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How I gained my psychic powers


How I gained my psychic powers

It all started when a friend of mine told me about a book
she read that made such an impact on her life. It’s called
the Celestine Prophecy, and describes nine insights that
human beings are destined to achieve, which will allow
for more powerful and satisfying relationships, and on
a larger scale, the conscious evolution of the entire human
species. The more important of these insights for me, focus
on the fact that there is a form of “energy” that all humans
require to be happy, healthy and satisfied. This energy
basically comes from three sources, God, the living environment,
and other humans. One insight says that all interactions
between conscious beings are an exchange of this “energy”
and that all conflicts between humans are actually struggles
to obtain, or retain this energy. It goes on to say that we
can learn to acquire the energy we need from God and the environment,
and even generate it ourselves, so that we will have enough
to share with others so they won’t feel the need to steal
our energy, either through aggressive actions, or by playing
on our sympathy. This energy has many levels, with the scale
beginning at simple attention, and ending at all-encompassing
unconditional love. These insights would serve me well.
Armed with this knowledge, I was eager to experience this
energy consciously, and began to keep my eyes and mind open
to what was actually going on around me. I was writing my
first book “People of the World” at this time, and decided
to go to a local coffee house to read excerpts during the
weekly open mic nights. Many of the sections I choose to
read to the audience dealt with concepts of religion, spirituality,
and interpersonal relationships, and were well received.
I was invited to come back whenever I wanted by the owner,
and was told that I would always receive a spot in the line
I was just leaving the stage after my fourth or fifth night
reading when a man who I had never seen before motioned for
me to come sit with him. He told me that he really enjoyed
hearing what I had written, and asked me if I had ever heard
of the Urantia Book. I told him that I hadn’t. He indicated
that a lot of the concepts that I had touched upon were also
present in this book, and so he thought I must have read it
before. He told me that it was a very deep and complex book,
and while he really didn’t understand much of what he read
in it, he could tell from my writing that I was ready for it,
and advised me to read it as soon as possible. I went to the
public library and picked up a copy.
After a very basic review of the table of contents, I was
astounded at what I had been led too. This book purported
to be the next revelation of God to man. Its purpose was to
clarify all the misunderstandings that man had about God,
the destiny of humanity, and the purpose of life in general.
It was over 2000 pages long and was truly the most complex
and engrossing piece of work that I had ever seen. I spent
night after night struggling to read it, and after two weeks,
had barely made it past the foreword and the first chapter.
Still, I could plainly see that this book was the answer
to my prayers. I had studied many different religions extensively,
and none had satisfied my soul, or gave me such hope and enthusiasm
as this huge blue book. Interestingly, during the past
few months I had done a lot of research on all the world’s
major religions, reading anything I could from authors
considered experts on the origins, traditions, and beliefs
of most of the religions of the planet earth. One thing I
noticed almost immediately is that while all of these books
were obviously from human authors - still questioning,
still searching for the truth, the Urantia Book said it
was transcribed by celestial beings, and spoke in a truly
authoritative tone, never asking questions, or making
suppositions. It told it like it is, and its truth resonated
in my soul.
I knew that this book was important, and I just had to read
the entire thing, but how? I just didn’t have the time since
I worked during the day, and had other responsibility to
attend to at night.
As I look back on this period, I see the hand of God, helping
me, giving me exactly what I desired and required. The job
I was working at was no longer satisfying to me and they weren’t
willing to pay me what I thought I deserved for the work I
was doing. So I quit. The very next day, my grandfather called
me from Saginaw, Michigan. My grandfather is a devout Muslim
who was the Imam (preacher ‒ leader) of his own Mosque in
Saginaw. He told me that his Mosque had decided to sponsor
him for a trip to Mecca to perform the Hajj. The Hajj is the
sacred pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca that all Muslims
are encouraged to make at least once in their lives. My grandfather
had never been, and was excited for this opportunity. His
only problem was that he needed someone to take care of his
wife (my grandmother) and his two adopted children while
he was gone, since his trip was going to take more than a month.
I told him that I had just left my job and needed some time
for study and introspection, and his call was right on time.
I happily agreed to travel to Saginaw to help out. Now, I
had the time to study the Urantia Book at my leisure in the
home of my grandparents where I had spent many happy summers.
I was born in Saginaw, and both sets of grandparents as
well as most of my aunts, uncles and cousins lived there.
I had spent countless summers staying with my grandparents,
so I was comfortable and around family there. My grandparents
own a number of houses in the city and were well known and
respected. They lived in a large house that was within walking
distance to one of the nicest parks in the city. When I was
younger, my grandfather would take my brother and me to
this park, which had a beautiful river running through
it, and was filled with fragrant flowers and trees, and
lush grasses. We would fish and talk and my grandfather
taught me many lessons there, which I have retained for
all my life.
After getting some final instructions from my grandfather,
and seeing him off to the airport, I was left as the man of
the house, to help care for my cousins, one of which had been
named after me. My aunt, (my father’s sister) had suffered
a nervous breakdown years before, and my grandparents
had agreed to take in her children, and had eventually adopted
them as their own. My basic responsibilities were to take
my two cousins to school and pick them up each day, and to
provide male guidance and discipline while my grandfather
was gone. That meant that I was free to do whatever I wanted
for most of the day. What I choose to do was to study the Urantia
Book, and when my mind couldn’t handle that anymore, I would
re-read the Celestine Prophecy, and work on my own book,
People of the World.
Once I was settled in, there was another pressing issue
I had to attend to. Since I didn’t actually live in Saginaw,
I didn’t know where to get any marijuana. I had started smoking
weed when I was a sophomore in high school and it had become
a part of my life. I wasn’t like most people I knew who smoked
though; most people I knew smoked to get stoned, a state
where they were almost incapacitated, or couldn’t stop
laughing uncontrollably. While it’s true that I had experienced
those effects when I first started smoking, as I grew used
to the herb, it was more like a spice, something that enhanced
my perceptions of the world. Music, art and nature became
more vibrant and emotional, and interpersonal relationships
took on deeper meaning for me, and I began to discern intent
and motivations behind the words and actions of others
that went unnoticed when I didn’t smoke. I couldn’t imagine
having two whole months of free time to study and learn with
no weed. I called my cousin Monte and luckily, he was able
to help me out, but he told me that he couldn’t do so regularly;
he was trying to quit smoking and didn’t want to be tempted
by being around it. Hopefully I would find a more stable
source, but I was fine for a week or two.
I used the first couple of days to catch up with a number
of cousins in Saginaw since I had so many who were about my
age that still lived there. I called my cousin Crystal and
told her that I’d be staying with my grandmother for a couple
of months. She was very excited since she was probably one
of my closest cousins. We are about seven months apart in
age, and spent lots of time together as we were growing up.
She told her mother that I was in town and they invited me
over to the house they shared for a barbeque to celebrate.
I told Crystal that I had ended a four year relationship
about six months prior and asked her if she had any friends
that she thought I might like. She told me that she had a friend
who was just perfect for me, and invited her and a couple
more of her friends to the barbeque as well. This is where
reading the Celestine Prophecy first started to pay off
for me.
A number of the insights described in this book are about
the competition humans engage in order to steal energy
from each other, methods to create your own energy, and
how to avoid falling into the traps people use in order to
gain someone else’s energy. These traps are called control
dramas by the author, and come in two main categories ‒ either
aggressive or passive. Then there are four basic categories
of dramas: intimidation, interrogation, aloofness,
and sympathy. These control dramas can be used separately
or together to create situations where people give us attention
and the interactive energy we all need. The intimidator
attempts to overpower people with bullying actions that
force people to submit, to admit unconsciously the superiority
of the intimidator. This makes the intimidator feel strong
and powerful, and the victim weak and powerless. These
feelings of strength and weakness are not imaginary, they
are the very energy of life flowing from one person to another,
energizing the intimidator, and draining their victim.
The interrogator also uses an aggressive control drama,
although it is based less on outright bullying. The interrogator
observes people, searching for a weakness in thought or
action, and asks probing question after question, trying
to show their victim how wrong they are in what they think
and do. Eventually the person being questioned feels that
they cannot defend themselves any longer and subconsciously
admits that their interrogator is smarter, stronger,
and more aware then they are. This admission sends the interactive
energy from the victim to interrogator. Children who grow
up with parents who use these aggressive control dramas
usually develop passive control dramas to combat them.
The first passive drama is one of aloofness and is used to
combat the interrogator. Rather than answer question
after question and being forced to admit their inferiority,
the aloof person answers as vaguely and cryptically as
possible. This forces the interrogator to rephrase their
questions, to probe deeper and deeper, and takes the focus
off the questions, and onto the lack of useful answers.
The aloof person learns to retain and steal other’s energy
by forcing people to work extra hard to get a coherent answer,
and pay extreme attention to what they are saying. The final
control drama of sympathy is used by someone who has been
intimidated for most of their life, and is unable to use
their own aggressive techniques on others. Instead they
try to make people feel sorry for them. They gain attention
by telling all the terrible moments of their lives, and
by appearing weak and helpless. They suck people in using
their pity and sympathy against them. These people make
you feel sad and weary just by being around them.
While I get along great with almost all of my cousins, my
aunts and uncles are a different story. My mother’s family
was very dysfunctional and the battle for energy is constant
and unending. I never understood why I didn’t really like
being with people from that side of the family until I read
the Celestine Prophecy and was able to see the control dramas
I had been exposed to for so many years. Armed with this knowledge,
my experiences at the barbeque that night took on a whole
new meaning. My aunt Betty (Crystal’s mother) used aggressive
control dramas for as long as I had known her, although before
this summer, I had no understanding of what that meant.
I just knew that I didn’t really like being around her as
she was always trying to start trouble, and was just plain
irritating. Apparently, most of the people Crystal had
invited to the barbeque were quite familiar with my Aunt
Betty’s control dramas because they deferred to her almost
from the moment they walked in the door. It was obvious that
they believed that they couldn’t win in a power struggle
with her, so they made no attempt; they gave up their energy
to her without a fight. Not so with me though; I had smoked
a joint and had been reading the Celestine Prophecy earlier
that day, not because I was expecting trouble but simply
because it was so useful in life in general, and that’s why
I went to Saginaw in the first place, for study and self improvement.
Natasha was obviously different though. She was the woman
Crystal had indicated would be perfect for me, and my cousin
wasn’t far off. While good looks and a great body have their
place in my heart, my first criteria in choosing a playmate
has to do with personality, intelligence, and level of
competence. Natasha met these requirements with flying
colors, and I was interested in her from the moment she walked
in the door, accompanied by Nikki, the person who had introduced
Natasha to Crystal. Regardless of what I was feeling inside,
I didn’t make it obvious; I continued to consciously give
everyone as much attention-energy as I could. As the teachings
within the Celestine prophecy got more advanced, it spoke
of the ability to consciously project this “energy” that
we fight over, to those who need it, empowering and invigorating
them, and removing the need for them to enact a control drama
to steal the energy. I was beginning to get so good at it,
that people would vie for my attention, even when it was
obvious that I was engaged with someone else. I would sometimes
carry on two or three conversations at the same time, with
none of the other parties even acknowledging the other
people or the fact that I was talking to someone else.
We had a wonderful, but relatively uneventful dinner.
If there’s one thing my family can do, its cook. I always
eat well when I go back to Saginaw to visit. After dinner,
we decided to play some board games, and this is where it
really began to get interesting. Up to this point, I had
been energizing everyone in the room at the rate they required
from me, consciously providing energy whenever it was
unconsciously requested and things went very smoothly.
My aunt and all the guests were satisfied. Once the competitive
board games came out, and it became every person for their
self, the real dramas began. We played a number of word games,
and I am notoriously good at these. I was so much better than
everyone else playing, that they began to defer to me, instead
of my aunt. It became obvious to me with my herb heightened
senses and conscious understanding of energy dynamics
that when the group’s attention shifted from my aunt (her
house, the dinner she cooked, her aggressive nature) to
my superiority at the board games, she felt smaller, deflated,
less energized. She began to verbally attack me, resorting
to her control drama of interrogator to steal back the energy
she felt she deserved. She started questioning my life,
making rude and obnoxious comments about me, and deriding
my answers to the games we were playing ‒ even when I was obviously
correct; anything she felt could give her the upper hand
in our exchange.
Unfortunately for her, I was well prepared for this encounter.
One of the basic lessons in the Celestine Prophecy deals
with a two-fold approach for dealing with control dramas.
The first tactic is to simply name the drama, which brings
the action to forefront. I called a spade a spade, and asked
my Aunt Bettie why she was trying to make me feel bad. I told
her the things she was saying weren’t nice, and if I were
a more sensitive person, she would have hurt my feelings.
She kind of laughed it off, and tried to use my comments against
me further, but she didn’t realize she was overmatched.
She didn’t understand that since I understood what was
happening, I was totally avoiding her choice of energy
exchange. After much examination of this event I came to
see a pattern in control dramas. People say or do things
that “hook” you into the drama. They purposely say things
that they know will keep you engaged. I say “hook” because
you feel such a strong desire to respond, to defend yourself,
or your actions, and if you don’t, it will appear that the
person was right, and is smarter and more powerful, thus
deserves to take your energy. When you name the drama as
I did, its like verbal judo, you are able to use the person’s
intentions against them. When I told my aunt that her words
were hurtful, I put her on the spot. Were her words meant
to hurt me or not? If she was trying to hurt me, then I should
definitely disregard her words and possibly even leave.
If instead she says she’s not trying to hurt me, then the
only prudent course of action for her is to take back her
statement, rephrase them, or at least let it drop. When
she continue to take digs at me, I responded that I had already
told her that she was getting offensive, I asked her if she
even cared about what I thought and felt. What made this
defense possible was the use of the second tactic necessary
to truly defeat a control drama ‒ I continued to send my Aunt
energy. While I was verbally telling my Aunt that I understood
the true intent of her words and actions, I demonstrated
that she had no control over me and my energy by never wavering
in the way I choose to share it. I didn’t get hooked in and
become upset and defensive, I retained a general sense
of peace and well being, and my words were spoken in a light-hearted,
almost humorous manner, showing that I didn’t really take
her words seriously, or to heart. For me, this moment was
the climax of the evening. It’s where I first saw and understood
the mechanics of the control drama, and learned that it
is indeed possible to defeat them in a positive manner.
Not only could you side-step a control drama by ignoring
or deflecting a “hook”, you could totally defuse it, by
naming the control drama and its intended effects. This
also proved to me that this conscious energy of attention
or intent was real, and I saw that it was possible to focus
and control it.
Finally, the evening came to an end. I was totally into an
energy sharing mode, and didn’t want to exclude anyone,
so I told both Natasha and her friend Nikki that it would
be cool to hang out, I gave them both my number at my grandparents
house, and took both of their numbers in return. We all left
around that time, and I went home feeling pretty good. I
thought about Natasha. When I was trying to get over my last
girlfriend, I had thought long and hard about what kind
of woman I would like in my life next. It was hard to believe
but Natasha was her. While my ex was short and thin, Natasha
was tall, like me. She wasn’t fat, but she was a big girl,
well proportioned, and naturally attractive. I prefer
a woman who is a bit above average looking without makeup,
over a stunning woman who needs makeup to be that way. Natasha
didn’t wear makeup and was very attractive without it.
But it was her mind and personality that I really liked.
She seemed open minded, and very intelligent, well read
and conversant on practically anything I could bring up
at the barbeque. She had really impressed me.
The next day, I decided to do some work on my book. I was writing
a section where a grandfather and grandson are having an
argument about religion. I was at a particularly thoughtful
passage when the phone rang. My grandmother answered it
and called down to me that I had a telephone call. I was pleasantly
surprised to find that it was Natasha. She told me that she
had been thinking of me and asked me what I was doing. I told
her that I was working on my book, but trying to be vague,
because I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging. She asked
me to be more specific, so I told her about the conversation
between the two characters and their discussion of religion.
This led to me asking about hers. She told me she was a Christian,
but she didn’t really accept some of their concepts or beliefs.
Because I was already in a thoughtful and argumentative
mood from writing, I immediately pounced on that statement,
and asked how she could call herself a Christian if she didn’t
accept basic Christian doctrine. She replied that she
had been brought up a Christian, and she celebrated their
holidays and went to Church, so she was a Christian, she
just didn’t believe everything in the Bible. She began
to get a little upset at me questioning her, so I apologized,
and told her that it was probably the frame of mind I was using
to write my scene. I’m usually very open minded and don’t
really care what people believe or accept as long as they
aren’t trying to hurt me. Natasha accepted my apology,
and then changed the subject. She asked if I wanted to go
for a ride with her and Nikki. I said that I’d love to get out
of the house. She told me that she’d be by in about a half hour.
They came in Natasha’s Sunbird and we went for a ride around
the small city. It was obvious that they had grown up in Saginaw
as they took back roads and riverside drives that I hadn’t
known existed. We talked about what it was like growing
up in a small city as opposed to a metropolis like Detroit.
Our conversations were interesting and enlightening,
especially when I found that these best friends Nikki and
Natasha were almost nothing alike. Natasha was the daughter
of a school teacher, very prim and proper, intellectual
‒ a good girl. Nikki was the bad girl who had gotten kicked
out of school, smoked and drank and had lots of boyfriends.
I found that strange, but I got along well with both of them
since I had traits possessed by both of them; I could play
the good or bad boy, depending on the need. After Nikki made
a veiled comment about smoking weed, I responded that it
would be good to get some, since I didn’t know any dealers
in the city. They looked at each other surprised and asked
me if I smoked. When I replied that I did, Nikki looked really
happy and said she had some at home, so we went back to her
house, where she lived with her brother. Natasha said she
didn’t smoke, and would just watch us. We talked while Nikki
was rolling up the joint, and Natasha asked me why my Aunt
had been acting so funny at the barbeque. I had totally forgotten
about that, but I was amazed to see how perceptive Natasha
was. As we smoked, I told her about the Celestine Prophecy
and the insights about energy. She was very interested
and was very quickly able to relate what I told her to the
actual incident she witnessed. Nikki seemed uninterested
in the whole thing, so Natasha and I talked as she smoked.
Whenever it was my time to smoke, Nikki and Natasha would
kind of huddle and talk their girl talk, and soon the joint
was out. We continued to talk well into the night, touching
on a vast array of subjects, and both Natasha and I felt there
was some intense chemistry going on. It was getting late,
so I bought some weed from one of Nikki’s cousins, and Natasha
took me home. We agreed to meet again tomorrow, but Nikki
had something to do, so it would be just Natasha and me.
Natasha worked during the day at a department store, so
after I dropped my cousins off for school, I went to the park
to read from the Urantia Book. It was a mild spring so far,
very beautiful and sunny, but not overly hot. I couldn’t
have asked for a more comfortable setting to study about
God, humanity and how we fit into the universe. I read and
thought and meditated, and achieved a state of peace I had
never experienced before. I was noticing the subtle genius
and beauty of the natural world and the creative hand of
God on existence.
After getting off work, Natasha picked me up about 6:30.
It was getting dark, and we just went to the park to talk and
look at the stars. I was in such a place of love and openness
with the universe, that I was able to open my soul to her,
and she graciously received it. We talked about all the
things I had been learning lately, and she understood much
of it, and was able to relate. She surprised me by telling
me of her experiences with control dramas with people at
her job. With just my descriptions to guide her, she was
making strides on her own, while I had to study and read from
a book. I didn’t want this openness to end, so I asked her
to never lie to me, to always say what she felt, and be true
to herself, and I would do the same. She agreed and I could
feel she was taking me seriously. The next moment, she surprised
me by telling me to get in the back seat. She unbuttoned my
pants and pulled them down, which I allowed in a buzzed,
happy way. She climbed on top of me and proceeded to ride
until she came explosively. We hadn’t discussed birth
control so I didn’t come inside of her. She climbed off me,
and started to suck my cock, deep and slow. I was so excited
and disoriented by her aggressive nature that I didn’t
last long. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop,
licking me clean. I couldn’t believe what had just happened
to me. I just stared out of the window enjoying the feeling
with a stupid grin on my face. Natasha further surprised
me by saying the even though she had never smoked marijuana
before, she trusted me enough to smoke with me, and wanted
to try it. We agreed that I would drive and pick her up since
I didn’t want her driving after smoking for her first time.
We would go to Nikki’s house and make a day of it. Natasha
dropped me off at my grandparent’s house and I was feeling
so happy and energized. This was exactly what I needed.
I spent the next day studying my various texts, and writing
more of my book, in a state of heightened anticipation waiting
for Natasha to get off work. She finally called me around
7:00 pm, and I drove to Nikki’s house to meet them. We put
some music on, went into Nikki’s bedroom and lit up. It’s
always funny for me to watch someone smoke weed for the first
time, because they always expect the feeling to be instantaneous.
Natasha was true to form, and announced after her first
puff that she wasn’t feeling anything, and so she must be
immune to the effects. I just laughed and told her that she
was smoking wrong and hadn’t given the drug time to take
effect. I gave her some basic instructions. I told her to
suck the smoke into her cheeks instead of trying to inhale
it directly into her lungs. I explained that if you suck
it like you would a straw, holding the smoke in your cheeks
and then slowly inhale, mixing the smoke with air as much
as possible, it’s smoother, and won’t make you cough as
much. She followed my instructions and we passed the joint
around a couple of times. Pretty soon she began to exhibit
the first signs that she was getting high, paranoia. Both
Nikki and I were old pros, so we were watching for this. It
was amusing as Natasha started imagining that the neighbors
were watching us, and that we were making too much noise.
We tried to explain to her that she was just experiencing
an effect of the drug, and everything was ok, but she didn’t
believe us. In fact, she refused to admit that it was even
affecting her. It was obvious by the things she was saying
and doing that she was affected, but she is a strong willed
woman, and we were unable to convince her. Eventually the
paranoia wore off, and she began to relax and enjoy the feelings
she was experiencing for the first time. I had brought a
tape of music that I had written and performed, and played
it while we talked. The music was all instrumental and very
emotion based, so it was perfect for the occasion. We were
vibing and enjoying ourselves, and had a wonderful conversation,
talking about our life experiences, our desires and whatever
else popped into our heads. Before we knew it, hours had
passed and Natasha needed to go home because she had to work
the next day. When I took her home, she was still buzzing,
and I was a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to control
herself in her parent’s presence. I told her to just go in
and go to bed and try not to say anything to anyone.
When I talked to her the next day, she told me that her parents
thought she had been drinking, but didn’t suspect she had
been smoking weed. We talked over the experience of the
previous day, and she told me many of the things that had
been going on in her head. She was amazed at the way her senses
seemed to be heightened, and the way simple things seemed
so vivid and exciting. She liked the way she was able to discuss
things that normally seemed too deep and personal, and
she told me that she definitely wanted to try it again. I
told her that she had only seen the tip of the iceberg, and
that sex was really amazing and powerful after smoking,
and she was eager to try that out. We made another date to
put it to the test.
Natasha still lived with her parents, and I was staying
with my grandmother, so we really had no were else to have
sex except her car, or a hotel; or so I thought. She suggested
that I pick her up, and bring a nice blanket. Once we were
together, she suggested that we go to the park. As I said,
this was a beautiful peaceful park, and after dark, no one
really used it. It was a warm night, and it seemed there were
more stars in the sky than I had ever noticed before. The
moon was huge and glowed a bright yellow. We laid our blanket
down in a large field under the stars and talked and smoked
for a while. Finally Natasha said she wanted to try sex while
high, and I was happy to oblige her. It was one of the most
powerful and beautiful moments in my life. When we finished,
Natasha said she had never experienced anything like that,
and had never met anyone who had shown her the things I had.
She told me that although she had only known me a short time,
she thought she loved me. I told her that I had never met anyone
like her either; never known someone who I clicked with
so easily, who understood me, and was able to communicate
on my level. I honestly felt a love for her as well. From that
moment on, we spent practically all of our free time together,
talking and enjoying each other’s company in various ways.
I gave Natasha my copy of the Celestine Prophecy because
she wanted to read it when she was at home, or at work on her
lunch hour. She finished it in about three or four days,
and from there we began to discuss many of the concepts taught
in the book in earnest. She already understood about the
control dramas and the fight for energy because she had
witnessed it first hand on the day we met. We then moved on
to many of the advanced concepts contain in this powerful
manuscript. I told her how I had learned to side step the
control dramas and prevent people from stealing my energy,
but I also shared with her the fact that I had learned to send
this desired energy of my own free will, negating the need
for a control drama at all. I told that if she ever felt that
she needed any energy from me, she should tell me, and I would
provide all I could.
Natasha picked me up one Saturday afternoon, and we took
our usual ride to the park near my grandparents’ house.
This time, there seemed to be some function going in the
area we usually parked, so we drove around looking for somewhere
less active. We looked for about 5 minutes and finally ended
up in a part of the park that we rarely drove through. We had
found a parking spot that was very close to an entrance near
a main road, but it was hidden and sheltered from obvious
view. We parked, and kissed, and talked and simply looked
into each others eyes like we usually did when we visited
the park. It was amazing the way the situation would change
from a serious and intellectual conversation, to a sexy
physical encounter, and then to a deep spiritual discussion;
it all seemed normal and natural. After about an hour of
talking about God, and energy and relationships, Natasha
told me she was getting horny. I said that while I didn’t
mind the first time in the car, I really would prefer somewhere
else. She surprised me by saying that we didn’t need to go
anyplace, she just wanted to give me some head. She said
she loved the way I let myself go the first time, and she had
really got into it and enjoyed it. With an offer like that
how could I refuse? Natasha had pillow soft lips and a warm
soft tongue and she knew how to use them. She could take all
of me into her mouth, and knew how to use her hand to stroke
me as well. And she moaned, and would sit up and look me in
the eyes, then lick her lips. Since she said she wanted me
to enjoy it, I did. Happily and expressively, trying to
let her know just how much I was enjoying myself. When I finally
came, we both sat back with a satisfied grin, and Natasha
actually tried to convince me that she enjoyed it more than
I did.
From that day forward, we had a new pastime. We would spend
most of her days off at the park, in our secluded little area
of the park, talking and growing closer, kissing and touching,
followed by some amazing head. Sometimes I would smoke,
but she didn’t, because we didn’t want her to drive while
high. She got better and better at making me feel good, and
I have to admit, she must have enjoyed almost as much as me,
because she was usually the one who initiated it, with an
enthusiasm and sexy smile that made me think I was the luckiest
guy in the world.
Eventually, my grandfather returned from Hajj, and I had
to return to Detroit. I was planning on moving to Nashville,
Tennessee to help a friend manage a restaurant, so I stayed
with my parents until the arrangements were finalized.
Natasha and I promised to keep in touch, and since Detroit
is only a ninety minute drive from Saginaw, Natasha said
she would come visit me often. I had finished the Urantia
Book, although I was going to need to read it a few more times
to really grasp what was being taught. I had integrated
almost all of the useful knowledge from the Celestine Prophecy,
and my relationship with Natasha was perfect and special
beyond words. When we were together, we never argued, never
really had disagreements, never harbored resentment
or negative feelings. And I believe this happened because
I had set a standard of truth and openness for our relationship,
when we talked our second night, and we both honored this,
preventing petty misunderstandings. We shared our innermost
thoughts and secrets; our fears and mistakes, our disappointments
and triumphs. When we were together the world sparkled
and seemed perfect. Positive things always seemed to happen
to us, and people treated us like royalty, as if we were charmed.
Natasha came to Detroit a lot that summer and fall. We went
to my favorite restaurants downtown, and re-ignited our
acquaintance with secluded parks. After much exploration
we found quite a number of beautiful parks in the city that
we could talk and smooch, and eventually engage in some
oral pleasure. Usually she would drive in about 11 or 12,
and I would drive her car while we were together. This meant
that she usually smoked with me now, since she usually didn’t
leave until late that night or the next day, and was sober
enough to drive home. She told me that the pleasure she got
from sucking me was heightened when we smoked, and I informed
her that it was even better for me as well. During one of our
park sessions, I was really concentrating on experiencing
how good what she was doing felt. Usually during sex, or
a blowjob a man flexes his penis. This makes it feel harder
and rigid, but also masks some of the sensations he may be
feeling. On this particular day, I focused on remaining
perfectly relaxed even though I was experiencing so much
pleasure. Instead of flexing and letting the pleasure
dissipate into my muscles, I relaxed and let the energy
of the pleasure wash over me. I let the pleasure travel down
through the head and into the shaft, as her warm mouth enveloped
me. While normally the pleasure is localized in my penis,
as I relaxed, my entire body experienced the energy as I
allowed it to flow through me. And more than that, every
lick, or stroke Natasha blessed me with, was like a step
upward into greater pleasure. My body seemed to resonate
with the energy of the pleasure I was receiving, and each
wave took me higher. The most amazing thing I remember from
that night is that Natasha seemed to be able to feel this
going on inside me, because she made a comment. “Ohh… Now
I know what you like.” What made this so profound is the fact
that she obviously did now know what I liked. Every suck,
every kiss, or stroke was done just as I would have done it.
It was like listening to the perfect song, or eating the
perfect meal. She was giving me exactly what I wanted. Finally
I came, and she did the perfect job of swallowing me all,
and she continued sucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore.
I was perfectly satisfied, for the first time in my life.

We didn’t really talk about what we had experienced on the
drive back to my house, but when we got there, we received
another shock, literally. We sat in my parent’s driveway
talking. The subject matter wasn’t too serious, we were
more lost in each other’s eyes and the feelings we had for
each other. Natasha’s hand was on my knee, and she was rubbing
my thigh. It was starting to make me a little horny, and I
wished she would rub my cock as well. Slowly her hand started
moving towards the area I desired. I remembered what happened
earlier, and tried something amazing. I imagined what
it would feel like for Natasha to rub my cock. I visualized
her hand moving from its present location to a very specific
area, and rubbing in a very specific way. I felt the strangest
vibration-like sensation as her hand slowly moved to its
desired position on my cock. She started rubbing in just
the place and manner I had visualized. She looked at her
arm and hand with a strange expression on her face, as if
they were outside of her control. Suddenly the strange
feeling that I was experiencing peaked. The area between
her hand and my cock got very warm, and there was a sudden
spark and loud popping noise. It felt like some sort of energy
had leapt from my leg into her hand. She just stared at me
for a minute, and said she had to go. Neither one of us commented
on what had just happened.
Even though we didn’t talk about it, I thought about what
had been happening between us. The energy I had read about
in the Celestine Prophecy was controllable, and it seemed
to go beyond simple attention, or even emotions like love.
This was real energy that flowed from one person to another,
and could be felt and experienced, and even seemed to be
able to have an effect on the physical world. This was an
amazing experience for me. Until this point, my experience
with this energy was somewhat abstract, having more to
do with relationships, and intangible aspects of interaction
‒ but now, I had seen it have an effect very similar to physical
electricity. I began to wonder just how deep and powerful
this could get. I would soon find out.
I eagerly anticipated the next visit from Natasha. After
our last experience, I wanted to try and go even further
in our exploration of this energy. In our last encounter,
Natasha had shown me that she was able to feel my pleasure
and so could identify exactly what felt the best to me. I
decided I would try and take that concept to the next level
and focus on sending her my pleasure, instead of just experiencing
within myself. I also visited one of my friends who sold
marijuana, and purchased a particular strain that was
supposed to be a little stronger than what I normally bought.
Armed with my intent to share my pleasure with Natasha,
and a bag full of Chocolate Thai, I was ready for whatever
could happen.
We went to one of the more secluded parks that we had found
near my house in Detroit. We talked about our past experiences
and smoked and listen to some music. Pretty soon Natasha
indicated that she wanted to give me some head, and of course
I didn’t argue. She began to suck me and stroke me, and I concentrated
on feeling and enjoying the pleasure she was giving me.
I again made an effort not to flex my penis, or tense up at
all. I simply relaxed and let the pleasure I was experiencing
flow through me. I moaned, and stroked her hair, and did
every physical thing I could to let her know just how good
she was making me feel. Pretty soon my lips and teeth started
to tingle and vibrate. This was normally the highest state
of pleasure I could attain before I came. This time, I continued
to relax and enjoy, but also did something I had never tried
before. I had already been giving Natasha all the physical
cues I could to show her how much I enjoyed her talents, but
now I also started trying to send her the pleasure I was experiencing
as well. I really don’t understand how I did it, but I do know
that it was a conscious thought to use every means at my disposal
to share my pleasure. I felt like we were connected in an
electrical circuit. As she kissed and sucked me, it sent
intense waves of pleasure through my body. I let this pleasure
build and linger, and since I was relaxed, the energy from
this pleasure didn’t dissipate. My whole body began to
vibrate at the level of pleasure I was experiencing, and
within my mind, I focused on sending this pleasure back
to Natasha. For the first time, I felt a muscle within my
brain flexing, and sending out energy on the same frequency
level as the pleasure I was experiencing. As I did this,
Natasha began to moan even louder than she normally did
when she pleasured me, and she really seemed to get into
what she was doing. Natasha said she loved to give me head,
and I believe her since she was always the one who started
it, and I had actually seen her have an orgasm from sucking
me off.
Pretty soon, not only my lips and teeth were vibrating,
but my whole body seemed to moving higher and higher up the
scale of pleasure, and I was existing on a plane I had never
been before. I felt the pleasure continue to build, and
I felt I was nearing a level of release I had never experienced.
Usually, when I am close to cumming, it feels like I am going
to explode, but before I reach that point, I ejaculate,
and the pressure is released, but this time, I felt myself
moving closer and closer to that point of explosion. The
energy was flowing through me, and back into Natasha at
a rate and level I had never felt before. It was like climbing
the ladder of pleasure, and I held on to each rung until the
next wave swept me even higher. Finally I was at the bursting
point; I felt I couldn’t contain it any longer. I lost my
breath, and felt like someone had poured freezing cold
water all over me. I was in shock and ready to explode. Then,
the strangest thing happened. The pleasure was so amazing,
felt so wonderful that I felt afraid and unworthy of it.
A million reasons seemed to flash through my mind on why
I shouldn’t be allowed to experience such a mind blowing
pleasure and joy. Tears of sadness touched my face, and
fear welled up in my mind as I teetered on the brink of orgasmic
release. Natasha must have sensed this within me because
she stopped what she was doing and looked into my eyes.
“Come on baby, cum for me”, she said.
It wasn’t just what she said, it was the way she said it. In
those simple words she let me know that I was worthy of the
pleasure she was giving me. More than that, she wanted me
to have it, and gave it freely. That pushed me over the edge,
and as I continued to try to catch my breath, I exploded into
what I now see as my first true orgasm. I reached that level
of joy and pleasure that we all instinctively know is possible
through the acts of sex, and my entire body vibrated on that
level of infinite pleasure.
The best way to describe what I felt is the use an analogy
of a fountain. The energy seemed to be flowing through us
like water, and the force and pressure had continued to
grow until it could no longer be contained within my body.
Finally it exploded and burst forth like water spraying
from a fountain. I actually felt like the energy was bubbling
forth out of my body as I tingled and vibrated in this ultimate
pleasure. I didn’t physically ejaculate, but I surely
felt like I mentally and emotionally did. I truly felt a
seemingly never ending supply of pleasure-energy pouring
forth from my body. Natasha was sitting next to me looking
into my eyes and confirmed it for me.
“Oh my God, you had an orgasm.” She said softly.
I knew she was right. For the first time in my life, I had experienced
what we go from person to person, sex act to sex act trying
to achieve. I was supremely happy and satisfied. In fact,
I had an over-abundance of pleasure within me; so much that
I couldn’t contain it. I told Natasha exactly what I felt.

“I feel like I’m vibrating”, I said.
“You are “, she confirmed.
I told her that I felt energy bubbling out of me, pouring
forth in all directions. She just looked at me and smiled.
Then it hit me. Now that I had this energy coming forth, I
should share it; send it back to its source. So I closed my
eyes, and flexed that newly found part of my brain. I imagined
focusing this stream of energy I was experiencing on Natasha,
and directing the pleasure back on her. She immediately
began to moan. I was so surprised that I stopped, opened
my eyes and looked at her. She had her eyes closed, and had
the happiest look I had ever seen on her face. When I broke
the connection, she opened her eyes and looked at me questioningly.
So I simply closed my eyes, and refocused on sending her
the energy that I was experiencing. She again started moaning,
as if she was experiencing the greatest pleasure of her
life. I couldn’t believe this was real, so I ask asked her
with my eyes closed.
“Do you feel something?”
“Yes I do, and it feels amazing.”
With confirmation that the efforts that I was making were
actually having a real effect, I closed my eyes and continued
concentrating on send Natasha the pleasure energy I felt
bubbling forth from me. We sat together enjoying this phenomenon
for about 30 minutes before I felt it begin to subside. Finally
we both opened our eyes and just stared at each other in wonder.
From that point, reaching that state of pure orgasmic bliss
was my goal in our sexual activities. There was no way I could
be satisfied by simple ejaculation. I now knew that all
the past years, I had been mistakenly called cumming or
ejaculation ‒ an orgasm. Now I knew that until that experience,
I had never actually had an orgasm. I also finally understood
why sex has such a powerful drawing power; why people always
seem to desire and focus on sex. Sure sex is a pleasurable
physical experience, even if there is no orgasm, but I felt
that I had finally discovered that treasure that humans
are always grasping for when they engage in sexual activities.
I learned that there is a transcendental connection that
is possible between humans that goes beyond anything that
had ever been described to me. We desire a connection, an
intimate sharing of energy and person which is a real and
possible phenomenon.
Now that I knew the actual mechanics behind this energy
exchange, I made up my mind to experiment with it, to find
out what allowed it, and what its limits were. Natasha and
I didn’t really talk about what happened after the first
occurrence, but after we were able to repeat it, she became
more interested in it. After a few trials, both under the
influence of marijuana and without it, I began to understand
exactly what made this miracle possible for me. Although
we tried many times, I was never able to reproduce this state
unless we both smoked first. While I don’t understand why
this is, I hypothesized that marijuana activates or enhances
some part of the brain that actually responds to this energy.
I tried many times to flex the “muscle” within my brain which
seemed to control the energy flow, but unless I had smoked
first, it only gave me a headache. Secondly, I was only able
to reach this state of orgasmic bliss after a blowjob, never
sexual intercourse. Figuring this out was a little easier.
I noticed that during sex, I tense up, my muscles are constantly
flexing as I move in an out of my partner. I concentrate on
movement, position, making sure I don’t ejaculate too
quickly, pleasing my partner, and many other things that
force me put the pleasure I am feeling further down the scale
of importance. When I am receiving a blowjob, all I have
to do is be there and enjoy it. I can concentrate on feeling
the pleasure and enjoying it. I can relax every muscle in
my body and allow the pleasurable energy to flow throughout
my entire being, while making sure to keep the energy flowing
back to its source, my caring and generous partner. As I
examined each occurrence, I reasoned that the sexual activities
were analogous to an electric starter, or a pull cord on
a lawn mower. When she gave me pleasure through oral sex,
I was able to examine and hold on to the pleasure I was experiencing.
As the level of pleasure increased I held on to it, climbing
higher and higher in frequency. Just as when someone is
angry and can actually send waves of anger to the person
they are upset with, I had learned to send waves of pleasure-energy
to someone I loved and cared for, and the physical pleasure
I experienced gave me a point of reference for exactly what
pleasure felt like. Once I had experienced my first orgasm,
I had to access to the ultimate level of pleasure, and my
mind seemed able to beam energy out on that level. So the
physical pleasure was first necessary to give my mind something
to reproduce and broadcast.
Eventually, after a few months of experiencing and sharing
this energy transfer, Natasha and I were able to achieve
it without sexual activity of any kind, although we still
needed to smoke. After she had experienced our connection
a number of times, she began to describe it as my “vibe”.
She would say that it was like I was vibrating on a very high
frequency, and would envelope her within my energy field.
She described the feeling as receiving a wonderful hug,
in and around her entire body. She said she could actually
feel me within her mind, and she could hear what sounded
like the most beautiful music possible inside her head.
When we learned to achieve this state without sexual contact,
we could jump in and out of this state at any point, whether
we were eating dinner at a restaurant, walking and talking
at the park, or even waiting in line at the movies. I constantly
proved to myself that this was real by not telling her when
I was projecting my energy towards her. Not once did she
ever say she felt it when I wasn’t sending it, and when I did
project it her way, she always closed her eyes and moaned,
and made it quite obvious she was in great pleasure. Sometimes
I’d be sending her energy and would stop, and peer through
half closed eyes at her, to see what her reaction was. She
would always open her eyes and look at me questioningly,
as if to ask why I stopped.
Soon other beings began to react to our energy exchange.
It began with babies and animals first. There was one occasion
we were at the park, just enjoying the day. A family came
by and settled down for a picnic near us, with their young
child, barely able to walk. Our vibing had become such a
natural part of our relationship, that I thought nothing
of sending her energy, even when other people were around
‒ since I thought no one was aware of it but us. As soon as I
started sending her this pleasure energy, the toddler
got up from her parents and walked over to where Natasha
and I were. She had a huge smile on her face, and she sat down
next to us, happily looking back and forth between us. We
both smiled at her, and I included her in our energy exchange.
She started laughing, and looked as happy as can be. Her
parents walked over and picked her up to take her back to
the blanket where they were about to eat, and the little
girl started crying loudly. She actually began fighting
to get out of her father’s arms, so she could come back to
where we sat. After they sat her down, she ran back to Natasha
and I, who were complete strangers, and again sat down happily
between us. Her parents again came and retrieved her, and
apologized for the disturbance. I smiled and told them
it was no problem. I told them I didn’t mind if their child
played near us for a while. Eventually the little girl made
such a fuss that they left her near us, although they looked
totally confused as to why their young daughter wanted
to be near two strangers, instead of her family. I cannot
be sure the little girl felt my energy, but I can find no other
logical reason for her actions. Finally, Natasha and I
left that area, still sharing this vibe as we walked. We
passed a bunch of Canadian geese that lived in the park.
There were a number of people feeding them when we walked
by. As we passed, the entire gaggle of geese stopped eating
and began to follow Natasha and me. I thought it was quite
strange because we had no food to give them, and they were
leaving a guaranteed food source to follow us. My thoughts
are that these animals and the young girl were able to feel
the love, care and acceptance that I was sending to Natasha,
and recognized it and wanted to be part of it. When we were
in this state, there was no fear, or hatred, or judgment,
only love, and certain people and animals seemed to feel
and respond to this love.
When we went out to dinner, or some other place where there
were lots of people, they always seemed to be extra polite
and eager to help. Natasha and I had mastered this flow of
energy, although in our relationship, it was always one
way, from me to her. I had learned to send it in public as well
as in private, and now I had learned to send it with my eyes
open, so I could see the effect it was having on her, as well
as the other people around us. When we shared this vibe,
the air around us seemed to sparkle; the energy seemed almost
tangible to me, and when people stepped into our energy
filled space, they always seemed to be in the best of spirits.
Unfortunately, our relationship finally ended. Even
before I had left for Saginaw, I had been planning on moving
to Tennessee to help my friend manage his restaurant. I
invited Natasha to come with me. She said she really wanted
to, but she wanted to get married before she was willing
to leave home. I told her that I loved her, and could definitely
see marriage in our future, but I was not ready to rush into
it, since we had really only known each other for about six
months, and that really wasn’t enough time to make such
a decision. I suggested that we live together in Tennessee
for a while, and if we both felt the same after that, then
we could get married. Natasha didn’t want to live together
first, and so we slowly drifted apart as neither of us was
willing to change our plans. I look back on our ending with
some sadness because our relationship was so magical and
amazing, and it’s sad that we couldn’t work out our differences.
Years passed and although I dated many women, I was never
able to achieve the connection, intimacy, and ultimately
establish the “vibe” that I had discovered with Natasha.
I told a select few about my experiences, but no one really
seemed to believe me. They humored me, but there was no way
I could prove it to them, and they certainly had never experienced
what I described in their own lives. It was also hard to explore
my experiences with my mainstream friends because it required
two ingredients that were either illegal, or taboo ‒ marijuana
and oral sex. Eventually, I almost began to question to
myself if my experiences were real. Luckily, I received
some confirmation from an old college friend.
About three years after my experiences with Natasha, I
was contacted by a female friend that I had grown very close
to when I was attending college. This was another one of
my cherished relationships that had developed based on
absolute honesty. Kanetra was amazingly intelligent,
and open to discuss anything and everything, and during
my first year at college had become one of my best friends.
We would stay up late into the night, walking around the
campus of Florida A&M University, talking about anything
that came to mind. After getting to know her, I really wanted
her to be my girlfriend, but she wasn’t interested in being
tied down in her first year of college, so we just became
great friends. Even after I left school without graduating,
we kept in contact, talking on the phone and writing letters.
Eventually that ended as she returned to school and got
her degree and became a teacher, so I was pleasantly surprised
when she contacted me nine years later by email. She told
me that she thought of me often, and recently had a burning
desire to contact me and find out what had been happening
in my life. I was very happy to hear from her, and told her
that my 27th birthday was fast approaching, and I was looking
for some way to celebrate it. She reminded me that our birthdays
were very close together and suggested that we get together
to celebrate. I thought it was a great idea, and made arrangements
for her to come visit me in Detroit. I made reservations
at the best hotel in the city, and planned a few surprises
for her.
Soon the appointed day came and I picked her up from the airport.
She looked very much the same as I remembered her, and it
was like we were never separated. She had a knack for understanding
me that most women lacked, and it was wonderful to be in her
presence again. We caught up and talked about old times
and she told me a few things I had never known. She shared
with me the fact that she had been in love with me when we were
in college, but was too shy to tell me. She said that I had
been the only man she had known thus far that she wanted to
marry, and wished she had told me how she felt much earlier
in our relationship. I was very flattered by the things
she was saying, and I told her that my feelings for her had
been very strong as well. I showed her around the city, and
we stopped by my apartment were I picked up some clothes,
and made her one of my famous, Juice-man fresh juice mixes.
I asked her if she minded that I smoked marijuana, and she
told me that she had tried it once or twice and had no problem
with it. I had a friend who worked in the hotel we were staying
in, who also sold weed, and had arranged for him to leave
it in the safe in my room. We stopped by the hotel, dropped
our clothes off, and I rolled a joint to smoke before dinner.
We went out, and had a wonderful night, going to my favorite
restaurant for dinner, and then went out to a show.
We returned to our room after a wonderful evening, and it
was so great to be back in the presence of a woman who I was
attracted to, and viewed as a wonderful friend. We continued
to talk well into the night, until she told me that she wanted
me to make love to her. Our relationship had always been
a platonic friendship, and she said that she didn’t want
to miss another opportunity to enjoy me as more than friends.
Since she was very attractive and sexy, she really didn’t
have to ask twice. We kissed and touched and finally consummated
our relationship after all those years. After about two
hours of great sex, I ask Kanetra if she had ever had sex while
high on weed. She said she hadn’t, but loved me and trusted
me so much, that she’d be willing to try it. I rolled up another
joint, and showed her how to smoke it properly. Soon we were
both high and feeling very good. We made love again, this
time without a condom. She told me that she wasn’t on the
pill, so I couldn’t cum inside her, so when she was satisfied,
she asked if she could finish me off with a blowjob. Of course
I said yes, and she went to work enthusiastically. Pretty
soon my body was tingling and vibrating in that manner I
hadn’t experienced since Natasha, three years earlier.
She kept going with her wonderful oral skills until I once
again exploded in orgasmic pleasure, a feeling that I had
started to think I would never experience again.
Since this wasn’t a new experience for me, I knew exactly
what to do with the excess energy the orgasm provided, but
I wondered to myself if Kanetra would be able to feel it like
Natasha did. I needn’t have worried. As soon as I started
projecting my pleasure vibe towards her, she closed her
eyes and started moaning. I stopped my emanations and asked
her what she felt. She told me that she couldn’t explain
it, but felt joy and pleasure within her mind and body. She
said it was something she had never experienced before
but she loved the way it felt. She asked if it was a side effect
of the weed. I told her to just enjoy it, and I would explain
later. She happily agreed to continue the experience,
so I held in her in my arms, sending her my pleasure energy
for another forty-five minutes, and we just enjoyed the
vibe. Finally, the energy began to subside, and we returned
to earth. She asked me to explain what happened, and I gave
her a brief account of my past experiences, and told her
that I had consciously made this happen. She seemed a bit
skeptical, but was very tired after our exciting night,
and so went to sleep accepting my explanation.
Kanetra woke me up early the next day. Her flight was leaving
later on in the evening, and she said she wanted to make the
most of the remaining day. She asked me about the previous
night, and the energy transfer she had experienced. She
said she wasn’t sure what had happened, but it seemed like
the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her. She
asked me if it was real, if it really happened like she remembered.
I told her more about how I had come to learn how to do this,
and she told me that she wanted to try it again. We had about
an hour before the hotel served a huge brunch, so I agreed
to try it again. Amazingly, right after we finished smoking,
I was able to send my energy, and she was able to receive it.
Although it had taken Natasha and me months to get to the
point where we didn’t need sexual activity to activate
this energy, Kanetra and I only needed one night. We sat
on the bed and I held her, and shared my vibe with her and she
moaned and rocked contentedly. Finally it was time to go
eat brunch and she reluctantly left the room. I continued
to experiment with this energy on the elevator ride to the
top of the hotel, and while we waited in line. Every time
I focused on sending her my energy, she would close her eyes
and start to moan, and it seemed as if she had no control of
it. Regardless if there were people around or not, it didn’t
seem to matter. When we were waiting in line to go into the
restaurant, I stopped sending my energy because I didn’t
want to draw attention to her, and cause any embarrassment,
but she kept nudging me, whispering to me that she wanted
more and more. Finally I saw that she didn’t care and gave
her as much as she wanted; and only stopped once the doors
were opened, and we needed to walk in to the restaurant.
Once we were inside, I didn’t send her much because I wanted
to concentrate on eating. The brunch was $25 per person,
and some of the best food I had ever eaten. Finally we left
and went out to explore the city until it was time for her
to catch her flight back home. For the rest of the day, we
would pop in and out of our private vibe, and she made it quite
clear to me that this was a real occurrence and not something
that I was imagining. I was personally very relieved to
have another person share this experience and confirm
for me that was I had learned w

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