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Houston and the Twins (part 4


"Chiquito me gustan tus chupadassssssssss"
Angel moaned into our mocha colored micro fiber bean bag
couch. Her body swayed with Jason's movements as if
she were the puppet and he the marionette. Her cries in Spanish
filled my ears just as the sight of her sexy naked body filled
my eyes. Angel's fingers releasing and grasping Jasons
short blonde hair as he drove his tongue deep inside the
little Latina's pussy. Her back arched and writhed
in pleasure every time he hit the right spot. "AY PAPIIIIIIII"
She cried again.

Jason moved his hands up to her ass and spread her cheeks
wide giving him an unimpeded view of what he had been licking.
His white hands in stark contrast to the golden brown of
her silky smooth skin. Angel's half closed eyes glazed
with the anticipation of his next movements still holding
onto his hair as if letting go would make her topple over.
She lifted herself up on her toes trying to force her pussy
against Jason's face only to be pushed back down by
the power of his hands. They pushed against each other as
if struggling in a sensual fight to give each other what
they wanted.

"I really need learn different languages"
I thought to myself. I had no idea what Riko was saying to
me the other weekend. Come to think of it I have been in a few
situations where the girl spoke to me in a different language.
For all I know they could be saying I have a face like a horse
instead of something sexy like i had imagined. It's
funny what pops into your mind in these kinds of situations
isn't it?

A gasp from beside me brought my mind back into the situation
and i turned to look at Daniella. Her face was stone still
except for parted lips as she took in the sight of her sister
getting eaten out from behind. Her eyes flicked back and
forth between her sisters face and Jason's body as
he hungrily devoured Angel's pussy. Her elbows perched
on the half wall holding up her slightly swaying body. Daniella
moved forward a little to get a better look at the action
and let her chin rest on her balled up fists. I turned my attention
back down to my living room and Daniella and I watched in

"Mmm baby you do that so good" Angel cooed. She
pushed herself up on her hands and tip toes driving her pussy
hard against Jason's face. "mmmmm yeessssssss"
she hissed as his tongue hit her most sensitive spots. Jason
forced his big arms between her legs and brought them back
up around her waist and stood up. "aayyyyyyyyeeeeeee"
Angel cried out in surprise as she was lifted up in the air.
Her feet pointed straight at the ceiling as brought her
pussy again to his face and dove in.

Angels incoherent Spanish plea's were lost to both
Daniella and I, as she found Jason's cock and shoved
it into her mouth. He turned slightly giving us a perfect
view of Angel's mouth trying it's best to take
in his cock. Her body dangled helplessly in his grasp and
was easily held up allowing Angels hands to be free. She
put her right hand on his thigh to steady herself and used
her other to play with his balls as her head bobbed on his

Daniella and I watched as her sisters mouth attacked his
cock with all the determination of a hungry woman in need
of a meal. Angel's knees dropped to his shoulders and
she locked her ankles behind his head trapping him in the
sexiest head lock of all time. Every time Jason bucked his
hips it would cause her to gag, but she refused to let go.
Long tendrils of saliva ran down her face and his balls making
them both glisten in the light of our fake torches. The sight
was causing the blood to flow through my body like rushing
water through a narrow canal. I could feel it course through
me as it made it's way down to my groin.

I moved away from the half wall and let my feet fall to my carpeted
floor, without a word i turned toward the pile of alcohol
bottles on the bed. I made short work of what was left of the
Jagermeister and quickly followed it with a long pull of
beer. I let booze flood over me and closed my eyes feeling
the familiar dizziness that comes with being mildly drunk.
Daniella appeared at my side and grabbed the handle jug
of tequila and her half carton of orange juice. We looked
at each other in silence then attacked the bottles in our

We drank as if we were lost in the desert and dying of thirst,
the air around us had become palpable and almost electric.
Long forgotten was the see through white dress shirt and
any shyness about it. Daniella's chest rose and fell
with each giant gulp causing her nipples to press hard against
the fabric making it easy to see they were hard. I could hear
my breathing over the moaning and whimpering from the room
below us.

Daniella's gaze moved down my body unashamed or uncaring
that I saw. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw my half hard cock
outlined against my khaki shorts. Her lips parted and a
sly smile spread across her beautiful golden tanned face.
"what's happening there" she asked smooth
as glass. Before I could answer Angel's banshee like
scream made us both jump "PAPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"
Like two kids bounding down the steps at Christmas we both
ran the short distance to the bench with Daniella in front
and me behind. She leaned her arms against the half wall
and looked down. I ended up behind her looking over her head.

Angel was still held up by Jason, his hands had moved to her
ass, squeezing the supple flesh hard between his fingers.
She had both hands on his thighs and was trying to push her
body away from him with all of her strength. Saliva dribbled
from her open screaming mouth as Jason devoured her clit
through what appeared to be the mother of all orgasms. Her
little legs lanced up into the air as her body seemed to seize
from all his attention. "nuuuuuuuhhhhhh"
she cried. Over and over again ear piercing screams erupted
from her open mouth until finally Jason let her rest.

He moved one arm down around her waist and let the other one
drop to his side near Angel's face. She lunged out for
his free hand and as if a kitten would do to it's owner
lovingly began rubbing it all over her face. She gave it
tiny kisses and playful nibbles before drawing two of his
fingers into her mouth sucking on them hungrily. The sight
of Angels lavish attention was enough to make any man jealous,
and me being any man was jealous as hell.

Gently he moved his hand under her arm and shifted her body
back to being upright. She laughed and let her head fall
back as the motion made her dizzy. She wrapped her arms around
his neck and her legs around his waist flashing him the biggest
smile as their eyes met. Her long silky dark hair fell over
her face covering one of her eyes giving her a very sexy devilish
look. She brought her face close to his and drew him into
a passionate kiss. Her legs locked themselves tight at
her ankles and she pulled herself as close as she could to
his body.

Their hands were a blur as they explored every inch of each
others bodies they could reach. Angels high pitched moans
and whimpers were joined in symphony by Jason's low
baritone sounds. Jason's hand moved down her slender
back to her apple bottom searching for something. His body
turned blocking what he was doing from view. "fuuu
uu uuu uuu ck" Angel screamed. Her body lifted up in
a rigid posture and her brown eyes opened wide as saucers.
Her body started to quake as she seemed to climb up his body
as if trying to get away from something.

"aaaaah ha ha ha ha" She threw her head back and
cried. Jason turned again and we could see what had caused
her to cry out. Jason had maneuvered his dick between the
lips of her dripping wet pussy and had forced his way in a
few inches. It looked impossible that he would fit his massive
erection into her tiny little body regardless of how wet
she was. He cupped her ass easily in his big hands and lifted
her up gently before letting her slide back down again bringing
fresh screams with every downward motion.

The sweet scent of Daniella's hair mixed with the flowery
scent of her perfume tickled my nose with each deep breath.
Our bodies were so close together as we peeked down into
the living room that I could feel the heat from her body against
my bare arms. I took a step back hoping that if i got a little
distance from her it would help relieve the pressure that
was starting to bubble up in my loins. I made a b line for the
bottles of beer on the bed and hastily tore the cap off of
one. I brought the bottle to my lips and downed as much of
the amber liquid as I could without taking a breath hoping
to cool down the building fire.

All the liquor I had drank over the last couple of hours must
have made me numb because I hadn't noticed that I had
cut my finger open on the bottle top. I got a slight sting
when I went to open another beer and let out a hiss. Daniella
slowly drew back from watching her sisters body being impaled
by my friend and came over to see what was wrong. I looked
at the tiny drop of blood forming along a inch long cut on
my left pointer finger. "i just tried to cut my finger
off" I told her holding it up for her to see.

Daniella let out a tiny laugh "you big baby that is
just a scratch" and took my hand examining my mortal

"feels like it's going to fall off" I told
her. I wasn't really sure why I was trying to act like
a wuss or what was running through my mind when i said it.
I just said it to say it i guess.

She rolled her eyes at me and let out a little laugh before
bringing my finger to her lips and giving it a light kiss
"that better" She asked keeping my finger against
her lips.The feeling of her soft lips against my skin mixed
with pain from earlier when Robin had brought me close and
the hot sights and sounds of her twin sister and my friend.
All i could do was let out a deep sigh. Something flickered
in her eyes and suddenly her face turned into that of a predator.
With my finger still pressed to her lips she flashed a mischievous
cocked smiled "are you turned on" She asked
bluntly. The sounds of her sister screaming and Jason grunting
answered for me.

We both looked toward the half wall as the sounds of bodies
slapping together became louder. Daniella held my finger
tight and led me back to the spot where we could look down
on the happenings below. We awkwardly perched ourselves
against the top of the wall and she brought my cut finger
back to her lips as we looked down.

Jason must have been a relative of David Copperfield's
because he magically managed to get his cock to disappear
inside Angel's tiny body. He was still standing with
his hands cupped underneath her ass while her body dangled
almost lifelessly against him. He drew back his hips pulling
himself halfway out before slamming her inert body against
him again in a loud slap of skin against skin. Her arms dangled
at her sides, her head tilted back in a constant opened mouthed
scream helpless and unwilling to stop Jason's thrusts.

I felt warm wetness as Daniella's mouth closed around
my finger, her tongue gliding around the tip as if she was
sucking on my cock. I watched as her eyes remained focused
on the couple below us while slowly moving my finger in and
out of her mouth. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight
up when she pulled my finger out and licked between my middle
and pointer fingers. As her sister had done to Jason she
moved my open hand across her check, over her lips, across
her eyes and back down to her mouth again. She sucked in two
of my fingers this time taking them deep into her throat
then opening her mouth wide and licking the underside of
my fingers.

My poor cock filled with blood so fast it felt like a hammer
slamming into my guts and my head started to spin. Daniella
started to lick all my fingers and my palm before dragging
it gently across her face again never once taking her eyes
off Jason and Angel. I relished the attention she was giving
me and was surprised how good it felt to have her lick my fingers
and hand. I had no idea that it could be so erotic or turn me
on so much, it even made my eye twitch.

"ok i want you to ride me" Jason's breathless
voice said. Without pulling himself out of Angel's
battered body he lowered himself to the bean bag couch and
leaned back on his elbows. Her body fell forward on to his
giving us an amazing view of her sexy ass and in my opinion
a disturbing one of my friends junk buried deep inside her.
Angel's chest rose and fell rapidly as she struggled
to catch her breath. She slowly pushed herself up into a
sitting position with the help of her shaky arms. "aaaaaahhhhhh
I ca I ca" She started to say then took a gulp "I
can't do it like this you are too big" She managed.
"ok" he breathed and with the ease of picking
a bag of sugar off the counter he lifted her body off of his

A loud wet pop and a hiss from Angel filled the room when his
cock pulled all the way out of her. He held her like a rag doll
as he got up from the bean bag, turning with her still hanging
in the air he placed her on the bean bag couch. She laid on
her back and Jason moved in between her legs bending her
body at will into the position he wanted. He stuck her right
leg straight up in the air and let it rest against his shoulder
while leaving her left let dangling off the bean bag. Holding
his weight on one knee between her legs he braced himself
with the other firmly on the floor and moved in close.

As if the exertion was almost too much she lazily reached
out to grab his cock and guide it into her tiny abused pussy.
She brought the tip of him to her lips and held her breath
waiting for him to penetrate her. "nnnwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh"
She cried out. Her back arched and her head rolled back as
he sunk himself into her insides in one fluid motion. With
each thrust of his hips he tore cries of pleasure from her.
Angel's body rocked with his power and she desperately
held onto to his forearm in a fruitless effort to steady
her herself.

Daniella gave me one last lick on my finger tips before releasing
my hand, she pushed herself away from the wall and got to
her feet. I turned my body watching her movements and in
turn had to sit on the bench as she circled me. The girl in
front of me was no longer the shy creature that had walked
through my door at the beginning of the night. Her brown
eyes seemed to smolder with sexuality as she locked onto
me with her gaze. Daniella stepped back slowly taking her
far out of my reach allowing me only to drink in the sight
of her.

Daniella reached back behind her head and used her right
hand to pull the black rubber bands that held her hair in
a tight pony tail. I watched as her hair seemed to flair out
like the rays of a dark sun before cascading down around
her shoulders. She shook her head like she was a model on
the shampoo commercials making her long silky locks flying
before tilting her head and running her hand through the
middle of if. She brought her fingers to the buttons on my
shirt she was wearing, with steady hands she slowly unbuttoned
it down to her diamond pierced navel.

The golden orbs of her breasts pushed against the shirt
threatening to pop out as she stood there with her hands
on her hips. She slink'd forward between my legs and
got down on her knees never breaking her intense gaze. I
sat dumbfounded as this beautiful Latina began to run her
small hands up my thighs and under my khaki shorts. The softness
of her touch sent jolts of electricity through my system
with each inch she covered. Just as she reached the insides
of my thighs she dug her long manicured nails into my flesh
and drug them back towards the insides of my knees. I jumped
from the ticklish pain it caused and let out a deep moan.

Daniella's eyes half closed and her head tilted again
as if my sounds turned her on. Her hands moved back up my inner
thighs and found the bottom elastic of my boxer briefs.
She slid her fingers underneath them with ease moving toward
my painful stiffness. "Do you have something nice
for me" She purred in an accented voice she didn't
have before. I only nodded afraid that my own voice would
fail me if I had tried to speak. The nights activities with
Robin, the sexiness of the hot bodies in toga's, the
sights and sound of my friend fucking her sister into oblivion
had worked my body into almost a frenzy of frustration and

Her hands moved toward my center and I felt her fingers find
my throbbing shaft. If she was surprised at what she found
she didn't show it, instead she used both hands to cup
my balls for a second before pulling her hands away again.
Daniella withdrew her hands slowly from my underwear and
shorts onto my knees, she moved forward until her knees
were pressed up against the bottom of the bench seat. Without
a word she broke her gaze and brought her hands to my waist
making quick work of my button and zipper. She opened my
shorts wide and ran both hands up and down the bulge in my
underwear. With a sound almost like a purr she dug her fingers
in my waistband and pulled them back exposing my rock hard

Daniella tugged at them silently telling me that she wanted
them off. I lifted my body and helped her pull them down my
legs and lifted my feet so she could pull then aside. She
leaned forward bringing her lips to the inside of my knee
and braced her hands on the tops of my feet. Painfully slow
she worked her soft kisses up the inside of my thigh stoping
just before her cheek brushed up against my balls. She moved
to my other leg and repeated her soft slow attention to my
skin driving me insane at the same time.

As she placed her last kiss her left hand found my manhood
again and pulled it away from where it was pressed against
my stomach. She forced it back toward her face and tilted
her head away from the hand she held me with bending her lips
into a dangerous smile. She parted her lips with my shaft
and worked her tongue against it long strokes sending chills
up my spine. She licked down to my balls then back up my shaft
again over and over again never letting her tongue touch
the mushroom'd tip. Daniella occasionally stroked
me as if worried that i would start to go down if she didn't.

"mmmmyy mmy gawwdddd" came a scream from the
first level below us. Angel let out another blood curdling
scream that she was going to cum again and the slapping of
two bodies sped up.

Daniella breathed out a husky moan across my cock and sat
up on her knees letting her tongue drag across me as she went.
She let her hand fall to the base of my shaft and opened wide
taking me into her mouth. Her head bobbed in an uneven rhythm
as she gently sucked on the head of my cock. She would pull
me out of her mouth and run me across her lips, then in broad
tongue licks from my balls all the way back up my shaft then
took me deep in her mouth again moaning all the while.

"I am going to fuck you from behind" Jason's
voice boomed over the sounds of Daniella sucking my cock.
"ok" Angel's voice said weakly.

Daniella's actions became a little more frantic,
she started sucking up and down my shaft while stroking
me with quick short head bobs. She would pull me out of her
mouth again and run her tongue all over my cock before hurriedly
putting me back in her mouth. I was almost numb with pleasure,
all I could do was sit there and watch as her head moved up
and down on me sending wave after excruciating wave of pleasure
through me.

In one lightly fast move she pulled me from her mouth and
dove down onto my balls sucking one into her mouth. She looked
up and locked eyes with me as she stroked me and gently sucked
on my balls

"Te gusta como te mamo?" She purred to me with
one of my balls still in her mouth.

That was the straw the broke the proverbial camels back.
I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back onto her
knees standing up at the same time. She looked up at me with
suddenly innocent eyes as her hair fell over her face in
thin strands. I reached down and lifted her off the ground
causing her to squeak from surprise. Her feet had barely
had time to find the floor before my hands were at the front
of her shirt. Without thinking I jerked it open exploding
the few remaining buttons that held it closed into the room
exposing her body to my eyes and hands.

Her tiny body was more amazing then it had appeared to be
underneath the floor length white toga she had worn to our
party. Her large breasts heaved as she looked at me unsure
of what I was going to do to her. Her large areola were darker
then the rest of her light brown complexion and her tiny
hard nipples looked extremely inviting. Her narrowed
waist and seductive curves made my mouth water as my eyes
travelled over her figure. Her tiny white thong clung tightly
against her pussy and showed easily that she was very wet.

She gasped as I pulled the ruined dress shirt down around
her shoulders trapping her arms to her sides. I dropped
to my knees in front of her putting my hands around her tiny
waist and pulled her body toward me. My lips met her skin
between her tits and I inhaled her flowery perfumed scent
before bringing my tongue to her flesh. I licked and kissed
the insides of her cleavage covering every inch of her with
kisses before moving to the undersides. The mix of Angel's
screams and Daniella's moans reverberated through
my head in sensual concert driving my passion further.
I brought my hand up to her heavy right breast taking her
tiny hard nipple between my fingers while sucking her other
tiny nipple into my mouth.

Daniella's hands snaked into my short brown hair and
pulled me tight against her body. I bit down gently on her
nipple flicking it with my tongue at the same time. I slowly
began moving my hands from her sides to her ass causing her
moan something in Spanish. I squeezed the supple flesh
before moving them between her thighs to explore more of
her body. Daniella's stomach pressed against my chest
as her breathing quickened from my attention to her sensitive
nipple. I switched to her other nipple and was quickly rewarded
by her urging moans in Spanish implying that I was doing
all the right things to her.

I pulled my mouth away from her nipples after a spending
as much attention to them as I could bare and sat back on my
heels. She watched silently as I dug my fingers into the
thin strip of fabric of her silky panties and tugged them
down her thighs. My eyes travelled back up her short legs
to her sweet little bare pussy.Everything about this little
Cuban girl was sexy including her tiny little puffy lips
that were parted by the protruding finger width sheath
of her clit. Her large pink clit had swollen out of the hood
and was easily the same size at the tip of my pointer finger.
It glistened with wetness and seemed to be swelling before
my eyes.

She gasped as i brought my lips to it covering it with light
soft kisses. She held on to my head and leaned back trying
to give me easier access to the heaven between her legs.
I had other ideas and wrapped my arms around her legs and
stood up lifting her high into the air. "OH"
She exclaimed and grabbed handfuls of my shirt. I walked
the few short steps to my bed and gently let her back fall
to the bed while holding her lower half up by the small of
her back. She opened her legs and draped the backs of her
knees over my opened forearms giving me an wide open view
of her sweetness. I lifted the lower half of her body up and
brought her pussy to my mouth.

My tongue dove deep as it could go inside her hot insides,
her thick juices coated my tongue letting me savor her sugary
taste. I drew my tongue back and traced it along her lips
up to her clit then across the top of her firm hood then down
the other side. Her fingers tore at the top of my shirt causing
me to stop my attention on her while she pulled it off making
me completely naked and leaving her still wrapped in my
now tattered dress shirt. I moved back to her pussy and sucked
her large swollen clit into my mouth "aaayyyyy baby"
she called out.

I put my shoulders under the backs of her thighs and draped
her legs over my back as I tortured her clit with my mouth
and tongue. Daniella's body writhed underneath my
weight as she tried to get away and get closer at the same
time. Her hips bucked and then sunk into my soft pillow top
bed with quick jerky motions as i sucked harder on her clit.
"baby baby baaaaabyyyyyy noooooo" She cried
out. I refused to listen and continued to suck her hard clit
into my mouth. I flicked the end with my tongue before kissing
it with all the passion I would kiss her mouth with.

"nooooo" she screamed just as loud as her sister
had earlier and flooded my mouth with thick sticky sweetness.
Her little body reacted violently and did it's best
to escape from underneath me. I held her down the best I could
without hurting her and sucked harder on her clit. Daniella's
body seized as I brought my hand underneath me and slid a
finger inside her tightness making her scream out again.
It was amazing how her pussy seemed to surround my finger
and hold onto it tightly. I tried to find her g spot while
i continued my onslaught of her clit but the last great buck
of her hips moved her up the bed and out of my reach.

Her body laid still taking deep gulps of air staring with
sightless eyes at my high vaulted ceiling. I reached out
to touch her leg and ended up regretting it, her body convulsed
at my touch causing her knee to shoot up and crack me in the
jaw. The pain echoed through my head and dazed me for a second.
"ooohhhh" she let out in surprise and worry.
She sat up and cradled my chin in her hands "are you
ok" she said half worried and half laughing. "making
you cum in dangerous" I laughed.

Her sly smile spread across her face "you made me cum
more then once" and let her soft hands trail across
my chin as she laid herself back on the bed. "oh did
i now" I said getting up and crawling between her legs
moving up to meet her face with my own. She wrapped her arms
around my neck and her legs around my back and smiled up at
me "Me pones muy caliente"

"I really need to learn how to speak a different language"
I muttered out loud. She let out a hearty laugh and let go
of my neck, she reached between our bodies and grasped my
semi hard cock. She rubbed the head of it against her extremely
wet pussy shivering when it grazed across her still rock
hard clit. "you do that to me" I could feel the
dripping wetness she had coated the end of my growing cock
with and put two and two together. "oh" I laughed.

She gave me a cute exaggerated little nod and gave my cock
a hard squeeze "be careful with me, I am small"
She said softly. I don't know why that gotten to me so
bad, but I quickly grew in her hands to my full size. Daniella
brought her knees up the side of my body pressing them against
my arm pits and used both hands to pull on my cock and massage
my balls. "I need you inside me" she whispered.
She gently pulled me forward and pressed the head of my cock
against her hot wetness. She looked me in the eyes then took
a deep breath before guiding the head of my dick into her.

The tight hot inferno that surrounded my manhood was for
lack of better words, intense. I felt her stretch around
me as i slowly sunk deep inside her. Daniella closed her
eyes and threw her head back against my pillow "OOoooohh
mmmy god" she cried out. I could feel her hands open
and close around the base of my cock and balls as inch by inch
i dove into her. Her knees pressed tight against my sides
and started to shake as I found her stop. Her arms pulled
from beneath us and wrapped around my neck again, her eyes
opened and started to water instantly. The look on her face
was somewhere between pure ecstasy and pain as I tried to
go deeper then her body could allowed.

She tugged hard on my neck and brought my lips down hard onto
hers. Daniella's tongue exploded into my mouth and
she kissed me with a passion I hadn't been prepared
for. Her hands travelled over my face, into my hair, down
my back, and back to my face again in blurred motions, hungrily
attacking my mouth with hers at the same time. My tongue
fought against her as our sloppy kisses covered each others
mouths. She broke away and planted kisses along my chin
and jaw before moving across my cheeks and back to my mouth
again. Her unbridled passion had completely taken me by
surprise and I did all i could just to keep up with her.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock with so much force that
I felt it in my toes "own me" she purred into my
mouth. I drew back my hips relishing the liquid silk crush
surrounding me before plunging back into her depths again
"AAAAAAAAHHHHH" she cried vibrating my lips
and hurting my ears. Our chests were smashed together thanks
to her refusal to stop kissing me only allowing my hips to
move. I drew back and plunged into her tightness over and
over again feeling her cervix slam into the head of my cock
each time. I felt her body tense and she broke our kiss

"I am sorry" i said with worry "i didn't
mean to hurt you"

She rolled her head back and forth "it's good
it's soohoohoo good" she whined "it's
ok" and smashed her open mouth against mine. My body
temperature had risen well over 100 degrees and my stomach
tightened from the pure pleasure of being buried deep inside
Daniella. I forced my hips back and with long powerful strokes
i fucked her tiny little Latina body into my bed. Somewhere
beyond Daniella's screams and urgings I could hear
her twin sister calling out Jason's name. Our condo
was filled with the sounds of intense sex and colliding

Jason and Angel finally died out in an explosive mix of deep
grunts and high pitched screams giving way to Daniella's
voice and the thump of my bed into the wall. Our bodies clung
tightly together in our lustful dance as we drown in each
others embrace.

I felt my skin tear as her long nails scraped across my shoulders
and down my arms. I felt her pussy spasm around my thrusting
cock and then the flood as another orgasm over took her small
body. Her mouth tore away from mine, she threw her head back
and wailed out my name. Robin had gotten me very close to
an orgasm earlier in the night but it seemed like my body
had long since forgotten. I felt as if I could go for hours
and with Daniella that is exactly what I wanted. When her
orgasm had died I broke free of her suffocating embrace
and sat up. She looked at me with drunken eyes as i put my hands
on the back of her knees and pressed them to her chest.

I looked down to watch my hard glistening cock slide in and
out of her tortured little cunt. Her puffy lips surrounded
me while her big hard clit drug across the top of my shaft,
it was amazing to watch her tiny pussy open up to take me in.
Long trails of her cream coated me every time i pulled out
until just the tip was in. Daniella put her knees behind
her elbows allowing me to move my hands underneath her ass
and lift her up. I fucked her with fast short strokes and
gradually went deeper and deeper into her. When I had gone
too deep her hand shot out and pressed against my stomach
telling me i couldn't go in any farther.

Seeing her body scrunched up into a sexy little ball while
I penetrated her drove me wild, I wanted to do everything
i could with this girl. I wanted to see her body in every position
I could think of including seeing her beautiful ass up in
the air while i fucked her from behind. When that thought
hit me I had to have it now, I ripped myself out of her bringing
a wince of pain and a whimper from her. Without saying a word
i put my hands underneath her and with one motion lifted
her into the air and flipped her over onto her stomach. The
curve of her slender back into her little bit of an apple
booty made my cock jump.

I pushed her legs together and straddled her thighs, i could
easily see her dripping open pussy and forced the head of
my rock hard cock into position. The extremely tight wetness
surrounded me again as i drove my hips forward. I spread
her ass with my hands and just watched as i fucked her enjoying
every sight and sound. Daniella grabbed great handfuls
of pillow and sheet as i pounded her from behind. Her muffled
screams into the bed were still loud enough to hurt my ears.
I don't know how long i had fucked her like that before
my body threatened to give out. My body had not been use to
this much vigorous sexual exertion in quite awhile.

I let myself fall forward onto her back and brought my left
forearm under her neck while using my other arm to hold myself
up on my elbow. Daniella's teeth sunk into the arm under
her neck and wrapped her fingers around my wrist digging
in with her nails. I pushed deep inside her and she bit down
hard on my arm and let out a deep throated scream. The position
must have hit her in all the right spots because shortly
after I started she began pushing her ass against my hips
making her body shake violently. Goose bumps erupted over
her arms and back as her biggest orgasm yet tore through
her nervous system.

The white hot pain of her teeth biting down hard mixed with
the blissful feeling of her spasming pussy pushed me closer
to the edge then i wanted. I thrust my hips forward and held
myself still deep inside her. She moved her hand around
the back of my neck and pushed her ass up hard against me again
making her whole body shiver. She let go with her teeth and
laid her check against the sore spot "i don't
think I can take more" she gasped

In truth i wasn't sure if i could take much more either,
but i knew i wanted more, much more. I did my best to brush
away her long hair from her shoulder and let my lips fall
to her skin. She shivered as i lightly bit her flesh and started
thrusting my hips again. Her pussy seemed to protest every
time i pulled back, it gripped me tight and convulsed with
each withdrawal. Her ass met my thrusts as she did her best
to fuck me back trying to make me cum. I figured it was time
to change positions again and lifted myself back up onto
my knees. I grabbed her hips lifting her up onto her hands
and knees.

Her ass looked like a little upside down heart as it narrowed
into her sides, the sight it self almost made me cum. I put
my hands at the top of her hips and much to her surprise started
to pound into her hard. "aaaaahhhhhhhh" She
cried out and let her chest drop to the bed giving me an even
sexier view of her from behind. She reached beneath her
legs and clutched my balls gently in her hands. She tried
her best to milk the cum from me as I pounded her as hard as
I could.

"I na eed you to cum for me" tried to say. through
clenched teeth. "ppleaasse"

I moved one of my hands to her hard swollen clit and started
rubbing it softly "nooooo" She cried and threw
her body forward. My cock was ripped from her pussy in a loud
wet pop and stood straight up covered in her juices. "you
can't" she protested "I can't cum
anymore it's too much i am too sensitive" She
got up on her knees and moved toward me pushing her hands
against my chest "lay back baby"

I did what I was told and watched her as she got on all fours
between my legs. She put her weight on her elbows and took
my cock in one of her small hands. Her knees slide open and
curved her back in a way that made her ass stick up in the air.
She opened her mouth wide and sucked me in with a soft slurp
"mmmmm" "mmmhmmm" She moaned taking
a breath after each one. Daniella bobbed her head up and
down while stroking me at the same time dragging her tongue
along the bottom of my shaft. Her mouth and hand worked my
cock with a slobbering frenzy of pleasure while her ass
swayed in the air. Heaven.

She was stroking my cock and sucking gently on my balls when
i decided i needed to be in her tight body again. "lay
on your back" I whispered. "hmm mmm" She
protested with a mouth full of my balls. "I will be
gentle" I assured her. " Daniella let out a little
whimper and released me from her mouth then laid back on
my bed. She opened her legs to allow me to move in between
then and showing me her still dripping pussy and big swollen
clit in the process.

She helped guide me inside her with both of her hands, gasping
as i penetrated her slowly. She wrapped her arms around
my neck again and let her feet fall against my back. With
long slow strokes i plunged my throbbing cock back into
her depths. As before she forced my lips to hers and hungrily
attacked my own exploring my mouth with her tongue.

As the time slowly passed by what started as carnal lust
gave way to slow passionate embraces. The rhythm of my hips
slowed down to a steady pace as did our kisses. Daniella's
hands refused to let go of my hair and only broke our lips
apart to cry out with another orgasm. The change was what
my body needed and like a rolling wave my on coming orgasm
began to flow through my body "i'm going to cum"
I said in bated breath. Daniella moaned into my mouth at
my words and her body began to come alive underneath me.
She met my thrusts with her own and tore at my hair. Our kisses
has become slobbery tongue lashings while our breath became

"Cum on me" She breathed "cum on me papi"
My stomach muscles cramped up telling me i was mere seconds
away from exploding. I pulled myself out and started to
slide my pulsing cock up her drenched pussy lips to her rock
hard clit. Daniella stopped kissing me and pushed her forehead
against mine. Her hands shot between us grabbing my shaft
in one hand and my balls in another. She tugged them both
at the same time and watched as my cum erupted in greats spurts.

I came with so much force that white splashed across her
chin and upper chest making her squeak in surprise. My next
spurt stitched a line down the middle of her chest and across
her large dark areola. She purred and cooed as she drew more
and more cum from my balls onto her belly. My body shook and
I held my breath for as long as i could trying to hold back
the tide of my own scream. When the deep rumble of my moan
passed my lips Daniella's hips bucked and she tried
to force more cum from my now empty balls. My deep moans seem
to turn her on and she tugged hard against my cock trying
to pull me up toward her chest.

My shaky body crawled forward as she pulled until she had
my still hard cock between her large tits. She pushed them
together trapping me and sucked the extremely sensitive
head of my cock into her mouth. I cried out as the too intense
pressure sent waves of what can only be described as sweet
sensual pain through my nerves. I pounded my fist on the
wall and tried to hold on as much as i could as her amazing
mouth tried to kill me. When i finally couldn't take
anymore i fell off to her side and lay panting on the cool
bed sheets.

Through half closed eyes I watched her trail her pointer
finger through the cum that coated her skin from neck to
bare pussy. She seemed to purr again then rolled onto her
back with closed eyes and smiled up at the ceiling. "That
was so so" she paused "orgasmic" We both
laughed at her obvious statement. She raised her arms and
pushed her palms up into the air "Me encanta todo de
ti" She laughed to the sky then brought her palms down
to her forehead. "I can't believe that just happened"
and let out a laugh again.

"I need to get up and clean off but I am afraid my legs
won't work" She said rolling onto her side to
face me. Her beautiful smile lit up the room, she made sure
there was no cum on her hand before she reached out. Her fingers
traced invisible lines on my face and she let out a great
sigh of happiness. "Just pull the sheets up, I have
to wash them anyway" I mumbled suddenly feeling very
exhausted. "are you sure" she asked looking
a little concerned. I think i nodded but i can't be sure.
My body felt like it had run a marathon and swam the English
channel all in the same day. For the first time I could remember
in a long time my cock actually hurt.

I felt her rustle beside me as she pulled the sheets over
her and tried to find a comfortable spot. I opened my eyes
and moved my body up against hers "roll over"
i told her. She did as she was told and rolled over on her side
with her back facing me. I pressed my chest against her back
and moved my slowly dying cock up against her ass "mmmm"
she moaned. She opened her legs and reached between them
searching for my cock. She placed me on her inner thigh and
let her leg fall trapping me in between them. She grabbed
my hand and brought it around her sticky front placing my
hand over her right breast. "hhhmmmm" She sighed
and pushed back against me. "crap, we forgot to turn
the lights off"

"they are off, that is daylight" I laughed into
her sweet smelling hair. "oooohhhh" she laughed
and squeezed her hand over mine in turn making me do the same
to her tit trapped in my hand. I don't remember falling

Angel and I had to be at work that night and almost ended up
being late. If Daniella hadn't had to use the restroom
and woken me up while she unburied herself from my arm we
would have been screwed. As I watched her sexy little ass
sway into the bathroom i caught sight of the red digital
numbers of my alarm clock 3:58. I sat up in bed way to fast
and my hangover made me pay dearly for it. My head exploded
in bright colors making me dizzy and I felt a sudden sickness
in my stomach. I blinked a few times at the clock to make sure
I was reading it right. "shit"

I scared the hell out of a peeing Daniella when i burst through
the door to turn on the shower. She looked at me in confusion
until i told her that her sister and I would be late for work
if we didn't hurry the hell up. She opened her mouth
in a big yawn and started to unroll a little toilet paper
as I stepped into the shower. "I will get her up"
Daniella called over the shower. I scrubbed the sex off
of my body as fast as i hygienically could and rushed around
my bedroom looking for something clean to wear to work.
I had a quick thought of how long girls take to get ready and
had no doubt that Angel probably took twice as long. "she
was fucked"

I came down stairs fully expecting to see the little Diva
in full panic mode and fearing the worst. (you know by now
you would think i would be used to being wrong)

What I saw instead was a sleepy yawn and wave from the girl
drowning in one of Jason's dress shirts. "dude
you are going to be late for work" I told her thinking
she did not see that we only had 45 minutes to start our shifts.
She shook her head making her long tangled dark hair fly
around my kitchen "got it covered"

As if on que her sister came through the back door dressed
in an old black baseball shirt of mine and the pair of boxers
she hadn't put on last night. She was towing a small
red suitcase behind her as if she was going on a short airplane
trip. She lugged it up on her hip and set it down on our kitchen
table unzipping it almost at the same time. Like the A-Team
the two twins dug through the suitcase setting aside items
as they went. When satisfied they had both gotten everything
they needed broke in separate directions, Daniella to
the upstairs bathroom and Angel to the main floor bathroom.
Jason and I just blinked at one another and shrugged.

I was half way through a hastily made turkey and cheese sandwich
when Daniella came down the stairs looking as fresh and
sexy as the first time i met her. She had put on a red halter
top and denim capri's, her hair was pulled back into
a severe pony tail save a wide swath of hair the went from
the right side of her head across her face to the left. Her
make up was impeccable and she smelled like flowers and

Not but seconds later did the main floor bathroom door open
and Angel stepped out in black dressy looking shorts and
a white low cut blouse. Her hair was pulled back in the middle
and back into a long pony tail while thin curly pieces framed
her tanned face. She smelled the same as her sister and also
had impeccable make up, she smiled through dark maroon
lipstick and asked the time. We had 20 minutes to go the short
distance to work. I just shook my head thinking how little
I actually knew about women.

Angel walked to Jason and put her hands on his chest, she
got up on her tip toes reaching as tall as her 5'0 (and
a half) frame would let her. He bent down wrapping his arms
around her back and gave her a soft lingering kiss. When
they broke apart Angel used her thumb to wipe the lipstick
off of Jason's lips and said her goodbyes. I felt Daniella's
arms drape over my shoulders, she rested her chin on the
top of my head and sighed "I wish you didn't have
to work tonight" I grabbed her hands and brought them
to my lips kissing the back of each one "me too"

I pulled her around in front of me and sat her down in my lap,
she wrapped her arms around my neck and we dove headlong
into the same passionate kiss from before. We didn't
come up for air until Angel's soft voice reminded us
they had to go or face the wrath of Scott. We reluctantly
broke apart and they waved as they walked out our back door
towards their car. Jason walked to the back window and listened
intently. When he was sure the car had been started and pulled
out of the carport he turned around.

He opened up his arms into a giant wingspan "DUDE HOW
FUCKING COOL WAS THAT SHIT" The loudness of his voice
hurt my hung over head but made me laugh at the same time.
My stomach gurgled and I decided against eating the rest
of my sandwich. Jason launched into a blow by blow of last
night apparently unaware that Daniella and i had watched
half of it. I had to force my way out the door past a yammering
Jason so I wouldn't be late. His last question before
I closed my car door was "what did she look like naked,
was she hot"

"they are twins, I am pretty sure they looked the same"
I yelled back.

When I got to work the first thing I heard was the click clack
of heels headed my way.

To Be Continued...........

NOTICE I suddenly have realized that for a lot of you the Houston
part of my stories are the first you are reading. With these
stories i have just assumed the readers have known me and
my friends. I just picked up where my last story left off.

I have written these in a timeline dating back to the first
of my life in Flurries. So if anything confuses you and you
are bored there are 56 parts before this series that explain
a whole lot about my life. So i apologize for this oversight.

Thanks for the understanding

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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I really enjoyed this - thank you! Will have to check out
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Hot story loved it.


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quote Insatiable250:
I really enjoyed this - thank you! Will have to check out some of the others.
I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reading. I hope
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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The Maestro returns! Welcome back.


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Hot story loved it.
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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The Maestro returns! Welcome back.
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Your story's are very descriptive, and I really like
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