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Husband and wife go to their first wife swapping party


A husband whose marriage is in trouble and wants to have
sex with his friends beautiful wife, talks his wife into
going to a wife swapping party.

When this all started I thought that I still cared for my
wife but we just didn’t seem to be happy together
any more. Diane and I have been married for seven years and
for the last year and a half it’s been like we are living
in separate worlds. During this time I have been faithful
to my marriage vows and I am positive that Diane has not cheated
on me. Diane was a virgin when I met her and she made me wait
for almost ten months before we had sex for the first time.
She has always told me that she would never cheat on me and
that if I ever cheated on her she would leave me and I know
Diane well enough to know that she means ever word of that
statement. Anyway, over the last several months we have
made love only five or six times. It seems that one of us always
has an excuse to not have sex. A headache, too tired, not
enough time, too busy, etc.

Things were starting to get to the point that I was expecting
Diane to ask me for a divorce soon, and if she didn’t
I might have to ask her for one. In the mean time I just buried
myself in my job.

Then about six months ago I got a new partner on the project
I was working on. John was the same age as me (30) and we shared
a lot of the same interests. In a very short time John and
I became friends. A couple of months ago John suggested
we stop for a drink after work. After that night stopping
for a drink became our routine two or three times a week.
John was easy to talk to so it wasn’t long before I
told him about my marriage problems. He said “Just
get laid and don’t worry about the consequences.”
I told him I couldn’t do that to Diane. I was going
to have to resolve things with Diane one way or another.
One night as we started our second round of drinks I noticed
an attractive blonde standing at the bar. She was about
5’5” and 120 pounds. She had a nicely shaped
ass and breasts that were about the size of grapefruits.
I noticed several guys in the bar checking her out as she
slipped onto a bar stool. John and I continued our conversation
but I didn’t take my eyes off of this beauty.

I watched as the bar tender brought her a drink and she turned
around in her chair so that she was facing in my direction.
She was just sort of staring off into space and as she sipped
her drink, and her knees were separated just far enough
that I could see up her skirt to the white strip of panties
that covered her pussy. I tried to look away but I couldn’t.
When John noticed what had captured my attention he said,
“She is beautiful isn’t she?” I agreed.
Then he said, “Now you should be thinking about bagging
something like that.” I gave a nervous laugh and
looked back at her again. She hadn’t moved. The view
was still the same. I stared up her skirt for about another
minute and then realized that she was staring at me. I felt
my face flush in embarrassment. I was expecting something
bad to happen but she just smiled at me and turned back to
the bar to order another drink. I turned back to John to avoid
further embarrassment. When I finally chanced another
look toward the bar she was gone.

As I looked around the interior of the bar to see if I could
spot her John spoke. He said, “I guess she really
turned you on. I bet you would love to jump her bones wouldn’t

I replied, “She certainly is a very sexy woman and
if I wasn’t married I would bury my face in here pussy
and never come up for air.”

John said, “It’s easy to act the faithful
husband when you know you can’t get laid but I bet
if she offered to fuck your brains out, you’d go home
with her right now.”

I conceded that maybe he might be right. If the blonde made
herself available to me I probably would fuck her and not
worry about he consequences. John teased me about her all
night. He kept asking me exactly what I would do to her if
I had the chance. He asked, “Would you want her to
blow you or would you want to eat her first, or would you just
want to fuck her first then eat her?” Then he laughed
. He had me both laughing and embarrassed for the next hour,
then I got really embarrassed. Suddenly the subject of
our sex talk appeared at our table and sat herself down on
John’s lap and smiled at me. I couldn’t move.
Then John spoke, “George, I‘d like you to
meet my wife Jill.” Then he looked at Jill and said,
“Honey, George has been admiring you all evening.
I think he wants to get in your pants.”

Jill looked at me and replied, “Really. Well that
might be fun, we will have to try that real soon. Why don’t
you ask George to come to the party and we’ll see what
happens.” Then Jill got up and kissed John and turned
to me and said, “I hope we can get together soon. Sorry
I can’t stay but I have to meet some friends to go to
the movies.” She turned and left.

When she left John started laughing at me. I said, “You
asshole, why didn’t you tell me she was your wife
before I made a fool out of myself?”

John replied, “You didn’t make a fool out
of yourself. You just admitted to me that you would like
to fuck my wife. If you didn’t want to fuck her you
would have to be either gay or dead.

“Well why did you tell her I wanted to get in her pants?”

“Because it’s true, and Jill would want to
know. I’ve been telling her about you so she came
her to check you out and I think she liked what she saw. After
all she told me to invite you to our party.”

“What party?”

“Jill and I are having a few close friends over a week
from Saturday for a special party?”

“What’s special about the party?”

“Well, it’s a kind of swap meet. We would love
to have to come but you have to bring something to swap.?”

“Are you talking about wife swapping? I can’t
bring Diane to a wife swapping party. That’s just
never going to happen. I can’t ask her to do that,
she would go ballistic.”

“Don’t pass on the idea to easily. You did
say your sex life with Diane is dead, well this might just
be what you need to bring it back to life, or at least get you
both talking about your problems. Can it really make things
much worse. You are already discussing divorce. What can
be worse than that?”

“Well, you might be right about that but I don’t
know how I would bring this up with Diane or manage to keep
the conversation under control once I did.”

“Well promise me you will at lease think about this
a little more before you dismiss the idea totally. And we
can talk about it some more.”

I agreed to think about it.

When I got home that night Diane was sitting in bed watching
television. I was still a bit horny from my experience that
evening so I thought I would try and seduce Diane. When I
tried to kiss her she pushed me away and said that I smelled
of stale beer and smoke. So I went an took a quick shower but
when I got back to bed Diane had turned off the TV and was asleep.
John asked me about the party at work the next day and I told
him I didn’t think I would be able to do it. So the next
night when we stopped for drinks again Jill was at the bar
waiting for us. She sat next to me and asked me what it would
take to get me and my wife to come to their party. I said a near
miracle. Then Jill looked me straight in the eye and said
“I was hoping that you would want to come to the party
to sample some of this” with that she lifted the hem
of her skirt just enough so the I could see that she was a natural
blonde. Her pussy was so beautiful that my mouth actually
began to water. Jill continued, “If you want this,
all you have to do is talk your wife into trying a new adventure
in her life. If things have been as bad in you sex life as you’ve
been telling John then your wife might jump at this as an
opportunity to make a drastic and needed change.”
Then Jill dropped her skirt back in place and turned back
to the table and began talking to John.

That night I left the bar determined to try to talk Diane
into going to the party.

I waited till the next night after dinner. I told Diane that
I needed to talk to her about something important. We went
into the living room and I sat down on the sofa and Diane sat
facing me in an easy chair. I had prepared a little speech
in my head so I just went ahead with it. I said “For
quite a while now things haven’t been right between
us. I don’t know who’s fault it is, or if it
is anyone's fault. But I have felt for a long time that
we need to do something to shake things up so we can get the
life back into our marriage. But, as hard as I have tried
I haven’t come up with any ideas, that is until now.
Well it really isn’t my idea. It was presented to
me by a friend at work. He invited us to a special party a week
from Saturday.”

Then Diane interrupted, “How is going to a party
going to help anything?”

“I’m getting to that. Now just hear me out
on this before you respond. This is a swingers party. It’s
just a few couples that get together and swap sex partners.
I was against the idea at first but the more I thought about
it the more the idea appealed to me. I think it might just
be what we need to get our sex life jump started. For some
reason we don’t seem to want to do it with each other,
so maybe the way to break through this is to have sex with
other people in this manor.” I stopped talking and
just waited for Diane’s reply.

She didn’t say anything for a solid minute then she
stood up and said, “Are you insane?” and headed
out of the room. As she left I shouted after her, “At
least think about it?” When she got to the door she
turned and said, “You seriously think that my making
love to some stranger will fix our problems? Or are you just
looking for an excuse to fuck someone else?”

This she said with some anger in her voice.

So I responded the best I could, I lied. “I am just
desperate to find a way to save our marriage and I think we
need to take a drastic step like this to do it. Will you at
least think it over?”

Diane didn’t answer me she just went off to our bedroom
and closed the door behind her.

I didn’t bring the party up again as I figured that
was a dead issue. Then on Tuesday night after dinner as we
were drinking our last cup of coffee Diane unexpectedly
asked, “Would I know anyone at this party?”

I said, “Probably not. It was going to be at John’s
house and these were his friends and I had not met any of them.
Does this mean you are interested in going.”

“I don’t know. I am trying to see this from
all sides, but it still doesn’t make any sense to
me. How can my going to bed with another man save our marriage?
Do you really think you could handle seeing me having sex
with another man?”

“If we are both doing the same thing with each others
permission it will be fine.” Of course I didn’t
know if this was true or not. I thought that there was a chance
that Diane would get upset about me balling another woman,
but I just had to have Jill and I was willing to risk everything
to do that. “Besides, I think we need to stir up our

“I am not agreeing to go through with this, I am only
saying I will think about it some more.”

Then on Friday Diane called me at work and said, “I
thought it over and decided to go along with this idea of

“You mean you’ll go to the party with me tomorrow


“What changed your mind?”

“Well, I don’t think you gave me any choice.
If I don’t go you’ll accuse me of not even trying
to save our marriage and you’ll probably go without
me. So I decided to take the risk and go with you so I’ll
know what you’re up to.”

I didn’t bother to tell her that our invitation was
for couples only. I just said “Good, then I’ll
tell John that we’ll be there tomorrow.

Saturday morning was uncomfortable around the house.
Diane didn’t speak to me at all. I just tried to keep
busy and stay out of her way. I didn’t want to say something
that would start an argument and cause her to change her
mind about going to the party. At 2:00PM Diane announced
that she was going to get her hair done and shop for something
to wear to the party and then left the house. She was gone
for nearly four hours. When she came home she had an attractive
new hair style and shopping bags from one of the better women’s
clothing stores at the mall and a bag from Victoria’s
Secret. So she had not only bought an outfit to wear but she
must also have bought some sexy underwear. She didn’t
offer to show me what she bought, she just carried it all
into the bedroom and closed the door.

A little while later I heard the shower running. I waited
about fifteen minutes after she had finished her shower
then I went through the bedroom and into the bathroom. Diane
was sitting at her dressing table in her bath robe and was
putting on makeup. I quickly stripped and got into the shower.
Within fifteen minutes I was showered, shaved and nearly
dressed. As I left the bathroom Diane got up from her dressing
table and headed into the walk in closet. As she entered
the closet she let her robe slide off of her shoulders and
drop to the floor. She didn’t know that I could see
her reflection in the bathroom mirror from where I was standing.
What I saw began to arouse me. Diane was wearing a black matching
bra and panty set. The bra displayed her beautiful breasts
as if they were being served to a king and the skimpy panties
just made Diane’s nicely shaped ass even sexier.
On her legs Diane was wearing a very sexy pair of black thigh
high stockings. I hadn’t seen her look this sexy
since we were married. Th is whole event lasted only a few
seconds but the effect stayed with me the rest of the evening.
As much as I wanted to fuck Jill I was beginning to wonder
if I really wanted Diane to fuck anyone other than me. I quickly
put that thought out of my head and started thinking about
how good it would feel to sink my cock into Jill tonight and
how many other ladies would I fuck tonight?

When Diane was finally dressed she came out into the living
room where I was sitting waiting for her. She was wearing
a black skirt that stopped midway down her thigh and a black
silk blouse that was very sheer. You could easily see Diane’s
bra and most of her tits right through the thin material.
She stopped in front of me and announced that she was ready
to go. I said, “You look fantastic.” Diane
is 5’10” and weighs 130 pounds. She has dark
brown almost black hair and very clear blue eyes. With her
natural shape, the clothes she was wearing, and the sexy
underwear she had on I wasn’t exaggerating when
I told her she looked fantastic. Diane responded by saying
“I know.” Then we walked to the car without
speaking and started off to John’s house.

John’s house was only a fifteen minute drive from
our house but it seemed a lot longer because of the silence
in the car. When we arrived John and Jill greeted us at the
door. I introduced Diane to both of them. John motioned
for us to come and then said the other guests are all in the
living room. As we walked in I saw Diane look at Jill then
she looked at me with an ‘I know what you’re
up to” look on her face. Jill began talking to Diane
like they were old friends. Jill asked Diane if she would
like a tour of the house. . Diane said yes and the two of them
headed off through the large four bedroom house. John lead
me into the living room where he had set up a temporary bar.
There were seven guys in the room drinking and watching
a basketball game on the TV. There were three women sitting
in another room with their drinks and talking. I asked John
how many couples where there. He said there were five couples
and two single men. I asked him why there were two single
men there, I though this was a couples onl y party. John told
me that they always invited a couple more men than women
because it takes men longer to recover than the women. So
the extra men make sure all of the women go home satisfied.
John handed me a drink and told me to relax, that the things
would get started in about a half hour. John introduced
me to the guys and we all began discussing the basketball
game and for the first time since my wife had come out of the
bedroom earlier that evening the knot in my stomach began
to loosen. After I finished my drink I went to the bar to get
another and when I looked around I noticed that John had
left the room and when I looked into the next room where the
women had gathered I saw Jill and the three women that were
there when I came in, but I didn’t see Diane. Suddenly
the knot in my stomach was back only now it was tighter. Then
I saw that there was someone else in the room with the women
hidden behind the door way. When she finally moved I saw
that it was Diane sitting with a drink in her hand and talk
ing to one of the other women. I felt such relief. I was sure
that John had taken my wife off to fuck her, and I suddenly
wasn’t ready for that to happen. A couple of minutes
later Diane stood up and moved over next to Jill apparently
to be introduced to someone. Now I could see all of the women
in that room. I looked from one to the next and admired there
beauty when I got to Jill I stared for an extra minute and
knew right then who I wanted to make love to right then...Diane.
Boy was I unhappy.

By the time I had started my third drink I was beginning to
feel better and was enjoying the conversation with the
other men in the room. I suddenly realized that Jill was
standing next to me and when I looked around I saw that all
five women had joined us. I could see Diane across the room
talking to Tom whom I had met earlier. The conversation
looked innocent so I started talking to Jill and was beginning
to get aroused by the idea of making love to her. I was about
to asked her if we could go somewhere private when I saw Diane
and Tom heading toward the stairs to the second floor where
all of the bedrooms were. I was frozen. I couldn’t
take my eyes off them as they climbed the stairs. I watch
as they open the door to the bedroom at the top of the stairs,
entered the room and closed the door behind them. I felt
a little sick and had to sit down. I went over and sat in a chair
that gave me a view of the bedroom door behind which my wife
was about to have sex with another man. I suddenly had a mental
picture of the way Diane looked when I had seen her earlier
in just thigh high stockings, and her bra and panties. I
knew that Tom was going to not only get to see Diane that way,
but he would be removing the bra and panties. He was going
to be kissing her tits and putting his cock into her pussy.
As I sat and watched I felt my stomach turn over and at the
same time I was getting an enormous erection. I was getting
confused now.

Jill came over to me and asked if I was all right. I just looked
up at the door and Jill said, “Oh.I understand. This
often happens to first timers. Don’t worry things
will turn out O.K.” Jill sat with me and rubbed my
neck which felt great and helped me to relax a little. After
about thirty minutes the bedroom door opened and Tom came
out. I quickly looked away so I wouldn’t be seen staring.
Tom came back downstairs and went to the bar for a drink.
Diane didn’t come out of the room for another five
minutes. When I saw her at the top of the stairs she smiled
at me and started down the stairs. She looked like nothing
had happened. I began to think she must not have done anything.
But when she came into the living room I could see the redness
around he lips and on her neck that showed she had been at
least necking with Tom and then I noticed that one of the
bottom buttons on her blouse was open. But it was the look
of satisfaction on her face that told me that she had indeed
been fucked by Tom. I started to ge t up to go talk to her but
Jill stopped me. She said “It’s not a good
time to approach her now. Wait till you have calmed down.”
Jill was right so I sat back down. When I looked back at Diane
she was being handed a drink by one of the single guys at the
party. It was at that point that I realized that many of the
guests had disappeared. I asked Jill where everyone had
gone and she said “Where do you think?” I just
said, “Wow, I never saw them leave the room.”

Jill replied, “You were preoccupied at the time.”

When I looked back at Diane she was talking to the guy who
had handed her the drink. His name was Tony. Tony was about
25 years old, five years younger that Diane and very handsome
with and athletic body. As they talked Tony started guiding
Diane toward the stairs. They went up the stairs but had
to go to the second room down the hall as the first room was
now occupied. Jill asked me if I was O.K. I said, “I
don’t know how I feel. I know what they are doing,
but I want to know what they are doing. Do you know what I mean?”

Jill said “Yes” and stood up and took my hand
and pulled me out of the chair and lead me to the stairs. She
took me to the master bedroom next to the one that Diane had
just gone into. Jill closed and locked the door then said
to me, “Be careful what you ask for because you might
get it.” With that she walked over and removed a painting
from the wall. Behind the painting was a whole which opened
to the back of a two way mirror. When I looked in I saw Diane
sitting on the bed in just her bra and panties and stockings.
Tony was standing to the side undressing.

He removed his pants and laid them over a chair then he removed
his shirt. The whole time I could see that they were carrying
on a conversation as if they were sitting downstairs in
the living room. Finally Tony removed his boxer shorts.
Then Diane casually reached out with her left hand and cupped
Tony’s balls in the palm of her hand. She looked up
into Tony’s face and began talking and at the same
time wrapped her right hand around his cock and began to
slowly stroke it.

Watching her be so casual about jerking him off was beginning
to be a turn on to me. Diane continued to talk to Tony for another
minute then she just bent forward and began sucking on his
stiff prick. Diane seemed to enjoy sucking his cock which
upset me because she never wanted to do that for me. As Diane
continued to suck Tony’s cock he put his hand on the
back of her head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.
After about five minutes Tony pulled his cock out of Diane’s
mouth and pulled her to her feet. He pulled down on her bra
freeing her tits . Tony began to roughly squeeze and suck
on Diane’s tits but Diane didn’t seem to mind
that he was being rough. Finally Tony pulled Diane’s
panties off and pushed her down on the bed. Tony got on top
of her and slipped his cock into Diane’s cunt and
started fucking her with long hard strokes. As I continued
to watch Diane getting fucked Jill unhooked my belt unzipped
my fly and pulled my pants down. Then she began to give my
swollen cock a tongue bath. I enjo yed the sensation of Jill’s
mouth on my cock while I watched Tony’s cock sliding
in and out of my wife’s pussy.

Suddenly Tony stiffened up and pushed his cock into Diane
as far as he could as he erupted inside her. Then he pumped
her several more times and stop again. He continued to do
this till his orgasm ended then he pulled back and let his
softening cock slip out of Diane’s pussy. As the
head of his cock came out of the whole it was followed by a
large drop of cum that ran down Diane’s pussy and
on down her crack to her ass. That sigh was all I could take.
My cock exploded into Jill’s mouth and I nearly collapsed
on the floor. I apologized to Jill for not being able to pleasure
her and she said that it was all right. I was a guest in her
house and she was glad to pleasure me. She said that I could
take care of her another time.

I pulled my pants back up and looked back into the other room.
Tony had alread left and Diane was getting dressed and fixing
herself up a little before going back downstairs.

I got back downstairs before Diane and headed for the bar.
I needed a strong drink because I was confused. I was jealous.
Watching Diane suck on Tony’s cock made me jealous
but it didn’t make me angry and I didn’t understand
that. Why did I get aroused watching my wife getting fucked
by another man. As I sipped my drink and tried to understand
what was happening to me I saw Diane enter the room. After
having sex with two different men she still looked fresh
and ready to party. She seemed to be glowing. This evening
was not working out the way I expected it to. I figured I was
going to be having fun fucking Jill and the other women and
I didn’t care what happened to Diane. But the reality
was that I was unhappy and Diane was enjoying herself. And
the strangest thing of all is that the only thing that made
me happy was that Diane was enjoying herself. When I looked
at Diane again she was walking toward me with a smile on her
lips. She appeared to be getting ready to say something
to me when Carl, one of the oth er married men at the party
began talking to her. As she talked to Carl she kept glancing
over at me like she wanted to tell me something but she couldn’t
get away from Carl. I couldn’t hear their conversation
but after about ten minutes of friendly conversation it
appeared that Carl asked Diane a question because I could
read her lips as she said O.K. and she nodded her head at the
same time. Then Carl put his arm around Diane’s shoulder
and guided her out of the room and up the stairs. I watched
as they disappeared from site.

As I sat waiting for Diane to come back, I began to imagine
what Diane was doing with Carl. How she looked with just
her bra and panties on. And I wondered if she was sucking
on his cock. To my surprise I was beginning to get an erection
thinking about Diane sucking on his cock then spreading
her legs so he could easily slid his cock into her cum dripping
cunt. After while I had to force myself to think about something
else or I might have cum in my pants. Jill came by and asked
how I was doing. I told her I was feeling a little better.
I was beginning to learn how to deal with the situation.
After about a half hour I saw Carl coming down the stairs
but Diane wasn’t with him. She must be trying to fix
herself up again. I decided that when she came down stairs
I was going to ask her if she was ready to go home. She didn’t
come down for another twenty minutes but she had managed
to fix herself up and she still looked good. She went to the
bar and made herself a drink then she came over to where I
was sitting an d stood in front of me. Before I could ask her
if she was ready to go home Diane said that she wanted me to
meet her up stairs in five minutes then she turn and walked
out of the room and up the stairs. Now I was really worried.
Did she want to get me away from the rest of the party so she
could tell me she wanted a divorce or that she was leaving
me or something like that. Not knowing what else to do I did
as I was told. I waited five minutes and headed upstairs.
When I got upstairs three of the bedroom doors were closed
so I went into the one door that was open. Diane was standing
in front of the mirror fixing her hair and didn’t
turn around as I entered. She looked at me in the reflection
in the mirror and told me to sit down. The bed was messed up
and there was evidence of wet cum spots on the sheets so I
was careful where I sat. Diane turned to face me and I braced
myself for bad news. If she was about to give me bad news it
looked like she was going to enjoy it. She was smiling and
she had that same glow I had noticed a while ago down stairs.
Finally she began to speak. “This has been an unbelievable
night. You could never have convinced me that I was going
to feel this way now. I feel like the tension that has been
building inside me that was keeping us apart is gone.”
She walked over and closed the door. “I want to have
sex one more time tonight.” She removed her blouse
and laid it on a chair then removed her skirt and put it with
the blouse. Now I was seeing her as her over lovers tonight
had seen her, and she looked really sexy. She began speaking
again, “This may sound strange for me to say this
while I am standing here with my pussy so full of semen that
it’s running down my legs but I love you right now
more than I ever have before and I want to make love to you
if you’ll let me.”

Diane came over and stood in front of me. I could see that
the crotch of her panties was soaked through and some cum
was running down the inside of her thigh. I reached out and
touched the front of her panties and felt the load she was
carrying inside her dripping cunt. I said, “A couple
of days ago no one could have made me believe that you would
have sex with another man let alone three in one night.”

Diane cut in, “Well actually four men.”

I said, “I watched you all evening and only saw you
come up here with three men.”

“Well, when Carl and I finished and he left I was starting
to get dressed when John came in the room and said, ‘Your
not going to leave without fucking your host are you?’
I said no, and took my panties back off and lay down and let
him enter me. It wasn’t very good sex but the idea
that I had just finished fucking one man and here I was fucking
another caused me to have an orgasm.”

Listening to Diane speak so matter of fact about her activities
had the effect of giving me an extremely hard cock. I looked
at Diane and said “I need to make love to you now.”
Diane came over and knelt down on the floor in front of me
and started undoing my pants. I help her pull them down,
then she went down on my cock and started giving me the best
blow job I had ever had. This was the first time Diane had
ever sucked my cock without me asking her to do it and it was
the first time she acted like she wanted to suck me off. When
she had me nearly ready to explode in her mouth she pulled
back and stood up. Then she removed her bra and panties.
She climbed up on the bed and lay down next to me. When I looked
at her pussy it was puffy and the hair was matted and sticky
and large strand of semen was oozing out from between her
pussy lips. Looking at Diane’s cum filled pussy
I suddenly understood exactly what is meant by the term
‘cream pie’. I lowered myself on top of Diane
and kissed her gently on the mouth then began kissing my
way to her breasts. I licked and kissed her nipples. While
I was kissing her nipples I was thinking about going down
on her pussy and giving her an oral orgasm. I had often fantasized
about going down on Diane after fucking her and eating my
cum out of her pussy. And the idea of eating her now was exciting
me until I stuck my fingers in her pussy. Then I decided that
tonight wasn’t the right time to try that.

Diane reached down and took hold of my cock and gently but
firmly guided it up to her pussy. She placed my cock head
at the opening of her cunt and I just pushed. She was so wet
and sloppy down there that I slid in with no resistance.
After having four cocks inside her already tonight and
with all the cum in her pussy Diane wasn’t very tight.
I could just barely feel the sides of her pussy as I stroked
in and out of her but I exploded in orgasm in just about two
minutes. Afterward we just lay in each others arms for a
while. Then we decided to go home.

As we were getting ready to leave we thanked John and Jill
for inviting us. Jill took Diane aside to chat with her and
John asked me if I would like to come back the next time they
had a swap meet. I told him I would have to think about it and
let him know but there was a good chance we would be back.
When Diane came back we left. On the way home neither of us
spoke but unlike the silence on the way to the party, the
silence on the way home was comfortable.

When we got home we showered and headed for bed. As soon as
we got in bed Diane said “I learned something tonight,
that is something other than how much I love you. I learned
that I enjoy sucking cock. “ Then she slid down and
took my cock in her hand and started licking and sucking
on it like is was a piece of candy. As she played with and sucked
my cock she began talking to me, “I know you didn’t
have sex with anyone tonight till you made love to me. I guess
the party didn’t work out the way you expected it
to. I knew as soon as I met Jill that she was the reason we were
at that party and that hurt me a little but when I notice that
you were watching me all the time and not fucking any of the
other women I knew that you loved me, and when in spite of
the fact that it was hurting you, you did not stop me from
having my fun you made me feel special. Well I think as unbelievable
as it would seem your idea of going to this party may very
well have saved our marriage. And to show you how grateful
I am I invited John and Jill over next weekend.” Diane
went back to work on my cock and brought me slowly to climax,
then I fell asleep with my cock still in Diane’s mouth.

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Members can vote on this response! takes talking about things to get it to happen.
Then when it does, well it's awesome and really hard
to describe..there is a deeper bond of love..nice story.


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Great story, sounds like you know the difference between
fucking and making love.


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Wonderful story! Next time you should eat that cream pie!


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Wonderful story. Gave me a raging hard on just reading this
and makes me want to try it myself.


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not badly written


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A truely erotic story. What a way to get started!


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i`m sitting here with a ragind hard on, ,, ,no wife so i`m
going to the book store & suck some cock, ,, ,, thanks
, ,, billy


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Excellent story! The tension as he looked at Diane through
mirror was described so well I could feel it. Well when I
wasn't stroking myself as I read.