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I waited 25 years for my fantasy


When I went off to college I quickly learned how so many girls
hated their roommates while Jenny and I got along perfectly.
Even thought I took a gamble and signed up to room with whomever
the college admissions office gave me, the moment I met
Jenny I knew we would end up best of friends. But what I didn’t
know was just how much she would contribute to creating
a fantasy I waited twenty five years to experience.

And in no time our parents got tired of listening to two eighteen
year old freshman girls babbling so they wished us both
good luck and headed back home leaving both Jenny and I to
start the journey of becoming adults and college freshman.
I will always remember once we got the tiny dorm room set
up the way we thought it might work best, Jenny and I both
sat on our beds facing each other and began comparing notes.

Jenny and I both use to be cheerleaders in high school and
both of us had just broken up with our long time boyfriends.
Personally I didn’t see the logic in trying to maintain
a relationship with my old boyfriend who went to a different
college hundreds of miles away. I also realized I would
be tempted by college guys once I settled into campus and
knew I would not feel right if I cheated on him.

So a few weeks before school started I ended it with Rob even
though he had been very special to me that past two years
of high school. But it was time to move on and even though
I gave him my virginity, I knew I would meet other boys and
have other experiences. In my heart I felt Rob would always
have a special place forever. But my childhood was ending
and it was time to see what else would come my way.

As I listened to Jenny with her crazy expressions and funny
giggle, I decided she had been with a few more boys than me
but that was ok. I guess I never felt like there was a competition
about having sex with boys with my high school girl friends
so I was not going to start that with my new friend Jenny.
Like me, I was pretty sure Jenny could have had any boy in
her school.

After a few hours of chatting that first night in our dorm
room, we both agreed we were very lucky to have been matched
up by the college. I still remember falling asleep that
first night filled with excitement as well as some stress
when I thought about college professors and all the hard
challenges that awaited me. It was my time in life to focus
on my brain and not on my sex life. Well that is for at least
a few months.

When my alarm went off the next morning I jumped from my bed
and realized Jenny was already up and had either left for
class or was already in the shower. I don’t think I sat
there more than a few seconds when our door opened and in
walked Jenny wrapped in a towel. “Good Morning, ”
I said as she smiled and returned the greeting before letting
the towel drop to the floor right in front of me.

It’s not like I had not seen naked girls my age in the showers
in high school but it felt strange being in a small room with
just one girl who was completely naked. I tried to look away
as Jenny stood there putting lotion on her legs and then
her breasts while she chatted with me. Her hips were slender
but shapely and I caught myself staring at her trimmed pubic
hair for a few seconds before I blushed. Jenny must have
sensed my reaction and explained since we were going to
live in such close quarters there was simply no room for
privacy so we might as well get use to it.

“Your right, ” I responded as I climbed from my bed,
pulled my t shirt over my head and revealed my breasts to
her for the first time. Of course she stared at my chest as
I felt my nipples beginning to swell. Obviously mine were
much bigger than hers although Jenny did have a cute very
sexy figure. I stood there for a second before pulling my
panties down and grabbing a towel to head to the shower myself.
If she caught a glimpse of my pussy, she never reacted.

We saw each other in between classes once or twice but it
was not until we were both done our first day at college that
Jenny and I ended up back in our tiny dorm room. And after
dinner and some studying Jenny and I were back on our beds
facing each other wearing just our bras and panties talking
like old friends all over again.

It was during that conversation when I noticed Jenny looking
at my bra quite often. “Its kind of sexy being around someone
else half dressed, ” she said once. “I agree as well
as it makes me miss my old boyfriend even more, ” I replied.
We giggled for a short while as we continued our chat. It
was the first time either of us had approached the “sex”
subject since we had gotten to know each other two days earlier.
It ended with nothing happening but when I did crawl into
my bed after we turned off the lights, my young pussy was
juicy and my mind scrambled.

I had never been attracted to girls, ever! Yet with Jenny
it felt different and that bothered me. I told myself it
was just the newness of college life and a lack of boys to
flirt with that confused me. And so it was that Jenny and
I talked about sex with each other and at times hinted about
trying something different but we never did anything about

Thus our routine developed and college life rolled along
week after week before the first month passed quickly.
Once in a while Jenny or I would get asked out and if we accepted
the date the other would wait up to hear all about it. It was
when Jenny went on her first date that I was finally alone
and in need of some personal time to get rid of the sexual
stress I had been feeling

I was surprised how much I missed Rob, my old boyfriend or
maybe I just missed the way he made me feel. Slowly I began
to rub my breasts and could feel my nipples swelling as I
pinched them a few times which only made me feel worse. Before
long my fingers slipped under the waist band of my panties
and my pussy was very ripe. I laid there closing my eyes and
imagining the wonderful sensations of feeling his hard
throbbing shaft piercing my folds of slippery flesh as
our bodies use to become one. I could almost feel Rob fucking
me hard in the backseat of his father’s car.

I let my mind continue to drift and remembered how his fingers
would tease me and make me so crazy to the point I would need
to spread my legs and let him mount me. Having said all of
that I also need to say I didn’t let him fuck me every time
we went on a date. Sometimes we would just park and make out
until he would begin to beg and then I would have to make my
decision. I fought my own urges most of the time but once
in a while I would surrender and let him enter me. I was still
the “good girl” even if I was no longer pure!

My entire body was on first the longer I touched my gushing
pussy so I let my fingers swirl faster and faster. In no time
I felt the pressure build inside of me until my inner muscles
contracted jolting me to explode from a thunderous orgasm.
It had been over two months since Rob had fucked me and quite
honestly it was more than I could take.

It was a few hours later when I heard the door open and Jenny
walked into our room giggling like she usually did. “Did
you have fun?” I asked as she flopped on her bed and exhaled.
“Not really. He is cute but he turned out to be a real dork, ”
she replied as I will admit part of me was glad she didn’t
have a great time. “Where did he take you?” I asked now
curious to hear more about her date.

“A movie and then back to his frat house, ” she said
while the tiny hairs on my arms began to stand up. “What
was the frat house like?” I asked. Jenny pulled her sweater
over her head and explained it was kind of dirty and gross
but then any house that had twenty guys living it was going
to be that way. I never asked her if she fucked him and waited
to hear if she offered up that news. I remember my heart thumping
in my chest so hard I swear she heard it. She didn’t say
anymore about her date and I never asked.

A week later I was studying when Jenny pushed open our door,
screaming with excitement. “We won, we won” she kept
repeating as she jumped around our tiny room nearly knocking
over everything in her path. I became excited yet had no
idea what she was even talking about. Jenny took a deep breath
and handed me two tickets. I glanced at them and joined her
screaming like a crazy woman while dancing with her in the
narrow space between our beds.

A rather big time rock band was going to have a concert the
next week at the auditorium on campus and we had called a
local radio station repeatedly trying to win free tickets.
“And we also won back stage passes, ” Jenny screamed
as we hugged each other while continuing to celebrate some
of my extra cash on a new mini and top wanting to look my best
for our big outing.

It was the longest week of my life and almost every girl in
our dorm was jealous that Jenny and I had won the free tickets.
Of course we didn’t realize it to the day of the concert
that lots of people had won tickets as well as back stage
passes. And it turned out our back stage passes were not
for the night of the big show but for the early afternoon
sound check. But Jenny and I still wore new outfits as we
headed to the auditorium. “How close do you think we will
get to the band?” she asked as we walked across campus.

“Hopefully really close, ” I said as we bubbled with
excitement. A rather large man was standing guard at the
door we were directed to enter from. He checked out tickets
while letting his eyes roam over us more than once. Kind
of gave me the creeps but I told myself this is rock and roll
and the band were big stars so I would tolerate that kind
of behavior.

The long and short of it was we were guided to an area behind
the stage with about fifty other people to wait for the band
to arrive for their sound check. A half hour passed while
I basically stared at the miles of electric cords and mountain
of speakers stacked on both sides of the stage and felt the
excitement from just being part of something this big.

Jenny squeezed my hand as we heard some of the other people
start to scream and get excited. We were near the back of
the crowd and stood on our tip toes to see the band members
as they walked in. It was one of the most exciting times of
my life as Jenny and I waited our turn to get close to the band
hoping to even say a few words if they bothered to give us
the time of day.

Surprisingly the band took the time and mingled amongst
all of us so Jenny and I even got next to them to talk before
they went on stage to do their sound check. “You girls
having fun so far?” a man asked Jenny and I as we kept giggling
and nodded yes. “Well good. You both eighteen?” He
asked us as we nodded yes once again. “Great, Rick wanted
me to ask both of you or either of you if you’re interested
in meeting him for a half hour back at his hotel suite, ”
he said while staring at us. Rick was the lead singer and
main part of the band.

“Being on the road is stressful and Rick likes to take
the edge off and unwind before a performance, ” the man
said softly while the sound check was still going on. Jenny
and I both realized what he was suggesting. I think I spoke first and thanked the man but refused his
offer. Jenny looked at me, winked before telling the man
she would accept this invitation. As soon as she said yes
the man escorted her away from me and towards the other back
stage door. I remember standing there jealous and scared
for Jenny both at the same time.

I walked across campus as soon as the sound check event was
over and the band left. Sitting on our dorm room, all I thought
about was Jenny and what she might be doing. I was also frustrated
for getting cold feet and missing my one and only chance
to have sex with a famous rock star. Once again my morals
had gotten in the way of what I really wanted to do.

Jenny walked into our dorm room awhile later grinning from
ear to ear. “Are you ok?” I asked jumping to my feet and
embracing her. “Yes I am fine, ” she replied while
hugging me back. Neither of us spoke for a full minute as
I felt such relief that she was ok and had returned to our
dorm room in one piece. “What was it like?” I finally
asked as we sat on our beds facing each other.

“It was good but very weird, ” Jenny said as she took
a deep breath. I sat across from her trembling as I waited
for her to tell me more. “That guy that talked to us. Well
he drove me back to the hotel and walked with me to a suite
that Rick was staying in, ” Jenny said and then took another
deep breath. “Were you scared?” I asked as my muscles
tensed up into a knot. Jenny said she wasn’t scare but
it did feel strange to her.

“You do understand why you are here, right? I need for
you to take off your top and skirt before Rick gets here.
He likes to keep things simple and expects you to be ready
for him, ” she told me as I gasped for air. Jenny explained
she was shaking by then yet said she stripped down to her
bra and panties just like the man had told her to. He took
her clothing and told her to relax while she waited for Rick.
“I can’t believe you did that, ” I spouted out once
interrupting her in the middle of a sentence.

Jenny went on to say Rick arrived later on, asked her what
her name was before he poured himself a drink without saying
much else to her. “Didn’t you feel uncomfortable being
in his room with only your bra and panties?” I asked while
gasping in shock. Jenny explained it felt like she simply
stopped thinking all together.

I stared at her feeling this surge of jealousy that I tried
my best to hide. I could have been there if I had said yes but
I couldn’t blame her because I was too much of a chicken.
“What happened next?” I asked as my face continued
to blush. Jenny frowned at me once before telling me Rick
and her made out before he stripped her naked and asked her
to climb onto his bed.

I imagined how she looked totally naked on his bed and how
he must have looked at her with lust in his eyes while he undressed.
To some who read this my inner thoughts may sound disgusting
and I apologize. But for me the idea of being in the hotel
room with a stranger for only one purpose made me tingle
all over.

Jenny then said when they were both naked on the bed together;
he kissed her and explored her body for quite a long time.
Along the way she explained he asked her to do certain things
while his cock got hard. She admitted to being very turned
on after he played with her pussy for a few minutes. And Jenny
confessed to sucking his cock until he began to grunt his

“And?” I asked holding my breath hearing her sorted
account of her afternoon frolic. Jenny blushed and said
he pulled her legs apart and penetrated her carefully at
first until they were locked together. “Then he really
went hard and I just laid there holding on and waited for
him to cum, ” she said. “He did get me excited when we
were connected, ” Jenny added. According to her account
their union was more intense than she thought it would be.

My head felt dizzy as I sat there trying to imagine what it
had been like while feeling my panties completely soaked.
My new best friend had just spent the afternoon fucking
a rock star and I spent my afternoon in our dorm room. Jenny
and I attended the concert and have a great time but I never
could stop remembering her description of her afternoon.

Sometimes in life an opportunity comes along only once
but that particular afternoon became my fantasy from then
on. I went on to graduate from college and remained friends
with Jenny for a few more years. I eventually fell in love
with Tom and married him when I was twenty five. And although
my sex life was wonderful and rewarding it never gave me
the kind of rush or thrill that I could have had if I had been
the one who said yes in college.

My fantasy developed and evolved as I grew older. I trembled
at the idea of agreeing to go to a hotel room, being stripped,
having my clothing taking away from me while waiting for
a man I didn’t know to walk in and have sex with me. It made
me wet because of so many different aspects of my fantasy
I never was able to tell anyone including my own husband.
Tom was one of those old fashion guys who married me for many
good reasons but also because I was conservative and always

But I am not suggesting this crazy fantasy of mine was inside
of my thoughts constantly because it wasn’t. Between
my husband, my one child and my career I was too busy to let
ruin my life. But every once in a while when I least expected
it, I would remember that day and my pussy was begin to gush.

And then day when I was in my earlier forties I read in the
paper that Rick the rock star had passed away. Everything
came rushing back into my head as if Jenny and I were back
being eighteen. It was so vivid it felt like it had just happened
a few days earlier. I had no longer than put the paper in the
trash when my phone rang and Jenny of all people was on the
other end. “Did you read the paper today?” she asked.
I knew her voice so well I knew it was Jenny and told I had indeed
just read about Rick. (For the record that was not his real

“I am suddenly in shock, ” she said as I held the phone
to my ear. “Me too.” I said softly to her. Jenny had no
relationship with the man yet she had shared herself once
with him and I understood how that could be hitting her harder
than she ever thought it might. “I feel like crying, ”
she said softly as I waited for her to share what ever emotions
she was suddenly feeling.

Jenny and I chatted for ten minutes or so before she asked
me to be honest and tell her how I really felt when she said
yes and I said no. I no longer felt I was judging her if I did
tell her the truth. “To be honest I was jealous of you after
I went back to our dorm room, ” I responded to her.

Jenny said she had always felt I was jealous but never let
it get in the way of our friendship and she admired me for
being that close of a friend. “It still turns me on when
I think about doing that, ” She said. My mind feared that
I might get too honest and admit it had the same affect on
me. I didn’t respond. But Jenny knew me too well before
she said, “I know it still turns you on too.”

And then she rattled my world when she calmly said, “Let’s
plan a girl’s weekend reunion in Vegas. If you want to
try it for yourself, I can help you. And then you can help
me and we can both relive that day one more time.” I remember
standing there holding the phone to my ear unable to comprehend
what she was really saying to me.

“But what about our husbands?” I asked. Jenny said
something’s are not meant to be public information and
even though we both love our husband’s this is something
we should do just for ourselves. “Think about it and we
can talk next week, ” she said before telling me she thinks
of me often and wished me a good day. It was only two in the
afternoon and my husband and son were not going to be home
for another hour or so. I was in the shower within ten minutes
masturbating as my pussy was dripping from excitement.

I bounced back and forth for a week about actually doing
this. Part of me was convinced it would be a “do over”
of sorts and I could finally experience some of what she
felt when we were eighteen years old. But part of me was also
bothered by the fact I was forty three and married and no
way would this be something I should seriously consider.

Three months later my husband drove me to the airport and
told me to have a great time meeting up with Jenny again.
My plane landed in Vegas and I found Jenny waiting with her
big smile all aglow the moment she spotted me walking towards
her. Of course we were not eighteen and were now in our mid
forties and way past our youthful innocence. We hugged
and held on for so long people passing by us began to give
us ugly glances. “Its great to see you but that other thing
we talked about well I am not sure anymore I want to try it, ”
I finally said feeling guilty for even considering it.

Jenny grabbed my hand as we walked out and hailed a cab. I
quickly learned Jenny had really planned this whole thing
out as I unpacked while she sat on bed chatting way just like
we did back in our small dorm room. I had no longer put my clothing
away when Jenny went to the door that connected to an adjoining
room and opened it. “This is the room we will use for our
college fantasy.”

“You booked two rooms?” I asked. Jenny giggled and
said there was no way in hell we were going to have men back
to the room where we were going to be sleeping. Our first
night was a blur as we went to the casino and had dinner and
a few drinks. Jenny explained that she would dress up sexy
like, attract some men and proposition a safe one for me
while I waited in our other room wearing just my bra and panties
just like she did when she fucked the rock star. I could feel
a lump in my throat as I listened to all the details she had
put into this knowing I could actually do this the next night
if I had the courage to.

I was a complete wreck the rest of our first night as well
the entire second day knowing later that night what I was
going to finally do. I felt all those same fears I had felt
when the band manager had asked me many years before. And
I felt all the excitement and lust I had felt ever since I
had turned down the offer and regretted it.

We ate a light dinner before Jenny and I returned to our room
to get me ready for my adventure. I was shaking in the shower
as I cleaned up and slipped into a very sexy bra and panties
ready for her to inspect. “I’ll be right next door the
entire time. If you scream I will rush in and save you, ”
she explained before slipping into a mini and very revealing

“Time for you to go wait next door where I will lock you
in so you can’t escape because you aren’t wearing much
of anything and your clothes won’t be an option, ”
she giggled while telling me. “Please pick out the right
man, ” I said before she locked me in our extra room to
wait and get even more nervous. An hour passed if not more
as I paced back and forth fearing the door would open any
second and I would be confronted by a stranger who was there
for just one reason. Half of the bottle of wine yet my nerves
were not handling this any better.

What kept me from going was the fact I was so horny and so ready
to be fucked, I couldn’t stand it much longer. I had reached
the point of total abandonment of everything else for the
next hour of my life and stared at the door waiting for him
to walk in. I had nowhere to hide and no way to cover myself
when he did walk in. Jenny assured me she would explain everything
so the man who agreed would come to have sex with me.

And then I nearly screamed when the door flew open and Jenny
appeared smiling at me. “He will be here in a minute or
two, ” she said before closing the door and leaving me
trapped once more with my fantasy and my fears. I didn’t
even have a chance to ask his name or anything about the man
she had picked out for me to give myself to.

I no longer picked up my wine glass when the door opened again
and in walked a rather handsome man around my age or slightly
older. I stood up as I felt his eyes roam over my heaving breasts
before glancing down to my lacy panties which were clinging
to my shape of my pussy. “Hello, ” I said trembling
while looking at him from across the room. He senses my nervousness
while I sensed his masculine desires.

I recall feeling numb as I stood in front him with no way to
cover myself up or appear respectable. He looked constantly
at my white bra and at my panties and smiled making me feel
even more vulnerable. He was rather well dressed but didn’t
appear to be rich either. I guess ordinary would be how I
described him as he offered me a quick smile before walking
to the table with the wine bottle and pouring himself a glass.
I was scared and nervous yet part of me was calm as I watched
him take a glass of wine and drink from it while glancing
over at me once again.

“Your girl friend explained everything. So let’s
just keep this simply ok?” he said with a low tone. I tried
to smile but was probably too nervous to offer him a genuine
smile. I simply nodded yes as we stared at each other for
a full minute drinking our wine from ten feet away. My nipples
had swollen and pushed against the sheer fabric on my bra
as his eyes clearly noticed but didn’t comment.

But I did see a bulge forming in the front of his slacks as
a sexual agreement was being finalized between us. “Remove
your bra, ” he said once without looking at me. I still
will never understand why but I simply reached behind and
felt the clasp come undone. I let it cover me until he looked
back at me and smiled so I pushed the straps off my shoulders
and felt it fall to the floor.

“Very nice. Very, very nice” he said softly again with
a lower gravely tone in his voice. Now topless exposing
my warm breasts to him, he approached me and finally pulled
me into his arms. I simply let myself go and enjoyed our first
kiss even though there were no emotions between us other
than lust in our hearts. His hands were strong and he held
me firmly as my breasts crushed against his shirt during
our embrace.

Our first kiss lingered as neither of us had the desire to
pull back and end it anytime soon. I could hear his breathing
deepen as did mine during our embrace even though we were
complete strangers. And when our lips did part my soon to
be lover reached out and cradled my breasts in his hands
while I stood gasping for air. I looked down and watched
as his hands holding my breasts while his fingers pinched
my nipples. My flesh could feel his touch yet my mind was
still not able to accept the fact this was truly happening
to me.

“Your husband is a lucky man, ” he said once as he held
my warm breasts in his hands and seemed pleased so far with
my performance. “Thank you, ” I said softly no longer
able to form a complete sentence. It was my first and only
experience at a sexual encounter purely for pleasure and
it no longer frightened me. The man sensed I was melting
and would no other object as he stepped back and began to
undress while I stared at him.

“Go turn down our bed, ” he said as I pulled the comforter
down and fluffed the pillows just like he asked of me. When
I turned back the man was standing naked with a dangerous
looking engorged shaft pointing at me. I think that moment
did cause some concerns to return but only for a brief second.
I had to face the fact I was going to feel that hard cock inside
of me and he was going to fuck me.

I realized I still had my panties on and felt the need to show
him I was more than ready for him so I reached down and pulled
at the waist band of my panties. I was trembling inside but
I never stopped as my panties slipped down exposing my dark
trimmed hair and pink swollen pussy.

Even I could smell my scent filling the room as he joined
me and soon our lust took hold of us and we both lost it completely.
Neither of us spoke again although at times he moaned and
I whimpered. Within ten minutes of seeing him for the first
time, I was lying on a bed with my legs spread while this man
used his fingers to explore my body.

And whether it was so bizarre that it turned me on so quickly
or the fact he knew what he was doing, it no longer mattered.
Once he began to lick my juices and taste my womanhood he
forced a mind altering climax from inside of me to erupt.
And when I sucked his hard thick cock he pulled me around
so he could continue licking my pussy at the same time. Drops
of pre cum oozed from his shaft as my tongue would lick them
up before pushing his throbbing organ to the back of my throat.

It was the unleashing of primal desires that we both sought
to fulfill. I let go of all the bottled up aggression I had
hid away as talented tongue kept flicking over my wet clit
forcing it become unbearably sensitive. And then for the
first time I felt this dam inside of me burst and I sprayed
my juices all over his face. I didn’t have time to digest
what my pussy had just done.

I was quickly tossed to the other side of the bed as he pushed
me onto my back and pulled me legs apart. I remember lying
there panting while thinking that this was really going
to happen to me after all these years. And then as I stared into his eyes I felt the fat head of his
shaft push up into me. He was thick, actually much thicker
than I was use to with my husband as he bore down on me even
more until his cock fit perfectly inside of me. My inner
muscles gripped him firmly as my juices flowed as our lubrication.
Bracing himself with his arms he stared down at my face and
then moved to see his hard cock wedged between my pink pussy
lips. His hair shaft was dark and I could feel his large balls
resting against my ass.

And he held himself like that without moving a muscle for
a few long torrid seconds. “We are going to both remember
this for the rest of our lives, ” he said to me before beginning
the ordeal of fucking me to completion. From then on it was
just animal lust that seized me as his shaft pressed in and
out of me without showing any signs of ending his pleasure
or mine.

I lost control at one point from the intensity of what I was
feeling and scratched at his hairy chest while taking the
pounding he was providing me. “Your cock is fucking amazing
and so are you, ” I said once or twice which only made him
get more violent on top of me. And then for the first time
I felt some discomfort as he began to grow more rigid inside
of me to the point I felt as stretched as I could have been
stretched. His intensity was unreal as he consumed me for
breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time.

It felt like someone had inserted a balloon inside of my
pussy and the kept blowing it up as I gasped under the pressure.
Covered in my sweat and his I felt him lunged one more hard
time and then his shaft expanded and erupted deep within
my womanhood. The air rushed from my lungs as he pumped again
and again until his balls were finally draining into me.
And yet he still did not stop pumping in and out of me as his
cum was pouring out of me forming a stick pool as it ran down
the crack of my ass.

I felt exhausted and completely used by the time he was empty
and I filled. He kept his hard shaft inside of me for a few
more minutes as our bodies needed to calm down along with
our minds. I finally took a deep breath when he climbed off
of me without his weight bearing down on my chest. He smiled
while looking at my reddened flesh and messy pussy as he
walked into the bathroom leaving me to deal with the mess
while he showered. I laid there alone on the bed where he
had violated me so perfectly and floated as if I was on a cloud.
He appeared seconds later, dressed and left without saying
anything else to me.

I managed to somehow stand up and rush into the bathroom
as his stick warm cum leaking out and ran down my inner thighs
all the way into the shower. I somehow settled myself as
life returned to me slowly at first. Jenny was soon in the
bathroom with me asking if I was alright and if she had picked
a good partner for me. “Amazing. Simply amazing, ”
I replied to her as she giggled and left me to finish cleaning

My lover and stranger was not a rock star but I did feel satisfied
with what the fantasy was supposed to be like after all.
I did return the favor and found Jenny a stranger who pleased
her the next night based on the her moans I heard her make
while I waited next door in our regular room.

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AWESOME then so awesome indeed !


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It wasn't the fantasy I expected, but then you write
very well and your stories and reality are always enjoyable
and stimulating.

Now fill me in on when you & Jenny finally explored each

Great writing, please continue.


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Very well written. Submit more stories. Thanks.


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Fantastic story and writing , as usual--------Great read
, Thank You


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Great story!!! Keep writing them


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nice story


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WOW What a great story, it shows how much fun and passion
can be had ny strangers, Please keep the stories coming


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We have missed your wonderful stories, keep them coming.


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THAT'S what friends are for. Good for you!


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Wow! Most interesting read which kept my attention the
entire time. Thanks


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Great story. More wives ought to do this....


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Good to have you back posting stories again!


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Thank you again for posting. Your stories are always well
constructed and very cleverlay reveal the tensions and
emotions of your(self) characters. Thank you.


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Erotically and sensually written, it is one of the better
stories I've read on this site. You didn't rush
your plot, and slowed down with vivid details at the key
points. Excellent job.

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.


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whew very amazing story makes me want to visit Vegas and
hope somebody picks me to help with a fantasy


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Outstanding story! Very well written!


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good read.. loved it