Rick offered me that escape.
We kissed just once but it just didn’t feel right to either
of us. He was just a friend and nothing more.

And as you can imagine once I was old enough to date, according
to my parent’s sixteen year old rule, Rick did cause issues
with my boyfriends since they viewed him as a competitor.
Looking back I probably lost some boyfriends because they
didn’t or wouldn’t understand why I could have and
needed to have a very close friend who was a boy.

The only real people who seemed to get it were our parents.
Rick’s parents viewed me like a daughter and my mom and
dad treated him like the son they never had. It was common
for my mother to ask me after school if Rick was coming over
for dinner on any given night. And if I ended up at his house,
I would call my mom to tell her I was eating at Rick’s and
not to make me dinner.

And if you wondering how our friendship worked while we
began to experience puberty, let me say it made a bit more
challenging. Of course we were both curious about the opposite
sex and as our bodies began to develop. Again I will admit
that was the most awkward time for me because I knew other
girls my age were sharing rumors about sex that someone
learned while I was simply asking Rick directly.

When Rick and I were thirteen we decided one afternoon while
my parents were not home, to strip in front of each other.
Rick and I had talked about doing that so we could each see
what the other’s bodies looked like. I hesitated for
all the reasons a teenage girl can think of when that day
arrived. I trusted him but was fearful as something within
my brain told me Rick may be my all time best friend but he
was also a boy and that meant I needed to be careful around
him. I sensed I should not tempt Mother Nature too much.

At thirteen my breasts had formed enough to be past the budding
stage although I was probably no more than a small “B”
cup. My public hair was also evident but fine as you would
expect. “You go first, ” I told him as we stood in my
bedroom acting like little kids while pretending to be
adults. We had been alone in my bedroom a million times but
that particular afternoon it felt very different.

My young pussy was excited to finally be able to learn more
about one of the mysteries of life. I was twisting in knot,
about to view my first naked male. Rick had an embarrassing
expression as he removed his shirt a few feet from me. “I
shifted my weight from one leg to the other nervous and anxious
to see what I was about to see. Rick slipped his jeans off
next and I could not take my eyes off the bulge in the front
where his penis was.

“Ok your turn to take something off, ” he said. Sucking
for courage and some much needed oxygen I pulled my t-shirt
over my head exposing my bra to him for the very first time.
“I remember when you started wearing those, ” Rick
said as I stood in my bra across from him. Blushing I did not
respond as I stepped from my shorts next. A year or so earlier
was when he first noticed me wearing a bra, I remember him
looking at me oddly.

Ok let’s finish at the same time, ” he said as I stood
in my bra and panties in front of him. My heart was racing
like crazy and I was feeling dizzier by the second. The tension
that innocent arousal can cause a thirteen year old girl
was too much for me to deal with. My fingers trembled as I
reached around about to unhook my bra when we heard my mother’s
car door slam causing us both to go into a panic. Rick grabbed
his clothes as I did the same and we quickly got dressed before
she made it in the back door.

He suggested we try it again over the next few months but
I was still too afraid even though I wanted to see what he
looked like naked. A year passed and when we were fourteen
Rick and I had spent the afternoon around the local swimming
pond with all the other kids from town. My suit was cute but
not as sexy as the one I begged my mother to buy me. Of course
she insisted I not look older than I really was, especially
around boys.

Rick and I headed down the path we all used to get from the
pond back to town which was only a quarter mile away. “I
like your new suit, ” he said as we walked next to each
other. “Not the one I wanted, ” I replied to him as he
had already heard me complain about my mother’s idea
of what I should wear. “Looks kind of like your bra and
panties when we did that thing last year in your room, ”
he said a few steps later.

“That was so embarrassing, ” I commented back. “Would
you have taken everything off if your mom had not come home?”
he asked. And at fourteen I thought I was a woman even though
my mother didn’t’ agree. I wanted to sound courageous
and womanly as I said back to Rick, “Probably. It would
have been no big deal.”

“Want to try it again. After dinner we could meet at our
spot in the park, ” he said smiling as we continued walking
towards our town which was less than a block away. Rick and
I had a hiding spot in the park where we could be alone to talk
over the years. And before I continue my story you have to
realize Rick and I were changing rapidly and had even less
in common other than our youthful friendship. I was popular
and a cheerleader while Rick hung up with some of the more
creepy boys at our school. Still we were like family and
even though all my girl friends were grossed out by him.
Still I couldn’t imagine Rick not being my friend.

My heart rate doubled as I remained silent. “Well you
want to meet or not?” he said as we reached my front porch.
Inside I knew I should not but I felt some pressure from him
and didn’t know how to handle it. I nodded yes and told
him I would try and agreed to meet at eight. I must have acted
oddly at dinner because my mother kept asking me if I felt
ok. I made up some excuse about summer ending and not wanting
school to start yet. Apparently I was also mastering the
art of teenage lying because she bought my story.

Of course Rick was waiting for me at our spot in the brush
near the edge of the park. “I don’t think we should do
this, ” I said as he greeted me. It felt creepy for me to
be naked in front of a boy who was my best friend. By then romance
and love were the drivers within me to share any part of my
sexuality. Rick was just a friend, and yes my best friend
but it still didn’t’ feel right to me. I expected him
to get upset or try and talk me into it but instead Rick smiled
and told me to sit on the blanket and watch him strip.

“I don’t want to get naked, ” I said again thinking
he didn’t understand my first comment. “I know. But
I want to, ” he said as he pulled his shirt over his head.
I gasped as he slipped his shorts down his legs smiling as
if had just won the baseball game all by himself. The bulge
in the front of his shorts was even larger than the year before.
“What are you doing?” I said shaking while looking
at him. Rick smiled this weird smile and pulled his underwear
down exposing this huge swollen male organ.

I remember staring at it without the ability to even speak.
“Do you like it?” he asked as I remained speechless.
I was thinking to myself no woman in the world would enjoy
having that big thing inside of her. “Do you want to touch
it?” he asked as I quickly shook my head no. “Ok then
just sit next to me and watch, ” Rick said as he sat down
along side of me on the blanket.

I stared as he began to stroke his shaft next to me. I was in
some sort of trance yet couldn’t take my eyes off of his
hand and his cock. “I do this every day, ” he said as
his voice became frantic. I was holding my breath as I waited
for what was about to happen. And then Rick let some primal
male sound escape his lips as his hand jerked one more time
before a thick river of white sticky goo oozed from his cock
and spilled down over his hands.

I had a restless night once I was back in my own bed, feeling
rattled from what I had witnessed. My fingers soon made
their way under my wet panties as my innocent pussy was slippery
and alive. I felt pressure and tension yet was a year or more
away before I would finally feel the crest that I desired.

And this is truly where my story takes place. Rick and I slowly
drifted apart after that night in the park mostly because
I was afraid of him. We still talked once in a while but saw
each other less and less. The little boy who was once my best
friend had changed into a male I know longer trusted or understood.
We graduated from high school a couple years later and I
went off to college not really knowing what direction Rick
took in life.

I married at twenty four, had to wonderful children and
was lived the perfect life with my sweet husband for the
next ten years. From time to time I would wonder what happened
to Rick but never put any effort into contacting him. Still
I never forgot our close friendship as children or our few
sexual experiences as teenagers. My husband Jerry was
the romantic I sought and the love we shared was as special
as the sex we used as our bond. And yes I obviously changed
my mind about male organs and about how much I enjoyed feeling
my husband inside of my body.

And then when I thought life would roll along just as I had
planned Jerry began to cheat on me. At first it was just a
suspicion but over the next few months the affairs were
more frequent and more obvious. When I left him and moved
back home my heart was torn from my chest. All that I had thought
and valued was thrown out the window in the name of “Great
sex”! Well that is how my husband said to me about lack
of ability to enjoy myself the way his girlfriend did. Apparently
I was not as good or enjoyable as I thought I was.

At thirty five I was hurt, alone and confused. Living at
my parents was not going to be a long term solution as I began
to search around our small town for an apartment and a job.
My children were handling the divorce no better than their
mother. Jerry married the last woman he was cheating with
shortly after the papers were official.

I was not yet at the bottom of the valley and remained determined
to swear off relationships, men and sex for the rest of my
life. Of course all the got me was a cold lonely bed and tears
every night. I could not figure out what went wrong because
my plan seemed so perfect at first. Was Jerry correct when
he said I was a prude and cold when it came to sex?

I could not have made it through that year without the support
and help of parents. But after about a year or so of single
life part of my inner self began to resurface. I was not yet
a healed woman but my sexuality began to show as I bought
a few more fun, sexy outfits. And when my mother saw me wearing
one she smiled but no longer criticizing me like she did
when I was growing up.

I was getting myself back together so when a man I knew from
work asked me on a date and I said yes. Not ready for any serious
kind of relationship I went on the date more as a way to get
out for the night than anything else. Maybe that was not
fair to him but then I was absorbed with myself and my own

It felt odd having dinner and making small talk with someone
different. It was as if I was starting from square one all
over again. Inside I felt sad because at thirty five I thought
I should have been farther along than I apparently was.
The man asked to be invited into my home, I refused and the
date ended poorly. Crying and sobbing most of the night
I finally had hit bottom. Completely alone and with no clue
how to view sex or myself, I lingered in self pity for a few
more weeks.

And then one afternoon after work my phone rang and I recognized
the voice immediately. “Rick, how did you find me”?
I asked sounding foolishly excited. Rick laughed and told
me his parents had learned I was back in town and found my
number. It was like old times as my heart soared as if we were
still best friends.

He heard my entire story and made a few comments along the
way but never judged me for what I said or what I had done poorly.
I found out in return, Rick never married, never wanted
to marry and in fact lived the life of a single male on the
prowl. “So you just date women for sex and then what?”
I asked not understanding his life choices. Rick’s points
of view were vastly different than mine although I still
felt a bond with him from our youth.

He lived in a city about two hours away and had a good paying
job with a big company. Over the next few weeks Rick and I
talked if not nightly then almost every night. It became
my routine and one I looked forward to. My mother even began
to make comments that I looked happier and sounded happier
but she didn’t know Rick and I were once again best of friends.

Now if you’re reading this and think Rick and I were ever
going to be a couple, forget that thought immediately.
We were and always would be just friends although a close
friend is far more valuable than a lover or a husband. And
anyway the more Rick explained his view of sex, he was either
a pervert and I was out of touch with reality.

He made sex sound carefree and easy except I was still clinging
to my old values. “You still afraid of cocks”? He asked
one night on the phone. “No of course not. I was just fourteen
when you showed me yours, ” I replied insulted by his
comment. In some respects Rick the boy was my friend who
I understood but Rick the man was someone I could not relate

“Good. You want to come spend the weekend. I have a special
party and maybe you might enjoy going with me, ” he said.
My first thought was to say no since I was not sure if Rick
would expect me to sleep with him. And like I said that was
never going to happen. I hemmed and hawed without giving
him a direct answer to his invitation. He began to laugh
and let me dangle over the cliff for a few more minutes before
responding, “You don’t have to fuck me, ok? It’s
just an invitation from your best friend.”

I had never liked that word and Rick used it constantly when
referring to making love. “What kind of party?” I asked
giving it a little consideration. I knew mom and dad would
love to watch my kids and would be even happier that I was
getting out again. “I’ll explain more if you say yes
and come to the party with me, ” he said laughing at my
obvious struggle. “Ok yes, ” I said as I found myself
beaming like I did at my first prom. Maybe being thirty five
was the same as being sixteen. It sure felt that way to me
at that moment in my life.

Rick gave me directions to his home and I arranged my first
weekend getaway more excited than I had been in years. Seeing
Rick again would be great, going to the big city was just
what I needed and starting to finally live again was happening.
I felt like a school girl on the drive to the city and the warm
summer breezes blew my through my hair and my thoughts.

I arrived at his very nice home around seven on Friday night
and to be honest I was quite impressed. And when he answered
the door I could not help but rush into his arms for old time
sake. The cheer leader and the strange guy from high school
were once again back being friends. He looked like Rick
but of course had matured and become a man.

We began to chat like the years had never separated us. After
about an hour and a half bottom of wine I was feeling on top
of the world. Rick asked me about my children, my failed
marriage and every other aspect of my life except sex. Rick’s
life style as more advanced than mine as I was keenly aware
of his home, his decorations and artwork as well as the way
he dressed. At one point I smiled and asked him, “Do l look
frumpy?” I feared I would not fit into his circle and needed
a little assurance from him that I would not embarrass myself
when I met his friends.

Rick laughed and responded, “No, but we are going to have
to go shopping tomorrow.” I don’t know how I responded
but Rick quickly added it was his treat just in case money
would be a problem. Feeling a little like a princess I said
great and settled back into the comfy leather chair sipping
my wine. Rick showed me my room which was beautiful beyond
words. I snuggled on the soft bed and fell asleep within

The next morning was just as delightful as I lounged around
in my robe, sipped coffee and chatted with Rick till after
ten. And then at some point Rick asked me if I was willing
to try something new? I must have looked stunned. “My
friends will shock you. Do you think you would like to try
a new look to go along with a new attitude?” he asked. Feeling
suddenly brave I shook my head yes which caused him to smile.

Little did I know what that all meant as I told him I could
be ready in thirty minutes. “Trim your pussy, ” Rick
said as I was about to leave the kitchen. Turning with my
face feeling very red I stared at him for a second. Why did
he make such a personal comment? Still I was happy and excited
about everything and forced myself not to dwell on anything
negative. Normally I would have slapped any man who said
that to me but at that moment I decided to take a different
approach. “Ok trimmed a lot or just a little?” Rick
told me make it nice and neat as I turned and left with my head

What was I getting myself into? Was all I thought during
my morning shower and especially while I trimmed my pubic
hair down to short stubble. I have dark, thick pubic hair
so trimming has always been a task. I could never hide it
completely unless I shaved which I had never done. I threw
on a cute top, not too sexy and a nice skirt before appearing
before Rick, ready to go.

When he saw me he I looked great. We climbed into his sports
car which as a far cry from my minivan and headed into the
city. On the ten minute ride to the shopping district I just
reminded myself to be open to new things and new ideas. “I’m
taking you to a fetish party, ” Rick said as we parked.
Nervously I told him I didn’t know what that was. “You’ll
find out tonight, ” he replied as he parked his car.

Rick took me to a small, quaint leather shop where the female
clerk apparently knew him. He talked with her while I stood
at a distance browsing the racks, feeling very out of place.
Julie, the clerk approached me smiling as it was painfully
obvious to her I was in over my head. “Let’s look at some
short leather minis, vest and heels, ” she said as I nodded
ok and followed her to a different area of the store. I had
worn short skirts before but nothing like the one’s she
handed me to try on. My goodness I thought to myself this
will hardly cover a thing.

I tried on a few before I found one that fit very well and walked
out to model it for Rick. “Wow, now that is a dam good start, ”
he said smiling at me. Julie then handed me a leather vest
to try on as well. “Don’t wear a bra, ” were her last
words before I walked back in the dressing room. Removing
my bra I noticed my nipples had hardened and my breasts felt
warm to the touch. Shocked at how little it I was pulled at
it to stretch it enough to at least get it buttoned. And then
I stared at myself in the mirror somewhat in a panic.

Sheepishly I walked out to so two of them could judge me.
. And when they had decided this was the perfect outfit for
me, Julie walked me back to the dressing room. “Just a
hint about the party tonight. Don’t wear panties, ”
she whispered to me and said she looked forward to talking
with me more at the party.

Don’t wear panties? I thought to myself, was I going to
a party or an orgy. Still I was too far into it to back out as
Rick paid for my outfit before we headed back to his place.
“Rick, I am not going to do anything tonight, ” I said
as we drove off.

This so called “fetish” party did not even start until
ten so I had hours to kill while my nerves came undone. “Time
to shower and put on your outfit, ” he said as I was obviously
concerned. Rick shocked me in his tight leather pants and
black vest almost matching my outfit. “You ready?”
he asked as we walked to his back door. Once in the car my anxiety
level increased with each mile although I remained silent.
As we pulled in front of this older warehouse looking building
I noticed lots of expensive cars parked everywhere.

He shut off the engine and turned to me. “Hand me your panties.
I know Julie told you not to wear any and I know you probably
did anyway.” “Please Rick. Let me wear them at first
and if I get comfortable I promise to take them off later
on, ” I replied. Rick showed no emotion as he stared at
me with his hand out waiting for my panties. It was if I was
a child being told what to wear. “Please, ” I asked
one more time

. His hand remained extended without a word. Each second
was agonizing for me until I lifted myself off the seat and
reached under my short skirt to remove them. The warm summer
breeze swirled over my pussy which no longer had any protection.
Rick casually sniffing them before putting in the glove
box. “I know you’re shocked but you’ll catch on quicker
than you realize, ” he said as we climbed from his car
and walked to a door.

My skirt was so short I was afraid to take normal steps fearing
the front was rising up and exposing me completely. My breasts
were squeezed into the vest so tightly that with each step
my breasts felt like they were fighting to escape. And then
I felt myself transported into a world I never dreamed of.
Hundreds of people exposed more than me all around me. Women
walked around topless or with see through sexy tops and
skirts even shorter than mine.

The outlandish outfits and carefree attitudes amazed
me as I wondered where these people come from. Certainly
not any place I was from. Rick mingled while I made sure I
stayed close as he chatted with many of the strange people
there. And even though I didn’t fit in after an hour the
shock affect was wearing off. If I saw a woman topless it
was no big deal. No one seemed to mind or care whatever anyone

And I will admit I was wet from being at that kind of party.
Rick eventually began to talk to an older man in his late
forties or early fifties who he seemed to know very well.
I was introduced to Doug or so that is what he said his name
was. Nice looking man although scary at times because of
how he looked at me like I was a piece of meat.

“New pussy?” he asked Rick while pointing at me. “No,
long time friend, first party, ” Rick replied to Doug.
Doug laughed and said it showed before turning to me and
telling me no body bites. “You certainly have the body
for it, ” Doug said as I stood tight to Rick looking like
a scared child.

“Can I? Doug asked Rick as I froze wondering what, can
I meant. Rick turned to me, told me to enjoy and nodded yes
to his friend. I stood like a block of ice and watched as Doug’s
hand reached under my leather skirt and touched my wet outer
lips. My head was spinning as his fingers played with my
warm pussy as if I had no say so in the matter. Inserting one
finger I held on to Rick’s arms and waiting as my juices
began to flow even harder.

When Doug removed his finger I asked Rick where the ladies
room was and rushed off to gather my wits. Bracing myself
against the vanity I trembled from what had happened yet
could not deny I was more aroused than I had been in years.
A complete stranger had just finger fucked me in front of
hundreds of people and I didn’t’ even consider slapping

I found Rick after frantically searching since he was not
where I had left him. When I did find him, he was chatting
with a lady topless of course and very comfortable with
no cover. Rick introduced me to Jenni and explained she
was his fuck friend at these parties. I was jealous of Jenni
even though I had no reason to feel that way. I had no sexually
interest in Rick yet he felt like my date, even if we were
not on a real date.

Judging her I knew my breasts were much larger than hers
and in fact my body was much better than hers. I was no longer
thinking straight when I asked Rick if it would be alright
for me to at least unbutton my vest but not take it off. “Sure
if you want to. I know lots of guys who would enjoy seeing
your big tits, ” he replied as if it made no difference
to him.

I still can’t believe I was doing this as I reached for
the buttons while gathering the courage. Jenni giggled
and commented to Rick that I looked scared as my buttons
began to undone. Something about the woman rubbed me the
wrong way and I didn’t even know her. With my vest now open
my breasts were for the most part visible especially when
I walked. Just feeling them bouncing on my chest and watching
men staring at me all smiling was stirring something in
me I didn’t know was there.

From then on I felt like the third wheel following Rick and
his “fuck friend” around the party. After a half hour
of embarrassing myself I asked Rick if I could mingle alone
and find him later on. “Sure. Go have fun, ” he replied
and left unable to stand another minute being with Jenni.
It took me a few minutes to get a grip on my reality as I was
surrounded by strangers.

Somehow in that environment nothing normal seemed to fit
as I began to roam in search of something. I was in a crowd
yet felt alone, if that makes any sense. And then out of nowhere
Julie from the leather store appeared in front of me. “Wow,
Love that outfit, ” she giggled and said to me, knowing
she had picked it out. “Thank you again, ” I replied.
“So what do you think”, she asked as we stood face to

And without warning Julie reaches for my vest and pulled
it off my shoulders. “What are you doing?” I screamed
as my breasts had no cover at all. Julie giggled and didn’t
bother to reply as a few men soon gathered around us. Unescorted
women at a party like this were clearly targets and the single
males gathered forming their pack like hungry wolves.

Julie on the other hand was completely relaxed and enjoying
their attention to the point she was encouraging them while
I was fighting their advances. Men were reaching under
my skirt, touching my private parts and commenting constantly.
I pushed more than a few hands away but it was all happening
too quickly for me to control.

Julie grabbed my hand and led me to a sofa in one of the corners.
“This is Carl. He is a good friend of Ricks and wants to
meet you, ” she said as I shook the man’s hand while
he stared at my chest. Julie said down on the sofa as I followed
her lead never expecting what happened next. Carl knelt
in front of me and pushed my skirt up before his tongue began
to lick my wet pussy. “Just enjoy it, ” Julie told me
as I stared at this man licking my wet pussy. Within twenty
seconds I felt a climax racing towards me and I could not
stop it.

“Oh my, Oh My” quickly turned into “. Don’t stop,
don’t stop” I said as a couple of other men watched me
grow frantic. Feeling Carl’s warm tongue darting inside
of me and over my swollen clit was more that I could handle.
Julie was giggling while sucking another man’s cock
and even she stopped to watch me cum. The pressure was intense
and it had been way too long since I experienced that kind
of pure pleasure. The coil kept winding itself tighter
and tighter until I was going out of my mind. My body and my
frustration were at the point I could no longer deny my own
needs as a woman.

I whimpered and moaned once my juices exploded. The man
I had never seen before continued to lick my dripping pussy
for sometime forcing a second climax before I was ready
to handle it. And as I tried to settle myself I looked down
and saw Carl’s large cock poised to enter me.

I stared at the stranger torn between my panic and my lust.
His thick shaft pressed against my outer slippery lips
as I laid there with my legs spread. Primal animal like instincts
were consuming me as I felt the fat head of his shaft enter
my body. I was gasping for air and shivering like I was cold
as I felt his thick shaft push upward and found its place
in my womanhood. It felt wonderful even if it was so very

A few men commented as they watched me getting fucked but
I did my best to block them out. Julie was to my left moaning
while some other man had mounted her. We just laid there
taking their thrusts and responding without issue. From
time to time my lover would thrust even harder forcing me
to look into his eyes and share the union with him. As a woman
my body now belonged to Carl and I knew it.

Looking into his eyes I saw his lust and no doubt he saw mine
while his shaft slid in and out of me repeatedly. Never in
my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would do something
like this or enjoy it was much as I was. Feeling him inside
of me was incredible even if we were complete strangers.
“Having fun” Julie asked me once as we remained side
by side. Unable to actually speak I merely smiled at her
while my fucking continued.

Carl held my burning breasts with his hands as he continued
to pump for longer than I was use to. His face began to twist
and become more distorted the longer our bodies remained
connected. His cock pulsated and quivered as the heat of
his shaft amazed me. My pussy gripped him as tightly as possible
during our fuck.

And then he rammed himself all the way inside of me and held
his cock there as I felt his first spasm and then another.
I laid under him feeling this warm sensation filling me.
His seeds blasted into me mixing with my juices to form our
unique brew. I gasped though his orgasm as well waiting
for him to finally fill me completely.

What I had done was so out of character for me yet I could not
deny I enjoyed it anyway. I rushed to a bathroom and cleaned
myself up a best I could. Somehow I managed to find my vest
and covered my chest at last. I wandered around the party
as most of the people were still there. I watched some people
having sex yet it no longer shocking. Rick found me an hour
late with Jenni still by his side. “Did you have fun?”
he asked as we headed for the door. “Yes but I am embarrassed, ”
I replied. “You didn’t look embarrassed while Carl
was fucking you, ” Rick said. “You saw me doing that?”
I asked blushing from embarrassment.

“You watched?” I asked again. “Sure I did. Carl is
Jenni’s husband and I told him to break you in, ” Rick
said as we drove off into the darkness. My pussy was still
quivering on our ride back to Rick’s house and Carl continued
to leak from me. “Can I put my panties back on?” I asked
Rick a few minutes after we left the party. He chuckled,
reached in the back seat and handed them to me.

Once back at his home I showered immediately hoping to wash
away all evidence of what I had done. Once wrapped in my soft
robe I found Rick in his kitchen making a pot of coffee. “I
can’t believe I did that, ” I said as he poured me a cup.
We talked until the sun was beginning to rise in the sky.
I was tired yet too excited to sleep when Rick said to me,
“”You’ll sleep in my bed on your next visit.”

Rick and I became even close friends after that and I visited
in many weekends over the next few years. It was not part
of my daily life or my future but for the time being it was
an escape when I needed one.

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fantastic writing as always


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Very well written.


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great storie


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Awesome story as always. Thanks and please keep your stories
coming for us all to enjoy.


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Great story- reminds me of past escapades in my life>


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GREAT story.


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Your writing is nothing short of a masterpiece with the
description of all your emotions. What fun to read!! Funguy


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Really great stuff, captivating, exciting, and i love
the build up to the story, whether fact or fiction i love
it, hope to see more from you, >>!


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A really great story Your must keep them coming.


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Wow! Now that was a story. Bet you enjoyed the party and alternate
lifesyle more than you realized when we first arrived.
Well written and good character development. Keep up the
good work!


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The air of classics the hand of imagination, the mind
of linguistics and the wonderful tale is told, hmmmm I
love it thank you


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Simply, Thank you again.


_JKH_ 64 M
Score 12.4

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Great, gal !

~ ~


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Good good writing......must check out you're other


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Wonderful story.


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great story