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Houston and the Renaissance Festival


Living in Houston, Texas had been a little bit of a culture
shock to say the least. The personalities of the people
I had met and worked with always seemed to surprise me to
no end. The month of September had been like harass Dave
month. Not only did people tease me about my random hook
ups with Riko, the driveway thing with Robin, and whatever
it was with Daniella but they talked about it openly. My
sordid life suddenly became as normal to talk about as how
bad the Astro's were playing. To make matters worse
the phrase "wash her off your cock before you shove
it in back in my mouth" took on a life all in it's
own. Gene and Laura would even make jokes about it on occasion
to terrorize me into doing their bidding.

Daniella had indeed found out about Riko and after several
Cuban cuss words, insults, and threats had "forgiven
me". She and her sister would make excuses to their
parents so they could come over and spend the nights screaming
in concert in different parts in the house. The September
weekends were filled with the twins running through our
house in various states of dress in between bouts of hot
sex. Jason even had tried to get a group thing together but
immediately had the taste slapped out of his mouth by Angel.
Daniella again broke into a string of cuss words and insults
directed and my suddenly shrinking friend (sorry guys
no incestual lovin with these two).

The end of September also brought with it their parents
cracking down on them after a few calls to the friends houses
they were supposedly staying at. Even at 21 years of age
these two girls bowed to their parents and our meetings
trickled down to almost nothingness. Riko and I had managed
to fit in a few meetings in that last week completely annoying
Jason to no end with the sounds of our pleasure. He was extremely
grumpy at being shut down with Angel to the point where I
was starting to think they or at least he had very strong
feelings. They talked on the phone a lot but it was evident
the toll being taken on them.

The beginning of October also surprised me with it's
weather. "93 degrees in October what the fuck is that
about" I exclaimed fanning myself.

"it would be snowing by now in Minnesota" Jason
told everyone at the bar. We were getting ready for another
Saturday night filled with drunk half naked dancers and
loud bumping music. Bourbon Street had really taken off
and we would be busy from 9pm to close even sometimes having
a line of people waiting to get in. Scott had tried to work
as Jason's backup bouncer but it never really turned
out well. He either had his time taken up by a very needy Princess
or he would butterfly around the bar letting everyone know
he was one of the owners. Thanks to this Jason had taken a
beer bottle across the head for his trouble. Ever seen a
5ft (and a half) tall bouncer trying to control things in
a short skirt and high heels? Angel rushed to Jason's
Dazed side and almost tore his assailant in half with her
well manicured hands. If i hadn't of gotten there when
I did she probably would have killed the poor guy lol.

At the end of the night Jason sat at the bar with an ice bag
on his bumped head nursing a beer. Angel was fussing over
him "yo cuidare de ti" she said in a soothing
voice as she brushed blonde hair from his forehead. Angel
had finished her work faster then humanly possible and
walked him out of the front doors making a show of holding
him up. Since he had rode with me she would be taking him home
and "taking care of him"

"hang a sock on the door if i can't come in"
I shouted after them bringing a round of laughter from our
staff. His hand lifted into a one finger salute and the were
out the doors.

"he's so milking it" i laughed "i
have seen him take much much worse and shake it off"

"she will probably hurt him more then the bottle did"
Robin said bringing another round of laughs. "well
if you two don't mind I am getting out of here early"
Robin said throwing a bar into the sink.

"where are you going" I asked. We still had a
lot to do and if she left me I would be stuck with Christie
alone. Trust me nobody wanted that.

"I have a hot date and i plan on getting me some"
She said smiling

"a date?" I asked "with who?" I don't
really know why i asked it, I didn't really care to be
honest. Other then the nightly teasing and that one painfully
unfinished blowjob in her parents driveway we hadn't
moved forward. I don't even think we had talked on the
phone other then switching a few shifts with each other.

Robin slinked towards me and brought her face so close I
could smell the sweet scent of her perfume and the liquor
on her breath. She slid her hand down my chest and grabbed
my dick through my khaki shorts making me jump. "not
with you big boy" she said in a sultry voice "but
soon" and gave my package a squeeze. The hair on the
back of my neck was just starting to calm down when Christies
shrill "WUUUUU" hit my ears. I heard laughing
behind me from Megan and someone whistled a low tone. She
flashed me a smile and walked past me dragging her fingers
across the front of my shorts. One quick tug of my pocket
and she was gone.

I turned to see Riko and Megan laugh at what must have been
a stupid look on my face. "i have to be careful what
i ask" I laughed. Riko moved forward and gave me a hug
goodbye and then went out the front doors to a waiting red
rice burner idling by the front doors. Megan stood there
with one Chuck Taylor on top of the other smiling still.
"what" I asked suddenly thinking i had something
on my face. "what" I asked again wiping off and
invisible mark of my cheek.

"you are so funny" She said giving me the full
chipmunk cheek grin. Her hazel eyes flickered for a minute
then she turned and headed toward her section in the back
of the restaurant. Her tiny ass barely visible in her loose
fitting jeans. "oh well" I breathed into the
air and went back to work closing the bar down with Christie.
"what does she mean i am funny" I thought to myself
"funny ha ha or funny dumb jackass tool boy funny?"
I shrugged off the thought and finished my work.

Just as i was about to leave La'Tifa, Megan, Scott, Ebony,
and of course Princess asked if i wanted to go to breakfast
at the Waffle House with them. I figured Jason would probably
be balls deep inside Angel about now. It would probably
be best if i wasn't home for that raucous action. I had
never had a roommate before other then girls that i was currently
dating. It was odd sharing a house with a friend and i was
still trying to get used to it. Jason had a much better job
then i did but i was able to pay my half of the 1000 a month rent
easily. However i probably would be hurtin if i tried to
do it all by myself. "i need to get a better job"
I thought to myself. Anyway moving on.

We found an empty table big enough for all of us in the back
of the restaurant and thumbed through the menu. After ordering
food and drinks we all started talking about the night (cause
apparently we had nothing else in our lives that was exciting)
Princess fawned over Scott and how his idea's for Bourbon
Street were really paying off. None of us told her that Gene
and Laura would make the rounds and ask us what we thought
would be good ideas for specials and themes. It was better
if you didn't give her any more ammunition for her machine
gun like mouth. (that sounded rude didn't it? Sorry
Princess where ever you are)

As the talked turned to people we worked with and the nutty
or annoying things they did (women can be catty don't
blame me) the talk gradually centered on me and my love life.

"So Dave lets say if i wanted to date you i would have
to share you with the other three" Tifa joked. She
leaned forward resting her chin on her hands and flashed
her amazingly beautiful smile.

"No Halle Berry you would not" I laughed knowing
there was no way out of this "Daniella can't date
me because her parents don't like white guys apparently"
I took a sip of my coke to by myself some time.

"Riko is um, honestly I don't know what her deal
is" I told them. "She acts as shy as can be around
me then occasionally blows my mind by wanting to come over

"That's not all she blows i bet" Scott laughed.
Princess hit him on the arm playfully "Scotty that
was rude" He gave her a rueful look and turned back
toward me.

"Robin is just a freak i think, i have no idea what the
fuck her deal is" I answered honestly

"So who was the best" the Halle Berry look a like
asked flashing that now annoyingly beautiful smile.

"Megan" I said "Hands down" I took
another drink of my coke.

Tifa about jumped out of her seat and turned toward the girl
to her left. "whaaaaaaaaaaat" She shouted
overly loud making heads turn toward us. Megan either baked
out of her mind or thinking about something else completely
said "yeaaah" Tifa's jaw dropped. "you
slut!!, what about Ted". She shouted again turning
even more heads.

Megan looked momentarily confused "wait.. what"
she said in her squeaky voice. "no wait" She
said sitting rigid and coming back to reality. "I
didn't do anything to Dave" She said turning
her head to look at all of us. Tifa's face seemed to drop
in either confusion or disappointment of missing out on
a good scoop. "I was only kidding" I laughed.
I got two french fries to the face for my joke.

Megan rambled off a few more sentences about how she hadn't
and really started to sound like she was guilty of something.
Scott was busy trying to fend off Princess's preening
of his hair and was oblivious. Tifa and I caught it though
and exchanged looks "you seem a bit guilty there hun"
Tifa stuck her tongue in her cheek for a moment examining
her now fidgety friend. "spill it" She said
doing the come here kung fu thing with her fingers.

Megan's little chipmunk cheeks blushed and a tiny
bit of a southern drawl came through her little raspy squeak
of a voice. "I didn't do anything wrong i promise"
she almost pleaded looking back and forth between Tifa
and I. "I just think he is funny" She said quietly
and sunk down in her oddly colored padded chair. Tifa barked
out a laugh "you are so busted" She turned toward
me and gave me a once over "I would if i didn't have
a boyfriend" She gave me that smile again and this
time it looked like a spider looking at a delicious fly caught
in it's web. I could feel my ears get warm and i am pretty
sure I blushed.

My overly sick sense of humor goaded me on and i felt the urge
to fight back a little. "Ok so if i date both of you how
do we do it" I asked trying to look thoughtful. "do
we alternate weekends like child custody or do we just split
up the week" I brought my hand to my chin to stroke my
non existent beard "hmm maybe we need a calendar or
like an activities board, what do you two think" I
looked at them both with the dumbest look i could think of.
I got 4 french fries to the face this time. After more heckling
and laughs we all paid and walked out of the restaurant together
breaking off toward our cars.

I was standing by my car door trying to fish my keys out of
my pocket when the chipmunk cheeked ninja shortened my
life by ten years. "Dave" I almost jumped out
of my skin when i heard the disembodied voice behind me.
I turned around trying to get control of my rapidly beating
heart and looked down into Megan's hazel eyes. She
launched herself forward and wrapped her arms around my
neck in a giant hug. Not sure what it was about i hugged her
back lifting her feet off the ground in the process. I got
a nose full of her cigarette and apple tinged hair as she
nestled into my neck. After almost a full minute she pulled
her face away from my chest and looked into my eyes smiling.
Out of the blue she pressed her lips against mine in a kiss
reminiscent of my grade school days. Without knowing what
was going on or rather more of the confusion of the whole
thing I just let her flatten my lips with hers.

Megan broke the kiss and gave me the biggest chipmunk cheeked
smile yet "I really think you are cool" She said
through her grin.

"um i think you are cool too" I questioned.

She all but smashed her face to my chest again and damn near
rung my neck in another hug. "good" she said
into my shirt. I didn't release her from my hug until
i felt her arms slacken and gently dropped her to the ground.
Megan stepped back and moved a long piece of wavy brown hair
from her face before turning toward her car. "what
was that" I called after her. She spun around using
her right leg as a pivot while her left flung her around.
"A HUG" she called back. She turned away again
and was in her car a few steps later. I watched as her little
4 door sedan pulled out of the parking lot and down the street.

"what in The hell was that" I laughed.

The next morning I awoke to Angel and Jason smelling up the
house with the deliciousness of bacon and eggs. I rubbed
my sleep filled eyes as i entered the kitchen "mornin"

"Good Morning Davey" Angel said popping a piece
of bacon into Jason's waiting mouth. "how did
you sleep" She asked.

"um good" I said wondering why she cared.

"If i am stupposed to ask how you two slept i am not going
to fall into that trap" i laughed "i ask then
you tell me you didn't sleep because you were up all
night bumping uglies or something"

"bumping uglies?" Angel laughed.

"You know bumping uglies" Jason said while
using his thumb and pointer finger to make a circle while
he used his other to push a cooked sausage link through the
open hole. She slapped him on the arm and made a disgusted
look on her face "don't be gross" He just
shrugged "just trying to help" and pulled her
blue dress shirt covered body into a loose hug. "did
i ever tell you that you look amazing in my clothes?

"almost as much as you tell me how amazing i look out
of them" She flirted back.

"hurk hurk" I made fake retching sounds in response.

They both turned toward me and Angel beat Jason to the punch
"if you would call my sister you could be doing this

I shook my head and said it delicately as possible "I
am not going to be some hidden secret that she has to sneak
around to see" I looked at Angel knowing full well
her twin would be hearing these words 5 minutes after Angel
got back home. "It wouldn't be fair to her or to
me and she deserves to be happy" Angel shoulders slumped
as the weight of my words sunk in. She and Jason were a pretty
good couple in my mind. It was only a matter of time however
until the sneaking around would explode in their faces
and the pain would be much worse. Jason also sensing the
bad in my words did his best to turn the mood around by grabbing
her ass and making lewd suggestions. Angel made a weak attempt
to fend him off before relenting and they both disappeared
down the hallway towards Jason's bedroom. I ate my
breakfast to the sounds of Angel's not so gentle urgings
of Jason's movements and screams as he hit the right

After Jason had taken Angel home later that afternoon we
decided to go up to Bourbon Street to grab a bite to eat and
a few drinks. Sunday's weren't huge for us thanks
to the 4 million sports bars littered around north Houston.
We grabbed a booth along one of the windows that faced a TV
and read through the menu trying to find something we wanted.
La'Tifa ended up being our server and dropped some
menu's off to us. Ordering took a lot longer then it
should've thanks to several visits by staff and the
few regulars we had. We decided to make it a grease and beer
day and ordered several appetizers and a pitcher of beer

As we greedily dug into our Seafood Nacho's and Boudin
balls Tifa joined us with a colorful pamphlet in her hand.
"whufs dat" Jason asked with a mouth full of
food. Tifa held up the brochure so he could read it "renaissance
festival?" He asked "what's that".
She gave us a rundown about how huge the festival was and
how fun it could be. Apparently the town of Magnolia put
on this massive festival in a prebuilt medieval town every
year. The thing lasted over a month but was open only during
the weekends during October and November. She told us that
people went all out and dressed in everything from fancy
dresses to suits of armor for the thing.

"that sounds awesome" I said looking at the
pictures on the pamphlet i had stolen from her "how
big is the town" I asked. A smile spread across her
beautiful face making her white teeth sparkle in the sunlight
flooding through the large windows "it's huge,
even bigger then you huge". It took a second for her
words to sink in "was that a fat joke" I asked
with half closed eyes. She laughed then padded me on the
knee "oh no not a fat joke" Her dazzling smile
told me she meant something completely different "DAMNIT
ROBIN" I called out hopefully loud enough for her
to hear at the bar.

Robin's short brown haired head peaked around the
wall at the back of the bar "what did i do?" she
asked looking bewildered.

La'Tifa shook her head "wasn't her, think
Asian" she laughed and slid from the booth. "is
there anything else i can get you guys" she asked putting
her hands on her extremely narrow hips. Jason unable to
speak thanks to a mouthful of boudin balls (yeah made me
giggle too lol) pointed at his pitcher. "got it"
she said and went to get him more beer. "we should go
to this, it seems totally cool" I said reading through
all the activities the renaissance festival had. "dude
they have real jousting, sword fighting and you can do axe
and knife throwing" I held up the paper so he could
see where it said that. He just shrugged in agreeance and
continued eating.

During the week we tried to get as many people to go with us
to the festival as possible but in the end we were only able
to get La'Tifa, Scott, Princess, Jason, and I to
commit. Christie told us that she and her boyfriend were
probably going to be there and would call us if they went.
She also went on to tell us all they went every year and several
other stories about it that i was semi successful in tuning
out. We had all planned to meet at Bourbon Street the coming
Sunday and we would all ride together in my Expedition.
It was a great plan in theory.

At 10am we pulled into the parking lot and found almost everyone
waiting on us amazingly. After saying our hello's
and doing a head count i found we had added Scott's sister
Jen but was missing Tifa. After a quick call to her cell Scott
found out she was walking and would be here shortly. Apparently
she didn't live far from the bar and had just left her
house a little later then planned. As we sat and bullshited
i saw a tall thin figure dressed in jeans shorts and a blue
tank top come around the far end of the strip mall and called
out to her. She raised a chocolate tinted arm and waved back,
I couldn't be sure from this distance but it looked
like she was wiping her eyes a lot.

After making the trek across the parking lot and joining
us i noticed that her brown eyes looked blood shot "everything
ok" i asked quietly. She looked at me for a moment then
gave a little shake of her head "my boyfriend just
being a dick as usual" She whispered "forget
it lets just have some fun ok" and gave me a dazzling
smile trying to hide her sad eyes. "ok well then lets
get this bus on the road" We all started to pile in before
I realized we had the seating wrong "Jason switch
with Tifa, i have no idea where I am going" After a quick
Chinese fire drill I had my beautiful navigator and we were
good to go.

What felt like several hours later and over 1000 miles we
made it to Market road 1774 "jesus how far is this place"
Scott hollered from the third row seat in my Expedition.
La'Tifa turned and faced the back through the passenger
and drivers captain seats. "not too much longer,
Princess control your man"

"Yeah Princess" Jen said setting off a chorus
of " Yeah Princesses" He cussed back at us and
then sat quietly as Tifa navigated us to the far off land
of renaissance. When we found the parking lot at last we
were greeted by row after endless row of parked cars sparkling
in the sun. The sound of the crushed rock parking lot under
my tires was the only noise as we all kept a sharp eye out for
a parking spot big enough to fit my SUV in. After what seemed
like another hour later we found one a mile or 90 from the
front entrance and jumped out. Immediately Tifa handed
me her I.D and money, Princess and Scott's sister did
the same to him and off we went.

After paying at the front gates we walked into a massive
new world the likes i had never seen before. The place was
massive, buildings that looked straight out of the movie
Braveheart were everywhere. Actors and customers alike
were dressed in bright fancy clothes of the era, old two
wheeled carts and other ambiance were strategically placed
here and there. Jason whistled as some guy walked by us in
what looked like an authentic suit of armor it even had sword
dents in the breast plate. Court jesters juggled balls
or clubs, women in leather corsets and bright colored skirts
yelled out in welcome in british accents.

Jason, Scott, Jen and I walked around opened mouthed by
real blacksmiths hammering away, food stands with meat
turning on spits, and shops selling hand made coat of arms
banners. The place was like nothing i had ever seen and to
the untrained eye like mine made me feel like i had walked
through a time portal. "This is fucking amazing"
I told them excitedly "I can't believe this"

La'Tifa and Princess laughed and started telling
us about the jousting arena and the shows they put on there.
They told us about sword fighting demonstrations that
could happen at any time between the knights walking around.
Even though there were families and kids walking around
some guest costumes where more suited to a medieval strip
club. As if to reinforce my point a hefty woman walked by
wearing a chainmail shirt and leather Xenia style skirt.
The separation in the chainmail made it easy to see her stark
pink nipples poking through it. Other women were dressed
in clothes that left almost nothing to the imagination.

"Wow" was all i could say. Tifa hooked my arm
in hers at the elbow and drug me toward a long row of shops
selling everything from trinkets, swords, leather good,
and clothing among many other items. She glanced into the
open front shops at rows of cascaded wooden tables holding
the wares until she found a clothing shop that fit to her
liking. She released her hold on me and I watched as her long
thin legs carried her from table to table. The rest of our
group caught up with us and soon Jen and Princess were next
to La'Tifa as they fingered through brightly colored
costumes of the period. Jason, Scott and I hovered at the
front doors just looking around trying to take in our surroundings.
It really was probably the coolest thing i had seen since
my 6th grade trip to Disney World. The way they had gone all
out to reproduce this long forgotten period of time was

I watched two knights put on a mock fight far off down the
row of shops and marveled at the speed in which their blows
struck. Even at this distance the clang of swords of armor
and shield brought a slight ringing to my ears. "awesome"
I said aloud.

"Thank you" Tifa's replied.

"holy shit it's a medieval Halle Berry Barbie"
Jason laughed. As my eyes met the crushed red and gold velveted
form of my friend standing in front of me. The extremely
tight material clung to her Keira Knightly like body showing
of her lithe form with every twist and turn as she modeled.

The blood red costume had trumpeted sleeves and a wide swath
of gold down the front, on the insides of the sleeves, and
piping around the arms. It had double lacing down the front
and back which allowed for it to be tightened or loosed depending
on body type. The floor length dress billowed out around
her feet making it seem like she was floating just above
the dirt floor. She had fastened a gold chain with a sword
and shield pendant around her neck that dangled just above
the open squared neckline. Her chocolate skin seemed to
glow underneath the red and gold flowing material as she
beamed in front of me.

"wow" was all i could manage.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she twisted and
turned in front of me. I hadn't even noticed Jen and
Princess as they flanked her in dresses of their own. Princess
had on a solid light purple form fitting gown with gold accents.Her
dress had the same squared neckline as Tifa's but Princess's
large breasts gave it a much different fit. Jen had chosen
a light blue velvet bodice like dress that tied from her
waist up to her more daring plunge of a neckline. It had a
silver sash around the waist that dangled in a broad strap
down to the bottom of the dress.

"you all look great" Jason called to them. I
just nodded in response not wanting to take my eyes off Tifa.
Scott mumbled something about his sister that I couldn't
really hear. Tifa floated toward me and stuck out her hand
open palm up "Can i have my money please" She
said smiling. I nodded and fished her wad of cash out of my
back pocket and handed it to her. I watched as the back of
her swayed around tables and dress racks to the front counter.
"wow" escaped my lips again.

It's not that I had just noticed her before, i mean I
always thought she was beautiful. We had just never really
connected or sat down and had a decent conversation since
we had met. We would joke or laugh and stuff like that but
nothing deeper. I knew she had a boyfriend but had never
met the guy, she hadn't brought him to the toga party
and he never came into work. So as far as i knew he was just
some guy i had heard about. The sudden hunger building up
in the pit of my stomach started to worry me. The last thing
that I wanted was to notch another Bourbon Street waitress
into my headboard. (point of fact i do not have a head board.
It's a figure of speech)

"oh man" I muttered to myself knowing full well
that i lacked self control.

After the three girls had purchased their dresses and shoved
their original clothes into bags we started off on our adventure
again. Down rows of more food and retail shops past jesters
and knights and toward the giant outdoor jousting arena.
We oh'd and awe'd at the cool things around us and
marveled at the skill of the knights fighting or the jesters
juggling. Tifa and I talked about this and that as we walked
side by side. I lifted her up and carried her over a small
puddle of water so as she wouldn't get the ballet like
shoes she had also bought dirty. We both knew full well we
could have just walked around the puddle instead. It just
seemed like what we were supposed to do. After i set her down
she put her arm through mine again and we continued on.

The jousting tournament was awesome, our seat colors designated
what knight we routed for. We cheered on our green knight
and hollered light hearted insults at the others. Even
though our champion didn't win we all left the arena
in a great mood and continued on. We seemed to walk forever
arm in arm just talking or taking in the fantastical sights
around us until we reached a jester in a dunk tank. He wore
the typical jester clothes from the movies and called out
insults to the crowd. He would make little snide remarks
trying to get people worked up enough to pay money to shut
him up by dropping him into the water.

It was the biggest dunk tank i had ever seen, the wiry little
jester sat at least 12 feet in the air giving him a great view
of any unlucky passerby's.

"OI" He shouted our way "OI HOW COULD A
he shouted toward Tifa and I. "DID SHE LOOSE A BET MY
as if i didn't know he was yelling at us. Thanks to Kevin
Costner's Robin Hood movie we all knew what Moor meant.
There was no doubt he was asking why a dark beauty such as
her would be with a "ponce" like me. "MY
PEACOCK ATTEND TO YOU" bringing a laugh from a few
people around us and my friends.

Tifa pulled her arm out from mine and stood in front of me.
She took my hands in hers and looked into my eyes "can
you dunk him" She asked. (bragging moment had played
catcher all through high school as was pretty damned good.
We are used to pitch batting practice so throwing straight
is second nature. End bragging moment) I nodded "i
do believe i can" A smile spread across her face rivaling
the sun with it's brightness and warmth.

The jester had moved on to insulting someone else and hadn't
noticed that i bought tickets. He turned his head toward
me as I took the bean bags from the attendant. "OYYYYYYY
MEE LORD LET US MAKE A BET" He yelled toward me "IF
WENCH" I was about to laugh at that but was cut off by
she yelled back "I HOPE YOU CAN SWIM"

Tifa grabbed me by the shoulders and brought her face close
to mine. "you have to dunk this ass" She said
looking suddenly very serious "and if you dunk him
I will give you a kiss" My heart pounded it's agreeance
with her words. "so a kiss for a dunk, deal" She
asked. Her face was so close i could feel her hot breath roll
over my suddenly dry lips like dry ice crawls across a haunted
house floor. "what if i miss" I croaked. "you
don't want to miss" she replied. I let out a little
sigh "so no pressure then"

She stepped back to allow me to toss my first of three bean
bags toward the tiny red circle target jutting out from
the front of the big dunk tank. I could hear my friends making
bets behind me on whether or not i could hit my mark as the
jester called out more insults. I took a breath and without
so much as a second thought let the bean bag fly. Amazingly
my first shot held true and with a high pitched girly like
scream the jester fell into the water.

The small crowd of people that had gathered around us cheered
and clapped at my success. Tifa jumped and clapped looking
very pleased, the rest of our friends shouted encouragement
as the jester pushed the seat back into a locked position
and climbed on. He was just starting to shout about beginners
luck when i hit the target again cutting him off in mid insult.
"holy shit" Tifa gasped. "i guess you
picked the wrong peacock to heckle jester boy" Jason
called out behind me.

When the jester got back up again his tone had changed "HAVE
BELLIES" He seemed to be pleading not to be dunked
again. The change of tactic worked and I missed my third
throw. The little bi polar funny man started back in with
his light hearted insults at my aiming ability. He was just
starting to get my manly abilities when La'Tifa moved
she shouted back at a barb. She grabbed handfuls of my shirt
and pulled me forward into a lip smashing kiss.

The suddenness of her actions had completely caught me
off guard, I just stood there as her tongue explored my mouth.
I could hear giggles around me as I musted have looked like
a big floppy doll in her hands. When she broke her kiss and
let go of my shirt i almost lost a little balance and stumbled
backward a few steps bringing more laughs and giggles from
the on lookers. I could feel myself blush as i looked back
at her.

She put her hands on her hips and wore a very proud look on
her face "that's one" She said through
her smile. I started to protest that I wasn't ready
and i needed a redo but she only shook her head "sorry
the deal was a kiss a dunk and you got your first kiss for the
first dunk"

"in that case" I said digging in my pocket to
pull out money so i could buy more tickets. She laughed and
grabbed my arm that was hand deep in my pocket and pulled
me away from the booth. "noooooooo" I laughed.
She rolled her eyes and continued to pull me away from my
chance at getting more kisses. I continued to whine until
we got to the archery booth and didn't stop until she
gave me a very evil look. "yes ma'am, sorry ma'am"
I gulped. She laughed and put her hand on my chest "you're
bad" she laughed "i know" i replied and
hung my head.

We all tried the archery thing with Scott being the clear
champion "i hunt with bows" he said proudly
after hitting the center target with all three arrows.
He was giving Princess a very detailed archer lesson, she
did her best but had a hard time even keeping the arrow from
falling off her hand when she aimed. Tifa was starting to
struggle with the same thing and without thinking i moved
in behind her to help.

"ok put this elbow up" I told her and let my fingers
glide across her right underarm. I pressed my chest against
her back and brought my lips close to her ear to give her instructions.
"cross the arrow like this and put the shaft over your
fist" I said guiding her other hand into the right
position. The slight citrus of her perfume tickled my nose
as i put her body into the right position. "alright
when you draw back the string keep your elbow locked"
I almost whispered into her ear. I felt her body shudder
a little as my words tickled her ear. "mmmhmmm"
She almost moaned. "Ok when you are ready just let
go" I told her and stepped back. She let her fingers
fall off the string and the arrow sailed through the air.
It's path took it well beyond the target and stuck itself
into a tree 10 feet behind the target. (hey not all things
work out like you hope)

"eh maybe archery isn't your thing" I laughed.
She frowned for a second and picked up another arrow. I moved
closed to her again and started my instructions with my
lips pressed against her ear. She let out a laugh and pushed
her ass against me knocking me back. "I can't
concentrate if you do that" She laughed. This time
she managed to stick the arrow in the round target. We did
the axe and knife throws after before moving on to other
new and exciting things. We got turkey legs and drinks and
managed to find a place to sit. True to the time period there
were no napkins or silverware. I laughed when Tifa used
my black shirt to clean off her hands at the end of the meal.

We walked around trying out different game booths or walking
through shops until the sunlight started to fade. We had
spent hours at the medieval town but to me it only felt like
a brief moment. We said goodbye to the park and made our long
walk back to my SUV tucked in the back of the sprawling parking
lot. Tifa and I still arm in arm chatted about how much fun
we had had and how cool the place was. As i helped her into
my Expedition she leaned forward to give me the last promised
kiss. I bent back out of reach "oh no the next one will
be on my terms" I said smiling at her. She flashed back
her brilliant smile "should I be worried" She
asked. "very" I replied.

During the long ride home i began to form a diabolical plan
in my head. I wanted to know more about La'Tifa and I
was going to find a way to spend time with her alone somehow.
After pulling back into Bourbon Street's parking
lot we all got out to stretch our legs and Tifa moved away
from us to make a call. The girls and Scott went into Bourbon
Street to show off their costumes to the rest of the staff
leaving Jason, La'Tifa, and myself outside.

I could hear Tifa having a heated phone conversation and
strained to eavesdrop "fine i don't give a fuck!
you always do what you want anyway" She said angrily
into the phone. "someone isn't happy"
Jason muttered. "i noticed" I agreed. When
she rejoined us she looked madder then badger that just
had his tail pulled. "everything all good"
I asked. She nodded her short haired head "i am ready
to get stupid tonight" and walked past us into Bourbon
Street. Jason lightly backhanded me on the chest "you
should tell her your name is stupid and see what happens"
then pushed himself off my SUV and followed her into the

As what seemed to be the story of my life the drinks started
to flow through out the night. We had hired a new girl behind
the bar and only Angel and Ebony were working so we pretty
much had the run of the place. Tifa and I had suddenly become
very friendly with her even sitting on my lap for an hour
of the night. We flirted and joked with one another making
no bones about our sudden attraction to each other or anyone
else. "jeez why don't you two just go get a room"
Princess said from Scott's lap." Tifa turned
to me and flashed her brilliant smile "you know anyone
that has a room"

I tried to look thoughtful for a moment before i answered.
"well i have a couple i suppose we could use"

"only a couple" She asked

"Well what time do you have to be home" I asked
keeping up the quick humor.

"Tomorrow" She said seriously

"CHECK PLEASE" I hollered into the air looking
for Ebony.

"you are just working through the staff aren't
you" Scott blurted out. Thankfully La'Tifa
just laughed and mussed up my hair with her hand. After paying
we got up and told everyone we were leaving. Jason being
the perfect wingman that he was told us he was staying and
would catch a cab later. In an air of pure nervousness and
anticipation Tifa and I drove the short distance to my condo.
In silence we got out and she patiently waited for me to fumble
with my keys to unlock the back door. She followed me in more
deafening silence up the stairs to my loft bed room and sat
her self down on the edge of my bed.

In a moment of insane bravery i turned toward her and informed
her that it was time to collect my last owed kiss. What she
expected and what I did were two completely different things.
I dropped down to my knees between her legs and grabbed her
delicate ankles. "what are you doing Dave"
She exclaimed in shock. "claiming my kiss"
I told her running my hands up her long smooth legs. I had
just reached the tops of her knee's when the surprise
wore off. She put her hands on the tops of my hands through
her dress and stopped me "Dave" she said simply.

"ssshhh" I answered back. I felt the pressure
on my hands slacken and i continued my path up her thighs
to the waistband of her panties. She let me tug them down
and gasped as i slid them down to the floor underneath her
slippered feet. I didn't want to look at her and make
her more unsure of what I was doing, the last thing that I
wanted was for her to stop me now. Without a single thought
in my head other then wanting her i gently pulled her forward
so that she was on the very edge of the bed. I pushed up the
red and white medieval dress slowly and began kissing her
impeccable chocolate skinned legs.

Her flawless skin was warm to the touch of my lips as i slowly
worked up her left leg. At 5'9 there was a lot of leg to
cover and i was suddenly feeling very nervous that she would
stop me at any time. I pushed up her dress even farther and
dove in between her slightly parted thighs. She let out
a gasp as my tongue found her inner thighs, i pushed my hands
in between them and spread her legs. She resisted at first
but as my tongue worked it's way deeper to her center
she relented.

Tifa's body relaxed and she laid back onto my bed widening
her legs at the same time. I pushed her dress up to her stomach
and was rewarded with the view of her sweet little dark cunny.
She was completely shaved bare and had nice dark long lips
and a tiny pink clit. I snaked my arms underneath her legs
and pulled her as close to the edge of the bed i dared and moved
in between them. The sweet lightly musked scent of her filled
my nostrils as i brought my face close to taste her.

The spicy taste of her tantalized my taste buds as my tongue
parted her labia. I drove my tongue in as deep as it could
go a few times before sliding it up to her tiny clit. With
soft wet gentle kisses i attacked her pussy passionately
hoping she would enjoy the sensations. As the room hung
in silence i used my fingers to explore her insides while
using my tongue to play with her clit. If it felt good for
her I couldn't tell and was still to afraid of looking
up at her face. Her long lean body stayed perfectly still
as i used every trick i knew to invoke pleasures in her sensitive
areas. She didn't make so much as a peep when i nibbled
her clit or used my fingers to find her g spot and i was starting
to fear my attention was unwanted.

I gave her dark pussy one last lick before daring to lift
my head and look at her face. Our eyes met as my head came up
and she gave me a shy smile "you are really good at that"
She breathed. I gave her clit and pussy another passionate
kiss while staring into her eyes. "I was worried you
didn't like it" I told her honestly. Tifa shook
her head and reached out taking my face into her hands "I
am just really quiet" She told me pulling me up toward
her face at the same time. I gently crawled up her body until
we were face to face "is this ok" I asked holding
my self up with my arms against the bed.

She tilted her head and gave me a curious look "why
wouldn't it be? I have wanted to do this with you since
we met. I just feel a little guilty is all" she traced
her fingers down my jaw and stopped at my cleft chin. "i
just didn't think it would ever happen"

I couldn't help but smile at her words "yeah this
one kinda surprised me too" we both laughed at my words.
She dropped her hands from my face and gently pushed against
my chest. "I need to use the bathroom. I will be right
back" I nodded my understanding and pushed my self
back up to my feet allowing her to escape from underneath
me. The medieval costume fell down around her thin legs
and she vanished almost silently behind my bathroom door.

I crawled up on my bed and let out a deep breath. I was almost
surprised that I wasn't feeling anxious anymore,
to be honest i wasn't really feeling anything. Tifa
and i had a great day getting to know each other and for me
at least there was a lot of physical attraction. However
that electricity that usually courses through my body
before something like this happens was missing. It was
nowhere near a blah feeling but it definitely was some kind
a calm i wasn't used to. La'Tifa was gorgeous there
was no doubt about it, all the Halle Berry jokes everyone
made were for good reason. She was tall and very lean and
that little grey tuft of hair over her left ear made her even
more exotic. Her smile and jovial personality made her
an easy favorite for our regulars and staff alike so why
wasn't my heart beating a million times a minute with

I was mid thought when i heard the bathroom door slowly open.
I turned my head toward it just as the light went out and Tifa's
tall lithe figure appear. I let out a breath as I looked upon
her naked form and felt that missing heart flutter start
up in my chest. I had seen her in several different outfits
at work, some loose fitting and flowy, others tight fitting
and constrictive. The Saree toga she wore to our party had
shown quite a bit of her stomach and midsection but still
none of it had showed her whole body.

She smiled at me and leaned against the wall next to the bathroom
door crossing one leg over another. Her hands clasped together
where i had tasted earlier blocking it from view. I let my
eyes travel from her narrow feet up her thin calves to her
still thin thighs. Even with crossed legs the open space
between her thighs illuminated with light from the french
doors leading out to my deck. Her narrow hips slanted up
into her well toned stomach that pushed itself forward
and sucked in with each nervous breath. Her chest was as
flat as i had ever seen with only her dark areola and long
hard nipples breaking the flat plain. Her thin arms showed
tiny biceps as she twisted her hands together with sudden
nervousness. Her delecate shoulders and neck curving
into her beautifully sculpted face that showed her lopsided

"so this is me" she said trying to ease the tension.
She twisted her body slightly as if to show herself off.

"you are unbelievably beautiful" I told her
not even trying to hide my shocked expression. Her dark
skin and even darker erogenous area's gave her an air
of exotic forbiddance. She seemed to be uncomfortable
with my praise and shifted nervously against the wall.
"i am not curvy like the others" She said and
twisted her body again as if to show me. Her body had curves,
they were just gentle ones instead of the hippy big breasted
kind. "no you have a beautiful body Tifa" i reassured
her as i drank in her figure with my eyes. I slid toward the
side of the bed and let my feet fall to the floor while leaning
my ass up against the side.

"cmere" i motioned for her to move toward me.
She used her shoulder and pushed off the wall following
my orders. I reached out and grabbed her dark narrow hips
and guided her directly in front of me. The failing light
that shone through the off white plastic blind covered
french doors made it seem as if she were the moons eclipse
to the doors sun. Timidly she put her ankles together and
let her hands fall to her sides. I marveled at how her knees
could touch yet there still was space between her thighs
allowing light through. I ran my hands up her narrow sides
then back down to her hips enjoying the warmth of her skin
in my hands and the sight of her body standing before me.

I moved my hands around to her soft ass and easily covered
each cheek in my hands. I pulled her forward and brought
my kiss to her firm stomach and inhaled her sent as my tongue
danced over her skin. I felt her hands on the top of my head
and her fingers as they raked through my short brown hair.
I worked my way toward her non existent breasts and found
her hard nippled with my mouth. I gently sucked the long
dark protuberance into my mouth and swirled my tongue around
it. Again the only clue to her enjoying it was her grasp on
my hair tightening. As i sucked on her nipple i let my hand
move between the crevice of her ass and found her wetness.

I moved as gently as i could and sunk two fingers inside her
relishing in the warm wetness that engulfed them. I playfully
nibbled and sucked on her nipples as my fingers worked her
pussy into a silky wetness. She remained as quiet as a church
mouse as my mouth hungrily attacked her neglected nipple.
The salty taste of her skin a testament to the fun we had had
all day at the renaissance festival.

"you'll make me cum if you keep doing that"
she whispered while still running her hands through my
hair. I felt excitement rush through my veins in response
to her words, i worked my fingers deeper into her now soaked
depths while sucking harder on her long nipples. The thought
of making her cum turned me on more then the feeling of her
naked body against me (i don't know why). I switched
my attention back and forth across her flat chest giving
each nipple as much equal attention as i could. I could feel
Tifa's stomach press against me as she started to breath
heavier from my actions.

The build up was excruciatingly long as i brought her closer
to the brink of her orgasm. Her body tensed and her muscles
tightened as the first signs of her orgasm flowed through
her taut body. With her nipple trapped between my teeth
and my fingers buried into her pussy her body started to
quiver. She took great gulps of air and let out soft high
pitched whines as she came. Her pussy clenched down on my
fingers and her weight fell into me. Her hands raked through
my hair feverishly until the last dying throws surged through
her body like an electrical storm.

She sagged onto me me and buried her face into my hair kissing
me along a non existent part "oh my god" she whispered
in between kisses "that was fucking amazing"

"amazing?" I thought to myself "i could
barely even tell you came"

La'Tifa with the grace of a ballet dancer managed to
straddle me with her long legs locked behind my back. It
was damn near a ninja move how she accomplished it. She put
her hands around my neck and laced her fingers together
and pulled me into a quiet gentle string of soft kisses.
I moved my hands around and locked them at the small of her
back and held on until she finished thanking me with her

She broke away and beamed at me "you got some skill

All i could do was laugh and give her a few soft kisses back.
"you are so quiet i was worried it didn't feel
good" i told her. She closed her eyes and shook her
head "oh no! you did everything right i am just not
a loud girl" I smiled back at her and figured i would
ask why. Her smile faltered for a moment and she seemed to
search for something to say "well i have lived with
my grandma most of my life and can't give her a heart
attack" she laughed. That is true the last thing any
person would want is their grand parents hearing them get
down and dirty. "well you don't have to worry
about that here" i smiled back "be as loud and
freaky as you want to"

She threw her head back and laughed before leaning forward
and giving me a kiss on the forehead "well then maybe
you need to make me get loud" she teased. I was more
then up for that and told her so. "well then lets see
what we can do" She let go of my neck and moved her hands
to my waist. I wasn't able to help since i was holding
her up so she wouldn't fall backwards onto the floor.
After a short struggle she managed to undue my top button
and pull down the zipper.

She dug her hands into my underwear and I felt her cool hands
against my flaccid dick. "mmmmm nice" she said
more to herself then to me. Her long slender fingers traveled
over my manhood as best my shorts would allow sending little
waves of pleasure through my nervous system. She scooted
her naked ass back on my legs trying to get a better angle
to pull me out. "hold on i will help" I told her
and put my hands under her ass and stood up.

Tifa yelped out in surprise and flung her hands around my
neck again to hold on as i stood up. My shorts fell down around
my ankles, i stepped out of them and kicked them up against
the french doors. Holding her light weight was easy as can
be and allowed me to use one hand under her ass while i used
my other to shimmy down my black boxer briefs. She laughed
aloud and held on as i did a little dance to get them to fall
to the floor. After kicking them in the same general direction
i had my shorts i unceremoniously plopped back down on the
edge of the bed.

The exotic beauty let go of my neck again and dove her hands
into my crotch. She grabbed my shaft with two hands and squeezed
it tight. "mmmm you have a nice cock" she said
and as if to ad merit to her words she licked her lips. I held
the small of her back with one hand and moved my other between
us so i could play with her long pussy lips. "i love
your pussy" I told her. I gently tugged at her labia
before opening her lips like the wings of a butterfly.

She shook her head "i wish my lips weren't so long"

"what!" i said shocked "i fucking love
them, your pussy is so sexy" i told her honestly. She
squeezed my hardening cock again and sighed. Whether to
forestall any further comments or because i had said words
she liked i wasn't sure. As she continued to stare at
my cock as she used her hands to bring me to life i ran the back
of my fingers between her suddenly very wet pussy. The feeling
of her lips as they trailed along my skin almost gave me butterflies.
I had never seen a pussy with lips as long as hers and it was
turning me on more then i would've thought. I was just
starting to imagine how good they would feel as they drug
along the shaft of my now rock hard cock when stopped playing
with me.

"do you have any condoms?" she asked looking
up at me. I had to admit that i had none. Whenever Riko and
I got together she would always finish me with her mouth
and Daniella was on birth control. "no" i tentatively
said worrying this might be the end of our tryst. She seemed
to think for a minute then looked down at my cock "we
have to be careful ok, i can't get pregnant" I
nodded in relief and understanding. She leaned forward
and let her lips graze mine "what are you waiting for"
she whispered softly then pressed her lips against mine
and drove her tongue deep into my mouth.

Like someone had yelled out "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN
START YOUR ENGINES" we attacked each other. I used
the hand at the small of her back to pull her forward. I felt
her pussy press against my cock and then her weight as she
pressed her hips down hard. Tifa's hands ran through
my hair again as dove headlong into passionate kisses,
her hot breath filled my lungs as we fought each other for

After a few unsuccessful tries to get my dick into the right
position with my hips she used her hand to guide me to her
waiting hole. I felt her moist heat as she pushed the head
of my cock against her opening, with a deep breath let her
weight impale herself on me. "oh my god i feel like
your splitting me in half" she winced. Our foreheads
pressed against each other as we watched my cock slowly
penetrate her narrow body. Inch after agonizing inch sunk
itself deeper and deeper into her guts until it could go
no further. Her tight pussy protested my invasion and tried
to squeeze itself shut making it ever more pleasurable
for me. She let out a few breaths and looked into my eyes with
her own watery brown eyes. "i don't think we can
do it like this"

With her legs locked around my back she needed help lifting
herself off of me. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted
her up, a loud wet pop filled our ears when my cock fell from
her pussy. "wow" was all she said. I scooted
back onto the bed and she managed to pull her legs underneath
her so that she could ride me. She hovered over me and reached
back behind her searching for my cock. With me pulsing in
her hand she aimed it toward her opening and pushed back
sinking me into her once again.

The heat and tightness of her insides surrounded me as she
pushed me deeper into her body. I moved my hands to her ass
and squeezed her flesh urging her to move. "fuck"
she whimpered as she settled her ass onto my legs. "i
feel like i am being stretched wide open" she breathed
letting her forehead fall to my shoulder. I kissed the side
of her cheek and started to rock her body forward while lifting
my hips up.

The tightness of her pussy around my swollen cock was almost
unbearably pleasurable. It felt as if with each new thrust
into her body it stretched her out more and more. Her soft
moans and whimpers barely rose above the sound of my own
heavy breathing. The warmth of her body against mine felt
as comforting as a thick blanket on a cold winters day. As
she rode me under her own power it left my hands free to explore
her slender back and sides. It momentarily amazed me that
with my hands on her sides my fingers were close to touching.
Her body was lean to the point that my fingers didn't
seem to sink into her flesh.

I felt her motions falter and Tifa began to cover the side
of my face with small wet kisses as she hands worked my hair
again "nuuaaah" she whimpered quietly and
her hips locked up as she came. The sudden and quiet orgasm
she had took me by surprise, i had never been with a women
who was so quiet in bed. We lay silent in soft pools of argent
light of the rising moon and kissed deeply. For the first
time in a long time the hair on the back of my neck rose as our
tongues danced in each others mouths. I trailed my fingers
down the the bumps of her spine to the end of her tail bone
making her moan softly into my mouth. I reluctantly pulled
my cock from her still throbbing pussy feeling it resist
my with drawl. She hissed as i pulled out completely

"did i hurt you" i asked worriedly. She closed
her eyes bit her lip and shook her head slowly "you
feel so good inside me, i am just not used to your size yet"

"aw you don't have to lie to kick it" i laughed
and gave her a quick kiss on her narrow chin. Her eye's
shot open and she looked at me dumbfounded. "you don't
think you are big do you" she said disbelieving.

"of my friends I am the smallest and i watch porn so
i feel tiny" I told her. Her face scrunched into a squint
eyed survey of my face "well first off i don't
want to know how YOU know how big your friends are. Two you
are the biggest i have ever had, and three if you think we
want porn style cocks you are insane" she laughed
"sex should feel good, not put you in the hospital
from internal bleeding" she snorted.

She rolled off my chest and landed on her back on the bed.
She let out a great sigh and stretched her long arms above
her head "i feel amazing" she breathed. With
ninja like grace i rolled over on top of her (ok i half crushed
her but that's not important) "well lets see
if i can make you feel even better" I told her and grabbed
my still hard cock. I guided myself to her lips and slowly
pushed myself in between them. Her stomach sucked in making
her look almost emaciated as i pushed my dick into her depths.
The sight of it impaling her body turned me on even more forcing
blood into my already engorged manhood.

When i felt the head hit her cervix i stopped moving forward
and lifted her long legs up in the air. As if to enforce her
earlier words she put a hand to her throat and made a chocking
sound "could you pull out a little so i can breath,
it's in my throat" That made us both laugh and
our passion turned into light hearted sexy fun for a moment.
Well at least until i started fucking her with long fluid
strokes. I watched in fascination as her long lips drug
across my shaft every time i pulled out and then would vanish
inwards with each plunge. Her hand found my forearm and
clamped down hard as i drove her body across my bed to the
point where her short haired head hung over the end.

After a few more thrusts I pulled out too quick and she hissed
her displeasure "careful Dave"

"I am sorry" i told her honestly. I pulled her
body back onto the bed making her laugh at it's suddenness
and flipped her over like a spatula would a pancake. Her
ass was even better looking then I had imagined. It was boney
or flat like you would think a skinny girls would be, instead
it was a nice tiny bubble with two tantalizing dimples above
it on her lower back. Sensing what i wanted or just something
she did naturally she pressed her legs tight together and
stuck her tiny ass up into the air. I straddled her legs and
aimed myself again at her pussy and drove my hips forward.
She let out a small grunt as my cock tried to split her body
in two again.

This position must have been the kryptonite to her composure,
with each deep thrust a small scream tore itself from her
lips. Her hand reached out and snared one of my pillows bringing
it to her chest like a spider to a fly. She strangled the poor
pillow and did her best to scream into it as i fucked her with
more and more speed. The feeling of my balls as they drug
across the back of her legs and slapped against her ass was
amazing. I watched as her back muscles contracted and released
as i drove more and more pleasure through both of our bodies.

I don't know what in the midst of all that made me do it
but i stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it. After a moment
i moved it to her dark puckered asshole and pushed my thumb
into it. She let out a deep moan that belied her higher pitched
soft voice and immediately began to cum. This time there
was no doubt as my cock and thumb penetrated deep inside
her orifices her pleas of pleasure and deep moans harkened
her on rushing orgasm. My cock became coated with creamy
white cum with each stroke and her body erupted in enough
goosebumps to make a football jealous.

As her orgasm started to wane the urge to bury my cock into
her tiny ass consumed me. I pulled out of her spasming pussy
and brought the tip of my girl cum covered cock to where my
thumb had just been. Her body tensed and her head jerked
back to look at me "wait Dave i have never.."
Before the sentence could finish the head of my cock had
penetrated her anus. Her body froze and stayed stone still
as her ass swallowed the head of my dick.

Her mouth hung open in either shock or pain and her hands
rung the invisible neck of the pillow underneath her. "i'll
go slow" i assured her "just breath"

Whether unable or unwilling to move she remained frozen
in time. I moved my hips forward a little letting my weight
do the work as i sunk myself a little deeper into her ass.
I could feel the sphincter stretch and involuntarily collapse
back around me again as if trying to adjust to what was happening
to it. I pulled back a little but not far enough where the
head would be seen and slowly ease my way back in again. After
doing this for a short while the pain or the shock seemed
to have gone away and she laid her head back down on my bed
still open mouthed.

Slowly her hips pressed flat against the bed and I angled
my body to match hers causing me to sink a little deeper into
her ass then i had planned. She let out a hiss again and tightened
her grip on my poor pillow. I moved a hand to her soaking wet
pussy and using to fingers brought her wetness to her ass
for more lubrication. After do that a few times I pulled
back out as far as i dared and then pushed it a little deeper
into her ass.

"oh fuck it" she said into my mattress and pushed
her hips hard against me causing my cock to bury itself more
then halfway into her ass. She let out another deep grunt
and her brown eyes rolled back into her head. I took this
as a sign to either A) just get it over with or that felt
good. As slowly as i could at first i pulled back to the dip
and then sunk my cock into her ass. With each new stroke i
would sink it deeper and deeper into her body. I have never
considered myself to be well hung, but the sight of my cock
splitting her ass made me look huge.

"fuck me" she moaned "fuck me please"

The last almost sounding like begging tore into some latent
need of power and it drove me wild. With abandon i drove my
hips forward slapping my balls hard against her ass before
drawing back and doing it again. As the feeling of her ass
surrounded my cock and the sounds our deep grunts filled
my ears i got lost in the moment. All i could do was feel and
hear as i started to mercilessly pound her ass. Droplets
of perspiration rose from her back and covered my own as
i pounded away, the feeling of her ass contracting around
my cock and the knowing of what i was doing overloaded my

After what was either several minutes or a few minutes my
nerves began to fire as if consumed by molten lava. Lights
erupted behind my eyes and a feeling like a hook pulling
deep behind my belly button pulling me into oblivion over
took me. "i am going to fucking cum" i grunted
through a clenched jaw. "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh"
was her only response as her own orgasm rolled over her "fuuuuuuckkk"
she cried in jagged breath from both her orgasm and my assault
on her body.

I felt my balls tighten and in a rush of almost painful pleasure
i exploded my cum deep into her bowels. It felt as if a torrent
of water rushed through a tiny straw as i shot load after
load of hot cum into her. She must have felt it because she
cried out again and again as each spurt filled her body.
I struggled to keep my hips moving as the intense sensation
threatened to shut my body down like an overheated engine.
Tifa's hands pounded against the bed "i cu aga"
she tried to tell me as he body was racked by another strong

As more spurts of white hot cum shot from the head of my cock
buried deep in her ass my mind seemed to disbelieve i could
still be cumming. My ears pounded with the sounds of waves
crashing against the rocks and my heart threatened to beat
it's way out of my chest as i drove on through our orgasms
until finally my body gave out. I collapsed on top of her
gasping for air while my cock throbbed and jumped on it's
own deep in her ass.

Her hands released the pillow underneath her from a death
grip and reached back to hold my head. We lay entangled,
both gasping for air and trying our best to let our bodies
recover the smell of our sweat and sex wafting in the air
like a musky perfume.

I started to pull my hips back but she stopped me "stay
inside me" she breathed "just stay inside me"
I stopped my hips backward motion and pushed against her
burying my surprisingly still hard erection to it's
hilt. "nuuuuuaaaahhh" she grunted and grabbed
a handful of my hair. We lay that way for a long time until
my cock had finally died down and slipped slowly from her
ass. I could feel the cum poor from her as the man made cork
fell from the opening. It ran down my cock and her inner thighs
pooling against our skin.

To Be Continued................

NOTICE: This one was written in haste because of having
no time this week. I haven't even scanned it to see my
horrible errors. So sorry about that.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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You do a fantastic job in relating your story to the reader
so they have a clear mental image of all the events. You make
it easy for the reader to know all the characters in your
story, yet without going into great detail about them.
As always, I look forward to your next posting.


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These stupid little smiley faces are starting to get annoying.
Sorry about that.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Woooow, so sexy so much fun to read and get hard over, had
to stop and jack several times reading. Loved it and wish
i could have witnessed.