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How to spice up a boring day


Saturday morning and Maria had to wait for the two guys she
had called to clean the yard, she was sat in the garden boring
and reading a book, it was sunny and warm when they arrived,
she told them what they needed to do and immediately they
got on with the job.

They were working very well and quickly, one with the big
lawn-mower, following by the other cutting the corners
and borders, half hour later and they were working behind
the garage, the area there was fenced off and none of the
neighbours could see, as it was so warm Maria took the two
guys a cool drink and they took a break to sip their drinks.

Maria made a small talk with them, one was named Antonio
and the other was Carlos, both were students with a Spanish
origin and working during their holidays, as they sat chatting
they took their tops off as the weather was so warm and she
could noticed they worked out, what immediately catches
her attention. [image] Maria was wearing a summer dress and sat on her chair watching
and chatting to them, as they sat on the grass Carlos sat
opposite her and was trying to get a glance inside her dress,
Maria felt a little excited and parted her legs slightly,
so he could see straight up her dress, and out of the corner
of her eye she could see him looking, Antonio was at the side
of her and she could also see him looking down her cleavage.

The attention of those young guys and the warm weather was
turned Maria on, smiling she parted her legs a little wider,
smiling back at her Carlos knelt up and was looking straight
at her while moved closer, as he did so did Antonio, then
Antonio knelt at the side of her chair and ran his hand up
her arm, it sent a shiver down Maria’s spine as his hand
got to the top of her arm and slipped nicely onto her breast,
Maria let her head fall back and Antonio kissed her neck.

Maria was really horny and soon enough Antonio had both
hands on her tits as he kissed her mouth and then her neck,
meanwhile Carlos had moved forward and had his hands on
the inside of her thighs moving upwards as she parted them,
soon he was touching the front of her knickers and Maria
could feel herself getting moist.

Antonio unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down
to her waist pulling her tits out of her bra, he then bent
down and soon was sucking one nipple and then the other as
Maria moaned, Carlos by his turn had his fingers rubbing
her hot pussy from outside her knickers, Maria was so turned
on, she was clearly enjoying that little game.

After Antonio had sucked her nipples he stood up and took
off his jeans and Maria could see his bulge as he slid his
boxers off, leaning forward she wrapped her fist around
his cock as she dipped him into her mouth, her tongue and
lips were in full action licking and wanking his cock, so
he was soon moaning in pleasure, meanwhile Carlos was rubbing
her pussy from outside her knickers, Maria’s legs were
as wide as she could stretch and she knew she wouldn’t
last much longer.

As Maria was giving Antonio a good sucking Carlos’s finger
was sending her insane, a couple of minutes more and her
orgasm ripped through her body and she let go of Antonio’s
cock and gripped the arm rests on the chair as she moaned
and squirmed in her seat.

After Maria had recovered she grabbed hold of Antonio again
and licked his cock and cupped his balls, as Carlos stood
up and undressed his cock, he then got hold of her hands and
pulled Maria to her feet, her dress fell to the floor as Carlos
pulled her knickers down, and then he said “Lay on the

As Maria did it, her clothes were totally removed, Antonio
knelt down in front of her and started to lick her pussy,
he wasn’t doing a bad job for a so young guy, and almost
immediately Carlos’s cock was deep into her mouth.

Only a few minutes went by when Maria could feel another
climax building, even though Antonio wasn’t doing a
great job it was enough, and while she licked and sucked
Carlos off it happened again, Maria’s body shuddered
as she came for the second time, her juices flowing over
Antonio’s face, he then let out of her while Maria looked
at his glistening face, and soon he had his cock in his hand
and was rubbing it up her clit.

Maria opened her legs further and he took no time at all in
slotting it in, she grunted as he started to shag her quite
quickly, as he banged Maria away she was sucking Carlos’s
cock and could feel by the noises he was making he wouldn’t
last long, Antonio then pulled out of her and Carlos and
him swapped positions, Maria soon had Carlos’s cock
fucking her as Antonio was wanking himself off over her
face, she grabbed him and she did it for him, so he soon moaned
loudly as his sperm shot in the air and landed on her tits.
[image2] Maria wanked him over and over and spurt over spurt of his
sperm was released on her tits and over her stomach, after
a few more strokes Carlos was moaning too and with one last
thrust he pulled out and shot his sperm all over her trimmed
pubes and it ran down and into her pussy, surprised and a
little disappointed Maria begged him. “Finger my pussy.”

Carlos did it and shoved one finger inside her pussy and
finger fucked her, with his sperm mixed in with her own juices
Maria came again.

As Maria sat up the guys said how good it was, they also said
it was only the second time either of them had had sex, it
showed but Maria didn’t say anything, even thinking
it was a pity they weren’t more experienced, Maria got
dressed and said good bye to them and they carried on with
the job, as she went home to take a shower.

Maria gathered all she needed for her bath and turned on
the water, making it as hot as she could stand it, she poured
in some bubble bath and baby oil, then undressed her dress,
bra and knickers, and when the cool air of the bathroom assaulted
her warm skin, her nipples immediately become hard and
erect, Maria catches a glimpse of herself in the bathroom
vanity and smiled at how hard her nipples were.

Maria run her hands over her skin stopping just to lightly
pinched her nipples, watching them getting even harder
under her touch, a small moan escaped her lips and her eyes
closed, the bathroom filled with the smells of the bubble
bath and the sound of the running water, Maria was lost on
her thoughts about the two unexperienced guys and she was
becoming hot and wet, then she reminded of the filling tub,
which was already close to spilling over, she snapped back
to reality and turned the faucets off, laughing at herself
in the process.

Maria let a little water out of the tub, as its almost filled
to the brim, and stopped when she thought its low enough
not to spill over when she got inside, Maria put one foot
in the tub, it was hot, after giving her skin time to adjust
to the heat of the water, she placed her other foot in the
tub, a few moments to adjust her body to the water’s temperature
and Maria began to lower herself into the hot water, watching
her submerged skin began to redden as it hits the water,
once she was sitting in the tub and the water was covering
the lower half of her body, Maria lay back and relished in
the heat and weightlessness that the water brought.

Maria took her body sponge and squirted a little body wash
onto it, then, slowly, she washed herself, starting with
her arms, then her torso, then her legs, she squirted a little
more body wash onto the sponge, and holding the wall for
support she stood up in the tub and put one foot up on the edge
of the bath, spreading her pussy lips open for easier access,
so with the sponge in hand, Maria started washing her breasts,
amazed at how fast her nipples hardened, and how erect they
were, then she traced a line down between her breasts to
her stomach, and finally down to her pussy. [image3] Maria run the sponge over the small triangle of hair that
she kept well-trimmed, and finally down her shaven clit,
the sponge barely touched her erect clit and she was ready
to cum again, after thoroughly washing herself, it was
time to rinse off, she took the shower massage off of its
base and turned the water on, she pulled the lever which
sends water shooting from the shower massage head and let
the warm water rinse off the soap left on her breasts, but
as the strong flow of water hits her nipples, they again
hardened, and that time Maria could feel it all the way down
to her aching pussy.

Maria watched the water dripping down off her body, over
the swell of her breasts, and finally dripping off her hard
nipples, the water then dripped a path down her stomach,
and washed over her pussy, erasing any traces of soap or
sperm there, she took the shower head and brought it down,
so that the water jets were going directly onto her pussy,
she adjusted the flow of water until she could find a gentle
pulsing spray, again she lowered the shower head so that
it was aimed at her pussy, with her free hand she opened her
pussy lips, making sure that the pulsing water was aimed
at her hard clit, Maria was on heaven, every muscle in her
body had tensed and the heat from the water was making her
feel weak, she closed her eyes and then she started thinking
on the two guys.

Maria was thinking about their inexperience, how she wished
they were there, with their arms around her, holding her
up, supporting her weight, feeling their hard cocks pressed
at her ass cheeks and begging entry, feel their hot tongues
in her mouth, setting her pussy on fire with their touch,
Maria’s hips slowly began their dance, moving back and
forth while she pressed the massage head right against
her clit, relishing in the feeling that the warm, pulsing
water was creating, her whole body was aflame and she could
think of nothing else but what she was feeling at that moment.

Then a louder moan escaped her lips and she throws her head
back with the thought of her wishes, Maria got a long breath,
then she turned the regulator dial just a little more, making
the pulsing jets a little harder, and with her eyes still
closed she imagined the two young guys standing behind
her, one hard cock pressed against her ass cheeks, and strong
hands massaging her tits, pinching at her nipples as his
cock rubbed her clit.

Maria’s hips were moving faster as she imagined their
hands spreading her ass cheeks apart, and feeling the head
of a hard cock entering her asshole from behind while another
cock was entering her pussy, and started to thrust their
hard cocks into her pacing their thrusts in and out of her
both holes, as Maria felt herself getting closer and closer,
she reached over and turned the dial on the massage head,
making the pulsing jets even harder, and then her body finally
releases the tension with one mind blowing explosion.

Maria could feel every single nerve and muscle in her body
tensing, and her hips continued to thrust until her orgasm
had run through her body, she then turned off the shower
head and replaced it, her legs were weak and trembling,
her nipples slightly sore, and Maria lay back down in the
tub, thoroughly enjoying what was left of her bath time.
[image4] As Maria finished her relaxing bath she peeked through
the window and the two young guys had already finished and
left, without nothing to do she sat in her room on her computer
doing the same shit as she normally do then all of a sudden
Isabel pops up on her Facebook and asked her “Hey you are
doing anything?”

“No I'm bored stiff.” Maria answered.

“Want to hang out?” Isabel added.

“Sure come round to my house” Maria told her, Isabel
then signed off and 15 minutes later she appeared at the
door, so she let Isabel in and they went upstairs to Maria’s
room, where she had his laptop, for a while they just did
what normal women do, talk about random shit and stuff,
anyway Maria’s mind couldn’t stop thinking about
the two guys and her self-pleasure on the bath tub, then,
for a joke, Maria asked if we should watch porn and Isabel
said yes, so Maria asked if she wanted girls or guys, and
to her surprise, Isabel’s response was “Girls. I've
never done it before and I want to see it.”

So Maria called an X-site and they watched a good few porno
vids, it didn't take Maria long to get pretty horny
again, and she could see Isabel was getting horny too as
she was rubbing her thighs and biting her lip, Maria was
surprised she didn't know girls would turn Isabel
on, so very slowly, she put her hand across and touched her
thigh, Isabel jumped at her touch and turned round to face
her, and suddenly she took Maria’s hand and pulled Maria
towards her, then Isabel said with her eyes excited “Can
we try it? Please? We don't need to tell anyone. Let's
just experiment!"

So Maria leaned into her and slowly pressed her lips to hers,
as she smirked, Maria felt Isabel’s tongue moving along
her lower lip asking for entrance, Maria opened her mouth,
hers opening too, and Isabel’s tongue plunged into Maria’s
mouth playing with her tongue inside her while locked her
lips on hers, then Maria pulled her body closer to Isabel’s,
and felt up her curvy body as she pressed her chest to Maria’s
body, Maria really wanted to undress Isabel so bad, but
she had to take it slowly with her.

Maria was still sucking on her mouth as Isabel moved her
hand to Maria’s breasts, going round back to unclip her,
quickly Maria felt her top being prised off of her and over
her head, Maria did the same to Isabel, and their bare chests
rubbed together, Maria took of Isabel’s bra to freed
her boobs, Isabel took off Maria’s bra and pressed herself
against Maria rubbing their nipples together, and Maria
felt herself getting hotter and hotter.

Isabel kept on kissing Maria as she started to rub Maria’s
breasts, Maria too played with her nipples and made them
go red, then Maria moved her kissing lips down her neck to
her boobs and started to suckle on them, biting her nipples
here and there and rubbing hers hard, all the time Isabel
was rubbing Maria’s hard too.

Isabel was a lot more confident than Maria thought she would
be, she stopped for a moment and hold Maria’s chin, looking
her up and down, Maria was sort of out of breath, and she smiled
at her, Isabel smirked and kissed Maria again, while she
took of Maria’s shorts and pants, Maria could feel herself
getting hornier and hornier, Isabel stripped Maria off,
she then stripped herself and they sat there for a minute,
naked and both out of breath. [image5] Then Isabel started kissing and rubbing Maria’s clit
with two fingers, Maria moaned and rubbed Isabel’s tits
and bit her nipples, Isabel went faster and harder and Maria’s
pussy started to get soaking wet, Isabel moved down, her
lips leaving a wet mark from Maria’s tits to her pussy,
then he started to lick her clit then trying to shove her
tongue between Maria’s pussy lips as begging for Maria
to let her go inside.

Maria then yelled “Isabel you’re so naughty!"
and she giggled, licking Maria’s pussy and going right
inside her, Maria then stopped, winked at her, and begged
her out of breath to let her lick her pussy too. "Sixty...

Isabel turned around, her asshole perked at Maria’s
face, Maria was drooling all over herself, her legs lay
wide open for Isabel and she started to rub Maria again and
making her moan as she started to suck on her ass, making
Isabel clench in surprise, Maria giggled and smacked her
ass, then started to rub Isabel’s clit as she sucked on
her ass, and with her other hand Maria rubbed her own boob
and played with her nipple.

They both went wild, sucking and poking and rubbing and
biting, Isabel went from fingering Maria with one finger
to two fingers, Maria’s pussy was feeling really good
with her finger fuck and her juices poured all over the bed,
making both women soaking, Maria then dove her tongue right
into the depths of her asshole and then Isabel turned back
around and started thrusting her pussy against Maria’s,
thrusting harder and faster against Maria. [image6] Maria moaned and thrusted against her, all of a sudden Isabel
let out a great yell and had a massive orgasm, Maria giggled
and hugged her body against hers while kissing her and swirling
Isabel’s tongue around her mouth, Isabel was too weak
to do things by herself, so Maria lay on top of her and fingered
her very slowly as they started to calm down.

They were both so tired after all the excitement and they
were both soaking wet, Isabel exhausted soon felt asleep
as Maria kept fingering her, Maria thought it was time to
relax so she threw a cover over both of them as she lay naked
on top of her body and rubbed her boobs until she too felt

A few hours late, both of them woke up around the same time,
Isabel kissed Maria and told her how great it was, Maria
kissed her back and asked “Well, it was great for me too,
but don’t you think we are missing something?”

Isabel looked questioningly at Maria, then she started
laughing and nodded an expressive YES as she understood
what Maria wanted to say, it was a clear suggestion to go
to X-rated theatre as they usually do during their wild
nights, so laughing they went for a shower at the same time,
a quickly shower as they were expectant about what they
decided to do, then they choose some provocative and sexy
outfit both, of them wore miniskirts, thigh high hose and
leather boots under their summer coats, Maria drove to
the theatre they usually like to go, it was a movie theatre
in one of the strip malls in the suburban city that was showing
X-rated movies, and they always had had some wild encounters
on their previous visits.

The guy selling tickets checked them out and gave them a
sinister grin when he handed them the tickets, the theatre
had four different show rooms and they decided to try the
first one, so Maria and Isabel went in and stood in the back
of the theatre and let their eyes adjust to the darkness,
the theatre was dark except for the movie playing on the
screen, the two of them were patient and let their eyes adjust
before locating a seat, once their eyes adjusted they could
see the seats and made their way down the aisle, as they sat
they started watching the images on the movie screen which
showed a pretty blonde sucking a huge cock and they held
hands as they watched the porn actress give a great blow

As their eyes adjusted they noticed that there were a number
of men scattered throughout and only a couple sitting together,
which didn’t surprised them, Maria noticed that there
was no one in the last row so she steered Isabel over to the
seats in the middle, Isabel was fixated on the screen as
she moved to the seats and they both gasped when the guy in
the movie ejaculated and shot his load all over the blonde's
face, the guy came in buckets drenching the blonde's
face and then the blonde took the cock back on her mouth and
sucked it dry, that turned on both women and they couldn't
resist and kissed deeply each others mouth as they rubbed
each others pussy over their skirt. [image7] The two of them almost as they started they stopped they
grinned and kept watched the movie on the screen, the blonde
girl on the movie was involved on threesomes and even one
foursome where she took on three cocks at the same time,
Maria leaned over to Isabel and whispered. "I'd
like to be on her place."

Isabel whispered back trying to hidden a burst of laugh,
"You are shameless."

It was a double feature and the next movie even had an orgy
scene with six guys and six women, as Maria and Isabel watched
the movie two men moved toward them from separate aisles,
one man sat next to Maria and the other next to Isabel, so
if the women wanted to leave they would have to go past one
of the men, they looked straight ahead and didn't make
any moves on the women initially.

A few moments in silence and then the guy next to Maria freed
his cock from his pants and began masturbating, Maria looked
at the impressive cock and she liked what she saw, her eyes
were just on his cock and not on the movie, the man subtly
moved his hand to Maria's thigh and let it slide along
her hose stroking her inner thigh, Maria subconsciously
moved her legs apart and the guy's hand slipped under
her skirt, she gasped out loud when the hand touch her bare
skin above the elastic top of her hose and Isabel turned
her head toward Maria when she heard the gasp.

The guy then took Maria's hand and placed it on his cock,
Isabel stared in pure delight as Maria began masturbating
the man, he then moved Maria's panties to the side and
his finger wormed their way into her pussy and the two of
them masturbated each other, Isabel was watching them
mesmerized by the action next to her but then she checked
out the man next to her and he too had freed his cock and was
stroking it.

Isabel stared at a so big cock next to her and watched the
man jerk off, he reached for her hand and she allowed him
to move it to his cock, Isabel’s hand didn't fit around
the thick cock but she began to stroke him, he then moved
his hand to her thigh and within minutes he was fingering
her pussy. [image8] Maria and Isabel were excited beyond their expectations
as they were fingered to multiple orgasms, they both had
to muffle their cries with their free arm when they climaxed,
then the man next to Maria ejaculated and shot a good sized
load coating her hand with his sperm as the man next to Isabel
followed and her hand too was drenched with his sperm.

As the two women wiped their hands clean the two men calmly
put their cocks away and lefty their seats, Maria and Isabel
rearranged their panties and Maria whispered, "Well
not so bad, but I want to feel a cock inside me, let's
get out of here and try another room."

Isabel laughed and said again “You are shameless, but
I’m with you, let’s go.”

The two women got up and worked their way back to the aisle,
along the way Maria stopped and pointed out the couple to
Isabel, the woman was sucking the man's cock, and then
Isabel whispered to Maria with a sinister grin, "Wow,
that’s what I want to do right now.”

Maria just chuckled and then they left the room, in a few
minutes and they found themselves in another dark room,
they followed the same routine and once their eyes adjusted
they sat in the back row, it wasn't long before two guys
sat next to them and freed their cocks, the women took the
initiative that time and took a hold of the two cocks, then
the one guy whispered to Maria, "I think it’s better
if you and your friend come with us for a more reserved area."

The two women followed the guys to seats on the side on the
theatre and sat in a row that had no seats directly in front
of them, the two guys freed their cocks again and the women
took them in their hands, the guys moved quickly and they
soon had their fingers in Maria's and Isabel's
pussies, then they surprised the women as they got out of
their seats and knelt before them, Maria and Isabel looked
at each other in delight when the guys reached under their
mini skirt to remove their panties, and then they went along
with it and spread their legs so the two guys could eat their

Isabel was always more committed than Maria on their wild
nights out, she worried that they would be discovered and
she kept looking around to see if anyone was watching them,
Maria on the other hand was into it and she was close to another
orgasm, Isabel also felt her loins stir with the onslaught
of another orgasm, they were moaning as they drenched the
guy's faces, Isabel felt a pair of hand on her breasts
and she looked at Maria who by then also had a guy rubbing
her tits, two more guys had moved to the seat behind them
and they had reached over to fondle the women's tits
through their clothes.

Then the guys eating their pussies told Isabel and Maria
to turn around and kneel down on the seat, they did as they
were asked and they came face to face with the two already
exposed cocks of the guys who fondled their tits, meanwhile
the guys behind them had pushed their cocks into their wet
pussies while the guys facing them encouraged the women
to suck their cocks, and Maria and Isabel gladly took their
cocks into their mouths as they were fucked from behind.
[image9] Maria and Isabel were really turned on by the big cocks into
them, they were giving the guys really deeply blow jobs
as their pussies were stuffed with other cocks, the four
guys did not last long and the women felt their pussies and
mouths filled with their sperm, the guys in their mouths
seemed to cum forever and the two women swallowed as rapidly
as they could, as they pussies were filled to overflowing
and they could feel the sperm trickling down their inner

As they moved out, Maria was taken by surprise as she felt
that another erect cock was trying to find its way to her
pussy, she reached behind her and guided it into her soaked
pussy, bending again at the waist to allow him a better enter,
as his hard cock slid into her she raised her head and found
another cock waiting to her open mouth, she took him in greedily,
again with one cock in her mouth and another in her pussy,
it feel as if she had a giant erection running through her
body, entering her pussy and exiting through her mouth.

Maria went into a smooth, steady rhythm, as she went down
on the cock in front of her with her mouth, she pulled slightly
away from the cock pushing into her pussy, then she would
push back on the cock behind her and pulled slightly away
from the cock in front, they were pumping in and out of Maria,
in perfect rhythm, the three of them connected in a smooth
sexual flow.

Maria thought she heard moaning sounds from the movie,
but she realized the sounds were coming from her and she
increased her rhythm, she pulled at the buttocks of the
man in front of her, jerking him toward her face, deep-throating
him even as she pushed back on the cock behind her, flexing
the muscles of her pussy around the engorged cock, then
the two men exploded together, their hot sperm flowing
into her pussy and gushing into her throat, her own orgasm
came a moment later and Maria went into a frenzy of spasms
and squeals and shrieks, the entire theatre must have been
listening to them but she felt so thoroughly well fucked
that she didn't care if the entire world was listening
and watching, she just wanted more and more.

Meanwhile Isabel with her body and mind consumed with the
sights and sounds and smells of Maria’s fuck, watched
with glazed eyes as two new men took their positions around
her, one knelt between her spread legs and buried his face
in her sloppy pussy, Isabel couldn't believe that
he would want to eat her with all that sperm seeping from
her pussy and trickling down her thighs, but he did not hesitate
and went straight for her clit, tweaking it with his tongue
first then he went deep inside her, with a weak moan Isabel
pushed her mound into his face as he started slurping up
the sperm inside her.

The other man offered his cock to her mouth, he had already
loosened his belt and his jeans had fallen to his knees,
and he was playing with his balls with both hands, Isabel
reached down to her pussy interrupting the other man and
scooped up some of the juices that were pouring out of her,
then she rubbed it over the erection of the guy standing
in front of her, and her hand slid up and down over his big
cock, getting nicely lubricated, then she took it in her
mouth, tasting her own sex, and fellated him slowly, reaching
down to her pussy again, Isabel took another handful of
juice and worked it into the ass of the man, sliding her hand
up and down between his cheeks and slipping a finger into
his asshole, Isabel could feel his cock flex in her mouth
every time she fingered eased into his asshole. [image10] Isabel could hear movement and deep breathing from Maria
and his fuckers and that was a turn on for her, she was in the
throes of an orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure washing
over her as the man between her legs sucked away at her pussy
and she tongued the head of the cock into her mouth, then
Isabel felt the cock in her mouth go rigid, the balls pulling
tight, and the man's ass grip her finger, Isabel knew
he was ready to shoot his sperm so she quickly pulled him
out of her mouth and jerked him off all over her breast, the
man between her legs immediately brought his head up out
of her pussy and began licking the sperm off her bosom, he
was eager for it, his tongue hot and furious over her chest,
then Isabel felt him guiding his cock into her pussy as he
sucked away on her nipples, on his knees, his cock leveled
with her pussy and she lifted her feet and spread her legs
wide and let him bang away, Isabel gave a huge shudder and
orgasmed violently, matching her partner thrust to thrust.

As the guys removed their cocks straightened up their clothes
they whispered a "thank-you" and retreated
from the row and disappeared, Maria and Isabel composed
themselves and located their panties, they arranged themselves
the best they could and left the theatre, their panties
were soaked with the guy’s cum and as they walked up the
aisle they got looks from a number of men.

Isabel and Maria made a bee line for their car and locked
the doors as they sat in it waiting for it to heat up. "That
was incredible. Could you believe the cocks on those guys, "
Maria exclaimed.

"I have to admit this time it was pretty wild, "
Isabel sighed.

"Maybe we should have stayed longer, " Maria

"Oh, not at all. Let's get out of here, that's
enough for today, let's get home and get cleaned up, "
Isabel quickly added.

They considered stopping for a drink on the way home but
they were so soaked wet, so they got in their car and drove
home, once back in the apartment they both took hot baths
and douched their pussies thoroughly, then they shared
a bottle of wine and talked about the excitement of having
sex in the theatre, they both agreed that it was hot and fun
and they liked the risk factor of be caught, they laughed
and started planning a return visit to the theatre.

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