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How a weekend to relax become wild


Maria decided to take a week end to relax, she was so exhausted
that I offered to drive her to the cottage and return back
home the morning after leaving her alone to recharge her
batteries, but she came with the idea of her best girlfriend
Suzanne staying with her, I had serious concerns, she was
a good looking woman and I knew troubles was going to follow
behind her.

Friday evening we picked her up with her belongings, when
all was packed into the van we left before it got too dark,
Maria was tired from her journey at work and asked Suzanne
to seat up on the front seats with me to keep me from falling
asleep, and made a serious advice to both of us about no alcohol
during the journey as she wanted to arrive safely to our
destination, we both laughed as we nodded.

Before we ever got to the main highway Maria was asleep and
Suzanne was busy reading her People’s magazine, I stopped
at the gas station to relieve myself, get gas and something
to drink, I asked Suzanne if she wanted something to drink,
she smiled at me and said, "Yeah a beer."

I smiled back at her and proceeded out of the car and started
pumping the gas, I heard her door open and assumed Suzanne
was getting out going to the bathroom, instead she walked
behind the van and behind me startling me, I just looked
at her and wondered how it would be just to get into her pants,
I guess while I was not answering her she noticed I was staring
at her, lost in my thoughts I finally heard her laughed and
saying, "So, how about my beer?" [image] "I'm sorry what were you saying? My mind was somewhere
else." I stumbled

Suzanne seemed to blush at the idea that I was looking at
her, the gas pumped click, giving notice that the tank was
full, Suzanne reached out in front of me and removed the
nozzle from the hole, as she did she lightly brushed her
hand or the nozzle against my crotch, not really sure which
one but her smile made me believe it was her hand and I could
literally feel my erection growing.

I had noticed when she loaded her bags into the van earlier
what a great ass she had, and as I stared at her ass I saw no
noticeable sign of panties on, I remembered thinking about
that while I smiled and asked her. "So is that just
what you want from me? A beer?"

I couldn't believe I just asked her that, Suzanne smiled
and started walking towards the ladies restroom while
yelling back "You better believe it!"

I stood there horny as hell looking at her ass as she walked
away, it made me want to just fuck her right there, anyway
I went into the store to pay for the gas and to get some drinks,
when I got to the car Suzanne was staring at me waiting to
see if I pulled a beer out of the bag for her, I offered her
a juice instead, with frustration written all over her
face she turned away from me and looked out the window.

The next ten or fifteen kilometres were quiet, Maria was
still asleep in the far back of the van and I thought that
maybe Suzanne had dozed off as well, so I said "Hey
remember you’re supposed to keep an eye on me."

Suzanne turned around and just gave me a go to hell look,
I smiled at her but she did not smile back, I just laughed
and said "Are you sure you're not thirsty?"
Beer doesn't taste good warm you know."

Suzanne almost jumped on her seat and exclaimed "Beer,
what beer?"

The smile was returning to her face, she looked at the brown
bag that laid on the floor between us but closer to me, then
she reached for it, but being closer I got it first, and I
said grinning "Excuse me did you want something?"

"Damn and I thought I was a tease. I want the beer from
in that bag." Susanne exclaimed, her smile was devilish
and delightful, I turned to confirm that Maria was still
sleeping, Suzanne looked back also, then she placed her
feet on her seat and drew her ankles up by her ass, that caused
the material of her jumper to drop down in crawl up a little
bit and I thought I saw some pubic hair and almost went crazy,
but then she asked and a very tempting manner "So will
you give it to me?"

I reached into the bag and got her the beer, the cold can felt
good against my skin, which she had set on fire, I handed
it to her and she popped the top and looked at me as she licked
the can, soon she tilted back her head and began swallowing
the beer like it was water, Suanne spoke not one word as she
guzzled the beer, when she finished she put the empty can
into the bag, stared at me and smiled as she said in a low voice
"I owe you one big time bad man."

"Bad man? Why did you call me that? I already gave you
your requested beer."

Suzanne laughed and grinned "Oh because I know what
you want for pay back that beer."

I was astonished and speechless, Suzanne sat her seat back
as far as it would go and then rolled towards the door, the
cheeks of her ass sat right out at me, my cock was as hard as
it had ever been, I just wanted to reach over and touch it,
I wasn't sure if that was all I was going to get in return
for the beer, anyway I kept driving while keeping one eye
on the road and one eye on her ass, as the darkness came I lost
the great view but then it occurred to me, Suzanne had not
moved in over half an hour, she was obviously asleep, I looked
in the back and could only make out the figure of Maria sleeping
too, so I decided to go ahead.

Wondering if Suzanne would stop me if I touched her ass I
slowly reached over and acted like I was only touching her
to wake her up, I went from poking her with my fingers to rubbing
her firm ass within seconds, I was not certain if she was
asleep or not, I rubbed down and under the material covering
the crack of her ass, there was no sign of underwear to be
found, so I rubbed her crack and soon I felt hair and I could
only assume her pussy was nearby, so I probed on until I felt
moisture. [image2] My fingers followed the trail and soon I was at the lips of
her pussy, I parted her pussy lips and felt my fingers gliding
into her pussy, I thought I heard her moaned and I hesitated
before going further, I moved my fingers slightly and I
wondered if her wetness was because she was enjoying the
caressing, anyway I moved my fingers deeper inside her
and began to go in a rhythm that Suzanne soon seemed to adhere
to, I felt her muscles holding onto my fingers and I decided
that I could probably make her cum if I got to her clit, as
I slowly moved my fingers outward, I heard the usual sounds
of Maria waking up, so I removed my hand quickly and placed
it back on the steering wheel as I sat back up straight in
my seat.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Maria was already
full awake.

"Okay I'll take the next exit." I mumbled
for don’t wake up Suzanne

But then I almost jumped on my seat as I heard the clear voice
of Suzanne as she sat her seat up saying "Good I need
to go too".

Maria looked at her with recrimination as she said "Suzanne
were you asleep? I asked you to stay up there and keep him

Through the dim street lights I could see Suzanne grinning
at me as she answered Maria "I was just relaxing, I
wasn't asleep and I was keeping him up just as you asked."

Luckily it was dark and Maria couldn’t notice the blush
on my face as I joined the talking and said "Don’t
need to worry, she kept me up all the time, although I did
think she was asleep for a few minutes."

"No" Suzanne said laughing "Not at all,
I've been very well awake the whole time."

I knew she was not joking, the rest of the journey no one was
tired enough to fall back asleep and then I drove the rest
of the way with the women chatting all time, we got in the
apartment we had rented for the weekend end late and we started
together to unload the van, when Maria was carrying her
bag Suzanne whispered to me "So did I pay back your
beer good or what?'

I just grinned and I whispered back "Oh yeah, matter
of fact if I knew you paid back that well I would have gotten
you a six pack."

Suzanne almost burst in laugh then mumbled back "Well,
to pay that much back would be really a lot of fun."

Her smile told me she was not kidding, we smiled at each other
as we carried in the bags, her ass shaking in front of me and
I kept wondering that more troubles was going to follow
behind her.

Once I came in from the van I jumped right in the shower while
the women gathered downstairs, as usual both women brought
food and drinks to share, and no expectations, I came down
in a t-shirt and gym shorts and I grabbed a cold beer while
the women prepped the food and swiped their beers, Suzanne
blinked at me while swallowed her beer and I did enjoy looking
at her body, Maria catches my eyes fixed on Suzanne and she
grinned at me, she could also have been grinning at the erection
I was having trouble hiding in my gym shorts.

We finished eating and everyone grabbed another beer to
sit down, both women were chatting about females issues,
I was really tired by so many hours driving and my double
attention on Suzanne and on the road that I had nearly passed
out, so I excused myself and headed upstairs, once there
I laid on my bed and closed my eyes, that was just what I needed
and my body completely relaxed, in fact, I was so relaxed
that I felt that erection stirring again. [image3] Since I was all alone, I reached down and sort of massaged
my balls through my gym shorts, my growing erection was
feeling really good, then I reached down the elastic top
of my shorts and gently rubbed the head of my cock, all I was
doing was rubbing while my growing erection snaked its
way through the top of my shorts, that was feeling so good
that I must have dozed-off.

I didn't know how long I was sleeping when I heard the
doorknob click and the door slowly swung open, then I remembered
I was laying down, someone was in the room, and I had been
playing with my cock and I had no idea who was coming in, so
I stayed perfectly still, partly because I was had my cock
full exposed, and partly because I was still too sleepy-headed
to move, then I relaxed as I heard Maria whispered to me.
"Are you okay?"

I was about to respond and sat up, but then I heard another
voice, it was Suzanne asking, "Do you think he's

I was petrified, Suzanne must have come up with Maria to
check on me, my cock was still poking through the top of my
shorts but neither of them said anything, maybe they just
won't notice it, the bedroom was on darkness so I couldn't
see them, maybe it was dark enough and they would quietly
leave and try not to disturb me, so I concentrated on keeping
my eyes shut.

Then I noticed Maria was right on my side and mumbled to Suzanne
"He's really sleeping, he was tired too for all
the week working, I knew he shouldn't have drive all
the way, I should share the driving with him, but I was really
so exhausted."

I smiled to myself, she thought I was sleeping, I was going
to escape, then I froze as she said "Turn the light
on, Suzanne."

I was so close, but now I was caught, I heard the light switch
click on, I didn't know who gasped, but it was clear
that my erection was there, I stayed perfectly still, concentrated
on slow and methodical breaths, then I heard giggles from
both of them and Suzanne blurted "Oh my God! Is he really

Maria gently shook my leg and whispered back "Darling,
are you okay? I don’t remember to see him so deeply asleep
for years."

Then she clutched my leg harder and shook while called my
name again, but I continued my ruse, then I heard Suzanne
saying "God, he’s really big. You’re a looking

Maria giggled and said "But it doesn't look like
he's completely hard yet. Come here to see."

They both were really boasting about my cock while I was
laying there fully exposed to them, then, the top of my shorts
were pulled down, causing my cock to spring up as I felt a
hand grasp my cock, by the touch I knew it was Maria, then
I felt Suzanne sit on the edge of the bed as Maria started
stroking me, she pulled and massaged my scrotum at first,
then digging her fingers into just the right places between
my balls, as at the same time she slowly stroked my cock by
pulling down from the head all the way to the base, and slowly
all the way back up while twisting her wrist.

I knew my erection was nearing full mast and I was almost
losing the control of my sleeping attitude, but then after
a few more strokes Maria said "here, check it out now."
[image4] I was petrified as I felt a different hand on my cock, Suzanne
started to squeeze me and her hand was soft and warm as she
kept stroking me just like Maria did, then Maria giggling
said "Hold it down here, I drank too many beers, I must
go to pee."

The bed bounced as Maria sprung up to reach to toilette,
then I felt one hot wet mouth engulfed the head of my cock,
with Maria out the bedroom, that sneaky Suzanne engulfed
my cock in her mouth and I stiffened, I didn't know and
I didn’t care, however, my stiffening caused me to jump,
but my jump was more like me popping my hips up and the result
was that it drove my cock further into Suzanne's mouth.

Instead of continuing though, Suzanne lifted my shorts
up and quickly covered me up, somehow, I managed to keep
still, then Maria came back into the bedroom, but that time
the door shut and I heard the bolt lock too, Maria was not
done yet, then she giggled and said. "Oh, good thinking.
Thanks for covering him up."

Maria and Suzanne laughed, then Suzanne asked "I
can't believe we did this! Can I see him again?"

Immediately I felt my shorts being pulled down again, Maria
was by me again while asking Suzanne “Do you want to see
him cum?"

A kind of yes in a hoarse voice from Suzanne came from the
foot of the bed, my cock was already out, and Maria started
again her hand moves, she pulled on my scrotum, stretching
the skin out and massaging my balls, her strokes picked
up that twisting motion, then I was in shock as I heard Maria
asking Suzanne "Do you want to try it?"

I felt Suzanne's hand replacing Maria’s, slowly
she pulled up and then down, her fingers were tight and my
foreskin stretched along with her, she stroked me for a
couple of more minutes, then in a low husky voice Maria said
"Here, let me join you on him."

I heard that as I felt Maria's fingers pulled and massaged
my balls while Suzanne kept stroking my cock, I was not going
to last long, then Maria said "I can feel him ready
to cum. Reach over and grab some tissues."

"Where? Aren't they on your side?" Suzanne

"Oh shit! Yes, you’re right." Maria moved
back by the dresser as I felt my orgasm building, Suzanne
kept her strokes long and firm, she slowed down and squeezed
harder, then she felt it too and said "Ooh, I think
he's going to cum."

"Don't let it stain the cover!" Maria scrambled
for the tissue box but it was too late, I was just feeling
the first wave when a warm, soft wetness mouth engulfed
my cock, and again Suzanne drew my cock between her lips,
no holding back, I felt the strongest gush of sperm shoot
as my cock was swallowed, Suzanne bobbed her head up and
down and swallowed all my sperm down her throat.

"Suzanne! I can't believe you did that!"
Maria burst in laugh. [image5] "Well, you said not to get any on the cover. It worked,
didn't it?" Suzanne laughed back as she kept
squeezing my cock, drawing the last few drops of cum from
me, and licking the tip off.

Suzanne pulled herself from the bed and they kept laughing
as they left the bedroom, they went to living room, sat on
a sofa and they opted to bottle of wine instead of beers as
they kept chatting, with the second wine bottle opened
the room was full of laughter and giggles, feeling a lot
drunk and not just a little bit horny, Maria finally summoned
the nerve and asked. "Have you ever had a lesbian adventure?"

Too drunk to be shy, Suzanne replied "Nope, but I have
always wanted to kiss a woman to see if it is different than
a guy."

"Well, no problem I have some experience and I can
guide you if you want. Shall you try it with me?” Asked

Speechless at first, then Suzanne nodded and they started
with soft kisses on their lips, then to some tongue exchanging,
Suzanne was a little nervous and giggling almost all the
time, when they were overcome by the giggles, Maria poured
them more wine and asked as she feeling comfortable doing
that, Suzanne just replied between her subsiding giggles.
"I am pretty drunk and I enjoyed our kisses so, I am
up for almost anything."

Feeling the excitement in the air, Maria grabbed Suzanne
by the hand with a sly smile of drunken curiosity, and started
to strip her off, with no protests from her, Maria got bolder
and bolder, curiosity was taking hold of Suzanne as she
tentatively reached out to touch Maria's wet pussy
as she pulled up her wet dress and bent over to shake her bare
bottom at Suzanne, both women were filling the room with
nervous laughter.

Maria’s confidence grew up when Susanne did not pull
away, her fingers gently explored Suzanne's clit,
she rubbed it the way she would rub her own pussy, her fingers
tickling as she explored the outer lips in a confident but
curious way, Suzanne moaned her delight as her friend's
finger crept between her engorged lips to caress her clit,
she bent over further, her legs automatically parting
more to allow Maria’s finger a better access to her pleasure
spot. [image6] Unseen by Maria, Suzanne blushed, the thrill of her clit
being explored by another woman was a taboo she was broken,
meanwhile Maria was using her baby finger from her other
hand to caress, then violate Suzanne's ass, feeling
Suzanne's body tremors building, Maria removed her
baby finger then slide her index finger inside her friend,
easily locating her clit.

Suzanne shuttered violently from an orgasm, her senses
completely overloaded, with a sly grin Maria licked her
Suzanne's juices from her fingers, then they sat back
on the sofa with another glass of wine, and Suzanne said.
"That was quite a performance, I never could imagine
how amazing it could be to have sex with another woman!"

"And you got quite an orgasm!" Replied Maria

"Wait till you see this..." Purred Maria as
she reached under a couch cushion, her hand returned with
a tube of lube and a clear dildo, Suzanne watched in fascination,
forgetting to sip more wine as her friend leaned back, short
skirt pulled up and legs spread, Maria slid a finger into
herself for some moisture then rubbed her own swollen clit,
the thrill of having a friends eyes focused on her as she
masturbated herself worked wonders in her mind, her heavy
breathing , her face filled with desire, Maria located
the lube and dildo that had rolled from her belly to the wedge
between her rocking body and the sofa, she slid the rubber
tip over her clit, between her spread lips, then paused
the toy for an instant over her wet spot before she moved
it lower.

Suzanne watched in ecstasy as the rubber cock slid into
Maria's ass, Suzanne leaned forward to see better
as Maria’s strokes became quicker and the sex toy slid
farther into her ass with each stroke, Suzanne fingered
herself as she watched Maria’s thighs quiver, her hand
never slowing as Maria fucked her own ass with the toy.

Maria moaned loudly as her orgasm was growing up, Suzanne
leaned forward, her finger never leaving her own clit as
she took over fucking Maria's ass with the toy, feeling
the urge, she slid her tongue between Maria's waiting
pussy lips to lap at her clit, Maria’s body shook violently
under a powerful orgasm and she squirted her juices into
the waiting mouth of Suzanne, as the tongue on her clit combined
with the toy frantically working in her ass overloaded
her head. [image7] The intensity of the moment overwhelming her, Maria's
orgasm dripped onto the sofa as she collapsed into a panting
mess on Suzanne’s lap, after a couple moments rest, Maria
relocated to plant her wet pussy firmly on Suzanne's
wait mouth before she hungrily lowered her tongue into
Suzanne's wet pussy and both started to lick and suck
each other’s pussy, a couple of minutes of licking and
sucking and both orgasmed almost at the same time.

They both jumped on the sofa as they heard me clapping from
the door, Maria didn’t waste any time, and as I was full
naked she pushed me against the sofa and knelt in front of
me while engulfing my cock, she was really in a frenzy sucking
me deeply into her mouth, my full length down her throat
as my pubic hair was reaching her tonsils, and in a couple
of minutes several spurts of my sperm were running down
her throat.

I smiled and looked down, just in time to see Maria smile
and wipe some of my sperm from her chin, she kissed the head
of my cock and gave it a flick with her tongue, then I noticed
that on the sofa next to me, sat Suzanne and she had been fingering
her pussy while she watched Maria sucked me off, Suzanne's
nakedness and mine was all the more exciting, since Maria
was still dressed, then running her hand over my softening
cock Maria said to Suzanne "I want to watch you fuck
him. But it might be after a few minutes, he needs to recover."

Suzanne chuckled, and reached over, caressing my balls
with her right hand while fingering her pussy with her left,
then she said with a laugh. "Let's see if we can
shorten his recovery time."

Maria wiggled at that, and then slid up in my lap to let me
suck her tits, I felt my erection returning, pressing upwards
against her belly, then Susanne giggled "Maybe you'd
like to fuck Maria too."

"Hmmm." I moaned with a mouthful of Maria's
nipple, then I heard Suzanne saying "I think he's
ready again."

Suzanne's hand was pulling my cock, and then we shifted
around with Suzanne sitting astride my lap, Maria positioned
my cock at her friend's entrance, and Suzanne lowered
herself onto me, we both moaned together with the pleasure
of it, I spread my legs wide and grabbed Suzanne's hips
letting her lean forward, so I could suck her nipples, we
then rocked slowly back and forth, working my cock around
in her wet pussy, meanwhile Maria sat on the floor between
my legs, watching Suzanne's ass move up and down on
my cock, while hissing "Oh, yeah, fuck her. Fuck her
nice and hard."

I soon felt Maria's hands on my balls, and even rubbing
Suzanne's cream on them, our hips began to sway and
rock faster and Suzanne moaned and began rocking her hips
faster, I grabbed her hips and began pumping her with hard
strokes, making her perfect, round ass ripple, Suzanne
went a little wild, and I slipped out of her steaming cunt,
she rose up, and I felt Maria's hand wrap around my cock,
a warm wetness enveloped me once again and I arched my hips
as I heard Maria gag and realized it was her mouth I was in,
not anymore on Suzanne's pussy, she sucked a bit more,
and then pushed me into Suzanne's pussy, as she slammed
down on me, we began to fuck hard and fast, while Maria hissed
"Fuck her hard, she likes that."

I glanced at Maria and I pictured her sitting there and fingering
her pussy while we fucked, my attention was back to Suzanne
who was close to coming, she moaned and began rocking and
pumping wild on my cock, her tits bouncing and her head backed,
her eyes closed, her movements became long rocking motions
as her body shook, she rotated her hips and began rubbing
her clit at the base of my cock, then she leaned over me, hands
on the back of the sofa, grinding her clit against me, moaning
and shaking all over. [image8] "Cum baby, cum all over my cock." I whispered
into her ear and she almost jumped up and down on my cock several
times, then she sat upright, squeezing her tits, I could
feel her pussy squeezing, milking me, sucking my cock into
her depths, then she groaned "Cum in me. Give me your

Hips took off in a frenzy of rocking motions, working up
and down my cock hard and fast, every few moments, she'd
stopped and arched herself straight up, then come again,
her body began to gleam with a fine sheen of sweat and her
slippery thighs brought my orgasm closer, so I grabbed
her hips and held her in place while I pumped in and out of
her furiously, her ass rippled and her tits bounced with
the impacts of my hips to hers, Suzanne moaned a low, sensual
moan, and I could feel the growing surge rising in me, so
I slammed Suzanne's pussy the hardest and deepest
I could.

Once, twice, three times, and a huge surge ran through me,
contracting my body into one last, massive thrust to shoot
my sperm deep inside her steaming pussy, just as I started
to let go, Maria's tongue started to lick my balls,
and I threw my head back and arched up, lifting off the sofa
and cumming hard inside Suzanne, s pussy, she yelped at
the huge thrust, and then shuddered. "Yes! Cum in
me! Yes!"

Over and over I spurted, sending thick, hot streams splashing
up inside her tight pussy walls, the warmth of my sperm washed
back over the head of my cock, and I spurted again as Maria's
tongue washed my balls, warming them and sending me into
orbit, I then held Suzanne tight to me, my face buried in
her neck and her spasming pussy milked me dry as we were both
panting hard, finally I kissed her neck gently and squeezed
her in my arms, I felt Maria's hand still caressing
my balls, and Suzanne moaning gently, then Maria's
hand slid over her friend’s ass and down to my cock again
and then she said, "Wow. That was great! I actually
felt him cumming in you Suzanne, and that was so hot! And
you were so fucking wet too!""

We all burst in laugh with my softening cock sliding out
of her pussy, the more it slid, the harder we laughed about
it going, then Suzanne moaned loudly by feeling my cock
head slipping past her tight ring, Maria pushed Suzanne
up and I felt out with a wet slap onto my stomach, Suzanne
gasped and then jerked, I looked down and felt Maria's
hair against my crotch and saw her licking Suzanne's
cream filled pussy as she moaned loudly.

I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, pulling Suzanne
against me, Maria made her wet with her licking noises,
and Suzanne's hips began rocking urgently while she
cried for Maria don’t stop, Maria just kept licking,
and suddenly Suzanne pulled my head to her tits and groaned,
shaking and shuddering, then she relaxed and collapsed
on top of me, wrapping herself tightly around me and moaning
softly, I looked over her shoulder and saw Maria sat up,
her face glistening with the mixture of our juices, she
used a finger to wipe her face and then licked it off, smiling
up at me.

After a few moments, Suzanne slipped off of me and sat next
to me again, she looked like a woman who'd been thoroughly
well fucked, Maria was already naked sitting close to the
sofa, between my legs, she began licking my cock, and the
cum that still clung to it, then Maria leaned over and licked
Suzanne's clit making her jump, Suzanne gently pushed
her away. "No, not more for now, I'm too sensitive
now, I need a break"

Maria shook her shoulders and simply returned to sucking
my cock, pushing her tits against my balls rubbing it all
over her tits, the only think I knew at that moment was that
I too was needing a break, I thought Maria understood it
as she giggled, her eyes sparkled, and she glanced over
at Suzanne, then back to me, knowing she was looking for
something else to be done I proposed "Why don't
you sit here and let me eat your pussy?" [image9] Maria stood up and both Suzanne and I stopped and looked
at her while she was pulling her lips apart to expose more
of it, I pulled her down to the sofa, and quickly slid between
her thighs, Suzanne leaned over and watched me suck Maria's
clit between my lips, Maria moaned and lifted her hips up,
so I could feel her clit throbbing in my mouth, her clit was
already very sensitive and she was incredibly wet too,
her thighs were already slick with her copious juices,
and I rolled my tongue around her clit, flicking it back
and forth in my mouth while she moaned loudly.

I circled her clit rapidly with my tongue and then Suzanne's
mouth moved closer and reached out, she flicked her tongue
over Maria's clit and she moaned softly, I moved back
and watched Suzanne as she began sucking Maria’s clit,
I watched the thick, white cream that flowed from Maria's
pussy while kept my eyes on Suzanne's mouth, she lifted
her head, and a string of her saliva ran from her lips to Maria's
clit, Suzanne practically drooled onto Maria’s clit,
and then licked down the length of it.

Maria was moving her hips slowly with each lick, Suzanne,
began flicking her tongue across Maria’s clit and she
moaned and rocked her hips harder, Suzanne, sucked, circled
and repeated, and Maria was rocking her hips and moaning
softly then an idea came to my mind, and I told Suzanne to
stop, as she did it I straddled Maria, pushing her legs together,
with her clit peeking out from between her legs, I was still
semi-hard but I positioned myself over her, Maria looked
at me curious about what I was going to do, then I began jacking
off, my balls hanging down low, swayed and bounced as my
hand worked my length, I lowered down, letting my balls
begin slapping against her clit.

After the initial surprise and a few seconds of that new
sensation, Maria began rocking her hips up to meet my balls,
she moaned softly, pulling on her nipples while I said lustfully
"I'm going to fuck you hard and fast, make your
clit hot and wet, then I’ll shoot my sperm all over your

Maria's hips were bucking up and down and she was breathing
raggedly Suzanne was fingering herself, and then leaned
over to suck one of Maria's nipples, Maria grabbed
her friend's head and pulled her down as she shoved
her tit into her mouth while pleaded "Suck it. Suck
it hard. Fuck me. Fuck me now!"

I got off and spread her legs wide, and slid my cock into her
very wet pussy, Maria was so wet that I went in easily, as
soon as my cock was lubricated enough I parted her ass checks,
and with a hard thrust I shoved my cock all the way into her
ass hole and began pounding her ass hard and fast, making
her moan, her buttocks contracted around my cock over and
over, she moaned and began shaking frantically, while
Suzanne was biting her nipples gently and pulling her nipples
hard, Maria’s ass was making wet slurping noises, as
the sounds of my balls slapping against her buttocks were
clearly audible on the room.

I couldn't stand it anymore, and I felt the familiar
surge deep in my belly, I slammed her ass with long hard strokes,
and Maria cried out with small, high pitched cries, the
first burst of my sperm spewed into her ass, and I gritted
my teeth as I pulled out, the second spurt sent a thick stream
of sperm over her belly to land between her tits, one drop
hitting her just below her lower lip, then I held my cock
to her clit while spurting my sperm all over her throbbing
clit and it ran down her ass as more were spurted against
her clit. [image10] Maria's body arched and she moaned, her face contorted
in rapture as her juices splattered against my balls, she
shook uncontrollably, her legs squeezing around my waist
tightly, the last drop of sperm dribbled onto her soaked
clit and her ass was clenching, shaking her up and down,
then Suzanne bent down and began licking my sperm from her
friend's clit, and Maria's legs flung open wide
while she hissed "Yes! Suck me! Suck my clit! Suck

Suzanne licked and lapped Maria’s sperm-covered cunt
and belly, then again and again, each time Maria’s pulsing,
spasming pussy made wet noises and her juices sprayed against
my balls, I remained hard enough, so I pushed my cock inside
her soaked pussy, and felt her spasming pussy wrapping
around me as her body shook under another orgasm.

When Suzanne finally stopped, and I pulled out gently,
Maria was smiling and moaning softly, all three of us were
exhausted, Maria was still aroused, just touching her
made her body shudder and we curled up around her, protectively,
sometime later, near midnight, I carried Maria to our bed,
where Suzanne insisted that we put her in the middle, we
curled around her, warm and snug, and kissed her good-night,
I kissed Suzanne, and then stroked her hair, her eyes sparked
over Maria's breasts at me and she whispered "Better
get some sleep. You're going to need it."

And, she was right, the morning after I woke up while they
were still sleeping as I took a coffee and drove back home,
wondering how the girls alone would spend their week end.

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Damn! I wish I could meet Maria, and her girlfriends, just
once! She (they) are so hot! I thoroughly enjoy reading
about her sexploits! Keep 'em and me cumming!


vikingluso replies on 7/11/2015 7:39 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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Wow!! What a weekend to have


vikingluso replies on 7/11/2015 7:40 pm:
Yes, a great week end

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It's nice to share - What a night!


vikingluso replies on 7/11/2015 7:40 pm:
Thanks a lot