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Husbands and Wives


My name is Bill. My wife's is Kathy. Life is pretty good
after 30 years of marriage. Both of us have managed to

keep ourselves in normal shape for our ages, get our kids
raised successfully and still enjoy life. Work isn’t much
of a factor after successful careers, doing "new
and different things" is the order of the day now.
Both of us have

followed all the rules for years. Disciplined, organized
and focused, we’ve been good people and kept the benefits
of that work, put ourselves in reasonable financial shape.
We were driving somewhere one day when we both realized
we were able to do what we’d done before our family came,
before we were married: explore, follow intellectually
curious threads. Time was ours to use freely again and we
had enough sense to use it wisely. What we didn't have
was a clue about how, we were so out of practice.

I don't think either of us thought this exploring would
ever apply to our sex lives, which had always been pretty
straight for us. You know, a couple of regular positions,
only recently considering giving me haltingly passive

sex; never any oral sex on her. I had concluded it was something
from her parent’s generation and heritage that had

gotten passed along in the form of thinking it wasn’t clean
or normal. Not really a thought based on experience or
logic but probably a learned paradigm from years before
which had never been examined.

We started this year the same as any other, beginning to
redefine ourselves as I just said. We’d moved into a new
home we’d built shortly after the builder's mess got
cleaned up and we'd gotten used to the home we’d had

for us. Unfortunately, right afterward, I got sick for
the first time in our lives; seriously sick. Sick enough

need care for five months before I healed enough
to even be mobile enough to drive again. It was difficult.

over it now but I can sure tell you it was a chore for both of
us to get through. Kathy has been a real trooper, done

everything you could hope for to help me and I am the first
one to appreciate and respect her love and dedication.
During all this time, there was no energy, ability or interest
on my part towards having sex. It became last on any

priority list given how seriously ill I had been. After
all, we’d done it a million times and hoped to do it again
so it wasn’t first on our list. Staying alive seemed enough
until I had healed fully and was vigorous again.

What I just described took us to about three months
ago. That’s where this discussion begins.

About that time, when I was up to it one night, we both showered
and got to bed at a decent hour. I lit a couple of

candles and got the KY out to make the process a little easier.
A big help after the age of 40 as anyone can tell

you. We were a little nervous after the time off but got right
into it. Now remember, we’d never been much on oral

or anything that used to be called “Kinky.” Well, I rolled
over onto my side and instead of a long period of

foreplay, Kathy immediately slid her hand down and wrapped
it around my balls, fondled my cock right after touching
my balls. Her breathing was already heavy. She’d been looking
ahead, apparently and whispered wetly in my eye

trying for my ear in her haste. “Honey, your cock feels huge!
God, I love holding it again.” I could do no less

than kiss her, tweak one of her 36 D Breasts and then slide
my hand over her tummy and mons down to an already wet

bush where I found rounded, warm and swollen labia. One
touch and she gulped out, “God, God, God…oh God.” Her hips
rolled and squeezed and she pushed and pulled while pulling
like all get out on my cock. The next thing I knew, she

groaned, squirted all over my palm then bobbed her head
under the covers and inhaled my cock into her mouth, sucked
it down her throat. I damned near came but didn't: there
are some benefits to being in your fifties!

She turned her body around and showed all of her wet vagina
to me, silently encouraging me to suck and lick…play with
her clit which was pretty well out there. I thought I’d died
and gone to heaven as I did it all and tried to keep up

with her frenetic pace.

This went on for just a few minutes before she turned back
again and mounted me, took me into her warmth where she
squeezed and squirted so much her juice ran past my cock
and down my balls, over and over before she and I both


In the heat of our fucking after so long without, it went
on like that for three more orgasms for both of us

she lay on her side, hips against me, all wet and nestled.
Soft at last, both my cock and me were just darned happy
to be able to keep up and didn’t think at all about what had
been happening. Her hips didn't stay still and before
long, to my surprise, my cock began to show some life and
nudge between her hips. This time, it got hard and

extended between her hips from the back, the head rubbing
her clit and her slit. And, the shaft lay on her ass…just
across it, still wet with her juices and mine. Her ass, that
smooth, featureless area behind her vagina, was always
a forbidden place for me in the past. Somehow though, tonight,
my cock's head was against her clit one second, then
the next, she was pushing against and helping it with her
hand, helping it enter her…enter her where it was tight,
new and dark. I didn’t question it…I just pushed back until
the head popped past her sphincter and was inside her,
moving in and out and in and out. Her hands were on her own
clit and her fingers found the head of my cock inside

her body through the tissues dividing her and she came,
creaming on her palm and screaming out something that was
unintelligible to human speech in her passion. I came,
and came again.

We stayed like that for five more minutes until
I got soft and my cock shrunk until finally it slipped out,

our mixed up fluids down the inside of her thigh. Exhausted
neither one of us even bothered to clean it up.

Instead, we both fell deeply and happily asleep.

In the morning, we shared a cuddle and a very cheery breakfast.
Life was back to normal only better. I had

absolutely no thought about how our sex had been different
or that anything could have happened to encourage it until
she came back to the table from the sink, dropped to her knees
and pulled my cock out of my shorts and slid it into

her mouth with a hunger that was enormous. I couldn’t believe
it as I moved inside her mouth and fell into her

rhythm until my flood came and was swallowed, rubbed on
her cheeks. I looked at her flushed face and her eyes and
saw the drive and desire I’d always hoped she’d have with
respect to sex. More European, more open, more tactile

less worried about what was right and wrong to do sexually.
It was great and a dream come true for me at last..

Down at my waist, she was still sucking my cock. I could hear
her as she slurped a little, rubbed her tits and rose

to get a towel at the sink and wipe her grinning face.

“You are fantastic, Honey. What’s gotten into you?”

“I’ve missed you, silly. That’s all.”

Without really thinking about it and joking more than anything
with the lighthearted mood we were both in, I said, “I

don’t think so, Kathy. You never did all that or liked it
like that before. What gives?”

That did it. She got a guilty look on her face and mumbled
something as her face turned downward. Her reaction to
my comment was immediate and unexpected. At first, I thought
she’d been fucking someone else while I’d been sick but
she kept mumbling until I put my arms around her. When we
were that close I could understand her through her

mumbling. She was obviously upset and needed some understanding.
Haltingly she started to fill the void her reaction had
created. “It's just, well, Bill, it's just that,
well, I’ve

been watching adult videos from the video store. I have
5 now in the closet and I found out that all those things
can be done. Besides, I’m past being a prude and into enjoying
the time we have left together in every way; variety,

frequency and sensation. Last night was my coming out party.
Was it good?”

“Christ! It was fantastic. I’ve seen those videos too and
they can be a turn on. I thought you women didn’t get

visually stimulated? You never did before. What changed?”
She stepped next to me, put her arms around me and, really
started crying; sobbing, in fact.

I really had done it this time and was worried. “What’s wrong?”
“Bill, I, well, I don’t know how to even say what this all
is or how it feels or how to explain it. It’s not all

videos that have made the difference but I love you more
than you’ll ever know.” She was barely in control of

herself, crying and shaking, no color in her face and icy
cold fingers wringing against one another.

He held her, patted her. “Honey, I know that. What happened?
It’s okay, whatever it was. God, I hope you managed

to have a man while I was out of commission. You deserved
a break from taking care of me. Christ, the tension you
were under. It’s a miracle that you didn’t break. Would
have taken a real edge off for you. If it’s not love,

hell, that’s what the Europeans do for variety. Besides,
honey, we’ve fucked what, 2, 000 times or more? What’s
wrong with a little variety so long as it’s not love and we
talk with one another about it?”

"I know, I know, you’ve always said that. I just never
thought I’d even watch those videos, much less…..” Her

got louder.

“Kathy. I’m not leaving you. I’m grateful, for gosh sake.
I love what we did last night and just now. I ought to

give you a merit badge and thank who or whatever helped you
get there…no pun intended. What is it? Just tell me.

Sit here on my lap and go through it. You better get it off
your chest.”

Her sobs stopped and she sat on my lap and haltingly began.
“Well, you know the other three couples we hang

with? During the last four years, everybody’s
husbands have gone through something like you did with
one illness or

another. We wives have all shared the problems and emotions
of it. Naturally, we all talked about every aspect of

it including sex.”

“Wow. That sounds practical. I never knew. Us men never
talk like that. Your way’s better.”

She dried her nose and her eyes with my handkerchief then
continued, “One day, I was over at Susan’s. You know how
attractive she is. Great body, warm and caring. Well, she
and I were talking and she asked how I was coping with

the absence of sex, which we all knew wasn’t happening with
a sick husband. We’d each been through it and I was the

last. Well, I unburdened myself and we cried and hugged.
I’d never ever thought of being with another woman that
way but before you knew it, I was rubbing her back and her
breasts and she was doing mine. We ended up on her couch
with our dresses up, our panties down and our hands inside
each other, giving physical satisfaction and it was damned
good. I came, squirted all over her hand. She did the same
and then I tasted it. The next thing I knew she was

licking and sucking my vagina and damned if I didn’t come
two more times.”

“Kathy, that’s great. Did you feel better?”

“Yes, much better. Guilty, but better and my pussy was sooo

“Is that all?”

“No, God I hope you don't hate me, but not quite. Over
the next three weeks we did that twice more and started
watching videos. She volunteered to teach or show me what
the other women were now doing and enjoying with their
husbands after this kind of experience. It was amazing
and one day, Susan asked if I had ever had another cock. I
answered her truthfully and told her "No, not since
before we met and I was a teenager." Even then, I told
her as I

told you, it was only a couple of times and not that great.
“I couldn’t figure out where she was going that day and we
let it alone for a few days. She was here having coffee

one morning along with Amanda who’d come over too. You were
in the bedroom asleep and still touch and go. I was

under a lot of tension and had been for some time. They were
very supportive for me just as I was there for you.

Well, we cried a little and talked a lot. No sex, not with
three of us but finally Amanda asked me how I was

‘satisfied.” I looked at Susan who nodded that it was okay.
I was unsure but took the plunge.

“Well, I’ve been getting a little help from a lady friend.
Both physically and watching videotapes.”

“That’s good, Kathy” Amanda said. I did that too with Helen
and then with Susan. There are now four of us who’ve
gone that route when we needed one another! No shame in that.”
“God. I never knew, Amanda. I thought, well, I guess I never
really thought but it has been a relief…a release from
the tension. I have to admit since we’re being so frank that
it felt good and I never imagined I’d be doing things

like this coming from where I grew up.”

They both chimed in, “We know. We know.” And laughed and
patted each other’s shoulders.

There was a moment when no one was talking and Amanda looked
at Susan once again for approval to broach something

new. She winked and said, “Go, girl, go.”

Amanda cleared her throat and spoke to me. “Well, Kathy,
that’s only the first part of what the three of us
and our

husbands worked out by accident over time. Ever miss having
a real cock inside you? Sucking it, having a man eat

your clit, humping like you had no end of energy?”

"I just Gasped!!!!!!!!!"

“Well, ah, yes, I guess you’d have to say that I do. No real
substitutes for it even with the little plastic toy I

managed to find for those loneliest moments.”

“We’ve all got one or two of those too. Did you get
the cock with the veins and the big head and balls? Mine looks
real but it’s fair sized and turned out to be a friend.”
She was blushing. “Yeah, I’ve got one Amanda but it’s no
real substitute. You said this all lead to something.”
“Yep. Don’t be shocked now and don’t get all excited. We
three , and our husbands, have a secret and now is
the time

to share that secret with you. Each time one of us, Susan,
me, Helen, went through this with our spouses, we got to
the point you’re at and it was frustrating. We’re all good
friends and grown up. One day, the three of us decided
to see if we couldn’t share a little to relieve the tension,
you know.”

“You mean, loan your husbands for sex?”

“Exactly, share them is how we look at it. Just while ours
were sick and not to leave our families or fall in love.
Just for sex. It was wonderful. God, I can’t tell you what
I learned and how many hang-ups I overcame.”

She was blushing but she thought at the very least the idea
had some merit or at least her libido thought so.

Hesitantly, she squeaked out a question. “Can I ask who?”
“Sure, " Susan said. "I was fortunate enough
to see Ed, Amanda’s hubby about a dozen times and Helen’s
hubby Nick

another five or six times. Very discreetly,
of course.”

“And I saw Susan’s Greg five times and Helen’s Nick
about 10 or twelve times. It made their days and damned sure
made ours.” “Helen did Greg and Amanda’s husband Ed just
the same when she needed it when Nick was so sick.”

“It was great and it only lasted when we needed it. “

“No problems later?”

“None and I started leaving my old hang-ups behind, you
know, oral, anal, less inhibited. God, I never knew I loved
to suck on a man’s balls, have his cock in my vagina and his
fingers in my anus. It turned out to be just plain


She was blushing just telling me about what she'd asked.
“My god. How did it work? Please don’t take this the

wrong way, Amanda, but I’ve had a fantasy or two
about Ed and one or two about your hubby Greg, Susan.”
She blushed

and turned her eyes down.

“We were hoping you’d say that. It’s actually why we’re
here today. We had a motive and we wanted to tell you that
it is okay, that there’s no jealousy and we want you to do
it the way we did if you would like to.”

“It works like this, let one of us know and we’ll arrange
to be here and sit with Bill for the day while you visit

one of our houses for "coffee." We’ll make sure
our husbands are interested and they’ll be there and help
you out

just like they’ve helped all of us out. They never, ever

“If there’s any problem, we’ll adjust. We’re here to help
and we’re discreet to the absolute max.”

“Kathy, I think that’s great. Did you take advantage of
it? I hope so. God, you needed some kind of a break and a

cock from a friend wouldn’t have been all bad while I was
so out of it.”

“Bill, I’m so glad you said that. I was afraid you’d divorce
me if you ever found out. I’m so relieved.”

“Good. Glad you feel better getting it out.”

“Well, I did do it and if you want, I’ll tell you about it but
there’s one more thing I basically agreed to as part

of the deal.”

“What’s that, honey?”

“Well, I sort of said that if you agreed and it ever came up
again with one of the other women, you’d, uh, you'd

out in your turn.”

His laughter, as he threw back his head, was deep and hearty.
“And that’d be okay with you?”

“Sure, fair play and I found out so much that will make our
lives richer. I never would have tried any of this

without some forced situation and the variety which resulted.
I guess I’m just ready for it at this time of life.

No more babies, just sex for the feelings and the warmth.
Recreational, I guess. Does that shock you?”

“Well, count on me, dear if it ever comes up.”

He hugged her, rubbed her brightening cheeks and gave her
a deep kiss before rearranging her on his lap. He sat her
facing him with her legs outside his and it became apparent
her story had triggered another hard-on in him. She knew
what to do and reached down, opened her lips and slipped
his cock in and pushed and pulled. Instantly, they both
came and liquid went everywhere.

“Ahhhhhhh…I love you. Love you for telling me. Love you
for not getting so stressed out while you took care of me.
Who baby sat for me the first time?”

“It was Amanda who spent a Tuesday here with you. She got
here at 9:00 in the morning and I drove over to her house
all nervous and worried about ten minutes later."
She stopped again and asked, "Are you sure you want
to hear


“Good God, woman, my cock is totally drained, limp as can
be and satisfied. I won’t but I ought to call him and

thank him, thank them all for freeing you from all those
paradigms. Hear, I want to learn!”

“Okay. When I got there, I sat outside in the car, nervous
and embarrassed at what I was going to do, for five

maybe even ten minutes. He must have known. Eventually,
I managed to get out of the car and have the courage to

walk up the walk and ring the bell.”

“What’d you wear to see him?”

She colored slightly and thought about it a second before
she answered him. “Oh, a pair of lacy panties, a fairly
sheer bra, a silk top and a mid calf skirt with no panty hose.
I was trying to be practical yet still look nice. I

was so afraid and nervous, I wasn’t sure at all that I’d go
through with it. It's hard to communicate how nervous

was nor how much I needed to do what I was there to do. I've
never had another man since we started dating and I'm
not the spring chicken I was back then."

"Sure, you are, to me and to Ed and anyone else who sees
you, dear!" He reassured her.

“Thanks for saying that. Anyway, the door opened and there
was Ed, welcoming me as a friend, someone I knew and was
comfortable with, in a pair of slacks, a polo shirt and a
nice warm smile. I walked in. At first he just shook my

hand to ease my nervousness, didn't get too close,
and told me not to worry, he understood and knew his wife
had had

the same experience in the same or similar circumstances.
He suggested we talk about other things which made me more
relaxed at not having to act right away and it didn't
hurt that we've know him for all these years, either,

“He had already made coffee and we sat in his kitchen around
their breakfast table looking out at the flowers with
cups and refills for almost an hour talking about our situations,
never once going near one another. He shared what

had happened with Amanda when he'd been sick and how
he felt about it. I didn't feel guilty at all knowing
it could

be handled without breaking up a marriage. It made me comfortable
and wasn’t stressful since we never mentioned the

word sex directly. He was a perfect gentleman. However,
being there was primarily about sex and, in hindsight,
getting comfortable with him in the kitchen was a lot like
a grown up kind of social foreplay I suppose.”

"No doubt. It sounds like he was smart, went about
it the right way. What did you feel? Were you getting excited
any at all during this coffee and talking session?"
“I have to admit, I had been nervous in the car and at first
in the kitchen but the longer we chatted, the more

comfortable I got with Ed. Somewhere along the way, without
doing anything at all to it, my body got more excited

and adventurous too. The situation had my hormones cranked
up once I was there with the man who was going to fuck

me, the actual man. No indecision or thinking, just mentally
getting ready.. My mind must have gotten involved

subliminally faster than I knew because about then I did
something I never had done before. When my cup was empty
the second time after a half-hour, I declined his offer
to refill it again and stood up. When I did, I got really
bold and told Ed that I needed to use one of their bathrooms.”
Laughing at her choice of words, he queried, “So?”

“Well, he told me where it was. You know the one, off their
master bedroom. When I got to the edge of the kitchen I

stopped, turned back towards him which got his attention.
I said something like: ‘Ed, give me five minutes
then you

can come in and help me in the bathroom if you want, okay?”
Bill laughed at her bravado, knowing she would never have
said that as a younger woman. “No kidding! What’d he


“Actually, he laughed and said he’d be right in as soon as
he could finish his coffee as he needed the same kind of
relief.” I remember glancing down at his legs, which were
crossed, sticking out next to the table. It was hard not
to see that the forces working on me were also working on
him. There was a very big bulge at the top of his legs

right below his zipper. I knew what ought to be under that
bump and it flipped my stomach one last time when I

turned and went out.

“I went back, found the bathroom and shut the door but didn’t
lock it. I sat and peed as soon as my nerves loosened

up enough to let my bladder empty. We'd been drinking
coffee for an hour and I'd had enough caffeine to also
be a

little edgy, kind of nervous and uncertain along with the
sexual energy that was beginning to flow. I had dried my
bottom with toilet paper and flushed but was still sitting.
I was about to stand and pull my panties back on but I

was so nervous knowing he was about to come and find me by
design partly undressed I couldn't actually stand

then. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t quite stand up
at first so I sat there for another minute and thought

about that bulge. While I did, I undid two buttons
on the blouse so he could see my tits a little when he came

I hadn’t yet pulled either my panties or my skirt up from
my knees.

Finally, a shot of adrenaline gave me enough courage to
stand and I was about to actually get up when the door to the
bathroom opened and he stepped towards me, put his hands
on my face and then touched each of my breasts through the
blouse. He said nothing, just nuzzled my neck and kissed
me while I was still sitting there on the toilet. That was
my moment and I reached the bump in his pants, rubbed over
it with the palm of my hand and then and I got up, right

there next to the toilet, kissed him and let my skirt and
panties drop to the floor. I stepped out of both of them
with just one little step.

He was polite and whistled under his breath instead of noticing
my tummy and my hairy bush and making some polite,

sideways comment. That whistle got me involved. I reached
down and rubbed his slacks right where I'd seen the

bulge and found out that his cock already knew what it was
there for. He moaned and I unzipped him. He was, uhh…

well, different than you in some ways.”

“What do you mean, Kathy?”

“You know I’m not all that worldly but when I reached inside
his slacks and put my hand around his cock I could tell

it was about the same size as yours; about 8” or so; thick
like you too. When my fingers curled around it there was
something different, lots of loose skin towards the head.
As hot as I was, I still knew it was different and I got

curious. My hand pulled it out where I could examine it,
then I sort of slid forward and pulled the skin towards me.
It felt really warm and all loose over the hardness of his
shaft but when the skin slid towards me, I was watching
it not two inches away, fascinated. It smoothly
rose up and rolled over the ridge that is the mushroom part
of a

cock's head and then the stretched skin slid down the
slope towards the tip, sort of puckering back up and hiding

again as it pushed out one dollup of thick, clear cum which
bulged right at me. I was fascinated with how the tip

and that little clear drop looked, how his cock and that
skin felt in my hands. Umh, soft and wet but hard and

actually hot too. My breath must have been 110 degrees and
I wasn't thinking about me, just the skin in my hands

the head with that clear drop.

That’s when it dawned on me that he hadn’t been circumcised
and it was the first time I’d ever seen a cock like


“You'd had other men before we were married, hadn't
you? What’d you do then, honey?”

“Yes, but not that many and none were uncut like Ed. You know
it was only two others like I told you before. But,
right then, this one was right there, not five inches
from my face. He was standing there, patient but very erect
and pointing out and up. It felt so good feeling the strength
of a good cock like yours again. He held my head and

I looked up at him and then down to watch my hand pull the skin
back over the head to show me the moist, grooved

hood, glistening now that the drop of clear liquid had been
changed from a drop into a wet covering when it got

rubbed all over by the foreskin’s movement. The head had
an opening in the center and I got to watch another drop of
that thick and clear liquid ooze out. It was more than I could
stand and I pulled his cock down enough and leaned

forward and stuck my tongue out and teased that pearl of
liquid from his tip to my tongue. Besides, the head was at
least an inch wider than yours. Biggest thing I’d ever seen.
My hormones went nuts and I dropped down right there

in the bathroom onto their carpet and started sucking it.
I had to open my mouth as wide as a snake to take it in

but I managed it and started moving. I told you, I’d been
watching videos.”

"He groaned and rubbed my hair as I sucked him. After
I had taken him all the way down my throat he finally spoke.
When he did, I got scared for a second, thought that somehow
Amanda was about to come in and find me sucking her

husband's cock in her own bathroom and go nuts.

He spoke and I stopped when he finished saying, "Kathy,
I've got to relieve myself first or I'll burst
from the


"Did you leave the room?"

"I felt so glad it wasn't Amanda, that he just
had to pee. I can't believe I didn't but, no. God,
I’m bad but I

could only think that what I needed was to do anything I could
to get that big, wide cockhead into my pussy so I

stood up, walked behind him and held his cock as he relaxed
enough to direct his pee into the toilet. When it was

done, I shook it and slid my other hand from behind up underneath
his butt, held his balls and stroked his cock back

to full size. I cupped the end and that marvelous head. He
almost couldn't stand. By then, I wanted sex and wanted
to go into the bedroom so I withdrew my hand from beneath
him and on up the crack of his ass. My little finger

touched his anus and he jumped like he'd been shot.
I told him to close his eyes and while he had then closed,

dropped his slacks and shorts and stripped his shirt off.
When I was done, I took my blouse off and my bra and,

you'll never believe this."


"I took my bra and rubbed it across my hair and the lips
of my pussy which were already rounded and swollen with

and oozing juice. When I rubbed it with the bra, it spread
my lips a little and the real juice covered that part of
the bra. When I could feel it was really wet I knew he could
hear what I was doing behind him and I raised it to my

nose, smelled my sweet juice, licked a drop and then handed
it around his chest to him and said, 'take a taste, Ed,
just like I just did. It's what you're about to
get.' He did and inhaled. Without another word he grabbed
my hand

and strode with me behind him into the bedroom where he sat
me on Amanda's dressing stool and leaned me back against
the bed. He knelt down on the floor and tossed the bra over
one of my knees before his mouth blew hot air right on

my pussy lips. God, it was all I could handle and when his
tongue flipped over the head of my protruding clit, I

squirted cum all over my thighs and his lips. He didn't
wait though. He just covered as much of my pussy as he

could with his open mouth and tried to keep up with my bucking
and squirting. My legs squeezed his head and he kept

grunting. I'm not sure he could breath but we were both
too far gone to worry about that."

"Amazing, Kathy. Amazing."
“It was, especially for me. You know how inhibited I've
always been but I was so horny and the situation was so

exciting, I would have done anything that didn't hurt.
When my stomach quit shaking with orgasms, he stood up and
walked me over to the bed where he laid on his back. He never
let go of my hand or talked, just acted, and I knew

what he wanted. Once he was on his back, his cock was straight
up and pointed towards his chin a little like yours

does. I climbed on the bed and faced him on all fours, slid
up his body and grabbed his cock. When I had it, I put

my pussy over his cock's head and rubbed it on my clit.
God, what a feeling for me. I was going to cum again and

couldn't wait. I guess my pussy must have been so wide
and wet it looked and felt like a "welcome to the state"

sign. I just slid the head of his cock to touch my skin there,
felt it's heat and slid myself down slowly enough to
feel the ridge around his head spread me apart, seal back
around the shaft and keep on going. After that slow entry,
I lowered myself as fast as I could and started fucking him
hard, down and up, squeezing inside, trying to crush his
cock. I could see us both in the mirror and I was out of control
it had been so long. It was then that he spoke


"You're getting me hot listening, Kathy. What'd
he say?"

"He asked if I wanted a videotape of it. I said, sure,
just for us though and he reached under the pillow and pulled
this little camera remote control out and clicked it on.
'Now, Kathy, we can watch ourselves again anytime."
"I finally noticed the camera discreetly sitting
on the dresser with it's little red light winking and
I didn't care

anymore, just started fucking and moving up and down and
sideways. I could see us in the mirror on the sidewall and
could see my tits swaying with the rhythm my fucking was
setting up. His cock and hips kept pushing up too and I

really don't know how long it was before his hands had
my nips and he was beginning to concentrate getting ready

cum. I felt the same and started before he did, contracting
my vagina and pushing down as hard as I could. On the

tape you can even see my lower stomach rippling with contractions
from the orgasm. It was more than Ed could handle

and he started shooting gobs of cum into me, which blended
with my squirting juice. I screamed quietly and reached
under to grab his balls for a second before pushing myself
down hard on his cock and feeling his cum on my finger.

Before I knew it my finger was inside his ass and it shot him
off again."

"At our age?"

"No kidding. I guess it was all too new and exciting
for both of us. The really amazing thing is just like you
right now, you're hard again too. Look at your cock.
Well, he got hard then too and said he couldn't cum right

but he wanted to be inside me. I felt the same and raised myself,
slid forward just an inch and reached for the wet

head of his cock below my waist. It was slick and I rubbed
it all over with my palm, enjoying the wetness knowing I
would taste his cum in a second when I raised my hand. It drove
me to, well, it drove me to lower myself but very

slowly this time. I was so open and wet with my pussy that
everything was open and wanted him inside me. This time,
I put the head against my anus and let it slowly relax more
and take him in Your heads are so big it takes a second

to get the rim of your cocks past my sphincter but it feels
soooooo good. In a second or two , he was in and I slid
down and sat there without moving. The first time anyone
had been in my ass. I couldn't believe it would fit.

why I never let you. Now, though, I want you and I want to do
it pretty regularly. Anyway, after about 30 seconds

of relaxing with his cock inside me, he slid his hand down
between us and put two fingers in my pussy and nudged

tissue between my vagina and my colon and felt his own cock
with the walls of my vagina inside me and it started me

off with an electric jolt. I jumped up and down and came all
over his fingers while he continued to fuck me in the

ass with his cock. He never came again right then, grunting
that it was too soon but he never got soft and he never

quit fucking. That Viagra is something he said. I came twice
more before I finally fell off him, wiped his cock

with a warm wash-rag and then lay there sucking on it. I put
it everywhere, in my ears, on my nipples. God, I have

never been that sensuous, Bill."

He reassured her with a hand on one of her breasts as he said,
"I'm glad and I love you for it. Someday, I'll

to thank Ed. If that's possible."

Well, I spent two more hours with him on his bed,
in the den on his lap while he sat in a hard backed chair, in

basement bent over a trunk while he rubbed the head against
my clit and the length of my slit over and over again

watching me cum. When I'd cum the second time down there
as he teased me, he slid it into my pussy and stroked me

for five minutes, at least, until I was ready to
cum again. I could feel him grunting and his breathing quicken
so I

asked if he was going to cum and he grunted a 'yes."
I told him to slide it in my ass again. I wanted his cum in
both my holes and in my mouth and this was the only hole left
to fill. He obliged and came with what felt like a

huge glob of white cum. It feels so good and warm back there.
You won't understand but it is different and

fantastic once I got used to it."

"Anyway, that's the way the day went and he was
kind, sexy and long lasting like you. I was so hot, to even
let him

slide the head of his dick into my behind. It took a while
but I was so open and wet it went in and I loved it. It

was 2:30 when I left and I had done everything in the videos
I’d seen except two at one time. We made a copy for

which I have here in the closet. When I left, I had a hard time
walking normally. I’d never let myself go that much

and it felt wonderful just like it did with you last night
and this morning which were better yet since I love you.
When I got back, Amanda said you were fine and I was really
glad to see you laying there and hugged you.”

“I’m glad. Damn, He did great and you were smart to do it.
Did you just stick with him or did you try the other

three ?

“I tried all of them equally and it was maybe three
four or five times each. You got well and
I got over the need

as you improved.”

“Anything unusual you want to share?”

“Hmmm. Well each time I met another husband, they taped
our sessions and three of the tapes in the closet
are copies

of those tapes. Physically, like I said, Ed is like you.
You’re both big, thick and long and he's not circumcised.
Greg is shorter but about twice as big around if you can imagine
it. Fills a woman up widthwise but there’s no way

you can take him in your ass: no way. The other one, Nick,
has a small one. It’s short and it’s thin but he’s very

sensitive and he's very good with his mouth. I learned
to like getting oral too. Found out my clit gets about ¾”
long and loves to be tongued. A little different too, I hope
you’re going to put the slit of your cock on it and

tweak it tonight before you fuck my ass, right?”

He lifted his eyes towards the ceiling and raised his hands
as a grin spread over his face and he said, “Free at

last! Free at Last. Kathy is free at last!” He laughed and
hugged her. “Yes, but we won't wait till tonight. Get
the tapes and let's watch them now. I don't have
to work today. I think it’s great. I’m glad you told me and

do my duty if it needs doing. You let me know. I’ve always
thought you were the greatest but Amanda ain’t bad and
Susan has those big jugs. How are they? Helen anything special?”
“I never did Helen or Amanda, only Susan but Susan told me
that Helen has these enormous pussy lips and is very hairy
with a clit that is about 1 ½” long when she gets hot. Lips
swell like small melons each side of her opening and she
can manipulate a cock like crazy inside her. I’m going to
work on learning how to do that with your help.”

“Oh, one thing, I promised Susan that if she and Greg ever
wanted to talk about this we could. We have dinner with
them tomorrow so don’t be surprised if it comes up. I know
that Susan wants to fuck you and I’ve told her she can if
it’s okay with you and Greg. I owe her. What do you think?
Want to try it with the four of us tomorrow?”

“Jesus, yes, you’re full of surprises. Sure, if it’s okay
with you only I have a request too."

She looked at him quizzically. "What is it?"
"I want to watch you fuck Greg. I’ve always fantasized
about something like that.” She didn't say anything

away and he mused further, "You know, I'd like
to have you after you've had another man, see if we could

your senses!"

She looked relieved at his response, lifted her shoulders
and shook her breasts a little as she shivered and said,
“Done. I’ll tell Susan. You know the four of us do
our grocery shopping together each Saturday morning.
The aisles

will be lively tomorrow."

“You know, I thought I remembered I had a dream where Amanda
gave me a blow job while I was sick. I thought it was a

weird sort of sick, out-of-my head dream, you know?”

“Bill, I wouldn’t put it past her. Maybe while I was fucking
Ed, she gave you a little relief, hurried up your

healing, eh? She never mentioned it but then, we don't
share all the details." Shaking her nightgown off
to the

floor she spoke to her husband with love and lust, "Let
me get the tapes and we'll watch them together. Only

time, I'm sitting watching with your cock inside my
ass. Got it?"

"Go, girl go!"

Chapter Two Saturday was the night that the various couples got together
for dinner and a movie about every third week or so and,
as Kathy had already said, this weekend they were hosting
Susan and Greg for conversation and dinner after a glass

wine and some snacks.

Upstairs at 5:30 in their bedroom on Saturday the two
were getting dressed only this time it was Bill's turn
to be

nervous. Kathy knew his behavior well enough to see that
he was. She looked at him in the closet standing there

nude moving one shirt aside after another. She slipped
in behind him and spanked his tush lightly with her hand

blew in his ear. "Excited, dear?"

"Nervous, is more like it. What if Susan doesn't,
er, want to?"

"Honey, what do you think Susan and I talked about
at the store this morning?" She laughed.

"Okay, Okay, I got it."

"I guarantee you that right now she's got her
body almost ready, just like I am, thinking about it. Her
hips are

probably squeezing together a little just thinking about
it with the buildup I gave you! Why don't you wear the
white turtleneck with the tan slacks, Bill. Put that pair
of silk boxers on and you will be dynamite."

He picked the items she'd suggested off the hangers
and followed her advice while watching her pull on frilly,

cut panties, a minimum bra topped by a light salmon colored
sweater that softly showed off her tits above a pair of
comfortable gray slacks. The two finished dressing
and applying perfume and a splash of cologne and went downstairs
busying themselves with the last minute details of ice
and snacks for the evening.

"I'm still nervous, Kathy. How will we start
it? Where will we go? Will you and Greg be playing in front
of us?"

"You sound like you've never had any affairs
on me, dear. That's sweet! Just relax, it will sort
of evolve. The

four of us in one house at the same time is new ground
for all of us. Don't you think it would be better if we

to separate bedrooms when it comes to that, at least at first?"
"I'm not jealous and I do want to see another guy
with his cock in you but maybe you're right. It'll
be a long

evening. That makes sense. You take our bedroom and I'll
take the guest bedroom, okay? And later, I want to hear
all about it.”

"Sounds fine. I'm sure it will be mostly be a normal
evening until after dinner. Nothing will start until then

if you want to thank Greg for helping out, I'm sure it'd
be a way to break the ground. Maybe when we're having

little after dinner wine?"

"Okay. Sounds like a plan but with all four of us thinking about fucking, it wouldn't surprise
me if somebody

started sooner."

"I, uh, asked Susan to bring a couple of video tapes
with her for us to watch just in case it gets awkward to start.
She said she would and just have them here in case we need
some momentum to get started. I don't think they will
have me in them but if they do, don't go nuts now, big

His laughter ended as he agreed and the front door chimes
sounded just then. "Get that will you, Bill. I need

finish getting this into the oven. Good timing."
He walked to the door after nervously rubbing his palms
on his pants. They were cold and moist, a sure sign of his
nervousness. It was going to be a great night, he thought,
as he opened the door, raised his hands to them with a

smile and said, "Come in Susan, Greg. Great to see

He opened the door wide and their long-time friends entered
the house. Susan had a fur coat on and a small shopping

bag, which, he knew, must have had some tapes in it. She offered
her cheek for a polite greeting kiss and he shook

Greg's hand. Greg asked, "Where's the hostess
and the wine?"

"Left turn, in there. I'll catch up. Let me take
Susan's coat first."


Greg left for the kitchen while Bill walked behind Susan
who shrugged the mink off, handing it to him while she

placed the bag on the floor. "Nice coat, Susan. You
look wonderful tonight, in our out of your coat."
She turned, winked at him and said, "Thanks, so do
you. I can't wait for dinner, Bill."

"Kathy has done a good job. We'll all be well fed."
Her eyes sparkled as she followed him into the guest bedroom
where he ran a finger across the nap of the fur

momentarily, admiring it, then put the mink coat on the
bed. He folded it neatly there on the end of the bed and

turned to see her a step behind him, large breasts jutting
out, with her silk blouse revealing the hint of a bra

above her skirt. She put her hand on his arm and mischievously
reached down with her other hand before she spoke,

catching the hem of her skirt and lifting it. Her voice dropped
an octave and she whispered, "Bill, I've wanted

evening like this for a long time." As the words flowed,
her hand lifted her skirt hem above her waist, revealing

large, red splash of curly hair and absolutely no underpants.
His eyes were glued alternately to her bush and the

mass of her tits behind her blouse. "Are you ready
for this, okay with this?" Aggressively, she spread
her legs a

half step wider and thrust her hips forward so he could see
the groove at the top of her opening.

He nodded, reached out with one hand and put his palm on her
tummy. By then her other hand was unzipping his pants.
"Absolutely. You already look like dessert, Susan."
She dropped her skirt, reached inside his slacks and curled
her warm fingers around him, then drug his full cock out
into the light while she kicked the door shut with her foot.
"Ummhhh. You've got a great big, yummy cock and
I want

to see how it fits right now." So saying she hunched
her legs, pulled him to her and kissed him while she guided

cock against the line where her lips came together at the
top of her slit. She rubbed her hips against him and

moaned softly into his ear. One second she was rubbing and
the next, his ridged head had slid inside her auburn

colored lips.

Neither said a word, just pushed and pulled for ten or twenty
strokes while his hands brushed her nipples, now hard
and jutting through the bra.

"Ummmhhh, this feels so good but I want to suck it before
we fuck and then there's the food." She continued
to move

with him just inside her opening and his hands holding her
butt as she did so. "You think you approve of our little
relief agency now? We're counting on you to help out
the next time someone needs it, right? Ready for dinner


Withdrawing his cock with a little reluctant sucking sound
and touching her pussy with his hands, then sucking the
fingers, he said, "Thanks, now we don't have
to be nervous, we can just wait for the dessert course and,
yes, I'll do

my duty with a smile and an explosion!"

She giggled, shifted her skirt and sniffed her fingers
for scent of his cock as he put himself back together. "Let's
go before your wife and my husband get into trouble out there
in the kitchen!"

They walked respectfully apart down the hall and into the
kitchen where Greg was leaning behind Kathy, flushed face
while Kathy finished rearranging her skirt and stuffing
a small black nylon handful of lace into a kitchen drawer.
Obviously her panties, Bill and Susan had not been alone
in having an appetizer.

Kathy suggested their guests go into the sunroom and said
they'd be out with drinks in a minute. Susan and Greg
drifted companionably into the other room.

This left Bill and Kathy alone in the kitchen for a brief
time. He looked at her and laughingly said, "Good

this is going to be some evening. You already have your panties

"No kidding, and I've had his big cock rubbing
my pussy slit too. How about you and Susan? Did you have an
appetizer too?"

"I put her coat on the guest bed and she was right behind
me. Big tits out there in that silk top and she pulled her
skirt up to show me the hairiest red bush you could ever imagine.
Grinned, asked me if I was ready for all this."

"What'd you do?"

"Oh, she unzipped my pants, tweaked her nipples and
before you knew it, she had my cock out and had the head against
her pussy. We just did that for twenty seconds. One minute
it was against her and the next it was inside. She's
ready for the evening. We stroked for ten or twenty strokes
then put ourselves together for later. How about you?"
"That sounds like Susan. Glad you've found a
way to get started. Greg came in here and when you guys didn't

in, he asked me how we both felt about the evening."
"What'd you say?"

"I told him it was fine with all four of us and
that later, you wanted to watch him be inside me if he didn't

which shocked him a little. The whole idea got him hard as
a rock and to give him a little taste, I turned around,

bent over and flipped my skirt up my back so he could feel
my pussy through the panties."

"Instead, he just slid the panties down and rubbed
the edge of his hand against my pussy lips. They are so swollen
right now, I could fuck a horse, I think. I just moved my hips
back against his hand and swayed with the feelings.

Anyway, I turned around, unzipped him and put my hand inside
his slacks. He doesn't have any shorts on and he is
wider than anything you can imagine. I just stroked him
a few times, rubbed the big head on my clit and up my slit
and we kissed to seal the evening. We got dressed then and
that's about when you came back in the room."
"An evening to remember. I suppose both of us look
flushed like you do. I know I feel flushed and can't
wait for

more. Let's go chat with them and have dinner."
Chat and eat they did. Two bottles of wine, lasagna
and an hour of pleasant dinner conversation later, they
were all

in the great room standing and admiring the new painting
Kathy had bought. It was soft pastels swirling across the
canvas and something to talk about while the four
were all really thinking seriously about how to begin the
rest of

the evening until Susan spoke, "Bill, I wonder if
I could show you my coat. It's got an interesting feature
and you

did look like you admired it, I think, when you put it away."
"Sure, I'd like that. Why don't you follow
me? It's in the guest bedroom down the hall."
Kathy leaned against Greg, pushing her hips into his groin,
winked and said, "Have a good time, you two .

look like we'll be watching tapes until later. Take
your time with the coat. I think I'll show Greg the new

of drawers we put in our bedroom."

The two couples now knew where they would be and
appeared very comfortable with the new pairings. Bill
and Susan

walked out of the great room one way and Greg and Kathy the
other. Over her shoulder, Kathy said, why don't you

check on us, you two , in about a half hour or so if
you get lost?"

Susan, ever the diplomat, answered, "That would
be so nice of you two , Kathy. Be good to her Greg.
She's in your

care now." Greg couldn't speak to answer with
the heat racing around inside his body. He'd been hiding

enormous, wide hard-on for a half-hour as it was!

Susan and Bill walked down the hall and entered the guest
bedroom. This time, Bill closed the door, turned and

looked at Susan who was standing there demurely, a small
woman with big tits and a raving libido. He reached for
her, dimmed the lights and kissed her, crushing their two
bodies together with want. The kiss went on for a long

time as their mouths opened and let their tongues spar back
and forth in the wet, shared space. He stepped back when
it ended and started undoing one button at a time, undoing
her blouse until both sides were undone and loose. He

slid the blouse sides open, whistled at the loft of her breasts,
which were held by a sheer, silk, pink bra. Before

he did anything else, he twice ran his hand over the silkiness
of her bra. He did it first with his palm and the

second time with the back of his hand, eyes closed, just
feeling her shape. When he opened his eyes again, he saw
the front clasp and unhooked it, let her tits spill free
where they moved downward and out, bouncing slightly as

swayed. Her face looked at his as she stood there drinking
his admiration in. She lived for this excitement and

relished the early steps towards total intimacy. Her breasts
were amazingly big with darkish aureoles all covered in
little orange peel type bumps about the diameter of a tennis
ball and full, light chocolate colored nipples which
were jutting up a little as they pointed away from her torso.
In her turn, once she was totally nude and sated with his
appreciative looks, she stripped his shirt and his slacks
off and folded them quickly aside before she flipped her
own skirt onto the chair near the head of the bed. He was
fully nude now, cock 8" straight out and up and as wide
as it was capable of being or maybe a little more so. When
he moved, it waved a little which fascinated her and caused
her to brush it with an elbow or her hip as she tidied

their clothes up. She was soft and round, eyes half closed
like a tigress ready to pounce, her hips moving just a

little, shaking her tits and her nipples. He stepped towards
her and instead of kissing her, lowered his head and

breathed hot breath on each of her nipples. She didn't
shiver but she did whisper "yes, " before feeling
him heft a

breast in each hand, feeling the weight and the warmth with
some of his fingers between her tits and the wall of her
chest where they normally rested, warm and vibrant with

"Ohhhhhhhhh, " was all she could say at first,
as her hands were busy, pulling his cock and the rest of him

her. She whispered words in his ear he had never heard the
everyday, refined Susan say before, "I want to taste

put your cock in my mouth before we fuck. Please, please,
let me do it."

He let go when he heard her say "fuck" so she could
drop back on the bed and lay sideways, breasts flattened

drifting to each side of her chest. Her tits were enormous
and soft cream colored except for the veins which lead
from her aureoles. He had no idea why but the veins were the
sexiest things he’d ever seen on a pair of tits and he

bent forward a little so he could trace them with the head
of his cock. At the first touch, Susan’s hips jumped and
she put her knees together and moaned, obviously having
her first little cum. As soon as she finished, she opened
her legs again, then laid so her head was at the edge of the
bed. He stepped towards the bed, saw her open hips and

the hair framing the swollen lips of her glistening gash
while he was looking, waving his cudgel. With one of her
hands, she caught it and slurped it between her lips with
a passion. She inhaled him while his hands reached out,
one to trace her aureoles and her nose and back to her nipples
and the other turned sideways so the edge of his hand

ran down her red haired mons and over the slit where her outer
lips came together. Up, over and down. Up, over and

down, slowly and repeatedly until she moved in rhythm with
his hand, moaning and beginning to suck him with urgency.
His cock felt like heaven in her mouth. She must have had
her tongue beneath his penis and her lips around it.

There was no feeling anywhere close to what he was enjoying
at the moment.

He timed his strokes to hers as she went in and out on his cock,
picking up speed as he picked up pressure, tweaking

her clit and sliding between her lips, down her wet opening
and, after a minute or two of this, moistening with

juice, her anus, which jolted her and sped her up.

He never closed his eyes and neither did Susan though her
lids moved downward partially over her eyes as her

movements increased and she drifted into another universe
that only women went to during sex. Watching her face

helped knowing he was taking her there.

The only sounds were harsh breaths that came faster and
faster and wet slapping sounds. The sounds came from flesh
being moved around until he moved back, moved her with his
hand, turning her onto all fours, pussy facing back at
him, and slid his cock deep into her, forcing a groan or a
moan or a laugh from her. He wasn't sure which only that
she pushed back taking him all.

The air had changed, become scented with the fluids that
had been inside Susan that were now being pumped from her
pussy with each stroke of his cock just like an Oklahoma
oil rig moving barrel after barrel into the light.

He turned after stroking her for many seconds to get his
mind in the proper frame and reached between her legs,
holding her right tit and breathed over her back into her
ear, "Susan, I'm going to make sure you feel my
cock in you

now. It's long and it is going to push your cervix out
of the way." He pushed into her then spoke again, "Feel
that? Feel it touching your cervix?"

"Grummh, Gahd, yes, Bill. Gahd, yes. Ummhhhhhhh.

"Now, when I pull it back the ridge on the head is going
to find the little rough spot inside your pussy just behind
your clit where you have all those nerves and it's going
to send you over."

As he withdrew slowly, she whimpered, "Yes, Yes,
Yes! Nowwwwwwwwww!" came the reply.

He could see her ass, her swollen lips sealing his wet cock
as it moved. There was her anus, just above where he was
inside her, waiting. Her head was turned sideways lying
on the comforter where and she could see them both in the
mirror at the end of the room and, with her hands grabbing
handfuls of blankets, she could push back. Nodding,

nodding, scrunching up the covers, wanting him inside
her she just moaned and lost her senses to her body as the

of his cock touched precisely the tip of her clit. Her clit
was bigger than Kathy's or anyone else he had been with,
an amazing 1" long and hooded, looking like a little
cock at the top of her slit. The touch was fleeting as he
continued forward, sliding into the slick wetness of her
pussy and resumed his stroke. Back and forth, deep and
shallow, back and forth, deep and shallow. Cervix, lips,
Cervix, lips. On and on it went with Susan's head now
pushed all the way up into the pillow, her knees spread and
her arms wide apart, pushing back as Bill's deep cock
alternately rubbed across her g-spot and pushed against
her cervix. She couldn't control it when she came so

and so continuously. At first neither of them knew when
it started or when it ended, only that his white liquid
exquisitely joined hers. As it spurted, his eyes rolled
and his senses hit every tilt button. In seconds, there

just open wetness running from her pearl and red pussy lips,
down her legs from her opening where she couldn't seal
it any longer against his still stiff cock.

She moved, knew she wanted to taste it, and scrabbled forward
causing his cock to almost "plop" out of her
pussy with


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