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I was delivered more than a pizza!


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. It was a busy week, and I was relaxing and trying to prepare for the coming week of chaos.

My friend had told me of a new Pizza joint around the corner who had a sexy, young delivery man, and I thought it would be nice to flirt and not cook. Yes, it sounds strange, but I do love to flirt, and I hate to cook!

I called and ordered a large (I love em large), and they said it would be about 20 minutes. I decided it would be fun to dress in my sexiest lingerie and answer the door. I had no idea how fun it would actually be!

When the doorbell rang, I answered the door in my red, see through teddy with the lace around the edges, black fish net stockings, and my thigh high stiletto heels! To my surprise, the person was a girl! She was the cutest little blond girl. Needless to say, the looks on her face made me glad I chose to dress for the occasion.

She had a look of surprise and longing. Once she was able to talk, she said the total was $21.69. I handed her $30 and told her to keep the change. When I handed her the money, our fingers touched, and electricity flew! I knew what I wanted to do, and I think she did too!

I leaned over and kissed her lips, the entire time looking into her beautiful blue eyes. At first she pulled away, but then began to kiss me back. A few minutes later, I pulled her in the door and slammed it and we both jumped. We giggled for a second, and she dropped the pizza next to her. I began to take her top off. She looked at me and she grabbed me and pulled me closer.

I had only been with a girl once, but I had enjoyed it and wanted another time. I had since saw tribbing videos and decided I really wanted to try it. I wasn't sure she would, but I was hoping. She was quite receptive so far so I decided to push it more. I kneeled down in front of her and began undoing her jeans. She grabbed my hands and said no, but I looked up at her and said please. She dropped her hands, and I slid her pants down to her ankles. I began teasing her clit with my middle finger, and she began to moan. Her hips began to move with my fingers, and after a minute, I was finger fucking her. I didn't want her to cum yet, and I asked her if she could lay down on the floor.

She got down on the floor and I asked her if she had ever played with a girl before. She told me no, but had always wanted to. She had tiny nipples and her tits were about a size C. They were perfect! I began sucking them gently, teasing her nipples. I spread her legs and began to scissor her, my pussy rubbing against hers.

It was amazing, we had the perfect motion, and I could not believe how awesome it felt. We were workin it pretty hard and working up a little sweat, but wow, it was amazing. Our lips were touching as we rubbed together, and I could feel how warm her pussy was. We were so wet, our pussies were sticking together! It was quite hot!! After about 5 minutes we couldn't hold out anymore. Our rocking got faster and harder, and we both came hard. We were all out of breath and fell against each other, our hearts racing. I have to say it was the most intense, satisfying orgasm I have ever had.

We got up and she put her clothes back on. The whole encounter lasted 20 minutes, but it was the best 20 minute pizza delivery I have ever had!! I may need to order pizza more often!

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just what she ordered hot sex and fun


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mmmmmmmmm lucky him xoxox



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I just love it two women get to have some fun like this --

I also love it when three men are having fun like that -- men sucking one guy ooff and the other sliding his very hard cock in and out of my tight ass hole --

I am a bi-sexual male looking for a cock to suck on or pussies to eat and ass-holes to rim --