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I was born 30 years too late


I was born 30 years too late

It was in late summer when we both agreed we wanted to spend
a weekend getaway together. I remember I was both excited
and nervous as I packed my bag in my apartment still not believing
this was going to happen.

I think I was about two years out of college so that would
have put me around twenty three or four at the time. What
I do remember for sure was how tingly I felt every time she
was near me, even if that wasn't supposed to happen.
I should have been going out on dates with girls my own age
but instead, I was packing for a weekend alone with a fifty
one year woman.

We hadn't kissed yet although I think those urges were
felt by both of us for nearly a year. What do you wear to impress
a woman of her age? She had only seen me dressed up at the office
but now I was going to show her my weekend clothes. And my
weekend clothes consisted mostly of jeans, t shirts and
flip flops and I was scared she would think I looked like
a kid.

At work, Maureen always looked polished and refined and
my gut told me she most likely dressed that way of weekends
too. She just seemed like the kind of mature woman that never
had a real, "cut loose, " side to her. So what
was it going to be like spending two nights and three days
alone with her. I guess I was about to find that out as I finished
packing my weekend bag.

Maureen and I had met some time ago in the cafe on the first
floor of the building we both worked in. She worked for a
different company and it was by accident that she walked
into the crowded cafe one lunch time and saw all the tables
were full. I always had lunch with some of my coworkers but
on that particular day for some reason, I was eating alone.

So when I looked up and saw this attractive, classy looking
older woman standing in the entrance, I acted out of character
and motioned for Maureen to join me, if she wanted to. And
the only reason I said I acted out of character is because
I had never bothered to even glance at a woman her age for
more than a few seconds before that day. Instead, I was constantly
looking for sexy women my age, especially if they had on
a short skirt.

Maureen smiled back at me and walked up to my table wearing
her dark blue business suit and stylish but short heels.
I thought she was actually kind of pretty but then my mother
is also kind of pretty. Maureen gracefully took a chair
across from me and immediately thanked me for offering
her a place to catch a bite to eat.

I can assure you neither Maureen or I ever thought anything
more would come of our chance meeting. She was married,
I was single. She was in her fifties while I was still in my
twenties. She had a husband and two grown children already
while I didn't even have a regular girl friend yet.
In the beginning we were mixing together as vinegar and

But the really oddest part of the whole thing for me, was
the fact after we had lunch together and said good bye, I
thought about Maureen for most of the afternoon and night.
And they were not only sexual thoughts. That would have
been just too bizarre to even imagine. No, my thoughts were
about Maureen's pleasant smile and her great eyes
and how I felt sharing the table with her. I guess I just enjoyed
being around a classy, mature woman like her, since I had
ever had that experience before.

A few weeks passed before I saw Maureen again when we rode
together in the elevator to the ground floor after work.
We exchanged a cordial hello or some other brief comment
before the elevator door finally opened. I am pretty sure
she expected to just head home and so did I, but we didn't.

I started out a few steps in front of her headed for the office
building's front doors. And while I listened the Maureen's
heels tapping on the floor, something in my head told me
to just turn around and ask this woman out for a drink. Based
on the expression on her face after I turned and asked her,
I remember feeling embarrassed. A kid my age asking a woman
her age out for a drink made her look at me as if I suddenly
had a third eye growing, in the center of my forehead.

Ten minutes later Maureen and I were sitting in an after
work bar down the street, sharing our first cocktail together.
I knew she was married and she knew I was too young for her,
but suddenly those things didn't matter as much. We
were just new friends enjoying a drink after work.

She asked me about my college years and my new job. And I asked
her about her grown children and what her work was like.
It was truly just two people getting to know each other a
little bit more. But I liked how I felt inside being with
her and maybe she might have even liked being with me too
although Maureen acted proper, just like I expected her

I remember thinking Maureen was kind of sexy even if she
was a lot older. And she told me much later on that she thought
I was kind of cute. But at our first cocktail event, neither
of us told each other our thoughts. I think we both just pretended
we were with a new friend for a drink. Our first touch was
still sometime off into the future.

Like I had said before, it was a late summer morning and both
Maureen and I had taken Friday off, to get a early start on
our first weekend together. At the time I had a Mustang convertible,
so once outside, I felt how warm it was, I decided to put the
top down. I still wasn't sure how this was going to work
but at least the weather was cooperating which made my spirits

Over time, about a year or more, Maureen and I had continued
to meet downstairs in the cafe, for lunch a couple times
a week. And we continued to stop for a drink or two each Thursday
after work. I remember one time I asked her what she had been
telling her husband about getting home later than she normally
did , each Thursday.

She always seemed to feel bad when she admitted lying to
him about who she was with. Apparently her husband thought
Maureen was out with some of her coworkers and not this young
kid who worked two floors above her. Personally I didn't
care that she lied because it meant I could spend a little
more time with her.

It was about six months into our friendship that I reached
across the bar booth we were sharing and touched the top
of her hand for the first time. Maureen has big brown eyes
and the moment she felt my hand on hers, those beautiful
eyes of her got a lot bigger. I left my hand resting on the
top of hers for a few moments before Maureen slowly turned
her hand over and squeezed down until we were holding each
other's hand. Other than one time during the winter
when I held her arm as we walked on some ice, this was the first
real touch Maureen and I had I shared.

There shouldn't have been an electricity flowing
between us but there was. I most definitely felt it and I
think she did too. I believe even though we held hands, we
still both thought this was going nowhere so they was no
real danger for either of us. And from then on, Maureen and
I held hands whenever we were out together away from anybody
that knew us. But talking and holding hands was all we did
for nearly a full year.

And about ten months into this friendship we had formed,
when Maureen told me she needed to break this off, even though
neither of us yet knew what "This" really was.
So for about a month or so I didn't see Maureen unless
we were simply passing in the office building where we both
still worked. And when we did see each other, I couldn't
help but smile which caused her to always smile back.

It didn't take either of us long to realize we couldn't
stop this even if we should have. Maureen and I were back
to sharing lunches together as well as meeting for drinks
on Thursday night after work. Maybe it was stupid but we
had fun together and liked each other a lot.

Maureen was five foot seven and quite slender with what
looked like a full chest although that was a guess on my part.
But my young imagination filled in the blanks where ever
it could even if Maureen didn't realize what I was thinking
while I was looking at her. She giggled a lot at my jokes and
smiled constantly, which was a lot easier than dating a
girl my own age. Women close to my age played too many games
while Maureen was just being herself and I liked it.

So when this get away weekend idea came up, it' wasn't
planned. Maureen had mentioned how she needed a break and
time for herself but didn't know how to explain that
to her husband and not hurt his feelings. So I suggested
she just tell him she was going on a girls weekend trip and
he might think that sounded ok. Maureen quickly told me
she liked that idea but wasn't sure her husband would.

Now you have to remember I was young, stupid and horny because
what I said next changed everything. I was sitting across
from Maureen when I half joking like, asked her if she wanted
company on her weekend getaway.

Maureen's eyes got huge as she stared at me, probably
in shock and never said a word. I suddenly felt so uncomfortable
I tried my best to smile and told her it was just a joke. We
spent the next thirty minutes making up excuses why if we
went off for a weekend together and it didn't mean it
was wrong or that we were bad people.

I told her I would be happy driving her anywhere she wanted
to go and added that of course I would get my own room. It was
just too crazy to figure out so Maureen and I agreed to think
about it and talk the following Thursday night when we met
for drinks again. But secretly my young male hormones were
going and as soon as I got home, I had to get rid of the pressure
the only way I knew how.

Maureen and I went back and forth until early August about
this weekend getaway together before we finally decided
to give it a try. Our plan was she would drive to the airport
and park her car in the C lot where I would then pick her up.
Then Maureen and I would have three entire days and two nights
alone somewhere far enough away that no one would ever find

So with my convertible top down and my radio playing some
good music, I pulled into the C lot and began to search for
Maureen. It took only a few seconds for me to spot her as I
pulled up and jumped out of my car to put her bag in my trunk.
Her brown hair, shoulder length looked fantastic as did
her pretty face as I had a big smile on my face when I saw her.

"You found me, " Maureen said smiling back
at me. "I am glad I did, " I said back to her as
I popped my trunk open and put her bag inside next to mine.
I then walked back to her side of the car and wanting to impress
this classy woman I opened her door for her. "Well,
aren't you the gentleman. Can I expect this kind of
treatment all weekend long?" Maureen said as she
climbed into my car and closed the door.

I joked and told her I might not always behave so if I get out
of line, she would have to set me straight. "Well then
, I am going to have to keep an eye on you from now on, "
Maureen said as we pulled out of t he parking lot and headed
for the freeway. It was great and it was awkward at the same
time as this classy older woman sat beside me as we headed
out of town.

It took less than two minutes for my active male hormones
to start to kick in and each time I looked over at Maureen,
they went up another notch. There we were alone together
for a weekend but all I saw at first was her in her skirt and
neat blouse. While I was in my jeans, t shirt and flip flops.
But I guess that didn't matter because maybe it is true
that opposites do attract.

We had driven less than twenty miles when my eyes were constantly
checking out her legs once her skirt rode up over her knees
while she was sitting in my car. At one point I asked Maureen
where she thought we should go to spend our weekend together.
We had never talked about where we might end up and only talked
about it being far away and safe for her to be seen with me.

Maureen's hair was blowing in the wind since my top
was down so I asked her if it was too windy for her. Maureen
smiled, leaned back in her seat and told me it was just perfect
the way it was. She then began to talk about her life and her
marriage with all of its high points and some of the low points.
Maureen added she still loved her husband but needed something
more at least for a short while. But I never got the sense
she was talking about leaving her husband for a second.

And then she began to ask me about my past relationships
and if I had met anyone I had gotten serious about so far.
So I told her all about Peggy , my high school girl friend
and how we always thought we would get married someday.
"So what happened?" Maureen asked clearly
interested in my life story. I admitted to her Peggy caught
me on a date one night with another girl and ended it on the

She remained silent for a few more miles before she said
that is why she insisted that we get far away so she would
never be caught. "I don't want to wreck my life,
just take a short break from it, " Maureen added as
we flew down the freeway listening to one great song after

We had gone a hundred miles when we decided to have lunch.
So I drove while Maureen kept a look out for a good place for
lunch until she finally told me to take the next exit. She
had somehow spotted this little out of the way place that
featured home cooking so that is where we stopped.

I watched her stand up, straighten her skirt first, her
hair second before she then checked her makeup with a tiny
makeup mirror. Once she felt like she was back together
she stood smiling at me and said, " So I want you to
be honest and tell me how I look?" I guess when I looked
into her bright eyes and saw her wonderful smile my brain
stopped working for a few seconds.

Instead of answering Maureen, I moved closer to her and
then slowly pulled her into my arms, right there in the parking
lot in board daylight. Her hair smelled great, her perfume
even better and without hesitating any longer, I pressed
my lips to hers. Our first kiss was tender but not necessarily
sexual because our bodies never touched. Well other than
our lips.

It was a ten second kiss at most before Maureen and I both
pulled back and tried to gather our wits. "Well now
I am really hungry, " she said before she turned and
walked off towards the front door of the restaurant without
me. If my foot would have reached it I would have just stood
there and kicked myself in the ass for a few more minutes.

But it didn't reach so I watched Maureen get to the front
door and turn to see if I was coming. "I'm sorry, "
I told her once I caught up with her. "Don't worry
about it, " Maureen said but I could see the change
in her as soon as we sat down for lunch. I now felt like the
kid I was and realized I was way over thinking this entire
weekend and friendship I had with Maureen. She had no interest
in me other than being her friend. And I had just made a fool
of myself by forcing a kiss.

She ordered a salad and I ordered a cheeseburger which I
realized was just another sign that Maureen and I were opposite
people. While we ate, we hardly spoke a word until I had finished
first and asked her if she wanted me take her back home. I
was pretty sure Maureen no longer felt comfortable being
with me now that I had gone for the kiss.

"Do you want to turn around and go back home?"
Maureen asked me next. Even though I still felt like crap
I shook my head no and hoped she would want to continue on
our trip with me. "Well then let's just keep going, "
Maureen said as I paid the check and we left the restaurant
for more freeway time and more miles far away from where
we had come from.

I spent the next few hours not trying to look over at her skirt
too often even though I still wanted to. We had ended up somewhere
in lower Michigan by mid afternoon so I began to ask Maureen
how much farther she thought we should go. There was no way,
anyone would know either of us being so far away from where
we both lived and worked.

Maureen told me to drive just a little longer and then we
would stop and find a place for the weekend. We somehow ended
up in Grand Rapids Michigan late that afternoon and that
is where Maureen thought we should stop. I told her I had
never been there before and she agreed saying she had never
been there before either.

"It will be nice to get out of the car, " I said
trying to make conversation since Maureen had basically
stopped talking since lunch when we kissed. There were
some motels and hotels near the freeway but Maureen told
me to drive into the city more so we could check the place

And by sheer chance we came upon this older looking home
with a bed and breakfast side in the front yard. "Stop
here. This looks good, " Maureen said as I pulled
my car up in front of the old Victorian home. I had just shut
my car off and had told Maureen I would go inside and see if
they had any rooms, when she reached out and grabbed my arm.

She had this strange look in her eyes as I felt her hand gripping
my arm preventing me from opening my car door. "This
is a weekend you have to promise me you will never discuss,
ever again, " She said first. I told her of course
I wouldn't tell anyone but Maureen still didn't
let go of my arm yet.

"And I can't believe I am about to say this, but
go inside and get us a room we can share, " Maureen
said softly. My heart nearly burst as I looked at her and
saw a redness quickly spreading over her entire face. It
was as if the fire alarm just went off and the blood began
rushing into my cock two seconds later.

"We will never discuss this weekend, ever again, "
She repeated so I quickly climbed out and rushed inside
hoping they still had one room. It was so unbelievable I
felt like a five year old kid on Christmas morning and didn't
know how to handle it.

Was this really happening? Maureen and I together in the
same room for two whole nights? She didn't have to try
and get me hard because that was happening on its own. I can
truly say I never felt so nervous as I did the moment Maureen
unlocked our door while I carried our bags in behind her.
This was turning into a dream come true.

"It's very nice, " Maureen said once we
were in our room alone with the door shut. There was a lot
of antique furniture and a fireplace, but all I looked at
was the bed that Maureen and I were going to apparently share.
The idea of seeing this tall, slender mature woman naked
was almost too much for my mind to comprehend.

We were both rather quiet as we unpacked our things and tried
to avoid direct eye contact for a while. "Is she really
going to let me fuck her?" I kept asking myself as I
unpacked the few things I had brought. Should I just walk
over and take her in my arms or should I wait and see if she
makes the first move? No matter how it happened by then I
was well on my way to having a full blown erection.

But it didn't happen and a few minutes later Maureen
and I left our room to go out and find some place to have dinner
at. I guess I would say that was the worst part of the experience
for me. I sat across from her and looked at Maureen, without
mentioning what we were going to do later on once we were
back in our room. She smiled more and looked normal yet every
time I looked at her I visualized what she was going to look
like once she removed all of her clothing.

And then I became afraid that Maureen might be thinking
we would share the same bed but not do anything else but sleep.
I knew in my heart I could not handle that even though I might
have to. The logical side of my brain told me there was no
way a mature woman like Maureen had any sexual interest
in a man my age. So maybe this was just that we were sharing
a room to save money.

Dinner was good but I wasn't all that hungry while Maureen
ate most of her meal. And then we went into the lounge at the
restaurant and had an after dinner drink and chatted but
never about the rest of our night or our weekend together.

It was a little before ten when Maureen finally looked at
me and said, " Are you ready to leave?" I told
her that sounded good as we left the bar and walked the two
blocks back to the bed and breakfast where we were staying
at. I decided to try at least something and see how she was
going to react, so I reached over and took her hand in mine
as we walked along.

Maureen smiled and didn't pull back so we held hands
as we strolled along admiring the older homes along the
way. "I just love warm nights like this, " She
said once we reached the house we were staying at. "Me
too, " I said to her as she smiled again and led me back
up the front stairs, through the door and up to the second
floor where our room was located at.

My mouth was so dry I could hardly speak once I shut our door
and made sure it was locked. Maureen then wandered over
to one of the chairs facing the fireplace even though it
was too warm to start a fire and sat down. Again I wasn't
sure what to do so I followed her and sat in the other chair
alongside of hers.

We then both sat facing the empty fireplace and never spoke
a word for about three or four minutes. I felt the tension
and wondered if she did too? I knew this would be a huge step
for her to take but it was also the biggest step I had even
taken too.

Finally Maureen glanced my way for just a second and asked
me if I was tired. "What was that supposed to mean?"I
thought to myself as I smiled and shook my head no. We had
been avoiding the obvious issue we had hanging between
us ever since we unpacked our things a few hours earlier.
And then after another three of four minutes pause where
neither of us spoke Maureen finally said, "This wouldn't
change things when we go back to our real lives."

I decided that was about as much of a green light I was going
to get from this classy lady, so I stood up and helped Maureen
to her feet. Neither of said anything as I slowly pulled
her closer to me before our lips finally touched again.
So many exciting emotions hit me all at once from the way
her slender body felt in my arms to her soft breasts finally
crushing up against my chest.

Our first kiss led to another and the another as Maureen
and I both came alive at the same time. I was more aroused
than I had ever been before, in my entire life. Maureen's
passion blossomed within a few seconds and it wasn't
long before she was kissing me back , like she needed me as
much as I needed her.

Her blouse came off first and once I saw her delicate lacy
bra holding her large breasts, I nearly came in my pants.
I couldn't have gotten any harder than I already was.
Between kisses Maureen then removed her skirt and led to
me one side of the bed where we both crawled on, one after

"This is really going to happen, " I thought
in my head as Maureen got hotter and hotter the longer we
hugged and kissed each other. At first I was thrilled to
just be laying next to her touching her bra as we kissed.
But when I couldn't help myself any longer as I reached
behind her and unhooked her bra without asking. Maureen
only gasped after that as my hands and lips went to work on
her wonderful, soft mound until her nipples had popped.

I had no idea what Maureen had been use to in bed with her husband
but with me, she might be in for a few surprises. She was so
graceful even when she was on fire that the lady in her never
went completely away. And when I finally began to slip her
panties down, Maureen just laid on her back with her eyes
closed and trembled.

I swear, her pussy was a work of art. No, it was a masterpiece
from the curly dark hair on top of her crack and down each
side to her large swollen quite fat outer lips. I remember
thinking I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
But my urges were just kicking into another gear as I spread
Maureen's legs and buried my face in her crotch. My
tongue quickly began to lick up her womanly essence as if it was honey and I needed something
sweet in my mouth.

Maureen clearly struggled at first but after a few minutes,
until her instincts and sexual needs took control of her.
She was gasping while grabbed at the bedding with both hands
the closer she got to her climax. And that only drove me to
lick her more over her outer lips, inside of her pussy and
especially on her clit. Her breasts were heaving, her mouth
remained open and all she had left was to cum in front of me.

Her body finally began to violently jerk and she tried her
best to twist away from me but I held her in place and forced
her orgasm whether she wanted it to happen or not. Maureen
had tears running down her cheeks by the time her first orgasm
finally slowed down. But I kept right on licking her pussy
and was determined to make her cum again, even if it killed
both of us.

By the time her second climax eased off, Maureen was ready
to be fucked good and hard. And I never wanted anyone as much
as I wanted her at that very moment in time. Sex may start
out as tender and romantic but if the two people are in the
right place at the same time, it can get downright physical
in a primal way.

I had never seen Maureen's eyes look the way they did
when I climbed on top of her that first time. She knew what
I wanted and what I needed from her. And she laid under me
and waited as my hard, long cock found her crack and made
its way inside of her pussy a few inches at first and then
all the way up in her a few seconds later.

Maureen was tight, hot, slippery and her eyes literally
glowed once she felt my full cock inside of her womanhood.
I realized later on that Maureen husband didn't have
as big a cock as I had because her response was confusion
at first and then her deep inner craving took over her reaction
along with some panic too. She had me deep inside of her and
she now had to learn to deal with it.

But I had waited a long time to have this woman and now that
my cock was finally inside of her pussy, I was determined
to make it last. So I moved very slowly at first and felt every
inch of my cock come out of her before he slowly went back
inside of her warm pussy as her muscles quivered around
it. "Oh God, " Maureen said a couple of times
as she continued to become unglued while I fucked her.

"You can handle it, " I said softly to her as
Maureen had begun to jerk her body as if she was going through
a spasm again. And the whole time I just kept sliding my dick
in and out of her over and over and watched her face become
more distorted each time she had my entire shaft inside
of her tunnel. I had never made a woman react the way Maureen
was reacting to me.

Her perfect hair was now a mess and, her makeup and lipstick
smudged but the only thing that mattered to Maureen was
my hard cock inside of her pussy. I lasted as long as I possibly
could have before I bore down on Maureen and began to finally
fuck her with some force. And boy, oh boy did that immediately
get her attention.

I felt my load building and building until my cock was so
sensitive I couldn't handle it any longer. I will never
forget that first spasm as my cum squeezed down my tube and
felt like a large knot being force out of a narrow opening.
Maureen must have felt something too because her eyes got
even bigger as she looked up at me once I began to fill her
with my sticky load. And once it began to cum in her, all I
could do was jerk, thrust and spasm over and over inside
of Maureen until my balls had finally been drained.

Neither of us could breath or talk as we laid on the bed covered
in sweat down to our toes. In a million years I never expected
to have done this way with Maureen of all people. But we had
fucked each other and we had survived it together. I was
aglow inside and tingled from the entire experience.

Slowly and I mean very slowly our senses began to return
after such an intense experience. Our heart rates had soared,
our bodies endured something that is so wonderful yet so
very exhausting both at the same time. And the really crazy
thing Maureen and I no longer cared about was the fact our
bodies were still naked and our sexual organs on display
after they had functioned so wonderfully together.

My dick was still semi hard and dripping when Maureen finally
climbed off the bed and smiled at me as she made her way to
the bathroom. Her breasts hung perfectly on her chest and
her vagina, although still swollen and leaking, still
looked incredible to me, as well.

I heard the shower running and waited for my turn because
I needed to clean myself up as much as she did. But my mind
mostly remembered how it had just felt being side of Maureen's
pussy and how tight and wet it had felt to me. She had certainly
milked every drop of cum I had in me, out of me by the end.

Maureen appeared a few minutes later wrapped in a big fluffy
white towel with her hair still wet and pulled back behind
her ears. "That was something else, " She said
smiling at me as I remained on the bed with my dick on display.
"It sure was, " I replied as Maureen blushed
and giggled as I climbed off the bed and walked up to give
her another kiss.

"We definitely have to do that some more, "
I said after her warm lips had touched mine. "You have
to let me regroup, " she said gigging under her breath.
I told her to regroup and I would be back for more after my
shower. The look in Maureen's eyes was incredible.

Our second union went a lot slower and Maureen and I stopped
at times to chat even though we were both very aroused. We
both agreed that what we were doing was something very special,
if only for this one weekend. And that was also the first
time Maureen took my cock in her mouth and brought me to life
rather easily. I can't remember a time I enjoyed watching
and feeling a woman suck on my cock as I did the time Maureen
pleasured me.

But after all the touching, kissing and playing with each
other's sexual organs, it was time for Maureen and
I joined or bodies together for the second time. Her pussy
was stretched a bit but still nice and tight as my cock went
to work on her all over again. And she still gasped and trembled
under me while I fucked her for the second time. When I eventually
came in her again, it was just as powerful and just as wonderful
as the first time.

Maureen and I spent the entire next day sightseeing, holding
hands and acting like new lovers. And we didn't care
what other people thought because they didn't'
know us and we would never see them again. It was late afternoon
after Maureen had just showered and was getting for dinner
again, when I walked up behind her while she stood at the
bathroom vanity and reached around and took hold of her
soft breasts again.

The woman was impossible to look at without wanting to and
needing to touch her. Her towel was wrapped around her waist
as she applied her makeup so her breasts were just too irresistible
not to hold. Maureen had a huge smile on her face as she slowly
turned around so we were facing each other before we shared
yet another soft, warm, loving kiss.

We both knew what we were going to do again after just one
kiss. Dinner could wait but our urges and our desires couldn't.
"This is the best weekend of my life, " Maureen
told me between kisses. And I felt she meant every word of
it. We were standing in the bathroom staring into each other's
eyes again when I reached down and slowly untied the towel
she had around her waist and let it fall to the floor.

"This has to stop when we go back home, " Maureen
said after another kiss from me now that her pussy was also
exposed. "But we're not back home yet, "
I said as she giggled and walked with me back into the bedroom
where we lost ourselves in each other's arms. Each
time we shared ourselves with one another, it only kept
getting better and more meaningful.

Needless to say, when Maureen and I finally got in my car
on the last morning, ready to head back home, we both had
enjoyed enough sex to last us for a while. But our ride home
was also bitter sweet because we knew once we got home, we
would have to go back to being just friends who worked in
the same office building.

We managed to keep it just a friendship for the next few months
before we ended up at a small motel a few exits down the freeway
from where we both lived. Maureen was even better than I
had remembered from our getaway weekend and the more I had
her, the more I wanted to have her again.

From then on Maureen and I both knew this might ruin our lives
but neither of us could walk from it either. She remained
married and I continued to go out on dates with girls my own
age. But we never stopped hooking up every month for one
more wonderful experience that only the two of us could
create with each other.

It was about three years into our affair when Maureen's
husband somehow found out about me. She was shaken, scared
and looked as if she had just destroyed her life for good
when she told me. We then agreed we had to stop for good and
shared one last kiss before Maureen went home to repair
her damaged but not permanently broken marriage.

I have had a good life and I did eventually get married and
raised a family just like Maureen had done a few decades
before me. But part of me still wishes I had been born thirty
years earlier.

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Trul;y a wonderful story. Well done!


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Fantastic story. Like a fairy tale come true.


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It was an excellent story, nice to hear that when it ended Maureen didn't get a divorcee.