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I Didn’t Remember Having Met Her Before


Jack smiled as friends greeted his wife and him as they walked
into the party. For the most part they were former workmates,
all of them partiers. Despite the fact Jack had been gone
from the company for more than a year, they still invited
him to their social events. Getting together with good
friends was always fun.

A half-hour after arriving he was in the kitchen socializing
with his fellow revelers when he spotted an attractive
blonde he hadn’t seen before—a very attractive blonde.
He positioned himself in a corner, and sipping his drink,
assessed this new scenery. Nice face, pretty eyes, and
a decent body. This is definitely someone I need to get to
know. He made no bones about the fact he was checking her out—something
not lost on her. She smiled his way—a rather flirty smile,
the twinkle in her eye hinting of interest.

A half-dozen or so of those glances later the people she’d
been chatting with headed into the other room. Taking advantage
of his opportunity, he joined her. “Hi, I’m Jack.”

She flashed a grin. “I know. We’ve met before.” She
held out her hand. “…and since you’ve clearly forgotten
it, I guess we’ll just have to start over. Hi, I’m Barbara.”

Fuck! Nice going Jack. Way to impress. “If that’s true
I’m both astonished and embarrassed, ” he said, attempting
damage control. “I can’t imagine having met you and
not having it etched in my mind forever.”

Her smile told him he’d at least partly recovered from
his gaff. “It was at Gordon’s Christmas party, ”
she said, offering another flirty smile. “The place
was packed; you probably met so many people that night I
got lost in the crowd.”

She had just rather graciously taken him off the hook. More
importantly, however casual that prior meeting had been,
she recalled him.

He spent the next half hour chatting her up, finding out
who they knew in common, where she worked (which turned
out to be his former company), making whatever small talk
was necessary to keep him in her company.

Their conversation ended when he spied his wife looking
their way. Oops! Not only was he ignoring his spouse, he’d
been caught flirting with the best looking woman at the
party. So much for hitting on the new girl. It was time to
wrap things up before he got in trouble. “We should do
a lunch some time, ” he offered, in a last minute scramble
to stay in touch with her.

Her come-hither smile and twinkling eyes signaled her
answer even before she gave it. “I’d like that. Just
call the switchboard and ask for Barbara.” She nodded
toward his wife. “This one, not that one.”

She’s letting me know she knows of my wife and the fact
that they share a given name, ergo, she knows I’m married
and apparently doesn’t care. That realization had him
thinking in terms of what a lunch might lead to.

He spent the evening mixing with old acquaintances, checking
her out whenever the opportunity presented itself. She
invariably smiled his way, and more often than not, gave
him the eye. He was so looking forward to that lunch.

He called her first thing the following Monday and set up
a lunch for the following day. They agreed upon a little
off-the-beaten-track restaurant he recommended—one
where he was unlikely to run into anyone that knew him. She
agreed to meet him there.

He made a point of getting there before she did. He scanned
the crowd, pleased to see no one he knew. Moments later she
arrived, and after a quick hello, he was steering her toward
an outdoor table well away from the madding crowd.

They spent the next hour and a half learning more of one another,
discussing hobbies, hang-ups, career plans, et al. Most
importantly, she shared where she lived. “Parkrose,
eh? My brother lives out that way. I was planning to visit
him this weekend. What would you think of my stopping by

Her eyes and mouth smiled in unison. “I’d love it!”
She fished out paper and pen, scribbled something, and
handed it to him. “There’s my phone number and address.
What day are you seeing your brother?”

“That’s still up in the air. Let me firm things up with
him and get back to you.”

Resting her chin on her palms, she grinned. “OK.”

Their extended lunch ended far too soon, after which he
walked her to her car. She hopped in and rolled down the driver’s
window without starting the engine, obviously in no hurry
to leave. Since she’d shown him more than casual interest,
he decided to push the envelope a bit—to test the waters
sort of speak.

He stuck his head through her open window. She gave him an
expectant look as he brought his mouth to hers. Her eyes
closed as he kissed her. It was a short one, barely more than
a peck. Although neither wet nor long-lasting, it had nonetheless
been a daring move. What counted was that she’d willingly
accepted it.

“I’ll give you a call after I talk with my brother, ”
he said, acting as if kissing a woman he barely knew was an
everyday occurrence.

She smiled, eyes twinkling. “I look forward to it.”

Although it was true his brother lived very near to where
she did, Jack hadn’t spoken to with him in weeks. His line
about the two of them getting together was manufactured
fiction—a spur-of-the-moment attempt to see if she’d
let him visit her. And she agreed to it! His next challenge
was to drum up an excuse to be out on the town on his own.

He concocted an alleged invitation from an old Army buddy
to meet for drinks. His wife bought into it without hint
of suspicion. So far, so good.

A follow-up phone call sealed the deal for the following
Friday. Since Barbara number two was a single mother with
two small boys, she asked that he not come until later, after
she’d bedded them down.

Parkrose was a suburb on the opposite side of town, easily
a thirty minute jaunt. During the drive he marveled at how
well this whole adventure was unraveling. First came the
flirting at the party, followed by a lunch with a goodbye
kiss, and now invitation for a late night visit. The stars
had aligned, creating the potential for a rather interesting

He arrived on her doorstep at 9:30 sharp. She greeted him
wearing skin-tight cut-off jeans and a loose-fitting
blouse that not only showed the curves of her breasts but
two or three inches of tummy as well. “Hi. Come on in, the
boys just went to sleep.”

Her apartment consisted of a combination kitchen-dining
area, a living area sporting a rather long couch, and a hallway
off the kitchen, presumably leading to the bathroom and

Acting nervous, she sat on the couch, giving him a coy smile.
“This is my spot.” She nodded toward the far end of the
couch. “You’re to sit over there and behave.”

She’d just offered up the evening’s first sexual innuendo—obviously
having given thought to what might happen were he to ‘visit’

I think not. He plopped down on the cushion right next to
her, and draping his arm on the couch behind her, made himself

“Hey!” she said, giving him a ‘you naughty-boy’
look. “Did you hear what I just said?”

His hand slid down to her shoulder. “I’ve never been
very good at following rules, ” he said, pulling her
closer. Taking hold of her chin, he brought her mouth to

As with his earlier one in her car, she accepted his kiss.
Nothing about it resembled the peck they’d shared after
lunch however. This one lasted several seconds before
she ended it. Things were off to a great start. “You’re
not behaving, ” she gently admonished, making no effort
to escape his embrace.

“I don’t recall promising I would, ” he said, and
pulled her into another kiss.

This time she not only accepted it, but returned it with
fervor. Twisting sideways, her arms encircled his neck.
Taking advantage of her momentum, he twisted her onto his
lap until she was sitting sideways, perpendicular to him.
He had one arm supporting her back, the other resting on
her hip. This kiss lasted far longer than its predecessor.
Although she eventually broke it, she remained draped
across his lap. Cradling his hand in hers, she caressed
his fingers.

It was Jack’s opinion that women wanted to be seduced—talked
into giving in—even if when they wanted the very thing
the man did. Whether or not they’d admit this was a whole
other matter however. He suspected there was some unwritten
rule that prevented things from happening too quickly,
but since breaking down a woman’s resistance was a sport
he thoroughly enjoyed, he had no objections.

She prattled on about some inane subject, him listening
attentively, responding when appropriate. The next few
minutes alternated back and forth between intermittent
kissing and mindless blather. What they talked about was
of little consequence—it was filler; something to bridge
the gap between ever escalating levels of cajolery that
he hoped would lead to even better things to come. He initiated
each kiss, she launched each ensuing conversation.

Her response to his kisses was always the same—she’d
wrap her arms around his neck and lean into the kiss The scenario
kept repeating: talk a bit, swallow one another’s tongues,
break away to talk, then kiss again—each repetition
ratcheting up the passion level.

By now his cock was hard as a rock and smothered rather uncomfortably
inside what had become some very cramped underwear. His
arousal had to be obvious. Perhaps it was that hardened
lump poking her back that ultimately prompted her to unobtrusively
press the back of his hand against one breast—a very soft
breast, seemingly unencumbered by any hint of a bra.

Although he pretended otherwise, her overture did not
go unnoticed. Play the innocent damsel all you want my dear,
but we both know what you just did.

Taking her maneuver as a signal to move things along, he
pulled her into another kiss. But this time instead of resting
his hand on her hip, he slid it around behind her, up and under
her open mid-drift blouse.

Her breathing grew labored as he massaged and caressed
the flesh of her lower back. Receiving the hoped-for sighs,
his hand slid higher, up and over bare shoulder blades—a
journey unencumbered by straps, confirming his suspicion
that all she had on above the waist was a paper-thin blouse.
She’d clearly anticipated this sort of encounter—it
was time to move on to the next stage.

What to this point had been docile capitulation on her part
came to an abrupt halt when his hand slid around to her front
to capture a naked tit. “Hey!” she yelped, grabbing
his hand through her blouse, “you can’t do that!”

At first he thought he’d overstepped his bounds, but
her inaction told him otherwise. Although she’d pinned
his hand to her breast preventing his fingers from further
exploration, she’s held it in place, making no effort
whatsoever to dislodge it.

Idle chit-chat ensued, the two of them conversing as if
having an erection poking her back while he cupped her naked
tit was nothing out of the ordinary.

This particular dialog lasted longer than the previous
ones. With the end game in sight he didn’t want to blow
things by rushing too fast, especially considering his
next move might very well bring the evening’s interlude
to a screeching halt.

Her current chatter topic ran its course and she stopped
talking. Taking advantage of the lull, he risked another
kiss. Like all those times before, she wrapped her arms
around his neck, abandoning the hand on her tit, leaving
it to its own devices.

He tongued her mouth as his hand roamed back and forth between
her tits, pinching and teasing her nipples. Tipping their
bodies sideways, he lowered them to the couch, sliding
up her blouse in the process. Legs and feet shuffled as each
sought a comfortable position.

He lowered his mouth, capturing an areole, making it grow
taut and evoking a sigh--and bringing the evening’s
idle chatter to a long overdue halt. They’d graduated
to the next stage of seduction. With the “you sit on your
end of the couch” nonsense finally put to rest, his slavering
mouth wetted her titties hoping it would have a similar
effect in other body parts too. She lay beneath him with
her eyes closed, gently stroking the back of his head as
his mouth, lips and tongue traversed her breasts, making
her nipples stand tall.

With foreplay finally in full swing, it was time to find
out how far he could push things. He slid a hand down her belly,
between her legs. Molding his fingers to the contour of
her crotch, he rubbed his hand back and forth, applying
pressure, testing to see if she’d object.

He met no resistance; faced no deterrent. She made no effort
whatsoever to block his caresses or in any way prevent those
probing fingers from massaging her most feminine parts.
He cupped his fingers, and pressing harder, massaged her
jean-clad pussy as he sucked away on her tits. She simply
laid beneath him, an aroused woman letting her man stimulate

A hint of resistance returned when his hand deserted her
groin to fumble with the snap at the front of her pants—if
what she did could be called resistance. Her hand found
his fingers, but instead of blocking his efforts, it simply
laid on top of his as if saying, ‘Don’t move too quickly
lest you spoil the mood.’

Despite having been given this subtle go-ahead, her tight
pants were keeping her honor intact. They were stretched
so taut that try as he may, he couldn’t undo her snap. Fearing
to lose the momentum he’d gained, he abandoned the snap,
and after a circuitous tour of her abdomen, went after her
zipper instead. Again, her hand closed over his as if defending
her virtue, yet did nothing to impede his progress.

Sliding down her zipper proved a far easier task. Once unzipped,
he slid his hand inside. She lay unmoving as his hand took
an accounting of what heretofore had been unattainable
flesh. Although a thong covered her pubic area, for the
most part he discovered a delightful amount of bare skin
to explore. His real interest however, still lay shrouded
beneath that thong, inaccessible—something he planned
to address.

His hand returned to her snap, greeted again by her do-nothing
fingers. With her fly open, he attacked the snap from underneath.
To his delight, it popped open. Relieved of pressure, her
pants parted, exposing her abdomen.

Since diving directly right into her panties seemed contrary
to the unspoken rules they’d followed so far, he slid
his hand out to one hip, under her elastic band. He lifted
his hand, creating a three to four inch gap between her panties
and her skin. She lay there with eyes closed and legs slightly
parted, breathing heavily, awaiting his next move.

Stretching the elastic, he moved his hand inward, to just
above her belly button. With space freed, he slid his hand
downward, over her soft tummy and through her tuft, seeking
and finding her pussy. After a caress or two of her clit,
he switched to her labia, exploring her puffy lips. His
efforts were greeted with twitches and sighs, her passive
acquiescence making it clear the prize he’d just found
was his for the taking.

There was still ground to be covered before the end game
however. Since so far she’d let him do pretty much whatever
he wanted as long as he didn’t rush her, he decided it best
not to escalate matters too quickly.

His mouth abandoned her breast in favor of her mouth, giving
her a torrid kiss as his fingers parted her blood-filled
folds. One slid inside, experiencing her wetness for the
very first time; reveling at her readiness.

With her mouth full of his tongue, she sucked in air through
her nose. Grabbing the back of his head, she drew him nearer,
her probing tongue taking up the cadence of the finger that
stroking her insides—prompting a flow of fluids he hoped
was preparing her vagina for a much larger visitor.

By now he had her so worked up that resistance was no longer
a concern. Still, he proceeded slowly; after all, breaking
down a woman’s defenses was an art in and of itself. He
stoked her fires, hopefully making her as hungry for what
would come next as he was.

Testing that hunger, he pulled her hand to his cock, or more
accurately to the clothing that covered it. The fact she
left it there was an act of complicity; a tacit admission
that she’d be a willing participant in what was both knew
would follow.

Their heightening intimacy had his cock testing the temper
of his jeans, stretching it to the point the material was
at risk of tearing. Her fingers caressed his length. Having
turned the tables; it was she doing the tormenting now—stoking
his fires. Still, she had yet to do what he wanted most, which
was to release his swollen member from its confines. Apparently
that would be taking too active a role.

He, however, had no such qualms. Removing her hand, he undid
belt and zipper, and pulled his pants and shorts down to
his knees. Another disappointment ensued—she didn’t
take hold of it again of her own accord. Fortunately for
him, he wasn’t bashful.

He brought her hand to his penis. Her fingers encircled
it, caressed it, stroked and teased it as they kissed, her
pumping hand doing its all to please and excite him.

His own hand returned to her pussy, treating it in like fashion.
Both still wore clothing above the waist, but with respective
their pants each down around their knees, they were naked
in the middle, as breathing hard, they fondled one others

By now their encounter had become too erotic to bear; it
was time to execute the end game; to cease further postponement.
Sitting up, he stripped off his shirt and pants and rose
up to his knees facing her, wearing nothing but a hungry
look, a pair of stockings, and a throbbing erection.

Her eyes perused his body, her gaze settling on his cock;
one very hard cock poking out from his crotch, proudly proclaiming
its arousal. He gloried in its firmness. Could anything
feel better that having your cock large and swollen, anxiously
awaiting a chance to perform its anointed purpose?

He let her stare at it briefly before lifting her blouse.
She raised her arms, allowing him remove it, then lay back
down. Next came her pants, followed in short order by her
panties, which he vanquished with a single deft tug.

She lay watching him as he positioned himself between her
legs and parted her thighs. “I’m sorry I’m so fat, ”
she said, apparently fearing he might not like the view.

Right! Although she might benefit from dropping a pound
or two, she was far from fat. His eyes roamed her charms,
particularly those pouting pussy lips and protruding
nipples. It brought to mind Julius Caesar’s famous proclamation,
Veni, vidi, vici: I came, I saw, I conquered. He’d seen
her at the party, he’d come to her apartment, and he’d
conquered all vestiges of her earlier feigned resistance.

She’d clearly conceded him his victory, but the battle
hadn’t been easily won—she’d proven a formidable
foe and a reluctant conquest. But their skirmish had ended
and she was now his for the taking. The only thing left was
to close the deal with a ‘piece’ agreement. It was time
to expand Caesar’s phrase to: I came, I saw, I conquered—and
then came for real. “Nonsense, ” he said, “you look

Despite the fact she lay naked beneath him waiting for him
to claim his spoils, somehow her passive submission wasn’t
enough; he wanted greater surrender, some sort of tacit
admission that she wanted him to fuck her as badly as he wanted
to do the fucking. Toward that end he bent forward, lifted
her knees, and lowered his mouth to her pussy.

Her pelvis lurched as his mouth closed over her lower lips.
Her hips quivered and bounced as they arched upward to greet
his face. He let her savor the experience a bit before lifting
his mouth away just enough to drag his tongue along the length
of her clit. He inserted a finger, stroking her, exciting
her, launching her on an orgasmic journey that would inevitably
culminate with her getting fucked.

Soon the only sounds filling the room were her moans and
sighs and the harmony of the squishing noises his finger
fomented as it lathered her frothing cunt. Her hips rotated
in circles, her fevered humping periodically interrupted
by tremors that had her crotch hammering his mouth.

Confident he had her in a tizzy, he pulled his mouth away
and rose to his knees. He hovered above her, his penis jutting
out in front of him, feeling as hard as steel, impervious,
anxious to finally fulfill its role of the white knight
riding to aid a fair maiden in her moment of need, or in this
case, to ride that fair maiden and vanquish her need.

She lay staring at it. What he’d relish most at this point
would be to have her beg him to put it in and fuck her, but he
knew she had too much gamesmanship for that. She’d made
it clear that she was to be the ‘takee’ and he the ‘taker.’

He leaned forward, guiding his cock to her openeing. He
nestled its tip between her folds but didn’t thrust.
Instead, he pulled his hand away, and resting on both arms,
pressed his hips forward, knowing full well that her opening
was too tight to penetrate without some kind of assistance—assistance
he had no plans to offer.

It took only one or two faux strokes before he got his hoped
for response. With eyes closed and lips pursed, she twisted
her head sideways and reached between them. Wrapping her
fingers around his cock, she raised her hips and gently
guided him into her hole. Although up to this point he’d
been the aggressor, teasing and taunting, getting her
ready; he took great satisfaction in knowing that ultimately
she’d been the one to initiate their fuck.

Although her labia may have lacked lubrication, that was
hardly the case with her love canal. No sooner had he penetrated
her opening than he sank all the way into her wetness, her
moist and heated vaginal muscles pinching and squeezing
him, coaxing him deeper; making known his welcome.

The moment he’d been waiting for had finally arrived;
the inevitable outcome of that first flirty glance; that
heated connection their eyes had made that night at the
party, the fulfilling of her purpose in inviting him here;
completing his objective in accepting it. He was finally
fucking her; sliding his elated cock in and out of her dampened
cunt; experiencing the sweetness of her pussy; the marvel
that was her cootchie. Could anything be more magnificent?

Despite their earlier games, their story had reached its
inevitable conclusion as each now took pleasure from the
other, doing in unison what had dominated their thoughts
separately from the moment they’d first laid eyes on
one another—those shared and fleeting glances that
promised, someday, somehow, you and I will fuck.

He looked down at her, watching her breasts jiggle in response
to each new thrust. Was there anything in life more glorious
than having a woman writhe beneath you, glorying in the
feel of your cock as it slides in and out of her; watching
blotches appear as her skin flushes; noticing how much
more beautiful she is when her pupils dilate and her eyes
glaze over as she stares up at you in total subjugation letting
you fuck her. Was there ever a greater salve for a man’s

The sight of her sexy, squirming body quickly became too
much to endure. Having waited long enough; he badly needed
to cum. He started her pumping her faster, jack-hammering
her pussy. She in turn pushed upward, greeting his every
thrust, anxious to take from him the very thing he was striving
to offer her.

His cock felt better and better; her wet vagina finer and
finer. No, it’s too soon; I’m not sure she’s cum yet.

Slowing his thrusts, he tried to ever so slightly back off
and ease his need. She wanted no part of that, however. As
if sensing his intent, her heels locked behind him, her
pelvis humping, her muscles squeezing, her breathing
suddenly more labored.

His will to withdraw faded. She felt too good; far too good.
He resumed his breakneck pace, his need to thrust undeniable.
Ecstasy consumed his cock, crawling up its length. His
body went rigid. Ignoring his earlier plea, his cock stiffened
and swelled and then exploded, divesting itself of its
lustful payload.

Her hips rose off the couch, her heels clenching his butt
cheeks so tightly it seemed their loins had merged into
one. Vaginal muscles pinched and squeezed, siphoning
his masculine offering as the two of them writhed in unison,
acting out humanity’s most ancient of dances. His cock
spasmed again and again; as over and over it painted her
innards in cum.

Finally his ecstasy faded. She’d drained him of his seed.
Not only had she initiated their fevered sex bout, she’d
ended it too, her vagina having claimed ultimate victory.
It had vanquished his once proud hardness, had stolen his
payload giving him no say in the matter. Unconvinced he
was completely done her pussy continued to milk him, doing
its part to fulfill its role in the perpetuation of the species.
Hopefully she was on the pill.

He remained inside of her for a very long time, neither of
them anxious for his penis to withdraw. Gradually his fading
hardness made continuance impractical. An irony struck
him as he eased himself out of her sweetness. They’d just
made love at ‘his end’ of the couch. “Sorry, I just
couldn’t wait any longer.”

She smiled. “Since I didn’t bother waiting for you,
no apology needed—I must have cum a half dozen times before
you did.”

She lay there, now suddenly indifferent about the very
nudity that only moments ago had made her so shy. Apparently
getting fucked had ended any reason for acting self-conscious.

He gathered his clothing, “It’s late; I really should

“I understand, ” she said, watching him dress.

Once he’d dressed she walked over and pressed her naked
body into his, wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave
him a smoldering kiss goodbye. After a very long time she
broke it. Giving him a devilish look, she groped for his
crotch. “Thanks for cumming tonight.”

Her teasing hand was getting him hard. If he didn’t leave
soon he’d be here another full hour. “Trust me, it was
my pleasure.”

She chortled, “Not as great as mine was, ” she said,
opening his fly and freeing what by now was a rapidly growing
erection. “But we can settle that argument next time.”

Next time—I like the sound of that.

“And when we do, ” she said, stroking him toward fullness,
“let’s use my bed; it’s way more comfortable than
my couch.”

We could have used your bed this time had you simply admitted
your true reason for inviting me for a late-night visit
while wearing no bra.

She knelt down and kissed the tip of his cock. “Who knows, ”
she said, circling his crown with her tongue, “if this
big fellow here enjoyed our little tête-à-tête half
as much as I did, ” she said, eyes a-twinkle, “the next
time we meet you might even remember me.”

He guffawed. I deserved that! “Trust me, I’ll still
be conjuring up images of this night on my death bed.”
He winked, “Oh, and using the couch is perfectly fine
with me, irrespective of whosever end we do it on.”

She stood and opened the door. “Hurry back now, ” she
said, fondling his still protruding erection. “After
all, I have a whole bag of rather naughty tricks I never got
the chance to show you.” She looked down at what her hand
was cradling, “A month’s pay says our buddy here would
take great joy at experiencing each and every one of them.”
She touched a finger to his nose, “In fact, why don’t
you stay a little longer and let me show you a few of them right
now, ” she said, stroking his cock with a flurry.

Muscling up more self control than he’d have thought
possible, he stepped back out of her reach. “You little
vixen, you. Trust me when I say that’s an offer I fully
intend to take you up on, it just can’t be tonight.”

With a wave of his hand he spun about, walking across the
parking lot, his stiffened cock leading the way for all
the world could see. It wasn’t until he reached his car
that his erection had shrunk sufficiently to finally stick
back in his pants. He tucked it away, pondering the evening’s
events. I’ll definitely have to participate in more
of these Army reunions. He climbed in and turned the ignition,
and with both mind and motor churning, plotting that next
rendezvous, wondering what that bag of tricks of hers might

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.

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Great story..more ..more..


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Excellent Very well written, I thoroughly enjoyed you ability to
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Great story and waiting to hear about her bag of tricks


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Good story from a cheater.


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Great story, would love to meet her. I would hope I could
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Very well written, looks like not remembering her off the
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Nothing tops an intelligent writer relating an interesting
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Most enjoyable.