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I walked in, on a really big family secret


I was nineteen years old when I walked in while my uncle Jerry
posing my aunt Sophie and their daughter Chastity in their
living room wearing only their panties. I had stopped over
because my mother had told to go invite them to dinner on
Sunday, so the last thing I expected was to walk in on something
like that.

And if I was shocked, which of course I was, I will never forget
the look on my aunt Sophie's face and my cousin Chastity's
face when I walked in and caught them almost naked. I need
to also set the record straight and say if you are thinking
my aunt and cousin were two hot looking sexy women, that
you would be dead wrong.

Aunt Sophie had always been a rather large woman and must
have weighted about a hundred and eighty pounds or more
and so did their daughter Chastity. Aunt Sophie and Chastity
was sitting on their sofa with my Uncle Jerry aiming his
camera at the two of them when I interrupted the whole thing.
I don't recall anything other than the fact Aunt Sophie's
and Chastity's tits were super huge and hung like giant
watermelons on their chests.

Of course Uncle Jerry quickly told Aunt Sophie and his daughter
to cover up as he turned to me, speechless for the first time
that I could ever remember. I also remember glancing back
at my aunt and cousin as they quickly held whatever they
could find in front of their chests as they remained on the
sofa, looking petrified.

"You have to promise you will never tell anyone, "
my uncle Jerry finally said with a gruff tone, while still
holding the camera. At nineteen, anything and I mean anything
that was even a little bit sexual, turned me on a whole lot
back then. So having just seen their tits was way more than
just a hint.

My cousin, Chastity still lived at home even though she
was thirty one at the time this happened. And although she
had a pretty face, she was kind of round so I never thought
she got asked out on many dates. In fact I don't recall
a time when I ever heard that she had a date.

But looking at my Aunt and cousin sitting on the sofa covering
their breasts, made me tingle down to my toes. "I promise.
I won't tell anyone, I said to him. He glanced quickly
at Aunt Sophie and then back at me before he said I could stay
and watch as long as I promised one more time not to say anything
to anybody. "I promise, " I said and then waited
with my legs wobbling under me. I was skinny kid who didn't
have a lot of luck with girls, so this suddenly the biggest
event in my life.

But Aunt Sophie and Chastity were not as sure about this
idea as they remained sitting on the sofa covering their
breasts with their blouses. "Ok, I want a few more
pictures from a different angle, " Uncle Jerry told
them but neither of them moved a muscle.

Aunt Sophie and my cousin just kept staring at me as I stood
behind Uncle Jerry. Aunt Sophie then said, " Ok then,
but I want him in one of the pictures with us so if he does tell,
we have his picture too." My cousin quickly agreed
with her mother so Uncle Jerry then turned to me and pointed
at the sofa. "You have to go sit between them, "
he said as I tensed up even more.

This had just turned into the most bizarre afternoon of
my life. "Come on, their waiting, " Uncle Jerry
said to me as I hesitated for a second or two before I walked
over to the sofa where my Aunt and my cousin were sitting
topless. My heart was literally thumping in my chest as
I looked down at the two of them as they slid apart to make
room for me in between them.

"Ok everybody smile, " Uncle Jerry said as
my aunt and my cousin before they both tossed their blouses
on the floor exposing their huge tits again which were on
both sides of me. Uncle Jerry snapped one picture before
he moved to the other side and snapped another. "These
are going to be really good, " He said as I sat there
trembling down to my toes while my cock filled with blood
faster than a stream after a spring thunderstorm.

"Ok that is all for today, " Uncle Jerry said.
Part of me didn't want this to be over yet I knew we shouldn't
be doing anything like this in the first place. Aunt Sophie
got up first and turned to look at me with her large breasts
hanging right in front of me. "Remember, you promised
not to tell. And now we have your picture too, " she
said again making no effort at all, to cover herself up in
front of me. I just couldn't believe I was staring up
at Aunt Sophie's large uncovered breasts for the first
time in my life.

I then turned to my cousin Chastity and looked down at her
huge breasts and was amazed at how far her nipples stuck
out. We didn't really say anything to each other but
I liked looking at her and I think she liked me looking at
her bare breasts too. But all Chastity and I did was blush
at one another.

"Do you guys do this a lot?"I asked my cousin
as my dick was now throbbing hard with a full blown boner.
Chastity whispered every once in a while her dad takes pictures
of them. "You better leave now, " my cousin
then whispered to me so I got up and tried to hide my boner
as good as I could while I rushed out their back door.

It was all I thought about the rest of the week and couldn't
stop jacking off no matter how many times I tried to stop
myself. But the sight of their large, soft breasts was burnt
into my memory and I couldn't get it out. And the more
I thought about their tits, the more I wished I could have
at least touched them just once and felt how soft they really

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sophie showed up Sunday at our house
for dinner and acted as if nothing had happened. But my cousin
Chastity saw me and immediately blushed a little bit but
not enough for my parents to have noticed. We all then ate
dinner as a family like we had done hundreds of times before.
Then my cousin and I finally snuck outside to talk for a moment.
"Did you tell anyone?" she asked me first thing.

"Of course not, "I said to her as I stared at her
pretty face but also kept glancing down at the front of her
blouse. "Stop looking at me like that, " she
said next so I apologized but also told her I couldn't
stop thinking about how she looked the week before. "Have
you ever seen other girls before?" She asked me as
we strolled down the block.

I told Chastity I had seen just one girl back in high school.
"But she wasn't as big as you or Aunt Sophie, "
I added quickly. Chastity didn't speak again for a
few more moments before she told me her parents wanted to
know if I wanted to come back over next Saturday to take more
pictures. "That sounds great, " I said to her,
so we turned and headed back to my house. I suddenly felt
on top of the world.

Uncle Jerry got out his camera and was setting things up
when I arrived at four sharp, just like I had promised. "I
want to check the lighting, one more time, " he said
and handed me his expensive camera to hold. I kept looked
for Aunt Sophie and Chastity but they were nowhere around
as I waited with Uncle Jerry while he closed all their drapes.

"Ok, we're ready, " Uncle Jerry then yelled
out as I stood shaking with anticipation. Chastity appeared
first wearing a robe with her very curvy shape showing through.
And then Aunt Sophie appeared seconds later with her robe
on too. "Hold this, " Uncle Jerry told me to
just stand behind him and watch. He then walked over to pose
his wife and daughter standing by a chair.

The first few pictures he took of them, were with their robes
on as I waited while growing more excited by the second.
Uncle Jerry then turned to me and asked me if I thought they
looked good in the pose he had them in. "Don't
ask him. He is too nervous, " Aunt Sophie said half
giggling at me. Uncle Jerry chuckled and told me not to listen
to them before he asked me what I thought so far. I was too
nervous to even speak.

My Aunt Sophie was half watching me but my cousin kept staring
at me the whole time. My uncle then had Aunt Sophie sit on
the chair and positioned Chastity standing next to her
mother. I remained quietly standing behind him feeling
my dick growing by the second. Uncle Jerry then worked to
get everything just right before he took the next picture
of the two of them.

"Ok ladies, it's time, " he said to them
as they looked at each other and slowly began to untie their
robes. Aunt Sophie had stood up and was untying her robe
when she told Uncle Jerry she wanted me in a few pictures
again too. My aunts robe opened up and my eyes couldn't
soak up her large breasts quick enough.

They looked like two sacks of flour hanging on her chest
as my eyes began to water. Her nipples were very pink but
her areola's were even brighter in color. Chastity
then smiled at me as she opened up the front of her robe next
and exposed her wonderful looking breasts next. While
Aunt Sophie hardly paid me any attention, my cousin seemed
more interested and maybe even excited that I was now looking
at her with hardly anything on.

Both my aunt and my cousin had on white panties that covered
their considerate size bottoms but still clung to their
pussy lips enough for me to see the outline of their cracks.
Yes, my dick was once again hard and hurting. And the really
strange thing was the more nervous I was becoming, the calmer
my Aunt seemed to get.

Uncle Jerry posed them standing next to one another before
he took another picture and then had me sit on the chair between
the two topless women. "A little closer, "
he said to them as they both moved tighter until their flesh
was slightly touching me. I must have looked like a ping
pong ball because my head kept going back and forth as I looked
at the sizes of both of their breasts, over and over.

"Ok I want everybody to smile, " Uncle Jerry
told us as I smiled along with my aunt and cousin. But as I
sat in the chair between them I began to wonder if my uncle
ever had them take their panties off too. I was already on
top of the world and as horny as I had ever been, but my mind
just kept working. My hormones were firing off like fireworks
and the more I saw, the more I wanted to see.

Uncle Jerry kept taking more pictures of the three of us
together and at one point had me also remove my shirt, so
all three of us were topless. I was a skinny kid back them
and standing between my aunt and my cousin probably made
me look even skinnier. I left an hour after I got there and
it hurt to even stand, let alone walk back home.

I then experienced the longest month of my life when neither
my uncle, my aunt or my cousin invited me back over for more
pictures. And I saw Chastity a few times when we were both
down town but she never mentioned the picture taking again.
I wondered if maybe they had just stopped doing that even
though I hoped they hadn't stopped just yet.

Just one more time, was all I kept telling myself as I worked
part time, went to school part time and waited with my fingers
crossed. And the worst part was I could never tell anyone
about it especially my own family. The idea that my uncle
was posing my aunt and their daughter along with me for sex
photos was so scandalous it would have wrecked all of our
lives, if anyone ever found out.

I had just gotten home from work one Friday night when I walked
in our backdoor and my mother told me Uncle Jerry needs for
you to stop over tomorrow night, if your free to help him
with something. My heart immediately sped up and so did
my dick. Did this mean what I hoped it meant and I would get
one more chance to see Aunt Sophie and Chastity's bare
tits again.

"Sure, I don't have anything going on tomorrow
night" I told my mother as she quickly fixed me a plate
for dinner. She smiled and told me it was nice that I appreciated
my relatives enough to help them out when they needed help.
"Someday you're going to be old and might need
help too, " Mom added before she served me my dinner.
"Did Uncle Jerry say what time he needed me to stop
over?"I asked my mother. "I think he said around
seven, " She answered me before she went back to watching
a TV show with my father.

I swear the hours dragged by the entire next day, but eventually
seven rolled around and I knocked on my uncles back door.
I was waiting at their door when I suddenly heard my uncles
voice coming from the garage. "I'm out here, "
Uncle Jerry said as I turned and walked back into their garage.
"Thanks for coming over" he said first and then
asked me to help him load some heavy boxes into the back of
his pickup truck.

It took us about fifteen minutes and the entire time I kept
feeling stupider and stupider for thinking I had come over
to take more pictures. "There, I think we got them
all, " Uncle Jerry said as he wiped his brow with his
hanky. "I sure do appreciate you helping me out, "
He said next as I stood there feeling as dumb as I possibly

Uncle Jerry then looked at me and said, " You now ready
for more pictures? Your Aunt and cousin are waiting for
us." He saw my eyes light up as my uncle chuckled as
he slapped me on my back and said he liked taking their pictures
too. I followed him in their back door and I swear my feet
never touched the ground as Uncle Jerry stopped and locked
the door.

I followed him into their living room where Aunt Sophie
and Chastity were sitting on the sofa with big smiles and
they were already topless with only their panties on. Just
seeing their huge tits again was so arousing I couldn't
take my eyes off of either of their chests.

"We already closed the drapes, " Aunt Sophie
said as she sat smiling at me as if she was happy I was back
again. Uncle Jerry grabbed one of his cameras off the coffee
table and aimed at the two of them before he clicked his first
shot. My cousin seemed to smile at me more too as she sat up
straight for her picture with her large breasts hanging
on her chest a few feet from me.

My uncle then told me go stand behind them so he could get
me in a few pictures too but Aunt Sophie told me to take my
shirt off first. I remember standing behind the sofa and
looking down at their chests from behind as my dick became
hard almost instantly. "Ok, a little closer together, "
Uncle Jerry said aiming his camera at the three of us. He
took a couple of pictures before he put that camera down.

"Ok, let's have some fun, " Uncle Jerry
said next as he had me walk from behind the sofa and sit between
my Aunt and my cousin. "Ok girls, get real close to
him, " He said as my aunt and cousin squeezed me between
them as they warm soft breasts suddenly touched my arms.
"I have an idea. Touch them at the same time"
my uncle said to me as I looked at my cousin and aunt not sure
what to do.

"You mean you want him to touch our breasts?"
Chastity said to her father. Uncle Jerry just nodded his
head yes as I sat between them now in a panic. Aunt Sophie
reminded me again I could never tell anyone about this before
she lifted one of my hands and gently placed it right over
the end of her large mound.

I swear I had never felt anything like that before in my life
as my hand rested on her softness and warmth which caused
me to become dizzy. Chastity then took my other hand and
placed it on one of her breasts as I nearly passed out. "Hold
it right there, " Uncle Jerry said as he quickly reached
for his camera and began to click our picture.

I was in such shock holding their breasts I had to remember
to keep breathing. "Ok enough of that, " Uncle
Jerry said before he had me stand up and walk over to where
he was. I had never experienced that much sexual desire
before and I think everyone else was feeling it too. What
might have seemed like too unthinkable was suddenly not
that unthinkable.

It didn't make any of us bad people, yet we were definitely
getting more reckless the more we got use to doing this.
I was having trouble breathing and my dick was so hard, it
hurt like crazy. Yet my mind was totally filled with the
memory of having just touched my aunts and my cousins soft
breasts and that desire was now even stronger.

Uncle Jerry fussed with the lightning some more and my aunt
and cousin remained on the sofa still topless in front of
me. Uncle Jerry then posed Aunt Sophie and Chastity standing
by a chair for their next picture. They were standing in
the pose he put them in while he kept aiming his camera and
walking from side to side.

Uncle Jerry then told his wife and daughter to stand with
their backs to us and pretend they were removing their panties.
"Now look back at us and smile, " he said once
they had both slipped their panties down enough to show
the cracks in their asses. "Now look cute and sexy
for the camera, " he said as he took their picture
with me alongside of him.

This was a little farther than they had gone before as I looked
at the two women and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I wanted
them to take their panties all the way off. "That was
fun, " Chastity said once her father had taken a couple
more pictures. Uncle Jerry was really motoring by then
and had them turn so they were both facing us and told them
to pretend they were removing their panties again.

My mouth was so dry I had a hard time swallowing as I watched
Aunt Sophie and Chastity both lower the front of their panties
until they were showing the top of their pubic hair. I was
trembling even more looking at their big tits and now some
of the hair around each of their pussy's. They both
had dark, curly patches showing slightly as I stared at
both of them.

What followed was a bit confusing as my aunt and uncle talked
back and forth about how far this should go. Uncle Jerry
wanted them naked and Aunt Sophie was concerned because
I was there with them. "I'll take mine off, "
Chastity finally said as her parents looked at her apparently
surprised. My eyes looked at her as she looked at me and with
one slow motion Chastity removed her panties exposing
her hairy cunt to me.

Her hips were really wide but it was the hairy patch between
her legs that I stared at the most. "He should take
his pants off too, " Chastity then told her parents
as she pointed at me. Uncle Jerry looked at me as if he was
telling me it was my turn next. And Aunt Sophie was standing
there next to her naked daughter for a moment before she
said she would take her panties off too but only if I did so
all three of us were naked.

I didn't say a word or move a muscle as I watched my aunt
then reach down and slowly lower her panties as the dark
hairy patch around her pussy came into my view. All three
of them ignored me for a few minutes while Uncle Jerry posed
his wife and daughter now that they were fully nude. Now
I was not only having trouble swallowing, I was feeling
dizzy. I had never seen one naked girl so far in my life and
now I was looking at two totally naked grown women.

The next thing I know, I am standing between them while my
uncle posed us for another picture. And then Aunt Sophie
began to unzip my jeans while Chastity knelt down in front
of me and pulled them down my legs. "Keep going, "
Uncle Jerry said as he rushed around and kept snapping his

I was about to go from, no one had ever before seeing me erect,
to three people seeing my cock when it becomes fully swollen.
Like I have said before I was skinny back then but my boner
was quite narrow but also very long. Uncle Jerry stood directly
in front of the three of us as his wife and daughter both took
hold of my shorts and slowly lowered them as he took another

It got sort of crazy after that with Aunt Sophie and Chastity
posing next to me while all three of our bodies were completely
exposed. My hairy ball sack and long stiff cock were on display
along with their big tits and hairy pussy's. Uncle
Jerry took time posing us together as a group and then took
a couple more pictures of me and Aunt Sophie totally naked
standing by one another.

But when he had Chastity and me sit on the sofa together and
told her to spread her legs in front of me, things got rather
crazy. I remember looking at Chastity's pussy pink
outer pussy lips as they were so swollen and so juicy looking.
Uncle Jerry was moving his camera around to take some more
pictures while Aunt Sophie was telling him he was maybe
moving too fast.

Chastity and I were looking at each other's bodies
at the same time when I reached out and gently held one of
her soft breasts in my hand. I then felt her hand grab hold
of my erect cock and hold it as Uncle Jerry took a few more
pictures of us playing with each other. It was becoming
impossible for Chastity and I not to touch each other's
private parts.

I remember Aunt Sophie then complaining to my uncle that
he had , maybe pushed Chastity farther than she wanted
to go. But while I heard them talking all I could do was try
and control myself because my cousin kept slowly stroking
my hard cock with her warm hand. The pressure was immediate
and overwhelming as her hand kept slowly stroking up and
down and up and down.. I tried my best to hold myself back
even though the pressure was growing by the second.

Suddenly I no longer heard my uncle or my aunt speaking or
arguing with one another as they just stood there and watched
Chastity and I together. . I kept one hand on her large warm
very soft breasts but my other hand was slipped between
her legs and I was now feeling her juicy pussy while she kept
slowly stroking me.

My cousin and I were losing control quickly. I was playing
with my cousin's pussy with my finger tips when my urges
went up another notch. I then slipped one finger inside
of Chastity's pussy causing her body to jerk wildly.
Chastity's hand was now stroking my cock even faster
as I gasped from the pressure she was building inside of
me. And she was gasping from the pressure I was building
inside of her pussy too.

But instead of stopping us, Uncle Jerry picked up his camera
and started taking more pictures of Chastity and I playing
with each other. I was going out of my mind when I pulled my
finger out of her pussy and had to just lean back on the sofa
because I was too worked up to do anything else. Chastity
had a huge smile on her face as her hand kept stroking my cock
from the base all the way up to the round fat head which now
caused my body to also begin jerking.

I couldn't stop it even if I had wanted to because within
a few more seconds, my cousin, my aunt and my uncle were all
going to watch me have an orgasm in front of them. "Just
a little longer, " I heard my aunt say as my cock stiffened
for the last time and I felt the first thick glob of cum squeeze
down the tube and shoot out in front of them. "Oh my, "
Chastity said giggling as she watched me spray my white
sticky cream for the next twenty seconds.

What should have been the most embarrassing twenty seconds
of my life was too exciting to stop once it started. Chastity's
hand remained on my shaft, stroking it more slowly as the
last few drops of cum finally oozed out. "Did you get
some pictures of it?" I remember my aunt asking my
uncle. I looked up still gasping and saw him nodding his
head up and down with a big grin on his face too.

My cousin finally let my cock go as she quickly wiped all
the sticky goo from her hands as she giggled alongside of
me. I looked at Chastity and decided it was time to even the
score. So I quickly began to play with her big tits again
before my hand slipped back between her legs and felt her
slippery pussy really beginning to gush.

And neither my uncle or my aunt said anything or did anything
to stop me as my cousin quickly began to gasp for air just
like I had done. In fact my aunt and uncle got real quiet and
watched their daughter while I began to make her as crazy
as she had made me. Chastity quickly had her legs fully spread
for me as my fingers explored her private regions anyway
I wanted to.

" Chastity, if this is what you really want, then take
him upstairs to your bedroom, " Aunt Sophie said
to her . I remember as soon as Chastity laid down on her bed,
she spread her legs for me without hesitation. It was my
first time and I found out later it was Chastity's first
time too. But I was only nineteen while Chastity had waited
for thirty one years for this to finally happen for her.

Her hips were very wide and very comfortable as I positioned
my shaft before I began to push it inside of her pussy. Chastity
whimpered, moaned and trembled as my long narrow shaft
made its way deeper and deeper inside of her pussy until
we were finally fully together. Neither of us knew how to
do this but we figured it out quickly. This is something
we both wanted and needed but Chastity had waited a lot longer
than I had , to feel this miracle.

Thankfully I had cum ten minutes earlier or I would not have
lasted more than a few seconds once I was inside of her warm
tight cunt. I still had pressure but now I had more control
as I fucked my cousin slowly at first and got use to feeling
my dick being inside of her tight slippery hole.

But all Chastity could do was whimper and jerk each time
I pushed my cock all the way up into her pussy. I was about
eight inches and Chastity was feeling every inch of it deep
inside of her womb. I don't know why we both got so into
this but near the end Chastity and I were even kissing each
other while we fucked. Her big tits cushioned my chest as
I laid on top of her and kept ramming my cock deep into tight

Chastity's eyes were glazed over as we fucked each
other on her bed but she also held me tight in her arms while
our crotches did the work. It didn't take a rocket scientist
to figure out she wanted this just as badly as I did. In fact
maybe Chastity wanted it even more.

So my cock continued to slide into her pussy and then slowly
come out until the pressure got to be too much for me all over
again. And even though my cousin had never had sex before
she got excited when she sensed when I was about to cum inside
of her and fill her with my cream. She began to act very excited
and nervous, both at the same time while my cock slammed
her harder and harder near the end.

I was so worked up, I looked at Chastity and told her, "I
have to, " before I pumped the first stream of cum
deep into her pussy. And she basically then shook and trembled
while she felt me filling her pussy with cum. Neither of
us had ever experienced anything even remotely close to
what we had just experienced together. It was both physically
and emotionally so powerful all Chastity and I could do
once I stopped cumming in her was lay in each other's
arms while our crotched felt like they were glued together.

When I left sometime later Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sophie were
both fully dressed and made me promise to never tell anyone
what we had all done. I promised them and left feeling guilty,
embarrassed but more relieved than I had ever been before.
I didn't know why all of that had happened but I was still
glad it had.

A week later Chastity called me and asked me if I wanted to
stop over and visit with her again. I was kind of nervous
about the idea but of course I would have loved to fuck her
again, if she would let me. "What does your father
and mother think?" I asked Chastity.

There was a long pause on her end of the phone before she told
me her parents knew what we would do when I was over. And then
she added they going to be going to a movie so we would have
the house to ourselves. Chastity turned thirty two a few
weeks later and still had never been on a date. But at least
she was no longer a virgin. Chastity met me at their back
door with only her robe on and we didn't waste any time
once I got there.

We held hands and headed back upstairs to her bedroom where
I removed her robe and she removed my clothes. And the only
that was really different was that we started out kissing
each other instead of touching each other with our hands.
I remember facing her near her bed once we were both naked
and was holding her warm, huge tits as Chastity literally
glowed from then on.

"We are not just kissing cousins any longer, "
She said giggling before we climbed onto her bed. I began
kissing her lips and quickly moved down her neck until my
mouth found each of her nipples. And boy, did Chastity seem
to like when I did that to her. I still had no idea what I was
supposed to do but my instincts drove me to keep kissing
her body until my mouth ended up between her legs.

First I kissed her pussy a few times and Chastity jerked
a little.. So then I stuck my tongue out and well, as you can
imagine the rest is history. I loved how she smelled and
how she tasted and all Chastity could do was whimper and
moan like she was in pain but it was really moans of pleasure.
Her excitement got me so excited I probably stopped too
quickly before I climbed on top of her and rammed my hard
cock into her tight, slippery pussy.

Our first fuck on the night was fast and furious to say the
least. But after Chastity and I laid around on her bed and
continued to talk to each other, we both got excited all
over again. Once my hard throbbing cock was back inside
of my cousin, Chastity started telling me how much she loved
what I was doing to her.

And I began to love lifting myself up and watching my hard
cock sliding between her pink outer lips as we fucked slowly
at first. "You like watching, don't you?"
Chastity said as I stared at our sexual organs functioning
together so perfectly. I told her we looked great together
as she pulled me down on top of her so I could fuck her hard
all over again.

Chastity and I remained sexual partners for years and years
and Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sophie never said a word when I stopped
over two or three nights each week. I would walk in their
back door find them in their living watching TV as I passed
through on my way to Chastity's bedroom. They obviously
knew what their daughter and I were doing up stairs but never
tried to stop it.

Our family was devastated when Uncle Jerry passed away
several years later so I was not sure if Chastity would want
to continue or not. But four days after his funeral she called
me and asked me to stop over again because her mother wanted
to talk with me. . I don't know why but I suddenly began
to worry. Aunt Sophie had been the one in the very beginning
to kind of objected to Chastity and I having sex so maybe
she had changed her mind and was about to threaten me. The
last thing I needed was for my parents and all my other relatives
to find out what my cousin and I had been doing all these years.

Aunt Sophie was waiting for me at their kitchen table when
I walked in and that just made me more nervous. But then she
smiled and asked me to sit down so the two of us could chat.
She first told me Chastity was not home before she went into
a very long explanation of why her and Uncle Jerry not only
let this happen but helped it happen.

The long and short of it was that my aunt and uncle loved Chastity
so much and wanted her to have a good life, like all parents
want for their kids. But as Chastity got older and no boys
showed any interest in her, they decided to take the pictures
so Chastity would feel like a sexy woman for the first time
in her life. And then they decided to include me with the
hopes I might be interested in having a sexual relationship
with their only, lonely daughter.

To be honest, my cousin didn't have the greatest of
lives and lived with her parents until they both passed.
She then remained in the same house and lived alone except
for the times I would pay her a visit. I won't lie and
say I had sex with her because I felt sorry for Chastity because
trust me the sex was maybe some of the best sex I ever had.

And even though Chastity and I are now too old to have sex,
I still stop over every month or so just so the two of us can
chat and remember the good times. Last month we looked at
those old naked pictures of us when we were both very young
for the last time and then tossed them into her fireplace.

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Luv'd this story...thankU....erotic and beautifully told


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Great story, a real turn on


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a powerful story with lots of emotion and fun


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A very well written erotic story.


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Wow,what a Hot story, thanks for sharing it


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Your Aunt Sophie and uncle Jerry and their daughter Chastity were a very loving family ...

I do think
that family's should teach there kids about SEX and how much fun it can be ..

That's just what I think !!!


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Your Aunt Sophie and uncle Jerry and their daughter Chastity were a very loving family ...

I do think
that family's should teach there kids about SEX and how much fun it can be ..

That's just what I think !!!



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true or not the best one i have read in a long time thanks


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This one of the better stories that I have had the pleasure of reading here.


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A great story, I loved every word you have written


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This is a very erotic story.


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Luv'd this story...thank U....erotic and beautifully told .

I would say Both parents loved there only child very much --

What better place to do it - but in the safty of there home --


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Now that was beautifully told story -

Now that is a mom and dad that really loves their only daughter that much to do that for her ..

I also like big and beautiful women..

I think they are very beautiful


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I loved your story - that is real love for your kids -- I bet she was a very beautiful woman -

I am in to big and beautiful women -- I just wish I could find a few of them --

If they are bi-sexual would be even better --- because I am bi-sexual male that loves eating pussy as much as sucking guy's off and swallowing their sweet creamy loads --


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very well written and very good story !!!


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That was a touching story! Loved it!