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How do we really know if our spouses are happy?


Why do so many of us blindly live our lives thinking our spouses
are perfectly happy? I was one of those husband's who
never really stopped and asked myself how happy Jane really
was. I just assumed she was as happy as I was.

It began when I walked into our kitchen one morning and found
my wife, with her nose stuck in the paper reading something
intensely. "What's so interesting?"I
remember asking Jane as I poured myself a cup of coffee.
Jane quickly put the paper down, looked rather embarrassed
for a moment and calmly said, "Nothing. Nothing at
all." I just chalked it up to the fact she probably
found another ad for some clothes she wanted to buy and didn't
want me to know, beforehand.

Jane and I had been married for nearly twenty years and the
last few, I knew my wife had been worrying a little bit about
getting older. When she turned forty, I know it hit her hard,
but I thought she had gotten over it. So I made sure I took
her out to dinner and dancing and tried to make it a positive
birthday not a negative one. And I think Jane enjoyed herself
for the night but the next day I went back to ignoring the

And it didn't help that both our son's were now
teenagers and didn't need her for as much as they once
did. Once Ryan got his driver's license, my wife's
chauffeuring days were finished. Jane may have complained
all the time about having to pick this son up and or take son
over there, but down deep, I think, down deep it made her
feel needed.

So like a lot of women her age, Jane remade herself with a
new hair style and more new outfits than I care to count.
I let it go for about six months before I had to discuss our
credit card balance with Jane, since it was never going
down. But I didn't want to make matters worse, so I didn't
demand she stop charging and only asked her to think more
about anything she wanted to buy.

I guess, as a man, my life was easier than my wife's.
I had my job and my success at it, that really picked me up.
So, as long as my house was clean, my clothes washed and my
meals cooked, I had everything I needed. Well, that is except
for my sex life which Jane and I had always wanted and needed
quite often.

When any couple gets married, the man and the woman go into
the relationship with certain needs. Generally speaking,
Jane and I both got what we needed including our sexual needs.
Jane had always been a respectable woman but she had a private
steamy side, that only I knew and enjoyed. You would never
guess by looking at my wife that Jane needed her orgasms
as much if not more than I did. In fact, over the years Jane
developed the ability to climax several times during any
given romantic night.

I never kept count, but I think there were a few nights when
Jane had at least four or five orgasms before we were finished.
But that is the part of the woman that only I knew and enjoyed
because that is what married people share with their spouses.
The rest of the time Jane was just like every other wife who
dressed conservatively and acted normal.

So I sat and chatted with Jane after she quickly folded the
paper and put it on the counter. Like I said before, I figured
she had found another sale or another dress and she didn't
want to let me know about it. Jane asked me what my day was
looking like and asked me if I be getting home for dinner,
on time. And we also discussed our boys, who had already
left for school because they had some early practice or
something to do.

Nothing seemed abnormal so I finished my coffee and toast
and was out the door for another challenging day. I guess
I never stopped to think for a moment that Jane's days
were blended one into another and nothing really exciting
happened in her world. If I had been smart enough, I would
have realized once our sons and I were gone, Jane was left
alone in the house with nothing much to do other than cook,
clean and laundry and that could never inspire her.

Little did I realize that my own wife was getting involved
in something else with some other middle aged women. She
had answered an ad in the local paper several weeks before
and had begun to take survey's at the local university
for a professor doing some research on the lives of women
between a certain ages.

And in fact, Jane had gone to meet with him twice already
and I hadn't a clue she was doing anything like that.
According to Jane, the professor's research dealt
with just about every aspect of a middle aged woman's
life. Homemaking, child rearing, marriage, career options,
level of satisfaction in herself, pride in her appearance,
her views of world affairs and even finances. And Jane,
of all people kept making the cuts, as the group of women
was being narrowed down to ten or less.

I can safely say I never dreamed Jane would get into something
like that or that she was apparently an ideal candidate
for the professor's research. My wife had never expressed
any real interest in the outside world or business or anything
other than being a mother and a wife. And when our boys were
little, I guess Jane had what she wanted or at least it kept
her busy enough so she didn't have time to think.

And I am not saying Jane was not smart because she was a very
intelligent person. I always felt if we hadn't met
and fallen in love, Jane could have done pretty much anything
she wanted to do with her life. I had actually met her one
summer while my family was camping for the fourth of July
and her family happened to be only a few camping sites away.

I was nineteen at the time and going to college. I only went
with my family on their annual camping trip because that
is what we always did. And I mean, most of my uncles, aunts
and even my grandmother who was still alive at the time were
all going to be there. It was and always would be a really
big deal for my family and although I thought about skipping
out on the camping week that year, I just couldn't do

I will always remember the first time I saw Jane walking
down one of the paths wearing a pair of baggy shorts, t shirt
and flip flops because she had on, the most ugly straw hat
on, that I had ever seen. But she was also very cute so the
longer I looked at her, the more appealing she began to appear
to me. The fact that Jane was only fifteen at the time didn't
seem to matter to me although it would have mattered to her
parents. . Especially back in those days, a nineteen year
old boy and a fifteen year old girl, were not exactly a good

So Jane and I spent the first few days glancing at each other
or what I now describe as, we learned how to flirt from a distance.
Even with her funny straw hat and her braces , Jane had something
that drew me to her. It took Jane and I two whole days before
she was able to look at me in a certain way which told me to
follow her when she walked off but not right away so her parents
wouldn't know what she was doing.

I felt like a ten year old boy all over again as I watched Jane
slowly wandered off as I waited to follow her. Our very first
kiss happened that afternoon and I guess it sealed the deal
for both of us. We spent the next year or so exchanging letters
back and forth. She was only a junior in high school and needed
some time to mature, while I was busy at college, doing what
college aged boys did.

Jane and I never discussed anything about our future together
or if we would even have one, together. After all, we had
only met one summer for four days and kissed a few times.
And if you're wondering what else Jane and I did when
we were alone, the answer was nothing other than we kissed.
Jane was still a fifteen year old virgin which is what she
was supposed to be, at fifteen.

Back at college, I would get a letter from her every once
in a while and she would talk freely about dates she went
on and about friends. And in a few letters back to her I would
always ask her if she was getting closer to doing the "Dirty
Deed' as she called it. And then I would wait for her
next letter and Jane would tease me a bit and tell me she was
getting closer but she was still holding back for the time

In a childish way we were talking about sex but it wasn't
threaten to either of us because we were so far away. By then
I was having sex but I was old enough to have sex and when I
told Jane about a couple of incidents, she didn't seem
hurt or offended at all. But then I was twenty or twenty one
and Jane was still, just sixteen. Neither of us were ever
sure, whatever it was that we had was going to lead to anything
more. We were just friends, odd friends but still friends
who wrote letters back and forth without any real purpose.

It was the spring of my senior year in college, when I got
an invitation to Jane's high school graduation in
the mail. And it shocked me because I never really thought
I would see her ever again. I mean, three years earlier we
met at a camp ground and that was pretty much all it was going
to be, until she invited me to her graduation and a chance
to see her again in person. I suppose I had always told myself
Jane was like the little sister I never had.

But that all changed when I arrived at the high school she
had been attending during, all the years we had written
back and forth. It is shameful to admit but I wasn't
even sure I would recognize Jane after three long years.
I had no doubts, she had changed and matured and she probably
didn't look like that silly fifteen year old girl with
the ugly straw hat, at the camp ground.

But I took a seat in the gymnasium with the hundreds of other
people and waited as the senior class to march in. I remember
sitting on the bleachers thinking they all still looked
like kids. And trust me when I say my eyes searched every
girl who walked in wearing her cap and gown but there were
just too many of them to spot Jane. I remember thinking to
myself this was possibly the stupidest thing I had ever
done. I had to be on my new job in less than a week, and I was
sitting in some high school gymnasium looking for a girl
I hardly knew and might never find in the crowd.

The ceremony came and went after an hour and a half, so I went
outside and decided I would just stand in one place so maybe
Jane could find me. It took about twenty minutes and then
all of a suddenly the sparks just flew. In front of me was
the stunning looking young woman with her big bright smile
and no braces. I think it took Jane and I all of five seconds
before we shared the first kiss that would last for the rest
of our lives.

"I knew you would come, " Jane whispered to
me in-between our kisses which were getting hotter by the
second. I had never been so drawn to a woman like I was with
Jane and apparently she felt the same way about me. I didn't
know if she was still a virgin but that really didn't
matter because she was there and she was in my arms.

I guess you could say from that point on, there was no separating
Jane and I ever again. She finally grabbed my hand and pulled
me over to meet the rest of her family who didn't remember
me at all. But then that camping trip was three years ago
and the campground was filled with lots of other campers.
I doubt her parents even knew Jane and I would sneak off and
kiss when she was just fifteen. But then what parents really
know what their kids do as teenagers.

Her parents were very cordial and welcomed me with open
arms as we all went back to their house to celebrate Jane's
graduation with the rest of her family and friends, in their
backyard. I didn't really fit in except that Jane was
there and she stuck by my side almost all of the time. It was
around six that night when Jane whispered in my ear, "Don't
even think about leaving. You are staying in the guest room

It was well after midnight after everything was cleaned
up in the backyard and her entire family had gone to bed,
when Jane and I began to kiss again on the patio. And this
girls lips had fire in them, like I had never felt before.
It was sometime after two in the morning when I was laying
in the bed in their guest room and Jane snuck in to join me.

Her parents probably heard us , even though Jane and I tried
to be as quiet as we could. But once she was under the covers
with me, her top came off first and then her panties. I remember
holding this slender, sweet thing in my arms and feeling
my stiff cock rubbing up against her hairy crotch and she
instantly drove me insane. Jane whimpered once she had
my entire cock inside of her pussy for the first time and
then we began to make love to each other. It was the most intense
experience of my life, up to that point. But Jane and I would
share many more intense moments together, over the years
to come.

And then in the morning when I went downstairs to have breakfast
with her family, one look in her mother's eyes told
me she knew what her daughter and I had done the night before.
But all she did was smile and treated me like any other guest
in her home. I stayed two days with Jane and her family before
I had to leave to start my first job out of college. Yes, Jane
and I fucked both nights, in case you're wondering.

Jane's plans were to start out at a junior college not
far from her home but she ended up instead putting school
on hold and moved in with me in my new apartment. Immediately
we both agreed to get married and planned it all from long
distance with her parents. Jane was not yet nineteen when
she walked down the aisle in her wedding gown and she looked
like a real princess. And then our lives started like most
young couples, and within a few years Jane and I bought our
first house. And a couple of years after that Jane gave birth
to our first son.

In other words, our lives went on like everyone else's
lives go on. When we found out Jane was pregnant again, we
bought an even bigger house and that is where we raised our
two boys. Jane turned out to be an excellent mother and a
terrific wife to me. We were best friends and lovers and
I thought nothing would ever change any of that.

Again I went off each day to my office and I really had no idea
how Jane filled her days. She certainly had lots of ideal
time on her hands which I just assumed my wife used cleaning
or cooking and most recently shopping for new clothes.
And I sure never suspected my wife was involved with some
professors, research project with some other married

I found out much later that the six remaining women were
filling out surveys about more and more personal issues
in their lives including their sex lives. Things like,
what did their husband's do for them that aroused them.
And because we are all different, each of the six women probably
had different answers.

I was made aware of all of this once there were just three
women who had not backed out of taking surveys or had been
dropped by the professor. And I only began to think something
else was going on in my wife' life because she began
asking me questions one night about my fantasies. If there
was one thing Jane never asked me about it was my fantasies,
so I suspected there was some reason for her sudden interest
in such a bizarre subject.

We had just left the high school football game and were on
our way to the local pizza parlor where all the families
and players would meet up after a game. Just your typical
suburban Friday night after a win with a bunch of proud parents
and a bunch of cocky son's who all thought they would
end up someday playing on Sunday's for some NFL team.

I had just backed my car out of the parking lot at the high
school and was waiting in line to get onto the street. Jane
had just comment how well the team had looked and then she
threw me a real curve ball. "Do you ever think about
other people?" Jane said smiling at me. I chuckled
and asked her what she was talking about.

Jane told me, to just forget it because she didn't know
why she asked me such a stupid question. After you have spent
twenty years of your life with someone, as close as Jane
and I had become, I sensed there was something more to her
question. It was the first time the red flags were half raised.

"No, I think it was a fair question. Do I think about
other people? In what light?"I asked Jane. Jane seemed
to suddenly be quite flustered and told me it was a silly
question and we should talk about something else. I don't
know why I asked her but I asked Jane anyway, "Do you
mean sexually?" My wife blushed even more before
she nodded her head and told me she wondered how I really
felt inside when I noticed another attractive woman.

I now felt uncomfortable and wasn't sure how honest
I should be with my own wife. So I told her that it was only
natural for all of us to notice other attractive people
of the opposite sex because that was just part of life. "I
know we all do. But when you see another attractive woman,
do you sometimes have sexual thoughts about her?"
Jane asked and that just blew me away.

I will admit I suddenly began to sweat because I wondered
if Jane was trying to tell me she was having an affair or was
close to having an affair. I just got every quiet and tried
not to crash the car on our way to the pizza parlor. And Jane
got very quiet too and the tension in our car got stronger
and stronger and neither of us knew how to handle it.

It was a very strange night for me being with Jane and our
two boys and all the other parents after a win. I couldn't
take my eyes off of my wife the entire night. Jane had worn
a tight pair of blue jeans and one of her many new sweaters
and she looked absolutely stunning. And she mingled with
all the other parents like she always did but all I could
do was stare at her and wonder what I would do if I ever lost
her. My heart told me years before, Jane could never be replaced.

I was a nervous wreck for most of the night and it was not until
Jane was in her night gown and crawled into our bed, alongside
of me that things opened up. I guess I couldn't hold
back any longer and needed to know the truth, whatever it
was. Jane had just leaned over to give me a good night kiss
when I pulled her into my arms and wouldn't let go.

"Are you going to leave me?" I remember I whispered
into her ear. She didn't respond for a second or two
before she pulled back and asked me where in the world did
I ever get that crazy idea. I was so on edge, I had trouble
even speaking for a few seconds myself. "Oh my goodness
honey. You are really upset, aren't you?" Jane
said before she kissed me on the lips.

"No I will never, ever leave you, " Jane said
as I held her even tighter. I don't believe any man could
ever be more grateful as I was, holding my sweet wife that
night. Jane and I started kissing and they weren't
the kind of good night kisses we usually shared. They were
more like the, "I need you" Kind of kisses we
share. And Jane was responding like she always did on our
special nights and snuggled her sexy body even closer to

"Why did you think I was going to leave you"?
she asked once my hand was under her pajama top, holding
her soft breast. I told Jane it was because she asked me if
I ever have sexual thoughts about other women. So I figured
she was having sexual thoughts about other men. And that
is when Jane reached over, turned the lamp on her night stand
back on and began to explain the professor, the surveys
and all the things she had been doing without me knowing.

And the more Jane told me about this project, I could see
her excitement level growing with each word she said. "I
am learning so much about myself as a mother, a wife and a
woman, " Jane said. She then giggled and told me the
last survey she filled out was all about fantasies. I then
wanted to know if Jane had any fantasies and what they were.

"Don't get your hopes up too high. Mine are pretty
lame, " Jane said giggled next to me on our bed. I remember
I chuckled and asked my wife to tell me just one. I didn't
know if this kind of talk was turning her on, but it was sure
turning me on. Jane looked at me oddly for a moment and softly
said, "Do you really want to know?"

I just nodded my head and waited for her to tell me one of her
fantasies as even more blood rushed into my cock. "Well,
let's see, " Jane said clearly stalling as she
sat up on our bed and tried not to look at me directly. "I
have had one dream many times although I don't know
why. And in each of my dreams, this man, who I can't see
his face, watches me take all my clothes off in front of him,
" Jane said now really blushing. I asked her if anything
happens in her dream after she is naked and Jane giggled
and said she always wakes up first.

Enjoying my wife's body that night was on a different
level for sure. Jane developed rather full breasts after
she breast fed our two boys which gave her a very womanly
shape. And she knew how much I loved touching them, holding
them and feeling them for as long as I wanted. Jane just laid
on her back smiling as my hands massaged her breasts while
I told her how beautiful she truly was.

"It's because you love me, " Jane said
as I agreed and then reached for her panties. "I love
you this much too, "I said as she giggled when I slipped
them down her legs. Jane told me she figured her panties
needed to come off and that she was glad I finally pulled
them down for her. Jane trims but not very close because
I have always preferred my wife look like a grown woman and
not some young girl.

I told Jane I bet the man in her dreams loves seeing her ripe
pussy too, but by then she was whimpering pretty much constantly.
"I am sure he does, " She did said as I began to
play with her very juicy outer lips. "And I bet you
love showing him your pussy, don't you? " I said
next her as my wife nodded her head yes with her eyes now closed.

Jane had one strong orgasm, followed by a milder one and
then one more very strong one before I mounted her. And as
soon as she had my entire cock inside of her tight, hot hole,
my wife's legs came up and she was ready for a long, hard
pounding. Jane and I did a lot of things together that we
were really good at, but having sex was by far the best thing
we shared. By the time I erupted in her pussy, Jane was breathless
and so was I.

Over the next two weeks life returned to normal although
at breakfast when Jane had another meeting with the professor
planned for that day, she always told me first. And each
night when I got home and Jane and I were alone, I would ask
her how her meeting went and what survey she filled out for
him. It was one night after one of her meetings, that Jane told
me that the survey asked questions about how aroused she
thought she could get with a man she didn't know and
had no feelings for him what so ever. "Well that was
the last question because the first three pages were all
about being aroused, and by what kind of men she was attracted

"And how did you answer the last question about how
aroused you thought you could get with a stranger, "
I asked Jane. She said there was a grading curve for her answer.
And that one, represented not very aroused at all. Five,
being aroused but still in control. And ten would mean,
she would get as aroused as she gets with her husband or maybe
even more.

"So what number did you pick?"I asked sitting
on pins and needles. Jane said it was a hypothetical question
because she couldn't see the man so she really didn't'
know how she would react to him. "So what did you put
down?"I asked her again now really anxious to hear
her answer. Jane looked at me and got serious before she
told she had put down a nine. "I mean , if it was the right
man. But wouldn't you say the same thing if you were
with the right woman?" Jane asked.

Jane and I were back in our bedroom before our son's
had even gone to bed and we simply couldn't keep our
hands off of one another. And we couldn't wait and started
out taking a shower together and it only got worse for both
of us after that. Having our minds so involved and not just
our bodies made our sex, even that much more intense. I ended
up fucking my wife the first time in our shower before we
made it to the bed where she began to climax and just wouldn't

By the time Jane and I had done it twice and were both so totally
exhausted all we could do was lay on our backs and hold hands
while we tried to come back down to earth. It was then, that
I told Jane she should try it for real. "Try what?"
She asked me still gasping for air. I simply said, another
man. "That is what the professor told me too but only
if we both agreed to it, " She said back to me.

Jane and I decided to try this but first she had to pick out
the other man. Jane was shown slides of men the professor
had used in the past until she settled on one in particular.
We would then meet him at the professors house together
and talk for a while. It would still be up to Jane and me, as
to whether she proceed or not. If we agreed to it, Jane would
have some sensors taped on parts of her body to measure her
breathing and her heart rate.

I would then watch the monitors alongside of the professor,
to see how my wife was reacting with the other man. It was
real but it was also scientific as far as the professor was
concerned. He had documented all of my wife's surveys
and her responses and now he would get even more data for
her, in real time. The professor already knew my wife's
sexual history and how often she reached orgasm. So he would
now learn how she reacted to a man she didn't know and
see if Jane was normal, less aroused or more aroused by him.

Devin, her partner was already at the professors home when
Jane and I arrived for the big night. I really didn't
know what to expect when Jane had told me she picked out one
man for the experiment. So when I met Devin, I guess I wasn't
surprised in her selection. He was about our age, nice looking,
very polite and rather reserve.

And I had told myself not to just focus on the fact that Devin
was going to have sex with my wife. Because that would have
only made me more nervous than I already was. So for the first
twenty minutes or so we all just stood around socializing
like we would do at any normal social function.

You are probably asking yourself why I would have ever agreed
to this crazy idea. And I had many reasons so in no particular
order. I knew Jane truly loved just me and having sex with
a man one time was never going to change her heart. Second,
I found out after that fact, that the night Jane snuck into
her parents guest room and made love with me, it was her very
first time. Jane never mentioned that only having one lover
in her life, bothered her, but I figured it might just a little
bit because she knew I had several lovers back in college.
And the third reason might not make sense to some of you,
but for some reason, the whole idea turned me on. What would
Jane feel like after she had been used by a man before me.

Jane had worn a new skirt and cute top so clearly Devin was
liking what he was looking at. After about an hour of chit
chatting, Jane and I went off to make our decision in private.
This might have been the biggest moment of our marriage.
And since I knew my wife so well, I knew she would first tell
me she was not going to be alone with Devin. So, I beat her
to the punch and told her first thing, she should just try
it one time.

"You have to be kidding me, right?" Jane said
half smiling in front of me. I told Jane I thought she should
have another lover besides me, even if was only one time.
"And it wouldn't bother you?" Jane asked
me. I told my wife it would probably bother me but I would
get over it as long as she enjoyed herself. In true Jane fashion
she then questioned me by asking me if I had another woman
I wanted to sleep with and didn't want to admit that
to her.

"No, it is nothing like that. I just want this for you, "
I told her as Jane smiled and gently kissed me on the lips.
There are no rules for a successful life or a successful
marriage so it was up to Jane and I to make our own rules. Her
life had been boring for the past several years so if this
one experience could change her attitude and her life,
then why not.

Jane was still not sure, so she asked if her and Devin could
just go for a walk and talk alone for a while. I then watched
as they walked outside and began to stroll down the street.
I knew Jane was torn, inside because part of her probably
wanted to experience this while part of her kept telling
her it would be the wrong thing to do. I can safely say, when
my wife left to go on her walk, there was an equal chance she
would return and say yes or say no.

And when she walked back into the professors, home, she
had a smile on her face but I still couldn't be sure what
she had decided. She didn't say anything when we walked
up to me before she kissed me one more time and told me she
had decided to try it.

Jane had to first go with the professor and have sensors
placed on certain areas of her body before she returned.
It only took five minutes but it felt to me like it had stopped
any momentum her and Devin might have had going. I spent
the next thirty nine minutes being about as tense as I had
ever been.

My brain knew my wife was alone in a bedroom with another
man, but I didn't know how she was feeling about it yet.
But I watched her heart rate beginning to speed up along
with her breathing, the longer they were alone with the
door shut. Jane got to a higher point and remained on that
same level with her heart racing as she struggled to breath
for quite a long time. At one point her professor turned
to me and said that my wife was definitely getting more aroused.

It was just a guess but my guess at the time was Devin was beginning
to remove her clothes after a lot of kissing because Jane
always gets aroused when she is being disrobed. She had
told me on the ride over e that she had bought a new lacy bra
and panties but I had not seen them yet. But Devin was probably
looking at them and no doubt admiring them too.

Her breathing and heart rate remained at a fairly elevated
level for some time, about fifteen minutes or so. "Ok,
it looks like something is starting to really happen, "
the professor told me as Jane's heart rate began to
speed up very quickly. It was hard to imagine anyone's
breathing and heart rate could get like that until I realized
Jane was probably approaching her first orgasm.

HIs tongue had to be driving my wife insane and she was probably
on her back with her legs spread gasping for air the entire
time. It kept staying fast until a few minutes into it, Jane
finally seemed to slow down and relax a bit more. "She
had her first orgasm. But let's see if she has more, "
her professor told me and I nodded that he agreed with his

Jane surged one more time during her experience and I had
no doubt each surge meant she had cum again. She had graded
herself a nine and it looked like Jane had been right on the
mark about being with a stranger and still being able to
get very excited. We were in the next room watching the monitors
when we both began to hear Jane whimpering.

Her heart rate and her breathing had gone back up and I knew
Devin and Jane were now experiencing intercourse together.
Like I said, her reactions lasted for nearly thirty nine
minutes before Jane began to return to normal the last ten
minutes of her experience. I then waited for her so I could
hug her again and tell her how much I still loved her.

Her and Devin finally walked out of the bedroom fully dressed
again and when Jane saw me her face was very red. But I couldn't
wait any longer to hold her so I walked up to Jane and pulled
her back into my arms. "Do you hate me?" She asked
me but before I could answer her, I need to kiss her first.
I then told her I loved her even more than before.

It was odd to shake Devin's hand before we left and then
I watched Devin and my wife share one more good bye kiss.
Jane jabbered all the way home and was more than happy to
answer all of my questions. She admitted she was very nervous
in the beginning and then kind of lost track of things after
Devin and her had been kissing for a while.

"I could tell the minute he began to undress you because
your heart rate starting going up even more. Jane told me
he had been a very gentle man with her so I had nothing to worry
about concerning her safety. I chuckled and asked Jane
if he had liked her new bra and panties and my wife just nodded
with a big smile plastered on her face.

"If you ever find someone you want to try that with,
you know you can, " Jane said next. I joked and told
her I would keep that in mind but I wasn't looking at
least for the time being. But the very best part of the whole
experience happened when Jane and I got back home and she
made me wait for her on our bed. Jane finally walked out of
our bathroom totally naked wearing that same ugly straw
hat she wore the first time I met her. I laughed first and
then asked her why she was wearing that hat. "I just
want to remind you I am still the same girl you met and married, "
Jane said before she tossed the hat on the floor and climbed
onto our bed so we could reconnect.

The experience didn't' change a marriage a whole
lot except to make us both hornier than before. But it did
put a smile on my wife's face, once she realized what
she had at home was worth smiling about.


Three years later I did become acquainted with a divorced
lady who I felt drawn to but only in a sexual way. And with
Jane's blessing I did even the score. And what I took
away from the experience was the same thing my wife took
away from her experience. We could all probably have good
sex with a lot of people but we can only be in love with just

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What a lovely story. I found that trust in a relationship was the most important thing a couple can have. When my wife said she wanted to explore another man I was all for it. I'm very liberal minded and agreed to let her have what she wanted. Over the period of years we were married she got to experience hundreds of menand the only thing she enjoyed was the sex, there was no romance just the physical bonding of her and another man in sex. She enjoyed sex more than anything and I got to enjoy the after effects of her enjoying another man, which meant I was going to receive the best sex i could ever hope to have because she was so turned on and took it out on me after she was done by another mans cock.


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great sexy love story from start to the end


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Excellent story. Well written and enjoyable.


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"We could all probably have good
sex with a lot of people but we can only be in love with just

There's wisdom in that statement. I also think that becoming vulnerable with each other--all of you together, not just a "couple"--can expand the sense of love.


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"But we can only be in love with just one"


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I don't think that either spouse is truly happy --

Because neither of them can be honest with each other --

Each day the truth changes -