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How I imagined our first night together...


I saw you across the room. You were standing next to the bar,
your dress draped softly over your body in such a seductive
fashion. Your blonde hair had been cut much shorter since
the last time I saw you, leaving but a few strands falling
lightly across the smooth, vanilla skin of your neck. It
accentuated your slenderness and created such a subtle
contrast. I could see the two sides of you that I had learned
to identify in our conversations. Your blue eyes were bright
and penetrating. I couldn’t wait to look into them
and drink you into me. The wet, soft look of your lips was
recognizable, even at this distance, and brought back
all the images I had formed in my mind of our first kiss…

The red silk of your dress highlighted your soft, firm breasts.
The way that the neckline plunged down to reveal a hint of
cleavage left my mind racing. The swell of your breasts
filled the dress but was in complete harmony with the proportions
of your slight frame. The gentle curve to your hips was accentuated
in a very subtle fashion. The cut was impeccable. I never
would have guessed that seeing someone from across a room
could leave me so breathless. No matter how hard I tried,
it was impossible for me to catch my breath. You were a vision.
Most importantly, I knew you had done it all for me. Despite
the fact that we had never been more than friends, you knew
exactly what would pique my interest and suck me in to the
experience from the very beginning. The night was to be
incredible--I knew it from my first sight of you.

I circled around the room, not sure if you had seen me yet.
I was determined to find a way to show you just how special
I wanted this to be. You had already proven that you had the
same expectation of the night to me with the way you looked–now
it was my turn. As I came around behind you, I could see where
that silky fabric fell across your ass, it aroused my suspicions
because, the fitted aspect of the dress kept the fabric
close and taught, but not too much so, yet I saw no panty lines.
Were you wearing a g-string, or nothing at all underneath?
Anticipation can be such a wonderful thing and I was definitely
experiencing it! All of the fantasies I had formed about
this night flooded back into my mind. I was living one of
them right then.

When I stepped next to you, slightly behind and to your right
hand side, I was tempted to reach out and touch you, but this
night was not to be rushed. Resisting that incredible urge,
I leaned forward, being very careful not to give you any
hint that I was there. As I moved closer, the sultry sound
of the jazz singer’s voice in the background mixed
with the gentle fragrance of your perfume. I was intoxicated.
I moved in, placing my lips very near your ear, but being
careful not to act too quickly. In a tender whisper, I spoke
the word you told me to use. As I did so, I let the breath linger
and brush your ear. Our first touch was, thus, not physical,
but rather ethereal and I saw a slight shudder run through
you. I continued by telling you that “you [were]
an absolutely gorgeous angel.” Your radiance,
I said, left no question that every woman in the room felt
out of place and every man present jealously staring at
me, because I was clearly the person you were there for.
As I spoke, you leaned back into me and my hand slipped naturally,
without any hint of unfamiliarity, around your waist.
Your body seemed to fit perfectly against mine. I knew it
even in that moment of first contact.

It was at that time the bartender, obviously trying to interfere,
came and asked what we would like. I ordered quickly, anxious
to get him away so that we could continue our night. He moved
away to fix our drinks, and I was left with the sensation
that we were the only two people in the room. You turned towards
me and our eyes met. The deep color of your eyes was touched
with a sparkle that was unmistakable. Your face had a look
of innocence that I knew, from other conversations, was
merely a fa├žade–but one that was also an integral
part of you. I wanted to just stare into those eyes and let
our minds speak to one another, but we were again interrupted
by the bartender who brought our drinks. As we raised our
glasses, I offered a toast, “to the most anticipated
experience of my life, ” and my left hand very naturally
found yours. The warmth of that touch was comforting. Again
I was left with the distinct impression that this was the
most natural meeting ever.

As we sipped our cocktails, we made small talk. We fell distinctly
into the same rhythm we had found in so many other, more innocent
conversations. It seemed like no time when we finished
our drinks. In reality, as I noticed your watch during one
of the involuntarily frequent moments of looking over
you, it took us nearly 45 minutes to finish them. As we did
so, the comfort between us was visible, and we both seemed
to know that we wanted to continue this night in private.
I asked if you were interested in moving to a more intimate
location and your look, as much as your words told me you
did. I took your hand softly and led you out of the bar. Time
seemed to stand still while we walked down the street to
the hotel where I had gotten us a room. Our conversation
during the stroll seemed minute, yet totally at ease. I
felt as if I was with someone I had known forever. When we got to the room, I opened the door and let you in. Once
inside, neither of us moved quickly. It was clear that we
both viewed this as a night for patience and indulgence,
rather than rushing. I moved to the dresser and lit the candle
I had placed there earlier then I reached over and turned
out the lights. As the flames danced, the flickering light
animated your hair, your eyes, your skin and I knew you were
something very special. It was then that you noticed the
bouquet of roses on the nightstand, as well as the champagne
chilling next to the chocolate covered strawberries.
It was obvious that I had planned this night to the minutest
detail–and I could read the appreciation in your
eyes. I didn’t want to appear awkward, but had to
pull myself away to move over to the champagne so that I could
pour us each a glass. You met me as I moved back towards you,
glass outstretched. Our free hands wrapped around one
another as we came together. I could feel your eagerness
for the first kiss, but I wanted to build the anticipation
and so I moved back slightly offering yet another toast,
this time, to “a night of absolute magic for a woman
that deserves the finest in everything.” Before
we drank the toast, however, you countered by offering
it to “a man who clearly understands what makes a
night magical.” We then drank of the dry, chilled
champagne. After the toast, I took our glasses and set them

I came back to you again; this time reaching out for you,
and our embrace was punctuated by our first kiss. That kiss
was all consuming, but not one of aggression. Rather, it
spoke of passion, and of tenderness. Our lips met lightly.
My lips sought your lower lip, catching it, feeling the
moist softness of your skin, then moving to find your upper
lip I got the same sensual sensation. It was then that the
full power of our kiss was met when we found each other open,
inviting. Our tongues danced very lightly, very slowly
against each other. I could taste you, I felt as if I knew
you. As we continued kissing, our bodies found one another,
and I moved my hands. One instinctively found the small
of your back and it pulled you against me, the other found
the softness of your neck and moved in a caressing fashion
to your cheek. With that hand, I trailed my touch around,
across your ear, pushing a wisp of hair behind it, then to
feel the softness of your strawberry blonde curls. We could
both feel the need in that kiss. Slowly, I parted the kiss
and began trailing my way to your neck. I kissed and nuzzled
there, sucking very softly at the soft skin. My kisses trailed
further to your ear. Nibbling on your ear lobe, I breathed
my words in a whisper–“You are beautiful,
I can’t believe we are finally together.”
“I want to taste every bit of you, and become a part
of you tonight, ” I continued. I could feel the shiver
that ran through you as a moan escaped. The way your weight
shifted into me told me that we were both feeling the same

Our passion continued to build as we nuzzled and kissed.
Our tongues danced a dance of seduction in one another’s
mouths, as well as across our skin. Throughout this time,
neither of us felt the need to grope or grab, choosing to
let the intimacy of our lips and tongues do the exploration.
Slowly, I felt your hands start to move. First, one slid
down to my ass, where you gently kneaded it while pulling
my pelvis closer to yours. The other seemed to come up to
my chest. I felt the subtle movement of your fingers as you
started working at the buttons on my shirt. This was the
confirmation that I was not the only person wanting to feel
our skin touch and to experience our bodies moving together
as one. As my shirt was unbuttoned, you began pulling the
shirt out of the front of my pants, ensuring access to the
final few buttons. Once my shirt was undone, your hand continued
down. I was sure you would begin massaging my crotch through
my slacks, but you were far too restrained for such a direct

As your hand worked its way lower, sliding between our bodies,
you began to rub my inner thigh. As you did so, you spoke to
me in a seductive, rhasping voice, “I can’t
wait to know your body.” Then with a final squeeze
of my butt cheek, I felt your hand run along the crack of my
ass as you broke our embrace. I was momentarily confused
until you stepped back, pulled my shirt off of my body and
began lifting my t-shirt. Once my chest was exposed, you
ran your hands through the hair on my chest, leaned into
me and began to kiss a trail from my face, down my neck, to
my left nipple. As you teasingly bit my nipple, you looked
up at me with an impish grin on your face. Your bite was sharp,
but it sent a streak of pleasure through me. As our eyes met,
you released my flesh from between your teeth, replacing
them with the tip of your tongue, which traced a circle through
the tiny indentations in my skin. As I stared down at your
crouching form, I could see into the neck of your dress.
I felt sure I would get my first glimpse of your breasts.
The dress had been perfect though, it hid the strapless
bra impeccably and I was left with another teasing view
of flesh where it was quickly sheltered by sheer, black
lace. I was disappointed, but knew that the anticipation
would make this all the more special, so I had to imagine
what they would look like. As you continued moving your kisses lower, to my stomach,
I felt your hands move to my belt, working at the buckle.
I reached down and pulled you back up to me, kissed you deeply,
and asked you to stop. You looked at me with a confused, hurt
expression. I explained to you that I wanted this night
to be about your pleasure, first and foremost. With that,
I placed my hands in yours, fingers intertwined, and began
to raise your hands above your head. “Let me take
care of things, for now, ” I said as I left your hands
resting on the back of your head, and reached around to the
back of your dress. I searched for the clasp at the top of
the zipper to your dress. As I found it and unfastened the
clasp, I kissed my way down your cheek and neck to your shoulder.
While kissing my way down your chest to where the neck of
your dress hung, I pulled the zipper down. As I slipped the
straps of your dress off the shoulder and let them slide
down your arms, I moved trailed my tongue and lips back up
your chest to your kneck, nuzzling under your chin before
kissing you fully on the mouth again. As we kissed, I let
go of your dress and it slid quietly to pool itself around
your legs. Trembling with excitement, I pulled myself
back taking a moment to drink in the beauty of your body.

I started at the top of your head slowly letting my eyes follow
lower down your frame. Your hair was beautifully done,
your eyes sparkeled. The deep blue color of them held my
gaze. They spoke volumes. I could see anticipation, lust,
and genuine feeling. While I looked into your eyes, I let
my hand reach out and lightly trace a line up the outside
of your leg to your hip, then across the erogenous area just
under your hip bone across to the line formed where your
leg met your groin. As my hand caressed your skin, you closed
your eyes, and I could read the anticipation on your face
as I noticed a sharp intake of breath.

I let my touch teasingly play in that region. I was careful,
however, to avoid touching any areas that were too sensitive.
I wanted to build your anticipation and I knew that if I moved
too quickly it would ruin that slow wave of desire that was
building inside of you. My gaze, meanwhile, moved down
from your angelic face to take in the slope of your shoulders.
Your skin had that creamy smooth look of someone who takes
time to pamper herself. The tops of your breasts were visible
over the lacy strapless bra. Almost losing my sense of self-control,
I knew that I had to release your bra and get a chance to see
your breasts. Using every bit of self-discipline, I moved
my hand slowly, pulling you into me for a soft, gentle kiss.
As our lips met again, I smoothly released the clasp. You
started just a bit as you realized that the only thing holding
the delicate fabric between us was the pressure of our bodies
against one another. As the kiss subsided, I eased the pressure
on your back. That subtle change enabled our bodies to part
and your bra fell to the floor where your dress lay. As it
did so, I felt our skin make contact. The slight sensation
of your breasts brushing against my chest was erotic and
made my legs weaken subtly.

I looked down and noted the sharp contrast of the black bra
laying softly on the silky red dress. As I did so, I saw your
perfect breasts. They were small, but firm. The slightly
upturned shape of them revealed large areolas. I wanted
to take them in my mouth, but again knew that patience would
serve both of us in this instance. Instead, I let my hands
seek out your own. I held your hands as I took a small step
back and continued to take your beauty in. Your stomach
was taut. It revealed a sleek musculature that was firm
enough to prove you took care of yourself, but still soft
enough to let me know you are a woman at heart. While I let
my eyes fall lower, you let go of my hands. I was so transfixed
on noting the soft curves of your body that I didn’t
even notice your hands were moving to slide the dainty g-string
over your hips. It wasn’t until I saw the first wisps
of manicured, downy blonde hair that I realized you were
revealing yourself to me. It was then that I knew for sure
you were ready to give yourself to me completely on this

You let the black panties fall to the floor, completing
the pile of your clothes and I got to see all of your incredible
body. You were magnificent! From your beautiful hair,
to your deep blue eyes, to the swell of your bosom to the small
patch of soft hair covering your pubic mound everything
about you was perfect . I couldn’t believe how lucky
I was to be here with you on this night. My awe was so complete
that I almost didn’t hear you ask if you could undress
me. I didn’t want you to think I was going to move quickly
in this seduction so I started to protest. Then I realized
that stopping later to do so would only disrupt things,
so I consented.

Your hands trembled slightly as you unbuckled my belt.
I could feel the softness of your skin as your fingers slid
inside the waist of my pants so that you could unfasten my
slacks. Once the clasp was undone, and you had lowered the
zipper, they fell to the floor much as your dress had done
minutes before. As they were falling, you slid your hands
inside the back waistband of my boxerbriefs and I felt your
fingernails teasing on the skin of my butt. Then, with surprising
swiftness, you slid them down to my thighs. As you did so,
my penis sprung free. As it did so, the weight of it fell against
you. I heard a moan of satisfaction as you then looked down
at me. You then knelt to pull my underwear all the way down.
You tried again to take over the situation by taking the
head of my penis into your mouth, but again I stopped you.
Oh, how difficult that was. I wanted to let you continue
so badly because it felt so incredible. The soft, wet warmth
of your mouth engulfed the head and I thought I had found
heaven–but this was about you, at least for now.

Once we were both completely nude, I lifted you back up to
your feet and stood in front of you. We both gave one another
a lustful look over the other’s body. I then took
your hand and led you over to the bed. I laid you on your stomach
and, for the first time, saw your naked, tight ass. It, like
the rest of you, was perfect. I was awestruck that you could
be such a flawless woman. As I laid you down, I moved your
arms down, beside your body. I had thought this through,
and had some scented massage oil on the nightstand. I asked
you to close your eyes as I poured a small bit of oil into my
hands. The scent of roses reached your nose when I did so,
and I saw a slight smile cross your face. Once my hands had
warmed the oil, I began to rub your neck, shoulders and back.
The massage was designed to relax you and to build familiarity
between our touches. It was all I could do to resist the urges
I had of touching you sexually. First I wanted to explore
your body, then your sex.

The massage started with soft caressing of your neck muscles.
I kneaded the sides and rubbed the back of your neck in small
circles. Periodically, I would let my fingers trace lightly
through the wisps of hair on the back of your neck and around
your ears. I then moved my attention to your shoulders.
As I worked on your shoulders, I also rubbed your upper arms.
I was careful not to rush, spending enough time to work any
kinks out of each area, but not spending so much time as to
make the skin feel raw in any one area. From the arms and shoulders,
I found your upper back. As I worked out your tensions my
hands would occasionally reach down to your side at the
base of your breasts. Each time I could sense you moving
your body slightly as if you wanted me to touch them fully–I
resisted. The small of your back led to the top of your ass.
As I explored those beautiful cheeks, I would trail fingers
moist, but not damp, with oil from the bottom of your anus
along the crack of your ass back up. Each time, I felt you
squirm. Your legs were not ignored either. As I worked your
hamstrings, I made sure to let my hands get very close to
your crotch, close enough to feel your heat, but again took
care not to touch you there.

After massaging you and noticing that you were close to
being relaxed enough to doze off, I gently rolled you over.
When I did so, I raised your hands back above your head. Again,
my planning paid off. I had several soft silk scarves pre-positioned.
Two of them I used to gently secure your arms above your head.
The third I used to lightly blindfold you. Once that was
done, I moved a pillow down and lifted your lower body to
slide it underneath the small of your back. Now that you
were positioned, I leaned over and kissed you again. As
I did so, my penis fell against your breast. It was the first
time I had touched any of your sex organs tonight, and you
gave a shudder. I knew that the anticipation had been building.
As we kissed, I caressed your face and the back of your neck
with my hands. Then, I shifted to the side and began to kiss
my way down your neck to your shoulder. I let my lips and tongue
continue to the top of your left breast. As I kissed and sucked
on your skin, I moved around the side of your breast, across
the base of it, and then to the soft valley between your breasts.
All the while, I was very careful never to let anything touch
either of your nipples. Once I had completely circled your
left breast, I trailed my kisses back up to where your neck
and chest come together, and then back down to your right
breast. Again, I used alternating kisses and suckling
to cover this breast always making sure your nipples were
unmolested. As I did so, this time, you began trying to move
your chest so that I would touch the sensitive sites at the
tips of your breasts. You couldn’t see the impish
smile on my face as I continued my ministrations knowing
that I was driving you crazy with desire–but I held
out. I completed the circle of your second breast and then repeated
my trail around the other. You began to whimper as I followed
that by moving my kisses down your torso to your navel. As
I reached this spot, I let the tip of my tongue dart out and
trace a circle around this spot that once served to ensure
your life. Then, with a soft sucking motion on your stomach,
I simultaneously let my tongue dart into your navel and
I felt you shudder. This was nothing, however, like the
shudder that passed through your body as I trailed the same
attentions down the soft indentation at your hipbone.
It was then, as you began to beg me to continue that I stopped.
The pause was not long, but I could sense that your rapidly
quickening breathing had changed in that moment. It was
then that I let my mouth move back up and take your left breast
fully into my mouth, savoring for the first time the feel
of your hardened nipple on my tongue. I let the tip of my tongue
circle and envelope the tip of your breast and you gasped
fully. I was certain I had planned this right! After spending
some time tasting the unique nature of your skin, I released
your breasts from my mouth and let myself kiss your lips
again. I could tell by the hunger in your kiss that you were
truly enjoying my seduction. As I broke the kiss your head
lifted up as if you didn’t want it to end–but
I had other plans.

After separating our lips, I repositioned myself at the
foot of the bed, between your legs. When I did so, I let the
tip of my middle fingers trace a line along the bottoms of
your feet from the heel to the sole of your big toe. I saw your
feet curl in reaction. I then let my hands rise up the outsides
of your legs across your calves to the outside of your thighs.
I knew from the sound of your breathing that you knew what
was coming and were very ready. I leaned my body forward
and let my face hover above your pubic hair. I took a slow,
deep breath taking in the softly musky smell of you. Then,
with pursed lips, I let my breath out blowing softly across
your sex. Once this exhalation was complete, I let the tip
of my tongue trace the line where your leg meets your hip.
I could feel you trying to move your pelvis to place my mouth
on you, but it did not work. I wanted to continue to build
your anticipation, and nothing would stop me from doing

I shifted down and began to kiss and nuzzle the inside of
your left knee. As I did so, my tongue would periodically
dart out to moisten the skin. I continued this, savoring
the taste of your flesh, moving higher on your leg until
my nose was touching that valley between leg and torso.
My kisses then trailed over and down to just above your clitoris.
I let my tongue trace a half moon around and above that spot.
Your scent was intoxicating. As my mouth crossed directly
above your clit, I encountered that soft hair. It tickled
my nose and I continued moving across your body to the other
leg where I moved slowly back to your knee.

At this point, I raised my head and moved my hands up around
your sides to your pubic hair. I let my fingers move very
lightly across your pelvis, toying with the wisps of blonde
they found. Then with my right index finger, I traced around
between your left leg and the lips of your pussy. As I did
so, I was meticulous about making sure the lip itself was
unmolested. This was no easy task as you first tried to move
your arms down to guide me, but found the restraints wouldn’t
allow it. I could then feel you wiggling, trying to move
your body to place my hand fully on your sex. From along side
your lip, the finger moved between your anus and your pussy
and up around the outside of the other lip, then hovered
so that only the slightest cushion of air separated it from
tracing along the line formed between your lips. I heard
a moan and then you uttered a pleading “please, touch
me, penetrate me.”

I answered not with words, but by parting your lips with
just the tip of my thumb as it slid from the bottom to the top.
You were wet–very wet. As I completed this simple
motion, I could see the moisture on my thumb. I repeated
the motion in the opposite direction and got a series of
deep guttural moans in response. I knew you were ready,
but I pulled my hand back and placed my middle finger in my
own mouth, making sure that it was very moist, then agonizingly
slowly I slid my wet finger inside of you. Your silky warmth
engulfed my finger and you arched your back as a deep “yyyeeeeesssss, ”
came out. Massaging the outside of your pussy with my palm,
I stoked my finger inside of you a few times watching the
look on your face. I then removed my finger, sliding up your
body laying my own nakedness against yours, and took your
right breast into my mouth. As I did so, I saw your lips purse
as if you were going to moan again, as you did so, I reached
up and placed my finger that was now wet with your juices
against your lower lip. As I did so, you quickly sucked my
finger into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it,
moaning and tasting your own self. I pumped my finger in
your mouth, much as I had done a few seconds ago to your pussy
and I felt your building suction as you sucked harder. As I removed my finger from your body, I shifted back down
to look closely at your womanhood. Your pussy, like the
rest of you was magnificent. Your lips were starting to
get puffy and showed a slight pinkness. Your clitoris was
similarly starting to swell. I used my thumbs to part your
lips and let the flat of my tongue glide across them. I then
slowly took the slightest bit of the tip of my tongue and
traced around the inside of your lips, tasting the sweetness
of your juices. This was what I had most longed for, the taste
of you–and I was not disappointed in the least! As
my tongue was exploring the soft folds of your pussy, I felt
your back arch and you tried to push your body further onto
my tongue. I continued my teasing approach, though, moving
my tongue to trace the outsides of your lips before letting
it run again up the ridge between them. I repeated this dance
with your body several times before I decided to pull my
tongue back inside my mouth, build some saliva on it, lick
my lips and then stick it deep inside of you, angled towards
the back of your sex, and take my first full deep scoop of
your luscious juices. I was in heaven. As I did this, I closed
my mouth fully around your pussy, sucking in as I licked
you. After several full sweeps in this fashion, I felt you
starting to tense, so I released my hold with my mouth, backed
up and moistened my lips. Once that was done, but without
letting to much time elapse, I replaced my lips, this time
around your clitoris which I sucked on very softly. As I
did so, your body tensed again, and I complemented my efforts
by inserting a finger into you.

The combination seemed to have the desired effect, because
your body began to shudder as you cried out, “Oh my
GOD!” I felt my hand get damper, and let the suction
on your clitoris go enough that I could sweep my tongue from
inside you up to tap the underside of your clitoris. The
faint sweetness of your pussy was now very strong as your
orgasm flooded your body with lubricating nectar. I pumped
my finger inside of you as I drank deeply of your juices and
then worked attentively on your clitoris. I repeated this
until I felt your body tense and shudder again. The moisture
was again thick, sweet and musky. I drank deeply of you and
then slid up to kiss you fully on the mouth letting our saliva
mix with your taste–all the while I continued masturbating
you with my finger. After a sensually flavorful kiss, I
trailed my lips and tongue to your ear. As I licked and nibbled
on your ear, I whispered “thank you, you have the
best pussy in the world.” As I said this, I removed
my hand from inside of you and let my dripping wet finger
trace around your lips. I felt your intake of breath as your
tongue darted out to encircle my finger and pull it inside
of your mouth where you sucked on it ravenously.

W hen you finally let go of my finger, I heard you ask if you
could be allowed to return the favor. I asked if you wanted
me to stop already and you said you needed a moment to recover
from those two incredible orgasms. I consented by untying
the scarves around your hands. As soon as they were free,
you pulled the scarf over your eyes down around your neck,
rolled on top of me, took my head in your hands and kissed
me passionately. As your lips approached mine, I was acutely
aware of your nakedness pressed against my body as you lay
on top of me. As our lips met, and our tongues darted together,
I don’t know if it was my face, or your mouth, but I
could still faintly taste your juices and it fueled my passion.
Already I wanted to go down on you again!

As we continued our kiss, I felt your hand move down to my
crotch. As you reached between us, your delicate fingers
took the weight of me in your hand. It felt good. Without
letting go of me, you used your other hand to push yourself
up, and broke our kiss to begin moving down my body with your
lips and tongue. As you got to my nipple, I again felt a sharp
sting when you bit on my flesh mischievously. You continued
your progress down my body until I could feel your breath
on my cock. Then I felt your hair brush the head of my penis
as you moved your face lower, and took my nuts into your mouth.
I had never had anyone do this–it was a strange and
wonderful experience–but it only lasted a moment.
Just as I was adjusting to the warm, wet sensation of your
mouth on my testicles, you released them and smoothly slid
your lips around my organ. As they closed on the soft portion
just below the head, I felt your tongue dart out to trace
the base of the crown up the slit where I just knew pre-cum
had to be drenching out onto the shaft. This subtle action
was almost too much after all the buildup I had had in my seduction
of you. I knew in the first few moments that you were a woman
that could ruin a man with your mouth–and I was eager
to experience it!

Soon after you first took me into your mouth, you released
me from the heavenly grip of your wet, moist lips. I looked
down, across my chest and saw you licking your lips as I felt
you wrap a hand around the base of my shaft, positioning
it where you wanted it to be. At that moment, you saw me staring
and our eyes met. You flashed me a wicked impish little grin
as you licked your lips, rotated your hand so that you were
cupping the length of my cock in your hand and ran your tongue
from the root to the tip of it as if you were catching the drippings
off of a melting ice cream cone. As your tongue reached the
head of my shaft, you curled your tongue around the backside
and used it to pull my dick into your mouth where you descended
down to take the entire length deep into your mouth and throat.
I let out an audible sign of how good it felt, let my head lay
back and concentrated on the intense pleasure you were
providing. As you continued bobbing your head up and down
on the totality of my manhood, I felt one hand massaging
my balls while the other alternated squeezing and relaxing
around the base. I knew I couldn’t last long at this
pace–I had gotten far too aroused eating and seducing
you–but didn’t want to interrupt the best
head I had ever gotten. Just as I felt like I couldn’t hold back you sensed
I was about to cum and stopped abruptly. I saw you sit up,
then felt you moving. Soon, I realized you were straddling
my chest, crawling up my body. As your breasts drug along
my stomach and chest, you moved your mouth next to my ear
and whispered, “you’re not the only one who
can tease…” You then continued to slide up
until knees were on either side of my head and your pussy
was perched just out of reach of my tongue over my mouth.
I desperately wanted to taste you again, and from the look
in your eyes as you gazed down at me, you wanted the same.
You began to lower your body, and just as the tip of my tongue
reached your delicious, wet slit, you picked yourself
back up, swung your leg over and crawled back down between
my legs where you once again took my full length deep into
your throat. This time, I felt you stroking my meat with
your hand as you sucked, and swirled your tongue around
my cock. In a matter of moments, I knew I was going to cum,
and couldn’t stop it this time. You heard my breathing
shallow, and quicken, and felt my body begin to tense. I
felt you pause as you let loose of my member with your lips,
I didn’t know what was happening, but it was quickly
placed back in your mouth. Just as the first shot of my hot
cum came out, I felt a moist finger probing at my anus. I’d
never experienced anything like it, but you timed it so
that you penetrated that spot just as my second blast of
jism was coming out and it made that wave more intense than
anything I had ever experienced. You must have noticed
a change in the forcefulness of that cum shot because you
flinched almost imperceptibly. All the while, however,
you continued milking every bit of cum from my veins. As
I started to soften from this incredible orgasm, you continued
sucking, and stroking until you were satisfied you wouldn’t
miss a single drop. I felt you let my flaccid member drop
out from between your lips, and as you crawled up my body,
I saw you licking your lips and you smiled at me.

You continued up my body and placed your pussy squarely
over my face. As I licked and probed you, it built up to a fluid
moistness in no time. Just as I got into a rhythm, though,
you backed off, leaned over and kissed me deeply. We could
taste the commingling of our mutual love juices. As we kissed,
I felt you untie the knots binding my hands. I’m not
used to being kissed by a woman that just had a mouth full
of my cum, but I was so deeply satiated, and so completely
aroused that I couldn’t begin to be offended or complain.
You had just given me the most intense erotic experience
of my life!

As we continued kissing and nuzzling, I felt your hands
quickly begin exploring my body working to bring life back
to my recently deflated manhood. I asked you to untie my
hands, and you did. At that point, I rolled you over, and
said, “relax, I know how to get it back–and
you can have fun while we wait.” With that, I moved
myself between your legs and renewed my oral explorations
of your incredible womanhood. After two orgasms, your
pussy still tasted incredible, I could never get enough
of it. As I licked, sucked, and explored orally and with
my fingers, I felt your excitement build again. Just as
you were approaching the brink of another orgasm, I sensed
a stirring in my loins. Not wanting to stop, I continued
licking as I swung my body around, my semi-erect penis came
into your view, and you took the hint. I felt your small soft
hands wrap around it and place into the warm, wetness of
your mouth. Just as your body became wracked with the first
wave of orgasm, my penis reached its full erection. Once
your wave of pleasure ended, you let me come out of your mouth
and told me you wanted me inside of you. I was more than happy
to oblige.

I moved off of you and began to position myself between your
legs, but you had other ideas. As you rolled me over, and
straddled me, I should never have been surprised that you
were a woman that wanted to be in control. As you knelt over
me, I saw a look of contentment mingled with that lusty vision
in your eyes. I was lost staring into them when I felt your
hand grasp me and place the head of my cock at your wet, inviting
slit. I figured you were going to place it right inside,
but instead you flashed me that devilish smile, and began
to rub the tip up and down along your lips. I could feel the
ample moisture and knew this was not about lubrication–this
was about power and control. I placed my hands squarely
on your hips and tried to pull you down onto me, but you flexed
your leg muscles and resisted, staring into my eyes you
said, “no, no, no, this is my time to set the pace.”
I was desperate to be inside of you, to become a part of you,
to feel you completely engulf and accept me and you knew
it. So you continued rubbing me around the gates to the one
place I wanted to be.

Just as I thought you were going to drive me crazy, I felt
you relax, your body started to settle, and the head of my
penis crossed the threshold piercing your womanhood.
The sensation was incredible, you moved so slowly as I entered
you that I felt that I could feel each cell of my flesh as it
crossed into the moisture we had created. Once you had just
the head inside, you stopped and looked down into my eyes.
I moved my left hand from your hip to the small of your back
and placed the right one around your left breast. You sat
like that for what seemed an eternity before settling very
suddenly all the way down on top of me. I was buried inside
of you, and I felt as if our souls had been combined. At that
moment, I was truly a part of you. Then you rose up and began
to establish a smooth, slow rocking and thrusting rhythm.
I was in heaven! We made love like this, me caressing your
breast, holding the small of your back, your hands resting
on my chest for leverage, and our eyes locked on one another,
for what seemed an eternity. It was the most connected sexual
experience I had had in all my years. It was made even more
special when you leaned forward and whispered to me that
you were going to cum. I lifted my head, and kissed you fully
on the mouth as your pussy clinched and unclenched around
me in orgasm. Once you had finished cumming, you fell onto my chest, your
cheek resting against me. I stopped thrusting, not wanting
to ruin your beautiful afterglow. I softly kissed your
forehead. It didn’t take long, though for you to
tell me you wanted to finish me off by taking me from behind.
Again, I was more than happy to oblige. You slid your still
sopping womanhood off of my erection, and started to move
to a position on your hands and knees on the bed, but I took
your hand, pulled you up and said, “I picked this
room for a reason.” With that, I led you over to the
picture window overlooking the city. As I moved behind
you, and gently placed your hands on the windowsill I couldn’t
tell which view would be more inspiring the one outside,
or the one inside. As I leaned you forward, you looked over
your shoulder at me and gave me a moaning smile as you spread
your legs into a wide stance. With that, I placed my left
hand on the small of your back, and used my right hand to guide
my member into your warm, wet box. As I pushed into you, I
saw your head drop slightly, then pick up as I heard a sharp
intake of breath. I began to worry, but then I saw your reflection
in the pane of glass and you had that contented smile of a
woman that is getting a very enjoyable ride. With that,
I set up a gentle stroke, moving into you so that I could reach
forward and caress your breasts with one hand, while I reached
down and massaged your clitoris with the other. From the
way you met my strokes, I guess you liked my choice of style.
Unfortunately, this didn’t last long, as I couldn’t
control myself. In a matter of just a few minutes I was cumming
deep inside of you like an 18-year-old virgin. Amazingly,
I felt your body start to contract around me as my dick pulsed
hot cum inside of you. Our nearly simultaneous orgasm made
the night complete.

As I softened inside of you, I felt you raise your body, and
your arms wrapped back around my neck. I leaned my head forward,
kissed the lobe of your ear and told you that was the most
incredible night of sex I had ever had. You just laughed
and told me you weren’t done yet–after all
you had cum two times more than I had…

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