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I told me wife to cheat and save our marriage


My wife and I separated for a year around my fifth birthday.
We had been high school sweet hearts and had spent practically
all of our lives together. Mary and I both knew we still loved
each other but also knew we needed our own space and some
alone time to figure out if we wanted to stay together or
end our thirty five year relationship. Having spent more
of our lives together than apart only made our decision

And our, time out, was not out of anger and in fact we both
were very civil towards one another. She helped me buy some
new furniture and even came over to the apartment I rented
to help me decorate it. Our home was paid for so we decided
now was not the time to sell it in case we decided after our
one year break to get back together. So I would live my apartment
and my wife would live in our home. I might add here our three
grown kids were extremely upset and didn’t like our plans
at all.

And the day I moved into my apartment was much sadder than
I thought it would be. I needed my time alone as did she, but
when the time came to say good bye, I believe we both had a
few tears in our eyes. My wife is a good woman but the spark
we had when we were young, had left and in fact we had not made
love in over two years. At times I wanted to and she was not
in the mood and other times Mary would hint about it, but
I ignored her. We were two people who had forgotten how to
have fun together.

But the one thing we both agreed upon during our year apart,
was that neither of us would have sex with other people.
Mary and I both understood that if either of got to that point,
it most likely would make our separation permanent. Heck,
I didn’t think it would be an issue since I had had already
gone two years and didn’t figure my sex drive would return
anytime soon. And the last thing I could have ever dealt
with was the idea of some other man fucking my wife. She had
been a virgin when I met her and I feared she wouldn’t adjust
well to being fucked by someone else.

I still saw her as sexy and attractive but her mental approach
to sex and to life in general was vanilla. Mary was five feet,
four, rather round and curvy with slender legs, great boobs
yet she wore outfits that covered up everything that was
womanly about her.

Things went smoothly for me for the first couple months
although I was bored a lot more than I imagined I would be.
The only real exciting thing I did was I stopped by an adult
book store one Saturday night and bought a porn video. I
hadn’t seen one in years and since I was now living alone
I figured it would not be insulting to my wife if I watched
one again. Immediately I was surprised at how horny I was
once again becoming even if it was not involving a woman.

And then our oldest grandson’s birthday rolled around
and I knew I would see my wife for the first time in seven weeks.
But I never expected to see my wife with her new hair style
flashy outfit and bright smile. Immediately I felt like
she was adjusting a lot better to living apart than I was.

“Hi honey, ” she said as she leaned down towards me
on the lawn chair and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. Obviously
all our children had seen this new “Mary” and I was the
only one taken back by her surprise. “You look great, ”
I remember saying as she smiled and sat next to me to chat
for a while. Of course all our children and their spouses
stayed away I am sure hoping we would work this out and get
back together.

My wife had always had a stylish figure with ample breasts
and beautiful hips that were delightful to admire now that
she no longer hid them. Suddenly she appeared more confident
in her sexuality and was showing off her assets. “What
have you been doing?” she asked. I explained just working
and watching baseball on TV. “Dating yet?” she asked
which floored me. I remember shaking my head no while wondering
if she was telling me she was now going on dates with other

“Are you?” I asked her after catching my breath from
the shock while some jealousy surged inside of me. Mary
giggled and shook her head no but admitted a few men at her
work had asked her out. The rest of the afternoon was a mixed
bag for me as I enjoyed being with my family and my wife yet
not feeling good about the idea of her dating at some point.

And when I got back to my apartment later that afternoon,
my dick was hard as a rock when I watched a porn flick and imagined
Mary fucking some man. I didn’t have to stroke for more
than two minutes before I shot a huge load everywhere. It
bothered me as well as excited me especially after seeing
the new woman she had become.

A few days passed before I decided I had to call her to discuss
the dating issue in depth. “Hello. You again? ” she
said giggling as she knew who was on the other end.
I knew this woman so well yet it suddenly felt like I didn’t
know her at all. “Well do you think we should start dating
other people”? I finally asked her fearing what she might
say. “I think we should both have some freedom and fun, ”
she replied shocking me even more. “What kind of fun?”
I asked now very concerned that my marriage was moving closer
to a divorce than to getting back together at the end of the

My heart was breaking while my dick remained hard and rigid.
My wife remained silent for a very long time obvious trying
to choose her words carefully. “Listen. We both need
to get out around other people. If it means a date every now
and then, what would be the harm?” she finally said and
went silent. I didn’t have the right to stop her and I knew
Mary would not fuck someone else, because she was the one
who had insisted that sex had to be off limits for both of

So the next month passed and I sat around each night wondering
if my wife was on a date and was falling for some other guy.
I on the other hand had no interest in dating mostly because
I had no one I knew who was single who would want to date me
just for fun. I also realized it is much easier for women
to find dates since single guys are always on the prowl.

How I dealt with tension was to buy more and more porn videos
which were quickly becoming my addiction. I also started
talking to our three kids more often hoping one of them would
slip up and tell me something about their mother that she
didn’t want me to know. But it didn’t work as I spent
my nights in the corner bar or home watching porn.

Four months into our separation I was at the bar one night
when Mary walked in apparently looking for me. Instantly
every guy in the bar checked her out as her hips made an immediate
impression. “Hi” I think I said surprised that she
found me. “Judy told me you come here often, ” she replied.
Judy was our oldest daughter who I talk to more than the other
two kids.

My wife asked me to join her at a table so we could talk. “I’m
worried about you. Judy tells me you are all alone all the
time, ” she said first as her eyes began to water slightly.
Her hair looked great, her outfit made her look hot and her
perfume was giving me a hard on as I sat across from her. “I’m
doing ok, ” I replied. “Are you saying you’re dating
all the time?” I asked since she brought up she was worried
because was alone. My wife explained she just goes out with
a group of friends and even though some are men, it’s not
like a real date.

I ordered another beer for us as we sat in the corner feeling
more like strangers than as husband and wife. I can’t
say I was madly in love with her anymore than when we were
living together but my sexual desire for her was now off
the charts. I sat there wondering how do you go about asking
the woman you have been married to for all those years, if
she wanted to come back to my place and spend the night.

By our fourth beer my wife was getting looped as was I when
I suggested she pay me a visit sometime at my apartment.
Giggling my wife shook her head yes to the idea and said she
was ready for the visit right now, if my offer was still on
the table. The whole situation was simply so bizarre when
we left the bar even though we were still legally married
it felt like a one night stand.

Once inside my apartment, Mary and I embraced and although
she felt familiar she also felt different when we kissed
each other. I had forgotten how soft and how warm she felt
as her breasts pushed tight to my chest as our lips meshed
like hot pokers. “I really need this tonight, ” she
muttered as I pulled her top over her head and got a look at
her sexy lacy bra barely holding her huge melons in place.
Obviously my wife had also bought new lingerie and was no
longer wearing those boring ones she use to claim were more

We had gone two years without sex and suddenly after a few
months apart, we were both on fire. I also quickly noticed
my wife had lost a few pounds and must have been working out
because her stomach was flatter than it had been in years.
We somehow made it to my bedroom as she removed her skirt
while I undressed and climbed onto my bed with my shaft standing
straight up. Every ounce of sexual energy was ready for
the woman as I watched her strip for me.

She was a sex goddess and nothing like I remembered her to
be when we did make love over the years. Her passion and her
lust were on display as we embraced and felt our bare flesh
once again touching. My wife’s nipples are thick and
her areola’s are dark and inviting. She whimpered as
I wrapped my lips onto each nipple and began to suck her back
to life. “Oh it feels so good, ” she said as I sucked
her nipples slowly wanting to savor every second.

She was eager and willing when I pulled her legs apart and
began to lick her sweet honey nectar once again. Her pussy
was ripe and juicy so once her scent got into my head, there
was no stopping me any longer. She jerked and tensed up the
longer I drove her towards her orgasm. And then she cried
out as I felt her climax and tasted the results. Looking
up her wide hips were a marvel as her legs remained open for
me to mount her.

And as my thick shaft squeezed into her warm wet hole I thought
I was going to pass out. I had forgotten how tight she was
and how horny she could become. “Come on baby, Fuck me
real hard, ” she muttered as I began to thrust in and out
of her pussy. Again I was shocked at the language she was
using yet it only served to stir me even more. I didn’t
know what my wife had done to change herself so much but I
was enjoying just the same. Mary had always enjoyed being
bred but now she was literally uncontrollable as my shaft
pumped hard into her.

We had just gotten into a nice steady rhythm during our fuck,
when she said to me, “I need to tell you something.”
Almost on the verge of going out of my mind I stopped fucking
her tight pussy and looked at her beautiful expression
of pure pleasure. The woman was an amazing sexual creature
that I had taken for granted all those years. And then she
dropped the nuclear bomb on me. “I slept with someone
else, ” she said as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

There is no way to describe the range of emotions that hit
me all at once. Anger, rage, jealousy, lust and a sick feeling
while my cock remained gripped securely by her pussy. “It
just happened. I didn’t know how to tell you, ” she
said while sobbing. “Is that why you came here to fuck
me and make me feel better?” I asked as my shaft continued
to throb inside of her but I did not move it an inch.

“No I wanted to make love with you and recapture what we
had before we split up, ” she said. But as angry as I was,
my manly needs needed to be met as I began to fuck her with
total abandonment for the next five minutes. I have never
treated my wife so rough nor had I ever felt as much pressure
as I did at that moment.

With each punishing thrust I imagined some other man’s
cock feeling her pleasure as much as I was. My balls sucked
up tight to my body as my shaft stiffened before I exploded
inside of her cunt like never before. Once I had cum, I climbed
off her quickly and went to clean myself up feeling upset
and disgusted with myself and with her.

Mary sobbed on my bed but I refused to speak with her afraid
I might lose control. I paced back and forth in my living
room for an hour hoping she would simply get dressed and
leave me alone to sort out my true feelings. Eventually
I walked back into my bedroom and found her curled up in the
fetal position sleeping in my bed. Still naked I covered
her with a sheet and blanket and grabbed my pillow before
crawling onto the sofa and going to sleep myself.

When I awoke the next morning, my wife was gone leaving my
world turned upside down. She called me around noon but
I didn’t answer. It only made matters worse when I took
the sheets off my bed; the scent of our recent fuck filled
my head which hit home that she had done that same thing with
some other man. She called again at two and then at three
but I didn’t pick up.

Then at six, our daughter Karen called seemingly upset
and concerned about her mother. “Mom’s been crying
all day long. Did you two have a fight?” she asked. And
even though I wanted to tell our daughter that her mother
was a whore, I refrained and assured Karen I would call her
mother back and comfort her. Karen thanked me and told me
she loved us both so much and didn’t want either of us hurt
any longer.

I paced the floor with a wide range of thoughts popping into
my head. I was concerned of course for Mary yet still angry
with her. One second I would pick up the phone ready to call
and the next I my mind would wonder if he had a big cock? Did
he make her cum quicker than I had? How did my wife react when
he slammed his shaft up into her tight hole? I kept visualizing
her big melons bouncing on her chest while he pounded her
during their fuck. And then I would feel sad for her and tried
my best to forgive her.

I finally dialed our home number and waited as Mary answered
the phone immediately telling me over and over how truly
sorry she was. She claimed it was a big mistake and how she
just got carried away and didn’t want to lose me over one
mistake. For reasons I can’t explain much of my anger
had disappeared as I listened to her frantic tone.

“What was his name and how did you meet him?” I asked
after she calmed down. My wife explained his name was Mick
and that he was a friend of a woman she worked with. They had
stopped for drinks a few times after work and it got late.
He suggested she come over to his place for one more. “Was
he good?” I asked after she paused again. Mary gasped
on the other end of the phone. “It was just sex. I am not
and will never be in love with him. We just kissed and before
I knew it we were on his bed naked, ” she said softly.

My mind again visualized my not so innocent wife naked on
another man’s bed with her soft tits being played with
by another man’s hands. How his eager hands must have
also explored her trimmed pussy she was offering him to
enjoy. How she must have whimpered and made her funny sounds
when she gets aroused. I needed to shut my mind off and told
Mary I had to go for now but we would talk more another time.

I had to come to grips with the fact I would never see Mary
the same ever again. Whether we were now at the end of our
marriage I did not know. For the next few days all my waking
thoughts were of her being fucked by some other man. It pissed
me off yet made me hard as well. I watched porn video after
porn video and pretending the woman in the movie to be Mary.

Apparently my innocent wife was not really so innocent
after all. I became obsessed with the idea of watching her
being fucked, just like I watched the porn videos nightly.
Some might say that is sick but in the mental state of mind
I was in, it seemed to be the only way I could forgive her.

My wife called nightly as we chatted although I kept my private
thoughts to myself. She continued to apologize over and
over and I pretended I had forgiven her when the truth was
I hadn’t. One night after a brief lull in our chat, my wife
giggled and told me how much she enjoyed herself when she
visited my apartment even though the news she brought with
her wrecked it for us. “We could do that some more?”
she said suggestively.

Without thinking I replied back, “Or we could add another
man and try a threesome.” My wife may have changed a lot
since we separated but I never thought she had changed that
much. Mary was sexual and intense as a lover but also a very
private person. The silence on the other end of the phone
went on forever. Finally after a full minute of not speaking
I broke our silence and said, “Well it was just an idea
but I didn’t think you would go for it, so no harm in mentioning

“I guess I am just very shocked, ” she replied speaking
extremely softly. My forty eight year old wife was surprising
me again as I waited for her to say something more. “Would
it help you forgive me if I said yes?” she asked. My head
was spinning as the Mary I once knew, didn’t even like
to make love with a lamp on in the bedroom and now she might
be willing to be part of a threesome.

I still felt hurt and angry but also very aroused as I thought
about how to respond. “I am not sure. But it would like
to see if I could handle you being with another man while
I watched and didn’t just hear about it afterwards, ”
I said. Mary quickly asked me what happened if I couldn’t
handle watching her with another man. Quite honestly we
both knew the answer to that question. But she wanted me
to spell it out so I did. “Well I guess I will just leave
the room and let you finish. But we both know if that happened,
it would then be the end of our marriage, ” I said to her.

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, ” she
said softly to me. “I know but I think about it all the time
and think this is the only way I will have find peace with
what has happened, ” I said honestly back to her. Mary
was silent for a just a few seconds before telling she felt
the same way and told me to find a man I trusted and give her
at least a few days to mentally prepare beforehand.

When I hung up the phone my hands were literally shaking
as my nerves were going crazy. What had I just done and what
had Mary agreed to do in order to try and save our marriage?
I was scared, concerned but also very aroused when my mind
visualized her on my bed being fucked by another man. In
all my years of being a man I never thought the day would come
when I would want to witness that sort of thing. But the truth
was I did want to see it and prayed I could have the strength
to not over react.

It took me over a week to accept it and then try and figure
out which male friend I was going to share my wife with. And
during that week Mary and I chatted each night as we seemed
to be getting closer as husband and wife even though we both
knew what we were about to do as a couple. She was amazing
and even admitted she was as scared as she was excited about
the threesome.

How does a couple stayed married for all those years, become
strangers without realizing it and then come back together
as a couple of sexual freaks. But apparently that is what
happened to Mary and me along our way. A few more weeks passed
and then I called her at ten like I always did. “Hi honey,
how are you?” she asked happy to hear from me. “Great,
how was your day?” I asked her wanting to sound ordinary
until I broke the news to her.

“How does Saturday night work for you around nine?”
I said without saying anymore. My heart was in my throat
as Mary did not respond yet I could hear her breathing on
the other end of the phone. After a long pause she replied,
“That will work. I finished my period last week so I should
be ok, ” she said calmly while I grew more nervous. The
intensity of it was hitting me yet I felt myself stirring
the longer I lingered on the phone with her.

We were both silent for the next couple seconds obviously
thinking about what we were about to do five days away. “I
Love you, ” she said as our conversation grew to an end.
“I love you too. See you Saturday at nine, ” I told her
before we hung up. I needed to get my mind off of the threesome
but it was all I could think about as I buried myself in porn
videos and masturbation.

And by ten minutes to nine on Saturday night I was pacing
my apartment like an expected father. Mary arrived on time
looking absolutely radiant. She had picked out a rather
sexy top and short skirt with heels as she smiled and walked
passed me in search of the man I selected I spun her around,
pulling her into my arms as we kissed quite passionately.
Her black hair and perfume were intoxicating as our lips
meshed together.

“Jim is not here yet. I told him to show up at nine thirty, ”
I said as my wife pulled back looking quite sexy and calm.
I handed her a glass of wine as we sat on the sofa holding hands
while waiting for the man who was going to fuck her to arrive.
“You look great, ” I said to my wife as she squirmed
more the closer to nine thirty it became. I felt this odd
calm while my nerves were wound up tight. I still couldn’t
believe this was really going to happen.

“Let’s set the mood, ” she said. We talked briefly
about how to do that and decided she would strip down to her
bra and panties and wait in the bedroom before walking out
to meet Jim. I would put a porn video in that we could all watch
and get us aroused. Her eyes widened when she watched the
first fuck scene on my TV start. I sat at her side and listened
as her breathing picked up quickly.

My wife had developed a sexual motor indeed and had to be
feeling her ripe pussy getting juicier by the second. I
didn’t say a word when I reached under her skirt while
she stared at the TV with two people fucking like crazy.
My fingers soon reached her panties as she gasped slightly
once I realized how soaked they really were. “It’s
time honey. Go strip down for Jim, ” I whispered to her
as she rose from the sofa without saying a word and walked
into my bedroom.

Jim was this rather big, well built man I had met at the local
bar who always seemed to be on the hunt for women or so it told
me almost every night we sat there drinking together. When
I had mentioned the threesome idea to him he immediately
said he would love to give it a try. I just didn’t’ tell
him the woman was my wife and made up some story about this
woman who wanted to try a threesome.

After handing him a beer I realized it was now or never. I
was about to ask my wife to come out and meet Jim wearing very
little. “Jim is here, why you don’t come out and meet
him, ” I yelled out while she waited in my bedroom. My
cock was already filling with blood as I held my breath.
I was to the left of Jim when she appeared in front of us smiling.
I noticed and no doubt Jim noticed her big melons bouncing
on her chest as she approached him appearing a little shy
and very nervous.

I simply marveled at her sexuality as she put it on display.
Her big tits were packed into her lacy bra and her panties
had already begun to cling to her wet crack. She reached
Jim, smiled at me briefly and pressed her lips to his before
she even spoke. Indeed my wife knew her role for the night
and wasted no time getting into it. My wife had somehow discovered
the attitude it took to go along with her body which had always
been made for hard fucking. And it first it bothered me a
little to watch her being so aggressive with Jim but it also
made my dick hard in the process.

Her breasts crushed against his chest during their embrace
before she finally backed away and walked into my arms to
kiss me feeling hotter than white coals. Jim and I passed
Mary back and forth for only a few minutes as the heat we all
were creating was getting the best of us. It felt like one
second we were kissing her and the next we led her to my bedroom
to continue the fun.

My wife was breathing like a steam engine over heated from
a long haul as Jim and she continued their torrid connection.
I had to constantly tell myself to remain calm and watch
her having fun. Jim’s hands began to roam and soon he was
massaging her big breasts causing her to whimper. Not sure
what to do I walked behind her and unhooked her bra. Mary
didn’t object or say a word when I let it slip off her shoulders
in front of Jim. The lust in his eyes looked intense as he
stared down at her large melons and immediately reached
for them. My wife stood trembling from his firm touch.

I had already stripped and my raging cock was pulsating
and all I was doing was watching the two of them finish their
warm up. . Jim finally let go of Mary as she kissed me and whispered
to me asking if I was doing ok so far. “You’re doing great, ”
I whispered back as we giggled while Jim removed his jeans
and shorts. Kissing her I felt my wife’s nipples hard
like darts pressing against my chest while she managed
to straddle my erection letting it slide against her wet
pussy lips. It was driving me insane because Jim’s fat
cock was soon going to be pushed up into her while I stood
by watching her being taken.

And when we let go of each other knowing we had to but neither
of truly wanted to, I saw Jim already on the bed with his massive
shaft pointing at the ceiling waiting for Mary. She swung
her head back to me with some concern since Jim was quite
large compared to me. “You’ll be just fine, ” I said
as I reached down and slid her panties over her wide hips
so she could step from them.

At that point I was more interested in watching than in participating
as Jim and my wife began to grind against each other with
such lust, I would have only gotten in their way. They kissed
and touched and went after each other as if they were old
time lovers although in reality they had never met before.
But nature has a way of putting that behind when lust explodes
between a man and a woman.

I had to come to grips with the fact she was indeed going to
be fucked hard whether I liked it or not. Jim was a strong
powerful kind of male and soon gained control of my wife
as he began to explore every inch of her womanhood. “Oh
my. Oh my” she began to mumbled as his tongue licked up
her sweet juices making sure he darted over her clit each
and every time.

“It feels so good, ” she said to me once as I stood on
the side of the bed while she flopped her head back and forth
before crashing into an orgasm and full speed. As she began
to calm a little Jim asked me if I wanted to taste her but I
told him he had her hot so he might as well finish and I would
then take my turn. As far as my wife was concerned she was
in a world of her own and most likely didn’t hear a word
we said.

Jim laid on his back as I watched her return the favor and
began sucking his large, ugly cock. The veins bulged on
the sides as the thing looked purple and dangerous to me.
Mary was into it rather easily as she forced more blood into
his rigid dick. “Fuck me. She is good, ” Jim told me
once while resting on his back enjoying her working on him.
I didn’t like hearing him talk like that about my wife,
even if it was apparently true.

Jim a full sack and large balls which needed draining before
he would be finished with her. My wife continued sucking
for as long as he wanted before she was tossed onto her back.
“Spread you legs baby, ” he told her as he got into position
to mount her. Even though Mary and I had made love thousands
of times, nothing compared to watch I was witnessing.

“Kiss me, ” she said to me before he was on top of her.
I leaned over the bed and pressed my lips to hers before Jim
took over. First thought were jumbled and confusing to
me. My wife looked horny but also very nervous. I realized
once Jim entered her she would have no way of stopping him
before he filled with his cum. That alone has to be scary
for all women although she had been through it thousands
of times in her life.

My wife’s pussy’s hair was dark and matted from her
wetness so her pink swollen lips appeared to look like ripe
juicy peaches. I moved closer and waited as Jim guided his
shaft to her crack before ramming the head of it into her.
My wife’s mouth came open and her eyes rolled to the back
of her head the moment she felt him filling her for the first
time. “Don’t hurt her, ” I said to him somewhat concerned
at his aggressive style. But he didn’t respond and forced
his cock into her until his balls slapped against her ass.

Then it hit me that Mary belonged to him for as long as he could
last and I had to be patient and calm. I had one odd thought
from the very start of their fuck. Nature has reasons for
how things work and the female gets a baby sometimes as her
reward for enduring what the male does to her while breeding.

My wife was enduring and struggled at first but amazingly
settled into a hard rhythm with Jim quicker than I expected.
“Oh my goodness. He is so fucking big, ” she said a few
times while his shaft rammed in and slowly pulled out of
her wet hole. I stood stupid like realizing this didn’t
feel like a porn video at all. It was real life and real sex
and no one was pretending or acting.

My wife’s wide hips fit his frame perfectly as I watched
from the end of the bed trying to see everything I could possibly
see. All I can say is that Jim was definitely fucking my wife
as her lips stretched around his shaft while he pumped into
her over and over. “Come on baby. Fuck me real hard, ”
she said once urging him to get after her even more than he

Her tits bounced up and down, her eyes were locked on his,
her flesh was wet with sweat and her sexual organs were getting
one hell of a work out. And Jim bore down even harder as the
two of them went hyper about the same time. The only way to
describe it would be to call it violent, intense pleasure.
Watching her I realized she was a different woman than the
one I had moved out on months before.

Jim began to make animal like growling sounds from deep
within his chest as she held on for dear life knowing he was
about to fill her with his stick brew. Her lips pressed to
his as he pounded her hard until I felt the air leaving her
lungs and sensed she was feeling his throbbing cock begin
to spasm deep inside of her pussy. “Oh yes, Oh yes, ”
she said as he pumped and pumped until he was drained and
she was a complete mess.

When Jim did eventually pull out of her, I looked down and
saw her pussy sloppy, stretched open and leaking a river
of white goo. I didn’t say a word as I climbed on top of her
and pressed my lips to hers. “Now I want you to fuck me and
then move back into the house after tonight, ” she said
as Jim had already left to clean up leaving just my wife and
I on my bed. I told Mary I would do both and began to enjoy her
juicy pussy like never before. I lasted less than a minute
before I added my sperm to his inside of her.

Mary and I remained married and live together to this day
which made our children very happy. Of course they don’t
know what they parents did to work things out and of course
we never told them. But we learned our lessons during those
ten months apart and rediscovered how to have fun as a couple
all over again. And yes we continued to explore things discreetly
with other men for a few more years and enjoyed it immensely.

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nice story. tell us how it went over the next few years with
other men.


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A good story. I have been "Jim" a few times and
most times enjoyed it enormously.


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I let my wife have a boyfriend for over two years I watched
them Fuck over and over 2/ 3 times a day. And enjoyed every
min After they would finish I would eat her then have sex.
I never came so much and hard...\8


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Nicely written and very erotic. I felt your emotions loud
and clear.


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Wonderful I to am the other man its most exotic in life! Some
folks have a hard time with age! Sex is so much better now
than ever!


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Congrats on a fabulous story. I would have rated it more
highly but 'excellent' is as far as it goes.


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Very good story. I have been the other guy a few times and
always loved it.

Would love to watch another guy take my wife but she will
never go for that.


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Fantastic, just like it is supposed to be.


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Awesome. When my wife had an affair that I knew was happening,
I was os hot for her... I couldn't get enough of her.
We fucked and loved each other more intensely than ever.
Unfortunately, my wife decided that she did not want to
do so any longer and felt guilty for doing so. Now, our sex
is like many others... boring and passive.


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I loved when my wife had a lover on the side, she was so much
more sexy. When she had a lover she took so much better care
of herself, makeup, hair, clothing. I could always tell
when she was going to meet with her lover from the way she
dressed. I could never complain as when she came home she
always, made love to me. It was exciting to know that not
too long before some other man had made love to my wife and
used her to his pleasure.


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Very good story. Such a novel way to overcome marital stagnation.
Hope we can read more from you.