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I slept with my son's best friend


This is my version of the story which was posted by my husband
on here several months ago.

When our two sons went off to college I was lonely and miserable
as my once busy home was suddenly silent and empty. Rick,
my husband saw our empty home just the opposite of how I saw
it. He claimed we were now free just like when we were first
married. But I had just spent twenty years being mom and
to our son’s and the extra mother to all their friends.

As a mother I poured every bit of myself into making their
childhoods a wonderful as I could. I cleaned, baked and
fussed over them, like all good mothers do. So when they
left, I suddenly had no one was left to cook for or fuss over.
It was just Rick and I alone so we didn’t even sit down and
eat together. We simply grabbed a bite before hand or went
out for dinner when we got home from work.

I watched my sons and their friends grow up from little boys
into handsome young men. It was especially interesting
for me when they all went through puberty. Being a woman
I never really knew or understood how it affected boys.
First came a little facial hair and then one day all their
voices grew deeper. It continued to progress until shaving
was a regular if not daily ritual for all of them as well.
So by the time they were eighteen my son’s friends were
handsome young men who also had roaming eyes especially
in the summer months when I wore less cover. And as you can
tell from my profile photo I have ample breasts which all

More than once I was in the kitchen making my son’s and
their friends something to eat and I would hear a few words
but only enough to realize it had something to do with me.
But they were still good kids and respectful most of the
time. I was still shocked when I cleaned my son’s rooms
and discovered playboys and other men’s magazines hidden
or so they thought.

When I mentioned my discovery to Rick in bed that night in
bed my husband laughed and explained that was just part
of what boys go through. Obviously I realized my son’s
had interest in girls but wanted them to stay little boys
for as long as I could. But they eventually began dating
and I assumed experimenting and had to accept their transition
into manhood.

I will also admit that having our home empty did offer Rick
and me more sexual freedom. We didn’t have to make sure
our bedroom door was locked each night. I had become world
champion at the silent orgasm for years since I would have
died if either of my boys would have heard me moaning through
an orgasm. And I could also wake up and throw on a t shirt and
roam into my kitchen in my panties to make our coffee.

I quickly discovered our home never got dirty nor was there
a mountain of laundry that needed washing. So many evenings
while Rick watched sports, I curled up with a romance novel
and turned myself on. By the time we went to bed, my husband
became aware of my interest in fooling around more than
ever before. I admit our sex life had a rebirth of sorts because
we no longer had to sneak around or wait for just the right
moment to be intimate.

But the worse times were when my husband had to be on the road
for his job and I had no one to talk to or cook for. I was only
forty four years old and suddenly felt like I was part of
the senior group. And over the following months I didn’t
want to complain to Rick each time he got off the road but
he could tell I was bummed out.

Of course the best times were when our son’s John or Harry
would come home for a weekend along with some of the now grown
childhood buddies. And that worked for me for about a year
although I still missed the good old days. One particular
Friday when Rick got home from a weeklong trip, he sensed
I needed some fun and told me to get ready because we were
going to go out and have a burger and a few beers. I might add
her paying for two kids in college zapped most of our extra
money, so going out was a real treat for me.

I slipped into my tight jeans and rather sexy top and off
we went to the bar. My spirits were soaring of course as we
talked with some old friends and enjoyed ourselves immensely.
We were just about to order when out of nowhere Tim, a friend
of our oldest son walked up and said hi. Rick shook his hand
as I jumped off my bar stood and gave him a big hug. Tim had
always been one of my favorites since he was just a little
boy. Just the rush of emotions I felt seeing him again were
just what I needed.

Tim joined my husband and me as we moved to a table. We all
talked and at one point Rick and I discovered Tim was renting
a room down the street and working to save more money to go
back to school. Apparently his parents had moved after
he graduated from high school and left him on his own. As
a mother of two boys his age, my heart was saddened to hear
his situation.

“We have plenty of room. You can come and stay with us and
save the rent money, ” I heard my husband say as I held
my breath waiting to hear what Tim had to say. I remember
sitting there thinking to myself this would be wonderful
for me even if it was only for a short time. And of course I
had no sexual motives nor did that thought even cross my

Tim moved in one of the guest rooms and the three of us settled
into a routine. Tim worked till eight each night so I kept
his dinner warm for him. I was aware of another male in my
home but it was just Tim, a boy I had helped raise so I just
made sure I was always dressed and of course Rick and I went
back to shutting our bedroom door.

But I never really got to know Tim until Rick went on the road
leaving us alone for an entire week. I ate and was excited
to wait for Tim to come home from work, eat and keep me company.
“How was your day?” I asked him after he washed up and
sat down to eat. Tim and I talked for hours and in the process
drank most of my husband’s beer. When Rick called to see
how we were doing, I probably sounded a little looped and
giggled a great deal.

It was almost midnight when Tim and I said our good nights.
During our chat I discovered that Tim didn’t have a girl
friend and shocked to hear he never had one. I had always
assumed just like my boys, Tim had dated and experimented
over the years. As he put it, he got too nervous around girls
so he never asked anyone out on a date.

It must have been a half hour after we had gone to bed when
I got up to use the bathroom one more time. As I walked down
the hall, I froze in my tracks. I could hear Tim breathing
very hard and realized he was masturbating or so it sounded
to me. I stood shamelessly listening to him gasp for air
until I thought I heard him cum.

Quickly I quietly shut the bathroom door, did what I needed
to do and rushed back to my bedroom both ashamed and a little
excited. My panties were moist but Rick would be home the
next day to take care of what was scratching at me. And when
Rick did get home, he looked at me oddly the moment he stepped
inside the back door.

“Why are you looking at me that way?” I asked after I
gave him a welcome home kiss. My husband has a bit more kink
in him and I knew immediately he had thought about the fact
that Tim and I were alone in our home for the entire night.
“How was your week alone with Tim?” he asked while chuckling
at me as I turned red faced remembering I what I heard Tim

“Don’t even think that sort of thought, ” I said
as I sat down across from him and told him about my night.
Suddenly my husband was all smiles when I told him I thought
I heard Tim masturbating when I went to the bathroom. “Did
you go help the kid out?” he asked. I sat stunned by his
offensive comments. “Of course not. Tim told me he never
had a date in his life, ” I explained to Rick as our conversation
was turning odder by the second.

When my husband and I crawled into bed later that night he
pulled me into his arms as I melted quickly. My mind kept
replaying his comments about helping Tim out ever since
he said them. I was and always had been a respectable woman
and mother and the mere suggestion of doing that was both
insulting yet very arousing. Rick began to assault me as
I laid naked under him on our bed and whimpered the time he
fucked me.

He had just pumped me fill and rolled off so we could clean
up when my husband shocked me by saying, “Take the panties
you wore today and leave them on the bathroom floor.”
Rolling onto my side I responded with, “Why?” Rick
explained that Tim would love to touch them and no doubt
would also sniff them. “That’s disgusting, ” I
replied before rolling over and falling asleep.

When I awoke the next morning I threw on my robe and went to
use the bathroom only to discover a pair of my panties lying
on the floor. Realizing my husband put them there sometime
during the night made me shiver. Had Tim found them and did
what my husband said he would do? I grabbed them and went
back to our bedroom holding them out as proof to my husband
that I was on to his tricks.

“You’re a pig, ” I said as he laughed resting on our
bed with a big smile on his face. “Maybe he didn’t even
see them, ” I said next. My husband assured me he had heard
Tim get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and
was pretty sure Tim enjoyed sniffing my womanly scent.
I felt sick to my stomach and dressed before going to make
his breakfast. Rick left for work and an hour or so later
Tim came wandering in the kitchen.

Just looking into his eyes I knew immediately he had discovered
my panties and probably did exactly what my husband said
he would do. Tim avoided direct eye contact as we sat at the
table and chatted while he ate breakfast. But I can’t
deny the fact I was stirred sitting across from him. My pussy
began to leak as I tried my best to think of something else
other than what my mind was filled with.

When Tim got home from work shortly after eight, Rick and
I were on the patio enjoying the nice summer evening while
sharing a bottle of wine. I had been restless all day thinking
about Tim and realizing he most likely touched my panties.
But no one said a word about it even if all three of us were
thinking the same thoughts.

“Tim, I need your opinion, ” my husband said at one
point. Holding my breath I feared he was going to ask him
what he thought of my scent. And of course my clever husband
avoiding looking at me and getting the stare down which
he knew would come his way. “Sure. What do you need?”
Tim replied as the innocent young man he was.

“Trudy thinks her bra is not sexy and I think it is. Would
you give me your opinion?” Rick said as I gasped for air.
Immediately Tim looked my way as my face turned bright red.
My husband didn’t wait for his answer and turned my way
and told me to be a good sport and take off my blouse and show
Tim my bra. This is the part where I also had to admit it made
me hot to even think of doing that even though I knew it was

Tim smiled and said he would be glad to give his opinion as
the two of them waited for me to expose my bra in front of them.
“Come on boys. That would crazy, ” I said once trying
my best to get out of the situation while my pussy continued
to quiver and spasm. I don’t know how long I stalled or
what they said to get me to change my mind but I did stand at
one point and slowly unbutton my blouse.

When the last button was free I hesitated before letting
it fall off my shoulder. I turned to my husband and asked
him if he was happy before turning and showing Tim my breasts
cradled in my lacy bra. The look in the young man’s eyes
was piercing and sent me into a mild panic sensing his hormones
were no doubt raging.

I sat back down about to put my blouse back on when Rick suggested
I just leave it off since it was a hot muggy night. “I’m
sure Tim is not offended and you would be more comfortable, ”
Rick said. The bulge in Tim’s shorts was obvious the longer
I sat in his view wearing only my bra. I also began to drink
more heavily as the sexual tension was unbearable. This
was the most daring thing I have ever done or will do for the
rest of my life.

When it got later we all went inside to get away from the mosquitoes
and continued drinking at the kitchen table. “You promise
to never tell John or Harry about this, ” I said once to
Tim as he assured me this would remain our secret forever.
I felt alive, stupid and sexy as Rick continued joking about
my boobs and Tim kept laughing while staring at them.

“Have you ever seen a pair before in person?” Rick asked
at one point. Tim shook his head no as they both turned to
me at the same time. Yes it was stupid and I was not thinking
straight as I stood up and unhook my bra exposing my breasts
to Tim a few minutes later. The look I got from this handsome
young male was core rattling as I his eyes froze on my chest.
I knew my nipples had swollen as my breasts felt warm and
tingly. My areolas are large than normal and quite dark
as Tim could not take his eyes off of them.

I could not settle my nerves sitting topless in front of
them no matter how hard I tried. I might have been twenty
four years older than Tim but he was a grown man even if he
had never been on a date. “Ok this was fun but I need to get
some sleep. And remember you will keep this our secret, ”
I said to Tim before kissing Rick good night while hoping
he would join me soon. I was hot, horny and in need of his big
fat cock before I would even try to get some sleep.

I laid on our bed playing with myself when I heard the two
of them finally come up stairs to go to bed. Once I felt my
husband climb into bed next to me I turned to him and kissed
him with about as much heat as I had ever felt. “You were
great tonight, ” he whispered to me. “Go close the
door, ” I said back but Rick never made a move. “Don’t
you want to fuck”? I asked him softly hoping Tim was already
in his bed.

I had felt sexy and turned on many times in my life but never
to the degree was I feeling on that night. My husband reached
out and grabbed my breasts firmly like he always did. “Go
help Tim first, ” he said. “Help Tim. Are you crazy?”
I replied. “The kids probably jacking off after looking
at your big tits all night long. At least go give him a hand
job, ” my husband said as I froze on our bed.

I don’t’ recall even walking down the hall towards
Tim’s bedroom as my panties were beyond wet and my pussy
continued leaking with each step. I knocked lightly on
his door as I heard him stop grunting for a second. As I opened
his door I saw Tim on his bed holding his cock in his hand.
“Don’t say a word, ” I whispered to him as I walked
to the edge of his bed wearing only my wet panties.

Tim remained silent in the dark room and felt my climb onto
his bed next to him. Reaching for his cock I grabbed hold
of his manhood and immediately felt how large and thick
he truly was. I had never held eight inches of hardness before
as I slowly began to stroke his shaft up and down while he
moaned is approval. The rigidness of his cock and the pulsating
I felt in my grip was tantalizing indeed. Tim remained silent
as his breathing picked the more I jerked on him. “It’s
ok. I want to help you cum, ” I said softly as I stroked
him even faster.

His hips began to buck as I felt his pressure increasing
quickly. His firm body tensed up right before I heard the
air leave his lungs and a thick glob of hot sticky goo shot
out and hit my breasts. Surprised by the power of his orgasm
I continued stroking as more and more warm loving shot out
and splashed on my arms and breasts before he started to
calm down. It was the most amazing male orgasm I had ever
been part of yet alone caused.

I climbed off his bed very nervous and excited and walked
out into the hallway where Rick grabbed me and pulled me
into his arms. “I need to clean up. He shot his load everywhere, ”
I whispered as my husband followed me to the bathroom. “Holy
Shit, he really came hard, ” Rick said laughing at me
while I was covered by Tim’s load.

I cleaned myself up as we laughed and both commented on the
sheer volume Tim had produced. “Boys that age are amazing.
Maybe you would enjoy going back to his room and fucking
him, ” My husband said just as I finished wiping myself
clean. “Honey. We have known Tim since he was six or seven
years old, ” I replied feeling tempted while also being
consumed by guilt for even thinking about doing it.

Rick and I climbed into our bed and went after each other
with more passion than we had shown in years. I climaxed
so hard I am pretty sure Tim heard me even with our door shut.
And although I was satisfied my mind rambled all night as
I found sleep hard to come by. As a woman I had always wondered
what a large man would feel like while I also felt guilty
for doing what I did for Tim. How would I face in the next morning
let alone speak with him after that.

But morning came way too early as my eyes opened and I made
my way downstairs to make the coffee. Just sitting at our
table I recalled sitting there the night before bare breasted
in front of Tim. I tingled recalling how his eyes roamed
over my flesh and how my nipples never softened. I was in
the midst of that dream when Tim walked in and shyly told
me good morning. “I am sorry about last night. I got carried
away, ” I blurted out even before he took a chair. Tim
blushed before replying, “No you were terrific.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself but it was still wrong
of me to have taken off my top and especially when I came into
your room, ” I explained wanting to once again sound
like the parent and not a lust filled female. My husband
soon joined us with a big smile and happy upbeat attitude
which was not how I was feeling at that moment.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked me as soon as he
sat down. I gave him one of my famous, “don’t ask stupid
questions, ” kind of looks. “Listen. We are all adults.
So we had a little adult fun last night. No one got hurt and
everyone had fun, right?” Rick said as a matter of fact.
Tim agreed immediately saying he had more fun than any other
night of his life. I remained silent still struggling to
accept what I had done without the shame.

But the fire had been started and although I returned to
being my proper self, that night was never out of my thoughts.
And I may have been seeing things differently but Tim seemed
to look at me differently from then on. I would catch him
staring at my breasts or the curve of my hips and turn away
as if I didn’t notice. I was not angry with him since young
men his age do those sorts of things.

About a week passed since I had gotten carried away and on
this particular night my husband was flirting with me from
the minute he got home. We kissed like we always do when he
gets home but Rick made sure and hold me tight to him longer
than normal. “I’m horny, ” he said after our embrace.
“Good” I replied and giggled as I served him his dinner.

We ate and made constant eye contact as I felt my panties
warming up. When I am in a frisky mood I seldom want to wait
so I suggested to Rick we should go have some fun before Tim
gets home. Tim works till eight so we had a couple hours alone
and I didn’t want to waste them. And then Rick shocked
me when he stared at me and said, “I can wait. I really want
you to sleep with Tim first.” I shook my head no without
saying a word as my entire being trembled hearing his thoughts.

My husband knows me well and knows how to push all the right
buttons as he pulled me to my feet and pressed his wonderful
lips to mine. Of course I was aroused having just thought
of making love before Tim got home. “Stop, Rick, Please
honey. You know what this does to me, ” I pleaded with
him while his chest crushed my breasts and his hands reached
around pushing his cock against my pussy.

“I want to experience how you feel after you have been
with another man, ” he whispered as my heart raced even
faster. I pushed him back and rushed off to gather my thoughts
and search for the courage I would need. I stayed away from
Rick for an hour sitting in our bedroom thinking about what
he said while remembering how large Tim’s cock had been
when I jacked him off . I found myself at that crossroads
where normal things didn’t make sense and abnormal things

I showered and put on a cute mini and sexy top and waited until
I heard Tim arrive home. He looked up saw me and his eyes light
up like sparklers. “Go shower because I want to take you
out for a beer so we can talk, ” I said to Tim as my husband
remained silent knowing what we were going to talk about.
While Tim was in the shower I explained to my husband if I
did decide to have sex with Tim, we would get home and go straight
to his room and when we were finished I would then join my
husband in our bed.

He drove us to a bar not too far from our home, where we each
ordered a drink and sat at a table. I didn’t come right
out and tell him what Rick and I had discussed yet he sensed
from the moment we sat down, sex was on my mind. The first
hour I had lost my courage while trying to relax. Tim was
patient of course and only made vague comments about my
outfit or hair as his immature way of giving me compliments.

“You know why I wanted to talk with you, right?” I finally
said looking directly into his eyes. Tim smiled and nodded
yes. “So if we do this. You could never, ever tell anyone
for the rest of your life, ” I said softly. My panties
were wet and I felt spasms in my pussy just talking about
the subject with Tim. “This will be my first time. Well
if you agree to it, ” he said nervous like forcing a smile
on his face.

I excused myself, headed to the ladies room and called Rick
on my cell phone. I explained Tim and I were coming home and
asked him to turn the lights off and be in our bed so I didn’t
have to see him before hand. My husband agreed and told me
he loved me before we hung up.

Pulling up to my home, I saw it dark and strangely silent
as Tim and I walked in the back door. I was breathing so heavily
I knew my husband could hear me walk though the house towards
Tim’s room. Tim followed without a word as we walked into
his room together. “I still am not sure we should do this,
but, ” I said before I walked up to him and pressed my lips
to his.

Tim was a strong young male who pulled me tight to him as my
breasts were crushed the moment our lips met. The kiss we
shared was tender and soft and surprisingly loving. Yet
after a few minutes of standing by his bed, Tim had made no
effort to touch me. I sensed how nervous he was and of course
not sure what he was free to do.

Yet my pussy knew what he was suppose to do and gushed in my
panties like a river. Maybe that was my reaction to tasting
this forbidden fruit that made me so aroused. Tim and I held
each other for a short while before I stepped back and pulled
my top over my head. He stared at my bra while the bulge in
his shorts continued to grow. Walking back into his arms
I whispered to him, “You can touch me when you’re ready.”

The next ten minutes felt like I was the grand prize and Tim
was eager to explore every inch of me. At one point I removed
my mini as his fingers continued touching my bra and panties
but he made no attempt to remove either. Looking down and
watching his fingers running over my panties directly
where my pussy was leaking was intoxicating. “This will
be our secret forever, ” I whispered to him as I reached
around felt a strong urge to offer him my bare breasts to
touch for the first time.

Tim was so sweet and innocent the way he carefully touched
them and took pleasure in feeling my nipples harden in front
of him. “They are so soft and feel wonderful, ” he told
me once and he continued massaging them in his hands. My
panties were now soaked as I climbed onto the bed and told
Tim to strip and join me.

Seconds later this strong tense body of a young man laid
next to me as we began to once again kiss and rub our flesh
against each others. Tim was very excited even more so than
I thought he would be. I tried at times to slow him down but
he was out of control quickly. His very hard shaft was rigid
and pushing against me the longer we pressed our lips to
one another’s.

I knew teaching him to eat me to get me off would have been
a waste of time since he wanted to fuck me as soon as I would
let him. But I was hot to trot as well and before much longer
I laid on my back and spread my legs for him. “Come on honey.
Let’s do it, ” I whispered to him. Tim was on top of me
within a second although he had no idea what he was doing.

“Let’s go real slow. Your bigger than what I am use to, ”
I whispered in his ear as the fat end of his shaft pressed
against my outer lips. “Does it hurt?” he asked me once
while he had a couple inches inside of me and I was trying
to adjust to this width. “This is incredible, ” he
said as I told him to continue filling me with his big cock.

And when I least expected it, Tim let go and all hell broke
loose on the bed. Suddenly his huge cock was rammed up into
me and he began to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I got
so caught up in the rawness of our union I held on for dear
life and tried my best to match his torrid pace. He was sweating
while I was gasping for air. In other words we were a perfect

The head of his shaft kept bumping against my cervix as I
shuttered under his sexual assault. “Oh fuck sweet heart.
You’re doing great, ” I said once between his hard
jarring thrusts. I realized going into this, young men
like Tim probably made love differently than men my husband
age, but I had no idea just how different they truly were.

The urgency for him was unbelievable as I helped him as much
as I could build towards his orgasm. I was grasping onto
him holding him tight to me as his balls slapped my ass repeatedly.
“Oh fuck” he mumbled once right before I felt him jerk
and begin to shoot what felt like a gallon of cum into my pussy.
Tim kept cumming and cumming for a couple minutes as my head
spun from just feeling that kind of orgasm with a man.

We were both breathless as he fell onto my chest pinning
me under him. I could feel the stream of warm juices flowing
out and onto the sheets beneath me. Tim remained inside
of me for a couple more minutes before we kissed again. “You
are terrific, ” he said as I felt his semi soft shaft slipping
out of me. He fell onto his back as I looked up and thought
I saw my husband’s shadow in the doorway but chose to not
say anything to him at that point.

Tim and I cleaned ourselves up and laid on his bed talking
about our union. He seemed to have the need to describe every
aspect of it to me as if he had just experienced the greatest
thing of his life. His young cock remained semi hard the
entire time we held hands on his bed. Of course I was thrilled
yet not satisfied myself the longer I remained with him
on the bed, the hornier I got.

A half hour passed and neither of us made an effort to separate
like I knew I should have done. Rick was no doubt waiting
for me in our bedroom. Tim rolled to his side and placed his
hand on my warm breasts. I looked at him but didn’t need
to ask what was on his mind as we both smiled before pressing
our lips to one another’s all over again.

The young man was amazing after I showed him how to lick me
and help me climax before our second fuck. My orgasm was
strong and very different than what I was use to although
not suggesting with my husband they were not as good. But
Tim made me feel different like every other man would if
given the chance to please me.

When Tim’s big swollen shaft entered me for the second
time, he was more controlled and we at a much slower pace
in order to enjoy what we were feeling. “Are you having
fun?” I asked him once while we fucked at a nice slow pace.
Tim told he was having the time of his life as we used our bodies
like two machines that were functioning as one. Yet I learned
near his end to brace myself for another assault the likes
I was not accustom to. Tim’ second orgasm was mind altering
for both of us as I felt myself being drilled like a screw
into a piece of hardwood.

I felt stretched beyond my wildest dreams and wondered
if my husband was truly going to enjoy that like he said he
would. And when I eventually left Tim’s room, I staggered
back to my husband feeling spent although I realized Rick
would need his turn before I would be able to get some sleep.

And the oddest part was after I crawled into my own bed next
to my waiting husband. We hugged and kissed tenderly almost
as if he sensed I had been through a sexual ordeal with Tim
for the last hour or so. My husband gently caressed my breasts
and commented on I had the scent of a freshly fucked woman.
“Well you certainly have that part right, ” I replied
causing us both to laugh a little longer.

Rick mounted me very carefully as I knew I had to feel different
to him after Tim’s big cock and reamed me out twice an hour
before. But my husband did not comment other than to say
he loved how I felt and how warm and gushy my pussy was. After
three sessions in one night I slept in the next day till almost
noon. In fact it took me a couple days of no sex before my old
urges began to return. I was ashamed a little for being with
Tim yet I refused to beat myself either.

Six days after it happened, several things were apparent.
First one was my husband and I had a new fun attitude towards
our sex life. Second was Tim seemed more mature like a real
man, not a boy still developing. And third was the three
of us talked about what had happened and agreed to continue
but only until Tim went back to college.

So for the next few months my marriage took this strange
but somehow good turn. My husband quickly became addicted
to watching me and Tim together and in my attempt to also
admit my faults; I enjoyed having him watch me with another
man. I managed to control it so it remained a special thing
for all of us. The last thing I wanted was to turn my marriage
into some kind of sexual side show. Rick was happy, Tim was
more than happy and personally I never admitted that those
months were some of the best of my life. Even if I still look
back and realize it was the wrong thing to have done.

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great story, please may we have more!!


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Wish my first was like that


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Amazingly written. A beautiful experience...I wish my
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Back to your very best...


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wow, that was hot!

Ever get to Virginia??



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Well I love a three some more than should I suppose! But my
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treat for all men and ladies! I miss that part of my life a
great deal! The lady that taught me how to pleasure beyond
what I thought possible !!! Was 46 myself 18 she started
teasing me often ! You see I was her paper boy and lawn helper
. She had a 16 yr old daughter didn;t interest one bit but
MAJORIE was as hot to me in my mind as ever could be! I have
been told I still look to 50 she helped stay young and sexy
looking! Bless her heart I miss you see I went back every
sumer to see her! Tim will remember you and rick forever
and ever! You were so right to take under your wing and be
his first lover! I do indeed love you and rick for sharing
! A bound you may say indeed! hugs Young daddy dave


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I loved both your stories but yours got me so hard I love dreams
that come true! You two are special! I adore your breast
almost as much as your hot stories ! Keep them coming love
them . Memories hun love to find a special day with you two!


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That was wonderful maybe the best ever


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That is just an incredible story! Hot and Sexy. Well done....I
wish I lived in your guest room!!


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I dont know whom you are, but you are a bloody good storey
writer. You should start writing novels for a living. I
would always buy a book you write as when I always see your
picture, I always have a great read. You never let me down
with your storeys. Great work


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Great story !!! Had me hard from start to finish.


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Very nice. I wish I had my first sexual experience with a
woman like you.


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This was a master piece! Awesome story told with honesty
and passion yet realistic. Glad it worked out.


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Another good story with a familiar theme of "my husband
tricked/dragged me into it. I wonder what kind of sex life
women of our generation would have had if their husbands
hadn't had that perverse but uncontrollable drive,
and what they do when/if his testosterone wanes and more
of the responsibility shifts to her for generating interest
and excitment. These are, of course, the differences and
mysteries that fascinate us all. I also enjoy your stories
with less angst though, like the party house at the lake
and the visit to the lakeside cottage. Cheers.


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Wonderful as always.


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oh, sooo good!


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Very well done. You have a talent for writing.

Check out my blog, FMAOPLS, to learn more about me. I enjoy lively discussion, so feel free to visit and leave a comment.


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Very nice. Keep it up


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WOW, another greart erotic story, do keep on writing


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I really loved it when I watched my wife having sex with another
man. She really enjoyed having another man lick her and having
his cock in her pussy and mouth. We do intend to do this more in the future, once in a blue moon anyway.. It made our sex together after more enjoyable, and we enjoy
eachother in a different way now it's like we have just
started a new sexual journey in our lives. I will show my wife your story -I am sure she will luv it and
get really wet an aroused and want to fuck right after she
reads it. thanks for sharing your story with us and it would be great
to read more and email us and tell us more thanks again xx


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Very good story... another great one. Very hot..


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WOW! Another great story! I really enjoy your erotic stories.
I have to wonder how many of them you have personally experienced?


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Wow what a great story


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WIsh I could be part of that acition


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A long story, but I loved it.. so realistic.. and giving by the husband. A nice build up.. I can see myself young and wanting to be in this situation... nice..!


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that was one sexy story