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I wanted what every girl dreams of


I realize life doesn’t always give you what you expect
although when I was younger I thought my dreams would come
true. I was the good girl who waited for Mr. Right and then
married him before I lost my virginity. I dreamt of that
night when I would feel the completeness I craved while
making love with my husband. And of course I thought that
would be the end of the story because we would live happily
ever after.

But it didn’t work out that way for a million different
reasons. Ken, my husband whom I dated for over a year had
always shown me love, respect and tenderness. Our courtship
was normal and yes we did kiss a lot and of course his hands
did roam, but Ken also respected me and always stopped when
I asked him to. Yet I sensed the closer we got to our wedding
night, the more frustrated he became. I felt bad but I had
waited all these years protecting my virginity and needed
to stay a virgin until my wedding night. We would then have
many years to enjoy making love so a short while more shouldn’t
have been a big deal.

On my wedding day it felt like a fairy tale and I was the princess.
But that quickly changed once Ken and I left our reception
and drove to our honey moon suite for our night has husband
and wife. I was twenty one years old at the time and felt like
I was on top of the world. Like all virgins, my emotions were
jumbled between sheer excitement and concern over sharing
my body for the very first time. My new husband kept joking
with me that in just a little while I was not going to be able
to say stop ever again. I took his comments as playful, only
adding to my excitement.

Of course this was a huge thing for me and I spent countless
hours shopping for just the right lingerie to wear in front
of him on our wedding night. In the end I had purchased a white,
sheer teddy for him so his first look at me as his wife would
be memorable. I wanted the man I loved to see his wife and
crave me as much as I craved him.

Ken and I arrived and went to our room as my anticipation
kept building. The room was beautiful and an added bonus
was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers my parents had sent us
with a sweet note to Ken and I. “I have a surprise for you.
Do you want me to go and put it on?” I asked after we each
shared a glass of champagne and a few romantic kisses mixed
in to set the atmosphere. I was extremely aroused while
my new husband who kept running his hands over the front
of my wedding dress free to now touch my breasts without
asking for permission.

I remember somehow making it to the bathroom where I quickly
slipped out of my wedding dress down to my bare flesh. Sliding
the sheer white teddy over my head made me tremble as I recall
looking in the mirror and gasping. He was going to be able
to see basically all of my body for the first time. I just
knew this was going to be the most romantic night of my life.

My breasts are large and were visible as well as my swollen
nipples. I quickly pulled up the sheer panties and fussed
with my hair wanting to make a lasting impression for my
new husband. “Are you ready?” I asked with the bathroom
door cracked slightly. I heard him moaning and he did not
respond at first. “Ken you ok”? I asked a little concerned
by the noises he was making.

“Yes, come out. I’m ready, ” he yelled back in a tone
that surprised me. I was confused as I opened the bathroom
door and walked out in the bedroom expecting to find my prince
charming adoring me and my outfit as I entered. What I expected
and what I found were two very different things.

There on our wedding bed laid my husband, naked with his
hand stroking his hard shaft. Looking up he saw me in my sexy
teddy and smiled. “Thought you went to get naked, ”
he said while motioning for me to join him on the bed. Disappointed
and confused I walked to our bed and sat on the edge of it while
he continued stroking his large, funny looking shaft practically
ignoring me.

“Come on baby. Get naked. I’m ready, ” Ken said again
as I stood up without thinking and pulled my teddy over my
head. I felt a pit in my stomach as I laid back down next to
him wearing only my sheer panties. Ken stopped stroking
his shaft and pulled me close to him as our lips met. But his
kiss was not filled with the love I expected but only a male
kind of lust touched my lips.

“Can we slow down just a little, ” I remember asking
him as his hands had hold of both of my breasts. I was very
nervous and getting more upset by the second while Ken kept
grabbing my body anywhere his hands wanted to go. I don’t
recall when or how but I was on my back and felt my panties
being yanked down my legs right before his finger slide
up inside of me.

“Honey. Let’s just lie here a short while and talk and
kiss and go nice and slow, ” I said softly while he fingered
my pussy harder and harder. I was trembling as he kept working
on my womanhood ignoring what I had just suggested. Between
his fingers inside of me and his lips sucking my swollen
nipples I felt aroused but not the way I had expected. My
breathing quickened the longer he stimulated my sexual
organs although he left my mind completely alone. It was
romantic yet my body prepared for my first time anyway.

“You’re nice and juicy, ” Ken said as I looked up
and saw him pulling my legs apart. “Don’t hurt me, ”
was all I said as I felt his thick hard cock push up slowly
passing my outer lips. I was too nervous and scared to enjoy
it the first time as my husband continued penetrating me
deeper and deeper until he filled me completely. The rest
of the experience was forgettable as he fucked me for a few
long minutes before I felt him explode filling me with his

We stayed united for a short while although we kissed only
once while I felt his throbbing shaft inside of me. It was
an odd experience feeling a man deep inside of me yet I knew
I would have to get use to it. He rolled off of me now satisfied
and he leaned towards me and asked me what I wanted to talk
about. Feeling myself tearing up I fought my true feelings
by simply leaning over and kissing him while whispering
thank you. My wedding night turned into a repeat performance
an hour later and my husband fucked me once more the next
morning before we checked out.

From my first night of marriage on, for me sex was a chore
and my duty as his wife. He never was concerned with my needs
or tried to find out what made me tick. We just fucked nightly
in order for him to cum before going to sleep. It was only
when I was alone that I began to teach myself about my body
and how it responded to my touch.

I finally achieved my first orgasm one afternoon when Ken
was fishing with one of his friends. It thrilled me beyond
words as my entire body went hyper. It rattled me to my core
and pushed me to feel that wonderful sensation again and
again. I loved sex, not always the kind my husband offered
me but still sex became a big part of my life. My husband turned
out to be the kind of man who expected me in bed, naked almost
every night. And after a year or so I began to look forward
to being with him even I he never made me climax.

We bought our first home two years after we married and I
felt fulfilled as if my dream life was only getting better.
My sex life may not have started out the way I expected but
my life overall was turning out very well. My mother helped
me decorate my first home and Ken and I even entertained
both sets of parents at Thanks giving that year. For me it
was the American dream which is what I wanted even thought
I had been forced to change some of my dream. But I told myself
no one gets everything they want and since I had gotten more
than most I should be happy.

I was twenty four years old and while on my daily walk I met
one of our neighbors. Charlie was in his early fifties about
the same age as my father. My first impressions were good
as he appeared sensitive and understanding. Charlie told
me he lived alone and asked me where I lived. I pointed to
the house Ken and I just bought and listened to Charlie tell
me all about the last people who lived in the home. Apparently
he had lived in his house for a very long time and seemed to
know everything and everybody in the neighborhood.

Our chat ended shortly after as I continued my walk and Charlie
went back to trimming his bushes in his front lawn. On my
way back home, I stopped again to chat with him as we talked
about the weather and other general neighborly things.
It was time for me to start dinner so I rushed home after thanking
him for the conversation.

Ken arrived home in a good mood so I shared with him that I
had met a man who lived a few doors down the street named Charlie.
He didn’t respond but instead told me all about this new
girl in the office and what a big flirt she was. But I had gotten
use to hearing about other women but it didn’t bother
me because at the end of every one of his stories, Ken would
tell me how happy he was being married to me.

When I was that age, I tended to hear what I wanted to hear
and ignored everything else. We watched TV until ten and
as usually Ken told me to go take my nightly shower and meet
him in bed. I looked forward to making love and had gotten
use to being with him. The only real issues I had remaining
were when I had my period and he wanted sex, but Ken explained
I should just deal with it.

I met him within ten minutes in our bed where he was waiting
for me eager to enjoy me. I began to adore the way my husband
played with my breasts which he called his two trophies.
His strong hands massaged them while his lips suckled my
nipples hard. “It feels real good, ” I said to him hoping
he would continue a while longer. Ken looked up smiling
and put his lips back on my nipple and continued suckling.
But his excitement always got to him quicker than I had hoped
for and before long I was rolled onto my back once again.

We kissed as I braced myself once again for his penetration
which was an ordeal being as tight as I still was. I had taught
myself to relax and enjoy the wonderful sensations I experienced
while he was entering me. And then once my husband had his
cock deep inside of my pussy, we began to fuck which felt
wonderful to me even if it didn’t last as long as I had hoped
it would. Things may not have been perfect but they were
perfect enough so when he began to pant and groan I felt proud
I was able to make him feel that good.

I would hold him tight to me while he shook like a little boy
pushing his cock in and out of me as if he was about to explode.
And yes it was an intense moment for me as well just being
part of his orgasm. I loved feeling him spamming inside
of me knowing his cum was splashing around filling me while
appreciating what we shared together.

Afterwards I always jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom
to get a warm wash cloth to clean him up with. Ken would lay
back with his arms behind his head and watch me wash his manhood
after our fuck while telling me what a wonderful wife I was.
When finished he would watch more TV while I cleaned up myself
before we ended all our nights by snuggling close before
falling asleep.

And along the way each day I went for walks, Charlie was always
there to stop and chat with. In those days wives didn’t
work and didn’t have cars, so Charlie turned out to be
one of my only friends rather quickly. He was funny, kind
and made me feel special, more like I could have been his
daughter. And even though he would occasionally joke about
my large breasts I never took his comments as insulting.

I discovered that Charlie didn’t have any relatives
close. Feeling kind of poorly for him I asked Ken if I could
invite him to our family Christmas gathering which we were
holding so he wouldn’t have to be alone. I was raised with
a touch of kindness and it made me sad to think of my best friend
being alone on Christmas. Ken didn’t really mind and
told to do whatever I wanted to do.

So two weeks before Christmas I bundled up in my coat and
cap and off to Charlie’s house I went. I felt excited about
the fact I was going to invite him to our home and make him
part of my family. I mean he was close to the same age as my
father and Ken’s father, so they should have plenty to
talk about. Charlie came to his front door smiling like
he always did, opened and invited me in. “Its so cold.
What in the world are you doing outside?” he asked as I
entered his foyer.

Shivering, Charlie told me to come join in his kitchen for
a hot cup of coca. I warmed up quickly, sat at his table enjoying
the chance to talk with him again but mainly because I wanted
to surprise him with my Christmas invitation. In my heart
he was such a good descent man and when I invited him, I thought
I saw him actually tear up although he hid it well.

Charlie attended our Christmas and really got along with
our parents which pleased me to no end. Christmas evening
finally arrived and everyone left our home with their arms
full of presents thanking Ken and I for a wonderful day.
Charlie stayed the longest before I walked him to my front
door. And then he did the strangest yet kindest thing when
he kissed me gently on my lips and whispered me one last thank
you before leaving.

Not to suggest his kiss was filled with passion and lust
but the fact I was use to his friendship kiss on my cheek.
But when he chose to kiss me on my lips, it struck me as odd
but not in a bad way. I told myself it was just the warmth and
celebration of the holidays and it was Charlie’s way
of making me feel special. I didn’t tell Ken figuring
it was no big deal and anyway I didn’t want to cause some
issue on Christmas day night.

We got everything cleaned up and along the way my sexy husband
kept pulling me into his arms and holding his cock tight
to my crotch. “Let me guess what you want really want for
Christmas?” I asked giggling as we neared the end. I had
been horny all day anyway so being with Ken was something
I had looked forward to. Looking back I don’t know if my
being horny everyday was because I truly felt that way or
just because I knew he would need to fuck me before he could
go asleep.

Over the past two and a half years, Ken had taught to and conditioned
me for daily sex. It became part of me and part of my needs
even if it was more for him than it was for me. I could always
spend an afternoon helping myself climax to keep my balance.

And everything I wrote was just leading up to my real story.
Once married I didn’t get what I wanted but the rest of
the story is how I did finally get what I wanted.

My life flowed was easily as water flowing the faucet until
the middle of the next spring. The snow had melted and although
it was still cool most days and cold most nights, things
remained hot in our bedroom. Everything was predictable
and what I had grown to expect and accept. And then one night
Ken came home from work and sat me down. I learned over the
next two hours that he was not sure he loved me anymore. He
carefully explained how one of the girls he would work with
and him had been getting closer and closer over the last few months.

Tearing up while feeling my heart being ripped from my chest
I waited for him to stop making up excuses and asked, “Are
you sleeping with her?” I remember sitting there shaking
uncontrollably as I stared at Ken fighting the tears which
had begun to stream down my face. My husband grew quiet immediately.
I didn’t really need to hear him say he was because how
he sat there looking guilty told me the truth.

“I don’t want to hurt you but yes we have done it but only
a few times, ” he said as softly as he could. I felt completely
drained as I sat across from my husband suddenly numb and
cold. “Please pack up your things and leave. I need to
figure this out all by myself, ” I told him as my angry
continued to build. Looking back, I kind of wonder if my
husband didn’t want me to tell him that so he could rush
over to her house and move right in.

My life went dormant for the next six days. I didn’t speak
to my mother or take my walks or have any contact with anyone.
Ken didn’t try to make contact and see if I was alright
even though he knew I didn’t have a car and would need to
go grocery shopping at some point. My emotions bounced
from sorrow to rage which went on day and night.

And then one day someone knocked at my front door. Walking
to it looking like crap, I opened the door and found Charlie
standing there smiling at first until he got a look at me.
“What's going on? No more walks, No more Ken’s
car?” he asked as I stood shaking in my foyer. Breaking
down in tears I backed up as Charlie followed into my home
after shutting the door.

He let me sob for a short while before I explained everything
to him. “Ken’s a fool and there are plenty of young men
who would adore you, ” he said as I smiled for the first
time in weeks. Charlie insisted I go take a shower, get dressed
and he would be back in an hour to take me to the grocery store.
I refused but he insisted before leaving. The rest of the
afternoon did a lot for me as we stopped by a diner for some
lunch before Charlie took me to the grocery store. And from
then on if I didn’t pass by his house each day on my walk,
he would be at my front door wondering why I was giving up
on life. In other words he was turning out to be my life line
as well as my closest friend. As he put it, he refused to let
me stop living.

About a week later out of the blue Ken called to chat but really
didn’t have much to say. I sensed he had moved in with the
other woman even though he denied it. I had spoken with his
parents as well as mine and no one said he was staying with
them. It felt awkward hearing his voice which stirred my
emotions both ways. Near the end of our brief, mostly silent
talk he asked me if I needed anything. “No I’m fine, ”
I replied rather sharply hoping he would start to hurt as
much as I was hurting.

But within ten minutes of hanging up the tears began to flow
all over again. Each time I made a little progress, something
sent me reeling in the opposite direction. It happened
all the time but for reasons I can’t explain I needed to
simply get out of my house. I walked outside and headed to
Charlie’s house in need of someone to talk to. Sobbing
by the time I got to his front door, Charlie took one look
at me and pulled me inside and wrapped his arms around me.
Being hugged was what I truly needed as I didn’t resist
his efforts to comfort me at all. He was my friend and the
only one I confided in.

My body relaxed a little as my tears flowed while he held
me not forcing me to speak which was impossible at that point.
Charlie began to feel my tension ease as he began to let go
of me. But it was the first time in weeks that I felt safe and
clung to him even harder. I knew my breasts crushed against
his chest as I remained in his arms.

“Just hold me a little longer, ” I whispered in his
ear as he held me tight to him. His cologne filled my head
as my mind scrambled all over the place. It was definitely
not a sexual hug by any means but the longer it lasted the
more my body responded. I trusted and valued my friend and
knew he had never done anything to me that would have crossed
the line. After all we always joked about him being almost
as old as my dad yet I didn’t feel like I was hugging my dad.

So as I remained tight in his embrace I felt myself begin
to heal just a little. My heart was still broken but at least
for a few seconds I felt better. But I knew once I walked back
into the house Ken and I had brought the sorrow would quickly
return. And then I felt him begin to grow uncomfortable
the longer we embraced as I continued to hold myself tight
to him. “Please. I don’t want to embarrass myself in
front of you, ” Charlie whispered to me as he tried to
pull back from me.

“You won’t, ” I whispered back holding on for dear
life. It was shortly after that I began to feel Charlie’s
manhood responding by growing next to me. I trembled a little
but didn’t stop our embrace even though it was obvious
what was happening to him. “It’s ok. I don’t mind
and I certainly don’t blame you” I said as his shaft
grew harder. “I haven’t hug another woman since my
wife passed away five years ago, ” Charlie said which
only made me cling to him even tighter.

And then slowly Charlie began respond as our embrace began
to change from friendship to something that had no name.
His strong arms held me around my back as we stayed glued
to each other even though his shaft had completely hardened.
My panties were also moist although he could not tell that
but I felt it just the same.

It was the most intense sexual and nonsexual experience
of my life. And without thinking, I pulled back slightly
from Charlie and pressed my lips to his. Charlie accepted
my kiss and returned the favor by kissing me with more passion
than I had experienced in a very long time. We were complete
opposites in age and sex and almost everything else. But
what we had in common was an honest friendship few others
could ever share.

Our kiss lingered trying to find a logic or reason why we
were together experiencing this confusing reaction to
one another. When our lips did part, each of us were speechless
unable to find the answer. Looking into his eyes I saw his
confusion immediately. “Does everything have to make
sense? Nothing in my world makes sense right now except
being here with you, ” I said softly.

Charlie smiled and wrapped his arms around me pulling me
tight to him for a second time. But our second embrace was
different from the start as our bodies responding no longer
trying to hide our sexual fire. Charlie pulled back sucking
for air as was I for just a second before he pressed his lips
to mine again causing me to melt.

Making out in his foyer was blurring all my previous logic
between what was right and what was wrong yet I didn’t
back down at all. My nipples began to harden and my pussy
began to flow very hard in his arms the longer we kissed.
And yes there were a few times I thought of walking home.
But I didn’t and remained with Charlie knowing where
this could lead us.

I felt like a virgin all over again in his arms as I experienced
for the first time what I thought I would have experienced
on my wedding night. My body was warm and felt safe and secure
as Charlie treated me like his princess. There was no urgency
to pull me onto a bed so he could fuck me. Charlie seemed to
enjoy savoring me for the woman I was and nothing more.

And the longer we kissed each other the hornier we both became.
But it was not the kind of arousal that causes one to tear
off their clothing. With him it was as if the slow, moment
by moments of pleasure were to be savored. His cock remained
tight to me as I began to grind my pubic bone against it with
a little more force to let him know I was close to giving in.
Not because he had seduced me but because I wanted him with
all the passion I had in me.

And I discovered he was old enough and wise enough to allow
me as the woman to take the lead and simply follow me down
whatever path we were headed. Our lips continued mashing
into each other’s the hotter we both kept getting. Yet
as we embraced and continued kissing Charlie also pleasantly
surprised me by not grabbing at my body the way my husband
always did.

In turn I relaxed even more which made me hornier than I had
ever been. Being older Charlie finally pulled back clearly
as aroused as I was and stared at me for the longest time.
“What are we doing here?” he asked softly while looking
into my eyes. “I don’t know Charlie. Does it matter?”
I said softly to him. “Can I spend the night?” I asked
gasping for air yet not wanting to ask him to do something
he would regret.

“I want you to of course. But I don’t think that would
be a good idea, ” he replied as I smiled and told him I understood.
Charlie was not only my friend but was a good descent man
who I respected. I was not angry and simply put my coat back
on and waved good bye as I closed his front door. The air was
brisk on my walk back to my house as the sun had already set.

Once back home, I was restless pacing for an hour while sobbing
with my handful of tissue. I thought of calling Charlie
and asking him again but I didn’t want to put my friend
on the spot. I had too much dignity to sound like I was begging
him to fuck me. Yet that is exactly what I wanted and needed.
Maybe not a lifelong relation due our age difference, but
one special night neither of us would forget.

Sometimes in our lives we do things that we cannot explain
even if we have a life time to figure out the answer. That
night in my life was just such a night as I went into my bedroom
and dug into my drawers until I found my wedding night lingerie.
Pulling out the ultra sheer teddy and panties I stripped
naked and put it on for the first time since my wedding night.

Even though I was far from being a virgin I still gasped looking
into the mirror at my body which was exposed except for a
few well placed pieces of lace. My nipples stuck against
the fabric and the panties didn’t really cover my pussy
as my dark trimmed hair was easy to see. I don’t know why
but I went back to Charlie’s front door wearing it under
my long coat.

He answered a second later as I walked back in without speaking.
Charlie looked pleased yet concerned that I was back. “Don’t
say a word. Either tell me to go one more time and I promise
I will leave for good or ask me to stay, ” I said softly
as he stood a few feet from me. He smiled clearly still aroused
and confused just like I was feeling. I untied the belt on
my trench coat and carefully opened it while his eyes stared
at me.

My coat came apart and I let it fall from my shoulders standing
in my see through lingerie in his foyer. He stared at my body
before him without grabbing me or made any aggressive moves
towards me. It felt odd to see his lust yet it tickled my fancy
like I thought I would feel on my wedding night. Charlie
could not take his eyes off of me for the longest time. Finally
as his breathing grew quicker he said, “My goodness you’re
a thing of beauty. I have not seen a woman your age in a very
long time.”

He approached me again and pulled me into his arms. From
the next kiss I knew I was spending the night and stopped
trying to hold myself back any longer. The fire was undeniable
from the very beginning. We kissed, held each other and
repeated it over and over before we ever walked to his bedroom.
And once inside I reached for his shirt and slowly unbuttoned
it wanting to see him like he was seeing me.

Charlie’s chest was wonderful and masculine as I ran
my hands over it. When I finally let go of him, I watched him
take his hands and slowly move them onto my breasts as if
they were made of fine china and he feared breaking them.
“They are perfect” he said to me softly. I closed my
eyes and loved how he was making me feel. It was the most perfect
start to a union I had ever been part of.

My inner desires were incredible wanting to please him
not because he asked me to but because I really wanted to.
While Charlie slipped his slacks off I noticed his bulging
manhood which sent tingles down my spine. Charlie laid
on his bed as I reached for my teddy and began to pull it over
my head. I could actually feel his eyes on my flesh and it
made me even hotter.

It came off exposing my large breasts to him for the first
time. My nipples were swollen like darts and I noticed him
smiling as he laid waiting for me to join him. Crawling onto
his big bed I moved next to him as my breasts pressed against
his side. We were now flesh on flesh and it felt perfect.
I was about to kiss him again when Charlie looked at me one
last time and said, “I can’t tell you I love you during
this.” He was such an honest man I smiled and told him I
didn’t expect him to nor did I want him to.

I was permitted to just lay back and enjoy him exploring
my body which was pure heaven. Charlie massaged my breasts
and teased my pussy while leaving my panties on the entire
time. His finger tips were driving me insane was my urge
to have him pulled my panties off grew steadily. He used
his finger tips to trace the outline of my panties over and
over until he slid his hand under them at last.

I closed my eyes as his fingers slid over my wet slippery
lips for the first time. I sucked for air even harder as the
affect he had on me was both new and mind altering. “Oh
Charlie. I have never felt this way before, ” I said once
he slipped his finger inside of me. He didn’t respond
but he didn’t have to because his heavy breathing told
me he was at the exact same place I was at.

And then I felt my panties finally began to come off; he carefully
pulled them down my legs finally exposing my womanhood
to him. I felt myself gushing like a juicy peach having fallen
to the ground days before. His fingers bore down as he found
my clit and began to play with it and pinch it which made me
even more nervous. No one had ever done those things to me
and I didn’t know how to respond.

“Charlie. I don’t climax unless I am alone, ” I said
once fearing he would expect to do something I couldn’t
do. He remained silent as my legs were pulled apart. Bracing
for his entry my body went tense. And then like a bolt of lightning
I felt his tongue begin to tease my pussy and clit as I practically
sat straight up in his bed out of shock. He smiled and simply
pushed me back onto my back and went back to licking my womanhood.

The next ten minutes of my life were like nothing I had thought
possible. I began to mutter and whimper the more excited
I became. Charlie never let up and continued working on
me in ways that were new to me. I was gasping for air rather
quickly and it only got worse until the pressure within
me began to crest. I realized I was going to cum with him in
the room but was too far gone to make him stop. I was past the
point of feeling ashamed as my body responded even more
until I grabbed two handfuls of his sheets and held on for
dear life. The orgasm was off the charts from what I had settled
for before.

I drifted above the bed as if I was having an out of body experience.
Charlie kept slowly tasting my juices as they flowed from
my pussy in no big hurry to fuck me. Shaking like a scared
child I finally let out a sigh of relief when he stopped and
pulled himself back next to me. We kissed again as I tasted
myself for the first time.

He looked into my eyes and saw the fire he created as he seemed
pleased and placed my hand on his hard cock. I began to stroke
it as I adored its firmness and power. “Go ahead suck on
it” he said which shocked me since that was something
I had never done before either. But I didn’t say no since
my mood had changed so drastically since I had climaxed
in front of him.

Placing my lips on the tip of his shaft I licked him a few times
before opening my mouth and feeling his shaft slide in.
It was animalistic but I got into it quite quickly. Judging
by the way his body responded, I must have been doing a good
job because his legs grew rigid like his cock. Things just
spun out of control after that and I gave up my will power
to enjoy how I felt at last. I remember looking up knowing
we would soon be one in a union neither of us ever expected
would happen.

Charlie’s manhood was thick and pulsating as he pushed
the mushroom head inside of me and held it there. It was a
sexual overload for me as I trembling beneath him. Charlie’s
face was twisted as he pushed his shaft farther into me as
I felt myself being stretched open for him. I reached for
his face and held him gently in my hands as he pushed deeper
causing me to open my mouth in amazement. Charlie was part
of me and I was loving every moment and every inch.

And then with a final push we were united completely. His
thick shaft laid lodged in my pussy as my inner muscles quivered
around it. I let go of his face as Charlie leaned down and
softly kissed me on my lips. And then he began to magically
move in and out as the two of us began to learn how to work together
as one. I adjusted my hips once or twice making sure his path
was clear as his shaft penetrated me even deeper or so it
felt at the time.

Charlie had this wonderful expression on his face when
his cock was in my pussy as I enjoyed just watching him savoring
my offering. He was in no hurry as we enjoyed it for what it
was and both wanted it to last as long as possible. The thought
came into my head at one point that this was indeed the first
time in my life anyone ever made love to me. It was tender
and perfect and just the way I had hoped it would be on my wedding

Charlie put me into various positions all new of course
yet I enjoyed all of them. He really seemed to enjoy it best
when he could watch his cock splitting my pussy lips apart
as he stroked in and out of me. I giggled at times watching
him and when he looked at me I simply told him, “You are
so cute to watch. Do we look good together, down there?”
I asked.

Charlie smiled and responded while staring at his thick
cock inside of my pussy, “We look great together. You
are simply beautiful.” I just laid on my side and closed
my eyes as a peaceful calm came over me. His cock pushed into
my slippery crack and then would be pulled out slowly before
pushing back into my depths. It happened over and over while
the two of us enjoyed our amazing unexpected union.

I grew amazed that he lasted as long as he did but I relished
every minute he was part of me both my spirit and my body.
But at one point Charlie’s breathing was getting rapid
the closer he got to climaxing. I sensed it but waited for
him to place me on my back when he was ready. We fucked for
another minute or so before I felt him pull his cock out of
me and roll me onto my back.

And the oddest emotion filled me while I laid under him waiting
to feel him explode. For the first time in my life I felt like
I was part of something special. I mean it was as if his orgasm
was as important to me as mine had been to him. Charlie’s
cock pushed in and began to thrust harder as I held on waiting
for that magical moment when I would feel him filling me
for the first time.

I got as caught up in the experience as he was as our bodies
worked like a well oiled machine without flaws. The momentum
I felt building was incredible as his shaft pounded me over
and over while I gasped for air. At one point it was so intense
for the two of us I whispered to him, “Come on Charlie.
Fuck me as hard as you need to.”

I had only been with one man and no real comparisons but with
Charlie the end of our union was amazing not only for him
but for me as well. He finally began to grunt before he uttered,
“Oh fuck I can’t wait any longer.” I was sucking for
air along with him when his thick cock rammed to the back
on my pussy and released the first of many globs of hot his
sperm into my womb. I felt thrilled and excited to be receiving
his gift as he continued thrusting into me depositing more
each time.

It was at that point when his orgasm began that I felt what
being impregnated should feel like when I was ready to have
children. Of course I was on the pill at the time Charlie
fucked me but the physical act was so special and intense
it helped me understand what it should feel like when I was
ready to create another human being.

And then we both began to calm slowly while we struggled
to breath. But a peaceful sensation filled me once he collapsed
on my breasts exhausted from all he had done to me and for
me. I held him tight and waited for him to return to being
my friend not my lover. That transition took some time as
our bodies remained as one for a few more minutes.

Charlie began to come back to life as he pulled himself off
of me and looked down to see if I was still ok. “You were
not only amazing. That is what I have searched for my entire
life, ” I said softly as we kissed one last time. Charlie’s
shaft had grown soft inside of me as he slowly pulled back
as I felt him leaving my body. It was a sad feeling but in a
good way as we separated ourselves at last.

He was an amazing man and an amazing lover that I appreciated
having had the chance to enjoy. So Charlie and I laid in each
other’s arms as the sheets below me became a pool of our
blend of juices. We laughed and share such a perfect end
to a perfect union.

But it was to be our only union and we both knew it. If we had
done it again it would have cheapened that one magical night
we were meant to be together. Our friendship came first
and Charlie was meant to be my friend not my lover. Yet we
remained close and he even helped me get a divorce over the
next year or so. Charlie and I remained best of friends until
he passed away many years later.

Although my life did turn around and I did remarry the right
man the second time around, I will always be grateful for
Charlie for showing me what to expect from any man that I
accept as part of my life.

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Romantic, seductive, passionate, Adjectives just aren't enough to appropriately thank
you, encourage you for the magnificent descriptions we
all want to claim for our own. The villain is always an insensitive
idiot, the education/growth of the heroine is always transforming
and revealing.

Thank you


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I agree there aren't adjectives to adequately describe
your story and the way it is written. It's a mirror
into the soul.


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that was an amazing story and writing very well, wish I had
been charlie. thank you


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Oh hum. As usual, your story is the very best. You should
publish a book on sexuality. Wonderful!!!!


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Loved the story, the way you wrote it and how you realized
once was enough. Showed your class and character.


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this is first class..............


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Fantastic story, well written and constructed...if its true it would only add to the story!