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How I ended up with my girlfriends mother


Debbie and I had dated on and off for most of our high school
years. It was during one of our “on” stretches that
this story begins.

Debbie and I were hanging around her house one summer afternoon,
talking about where we should go on our date later that night.
Of course I wanted to go to the drive in theater so I had a better
chance of getting lucky. She hadn’t been willing to fuck
yet during our senior year but Debbie had made some real
progress. It was only a matter of time before she was going
to not stop.

Kissing gave way to some serious touching and I mean a lot
of touching including under her bra and inside of her panties.
I knew she was close and I wanted to be the lucky guy who was
with her when it happened. I mean I had put in all the work
with her so why should I let some other stranger walk in and
finish the job. . And not to suggest I hung around Debbie
just so I could get laid but that was one of the reasons along
with a few others. She was also cute, fun to be with and I loved
the way she looked at me even if we were just holding hands.
She had that rare combination of sex appeal to go along with
her girl next door image.

So as we sat around her house and I suggested the drive in
movie theater and she was resisting that idea for all the
obvious reasons. “There’s a band playing that I want
to hear, ” she said as her choice for our date later that
night. Now I realized that meant we would be surrounded
by a lot of people but it didn’t mean we wouldn’t leave
early and go park on some dark country road. In other words,
my chances were still good even if it meant I would have to
wait a few hours more than if we just one to the outdoor theater.

Just then her phone rang and Debbie jumped off the sofa and
ran to answer it. I just loved watching her tight little
ass wiggle as she ran to the phone wearing a great pair of
tight shorts. There was a gold mine under those shorts and
as I sat there watching her; I was even more determined to
dig into.

“Ok. I understand. Just wait there, ” I heard her say
before she hung up the phone. Debbie then turned with her
bright smile and long blonde hair and told me to wait at her
house because she had to go get her little brother who was
at the ball park. I sure the hell was not going anyway because
I had a sense this was the night Debbie was ripe and ready.

On our last date Debbie had actually taken off her bra after
a lot of kissing and heavy touching. That was a real sign
of progress and something she had always resisted before.
There I was in the front seat of my car with her soft little
tits free for me to hold and I loved every second of it. Debbie’s
nipples always got hard and with her bra off, it was so much
easier to feel them in my hands.

And I also sensed Debbie was just about there if it hadn’t
been for her curfew. But she checked her watch and realized
she needed to get home so she wouldn’t be in trouble. Of
course, her timing couldn’t have been worse since I also
had my hand down her panties and was getting her pussy juicier
than it had ever been before.

In fact the last few times we were making out and I slipped
my hand down her panties, Debbie gasped before she would
tell me, “Only for a few minutes and then you have to stop
touching me down there.” I always agreed but she never
really told me to stop once I got her attention.

So Debbie backed her mother’s car down their driveway
while I sat on the sofa thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts.
My dick was half hard and it was becoming a challenge to remain
sitting, so I stood up and walked around hoping the dam thing
would go down for the time being. But my dick had a mind of
its own and at that young age, once it got hard, it stayed
hard until I jacked it off.

“Oh shit, why is this happening now, ” I said to myself
as I walked down the hall headed for the bathroom. I thought
I was alone in the house when I opened the bathroom door and
saw her mother, Trish standing with only a towel around
her waist fixing her hair in front of the mirror.

It was one of those moments in a young boy’s life that he
will never forget. I looked at Trish as she looked at me and
my eyes began to water. There before me was this grown woman,
standing calmly in front of the sink with her large soft
breasts hanging on her chest like two giant ripe melons.

So I froze up in the doorway looking at her massive tits with
his huge bulge in the front of my shorts. And Trish didn’t
move or try and cover herself as our eyes locked onto one
another’s. Then she glanced down at the bulge in the front
of my shorts. “You better not get her pregnant this summer.
She is going to college in the fall, ” her mother said
as she reached out and slammed the door in my face.

I left immediately and headed home. Debbie called my house
as soon as she got back home with her little brother and left
me a message to call her. I eventually called Debbie and
she asked me why I left her house without waiting for her.
I lied and told her I didn’t feel well. “Well are you
feeling alright now?” she asked with her sweet soft voice.
I told her I was much better and agreed to pick her up at eight
to take her to see the band she wanted to see.

I was a nervous wreck the entire date and Debbie kept making
it worse for me by rubbing up against me and sneaking a kiss
every now and then. Her body was so soft and so warm it was
hard to keep my hands off of her. By eleven I stopped fighting
my urges and took Debbie out in the country to a spot we parked
at many times before.

I don’t know if it was her perfume, her soft hair or her
willing lips but it didn’t take long before my dick was
throbbing hard. And yes I kept hearing her mother’s words
ringing in my ears but my hormones were too powerful to resist.
Within five minutes her blouse came off and her bra followed
soon after. Still I had moment of sanity where I would stop
and asked Debbie what time it was almost hoping her curfew
was near.

“Don’t worry. We have plenty of time, ” She whispered
back as our lips went drawn together like magnets. The heat
was incredible as it made it even easier since Debbie had
worn a short skirt which meant my hand touched her panties
almost immediately. Her hundred pound frame shivered
in my arms once I felt her wet swollen pussy and knew it was

What I had worked for and waited for was right there for the
taking and now I was scared to death to take that last step.
Debbie was oblivious to my hesitations had just kept nibbling
on my neck and whimpering in my arms. I remember reaching
for her panties and feeling them slipping down her legs.
Debbie had never let me go this far since we started dating.

Any doubts I had about her left as soon as I watched her lay
down on my front seat, obviously ready to lose her virginity.
I told myself no but my hard cock was screaming at me to go
for it as I climbed on top of her. Debbie was trembling under
me and I was shaking as I found her wet slippery crack and
bumped against it with the head of my cock.

I looked down once and saw her face was filled with terror.
Even though I was young, I understood what a big event in
a girl’s life this would be. I had done it a few times a year
earlier with a girl who came home for the summer from college.
And over that summer she had taught me everything I thought
I knew. Debbie reached up and kissed me softly on my lips
as the mushroom head of my cock rested at her opening but
had not yet entered her.

When our soft kiss ended Debbie laid back down still shaking
as I pushed forward and felt her pussy lips wrapping themselves
around my shaft. Somehow in all the tension and lust Debbie
didn’t stop me. I also don’t think she realized I had
eight inches to somehow squeeze into her before I cut loose
on her.

It took us a few tries but eventually Debbie managed to accommodate
all of my cock in her very tight tunnel although she gasped
a lot and pushed at me to slow me down as much as she could.
She was swinging her arms up at me as if she was still trying
to get use to having a hard man inside of her womb for the first
time. So I moved extremely slowly at first not wanting to
her hurt while fighting my urges to fuck her for all it was

I had tried for three years and now that is was mine to enjoy
I was suddenly scared. What if Debbie gets pregnant and
how would I ever be able to face her mother again. But still
I kept sliding my dick in and out of her with more and more
force as my hormones were about to explode. “We need to
stop, ” I heard her say once she sensed I was about to cum
in her.

“I know, ” I said as my dick kept pounding her harder
and harder. And then it all happened so quickly and before
I knew it my cock began to spasm. I pulled out as soon as I could
and sprayed my hot cum all over her stomach. Debbie laid
on her back and shook as my dick kept erupting in front of

I had been producing massive amounts of cum for the past
year or so. For me it was normal but apparently for Debbie
she was not prepared for my volume. I quickly handed her
some tissue telling her how sorry I was while feeling about
as embarrassed as I had ever felt before. She didn’t say
much as she sat up and found her panties on the floor of my

“Oh shit, ” Debbie said at one point as we both began
to get dressed. “What?” I asked. I felt you shoot once
or twice inside of me and now it’s leaking out, ” She
said with a nervous voice. We had gone from being two out
of control teenagers lost in our lust to now being two scared
teenagers that may have just produced a baby together.

I was also a nervous wreck for a week before Debbie called
me and said we were safe while softly telling me she had just
gotten her period. I immediately hung up the phone and drove
over to her house just to make sure I had heard her correctly.
Debbie was sitting on her front porch in their swing with
her mother when I pulled up.

Of course we couldn’t talk but the way Debbie smiled at
me made me feel so relieved that I could hardly walk. And
then there was Trish who simply glared at me as I walked up
their front steps. I hadn’t seen Trish since the last
time I saw her topless in her bathroom and quite honestly
I felt she hated me.

I could swear the woman knew I had fucked her daughter just
by the way she kept looking at me. Debbie got up and grabbed
my hand as she pulled me off the porch to go for a walk. “Mom
is pissed at both of us, ” Debbie said when we got far enough
away so her mother couldn’t’ hear us. “Why?” I
asked as we held hands and walked down the sidewalk.

Debbie explained the moment I brought her home after our
last date; her mother was waiting up for her.”She took
one look and me and said she knew I was no longer a virgin, ”
Debbie said as I stopped and looked at her confused. Before
I could even say another word, Debbie said, “So now I have
to leave to get away from you and spend a few weeks with my

I must have looked either sad or angry because she smiled
and added, “At least I’m not pregnant. So you should
be kind of happy.” Of course I was relieved but Debbie
had become irresistible whenever I was around her. Now
I would have to spend a few weeks without her and that didn’t
set well with me. And now that she had let me screw her I naturally
wanted even more. Even on our walk, I felt my dick filling
with blood and all we were doing was holding hands.

When we turned around six blocks later Debbie grinned as
she moved tight next to me and pressed her incredible lips
against mine. Holding her in arms now that we had become
lovers the last time we were together drove me crazy. “If
I didn’t have my period we could do it one more time before
I have to leave, ” She whispered as I continued to hold
her slender body tight to mine.

Debbie then made me her promise her I would not date other
girls while she was at her father’s for two weeks. I promised
her I would behave although by then she could feel my cock
getting harder and pressing against her crotch. “Come
back at seven tonight and say good bye to me, ” She said
before we turned to walk back towards her mother’s house.

I returned just before seven and kissed Debbie good bye
as her father put her suitcases in his trunk. She got teary
eyed when she got into his car waved good bye to me for the
last time. What was supposed to be a two week visit turned
into three weeks and a whole month. Obviously her parents
were going to do everything they could to keep me getting
her pregnant before it was time to leave for her to leave
for college.

Their plan worked because Debbie got home only two days
before her mother drove her off to college. And although
we saw each other twice, her mother wouldn’t let her go
on a date with me. The rumor around town was that Debbie got
knocked up by a professor during her first semester at college
and supposedly got married.

I attended tech school and got into the trades never thinking
our paths would ever meet again. Seven years later I had
worked my way up to foreman at a local heating and cooling
company and was going over the daily work tickets when one
in particular caught my eye. I remember chuckling to myself
as I looked at the address and realized it was the house Debbie
use to live at.

One of my crews was going to install a new furnace so I made
it a point to stop by pretending to be checking on them. I
was really just curious to see if the old house would bring
back any memories. I knocked on the back door and was shocked
when this stylish older woman walked up to her back door
smiling at me. I knew it was Debbie’s mom but at first I
couldn’t remember her name. After all it had been seven
or eight years since I last saw her.

“I’m just here to check on the crew, ” I told her as
she opened the door and kept looking at me oddly. Trish’s
eyebrows wrinkled as she stared at me trying to figure out
why I looked so familiar. And I might add I did let my own eyes
roam over her chest and all those memories of seeing her
big tits exposed suddenly came rushing back.

I probably shouldn’t have taken advantage of Trish but
I also remembered how much she hated when I dated her daughter.
I headed down to the basement to check on the guys before
walking back up to steps and found Trish still standing
where I had left her. So I smiled and said to her, “So how
is Debbie doing these days?”

Immediately Trish grinned and replied, “Oh my goodness.
I thought I knew you but I just couldn’t put my finger on
it.” We both laughed for a few moments. “Debbie and
her husband live in California. He teaches out there, ”
Trish said confirming the rumors I had heard the year she
left for college.

While standing there it easy to admire Trish even if she
was in her mid forties by then. But it was still an awkward
moment for both of us before I wished her well and left. Two
weeks later I received an order to go to Trish’s home to
check on the furnace since she claimed it was making some
funny noises. I decided to take the call myself and drove
back to her home after lunch.

As it turned out there was absolutely nothing wrong with
the furnace and I began to feel like Trish just wanted another
chance to see me again. And this may sound really stupid
but I felt this connection with Trish even though she was
in her forties and I was still only twenty five.

“So how have you been?” she asked looking nervous but
very appealing. I explained to her I loved my job and things
were going smoothly. “Do you have a girl friend?” she
asked as she tilted her head like her daughter use to. Trish
had sandy blonde hair, not as blonde as her daughters but
the two of them definitely looked a lot alike. Maybe it was
just bringing back old feelings I once had but I didn’t
really want to leave either.

I told Trish I dated every now and then but nothing too serious
yet. The long silent pause got uncomfortable as we looked
at each other without having anything else to say. “Well
I should be going, ” I told Trish as she smiled and walked
me to her back door. And then I felt her hand touch my arm gently
as she said, “I hope to see you again sometime.” And
it wasn’t like she was hitting on me but more of a genuinely
honest comment from an old friend.

I walked out the door and headed for my truck when Trish called
out from the back porch, “Would you like to come over for
dinner some night?” I was surprised by the offer and felt
rattled being around Trish just like I use to feel being
around her daughter. “Sure that would be great, ”
I said to her as she smiled with a sparkle in her blue eyes.

I had a date the following week but quite honestly all I was
doing was thinking about Trish of all people. The woman
was almost my mother’s age yet I couldn’t get her out
of my mind. So one afternoon while I was checking on jobs,
I drove my truck past Trish’s house not sure I should even
stop because I might looked stupid if I stopped for no reason.

My plan was to just drive by the old house but when I pasted
by I saw Trish on her front porch swing and she saw me. She
waved so I pulled my truck over and got out having no idea
what I would say to her. “I see you got my message, ”
Trish said as I climbed up the steps onto the porch. I explained
that I didn’t get a message and asked her what is said.
“Well that’s funny. I call you the day after you were
here. Must have been two weeks ago by now, ” Trish said
with a warm gentle smile on her face.

She moved over on the swing so I sat down next to her instantly
smelling her sweet perfume. “I never got any message, ”
I said again not sure where this was headed. Trish explained
she called my office and invited me to dinner. “But when
you didn’t return my call, I just figured you were too
busy, ” she said as we sat next to each other, again feeling
very awkward.

Trish was a stunning forty six year old woman so she definitely
must have a lot of men her own age after her. And I was a pretty
good looking young man who seemed to be popular with the
ladies my own age. Yet for some reason Trish and I were attracted
to one another although neither of us could admit that.

Trish and I sat together on her swing and rocked back and
forth not really talking much for about five minutes. I
hadn’t felt that much tension being around a female in
a really long time. “Well I guess I should be going, ”
I finally said although I would have gladly just sat next
to her on the swing for the rest of the day. But I had a job and
needed to check on some crews.

“Are you free for dinner tonight?” she asked with her
blue eyes putting me in some sort of strange spell. “Sure,
what time”? I asked Trish as she stood up and walked me
to my truck. As she walked me to my truck she said “How about

I had gone to that same house so many times with only one thing
on my mind. But now when I drove to Trish’s to have dinner
I wasn’t thinking about sex at all. It was simply too bizarre
to even think about. Trish wore a nice skirt and blouse which
completely hid her ample chest. I decided I must be crazy
for even having a few of those thoughts when she clearly
wasn’t thinking the same way based on her top.

Dinner was really good and Trish was pleasant and interesting
as we chatted about my life, her life and I even brought up
Debbie a few times but I noticed Trish got uncomfortable
talking about her daughter especially with me. We were
done eating by eight and I had no clue what I should do or say
after that. Trish had just cleared the table when she asked
if I wanted to go for a walk since it was a beautiful night

I followed her down her front steps as we walked side by side
for four blocks without saying a word. My heart was beating
like a drum in my chest being next to her although it still
made no sense. And then Trish softly said, ” This doesn’t
mean anything, ” before she reached out and took hold
of my hand.

Just feeling her softness and smelling her perfume truly
affected me as we continued walking together silently
hold hands. She turned us around about eight blocks from
her house and slowly we strolled next to one another under
a star filled night sky. When we reached my truck, Trish
turned to me and smiled before she said, “You better go
now.” I left wondering if she wasn’t having the same
temptations I was having.

I didn’t hear from Trish for another five weeks although
I thought of her constantly. I also wondered if she also
thought about me but obviously I was showing my age because
she never called. And then one morning when I arrived at
work I found a note on my desk telling me to call Trish.

Instantly I felt excited as I dialed her number feeling
my blood pressure rising by the second. “Hello, ”
Trish said as even her voice made me dizzy just hearing it.
Trish asked how I was doing before telling me Debbie and
her three children were coming for a visit and she wondered
if I wanted to stop by and say hi to her daughter.

It would be nice to see Debbie again but secretly I wished
Trish would have been calling because she is the one I really
wanted to see. Trish told me to stop by on Saturday afternoon
around two and surprise Debbie. And when Saturday rolled
around I drove over a little leery for some reason but curious
to see how Debbie turned out.

As you can imagine Debbie was even more stunning than I remembered
and yes, we hugged like old friends but the spark we once
shared was gone and we both felt it. Debbie and I chatted
for a long time while Trish watched her three little kids
and reminisced about old times. At one point Debbie pulled
me off the porch and asked me to go for a walk with her.

Debbie had also developed hardness about her or at least
I felt she had. When we got about a block away from her mother’s
home Debbie turned to me and asked, “Are you and my mother
having an affair?” I backed up and chuckled while looking
into her eyes. “Why in the world would you think that?”
I asked Debbie. Apparently my response made her angry because
her face got serious as she stared at me without blinking.

“Well she talks about you all the time, ” Debbie said
as I turned to walk back to Trish’s house without her.
Debbie ran to catch up to me as we walked back without saying
another word to one another. I said good bye to her kids and
Trish before I got in my car and drove off.

The next week when I pulled into the shop at the end of a long
day, I was shocked to see Trish standing by her car. There
was something in her eyes that did something to me as I walked
up to her. She was just about to speak when I reached for her
and gently pressed my lips to hers and I didn’t’ care
who was watching us.

The kiss was the best of my life and although I risked by slapped
when I let her go, it would still have been worth it. Her warmth
inviting lips lingered against mine for the longest time
as I felt her heart beating as fast as mine. And when I let
Trish go, she moved back a few steps gasping for air. “I
just wanted to tell you Debbie called and said she was sorry
for whatever you two argued about, ” Trish mumbled after
our embrace.

I may have misplayed my hand completely but I didn’t care.
I heard what Trish had said but I still moved towards her
anyway and pulled her back into my arms once more. After
an even more torrid kiss, Trish shook when I let her go. “Debbie
asked me if we were having an affair, ” I told Trish as
her eyes light up. “What did you tell her?” Trish asked
as she tried to straighten her blouse.

“I didn’t tell her anything, ” I explained as I moved
towards Trish yet again. “No stop. Not here, ” Trish
said as I dropped off my paperwork and followed her back
to her house.

What we experienced together that night was more amazing
than words can describe. Trish was waiting in her living
room when I walked in and immediately she told me we needed
to stop before we did something we might regret. “The
kiss was wonderful but that’s as far as we are going to
go, ” She said as I walked up to her and pulled her back
into my arms. She quickly tilted her head and began to melt
in my arms.

My dick was hard within seconds as Trish kept nibbling on
my lips while she struggled to control herself. This gracefully
creature had a life time of experiences yet she savored
being in my young arms. When my hands slowly came up and held
her soft breasts for the first time, Trish began to really
quiver. “I remember when I saw them long ago, ” I said
as I watched my hands finally touching the mounds on her
blouse. Trish smiled as she told me she remembered too.

“Follow me, ” She said softly as she led me down the
hall and into her bedroom. With each button on her blouse
that came undone the excitement grew for both of us. Her
eyes were glazed over when I slipped her blouse off her slender
shoulders and watched it drop to the floor. Trish had a pink
lacy bra holding her massive assets in place but it didn’t
stay on for very long.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked standing in front
of me wearing her sexy bra. I nodded yes while admiring the
size of her chest when Trish reached behind and unhooked
her bra. Her breasts had begun to sag a little from the last
time I saw them but they still felt perfect in the palms of
my hands. They felt like two giant loaves of warm dough as
I squeezed them while we continued kissing one another.
Trish was heating up quickly and in turn she was making me
hotter than I had ever been.

This was an aggressive mature woman in my arms and I loved
it. Our crotches were grinding against one another’s
over and over as my hardness continued to grow along with
her wetness. Once we were down to just her panties and my
shorts I lifted Trish up in my arms and cradled her like a
baby as I carried her to her bed.

The fire in her blue eyes was amazing. Trish devoured my
eight inches of hardness in ways I had never experienced
before. Her tongue would swirl for a few seconds around
the head of my cock before I would feel her mouth swallow
my shaft which caused me to shake even more. The pressure
in my balls grew quickly as I fought to hold back my first
orgasm. But Trish knew what she was doing and worked on me
until she got what she wanted.

Once I began to erupt I heard her gagging a lot but she never
stopped sucking every drop of cum I had to offer. Using her
hand she just kept stroking me while she sucked my dick dry.
All that we had left to conquer were her panties and Trish
resisted the first time I tried to remove them. I may have
only been twenty six but I can safely say I had never seen
a pussy more beautiful than Trish’s. The sandy blonde
hair above it and on the sides of her lips only highlighted
the bright pink folds of slippery flesh shaping her vagina
like a master piece of artwork.

With just a few swipes of my tongue Trish began to buck her
hips as I went to work on her womanhood full steam ahead.
She climaxed within twenty seconds as I held her in place
while her body tried to flop around on the bed. And when she
climaxed the second time her body began to curl up in the
fetal position.

But I was determined and forced her onto her back so I could
spread her legs and continue tasting her. My tongue kept
licking and licking as Trish whimpered the whole time.
Her love button had popped out from under its cover a long
time before as I pinched it with my fingers as my tongue darted
in and out of her crack. I didn’t realize at the time that
Trish’s was being pushed over the cliff for the first
time in four or five years.

I don’t know if she climaxed again but at one point I simply
stopped licking her pussy and climbed on top of her ready
to do even more damage. Her breasts were pumping on her chest
as I moved my hard dick into position and slowly began to
split her open. Trish had comfortable hips and moved with
me as my shaft slowly made its way deep into her rather tight,
very slippery hole.

Our first fuck on the night was slow and very tender considering
the fact we were both on the verge of insanity. Yet Trish
and I managed to work together in harmony as if we had done
this many times before. Her inner muscles gripped my throbbing
organ causing even more blood to rush into my dick. “You
feel wonderful, ” she whispered once while I stroked
my cock in and out of her pussy.

And I saw in her eyes a true peacefulness I had never seen
in a woman’s eyes before when I was making love. Trish
and I kissed often and at the same time kept our hips moving
together like a well oiled machine. After a few harder thrusts
I felt like I bumped up against her cervix which caused Trish’s
eyes to grow wider for a few seconds each time it happened.

And even though I was hotter than hot, after my blow job I
didn’t feel the urge to need to cum and wreck what we were
sharing. It was truly a life altering experience for both
of us. After ten minutes or more Trish held my cheeks in her
hands and looked into my eyes while she whispered to me,
“I want you to cum inside of me.” If it wasn’t true
love we were sharing then I don’t know what true love is.

By then the pressure had grown and I knew it would only take
me a few more hard jabs for my balls to explode. Trish’s
eyes locked onto my face as I bore down on her and went to work.
I heard her gasping under me as the first knot of thick cum
squeezed down my tube and shot out into her warm tight pussy.
“Oh my goodness, ” Trish muttered once I began to erupt
inside of her for the first time. And at twenty six once I
began to cum, I can’t stop until I nearly pass out.

Trish and I cleaned up after savoring our first union and
spent the next few hours in her bed laughing, kissing and
snuggling as if we were truly soul mates. I had never experienced
a woman like Trish before, during and afterwards sex. We
would be lying there joking about something and she would
just lean over and kiss me for no reason. Or I would rest my
hand on one of her soft mushy breasts and talk as if we were
sitting at her table discussing the weather. We were completely
comfortable being naked on the bed next to one another.

When the morning sun finally rose I looked over and saw Trish
resting on her side waiting for me to wake up. It had been
fantastic to snuggle next to her naked body while we slept
after making love early in the night. “Good Morning, ”
She said smiling from ear to ear. And when she leaned close
to offer me a morning kiss, I pulled her tight to my body and
we started up all over again.

“I love making love in the morning, ” she said once
she had my cock hard as a rock. Her fantastic body slowly
straddled mine as I laid on my back and felt her lower her
warm slippery pussy down over my throbbing cock again.
“Oh fuck, ” She said once while humping my pole as if
her life depending on it. I watched, listened to the deep
moans coming from her chest while I played with her tits
which swung back and forth in front of my face. When I exploded
sometime later, Trish shook on top of me the entire time.

I showered afterwards wondering what was going to come
of Trish and I hooking up. After all I was twenty six and she
was forty seven so where was our future. Trish and I then
began a torrid affair and eventually she asked me to move
in with her. Debbie found out about us and stopped talking
to her mother and my parents were not jumping for joy either.
But Trish and I were very happy together so in the end that
was all that was really important.

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Great story, thank you for taking the time to share. Older
women stories are always hot and this one was great. You
had a lot of detail and I appreciated the way you broke up
paragraphs. That made it much easier to read


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Great story. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Do what makes you happy and hell with the rest


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Very well written with intricate description, both physically
and psychologically.


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Thank you and would adore more!


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The only problem we see is it took too long, seven years earlier
would have been best


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Have been with older women when I was younger. It was the
best. They are sooo ready to please and they don't bleed
and they never tell and they are always grateful as hell...

Miss those days... You gave me good old memories...


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excellent, well written story! a tad long, but worth waiting
on the climax!!


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very sexy story. love doing moms, right honey?


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Avery well written story, do keep on writing more…….