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Houston and the start of the Halloween Party


"I can't believe i just let you fuck my ass"
Tifa laughed. She buried her face into the bed and let out
a small hight pitched scream before speaking again "and
i really can't believe i liked it" She shook her
head back and forth as if trying to shake off some spider
webs she had walked into. "I can't believe that
made me cum" she said again disbelieving.

"twice" i added.

"yes thank you Dave. You made me cum a lot more then
twice." she said into the mattress.

"true, but i made you cum twice fucking you in the ass"
I said proudly smiling at the back of her head.

"yes thank you" she snorted.

"anything to help" i replied

"Dave" she said

"Yes?" I replied

"shut up" she said dryly.

I couldn't help myself and let out a laugh and rolled
on my back and stared at my high vaulted ceiling thinking
about what had just happened. The sex had been awkward at
times, light hearted at others, and then totally erotic
in the end. But the gut wrenching orgasm i had still gave
my stomach phantom twinges long after it had finished.
Tifa drug her face across my sheets and turned to face me
"i can't believe you did that to me" She
said smiling. I felt a little pang of guilt hit me and started
to worry i did something she didn't want "i can't
believe you made me scream" she laughed and melted
the guilt away.

"i am glad you liked it" i said and gave her soft
kiss at the end of her nose. She reached out with a long arm
and pulled me toward her in a hug. She brought her lips to
mine and slithered her tongue into my mouth swirling it
around mind. After a few moments of passionate hungry kisses
we broke and she laid her head on my shoulder "why couldn't
i have met you two years ago" she sighed. When i questioned
her what she meant she shook her head and changed the subject.

"so now i am one of your harem" she questioned
then laughed at her own words.

"i don't have a harem" i joked back "i
couldn't get a girl to date me even if i paid her"

"ever thought about going after one that didn't
have a boyfriend?" she laughed. "wow i suddenly
feel like a whore" she finished spreading a horrified
look cross her beautiful face.

She lifted her body up onto her side and let her head rest
on her hand "you know i have never cheated before now"
She ran her dark hand against my chest and seemed to smile
at the contrast "you really have lost a lot of weight"
she followed seemingly changing the subject. I told her
thank you and ran the backs of my fingers down her thin arm.
She shivered from the tickle of my actions then smiled again
"honestly though you are the only one"

I was trying to keep track of how many different conversations
we were having at one time and just nodded. "you ok?"
I asked worried that she was very much regretting what we
had just done. Tifa leaned forward and kissed me lightly
on the lips "yeah, my boyfriend goes out on weekends
to clubs and is out all night. I know he cheats on me and i have
even caught him a few times" she sighed.

"why don't you just leave him" I asked completely
shocked that she would put up with all that (yeah i know it's

"it's complicated" she said with a very
sad look on her face "very complicated"

The look on her face somehow made me feel very sad for her,
i didn't know what "complicated" meant
for her but i did know i wanted to be there for her. I pulled
her into the best hug i could manage and held her tight. We
lay there for a while holding each other and occasionally
breaking into fits of playful kisses as in between our pointless

"You are the guy i never have known i had always wanted"
she joked pinching one of my nipples between her fingers.
"you know i only want you for your money"

I let out a laugh at her little joke and fired back "i
am only with you because i love white chicks with big tits"

Tifa barked out a laugh "why are you in bed with a half
Moroccan half who knows girl with a chest like a 5 year old
boy?" I made fake retching sounds at her words and
buried my head into my pillow. "That chest comment
just killed my sex drive for at least a year"

"mmmmm is that so?" and if her words weren't
proof of disbelief enough i felt her long fingers close
around my flaccid cock. A jolt of electricity hit my nerves
as she lightly scraped her finger nails over my balls immediately
getting the reaction she was hoping for. "mmmhmmm
no sex drive whaaaaaat so ever" she laughed. With
my face buried into the pillow i couldn't see her but
i sure as hell could feel what she was doing. Hot breath hit
my slowly stiffening prick and the slippery warm sensation
of her tongue brought me completely to life.

"noff fair" i mumbled into the pillow

I felt her lips give the side of my cock a impassioned kiss
and the vibrations from her lips as she spoke "if you're
good i will even let you titty fuck me" I couldn't
help myself and started laughing hysterically into my
pillow. I didn't need to see her to know she was smiling,
i could feel her lips part into a smile against my dick. I
rolled onto my back and wiped the tears of laughter from
the corners of my eyes.

La'Tifa got on her hands and knees between my legs and
arched her body like a dog stretching it's front paws
far out in front of it while it's hind quarters stuck
high in the air. Her lissome body dazzling my eyes before
the warm wetness of her mouth took me. I watched her short
haired head bob up and down and just felt the lovely sensations
her mouth was giving me. She pulled me out of her mouth and
looked into my eyes. She pressed my dick against her lips
and gave me one of her brilliant smiles before letting her
tongue dance around the head.

"you are amazing, can i have you every night"
I asked when she put me deep down her throat without so much
as a gag. She lifted her head to answer letting a long tendril
of spittle trail from her lips like an errant spider web.
A impish smile crossed her face "but i'd have
to split you with the rest of your harem remember, or Megan
at least"

"Why split time? You, Me, Megan? Win win and more winning"
I said with as straight of a face as i could managed. Her deep
brown eyes flashed with something for a second the she gently
bit down on the head of my cock making me jump more in fear
then in pain. My body involuntarily tensed "kidding
kidding oh my God i was kidding! NO BITTING" I shouted.
"humpf" was her only reply. She licked and kissed
where her teeth had sunk in as if to apologize before jamming
me back down her throat. I closed my eyes and let her expert
mouth blank my mind of everything except the exotic beauty
giving me pleasure.

The tiny tingles and gentle tickles of her mouth spun my
head as if i had consumed too much alcohol. With a wet pop
she pulled me out of her mouth and licked up my length while
her hands gently kneaded my balls. Her hands switched back
and forth from stroking my cock to milking my balls as if
she wanted me to cum in a hurry. Like a boiler set on high i
could feel the pressure start to build up in my loins telling
me i was starting to get close.

"i am getting close" i breathed and lifted my
hips trying to get it further into her mouth.

"hold that thought i have to pee" she said sitting
up and slapping my thighs. She slinked back off my bed and
onto her feet. She turned toward the bathroom showing me
her flat chested profile and the gentle curve of her lower
back and ass. I felt my loins pulse and selfishly decided
i didn't want to wait. I sprung off my bed and attacked
her from behind. She called out in surprise as i enveloped
her in my arms and pushed her toward small section of wall
between my bathroom and french doors.

Tifa let me push her chest up against the cold white textured
wall. "Dave" she whispered

"I want to cum inside you again" I said in a much
gruffer voice then even i was prepared for. Tifa let out
a deep sigh and pushed the side of her face against the wall
"you want my ass again don't you?"

"yes" i responded a spread her ass cheeks. She
let out a deep sigh and flattened her stomach against the
wall while sticking her ass back toward me. With our heights
almost being identical everything matched up perfectly.
I licked my fingers and covered the head of my rock hard erection
with saliva before bringing them back to my mouth. I wetted
my fingers again then did the same to her dark puckered asshole.
I grabbed a hold of myself and pressed the tip against her
ass making her gasp again. Her long arms moved behind her
and she copied what i had done earlier and spread her ass
cheeks for me.

I watched in silence as her ass slowly gave way to the invasion
of my cock. I felt the tight pressure start to surround me
as her ass accepted the head of my throbbing erection. Her
ass seemed to consume me as i sunk deeper into her body. Her
fingernails dug into the dark flesh of her ass when i buried
myself to the hilt "fuuuck" she hissed.

I drew back slightly relishing the pressure of her ass and
the contrast of our skin tones "you feel so good"
she whispered "so do you" i replied. Any thoughts
i had about being gentle flew out the window when she spoke
again "i think i am going to cum already" she
whined. Her thin legs started to shake underneath her digging
her fingers deeper into her soft flesh. Whatever composure
i had drained away and i pulled back almost all the way out
and slammed my hips forward "fuuuuuuuuuuck"
she cried out and her legs buckled impaling herself deeper.

I grabbed her bent elbow with one hand and placed my other
between her shoulder blades pushing her hard against the
wall. My hips seemed to take on a life of their own and became
a blur of motion as i fucked her hard and fast. Like before
Tifa cried out in unintelligible sentences as i buried
my cock deep inside her tiny ass over and over again. The
wetness of her pussy covering my balls each time they slammed
into her pussy. La'Tifa's body sagged again putting
so much pressure on my cock that it felt like it was holding
up her entire weight on it's own. She let out a deep grunt
and then fell silent, her non seeing eyes staring down the
berber covered steps. Her narrow face pressed up against
my bedroom wall her mouth hanging open in a silent moan.

The pressure had built up to it's boiling point in my
loins and it was only a matter of seconds before i lost it.
I let go of her elbow and moved to her narrow hip and dug my
fingers into her side. I pulled her thin body back into mine
to meet my thrusting hips. The loud slaps and my deep grunts
were the only sounds until my orgasm exploded into her.
Droplets of sweat broke out on my forehead as i shot the first
stream of cum deep into her ass.

"aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha" Tifa screamed
when she felt me shoot my cum into her ass.

My eyes slammed shut and my stomach felt as if i had done 1000
sit ups as i emptied my balls. My own legs started to shake
and threatened to give out and topple us both to my floor.
It took all the strength i could muster to keep my hips moving
through the last dying throws of my orgasm. When i couldn't
take any more of the intense pleasure i slowed my motion
to long gliding strokes. My body shuddered involuntarily
and my legs finally gave out at the knees. My cock ripped
itself from her asshole as i started to fall backwards to
the floor causing Tifa to let out another scream from either
surprise or pain. With the grace of a hippo on ice skates
i hit the floor hard landing on my ass.

I looked up at the sexy slender dark body still pressed against
my bedroom wall "i am sorry that orgasm was too intense"
I apologized breathlessly "are you ok?"

She nodded with her face still pressed up against the wall
and just sucked in great gasps of breath "yah"

My eyes travelled down her lithe body to where i had just
been and saw white globs of cum leaking out of her still gapped
asshole. White trails slowly made their way down the insides
of her creamy dark thighs. The sight made my cock jump as
if my body wanted more of her and the sensations she had given
me. "wait right here" she said into the wall
and slowly pushed herself away from it. She gingerly walked
into my bathroom and closed the door after she vanished
through it.

I scooted myself back against my bed and closed my eyes trying
to settle down my rabbit like heart. "wow"

When Tifa walked through the door i had to laugh. She was
holding her stomach and walked like she had just gotten
off a horse she had been riding for days. Her long legs carried
her to me with a few steps, she held out her hand as if to help
me up. I took it and got up on legs that felt like jelly "you
just tore me in two" she sighed. "i need to lay
down for a month" And pulled me onto the bed next to
her. We dug ourselves under the covers and smothered each
other in a full body hug.

"i still can't believe we just did this"
she said tracing her fingers over my chest "i have
never had sex like that before"

"against a wall?" i asked knowing she meant
something else.

She shook her head against my bicep she had chosen as a pillow.
"i have never had anal sex before. I always thought
it was gross, not to mention painful" She let out a
sigh and kissed my armpit "you didn't even have
to convince me"she followed. I was trying to figure
out if she was having regrets or if she had hated it. I was
even starting to worry that i forced her into it. "i
am sorry i didn't.." she pushed her fingers against
my lips to quiet me "i wanted this, i just didn't
know i was going to get all of THIS. But it was amazing"
she assured me. She shifted her body and laid on her back
staring at my ceiling and absentmindedly ran her fingers
over one of her long dark nipples. "i just can't
believe how much it made me cum"

I decided to keep quiet for once and just let her work through
her thoughts without my comments. She gave her nipple a
soft squeeze and shivered before turning back into me.
She gave me another kiss on my armpit and closed her eyes.
We lay there in silence for a long time before i decided it
was probably safe to talk again. "did it hurt much?"
I asked the now dark room. After a minute of not getting a
response i called her name, after another minute i figured
she had fallen asleep. I closed my eyes and let my mind replay
all of the things that had just happened. The last thing
i remembered was Tifa's voice joking about my harem.

The next morning was slightly awkward, she seemed a little
surprised to see me when she woke up in fact. She seemed more
quiet and reserved then she usually was and had a hard time
looking in my eyes and keeping her face buried into my side.
She seemed to get even more shy when we had finally broken
our embrace and gotten out of bed to get dressed. Thankfully
Jason had already gone to work by the time we had come downstairs
so there were no comments from him to make it even more awkward.
We made small talk as i drove her back towards Bourbon Street
which is where she told me she wanted me to drop her off. We
gave each other a quick kiss before she got out of my car.
I watched as she walked away from me through the desolate
parking lot hugging herself with her head down.

"i think i just made a huge mistake" i said to
myself worried. I wondered if some how someway this was
going to come back and bite me in the ass.

The next day of work the old Tifa appeared again and we just
acted like nothing had happened. Let me rephrase that,
the way she acted i almost wondered if hadn't dreamt
the whole thing up and nothing had actually happened between
us. The week went by as usual, Robin and i randomly molesting
each other, Princess chasing Scott around the restaurant
preening over him like he was her prize cow for the fair.
Christie telling us about how every last detail of her life
right down to a random urinary tract infection she had once
in high school (no i am not kidding) Riko and her shyness,
Megan and her randomly throwing her body on me in a neck clinching
hug, Angel not so secretly watching over Jason so no other
girls flirted with him. Let me see what else, does anyone
care that Ebony seemed to have different hair every other
day? No? ok sorry. Erica the lesbian and her steady stream
of new young good looking victims er girls she would bring
to the bar. Did i forget anyone?

So now like the doldrums sneaking up on sailors back in the
days of the sails i went through a dry spell. The whole middle
of October was just pretty lame, the only sounds of good
times that came from my house were from Jason's porn
collection played on surround sound speakers and viewed
on a 53" Sony big screen. Angel and Daniella had been
put on something like Cuban house arrest by their parents
and didn't dare coming within 2 miles of our condo.
I would come home to the disturbing site of Jason sitting
on the bean bag couch in the middle of the Roman columns we
had yet to get rid of watching porn. (he was clothed and just
watching it blurry eyed and angry but it was still disturbing
as hell) Having a bedroom that is an open loft can actually
be a horrible thing let me tell you.

Our spirits perked up a little as Halloween crept closer.
The local "bar scene" paper had adds filled
with costume contests and veiled promises of drink specials.
I say veiled because of Houston's stupid law of not
being able to advertise any kind of drink specials. Jason
and i did the old recall of our Halloween trip to Nebraska
with our ex girlfriends Tara and Julie. Jason and i joked
about how he was passed out during the whole turn Dave into
a sex toy thing (see my story Epilogue parts 5 thru 13 for
details) We tried our hardest to remember the name of the
redheaded teenage waitress the girls had brought back
to the hotel.

"Man we have really gotten into some shit haven't
we" Jason said taking a big drink off his bottle of
Shiner beer and leaning back on the bean bag.

"Yeah we did" i said thinking back at the faces
of people we would never see again "i am surprised
we aren't fathers or diseased" Jason and i looked
at each other for a second then both reached our fists down
to the wooden floor and knocked for luck. "have you
talked to Jai lately?" I asked him as we sat back up.
He nodded and told me that he and his family were close to
rebuilding his parents house that was damaged in the Hurricane.
Jai's house however was a total loss so more then likely
he would be moving in with us for a while. "the three
of us back together? God help Houston" i laughed.

"i know right, you might actually have to give up some
of your harem to help him out" he said all to seriously.
After bouncing my bottle cap off his forehead we tried to
decide if we were going to dress up for Halloween or not.
Halloween fell on a Monday but Bourbon Street was trying
to hustle in ads about our own costume contest on Saturday
the 29th. The only costumes i had were the toga i had worn
for the party and that stupid pimp costume i had from the
Nebraska trip. He was in the same boat as i was costume wise
so we really didn't know what we were going to do.

Amazingly we had very little in our lives other then work
so this topic became the highlight of our week. (sad huh)
It also became a topic of discussion at Bourbon Street as
well with our waitresses offering several colorful idea's
including the ever so popular Chip n Dale's suggestion
from Ebony. Tragically a lot of people agreed with this
idea including Scott's mom much to our horror. We not
so gracefully declined that idea. I mean i had been working
hard at the gym but the last thing i wanted to do was be mostly
naked while wearing a bow tie "i am out all day on that
shit" was all i kept telling them.

Thankfully Mrs. Bianchi had denied the idea of people dressing
up at La Tavola so i didn't have to worry about that.

"i think you should be a Sultan" Tifa said one
night after bar close. All of us were sitting at the bar counting
money or having our after shift drinks. "why a Sultan?"
I asked not realizing that i was opening up myself as an easy
target. All i could think about was Jasmine's father
from Aladdin.

"Sultan's have harems" she said as if discovering
the meaning of life.

"that's true" Riko chimed in giving me
a mischievous look. I just put my head down on the cool plexi
glass bar top and let my eyes cross while i stared at the purple
neon strip below it. A hand squeezed my shoulder hard "maybe
you should go as a super hero. You could be Stud Boy or Harem
Man" The voice told me the hand belonged to Robin.
I tried to snap back against Robin "suck my dick"
but it was pointless, she was just to quick to allow me to
win. "again? you think you could actually cum this
time?" she shot back.

"make sure you wash everyone off your cock before
you shove it back in her mouth" Christie chimed in
extremely proud of herself for slipping on in on me.

"he likes having his balls licked i hear" Angel
snorted a laugh "maybe try that?"

"use both hands like this" Riko chimed in. I
didn't look up from the bar but everyone's laugh
told me she had probably animated it.

"let him fuck you in the ass. That makes him explode"
La'Tifa said silencing the room. This time i looked
up and made the mistake of having a horrified expression
on my face. Robin caught it immediately "HOLY FUCKING
SHIT!! NOT YOU TOO?" and pointed at Tifa accusingly.
Tifa just spread a cheshire grin on her face and threw her
hands up in defense "i didn't say that, i just
offered a suggestion" I have no idea what it is with
Texas women but they are a whole new breed. Let me say this
again for the record, in any normal state this whole "situation"
i was in would cause some kind of strife or turmoil. However
since i was in Texas it was reason for comparisons and conversations
and lots and lots of laughter.

"you like anal?" Riko asked looking more curious
then anything else. I let my head fall back to the bar top
and just moaned in frustration.

Quick Review Time: La'Tifa has a boyfriend that cheats so i was probably
just an opportunity to get him back in her own mind.

Riko has a long time boyfriend that she apparently seems
to be more resigned to be with then anything else. She is
in her own words heavily attracted to me but has never once
brought up leaving him.

Angel's twin Daniella is a great girl but can't
date me because of my nationality and the color of my skin.

Robin has a pussy, i have a cock. At times Robin's pussy
wants a cock. Yup that's about as much as i get out of
it. I am a target of opportunity and most likely she doesn't
view me as anything but a good time. (have i mentioned since
the toga party we have yet to move past rubbing and touching
while working at Bourbon Street?) They all know about each
other but didn't seem to care because of the situation
they were in themselves.

You know i left Minnesota because of a cheating woman and
it was one of the memories i would happily forget if i could.
However now i was the "other guy" for two of them
and was starting to realize i didn't really care anymore.
I was now doing to them what others had done to me, but since
i had no emotion vested in any of them save maybe Daniella
(way deep down) it didn't bother me. So as far as i was
concerned i would be the happy opportunist and just enjoy
what came my way.

As the conversations turned to special techniques they
liked to use or better yet what they liked having done to
them i slipped away. I stepped out to get some fresh air,
i let the cooling October air wash over me like a cleansing

"Tryin to get away from your wee lasses are ye"
Said a deep Scottish voice. I turned to see a guy we all knew
as Sandy leaning up against one of the awning supports.
The cherry on his cigarette glowed bright red as he took
in a long drag. "am no sayin you're wrong, just
not always a good idea ta pish were you eat"

I had talked to Sandy a little bit over the months but it was
Christie that mostly monopolized his time. She was a huge
Irish step dancer and i guess since Sandy was a Scot she figured
he was as close to Irish as she would find in Houston. His
accent wasn't very strong unless he got really blasted,
when that happened no one understood single sentence.

"To be young again" he laughed throwing his
spent cigarette to the ground and snuffing it out with the
toe of his black dress shoe. He gave me a nod then turned back
into the bar whistling a tune i had never heard. I laughed
thinking apparently even our regulars knew about my jacked
up life. I heard the sound of the doors opening again then
the distinctive sound of a lighter being ignited.

"I AM going to dress up for Halloween you know"
The squeaky soft southern voice told me Megan had come out
for her usual 1 smoke per hour. "oh yeah? no snoopy
sheets this time?" I laughed. I felt her move up next
to me and then she bumped me with her shoulder, we both laughed
when she bounced off of me. "ass" she laughed
and punched me in the arm with her little fist. I turned my
head to look at her and found her smiling her best chipmunk
cheeked smile she could manage "you know we are just
messing with you right? Everyone likes you"

"they have a weird way of showing it" I laughed
"i guess things could be worse"

"i know right" she said blowing out a cloud of
smoke. "hey just go with it man"

We made small talk while she finished her cigarette and
walked back in together laughing about something. I had
to admit i really liked Megan, despite her random emotional
breakdowns over not being able to eat due to her stomach
issue she always had a smile on her face. She was one part
hippy, one part stoner, one part beach bunny, one part cheese
ball, but she was all coolness in personality. The fact
that she was so laid back and had the willingness to have
a conversation with anyone made her a favorite of every
staff member at Bourbon Street. Hell even Robin liked her
and that is saying something.

as she watched us walk through the doors. Megan and i looked
at each other as if to acknowledge my being an easy target,
her glossy hazel eyes twinkled and she turned toward our
giggling coworkers. She wiped her mouth off with the back
of her hand then patted her stomach "well i'm
full". As the giggles turned into laughs she just
smiled and walked past them to check on her tables. "why
me lord! why me!" i exclaimed looking up.

"oh shut up homo you love it" Robin snorted.
I had to admit i have had worse things to complain about and
just joined in with the laughing.

With our costume night rapidly approaching Jason and I
decided we were going to dress up since everyone else was.
What can i say? Peer pressure gets me every time. We couldn't
be too creative because Jason had to bounce that night.
Imagine a 6'5 250lbs elf or pirate trying to get you
to stop fighting. In the end we decided to go cheap, he bought
a pair of football pants and some in door soccer shoes to
go with his college football jersey. He still lugged around
his old Minnesota Golden Gophers game jersey's for
just such an occasion he told me. I found a black shirt that
had FBI (female body inspector) in giant yellow letters
across the back and figured why not. I bought some black
swat style pants and big black boots from a uniform shop
to go along with the stupid shirt. After finding a utility
belt, small flashlight, and my real Peerless brand handcuffs
that i had used when i bounced i had my cheap costume.

"you know you are going to catch so much shit for that"
Jason said pointing at the shirt i had purchased. I just
shrugged "i might as well just embrace it"

The Saturday of the party i woke up at the crack of 11am and
got ready for the nights costume party. I shaved my face
clean and styled my freshly cut short brown hair into a messy
kinda thing i saw in a magazine. The black FBI (female body
inspector) ended up being a little tight "i should
have tried this on" i thought to myself. Since spending
so much time in the gym over the last few months my body had
swollen in size while my belly had all but vanished. The
sleeves of the shirt cut into my newly muscled arms and stretched
tight against my chest. The shirt had the actual real emblem
of the law enforcement agency on the left breast with yellow
FBI underneath it and stuck out like a blinding light in
a dark room.

The black cargo style pants were the same kind i had worn
back when i was a volunteer fire department. They had more
pockets and pouches then most back packs to allow for any
tools needed for the job on a police force or EMT duties.
The light cotton and polyester material was crazy comfortable
with the button fly waste band and bottom hems being adjustable.
I forced my feet into the Hi Tech brand steel toe boots and
shoved the bottoms of my pants into the tops of the boots
before i laced them up.I had to admit that as long as you didn't
read the back of the shirt I looked very much like a cop. The
weather outside was a little cooler then it had been and
with a slight wind the 50 degree day felt a little more like
40. I dug an old black North Face fleece jacket out of my closet
and threw it on before heading out to get some lunch before

Even though it was almost Halloween and the cities night
clubs and bars were having costume parties no one put two
and two together. Every where i went people either got out
of my way or nodded at me. I got ten percent off my meal at a
local Chinese restaurant and didn't realize it until
i had gotten back in my car. When i went to the Barnes and Nobles
down the street from the bar to kill a little more time it
got a little more odd. I was trolling through the magazines
looking at Sports Illustrated and other assorted mags
when the picture of a hot girl in a bikini on a gun magazine
caught my eye. I plucked the magazine off the rack and started
to thumb threw it.

"I like the MP5k A4 for tactical work but my department
only allows AR15's. How about you guys?" a voice
said next to me. I turned to see a uniformed state trooper
next to me holding a hunting magazine in his hands. The sudden
thought of "impersonating and officer" hit
me with a little twinge of fear i kept flipping the pages
nervously and hit pay dirt. In the publication i was reading
was an article about Federal officers using MP5sd's
so i just mumbled MP5sd and hoped for the best. The next 5
fear filled minutes the trooper talked about the merits
of that machine gun compared against the ones his department
used. When he was satisfied he made his point he stuck out
his hand "stay safe brother" I took his hand
in a shake and told him to do the same and he turned and left.

"holy fuck" i muttered. For my own safety i went
to Bourbon Street straight away so i wouldn't have
to worry about running into any more misunderstandings
that could get me thrown in jail. (over reaction? yes. suddenly
regretting my costume choice? HELL NO!!)

After asking Scott if i could start early i stowed my fleece
in the office and walked out onto the floor. Some of the people
eating at tables i hadn't seen before looked at me nervously
until i passed by them. I could hear snickers and exhales
of relief when they read the back of my shirt. I was starting
to wonder how many people in Houston were on the wrong side
of the law from the reactions i was getting.

"you look fucking hot" Robin exclaimed when
i joined her behind the bar. Robin had cheated on her costume
and had worn her military issued camouflaged pants and
a tan shirt that said "Army" in black letters
across the chest and topped if off with a camo hat that had
her rank torn off. She looked me up and down like i was the
meal for the lion "you really got buff". She
reached out and ran her hands over my chest then down my arms.
"you might get to fuck me soon" she said with
a devilish grin.

"oh lucky me" i laughed then bent over to dig
a bar towel out from under a sink. I could hear her laugh "nice
shirt homo" I expect nothing less from Robin.

As our staff filtered in for the night in various costumes
the compliments and ooo's and aahhh's began.

The first one to arrive for her shift was Ebony and she made
a hell of a feline impression. She had changed into yet another
new weave. Her hair was stark white like one of those freaky
little twins from the shining and hung flat down to the middle
of her back. She had worn a set of furred white tiger ears
that pointed straight up into the air. Her large tits were
smashed into a white tiger print sports bra like top that
covered the caps of her shoulders and had white and black
striped fur cuffs.

Her midriff was bare showing off her dark skinned belly
down to below her belly button. She wore a skirt with the
same matching print that stopped mid thigh and had white
fluffy fur around the hem. She had knee high black furred
and very fluffy leg warmers covering what looked like big
chunky black heels or boots. She had drawn on white whiskers
on her dark cheeks and had cat earrings and a black cat neckless
that dangled down the deep v of her top. A white and black
stripped fluffy cat tail swayed seductively back and forth
behind her.

La'Tifa was the next and had decided to go sexy vampire
girl. She wore knee high black shiny hooker boots and a skin
tight black mini skirt with a red and black corset embroidered
with red bat outlines. Her neck had two puncture wounds
that dripped blood down to her breast bone in twin trails.
She wore dark maroon and black lips stick and hand fake blood
trickles at the corners of her mouth. Her fangs looked absolutely
real thanks to Erica the lesbian and the Bizarre Bizarre
head/sex/apparel/ shop she worked at. They sold these
fangs that you could suction on to your own k9 teeth to make
them look real. She had died her short hair black and had
found red contact lenses for her eyes. She finished off
her costume with a small cape that stopped at the middle
of her back. After seeing her i hoped like hell she would
be sinking her fangs into me later.

Scott dressed as a construction worker with jeans, work
boots, tool belt, orange reflective vest and hard hat.(he
was a licensed electrician before they bought the bar so
he had the stuff lying around). His shadow Princess's
costume was even more unoriginal (5 points to anyone who
can guess what it was........ anyone guess right?)

Princess decided to be cute and wore a Disney princess costume
(how could you not see this coming? she is who she is). Princess
had gone with Jasmine from Aladdin and to be honest i had
to admit had a great body. Her dark ebony skin was a mouth
watering contrast to the brilliant blue color of the costume.
Her large chocolate breasts held high on her chest by the
bra like top of the outfit and showed off her dark toned stomach.
Her "I dream of Jeanie" style pants showed what
looked like blue booty shorts beneath the see through mesh
pants. She wore gold sandals and her fingers and toe nails
had little golden lanterns painted on them.Her long black
hair was held down by a blue head band embroidered with gold.
As much as she annoyed me at times i just wanted to tear her
up after seeing her in that costume.

Christie showed up looking exactly like i expected her
too. Her wispy frame looked even smaller in her tiny tartan
catholic school girl like skirt and tight white top. She
had on a red and black tartan beret hat that matched her shirt
collar and her skirt. She had on white knee length stockings
and these black thick high heeled shoes that looked well
worn most likely from her irish step dancing.

Our customers did not disappoint and soon we had everything
from Frankenstein to Barney the purple dinosaur and back
around to some sexy scraps of costumes girls wore. With
a lot of people knowing Jason's last name his "authentic"
Gophers jersey garnered him a lot of attention. At the risk
of their own lives girls asked him about being a college
football player and the like. Come to think of it i hadn't
seen Angel at all. I figured maybe i just missed her in the
slowly swelling crowd of costumed customers.

They way people had gone all out was amazing, i watched in
awe as the Scooby Doo Gang walked in and as usual Velma looked
hotter then hell. (hey don't blame me i have had a thing
for her since i was a kid)

"konbanw David San" I turned toward the voice
and locked my eyes on Riko "holy fuck" blurted
from my mouth. She struck a kung fu pose as if she was ready
to strike me with a kick then laughed. Riko had done her hair
up in twin buns set on the back of her head, flower like deals
wound themselves through her hair buns and trailed two
white pieces of ribbon down over her fabric covered shoulders.
The deep blue dress stretched tight against her large breasts
and had gold swirls and designs across her tits and around
the puffy quarter sleeves. A very wide white swath of cloth
wrapped around her tiny waist making her look impossibly

The rest of the dress wasn't actually much of one at
all, it had a broad gold trimmed panel in the front like a
loin cloth and another in back covering her ass. The sides
however were nonexistent and showed her nude colored panty
hose covered thighs completely. She had on white knee high
boots that laced up from the toe up to the knee and had wrapped
white ribbons around the ankle. "you look.. wow"
was all i could say. She smiled brightly and stood back up
straight and bowed deeply "arigatou"

"who are you" I asked thinking i had seen the
costume somewhere before.

"Chun Li!!" she exclaimed and struck another
kung fu pose. "you know from Street Fighter!"
I had to search my memory for a second before i recognized
the name of the arcade game she was talking about. "very
cool" I laughed when it hit me. She moved in close to
me and whispered into my ear "you look good enough
to eat Dave" Her hot breath on my ear made me shiver
and i felt my heart skip a beat. "shouldn't i be
saying that to you Riko?" I asked. She gave my earlobe
a quick nibble "later" and turned back into
the crowd with a swish of her hips, the back panel of the costume
slid sideways and i caught a glimpse of shiny blue panties
underneath. "fuck" i muttered.

By ten o'clock the rest of the servers had show up in
various costumes but i had yet to see Megan or Angel mostly
do to the fact that Christie was working the server station
area while Robin and I served the bar rail. The place filled
up rapidly and soon we were a bustling jumble of brilliant
colors and laughing voices. Sandy the Scottish guy had
even dressed up in his kilt and Scottish flag shirt and downed
the weak American beer as he called it with his usual endless
appetite for drink.

A brilliant flash of orange and white caught me in the corner
of the eye and i turned to see what it was. "MEGAN"
She jumped at my voice and blushed. There was our tiny giant
chested chipmunk server girl dressed as a Hooter girl at
the end of the bar. She wore the exact uniform right down
to the little brown apron and white shoes leading me to believe
she once had actually worked at Hooters. She gave me a full
chipmunk freckle cheeked smile and a little finger wave
before turning away with a tray full of drinks. "Finally
i get to see her ass" I thought to myself. I was pleasantly
surprised to find she had a very nice ass and not a flat one.
The crowd seemed to swallow her up and she vanished leaving
only a blur of tight orange shorts stretched across her
tiny perfect ass in my minds eye.

Ghouls, goblins, vampires, zombies and many many more
creatures of the nightmares ordered drinks from us through
the night. I was shocked to find out that most of the zombies
preferred fruity drinks. "who knew? guess that whole
brains thing is a myth" I also saw that Erika aka Charlie
dressed herself in a tuxedo and had three gorgeous young
girls following her, they wore tight white tank tops that
said "Angels" over their tiny chests.

Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time all through
the night, there were no fights and tons of laughter. When
the time finally came to judge the costume contest Gene
and Laura brought me a microphone that was connected to
our over head speakers and told me i was going to be the MC.
After talking to them about the way to run the costume contest
we decided to pick our favorites and put them on the stage.
We would let our crowd decide who was the winner to keep it

I got up and did my best radio voice thanking everyone for
dressing up and coming and all that. I told them about the
prizes 1000 bucks for first place and on down to free drinks
or meals. "you can arrest me any time baby!!"
someone yelled from the crowd bringing a round of laughs.
"beat me with your nightstick" someone else
yelled, the voice sounded an awful lot like Robins. That
got me laughing, after a few more catcalls and offers i announced
the finalists and brought them up on stage. We went through
the whole group and the crowd picked there favorite, the
winning couple was a guy with night stand around him and
a lamp glued to the real wood costume. He had an over sized
plug where his crotch was and when he plugged it into the
wall outlet costume his girlfriend was wearing the lamp
actually lit up! It was pretty damn cool.

After handing out the prizes i retired behind the bar again
and the night went on in it's full costume freaked glory.
After last calls and the gentle rousting of last minute
party pimpers we cleared the bar and locked the doors. The
place was an absolute mess, there were bits of costumes
and decorations all over the tile and carpeted floor. The
kitchen had been closed down an hour before so all those
guys got out as fast as they could leaving the front of the
house people to deal with the mess.

Christie, Robin, and I worked as fast as we could to close
down the bar while our costumed waitresses flew around
trying to clean up. "where was Angel tonight?"
Jason asked setting his big body down on a bar stool."
I just shrugged i had not seen her all night but i knew she
was supposed to work. "She quit today" Scott
said sliding into a seat next to my friend. "just called
in and said she couldn't work here anymore" Jason's
face looked dejected and i wonderd if he had been having
a hard time getting a hold of her lately. If anyone would
have known why she was quitting i would assume it would've
been him.

"are we going to party after this?" Riko's
hopeful voice asked from the dance floor. Jason perked
up or at least looked like it "hell yeah! after hours
at our house i got us covered with plenty of booze"
I laughed remembering Jason bringing in two cases full
of heisted bottles of alcohol from his job. After a quick
poll we found that everyone including Scott and Princess
would be coming over tonight and every one began to work
faster. The bar's phone rang shortly after and Scott
invited the person that called over to our house as well.
"Erika" he said hanging up the wireless handset.

After an hour of blurred cleaning we were ready to go and
all of us walked out the doors together. A little red rice
burner with neon blazing and subwoofers blaring was sitting
in our parking lot. Without a word Riko brushed up next to
me and squeezed my hand then walked shoulders slumped to
the car. The fact that she seemed to give up without a fight
was a little weird to me "well guess she got hosed"
Tifa said as we watched the car squeal it's tires out
of our parking lot. I was really hoping to be able to have
some time with Riko tonight and was a little sad watching
her go. Megan and Tifa stepped up next to me and put their
little arms into mine and asked almost together "can
we get a ride"

"Hello" Robin said into her ringing phone.
She stepped away from us and had a short conversation before
hanging up "sorry guys i will have to rain check, i
got a hot date" and almost skipped to her car. "Well
two down, anyone else?" Jason asked scanning the
crowd. The people around us shook their heads and confirmed
they were going "Erika said she would meet us at your
house" Scott chimed in. "Alrighty lets get
moving, i need a drink" Jason said patting his belly.
Jason and my two arm decorations piled into my big blue Expedition
and we headed back to our house.

"you guys still have these?" Ebony laughed
as she saw the Roman columns with their fake torches blazing
in our living room. "oh yeah they are way to cool to
just throw away" Jason exclaimed. People spread
around our living room for seats while others took bottles
of liquor and liqueur we handed out. I made some drinks people
had called out, everything from liquid cocaines to blowjob
shots and mind erasers. Some one turned on some music and
the party and the stories of the night began as usual.

A knock at the door was answered by Tifa and Erika still dressed
in her tuxedo and two of her angels walked in. "what
happened to the third one?" Scott asked "she
got nutty so we had to cut her loose" Erika said making
a slashing motion across her throat. "you're
such a pimp" Megan laughed. "it ain't easy
but somebody gotta do it" She answered back bringing
a laugh from the crowd. I looked over the two girls with our
favorite lesbian, one was a really cute young blond who
i thought looked like Hilary Duff (since i couldn't
ever remember her name i just called her duff all night)
The other was a tiny brunette thing named Ally.

The spirits flowed and the laughter became raucous and
as i sat there watching everyone engage in animated conversations
as my mind started to wander to the past. So many times had
Jason and i been in this scene before. The faces and names
changed but the situations always seemed the same to me.
We would find ourselves surrounded by people that would
sometimes be around for a while or would vanish never to
be seen again shortly after. Gaining a group of friends
never seemed to be the hard part, it was keeping them around
that seemed to be the chink in our armor. Deep down i had really
thought Angel and Jason would find away to make it, but now
it seemed she would be going the way of the Dodo the same as
the others had.

I found myself flashing through the past in a kaleidoscope
of faces, Tyler, Nicole, Tara, Melissa, and many others
that were here one minute and gone the next. I was starting
to wonder if maybe my little bouts of self pity weren't
actually going to come true. "Was i always going to
be alone now? Did i have my one shot and now this is what i am
going to be left with? Am i stuck in a revolving door?"

The downward spiral of my thoughts were not so rudely interrupted
when Megan slid her tiny body into my lap. "hi"
She said wrapping her arms around me in one of her now familiar
neck crunching hugs. "eehi" i struggled to
answer back barely able to breath. She lit up my eyes with
her smile and her flushed chimpmunk cheeks. Her glassy
hazel eyes blazed with mischief "Tifa and I need to
talk to you later tonight k"

"ok" i said furrowing my brow "am i in trouble?"
I asked. She shook her head enough to make her long wavy brown
hair to fly into my face. I made a scene of trying to spit it
out making her throw back her head and let out a hearty laugh.
"awww you guys look good together" Tifa said
smiling from the bean bag couch. A few people around the
room agreed and that brought an even bigger smile to Megan's
freckled face. "ok" i laughed wondering where
that had come from.

"oh shit turn that up" Ebony yelled standing
her white tiger adorned body up and pointed to the radio.
Jason turned up Concrete Blonde's "bloodletting"
song filling our condo with some weird mournful alternative
tune about vampires. She started to dance around with a
mixture of sex and cuteness thanks to her kitty costume.
She tried to get a few people to get up and dance with her but
in the end the only taker was Jason. She pressed her back
against his front and slowly slid down his body opening
her legs wide as she went down flashing her black shorts
she wore under the white tiger striped skirt.

"she wants to fuck him bad" Megan still sitting
in my lap whispered into my ear. "she has been talking
about him for weeks" I let out a little laugh "all
she had to do was ask him, he would have tore her apart anytime
she wanted i am sure" I whispered back making it appoint
to get my lips to her ear. Her head and shoulder met in a little
shiver when my lips touched her flesh and giggled."i
doubt Angel would have let anyone get near him" she
answered back. We watched as Ebony put on a show of amazing
sensual tail wagging dancing around Jason.

Amazingly enough this turned our little after hours thing
into a mini dance party when the song ended and "The
Munsters" theme song by Los Straitjackets pounded
it's instrumental over our speakers. Like a scene
from an old Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movie
people got up and started to dance ridiculously. The old
60's style beat even got Megan shifting her body back
and forth in my lap, i admit i enjoyed the feeling of her little
orange shorts covered ass sliding across my thigh.

After the song had finished "The Purple People Eater"
song by Sheb Wooley came on and even i had to sing along with
that one. We all were hollering out the song at the top of
our lungs and i felt the need to boogie. Megan shrieked as
i stood up taking her with me, she didn't weigh more
then 95 lbs i didn't think and i was able to throw her
body around easily. She wrapped her legs around my waist
as i shifted her to my side. I started hopping around singing
the song and dancing like a fool, before i knew it i had Erika,
Ebony, La Tifa, and Princess dancing around me in a circle
of costume color and funny moves.

Jason, and Scott got up and got behind Ebony and Princess
and joined in on the fun. We must have looked like fools to
Erika's two angels who just sat sipping on their drinks
watching us. We continued our silliness through the "Monster
Mash" and some other weird song i had never heard before.
A little out of breath everyone collapsed giggling back
down into their seats except for me. She let out another
shriek when i lifted her up onto my shoulders, she clutched
handfuls of my hair as i made my way to the kitchen for more
drinks "dddon't drop me" she laughed as
i jumped up and down to make it scarier for her. Little did
she know i was just enjoying the feeling over her hooter
girl shorts covered pussy pressing down on my neck. I loved
that i could feel the head from her inner thighs against
my skin. It was a little weird having the money book filled
little brown apron propped up on the back of my head though.

"don't drop me you ass" Megan's little
raspy squeak said from above me. I let my knees buckle trying
to scare her and got a closed fist to the top of the head "don't
be a dick dude" she laughed. She shifted her body trying
to get a better seat and in turn smashed her clit into my neck
"aahh shit" she squeaked. "problem?"
I asked "nooo" she answered meekly. I let a grin
spread across my face and went about making some Jager bombs
for everyone while Megan stayed still and silent on my shoulders.

over "RockLobster" by the B52's. Everyone
filed into my kitchen and took the plastic shot cups off
the counter and held them up in the air. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"
Jason toasted. We all touched our cups together including
Megan who had to lay over my shoulder to reach everyones
cup. SLAP " OWWWW" Megan hollered and looked
behind her to see who slapped her ass. I turned as well in
time to see a guilty smile on Tifa's face before she
downed her German born shot. "ass" Megan said.
Apparently her two favorite words were "ass and dude"

Someone shouted we needed another so this time Christie
made them and almost filled the cups to the top with the mixture
of energy drink and liquor. "oh man" I breathed
and examined the full cup of dangerous drink. "someone's
getting naked tonight" Scott laughed. Christie
beamed proudly and held her glass up high "to someone
getting naked!!" The thought of being naked with
Megan threatened to make me Pavlov it up and start drooling.
"here's to Christie naked" I yelled and
every one chimed in and caused her light red headed complexion
to blaze bright red "i didn't mean me" she
said demurely before downing her massive shot.

The night started to become a blur of shots, dancing laughter
and brave actions apparently. Erika being completely
comfortable with us hit on her two girls freely with cheesy
lines that i couldn't get away with. Ebony and Jason
decided to have a conversation with their tongues and hands
only. Her tail almost seemed to wag as she straddled his
lap and mashed her body up against his, Jason's big
hands grabbing on her ass making her moan. "he's
getting laid that's for damn sure" i laughed
to myself.

"hmmm" Megan said from my side and turned toward
me with glazed eyes "nothing just talking to myself"
She nodded in reply and stood up "cmon Tifa lets go
smoke" The Halle Berry look alike nodded and they
got up and went out my back door to the patio area to light
up. I was guessing it was going to be weed since Megan seemed
to live on the stuff but i couldn't be certain. For some
reason i grabbed a beer and headed out to join the two of them.

The pungent oder of marijuana hit my senses immediately,
the glow from Megan's blue and white swirled pipe being
lit told me where they were. They both seemed a little shocked
at the sight of me and had guilty looks on their shadowed
faces. "did i come at a bad time?" i asked faltering
my steps. Tifa's smile dominated her beautiful face
"you mean did you catch us plaining to have a threesome
with you?" I just laughed at Tifa's sense of humor
stepped closer to them.

"it's getting fucking cold man" Megan
said tilting her head back and blowing smoke into the air.
She folder her arms across her chest and was probably regretting
only having the white Hooters tank top on.

"eh this is nothing back in.." i started to say

"you're not going to bring up Minnesota again
are you? Cause those stories have been beat to death by Jason"
Tifa asked pointing an accusatory finger in my direction.
Realizing that they had probably heard way to much of our
blizzard stories i tried to think up something to cover
what i was going to say. "no i was going to say at least
you have some good shit to keep you warm. How about a little
puff puff pass action" The girls furrowed their brows
in unison and gave me disbelieving looks "since when
do you smoke?" Megan asked.

"i hit it every now and then" I lied taking the
ocean themed pipe and red bic lighter from her. I put it to
my lips, lit the end then inhaled. Then proceeded to cough
my lungs out proving without a shadow of a doubt i was a non
smoking moron. As i doubled over hacking i held the pipe
out for Tifa and used my other hand on my knee to brace my coughing
body. "Awww hhaa haaa are you ok?" Megan laughed.
Her cool hand ran up my back and stopped at my neck giving
it gentle squeezes.

"heh serves him right for trying to act cool"
Tifa laughed and blew smoke out at the same time. After i
was done trying exit my lung through my throat i stood up
watery eyed and dizzy. "yeah not my best idea"
i coughed. Tifa's hand added to Megan's and they
continued to their light patting and rubbing on my back.
"wow that was such a bad idea" i cough laughed.
As she had been doing lately Megan launched herself onto
me in a face to face hug and smiled brightly "it's
ok i still think you're cool" She leaned in and
i fully expected one of her lip smashing grade school like
kisses she seemed fond of. Instead her tongue pierced my
lips and drove deep into my mouth.

I was so surprised all i could do was hold her up while her
tongue slithered over mine like a snake. I thought i heard
Tifa giggle but i couldn't tell thanks to the sudden
pounding of the surf in my ears. I actually felt butterflies
in my stomach as her tongue swirled around mine one last
time and slowly escaped from my mouth. I watched a huge smile
cross her lips as her eyes came up to meet mine "i like
you" she said happily.

"i uh" was all i could manage.

Megan looked over at Tifa and spoke one word "ok"

I felt her hands tighten on my neck once before she finally
let her arms fall away. She pushed both hands flat against
my chest then stepped to my side and past me towards the door
to the house. I looked at Tifa for an explanation "ok
what?" I asked. Instead of telling me she moved in
close and touched her lips to mine "you'll find
out" She flicked my lips with her tongue before giving
me a playful kiss and walked past me into the house leaving
me alone and bewildered.

When i walked back into the raucous house party i found Jason
singing along with "i put a spell on you" by Jay
Hawkins while Ebony laughed at his expressions.

To Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Hope we get to read more of this great party story.


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Amazing writing! You make me feel like I am there. I cannot
wait for the next story!


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quote nawtyman3:
Hope we get to read more of this great party story.
I am glad you enjoyed it, i posted another part last night.
Hope you enjoy

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote Insatiable250:
Amazing writing! You make me feel like I am there. I cannot wait for the next story!
I am glad i was able to paint such a vivid picture for you.
That means a lot that you feel like you are there. I hope you
enjoy the next part as well.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.