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Husband comes home unexpectedly and catches wife with a friend


Husband comes home unexpectedly and catches wife with
a friend
It's funny the way things work out sometimes. I found
porn story site by accident and have come to love it, spending
time on the web at night while my wife is sleeping and I'm
supposed to be doing my homework. I love having sex with
my wife but I also love my fantasy life very much too. Through
this site I get to live out my favorite fantasies with the
people I fantasize about the most. I didn't think my
wife would approve if she ever found out about my little
hobby so I never mentioned it.
I go to a University in eastern Canada and my wife goes to
a school out of town, she travels every day. We have gotten
so busy lately that we have been neglecting one another,
too tired to pump most nights, both of us. This is one of the
reasons I enjoy this site, sweet release. Well anyway I
have been getting on this site at night for quite some time
now and nothing has interfered. That is until a couple of
weeks ago.
I have nothing against what other people do in their own
bedrooms, different strokes for different folks. I myself
spend my nights prowling the straight categories, finding
there all that I need. Lately though when I enter the site
the preferences have been set on bisexual. I know I didn't
set it there and I was starting to get more and more mad the
more I found it set there. What if someone found out my password
and entered the site and found it set on bisexual. I don't
think I could have faced that. I would be laughed out of town
and probably get my ass kicked by my buddies. Well I was about
to e-mail the site to find out just what the hell was going
on. I wanted to see if they could fix the glitch in my computer.
I was just too busy to find the time.
Well anyway one afternoon not too long ago I returned to
my apartment early. I had a drama production class scheduled
but found it canceled when I got to school. I had the afternoon
off and I figured I'd spend it in the gym, I would just
run home and pick up my shit. I was excited about getting
to the gym early so I could check out this chick who trains
around this time. I train with her on other nights but we
never had a chance to train in awhile because of our different
schedules. She was a total hottie and I really enjoyed being
around her. I was all jazzed up, taking the steps two at a
time up to the second floor and skipping backwards down
the hall to my door. I was already getting all pumped up.
When I got to my door and slipped the key in the lock I found
that the door was unlocked. This was curious because I'm
pretty strict about locking the door and I can't remember
ever forgetting. I entered carefully and crept through
the galley kitchen and inched into the living room. No one
around. I was about to check the kids bedroom when I heard
sounds coming from my bedroom. I eased open the door and
almost shit my pants.
Lying there on the bed, with her hands over her head holding
on to the rungs of the headboard, and her legs wrapped around
someone's head, was my wife. Her eyes were clenched
shut tight and she looked like she was just about to cumm.
I was in shock. Especially when I saw the curly blonde head
buried between my wife's legs. Who ever it was knew
what they were doing and they sounded like they were enjoying
what they were doing. I threw open the door and yelled at
the top of my lungs, "What the hell is going on here?"
My wife looked like I had just shot her. The blonde between
here legs scurried across the bed to the other side of the
room and looked at me with fear. I knew her. She was one of
my best buddies from school. I looked at her and I didn't
know what to say, so I didn't say anything. I turned
to my wife who was all covered up on the bed and on the edge
of tears. She couldn't talk either and I knew if she
did start talking she would burst out crying.
"Fuck!" I turned around and went into the living
In the room I heard my wife tell my buddy Jacqui not to go.
Not to leave her alone with me. Jacqui was saying that she
had to go and was cursing her shitty luck.
I yelled back into the room, "Don't either one
of you go anywhere. Don't you fucking move."
When I entered the room my wife was still covered with the
blanket but Jacqui was wearing her panties and was covering
her tits with her shirt. My wife's bottom lip was quivering
and Jacqui was as pale as a ghost. I turned to her.
"Did you make my wife a dyke?" My wife started
to whimper. I walked up to Jacqui and asked again, "Did
you seduce my wife and turn her into a dyke?" Jacqui
was scared and she was shaking. I grabbed her by the arm and
my wife cried out, " Don't you hurt her Jay! Don't
you hurt her, it wasn't her fault, I went after her."
This just about floored me. I pushed Jacqui onto the bed
beside my wife and they sat close to one another for support.

All I could do was look at them. My wife had become boring
as hell these last few years. When we fucked she was always
so quiet, because of the kid in the next room and she didn't
want to do a lot of things that I enjoyed when I had been with
other women. She got into religion and that really put the
kiboosh on my wild kinky nights. What the hell happened
to my sweet wife now. She was a lesbian. What the hell did
I do, or what didn't I do?
"Somebody please start explaining this shit to me.
Please!" I took my hat off my head and ran my hand through
my hair, I was suddenly feeling very tired. Jacqui started
to talk but my wife stopped her.
"I'm sorry Jay. This hasn't been going on
long. I didn't want to cheat on you but this just happened.
It's not Jacqui's fault I came on to her. I got her
in bed when she was drunk, I was a little tipsy myself."
Jacqui put a reassuring hand on my wife's arm. "
You are always on that damned computer and I was curious
about what was on there. When you were gone I checked the
web history and I found this sexy story site, and I found
your password written under the computer speaker. Well
I was mad at first but the more I read the more I found that
I liked the stories, they gave me something to fantasize
about." She started to rub Jacqui's back and
all I could do was watch. I was sort of hypnotized. She continued.
"Well I found out how to change the preferences and
I was curious about the bisexual category. When I read some
of those stories I started to have some real hot dreams.
I found I was noticing women in a whole different way. That
part has been going on for awhile and my curiosity was killing
me." <br>
As I watched the girls rub each other I started to get hard.
Jacqui was on of my good friends and we spent a lot of time
hanging out in school. We even had a couple of classes together
and I had always found her hot. She was a hyper little devil
and a wicked soccer player. In fact that is how she and my
wife met, through me. Jacqui had stopped by to catch the
tail end of one of my rugby matches and I introduced the two
of them at half time. They seemed to hit it off right away.
Well I wasn't aware that they had become such good friends.
Now as I looked at them, sitting next to one another. Jacqui,
slim with a real tight package, her hair usually tied up
in a pony tail was down around her shoulders. Her tits were
around the same size as my wife's, about a handful,
just the way I like them. They both had nice pink nipples
about the size of loonies. Actually they looked pretty
much the same but Jacqui was a bit taller and a bit lighter.
My wife was always light for an Native American but next
to Jacqui she looked tanned. I was only mad because of the
sneaking around. I had fantasies of my own and I had never
been with two women at once before. My mind started to calculate
the possibilities.
"So you're the one who was changing my preferences.
I thought it was a computer glitch. So how long has this been
going on?" I was acting more calm and this calmed the
girls. They were still really uncomfortable though.
"Well when I went out with my aunt Linda and the rest
of the girls from school last week I met up with Jacqui. Her
soccer team was having a keg party at the sports bar we went
to. We got to hanging out together and when we went onto the
dance floor all the girls seemed to be dancing like strippers,
putting on a show for all the guys standing around the dance
floor. Well we started to get into it and before you know
it I was feeling her up, right in the middle of all those dancers,
right in the open. Well we decided to go to another bar together
and we left our crews to their partying. They didn't
even miss us. When we got into the cab we were laughing like
school girls and then we stopped when we met eyes and I kissed
her. We got pretty hot and heavy right in the back of that
cab and we told the driver that we'd let him watch and
keep the meter running if he took us to the park for awhile.
He was only too happy to oblige." <br>
"Jay. I'm sorry." Jacqui put her hand on
my arm and looked onto my eyes. "You're one of
my best buds and I didn't mean to fuck up your marriage
but it just happened. Really, I'm no dyke but this was
so new and so much fun and your wife is so pretty, and we were
drunk and it just happened. It just happened." She
kept looking into my eyes. "Are you really mad? Can
we still be friends? I hope so Jay cause I like sitting beside
you in English class." <br>
They sat there quiet, waiting for some kind of sign to show
what I was thinking. "Boy are you ever lucky I didn't
catch you with another man or I'd be on my way to jail
right now. I crawled up to my wife and hugged her. "I
love you so much. Say you won't leave me. I don't
want to lose you." <br>
April started to cry and she smiled as she hugged me so hard
she almost cracked my neck. "Oh I won't leave
you. I love you. I love you ya big lug." She held me out
at hands length and looked me in the eye. "Do you still
love me?" <br>
"I couldn't stop even if I tried." I said
and gave her a long lingering kiss and she returned it passionately,
holding my head in her hand, running her fingers through
my hair.
"Ah-hem." Jacqui cleared her throat. "I
think I'll just get my things and leave you to alone."
She moved to get off the bed but I caught her by the arm. She
looked at me, her eyes filled with questions.
"Jacqui. You're one of my best friends at that
school and I don't want to lose you either." A
big smile crept across her pretty face and we gave each other
a big hug. I could feel her tits press against my chest, her
nipples were hard as little stones. I held her for a long
time enjoying the feel of her in my arms. Remembering all
the times I watched her during class wondering what this
would feel like.
"Hey you two. I'm feeling left out over here."
We turned to my wife and we all started laughing, there was
a giddy electricity in the air and we all hugged playfully,
the relief from the tense moments before was euphoric,
I felt high. I leaned forward and gave April a crushing kiss,
just touching my tongue to her velvety lips. She sighed
and melted into my arms. I had a hand around April's
back and as I ran it up and down her spine I ran my hand over
Jacqui's hand. I stopped for an instant and we all looked
at one another. April looked at me and then at Jacqui. She
reach up placing a hand behind each of our heads and guided
our mouths towards the other. I drank in Jacqui's smell.
I was drunk on the taste of her kiss. After so long, I was kissing
this beautiful woman and I didn't feel any guilt. Jacqui
snaked her tongue between my lips and lightly touched it
to the tip of my tongue. I was so hard I couldn't stand
it. April started to unbutton my shirt and opened it up.
She circled her tongue around my nipple as Jacqui circled
her tongue around my lips. April kissed her way up my neck
and started to kiss me on the mouth, her tongue competing
with Jacqui's. They broke into a deep kiss and I lowered
my head to my wife's nipples, sucking them hard and
gently brushing them with my teeth. A moan escaped from
deep inside her. I turned and was overcome with such a bad
case of butterflies as I took Jacqui's nipple into
my mouth. She ran her hand around my head and squeezed me
to her chest. April reached down a pinched my nipple hard
at the same time pinching Jacqui's free nipple. We
both gasped at the same time. I kissed my way back up and joined
the kissing. I ran my tongue between their lips and we tongue
battled for a bit. April broke away and started to kiss her
way down my chest, running her fingernails across my abdomen.
I passionately kissed Jacqui, kissing my way to her ear,
taking the lobe into my mouth and sucking gently. A sigh
escaped her mouth as she breathed into my ear. I was so hot
right then. I felt April tugging at my belt and she pulled
my jeans down as far as she could. She sighed as she took my
swollen member into her hot mouth. She sucked like it was
a popsicle, swirling her tongue around the head. I groaned
when I felt three hands on my balls. Jacqui broke away from
my lips and started kissing her way down my chest, she was
running her nails gently across my balls and then she started
licking the side of my penis. I was over come by the sight
of these two pretty heads of hair competing for my dick.
April slid her lips down the side of my dick and Jacqui took
it into her mouth. She took it deep into her mouth. Then she
started to humm. This felt so cool. April jumped out of bed,
Jacqui and I looked at her to see what she was up to. She motioned
that she would just be a minute and that we shouldn't
stop. Jacqui shrugged and went back to sucking my dick.
Her fingers on my balls was driving me wild. She started
to fuss with my jeans so I lay down and she pulled them down,
taking off my boots and socks. She growled like a cat and
pounced back on my dick, now better able to take my balls
into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her leg and pulled
her up so we could pleasure each other. I ground my lips to
her pussy and inhaled deeply of her smell. Her pubic hair
was light blonde and thin. Her pussy stood out an angry red
begging for attention, her pussy lips swollen and sensitive.
I could feel her nose nuzzling my balls as she took me deep
into her mouth. April returned with a glass of water with
ice and a cup of hot chocolate. I was curious but only shook
my head, what ever she wanted was fine with me. She set the
drinks on a dresser beside the bed. She took a big drink of
the ice water and moved Jacqui away from my dick. Jacqui
didn't want to move so April kissed her, and she had
an ice cube in her mouth, Jacqui jumped up and smiled. April
pointed out the hot chocolate and then took my dick into
her mouth. The shock of the cold on my hot member was exquisite.
Jacqui took a drink letting the hot liquid set in her mouth
then she replace April's mouth on my dick, .it was so
hot it burned, I loved it. I looked at my wife and with my head
I motioned for her to try that trick on Jacqui's pussy.
April looked nervous but I smiled and she did too. She moved
around so she could get to Jacqui's pussy an started
pleasuring her with the ice cube. I could tell that Jacqui
was surprised and she doubled her attentions on my dick.
I wanted to stick my dick in her so bad. I grabbed Jacqui under
the arms and pulled her up to me. I planted a big kiss on her
lips and brought her vagina to my dick and lowered her onto
it. O my God it felt good .she had such a tight pussy. She looked
so sexy sitting on top of me her eyes closed, her head lowered
as she concentrated on fucking me. A drop of sweat fell from
her forehead and landed on my lips. I savored the salty gift.
I looked over and April was standing beside the bed just
watching us with her arms crossed in front of her. She had
a strange look on her face and I motioned her over to the bed.
She sat down and I kissed her forehead. She had questions
in her eyes. Jacqui looked like she was close to coming.
Her lip was curled up in the corner and her face was flushed.
Her breathing grew into pants and I could feel a deep groan
building inside of her. I felt that familiar feeling in
the inside of my thighs. It moved to the base of my dick and
I could feel my dick swell. Jacqui must have felt it to because
she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. I smiled and
nodded and with a few more grinding thrust she went over
the edge. She looked so hot and wild as she ground out her
orgasm I felt high. She was still bucking when I went off.
I filled her hot spot with my juice and we fell into a hug,
she dug her nails into my shoulders. I looked at my wife and
she smiled. I lifted Jacqui's chin and kissed her lovingly
on her moist lips, she was still breathing hard into my mouth
as we kissed. I had a crush on this woman for so long and now
she was laying on my chest covered in sweat and filled with
my seed. She held her sweaty cheek to mine as she tried to
catch her breath.
"You looked so good together." My wife was so
quiet, so calm. I had just fucked another woman. "I
wish I had a camera, it was so beautiful." <br>
"Are you all right with this?" I asked. "You
have a funny look in your eyes." <br>
"It wasn't by accident that I picked Jacqui."
We both turned to look at April as she moved to look out the
window. "You talk about her so much. You sound like
you have so much fun together at school." She turned
to look at us lying in each others arms on her wedding bed.
"I have no friends like that in my school, they are
all older than me, and most of them are my relatives. I envied
your relationship. I wanted to know what Jacqui was like
to be around. I wanted to know what was so special about her
that my husband could fall in love with her so hard."
I almost choked, Jacqui put her head down on my chest. "Baby,
I love you. Always have, always will. Are you scared of losing
me? You shouldn't be. I do have feelings for Jacqui,
that's true." Jacqui raised her head to hear
what I was going to say next. "I value her as a friend
and yes I have wondered about what it would be like to be with
her but I would never leave you April. What we have is a soul
thing and nothing can come between us. I don't want
to lose Jacqui as a friend and I want you two to stay friends.
Come here." <br>
She walked over to the side of the bed. I pulled her down and
kissed her nose. We're good. This don't change
nothing. It opened a door, it didn't close one. I think
this will bring us closer together if anything. I slid my
hand between her legs and eased a finger inside her. She
just looked at me. Jacqui slid her hand between Aprils legs
and eased a finger inside her. We pulled her into the bed
with us and she didn't resist. Jacqui rolled off of
me and took my dick into her mouth. I pulled April on top of
me and continued to kiss her hotly. Aprils legs straddled
me and Jacqui was between her legs sucking my dick, getting
it hard for April. Jacqui then focused her attention on
April's pussy, getting her juices flowing. When Aprils
breathing started to grow deeper and an occasional hiss
escaped her lips, Jacqui guided my dick into my wife's
vagina. I let April control the rhythm and I pulled Jacqui
away from licking my balls. I had her straddle my face and
she lowered her sensitive pussy to my lips for some soothing
attentions. I gently kissed away the soreness from her
still swollen pussy. Jacqui was planting light kisses
all over Aprils face, while fondling her breasts. April
didn't take long to get herself to the edge and I had
Jacqui almost ready to go over again. I myself was nowhere
near ready. When April went over the edge she ground her
pussy hard onto my dick and planted a deep hot kiss on Jacqui's
eager lips. April was done and Jacqui was moaning loudly
into Aprils mouth and then she went over too. I worked on
long deep strokes across Jacqui's Pussy until she
couldn't stand it no more and threw herself onto the
bed beside us. Both women were panting hard and both were
covered with a shiny film of sweat. I licked the sweat from
Jacqui's neck and planted a sweaty kiss on April's
mouth. Growling I rolled April onto her stomach and positioned
my myself between her legs.
"Oh Jay, I don't know if I can handle this right
now, I'm so sensitive. She giggled, "why don't
you fuck Jacqui?" <br>
I was taken back by this because my wife never swears or uses
that kind of language. "Don't worry, she got
hers coming pretty soon." I winked at Jacqui and she
surprised me by blushing. I entered April from behind while
she lay flat on her stomach. I entered high and ground out
each hard pounding thrust. April was grunting like the
girls on the woman's rugby team. April grabbed a pillow
and squeezed till her knuckles turned white. She was gone,
groaning and grunting and "Oh God " over and
over. I pulled out of her and rolled Jacqui onto her belly
and entered her the same way.
"Holy fuck jay, take it easy on me." She too grabbed
a pillow and bit into it as I entered her . I pounded the shit
out of those two girls, back and forth for about forty five
minutes when I felt that old feeling in my gut again. I was
grunting hard and I told them I was about to cumm. April turned
around and told me to wait till the last minute and then to
cumm in her mouth. I almost lost it just from hearing her
talk like that. I thrust hard into Jacqui and at the last
moment I pulled out and Aprils hungry mouth was right there.
I sprayed her tongue, her chin and her cheek. She was laughing
like a school girl playing in a water sprinkler. It was so
funny me and Jacqui started laughing as well. April then
told Jacqui to clean my cum off her face and Jacqui was only
too happy to oblige. What a sight, one beautiful woman still
with a mouth full of my cum and another beautiful woman cleaning
my warm cumm off of my wife's chin. I was still on top
of Jacqui and she was resting on her pillow when April slid
across the top of Jacqui's back and nuzzled her face
into the crack of Jacqui's ass. Jacqui wiggled her
ass and I slapped it for good measure. April then let the
cumm she still had in her mouth, run down Jacqui's crack.
This was too sexy. Who was this woman and what had she done
with my wife. April started to work the cum around Jacqui's
ass. Lubing up the back door.
"She looked up at me and with a very sexy wicked grin
said, " stick it in her ass." Jacqui almost
jumped out from under April but she held her down.
"No jay! I don't want to. I'm not ready for
that yet." Jacqui was squirming under the weight
of both of our bodies. I slowly eased a finger into her tight
hole. Man was it tight. I was still hard from the last time,
it hadn't gone down yet and from the looks of things
it was gonna go down.
"Just relax, it will be okay if you just relax, Jacqui."
I was trying to be reassuring. I wouldn't do anything
she didn't want to do but all her pleading and struggling
was making me really hard.
April got off her and went down to her face and slid her tongue
into her still protesting lips. Then she blew me away when
she told Jacqui, "I will if you will." <br>
Jacqui stopped squirming and just looked at April she then
turned and looked and me and laughed because I had my eyes
closed and was saying please, please, over and over again.
" you better be nice to me jay. You're going where
no man has gone before." <br>
I laughed, Jacqui was such a cool chick. She knew I was a low
level treckie. "Prepare for warp, baby." I
eased my rod into her slowly. It must have took about five
minutes before she was comfortable. She was completely
covered in sweat and breathing in pants. I slowly pulled
almost all the way out, stopped, then pushed all the way
back in. Jacqui let out a long drawn-out moan. I kept doing
this, each time slowly moving faster and faster. Jacqui
was yelling fuck over and over again and April could only
look on with wide spaced out eyes. Half of her scared and
half of her hotter than she had ever been before.
"You wait till I get a hold of you my dirty little wife.
I'm gonna spread you wide open and take all there is
to you. All you have to give.' As I spoke to April she
just nodded as though she were in a trance. "Play with
yourself while you wait." She did as I told her. "Spit
on your fingers." She followed my commands. "Loosen
up that sweet little rose bud for me because I'll be
right with you." Even as I said this I could tell that
Jacqui was on the verge again. I started to slam into Jacqui
and she started to wail. Over and over again I pounded into
her and she slowly fell over the edge again. When I pulled
out of her she could not even move. Holy fuck Jay, you killed
me. I'm dying and going to heaven." <br>
"I laughed and said, "a little dramatic aren't
you Jacqui." She just smiled and said if you only knew.
I suppose you'll never know how good that felt."
It sounded like she was drifting off to sleep.
April was shaking. I turned to her and it looked like she
wanted to run but she had this silly grin on her face. I grabbed
her quickly and threw her onto her belly. She screamed like
a scared girl about to go on a huge roller coaster ride. I
reached over and fingered Jacqui.
"No, no more."she said.
"I just need a little of your juice." I said.

"Oh." She said. "Help yourself.
I scooped up a wad of our mixed cum and rubbed it into April's
little brown starfish. She was too tight. It took about
five minutes just to get my finger in. "You have to
relax baby. I'll take my time, I'll go slow but
you have to relax." I slapped her ass and she laughed
out loud. I slowly eased my dick into her sweet tight bottom,
it took some time but I got it in there. I could hear Jacqui's
shallow breath as she slept beside us on the queen sized
bed we had given to ourselves when we had gotten married
nine years ago. April still looked young and fresh, the
birth of our son had not marred the beauty of her body and
she seemed to get prettier every year. It must come from
the confidence of realizing your potential is boundless.
I was in her to the hilt. My balls rested against her vagina.
I just stayed there while she got used to me being there.
She was covered in sweat. Her hair, now a tangled mess, covered
her face. She was quiet but her breathing was heavy and I
started moving in and out of her. I took my time, gently pulling
almost all the way out then pushing slowly all the way back
in. After about five minutes of this April was moaning softly
and steadily. I loved the feel of my hips pushing against
her ass, it was so soft and cushiony. April has a nice ass.
I looked over at Jacqui and yes she had a nice ass too. Soon
I was in a steady rhythm and pumping with a moderate amount
of force, I could feel my balls gently brushing April's
"Damn this feels good." She said. " I love
it when you fuck me. Fuck me good baby, fuck my ass. You're
the first baby. You popped my cherry in every way possible.
You can't imagine how good this feels. It feels so good
to be filled up by hard dick. Fuck me a bit harder baby. Make
me cumm." <br>
"You want it- you got it baby" I started to drive
into her and she started to moan loudly. Faster and harder
I plowed into her and soon her moaning was so steady it almost
sounded like she was crying. "Yes, yes, yes, "
over and over she kept repeating yes and telling me to fuck
her good. I repositioned my knees and started to pound that
ass. I drove into that ass like there was no tomorrow. April
was screaming now, she had never been a screamer, but she
was screaming now. I'm sure we could be heard two apartments
over. Sure enough after a couple minutes somebody was pounding
on their ceiling, probably with a broom.
"Fuck them. We have to listen to their shit all the
time. I have no kid now and I want to be heard." She screamed
louder. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" So I did.
I went on and on. I had already cumm twice so I was good for
as long as I had energy to pump. Jacqui woke up when April
came. April was crying for real now, and laughing and grunting
and screaming. Jacqui was watching the two of us going wild
right next to her.
"Shit! I fell asleep and I thought I just dreamed this
all up." She started to slap my ass as I pounded my wife's
ass mercilessly. "Fuck that ass Jay. Give the woman
what she wants." I laughed 'cause Jacqui was
such a hick. My buddy the newfy redneck.
April stopped screaming and was just grunting now. She
was used up and exhausted and I was sweating like all get
out. I needed to cumm but I knew I wasn't due for awhile.

"Are you done baby?" I asked.
"Fuck ya." She whispered. She was spent. I pulled
out of her and she lay where she was and didn't move.
I looked at Jacqui and we looked at my dick.
"What kind of drugs are you on Jay?" Jacqui smiled.

"You can't leave me like this. You gotta help
me Jacqui." <br>
She looked at me wickedly. "I can't fuck anymore,
my pussy is beat, and so is my ass." She grabbed a towel
and cleaned off my dick and started sucking like crazy.
She was so sexy when she looked up at me and smiled with my
dick in her mouth. Fuck she was a sexy chick. Just looking
at her was bringing me to the edge. She raked her nails across
my balls just the way I like it and up and down the inside of
my thighs. She was reading my mind. She sounded like she
was enjoying herself and I closed my eyes. I was so lost in
the blow job I didn't notice where her finger was until
it was too late. She shoved her finger into my ass with out
warning. I felt a sharp pain but she sucked harder on my dick.
She wiggled her finger around and when she pushed in another
one I came like the flood. Wave after wave crashed over me
as I came so long it almost hurt.
"There ya go." She wiped off her chin but she
couldn't wipe the smile off of her face. "What's
good for the goose is good for the gander." <br>
We left April in bed and showered up. This all before noon.
We had an English class at one thirty so I offered to drive
Jacqui. She sat right next to me in my pickup as we drove to
school. We turned some heads as we pulled into the parking
lot in front of the school. Several people walked past from
our class and almost dropped their books when they saw us
kissing like horny teenagers before we went to class. Man
some days you just never know what's gonna happen.
Love to read your comments, please take a moment and let
me know what you think

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A great story, told very matter of factly. Written so well
that you could actually envision it happening in front
of you. An every mans dream story


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Great Story! FMF is every man's fantasy. Now my question,
is this story fantasy or reality?


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I really enjoyed your story I wish I had a husband that understand
and with that much energy
keep up the good work. And by the way you have a really nice


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DUDE!That was one of the hottest stories on this site.I
wish I had a wife like yours.Keep having fun.