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We take turns working the street. Three days on, two days
off. Each of us looking out for the other and lending a hand
when a john gets to pushy. There is only one leader in our
pack of equal sexes, we lovingly call him the Elder. He’s
worked this street since he was twelve and earned the right
to pick and choose who works with him. Each night the takings
get divided between those that have worked, so any illness
gives the others a chance for extra cash, story’s get swapped
as well but only when the nights are slow. We have our own
rules and the police keep watch, just to make sure they get
their hand-outs, as they should. We‘ve needed their intervention
when rival groups have tried to take over our patch. Most
of us have regulars. I’ve even got a few who come back for
more. Maybe its because I have my own special quirks or it
could actually be because I’m good at what I do. It’s a life
and job rolled into one. I’m relatively new to this section
and still have a lot to learn but already I’ve been accepted
and taken under care of the elder’s watchful eyes. I don’t
use my real name, can’t even remember what is was, its been
so long since it was last used. So don’t go feeling sorry
for me, I like what I do and do what I like, with in reason.
I am called ancilla, picked it up from a special person who
took a liking to me when my luck was down and named me thus.
I think it means slave, either way the name stuck. I still
keep in contact with him from time to time and we have met
on a few occasions as well. He has always treated me good
and takes extra care with me. Sometimes I feel like a china
doll in his hands. For all we do together I always come away
feeling special.
Business is slow at the moment. There’s this big dinner
dance over town that has most of the regulars busy keeping
their wives happy. Come the early hours though most of the
wives will be home tucked up in their nice warm beds while
their hubby’s sneak out in search of other entertainment.
This is my last shift for two days. I really feel the need
to pamper myself, after a nice long sleep first.
The guys, Zechs and Trowa, have been picked up for the night
so I’ll not see them for a while. The pair of them are sex on
legs literally. Zechs has silver blond hair, his pride
and joy, that reaches to the small of his back and deep blue
eyes. He is slender but well built and a six pack to die for,
as well as a regal stature to match. Trowa is also slender
in build, his auburn hair is brushed across one side of his
face, hiding one of his emerald eyes which seems a shame
to me as they are beautiful.. Although slender Trowa is
well toned, could be because he works out in his spare time.
They’re both great guys and my best friends, the others
I‘ve yet to know better but we all get along. Most of the high
flyers go for Zechs and Trowa, not that I’m jealous or anything
but I wouldn’t mind a break once in a while from the ‘norm’.
A nice warm room, soft furnishings, candle light and long
slow loving. You get my drift? Instead I end up with quickies.
Sometimes I don’t even leave the patch. They just park the
car and drag me off down the alleyway . I’m thinking of investing
in a shed with some bedding or a mattress at least. That way
I don’t freeze my ass off and there’s no chance of watchers.
I’m not a prude but I do like to work one on one with out viewers
giving advice. Unlike some I could mention. Relena is a
right tart and can put everyone to shame. She’s the type
that would love a crowd to show her wares too and is into group
therapy in a big way. Its her innocent looks that do it but
man is she deceptive. What I wouldn’t do for a ciggy round
about now. The elder has forbidden them though, says some
punters don’t like their dates smelling of stale smoke.
Dates…ha.. That’s funny.
I look up, there’s a car just coming round the corner. I watch
as the lights dip twice and are then switched off as it pulls
level with me. Quickly I move up to the car door. Cool air
rushes past my body as the window is slid down on the front
passenger side. I stoop down and peer inside. Learnt my
lesson some time back bout leaning in through the window,
won’t get caught like that again.
“Hey” I smile…
I let my gaze wander to the interior of the car and note that
apart from the driver and front passenger the car is empty.

“What can I do fer you?” I watch as the passenger slowly rakes
he eyes from toe to top of me, taking in my high heels, fish
net stockings, leather mini skirt and boob tube, before
“I was looking for Zechs.” his voice was rich and smooth,
like silk brushing against skin.
Yeah, just my luck, my one chance of warming up and it’s a
wrong caller. Lucky Zechs, if this was one of his regulars
then he was raking it in, man the perks he could get from this
one would be well worth it. Guess I was a little jealous,
hell no I was more than a little, I was green with envy.
“Sorry, he’s gone for the night.” I straighten up slightly
but still held eye contact. “ I could tell him you called
by?” He turned to speak with the driver before looking back
at me. I watched, fascinated, as a smile that could power
the universe was turned my way. Ohh ancestors, my knees
felt weak and my head swam. You know what? That smile actually
reached his eyes. Defiantly lucky Zechs.
“I need a companion for a few hours.” he says watching me
closely. “ I can take a detour to find you something presentable
to wear… if you’re in agreement?” I stand there dumb for
a couple of seconds, dare say my jaw dropped a few inches
as well. He moved to open the door and get out, I remember
stepping to one side to allow him to exit the car. Then watched
as he opened the back door and motioned for me to get in. Hell
who was I to refuse a nice cool car. I quickly stepped across
the curb and into the plush interior, sliding across the
seat to the other side. He slid in beside me and closed the
door softly. I watched as the driver started the car and
pulled away. Switching his lights back on and turning the
car at the top of the road he headed back up the way they’d
come. We left the rundown part of town and headed into the
more residential part. It was a short drive but a cool one.
“You seem to be about 5’3” in height?” I drew myself out of
my bliss to turn to him slightly, nodding at his question.
He smiled at me again. “ I have a few articles of clothing
that should fit you perfectly for the night. You will only
be called upon to escort me to the function and be by my side
for its duration.” In other words, keep my mouth shut and
try not to let him regret picking me up. I could do that, keep
quiet… well I should be able to. He reached across and took
my hand in his, oh man, I could feel my blood zinging through
my veins and just having him hold my hand sent my temperature
up by five degree’s. I’m not really one for small chit chat
and I don’t think he was either, so after a while he let my
hand drop to the seat between us. I spent the journey watching
the road and passing scenery. Not that it took us that long
to get to where ever it was he lived at. After the car pulled
into the drive way, I watched as the driver got out and opened
my door first. I adjusted my skirt while waiting for the
guy to come around the car and escort me into his home. I didn’t
really pay that much attention to the building itself,
knowing I’d not see it again. The front door opened just
before we got to it and a middle aged women greeted us. “Master
Treize, we didn’t expect to see you this night. Shall I have
your rooms prepared?” I felt his hand in the small of my back,
ushering me in through the door and past the housekeeper,
who wrung her hands in agitation. “No, that won’t be necessary
thank you Tilly. We’ll only be stopping to change and be
out of your hair before the hour is up. No need to fret about
us” he replied, smiling. “though I would like some beverages
brought up to my room, if you please.” I was steered up the
stairs and along the hallway. The thick carpet softened
our progress, I took a brief glance at the walls decorated
with family portraits and the likes before I was ushered
in through double doors. The room was beautiful, the walls
were of a pale cream which matched the soft pile carpet.
There were a couple of chairs, a double settee and a coffee
table but what caught my eye was the other side of the room
it had a huge walk in wardrobe. I was lead over to one of the
chairs and gently pushed onto its seat. I watched as he strolled
over to the wardrobe and opened the doors wide. I could hear
him muttering to himself while he moved the hangers around
trying to find suitable clothes for me. After a while he
took down two evening dresses and walked over to the settee,
placing them over its back. I watched as he returned to the
wardrobe and began riffling through the built in draws,
pulling out what I could only think of was accessories.
He bent down to retrieved a couple of pairs of shoes and I
couldn’t help but admire his trim backside. Well I am human
after all and such a view it was too. Firm and full, just the
way I like it. You can’t blame me for looking, can you? As
he straightened I was further treated to a show of his broad
shoulders, why hadn’t I noticed how gorgeously spectacular
his body was. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he worked out
more than once a week and on a regular basis too. No one should
look that good but who am I to judge, look at what I’ve had
to deal with. Some how I felt soo out of place here and wondered
if he’d not made a mistake in picking me for
the night. I was sure having my doubts about it, that was
until he turned and smiled at me. Then the whole room lit
up again and all those thoughts were sent scurrying into
dark corners. “Here we go, these should do nicely.”
His long strides took him to my side and I stood up. He dropped
the other items on the nearby chair and indicated with a
sweep of his arm the door I’d not noticed before.
“shower’s through there if you so wish, I’ll leave you in
peace while I see what’s keeping Tilly.” with that said
he swept out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.
Quickly I walked over to the door and into the bathroom.
Every wall was tiled, there was a shower and bath, which
I glared at, no time for that luxury. Opening the shower
door, I turned on the tap and waited, with my hand under the
spray, for it to warm up. Having acquired the right temperature
I then searched the cabinets for shower gel, shampoo and
conditioner. It didn’t take me long to strip off my street
clothes, I kicked them into the corner with distain. Stepping
into the shower was like heaven, its warm water coating
my skin and running in rivulets down my body. I couldn’t
help but moan in pleasure as I saw myself reflected in the
mirror tiles in front of me. Running my hands across my body
as a lover would, teasing a pert nipple, cupping a full breast.
Ghosting down my sides and around my ass. Closing my eyes
I had a lovely vision of him stood behind me, it was his hands
that cupped my breasts, teased my nipples and slid down
to my apex. His hand that slide between my legs as I spread
them willingly, his fingers spreading my inner lips and
sliding against my clit. A sound from beyond the door alerted
me and I quickly searched for the shampoo. Quarter of an
hour later I was stepping out of the cubicle. Clean and smelling
of roses. I grabbed one of the fluffy towels and wrapped
my hair in a loose turban, then wrapped the other around
my body, before stepping back into the main room. He was
sat, relaxed in one of the chairs facing the shower door,
sipping tea from a china cup. He smiled as I made my way over
to the settee and grabbed a pair of lace lady’s boxers. Turning
my back to him, I dropped the towel from around my body and
quickly stepped into them. I didn’t see the raised eyebrow
behind me, or the look of appreciation either. Clad now
in just the one undergarment, I picked up the first dress
in front of me. It was long, sleek and black. Stepping into
it I felt the soft material hug my body like a second skin.
I zipped up the side and adjusted the front so that my breast
where cupped more fully then turned to him. I watched as
his eyes took in my appearance. He smiled again. “you’ll
have to loose the turban.” I tossed the towel aside after
giving my hair a quick rub. Still smiling he stood and made
his way across the room to a cabinet and reaching inside
he took out a brush and walked back, handing it to me. Our
fingers touched as I took it from him. Quickly I set about
sorting out my mass of hair. Long sure strokes brushing
out any tangles. Once again I stood before him and once again
he looked me over. I could actually feel myself blush as
his eyes raked me from top to toe. His appreciation was evident
in his eyes and the smile that graced his lips. Taking my
hand he led me over to the other chair. I watched as he set
about pouring another cup of tea and topping his own cup
up. Handing me the cup and saucer he indicated the cream
and sugar with a sweep of his hand and a “Help yourself.”
carefully I balanced the saucer in one hand and reached
across to add the cream and a couple of spoons of sugar. I
looked around the room again, while stirring my tea. I didn’t
know if I was suppose to make small talk or just sit there,
so instead I just sat there. My toes dug into the soft carpet
as I stirred the tea in my cup. I could feel my damp hair across
my shoulders when ever I moved my head, soon it would start
to dry and the deep waves that I was gifted with would shape
it into a soft fall of silk framing my face. I was one of the
lucky ones in that I didn’t need to style my hair or have it
permed. Mine was natural. Sipping my tea I glanced up at
him. He was staring at me. I blushed again and ducked my head
paying particular interest in my cup and swallowing the
drink quickly. I felt it burn all the way down and had to stop
myself from gasping at the shock. Hastily I placed the cup
and saucer back onto the tray and waited. “Shall we go?”
he said, standing and taking my hand to help me rise. Taking
his hand in mine we made our way to the door. It was then I remembered
shoes. I dashed back to the settee and grabbed the pair of
sling backs. Slipping my feet into them and hurried back
to his side. We made our way down the stairs and out the door.
The driver was stood by the back passenger door and opened
it as we approached. Sliding into the car and over to the
other side I rearranged my dress as ‘Master Treize’ slide
in beside me and the door closed.
“Umm, ” I stuttered as he glanced at me with a smile. “Is
there some way you’d like me to address you?” I enquired.
“Oh, my dear of course.” he replied “How remiss of me. You
may call me Treize and what name shall we address you by?”
I turned to look out the window. “I can’t remember my real
name.” I told him. “mostly I’m known as ancilla but I answer
to most names either way.” I could feel him smiling again.
“well, we shall have to pick an appropriate name for this
evening then shan’t we?” I turned to look at him, wondering
what he’d pick. It could be anything really, probably something
tarty or silly. I hoped he would chose a nice name, I could
do with a morality boost. “Ahh, yes. Janine should do well.
Nothing too elaborate.” It sounded nice the way he pronounced
it, Janeene, yeah I could get use to that name, it rolled
off the tongue with a hint of the delicate about it. I smiled
my acceptance of his choice and continued to watch the road
outside. The journey was quick and soon the car was turning
into a long driveway. It stopped in front of the large house.
Its ancient stone work echoing to the strains of a quartet.
Couples where walking arm in arm in and out of its open doors.
Off to the side of the house a marquise was set up with refreshments.

Light spilled out from every window of the house. The murmur
of many voices rolling across the manicured lawns. Once
again, the driver opened my side of the door and I carefully
stepped out. Treize came around the back of the car and took
my arm, leading me up the stone steps and through the opened
doors. Another gathering of the elite. Money and wealth
on display for all to see. Pampered wives and costly mistresses
mixed with each other, chattering politely over mundane
things that highlighted their lives. With a regal bearing,
Treize led me through the throng, his hand firmly but gently
steering me towards the host. Occasionally he would acknowledge
a greeting with a smile or stop for a quick chat before continuing
his trek towards the host who stood chatting to a couple
of business men in black suits, their dates for the night
hanging on their arms like a lifeline. Once stood before
the group I took time to look at our host. He was small in stature,
compared to those stood around him. His blond hair hung
down to the collar of his pink shirt. The cut of his black
suit enhancing his trim waste and slender build. He looked
up as Treize and I approached, his glance taking in both
our appearances and acknowledging our presents. I watched
as he made some comment to the gentlemen and walked over
to greet us. He took Treize’s hand in both of his then turned
to look at me. I could feel his aquamarine eyes brushing
over me as he extended his hand, which I took and held for
a few seconds before trying to retract it but he held onto
it and brought it to his lips, brushing them gently over
the back of my hand before releasing it and smiling up at
Treize. “Glad you could make it, Treize. I hope you’ll be
staying longer this time?” Treize smiled at him. “We’ll
see” he said “Depends on how boring the evening gets and
what entertainment you have later on, Quatre” the blond
laughed and patted Treize on the shoulder… “Oh, I‘m sure
you‘ll like the entertainment we have scheduled for tonight?”
and with that last remark hanging in the air, he left to mingle
with the others. Treize snagged a couple of glasses from
the tray that one of the caterers carried and handed one
to me. Looking at me over the rim of his glass he grinned down
at me. “Don’t mind Quatre, he can be quite the bastard when
he wants to be. I only hope that the evening is as good as he
thinks it’ll be.” We spent the next hour walking round the
room and chatting with some of the guests, well, those of
them that felt the need to come and find out where Treize
got his latest date from, that is. I will admit that I felt
as if I was on show for some odd reason. As if I was being paraded
around like a prize cow at a cattle auction. I got a few funny
glances from the women and appraising ones from the men,
which didn’t make me feel any better either. A little after
midnight I noticed that people were moving into groups
and making their way to different parts of the house. Treize
took my elbow and steered me out of the main room and down
the hallway, turning left we went through into a large room.
My steps faltered slightly and Treize’s grip on my arm tightened
as he steered me over to one of the many comfy chairs. The
room itself was like a small cinema. The seating arrangement
done in a semicircle nearer the back of the room, each row
of seats slightly elevated than the one before it. There
were only five rows of seats but each row had six seats in
it with enough of a gap between each to allow plenty of room.
I almost felt lost when I sat down, the chair being larger
than normal chairs. Looking around I found out why, some
where sitting two to a seat. The centre of the room its self
had only one prop, a red velvet chaise-longue. The door
closed and the lights dimmed. A spot light high lighted
a door to the left and followed the two young men as they made
their way into the centre of the room. Each one seemed to
complement the other. While one was dressed in black, the
other dressed in white. One had short brown hair, the other
had long flowing auburn hair that reached just below his
butt. “For your viewing pleasure tonight. We have Heero
and Duo” the voice drifted across the room as soft music
began to play. They bowed to the gathering before making
their way over to the chaise-longue. I watched as the two
sat facing each other. Heero raised a hand and lovingly
caressed Duo’s cheek brushing lightly at the few stray
strand of hair that had escaped his pony tail. His lips moved
silently. “Eye’s on me and only me.” Duo nodded softly and
leant forward, his lips brushing against Heero’s, nibbling
softly on the bottom lip. Heero moved his hand to the back
of Duo’s neck pulling them closer together as Duo raised
his hands to Heero’s collar and removed the tie, letting
it fall forgotten to the floor. As the kiss deepened Duo’s
hands moved down Heero’s shirt front and began opening
the buttons one by one, then pulled the shirt from Heero‘s
trousers. Pushing open the shirt, Duo‘s hands moved under
the material and slid both jacket and shirt off of Heero’s
broad shoulders. Smoothed chest bared for all to see, Heero
gasped as Duo’s fingers ghosted down from his shoulders
and splayed across his nipples, fingers absently teasing
the erect nubs. Heero broke the kiss and lay his forehead
against Duo’s shoulder, his breathing short .Duo smiled
and whispered. “You like that Heero?” Heero just grunted
and made short work of both Duo’s jacket and shirt. The pair
stood as one. This time as Duo’s left hand slid behind Heero’s
neck, gently pulling his head down and kissing him, his
right hand moved to cup Heero’s growing erection. Heero
pressed himself harder against Duo’s hand, slowly rocking
his hips, moaning at the delightful friction he was getting
from both Duo’s hand and his clothed erection. Neither
one seemed to notice those sat watching them. It was like
they where both in a world of their own.
I watched avidly as each warred for dominance, a soft touch
here followed by a gasp, and slide of hand there, greeted
by a moan of pleasure. Eventually both were stood before
us naked. Their body’s softly glistening with in the light.
Taking his hand he led Heero’s over to the chaise-longue.
Duo moved to lay on the down, his back resting comfortably
against its high back, one arm slung across the side of the
longue while with the other he gently stoked himself. His
left leg bent and the soul of that foot firmly planted of
the longue while his right leg dangled over the edge its
toes barely touching the floor. I could hear a lot of shifting
around behind and to the side of me and will admit that I was
getting a little uncomfortable myself. The site was so
beautiful to behold. Both men unaware of those around them,
secure in their own world of pleasure. I gasped in shock
as firm hands lifted me up and Treize slide in to sit behind
me. I heard him chuckle softly. “Enjoying the show?” he
whispered into my ear, as he raised the back of my dress so
that it was bunched up behind me and seated me more comfortable
on his lap. Hastily glancing round the room, I noticed that
some others were sat such as we and more than a few had their
partner on its knees facing them, I dreaded to think what
they where up to. “Just relax and enjoy.” Treize whispered.
I felt his hands move to my legs and position them outside
of his own. I could feel his broad chest pressed against
my back and his warm breath against the side of my neck as
he nuzzled the skin, breathing in my scent. Dragging my
eyes to the front, I watched as Duo prepped himself, his
fingers tracing the outline of his entrance slowly before
he slid one of the digits inside, moving it gently in and
out before adding another slender digit and stretching
himself further. His eyes always on the face of his lover,
his look so serene. Heero had sat himself on the far end of
the longue and was watching Duo avidly, occasionally his
hand would stray to Duo’s leg, where he would let his hand
slide up from ankle to knee and back again. Treize was keeping
himself busy also, I felt the zipper on the side of my dress
slowly lower down a few inches followed by his hand cupping
my breast. I could feel his erection pressing in to my ass
as it strained against the confines of his trousers. Deftly
his fingers teased my nipples until they seemed to be almost
painful to the touch. I turned my head towards him but felt
his cheek press against mine as he spoke. “Watch the show”
he whispered. Turning back to the scene before me I tried
to concentrate on it and not on what Treize was doing to me.
Heero was still watching his lover avidly. Already Duo
had three fingers inside himself, eyes glazed with passion.
I watched as Heero reached forward and removed Duo’s fingers
gently, then took him in his arms and kissed him, his hands
gripping Duo’s hair at the nape of his neck. Duo shifted
up onto his knees and when the kiss broke he turned and faced
away from his lover, inviting himself to be taken, spreading
his slender legs wide and glancing over his shoulder at
Heero he smiled. Heero bent slightly to pick up something
from beneath the longue, he squeezed some gel onto his palm
before dropping the container back to the floor. Slender
fingers stroked his hardened cock, smearing it with the
gel. Moving closer to his lover, Heero’s fingers traced
Duo’s opening with the gelled digits. Placing his right
knee onto the longue behind his lover, Heero positioned
himself at Duo’s entrance, sliding the palm of one hand
along his lovers back. Duo turned again to watch his mate
before rocking his hips back and impaling himself on Heero’s
cock. As Heero’s head rocked back with pleasure, so Duo’s
fell forward, gasping. I whimpered softly as Treize’s
hand moved between my legs, his fingers deftly moving beneath
my panties and finding my own entrance and mercilessly
teasing my already wet clit. I moved my hands on top of his,
trying to stop him, I heard him tut softly even as he took
my hands and placed them on the arms of the chair, holding
them there as if to emphasis for me not to remove them. Being
a whore doesn’t mean I like making an exhibition of myself.
I was torn between leaving and staying. I shifted on his
lap bringing my legs together and made as if to move away.
I felt his hands grip my waist holding me still and his lips
gently nuzzle the side of my neck. He sighed “As you wish”
. Then I felt the zipper being returned to its original place
on my dress. Call me fickle but I did miss his hands on me.
I shifted sideways on his lap and lay my head on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry” was all I said. I felt him chuckle softly, it
rumbled through his chest like a summer thunderstorm.
“Don’t be” he said softly “It was presumptuous of me to think
otherwise.” I think that right then and there I was enamoured
with him. Someone of his ilk was indeed a treasure to hold
onto, lucky Zechs. I didn’t pay too much attention to the
show after that. Content as I was to sit on his lap and listen
to his heart beating. I must have drifted for the next thing
I remember are the lights coming up and those around us making
their way out of the room. I stood quickly, making sure my
dress was correct then looked up at Treize. He was smiling
at me. “You missed the best part.” he said as he took my hand
in his and led me out of the room. Quickly glancing at the
stage, I found it empty with the exception of the longue,
a pile of clothes and the small tube of gel. Placing his hand
in the small of my back Treize led me back into the main room
in which others gathered. I could feel my cheeks heat up
as my gaze settled on Quatre who was also watching us, a smirk
of evil flitted across his face as his eyes locked with mine
but in a second was gone, replaced by a smile. I watched as
he strolled over to us. “Well, what did you think? Aren’t
they just perfect for showing?” I found my shoe’s interesting
and left it for Treize to answer him. “Indeed, quite the
pair. Like chalk and cheese.” Treize replied, his arm snaking
around my waist as he pulled me slightly to the front of him.
Quatre beamed at us, nodding his head. “Yes, yes, they are.
I found them in ‘The Market’ just last month. Its not taken
too much to train them as they where a pair to begin with but
I have yet to find their limits.” He turned to address another
couple that had quietly approached us and Treize moved
me quickly away from them and into the foyer.
“Do you wish to leave?” he asked absently brushing the hair
from my eyes. “I will not be offended if it is too much for
you to handle at such short notice.” Shaking my head I raised
my hand to his face and gently traced its contours. Very
lucky Zechs. I know that I would never attain anyone like
Treize and call me silly but I wanted to have just one night
in his presence and damn the consequences. It would keep
me warm for the rest of my life. Leaning slowly forward I
brushed my lips across his and splayed my fingers across
his broad chest. I could feel his smile widen as my lips moved
across his cheek and I gently breathed into his ear. “Is
there anything I can do to repay you for your kindness. I
am more than willing to comply.” again I felt his chest rumble
beneath my finger tips as he laughed. “Oh my dear, you have
no idea how pleasing that sounds.” he took me in his arms
and held me closer, brushing his lips against my own ear
he whispered. “They have rooms here for such purposes,
but I will warn you that other may well see what we are doing,
there is no privacy here.” Pulling away slightly, I looked
into his eyes. “I prefer one on one. I’m not all that up on
voyeurs, sorry.” His hand cupped my face, his thumb gently
rubbing against my cheekbone. “I’ll contact my driver
and let Quatre know we are leaving. Perhaps you would like
to use the restroom while I am gone? I’ll meet you back here
in ten minutes.” Taking my hand his gave it a light squeeze
and walked back into the main room. I managed to track down
one of the many servers and get directions to the rest room
and was back with in the ten minutes. Treize was waiting
beside the stairs. He took my arm in his and we walked the
short distance to the car, which was parked, waiting out
side the front door. I don’t remember the journey back to
his home. My mind was running through all that I had seen
or been party to. It was quite an eye opener to say the least.
I’d heard of places like that but to actually go to one and
be a part of it as well as the amount of people there was a little
intimidating. I began to wonder how those who worked there
felt. If they where being treated better or worse than I
was. There had to be limits set, boundaries that even the
rich had to abide by. The hand on my leg brought me out of my
revelries and I turned to smile at Treize taking his hand
in mine. “Such deep thoughts, you’ve not said a word since
we left. Having second thoughts?” he asked. Shaking my
head I leant forward and kissed him, brushing my tongue
along his upper lip, teasing him. The car stopped and we
made our way back into Treize’s home. I watched as he freed
himself of his jacket then pulled his tie free from his shirt
and laid it along the back of a chair. Then taking my hand
in his, he lead me up the flight of stairs to his room. I stood
just inside the door way and watched as he moved over to the
light by the side of the king size bed, switching it on before
turning to wards me and beckoning me into his room. Kicking
my shoes off before entering, I glided across the room and
into his arms. His kiss was deep and full of need. I began
to feel light headed with the passion I could feel flowing
from him. Wrapping his arms around me tighter he moulded
his body to mine, I felt his hard cock brushing against me
and moaned softly. As he continued the kiss my fingers made
short work of the buttons on his shirt, I quickly pulled
the shirt from the confines of his trousers and brushing
my hands across his shoulders pushed the shirt free of him,
to let it drop forgotten to the floor. I felt his fingers
ghosting along my side and the zip of my dress lower, allowing
the dress to fall and pool at my feet. He quickly stepped
out of his shoes and taking another step closer to me, lifted
me free from the dress and into his arms. His lips where back
on mine in seconds, his tongue invading my mouth as he carried
me over to the bed and gently lay me upon it soft coverings,
following me down his body pressed against mine. As his
hands cupped my breasts his fingers and thumb teasing my
sensitive nipples, my fingers made even shorter work of
his trousers button and zip. We rolled onto our sides, facing
each other and my fingers glided into the opening of his
trousers and around his hardened shaft. I heard him moan
as I pumped his hard flesh. Quickly he stood and removed
his trousers and socks before laying back beside me, kissing
me hard. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him,
his hips rocking his trapped cock between our bodies, even
as his hands caressed my ass, kneading the cheeks. We broke
for air and I moved to sit between his spread thighs. Keeping
my eyes on his I trailed tiny kisses down his body, allowing
my tongue to dally at the small indenture of his stomach,
before continuing to lick a trail down to his cock. I felt
his fingers move across my shoulders to my head and a slight
pressure of his hands pushing me down. I licked his cock
from base to tip like a child would a lollypop, swirling
my tongue around its tip and tasting the pre-cum that was
slowly leaking from it, before taking it partially into
my mouth and sucking on its head. My fingers caressed his
balls as my other hand wrapped itself around the rest of
his cock, pumping it and sucking on its head at the same time.
His fingers tightened in my hair and he cried out as I took
all of his cock into my mouth, swallowing around its girth.
I could feel his balls tighten up and knew he wasn’t far off
cumming. Before I could take him over the edge his hands
gripped my shoulder and dragged me back up the length of
his body before he rolled me onto my back. His hands guided
my legs over his shoulders as his weight pressed me into
the bed and pulling me closer to him, he thrust into me. Fucking
me with long hard thrusts, then slowing to short shallow
ones. He kept changing the tempo, keeping me just hovering
on the edge. I could see a light sheen of sweat gather on his
skin. He pulled out of me and quickly turned me over, raising
me onto my knees, I let my head fall onto my arms and offered
up my ass to him.. I felt his hand rest in the small of my back
as he positioned his cock at my entrance before plunging
it back into my damp cunt. His fingers slid around my hips,
between my legs and began to tease my clit as he continued
fucking me hard. I was panting with need, my breath coming
in gasps of pure pleasure. I could feel my cunt walls tightening
around his cock, feel each ridge and vein that ran along
his length. I knew I wasn’t far off the edge. His arms wrapped
around me as he brought my body up with his, so that I was sitting
on his cock, feeling it penetrating me deeper. His hand
still teasing my clit as the other moved to my breast, pinching
and rolling the nipple, squeezing and cupping the breast.
I screamed as I came, my body tightening around his cock
that still moved inside me. I felt his body stiffen behind
me and felt his warmth pouring inside me, coating my inner
walls. We fell in a liquid heap on our sides, still trying
to catch our breaths and riding out the pleasure that coursed
through us. Treize reached across and pulled a sheet over
our cooling bodies, pulling me close to him so that I was
half resting on his chest and tucking my head beneath his
chin. He held me thus until I drifted in to a light slumber.
When I woke the room was bathed in the soft glow of pre-dawn.
I could hear the shower running and the light tenor of Treize
singing as he cleansed himself. Wrapping the sheet around
me, I made my way over to the window and stood watching the
dawn light creeping across the finely cut lawns. Nature
was waking up, in all its glory. The shower shut off and within
minutes Treize strolled naked into the room drying his
hair. “morning” he said as he dropped the towel on a stool
and made his way over to the wardrobe. I watched as he dressed
himself, then blushed as he turned towards me, raising
an eyebrow. “Ahh, clothes.” he smiled, holding a hand up.
“Wait here, I’ll fetch them.” I turned back to the window
and nearly jumped out of my skin when Treize’s voice called
from the door. “Shower’s all yours. Clean towels ready
and waiting for you. I’ll be back in a while.” and he was gone
again. I grinned as I made my way over to the bathroom, dropping
the sheet beside his wet towel before closing the bathroom
door behind me. I felt really refreshed when I exited the
bathroom. Squeaky clean and ready for the world. Treize
had put my own clothes on the now remade bed, and I hesitated
to put them on. Knowing that once I did things would be back
to what they where before. He the ‘john’, me the ‘hooker.’
Still, I had such great memories, I wondered what Zechs
would say, would he still talk to me after knowing that I’d
spent the night with one of his regulars. I could hear footsteps
on the stairs outside and someone was whistling as they
approached the room. Hastily I dressed myself and was just
slipping into my heels when there was a knock at the door.
Looking up, the smile that I had on my face died quickly as
I found Zechs stood in the doorway, leaning against it and
glaring at me. He’d changed from last night and was now dressed
in black slacks and a red muscle shirt that clung to his tight
body. I began to stutter, trying to find words that just
became muddled when spoken. Sighing I shook my head before
looking up at him and telling him I was just leaving. I grabbed
my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and made to walk past
him but he blocked my exit with one arm as his other hand came
up to cup my chin. Leaning forward he forced his tongue past
my lips and kissed me, brutally crushing my lips to his as
his tongue invaded my mouth. Raising my hands to his chest,
I tried to push him away from me but he held me in place firmly,
wrapping his arms around me and crushing my body to his.
When he did released me, I stumbled back a few steps. He was
just looking at me, his blue eyes boring into me, his face
blank. I couldn’t read him, didn’t know if he was angry at
me. When he moved into the room, I backed away from him slowly,
keeping my eyes on him, waiting to find an opening so that
I could get past him and out of here. My legs hit the end of
the bed and I tumbled backwards onto it. Before I could roll
off Zechs was on top of me, holding my arms above my head and
pinning my legs down with his as his body pressed against
mine. I struggled beneath him, twisting and turning, trying
to free myself, when I heard a discrete cough from behind
us. Zechs raised himself up slightly and turned his head
towards the door. Looking around him, I could see Treize
standing in the doorway. He was smiling, that Cheshire
cat grin, his eyes alight with mischief. “Starting without
me Zechs?” he asked as he firmly closed the door behind him,
locking it before making his way over to the bed. When Zechs
turned back to me I saw the self same grin on his face before
he lowered his head and kissed me.

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The story line was excellent, the seduction perfect, I
look forward to a climatic ending.


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should i continue with this or just leave it. it might take
some time to post the continuation.


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quote rm_vaneko2:
should i continue with this or just leave it. it might take some time to post the continuation.
having never done or been in a threesome it may take some
time to do as i'm not sure on the procedures.


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ya i know its too grate what did u say?


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Great Story, Please continue. Only crigue I have is please
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was a great story....please continue!