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I hated him but I wanted him!


George must have been in his 70’s and had never touched
a woman in his life! Although he was a slimy, little weasel
of a character I almost felt sorry for him. He lived in a croft
cottage that was little more than a shed, over 5 miles from
any other habitation; a dirty little hermit that stank
of booze and dogs. As he told my husband his regrets about
“never having felt a woman’s flesh, or even had a kiss”,
his eyes lasciviously slid across to me and his mind fed
on my body; I could feel it as he spoke, it was creepy! I felt
disgusted and violated but at the same time sorry for him,
he was most unappealing and no woman would want him. He would
die without love.

My husband seemed to rather like George and his stories,
and spent ages chatting to him over a beer in the evening.
He never sensed the lecherous and dirty side of him, referring
to him affectionately as a “poor old bugger’.

The following morning my husband took the car and left me
at the caravan. He was filming and photographing at a location
just a couple of miles away. It was a wonderful hot day and
the little stream that bubbled down near the caravan, sparkled
and gurgled as it tumbled over the wild hillside. I began
to follow it upstream and came to a little waterfall only
just out of sight of the caravan. The cool water was a bit
too tempting and, hitching my skirt up, I slipped off my
shoes and paddled in the shallows. It was then I sensed I
was being watched. George was at some distance away half
hidden in the trees watching me. Once again I felt his dirty
eyes on me and could sense his lust even though he was too
far away to see his face. There was part of me that wanted
to shout at him to go away but another part of me wanted to
torment him for his perversion.

He had no idea that I knew he was watching, slinking in the
shadows behind the trees. I hitched my skirt up as high as
it would go, revealing as much of my long legs as was possible.
I could imagine his eyes greedily desiring every inch of
my shapely legs. I played in the water like a school girl,
kicking and splashing and flashing rather too much leg!
I doubted that he had ever seen so much leg, he didn’t even
have a TV - maybe a magazine I thought, but my legs were live
and moving!

I wanted to drive him crazy! In many ways he disgusted me,
but I enjoyed the power that I felt I had over him and enjoyed
the desire he felt for me. When my back was turned towards
him I undid some of my blouse buttons. The blouse gaped open
revealing my bra and I continued my paddling for a moment
before sitting on a boulder. Leaning back with arms behind
me I let my head go right back and stretched my bust upwards.
It felt so tarty, not at all like me! I was just a very ordinary,
if rather middle class woman.

I knew my bra was revealed and I tried to guess his emotions.
Then, looking around as if to make sure I was alone I undid
the last button and slipped off my blouse. Throwing it on
the grass I laid back on the flat boulder with my skirt hitched
up and wearing my bra. It wasn’t that I was more uncovered
than on any beach, it was the fact that I knew greedy eyes
were absorbing every part of my body. The sun beat down on
me as I pretended to absorb its rays and I reached for my sunglasses
in my blouse pocket. Unable to reach them I crawled on all
fours to my blouse. I knew my breasts would look delicious
to him as he had a perfect view of my hanging cleavage, exaggerated
by my bra. I made them wobble a little and spent to long getting
my sunglasses out, to give him a good view.

Although I knew he was there and lusting for me, I was beginning
to feel a bit removed, it seemed almost silly and pointless.
However, lying back down again I allowed my head to turn
and with my sunglasses on, he couldn’t see me watching
him. I lay like a Greek goddess, one bare leg bent up, my skirt
as high as it would go and wearing a virginal white lacy bra.
I watched him trying to get a closer view without breaking
cover, although he must be daft if he thought I couldn’t
see him, he stood out a mile!

Then I suddenly realised that he was masturbating! The
dirty little bastard was wanking over me. I felt a sudden
surge of anger and disgust but at the same time I felt as high
as a kite and a great urge to drive him crazy. Give the little
sod something to masturbate over! I hated him but at the
same time I kind-of wanted to seduce him. I lay there watching
him and could see the movement of his hand and the strain
in his body but frustratingly was too far away to see the
expression in his eyes.

I would make him bloody cum, the thought was powerful, almost
angry! I stood up and slipped off my skirt, letting it slowly
slide to the ground. Then I sat down again on the rock in my
skimpy bra and panties. I saw him move back a little in case
I saw him, so I got up and stretched in an exaggerated way
with legs apart. I began to paddle in the water again and
bent down to investigate the underwater rocks. My bum towards
him! I wanted to know what was going through his mind and
how he was feeling. I glanced sideways to see him quickly
moving to a closer vantage point behind a rock, I can’t
imagine that the idiot thought I couldn’t see him!

I wondered if he had climaxed and tried to analyse how I felt
and what I wanted. He annoyed me and I wanted to see him squirm,
he was like an animal; but I felt animal urges. I moved toward
the waterfall where the stream became a deep pool. The sun
was hot on my body and it occurred to me that I could swim in
the pool. The decision I had to make was wether to strip or
swim in my underwear. It wasn’t even a decision, I knew
I was going to strip for him - it was as if I couldn’t help

Stepping out of the water I stood on the grass with my back
half towards him and reaching behind my back I slowly allowed
him to watch me undoing my bra. I was really enjoying this
now - there is something about being a stripper and knowing
that a man is drooling with desire at every move you make.
Holding the bra in place I turned to face him - wearing my
sunglasses I could see him watching in perfect stillness.
It was as if he dare not move - not even breathe. He was only
about 20 paces away and barely hidden behind a rock and some
bracken. I lowered my bra and slipped my arms out. Bending
forward I unnecessarily folded my bra and placed it with
my blouse, breasts exposed and hanging. I loved the feeling
of his eyes glued on my nipples and I could almost feel his
filthy fingers groping my breasts. I stood up tall and reached
up into my hair, arms held high and breasts fully available
- oh goodness - I wanted to feel him groping me! I pressed
my breast towa rds him, willing him to come to me and screamed words in my
head, “come on you filthy bastard!” But he was a wimp,
a weasel that hid in the grass.

I removed my panties in his full view and standing utterly
naked on the grass facing him, I lifted my arms to tie my hair
back. Apart from my husband no man had ever seen me so completely
exposed and vulnerable - I was a respectable, classy woman
but I felt a huge freedom as the warm air reached every part
of my body. Then I entered the water.

The water was cool and refreshing and standing in up to my
knees I gathered water in my hands and washed my body. I gave
him as exciting an exhibition as I knew how, turning this
way and that, bending and stretching and massaging my breasts
as he watched. I could clearly see his face peering from
the bracken like a scared rabbit or, more like, a dirty old
man! I enjoyed a cooling swim for a few minutes and guessed
that he was frustrated that he couldn’t see anything
under the water. I bet he was longing for me to climb out again,
I wryly thought. I kept reminding myself that I was the first
woman he had seen naked, the first breasts, the first bum,
the first woman exposed. What did he feel like - I was desperate
to see the expression on his face. I wanted to see his eyes
looking at me, I wanted to see his desire and to feel his lust!

I climbed out of the pool and sat on the warm flat rock and
after adjusting my hair, lay down on the rock utterly naked.
Goodness, what an irresistible sight I must have seemed
to him! I lazily turned my head and could easily watch him
as I pretended to sunbathe and rest. I lay quite still for
ages and he began to move a little, maybe to get a better view
over the bracken and rock. He was masturbating again! Oh my! I felt so sexy! This dirty little bugger wanking over
me. I watched as he shifted position, his body tensing,
then half bending. His head went back and his whole body
seem to contort. He was cumming over me - I was so high! I wanted
to feel his hot cum over my body, my juices were flowing,
I had a job to lie still. Then I heard a powerful but muffled
groan - bloody hell, the dirty bugger had fucked me in his

Suddenly I felt violated, as if I had been used, although
I was still high I was sort-off angry as well. At the sound
of his groan I quickly sat up and he instantly disappeared
behind the rock. Pulling on my skirt and blouse I stalked
across the grass to the rock. “George’ I screamed,
“George, I know you are there, come out.” Nothing! “Come out George - I know you are there you idiot, ”
I spoke strong and accusing. Nothing!

I went round the rock and the pathetic idiot was crouching
still as if I wouldn’t see him. I grabbed his hair, greasy,
filthy and dragged him from his hideaway. “You bloody
bastard” I screamed into his face. He cowered away not
daring to look at me properly. My emotions were raging but
I am not sure what emotions they were! I was angry and wanted to hit him - or did I.

Then I did something crazy. I grabbed his hand and forced
it inside my blouse to my bare breast. “There! Feel me
- Fondle me, ” I shouted. “Go on - FEEL ME” I held his
grubby hand against my breast, not letting him go. He looked
scared! “FEEL ME” I shouted again. He barely moved
his hand!

“Feel me - I am not letting you go until you do!” I demanded.
I aggressively wanted to control him now. His hand gripped
my breast. “Keep going” I shouted - “you may never
get another chance!” He began to grope me in a hard and
desperate way.

As he gripped my breast, felt and fondled me I felt a greedy
desire. I looked down at him and his trousers were covered
with wet patches - sticky cum inside and over his trousers.
The filthy bastard had cum in his pants and was now covered
in it!

My hand still had hold of his hair and in my greed and anger
I shoved his face into my other naked breast. “Now suck
me, ” I demanded. “Bloody Suck ME!”

And he did!

He sucked me SO hard and then even harder and he groped my
breasts with such rough calloused hands that they were
red with a delightful pain. I felt my nipple being pulled
deep into his mouth, I felt his teeth biting on it and his
unshaved roughness making me sore. My juices were flowing
and my breathing was greedy and hard. “More, ” I demanded.
“MORE!” It was as if I couldn’t get enough so I pressed
his head so tight into my breast I was trying suffocating
the slimy rat. He dug his dirty nails hard into my nipple and pulled. The
pain rippled through me, my head went back and I whimpered
out loud.

Then suddenly I had enough and pushed him to the ground.
“Don’t ever say you have never touched a woman now,
you bastard!” I looked down on him as he trembled on the
ground. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t look at me. So I kicked
him in the stomach as hard as I could. He rolled on his side
groaning, so kicked him again.

I turned on my heel and left him crouched there. I had never been vaguely a dominant type before, and certainly
not aggressive, but there was something in George that
I both hated and wanted to feed.

**************************** The following day I was drawn to the waterfall by an irresistible
magnet. Predictably old George was lurking on the rocks
near where I had bathed. Damn it, I was planning to have a
good wash in the pool and had even brought my shower gel and
a towel. As I approached the pool he saw me but although he
moved slightly away from the waters edge he just circled
around a few yards away watching me over his shoulder with
his sly eyes.

I wasn’t going to let that idiot stop my plans, I thought
to myself.

He watched me - lingering, then sitting down and watching!
Loitering - like he was waiting for a performance to begin!
Then it dawned on me - he was actually expecting me to do the
same as yesterday while he stood a few yards away watching!
The damn cheek! The little bastard sure knew how to annoy

Was he stupid, a bit simple - I think probably he was! He seemed
to have no concept of how people behave. No fear of me being
angry, no fear of rejection, no thought about how I might
feel! I sat on the flat rock dangling my feet into the water
and he watched me expectantly, like an animal. I felt he
was impinging on my space but as I looked at him it was like
I could feel his calloused hands roughly grabbing my breast.
I certainly enjoyed his lust for me!

Yesterday I had wanted to see his face, the look in his eyes
as I stripped, well this was my chance. I walked directly
over to him. He half turned to move away as I approached but
I asked in a rough way, “Are you waiting to watch me strip?”
He looked back at me from the corners of his eyes - not actually
at me, but at my body. “Well are you?” I persisted. He
still never said a word, only averted his eyes a bit more,
looking cautious and diffident. “Well if you are you had better find a comfortable seat, ”
I blurted out in an irritable way. I turned and walked back to the pool and placed my towel and
gel on the flat rock.

George ambled over in a round about way and sat on a rock only
about 6 feet from me. So close! Bloody hell he was close!
He watched me expectantly with furtive eyes flicking over
my body and deep breathing to control his emotion. Goodness he looked at me with such greed, such lust, utterly
uninhibited! It was a huge turn-on to see his greedy desire for me! He blatantly adjusted his penis, fumbling in his trousers
where his erection was uncomfortable - did the dirty halfwit
have no social graces? Why did I want to seduce him, why did he affect me in this way
- he was a filthy, little weasel of a man. Damn it, I had never
disliked anyone so much in my life - I would make the little
bastard squirm. My anger and irritation was suddenly running
high again.

I stood facing him with hot aggression burning in my eyes
and undid the top button of my blouse then trailed my fingers
down to the next. His scrutinised my every move at a sideways
angle, it was as if he couldn’t quite face me to watch me
properly. I undid the next button and as the blouse began
to sag open I knew he could see my bra starting to show. Another
button! I felt that I was clearly striping for him now, no
hiding it or pretending - I was blatantly stripping to titillate
and seduce him! The last button popped open and a long strip of bare flesh
gaped visible. His eyes were wide, his breathing hard,
he shifted position to face me more. He had the look of a desperate
wild animal in his eyes - oh how he wanted me, I could feel
every drop of his lust!

Turning my back on him I allowed the blouse to slip onto the
grass then slowly and seductively turned back to face him.
Then one at a time I slid my bra straps off my shoulders and
bent forward teasing him. He didn’t try to hide has fast
breathing or conceal his arousal - he literal shook with

“Skirt next?” I teased in a sarcastic way. I was as high
as a kite!

My skirt slipped to the ground and my long legs were revealed
to his eyes. His stare seem to penetrate right through me,
certainly through my skimpy underwear. I already felt

I moved into the shallow water and a little closer to him
as I reached behind my back to undo my bra. “You wanna see?” I asked in a challenging way. “Do
you?” I shouted. “DO YOU?” He never replied - in fact his averted his eyes as if in guilt.

“Is this what you want?” I lowered my bra, revealing
my breasts and nipples and bending forward, exaggerated
my cleavage with my arms.

He looked back at my breasts, wide eyed and open mouthed.
I had him in the palm of my hand!

Then I removed my panties and stood in front of him stark

I lifted my arms above my head and twisted and turned my body
as he sat there awestruck. I gyrated in front of him moving
closer. Then he let out a deep guttural groan and his hand
went to his trousers where a large damp patch had appeared.
Desperately he fumbled at his trousers putting his hand
inside to wank. Only a few feet away the filthy bastard wanked
while looking at my naked body. Goodness, I was high as a
kite. His face was tense and strained, his breathing heaving,
his jaw tensed in a distorted fashion and his eyes near popping!
I moved half a step closer and leaning forward used my hands
to offer my breasts in his direction, squeezing and seducing

For a split second I thought he was having a heart attack
and a touch of fear hit me!

Then with a great groan he obviously climaxed in his trousers.
His body twisted and contorted for 3 massive jerks and then
- nothing! He was sitting there as if nothing had happened,
breathing deeply, great patches of wet over his trousers.

The sound of his climax, the depth and power of his groans,
the tension and force as he filled his trousers was amazing
- I instantly had a huge rush of adrenaline and a power of
lust I had never felt before. But now as I stood naked in front of him I felt filthy, like
I had been soiled by his disgusting crude mind. He had used
my body and smeared it with filth!

I needed a wash! Taking the shower gel I waded into the deeper
pool and the clean, cool water swept over me. I dipped my
head right under to clear my thoughts and to rid every part
of me of his filth. I was so glad that I had brought the gel
and in water, up to my waist, I washed my hair with a wonderful
lather of foam. The foam flowed down over my body and I used
it liberally. George watched with an animal like fascination.
It kind-of irritated me that he was just sitting there watching
me - getting free titillation without so much as a by-your-leave.
On the other hand I didn’t feel in the least embarrassed
or awkward, I guess it was a bit like have a young child or
a pet dog watching me. So I chose to ignore him!

I waded out of the water and grabbed the towel to dry my hair.
Every movement he followed, every curve, every twist,
every soft line. I have never felt so scrutinised in my life
but somehow I didn’t care. Hope he bloody enjoys it.

I walked in front of him to the big flat boulder and using
my towel, dusted away any gravel bits. With my folded towel
as a pillow I lay on my back on the rock. It was hot from the
heat of the sun and I reached for my sunglasses. They were
just out of reach but just as I was about to get up again to
get them, George moved them closer. I murmured a vague thanks
and put them on - it was the first time he had made any type
of normal human contact with me.

The sun was just right, warming but not uncomfortable,
so I lay there stark naked a few feet away from this weird
pervert. I felt like a sexy sacrifice lying naked on an alter
rock. Pale skin on a dark rock, soft flesh on a hard boulder.
Goodness I did feel sexy - I felt free in my nudity, and I actually
felt totally relaxed with being completely exposed a few
feet away from a lascivious, dirty old man. I rather liked
it! I had no fear of him - he was a filthy little wimp. I closed my eyes in the suns glare.

Then I felt him touch me. Very gently on my arm. I didn’t
move, not even to open my eyes. I didn’t care - I was so relaxed.

He held my arm softly; his hands were rough but his touch
was as gentle as silk. I felt him squeezing my arm softly,
working his way up to my upper arm. Lightly fondling my upper
arm, feeling the softness and smoothness of my skin. It
was a delicious feeling and I wasn’t going to stop him.
I have no idea how long he played with my arm, I may have even
dozed, but every touch felt as if it was done with care, even

I allowed my head to flop to one side so I could watch him.
I half expected to see a handsome prince but nothing had
changed, he looked as disgusting as ever but the look in
his eyes had changed. I began to believe he might care for me! Then I watched him gently lift my hand to his face and softly
hold my hand to his cheek. He rubbed his face against it,
his nose, his eyes, he opened my palm and placed it on his
cheek holding it there against his face. He tenderly kissed
each finger in turn, slowly and gently. His eyes were watery
with emotion - like he loved me!

It hit me like a ton of bricks - he loved me! Oh goodness, what
had I done. He may be dirty, unappealing, an unfortunate
wretch, but he still had a heart and he was giving his love
to me in the best way he knew how. I gently stroked his cheek with my thumb as he held my hand
to his face and I swear a tear rolled down his cheek to wet
my thumb. He kissed the palm of my hand three, four, five
times and then folded my hand as if to hold the kisses. He
then guided my hand to my own cheek and he opened my hand to
put the kisses on my cheek. Oh goodness, I was in awe of his
freedom of emotion, that was so beautiful. Not worthy to
kiss my cheek, he had placed his kisses there as best he could.

I lay on the flat rock, utterly naked and in awe of his gentleness
and love. I wanted to say sorry, to give back to him in return.
I took his hand and placed it on my bare breast. His hand looked
old, calloused and dirty, filthy finger nails contrasting
with my pale skin. He didn’t grope or fondle, he stroked
my breast like a mother might stroke her child’s face.

I was trembling inside. Oh wow, this was beautiful. He loved my breasts for ages,
gently stroking, pressing softly into them, moving their
weight. They were alive to his touch, tingling with sensation.
He looked so intensely at the breasts and nipples, I felt
so vulnerable and exposed beneath his scrutiny. I could
sense every ounce of his love through his touch and gaze.
I was utterly lost in a whirl of sensation and emotion.

Then he touched my nipples!

Involuntarily my mouth opened and I let out a long, breathy
whimpering gasp. The tingling sensation shot though my
whole body - my head went back, mouth open and body arched.
He hesitated, but only for a couple of seconds before continuing
to stroke and seduce my nipples. I cannot begin to explain
the effect it had on me - whilst I loved it, at the same time
I almost couldn’t bear it, the sensation was so strong!

I breathed deep, my body heaving with pleasure. I had an
uncontrollable urge and I instinctively bent a knee to
open my legs - and I raised my arms over my head to stretch
my body before him and tighten my breasts. As he seduced
me, my body writhed on the rock as I tried to stay in control
of the sensation - moaning and whimpering in pleasure.
It was amazing! I couldn’t hide it from him and I didn’t
want to.

Slowly I was able to settle into the massaging fingers and
he also began to ease off the intense nipple teasing. Now
more deep fondling but always caring and gentle. I didn’t
feel he was ‘taking’ from me but more ‘giving’
to me. His face was full of concentration, intense but kind-off
affectionate. He never looked into my face, never smiled
and showed little outward emotion - but somehow I felt a
strong love. As he fondled me, I reached my hand up to cup
his face in the way that he enjoyed before and, closing his
eyes as if in heaven, he nestled his face into my palm.

I stroked his cheek again with my thumb and after a moment
or two, allowed my thumb to touch his lips. The tickle on
his lips made his tongue lick and my thumb was still there.
Little by little he licked my thumb, little by little I allowed
my thumb to enter his mouth and felt his cracked lips softly
sucking. His hands had slowed on my breasts and one now rested
firmly on my tummy, it felt warm and heavy.

Keeping my thumb in his mouth I turned my hand under his chin,
he was rough and unshaven but I slowly drew his head down.
Down towards my breast. He realised what was happening
and seemed to tense. His eyes were only a foot from my nipple
and as he stared transfixed, his thumb sucking intensified.

I was trembling inside now - I desperately wanted him to
suckle me. I wanted to give him something in return. With
my other hand I lifted my breasts towards him, “do you
want to suck me George?” I whispered softly. He breathed
deeply and I could see his emotions welling up in his eyes.
I took my thumb out of his mouth and whispered kindly, “come
on - let me give you some love.”

As his mouth drew my nipple in, it was heaven! At last I felt
he was ‘taking’ from me and I was able to give. I breathed
deeply, whispering words in my breath, “Oh, Thats right
.......... suckle all the love you need ..............
enjoy the taste of me ............... enjoy me giving to
you ............... is that nice .............. do you
feel loved?” My fingers were stroking his hair and the
back of his neck, I just wished he had been a bit cleaner.
His hand caressed and stroked my soft tummy. His mouth was
warm, and his tongue slippery and sensual. I tried to watch
him sucking, his eyes closed, as peaceful as I had seen him
- I am sure to him it was like a bit of heaven. But other times
the sensation built and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and
I breathed deeply, biting my lip to control myself. As unappealing,
ugly and dirty as he was I wanted to give him all that he needed.
In fact it wasn’t just for him either, I wanted him to take
me, to use me, to enjoy me; to fuck me. I felt a real animal desire!

For ages he suckled me - something that I adore! The ebb and
flow of giving and receiving, the relaxed lazy sensation
building to a near impossible feeling to control and then
back again. I loved the way he took pleasure in my body, like
it was a treasure - nuzzling his face into me, brushing his
eyes over my nipples, laying his cheek on my breast. I watched
his wizened and dirty face as his cracked lips sucked my
nipple in and out. I freely showed my feelings with little
whimpers and appreciative murmurs. Then after an age he just lay his head on my tummy.

As his head lay on my tummy so his hand slid onto my hip. Oh
goodness, I knew what was coming next! I trembled in anticipation.

But nothing, he did nothing. I felt I could sense he wanted
to go further but was unsure if he dare. His fingers felt
so close to my pubic’s, I looked down my body to see. My
view was blocked by the back of his head! His fingers moved,
I gasped involuntarily and my legs parted spontaneously.
Then instinct took over and his hand slid to my inside thigh.
It felt so calloused and rough like warm sandpaper as it
slid up and down my inner thigh. His fingers searched in
the sensitive hollows of my groin driving me crazy, he fondled
the softness of my thigh and stroked the silky-ness of my
pubic hair. His touches were slow and sensitive, an exploration
of a woman body - whilst he knew I was enjoying it, I think
he thought that I was allowing him to do it rather than yearning
for his touch. He wasn’t seducing me, he was simply enjoying

Then his hand covered my crotch, warm, heavy, firm yet gentle.
He squeezed me there once, twice, and my whole body responded.
I had been holding back but my juices flowed as I let out and
long whimpering gasp of satisfaction and desire. My buttocks
tensed, raising my crotch to his touch and I rhythmically
moved up and down.

He started to stoke me firmly between my legs! I had no dignity
left, my legs spread wide - mouth open, head back, gasping
for air. Back and fore his hand went, up and down - firm stroking
that made my whole being shudder with desire. I felt incredibly
exposed and available - the fresh air on my body and his hands
wandering at will.

I heard an awesome groan from George. Suddenly he was kneeling
up grabbing his crutch. The look on his face was fearsome
and strained. He was grappling with his trousers - he was
about to climax! The look on his face was close to fear, such
was the power of his emotions, I half sat up and took his face
in my hands. I made him look me in the face, “It’s OK George - it’s
ok, ” I reassured. It felt like he had stopped breathing, his face getting
more red by the second, he looked to be in agony! He was shaking
uncontrollably with emotion. “It’s OK George, I have got you.” I held his face close
to look into his eyes. He wanked rapidly for a few seconds.

Then as I looked into his eyes, his mouth opened and with
a mighty groan he climaxed! He covered me with his cum. Three
or four times his cum hit me and each time he let out a moan
that stirred every basic instinct in me. Hot, sticky and
dribbling from my chest down over my breasts and gathering
in a pool of creamy semen on my tummy. He clung to me like a
child trembling and weak.

Looking so closely into his face as he had climaxed, was
incredibly intimate. It felt like his eyes were appealing
to me for help and love. “You ok now George, ” I gently questioned. But he averted
his eyes, no longer able to bear my gaze. I cuddled his face
into my breasts for a few minutes until his trembling subside
before lying back down.

As I lay back George saw his semen on my body and he reached
out and with his fingers began to smear it all over me. Inch
by inch he painted his semen over my body with as much care
and precision as an artist. I propped myself up to watch
him smear my breasts and nipples, my cleavage and my tummy,
then on down to my thighs and groin. His semen was thoroughly
mingled with my pubic hair and as I watched him, it felt like
an animal anointing its mate to claim it for himself.

As the heat of the sun dried his semen over my body it began
to feel uncomfortable and dirty. I noticed the wet patches
on Georges trousers were drying, oh goodness he looked
disgusting. The magic faded and I suddenly wanted rid of
him and wanted rid of his filthy cum that covered me.

Not once had he spoken to me, not once had he smiled, not once
had he shown any appreciation! I got into the cleansing
water with the shower gel and washed myself clean and free
of him in the cool water. He sat on his rock watching me, or
rather my body, with his head tilted to one side like a dog
watching his master. He was starting to irritate me again.
I saw him for what he was - a filthy, lecherous old man!

When I got out of the pool I didn’t stop to dress, I simply
wrapped the towel around my body, grabbed my clothes and
stalked back to the caravan. For several hours I think he
watched the caravan from a distance and although his presence
vaguely annoyed me, I guess I wrote him off as a “poor old


I could not understand my swing of emotions towards George
- I had never been (nor since) hateful, nasty or violent
but sometimes he just made me feel like that for no reason.
One minute angry and the next almost loving! He was one of
the most repulsive, unsavoury men I have met. Small and
dirty, disgusting and uncouth but this morning I wanted
him again! I can only explain it as an animal ‘thing’
- a basic female instinct to look after the weak and to respond
to a mans ardent lust, but at the same time conflicting with
the natural repulsion to filth and vulgarity.

The weather was holding beautifully as I wandered to the
waterfall and George was sitting on his rock waiting for
me. Bloody hell, I thought, the little sod expects me to
turn up like his damn plaything! My irritation made me want
him more!

He saw me as I got closer and stood up - there was something
about him that made him look different. Oh my word! He had
cleaned himself up! Although they were still ragged and
old, he was wearing clean trousers and shirt! He had clearly
washed and even his long grey hair looked clean and he had
tied it back, but it made him look even more like a rat! I was
quite touched by the way he had made such an effort on my behalf.
My brain struggled to put together his surly silence and
sly, lascivious looks with a man that seemed to love me and
was prepared to make such an effort for me.

As I approached him he seemed to cower away as if I were going
to hit him, watching me from the corners of his eyes. “Hello
George, I said cheerily, “You look very smart today!”
He darted back to his rock like a scalded cat and from behind
the boulder he produced a posy of wild flowers. My heart
leapt, I nearly burst into tears, it was so unexpected!
He walked towards me with them, looking rather awkward.
My eyes filled with tears, this man was so confusing to my
emotions. He was unable to come right up to me so he laid them
on the ground a few feet away. I stooped to pick them up and
the scent of honeysuckle filled my senses.

“Oh George, that is beautiful, ” I whispered, with
a lump in my throat. I held out my arms to cuddle him. He lowered
his gaze as I stepped forward and took him into my arms. I
pressed his head into the hollow of my neck and held him there,
wrapped up in my arms. At least he smelt fresher than I would
have thought possible yesterday - I could even smell toothpaste!

He clung to me like a child and I was pleased to feel him properly
wriggling into my body and genuinely holding me close.
I turned my head and lifted his face to look at me with my finger
under his chin. “Thank you so much for the flowers George,
that was such a lovely thought, and the flowers are beautiful.”
I gently placed a kiss on his lips. He looked at me with such
longing - the air between us was electric for a moment. Time
seemed to stand still, he seemed to be holding his breath.

What the heck, I kissed him properly. He was unsure how to kiss at first with puckered lips that
my tongue had to part. I seduced him slowly and lusciously
and could feel him going weak with sensation, love and longing.
My fingers at the back of his neck I encouraging, seducing.
Suddenly his passion seemed to rise - I felt his hand go firmly
up my back to hold the back of my head. He suddenly held me
tight, he felt hungry for me - greedy! His tongue searched
as deep as he could into my mouth, slippery, uncontrollable,
seductive and full of desire. I sucked at his tongue, I felt
it tense and slacken between my lips. Sucking and exchanging
saliva, uninhibited and greedy. I felt heady, weak, I was
loosing control. It was so sexy - somehow the fact that he
was a disgusting, dirty old man exaggerated the excitement.
My legs and body felt like jelly and I clung to him for dear
life as he filled my mouth with his desperately seeking
tongue and dribbling saliva. I couldn’t take much more,
I was ph ysically collapsing!

I dragged him to my shoulder again and held him tight. Caressing
the back of his neck and whispering soft words. “How was
that for a first kiss?” I softly teased. As a reply he squeezed
me tightly and nuzzled his face into my neck. I made him keep
still for a few more minutes as I regained my composure,
but my hormones were raging now.

“Would you like to help me wash today?” I purred in his
ear. He half nodded his approval and then looked down at
his feet. I walked to the nearby flat rock and sitting on
it held out my hand to him. He took my hand in his and again
I felt how rough and leathery it was. Pulling him closer
I said, “Would you like to undress me then?” Again he

He started to undo my top button, hands trembling right
from the start. His hands, though not large, were clumsy
and awkward as he worked his way down my blouse. I wasn’t
wearing a bra and after the third button he knew it! The last
button opened and the long split of pale flesh begged my
blouse to be swept aside to reveal my breasts.

However, he took me completely by surprise - with a lustful
growl he shoved his hand inside my blouse and grabbed my
breast hard! He fumbled and fondled me with greedy abandonment.
His hands were hard and grabbing, his face full of yearning
and dirty lust. He hurt me but I didn’t mind, he pulled
at my nipple and made me whimper. I tried to control him because
he was on the edge of really hurting me but he again pulled
at my nipple and my legs went weak with the sensation.

Then with an animal roar he ripped off my blouse and buried
his face into my breast. He sucked so hard it was agony, his
teeth rasped on my nipple and I tried to push him away. Pushing
him away hurt even more as it pulled hard on my nipple. He
was uncontrollable, savage, in his lust and I wanted to
stop him but had lost control. He took what he wanted time
and time again - he was like a ferret eating its prey, his
grabbing and biting was fast and random. I screamed and
he seemed to calm - I pushed him back and slapped his face
with such violence it made my hand sting and a huge red weal
appeared on his face. He feel to his knees with his arms around
my legs and burst into tears. Deep powerful sobs that shook
and twisted his body - it was like grief, I have never seen
such emotion. He clung to my legs and feet obviously begging

I loosened his grip on my legs sufficient to be able to kneel
down beside him, words were not going to help. He was distraught.
I put my arm around his shoulder and my face close to his,
I stroked his tears away and then talking his hand I placed
it softly on my breast. This act of forgiving love broke
him again and I cuddled him close like a mother and child.
My breasts were painful and red and my nipples burning hot
but this time he was gentle and he even used his wet tears
on my nipples.

I wanted to bathe my breasts with cool water to subdue the
pain so I stood up and removing the rest of my clothes slid
into the pool. The water was wonderful, not only did it ease
the pain it cleared my head and settled my emotions. I splashed
my breasts with handfuls of cool water and dipped my head

Sitting on his rock, George look dejected. As he longingly
watched me his face was a picture of misery. He knew that
he had lost control and had messed things up. He knew that
he had hurt me in a way I didn’t enjoy. Although he had gone
to far it still excited me, the passion and abandoned greed
with which he had attacked my breasts. I picked up my shower
gel and began to create a lather in my hair. The white foam
ran over my naked body.

“Would you like to wash me George?” I asked kindly.
He half lifted his head and nodded. “Come on then and be
gentle.” He kicked off his shoes as I moved into the more shallow water.
I made him hold out each hand as I rolled up his shirt sleeves
like a child. Then I made more foam and placed a great mass on my chest.
It began to dribble down my cleavage. George gathered it
up and began to wash my body - gently, smoothly, lovingly,
seductively he covered every curve and every hollow. He
seemed extra caring after the event of a few minutes earlier.
He was incredibly gentle on my breasts and nipples and as
he was tenderly smoothing them he gently kissed me on my
cheek. I smiled appreciatively and lifted my arms high
to give him total access. Goodness is was a delicious feeling,
I felt quite weak. He smoothed my nipples for ages as if trying
to sooth away the pain he has caused but they were extra sensitive
and I gasped. Instantly he stopped, fearing he had hurt
me. “Don’t stop, don’t stop George, oh, please don’t
stop, it’s lovely, ” I breathed. With my hands on my
head and eyes closed George tenderly stroked my nipples
until my juices were flowing with desire and I was trembling

I bent to gather more water and make more foam, “Don’t
forget my legs, ” I encouraged. I placed another mass
of foam on my pubic area. Now I really did go weak! As his hand took the foam inside my thigh I supported myself
with an arm on his back. He massage my inner thighs until
I was physically shaking. He covered my bum with froth and
massaged and smoothed it gently. He was kneeling in the
shallow water by now with sodden trousers. He really enjoyed
feeling and groping my bum with strong hands and once he
craftily rubbed his face into it with eyes closed.

Then he went between my legs and I nearly collapsed onto
him. With the flat of his hand he massaged the whole of my
pubic area as I stood with legs apart. He must have been able
to detect my trembling and was well aware that I was enjoying
his attention. My juices were flowing and his fingers found
how to enter me. I was beside myself!

This was new ground for him and he explored me with care,
not wanting to upset or hurt me. I stood as still as I could,
trying to watch him and breathing heavily. Every so often
I would make weird noises and gasps as his fingers found
sensitive areas. Then slowly two of his fingers entered
me deeply. I clung to his head and shoulders as he knelt in
front of me, feeling around inside me. He looked up at my
face and I tried to smile reassurance to him. He felt deep,
slow and firm in all directions, he bent his fingers forward
and moved my tummy from the inside. I whimpered my pleasure
out loud, couldn’t help it!

Then suddenly I became very lustful again. The sight of
his wizened old face, grey hair tied back and shoddy clothes
- compared to my smooth clean skin. My body gyrated to his
touch and his fingers began to work inside me.

I was close to exploding I desperately needed to orgasm!

I pushed his face into my crotch! With his fingers inside
me he kissed my publics - not good enough! Now desperate
I used my fingers to open myself up and watched his tongue
reach out to lick my clit. I let out a breathy scream, whimpering’
“Yes George, YES.” His fingers twisted inside me and
his tongue was so seductive. I clung to him like crazy, face
screwed up with the sensation, waiting for the orgasm to
take me. But it didn’t! Faster his fingers went, more strongly he licked and sucked
at me - my legs went from under me. I clung to a rock. “Oh
god George I am so close!” he didn’t know what to do except
take me faster and harder. The sensation built, “Yes
George, yes.” I gasped for air, grabbing at his head.
My legs spread wide I looked down my naked body and saw his
weasel face buried into my crotch and filthy lust in his
eyes. He had got me! I had given myself to this dirty pervert! He was taking my body just like he wanted! The sensation built - my head went back - mouth opened and
I screamed. The orgasm utterly overwhelmed me. I shook and trembled as repeatedly the powerful orgasms
swept through me from head to toe. His fingers deep inside
stimulating me more and more! As he realised what he was
doing to me he tried to make me orgasm more by even more intense
seduction - I could do nothing. Again I whimpered, my whole body tense. His tongue was licking
my juices I was to weak to respond anymore. He held me in his arms as slowly he stopped moving his fingers
and removed them. I was still sweating and trembling as he cuddled me to him,
nursing my head in his arms and loving stroking my face.

Like a rag doll he lay me on the flat rock, I was utterly spent
and the sensations still rippled through me. He knelt between
my legs and I could sense he was undoing his trousers. I felt
the weight of his body on me and I wrapped my arms around him.
As I felt his penis penetrating me - I wanted him! He filled me - he utterly overwhelmed me - I couldn’t stop
him - I didn’t want to. I just lay there as he started to fuck me.

“Wait George, wait - just wait a moment. Let me get my energy
back a moment. I promise I won’t stop you - you will have
me! But just lie still a while.”

What was I doing? I had just promised this little pervert
that he could have me. That he could master me and fuck me.
I saw his rough, gnarled hands groping me and felt his old
cock swollen and hard, move inside me. I was his prize, he
had won me and he was going to take me, use me and fuck me! I
found the thought thoroughly erotic and animal like!

I felt him relax on me and I held my hands on his bum so he didn’t
go away. Propped on his elbows, his penis throbbing filling
me he looked into my face. His fingers gently touched my
cheek and occasionally he unconsciously pushed into me
- a wonderful feeling!

He bent forward and kissed my cheek with great affection
and I guided his lips to mine and he kissed me so lovingly.
Slowly his body began to move and my gyrations joined his
slow thrusts. We kissed as he started to take me and his eyes
were watery with emotion.

I couldn’t hold him back any longer. Faster he started to pump into me. I stretched my arms above
my head and said, ‘Take me.” I was lost in his power. His cock felt massive! I just lay there pushing up into his powerful thrusts. Wrapping him in my arms and legs. His face was red and distorted with effort, passion and
lust. He needed to cum and I was the first woman he had fucked
and I wanted it to be special. “George let your emotions go and love me, ” I breathlessly
encouraged. He grabbed one of my wobbling breasts. His thrusts shook me back and fore, it stimulated the sensations
again that were so close to orgasm.

He stared into my face as he screwed into me, his eyes only
inches away. I saw the emotion, I saw the pain, I saw the years
of rejection. I wasn’t going to reject him! “Take me George - I want you! Take me, use me, enjoy me,
fuck me! Oh god George, enjoy me - I want you, I want you to
enjoy me - I want you to fuck me!” I want you to overwhelm

He suddenly clung to me, every part of his body straining.
Then he began to shake and spasm. He fucked me with desperation, almost violent! His rough hands grabbing or griping my bum or breasts. Powering
into me his cock shaking my insides so powerfully and deep
I could barely respond. I tried to hold his face in my hands but the power of his thrusts
shook me and I simply ended up clinging to him for dear life
as he took me. I was so spent that I couldn’t contribute and so I just
gave myself utterly to him in my mind as well as body.

With a guttural groan his head went back and he began to cum,
I felt three, four, five, shuddering and powerful pulses.
Each time he pumped his semen into me he groaned in deep satisfaction
- an animal sowing his seed. Again and again the heat of his
semen and power of his ejaculation filled me and I knew he
was taking me, satisfying his most basic instinct. I could
feel him desperately trying to push into me deeper, as if
he were trying to utterly own me. My whole body suddenly
began to spasm and I could feel myself involuntarily tighten
around his thrusting shaft. He overwhelmed me in such a
way that I went completely weak, almost limp and lifeless
- then I orgasmed! My body arched as my head went back, mouth
open and I gasped out loud. George let out a deep, wordless
almighty roar of satisfaction, with his head back he roared
at the sky - a sound that was so bestial that it stirred all
my basic desires.

A roar of victory, he had done it, he had conquered me!

I felt utterly used, thoroughly fucked, completely taken,
possessed and owned.

I lay shaking beneath him whilst he looked into my face watching
the most convulsive orgasm take me. I was controlled by
the orgasm, the sensation causing my face to contort and
my body to squirm and heave. My body couldn’t take any
more but my mind was greedy for his passion, lust and desire.
I felt disgusting and dirty, fucked by a filthy rat, but
I was loving it. His leering face watching the control he
had over me as I orgasmed, thrusting into me to make me whimper
or pinching my nipple to make me gasp. He could do whatever
he wanted, I was the dirty bastards play-thing. His calloused
hands grabbing and groping at will and I didn’t care,
I just wanted him to enjoy me. Devour me. Use me. Take from

We were locked together as my body seemed to have contacted
to his swollen penis. I clung to him afraid that he might
try to pull out, it felt like he would rip my insides out.

He collapsed his weight onto me and as he filled me with his
seed I could feel he was also filling me with his love. He
held me so tight yet so gentle, so close and intimately.
I wrapped him in my arms as his energy was spent and his last
drops were being absorbed into my body, his face next to
mine. Then he began to cry. It felt like a lifetime of rejection
and hurt was pouring out of him. I could do nothing but let
him cry and hold him in my arms as he lay with me. At last his
sobs subsided and he seemed to sink into a deep, peaceful

He lay on me and in me for ages, relaxed and wrapped up in love.

I could feel his penis had subsided and his weight, which
at first I enjoyed, became a bit much. I rolled him to one
side and sat up. I was tired and emotionally drained but
I felt alive and strangely elated. I held his hand and asked,
“Wow - Did you enjoy that?” He blushed bright red with
embarrassment, so I ruffled his hair and slipped into the
deep pool.

He adjusted his clothes and sat on the rock watching me in
the water. He seemed much more at peace in his face and watched
me with a boyish bright look about him. As I began to come
out he moved to the flat rock and using my towel he dusted
off any bits, then folded it and placed it ready for my head.
He had seen me do that yesterday but today he wanted to please
me. It was rather touching.

I lay naked on the rock to dry in the sun. He picked up the posy
of flowers and, sitting beside me, started arranging them
on and around my body. Each petal was carefully placed,
some arranged in circles around my nipples and spilling
over my breasts. Others on my tummy and funnelling down
between my legs. He arranged a circle of flowers right the
way around me and the stood up to admire the effect.

I felt like a princess as he looked down on me from above.
I felt I was beautiful and almost saw myself through his
eyes. He knelt beside me and leaning forward, kissed my
tummy, my nipples, my cheek, my eyes and my lips. He worshipped
me like a goddess.

I wanted to remember this moment for ever and so rather than
spoil it I said gently, “George, I need to go now.” He
made no objection he just gave me his hand to help me up. He
then passed me my clothes and I left.

The following morning we left at the crack of dawn. I just
had time to go to the pool and placed a photograph of me on
the flat rock. I had no opportunity to explain or say goodbye to George
and as we bumped our way down the track I felt rather guilty
leaving him in this way.

When we returned the following year George was nowhere
to be seen. “Didn’t I tell you that George died not long
after we left last year?” my husband said dismissively.
“Poor old bugger, I rather liked him, ” he concluded.
“What did he die of?” I enquired, utterly shocked.
“Don’t think anyone knew, apparently he just faded
away and they found him dead.”

The next day I crept up to his cottage, a derelict shed. First
I looked in the window but when I tried the door it swung open.
I took a step inside and stood in silence. They had just carried
his body away and everything had been left exactly as it
was - they hadn’t even bothered to lock the door. There
was nothing bright, nothing homely, nothing warm or comfortable.
He had lived like a wretched animal, alone, lonely and rejected.
His mattress was on the floor and I went to stand by it with
tears in my eyes. I knelt on the floor and touched his grubby
pillow, still dented where his head had been. There beside
his pillow was my picture, the only thing in the room that
was bright and cheerful, it seemed out of place. I broke
down and wept. George had died loving me! Had he died because
of me, with a broken heart? Or maybe I was able to give him
love and all he needed just in time before his days ended.
I would never know!

Masters Naughty Slut

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well written story of kindness and sex