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Houston and the Night Out


The problem with 6 people living in the same house is nothing
is ever in the same place twice. Also only having one TV and
three girls can turn into an ugly struggle between Sports
Center and reality shows. The other thing is that no matter
how many clothes baskets you buy you will always, Always
find panties on the floor. We had lived in our new house for
a week now and in a fit of temporary insanity we asked our
girlfriends, pardon me I mean to say our been dating for
a only a short time teenage girlfriends to move in with us?

Come Friday I was blaming Jason for everything I could think
of including global warming. I mean really? How do you lose
a frying pan the size of a small car tire? Jason had come up
with this idea just to avoid dropping the L bomb on Kitty,
and it worked. For two whole days she was focused on her turning
the fourth bedroom into a giant girl closet project. After
that was done she went right back to dropping hints like
rats drop little butt raisons.

Alas I had problems of my own to worry about like finding
new and inventive ways of dodging Morgan's parents.
The true struggle is making it look natural and not like
you are actually avoiding it. Morgan even tried to talk
about it once when she figured she had my complete and undivided
attention. I had to shoo her from the bathroom and talk about
our boundaries "number 2 time is private time!"
Sadly she had more of an open door policy when it came to that
and was willing to carry on a conversation with me at any
time. Love Hurts, and scars, and traumatizes, and changes
one's image of a happy place. I'am kidding, I'm
kidding.. No I'm not.

The GOOD thing about Morgan being so open with me is that
we found it very easy to live together. While other people
in the house had a little bit of struggle. Having a partner
with situational OCD can apparently be trying such as Jai's
laundry basket being the floor, the chair, the bed, the
night stand and so one. Cher was constantly on him about
putting the dirty clothes in the basket and even tried to
basket train him by walking him to it with dirty clothes
in his hand. Jai retaliated by putting all of her panties
in the freezer, both clean and dirty.

Despite Kitty's need to tie him down to those three
little words they still got along well. The only thing they
struggled over seemed to be the Sports Center vs Reality
show TV thing. Jason decided to be a man about it and lay down
the law with her. In the end he bought a TV for their bedroom
like a real man does. He hears the "cut off" threat
and gives in to any and all demands. I caught him painting
her toe nails once during MTV's Road Rules.

So that was our first week of real cohabitation and honestly
with the girls paying their shares as easily as they did
no one could really complain. Morgan even got me with a few
well placed threats about bringing her parents around
without warning. I tried to reason with her but she picked
then to be the strong commanding Morgan instead of the putty
in my hands one. In the end I agreed to set up a rock solid date
to have dinner with them. She tried to assure me that the
age difference between us and the fact that she was now living
with me after only being together for such a short time was
not an issue. Somehow I struggled to believe her on that.

When we woke up Sunday morning the girls were abuzz with
excitement. They made us help them clean the house because
there was no way the pool table delivery guys were going
to walk into a dirty mess. Apparently the delivery guys
might look in our cabinets for dust and in our bathrooms
for full trash cans. Regardless of the tiny shorts and sports
bras their hounding and need to clean just reminded me of
living with my parents and how my mom was like that. Needless
to say the bending over with the tiny shorts didn't
have the same affect.

When the big white truck finely pulled up to the house there
was some frothing of mouths. They were so excited that they
were giving us this gift they couldn't help constantly
harassing the delivery guys as they set it up. Not that three
beautiful young girls in tiny clothes made them all that
upset about it. The table they got us was a beautiful 5X9
Olhausen dark wood table with leather pockets and wood
tooling. They refused to tell us how much it cost but it looked
very expensive.

We made a rule that I knew damn well would be broken the first
chance someone got "No Sex on The Pool Table".
To be honest I was planning on breaking that rule myself.
After it was all set up and the felt had been stretched we
paired off into teams and played up until the girls had to
get ready for work. Each one went up to Kitty's closet
as it became known and searched through the tiny shiny outfits
they wanted to wear that night.

Jai noticed it before we did, they were getting more reluctant
to go to work. Whether it be that they just really enjoyed
the new environment or whether it was for a more personal
reason he hadn't figured out yet. But looking at the
forming pattern of waiting until the last minute to leave
and the dwindling talk of the club? Well it was something
to look into at a later date.

"why don't you guys come into the club tonight?"
Kitty said as she shoved her outfits into a small maroon
and gold Minnesota Golden Gopher duffle bag. (Really how
much of this team shit does he have?!) "yeah that sounds
like a great idea!" Cher agreed. "What sounds
like a great idea?" Morgan asked as she came into the
room wearing my dark blue hoody again. "them coming
up to the club tonight" Kitty said. I felt Morgan's
hand grab hold of the back of my shirt.

"you should come" she said brightly. The sudden
thought of seeing my girlfriend doing lap dances and flirting
with other guys kind of hit me. It's not that I had forgotten
what she did for a living but it had never really been in the
forefront in my mind before. I had dated strippers in the
past and it never bothered me, but with her I wasn't
so sure. "you guys should wear your security shirts
and help Edgar out" Kitty laughed. "I think
he is the only one working tonight" Cher said looking
up from her bag.

"low blow Cher" Jai muttered "well done"
Cher smiled as if she had known it was the right thing to say.
I lifted my arm up in the air and Morgan swung underneath
it and grabbed a hold of the front of my shirt. "come
on it'll be fun. I'll give you a lap dance and only
charge you 10 bucks" she joked moving her eye brows
up and down. "thanks for the discount" I laughed.
She shrugged "gotta pay the rent somehow".
We relented and after some kissing and playful caresses
they walked out the back door leading to the garage.

We all sat down on the couch that was no longer Jai's
bed thanks to his bed purchase a few days back. "well?"
Jai asked. "I am good with it" I answered leaning
back against the couch and putting my hands behind my head.
"the pool table bought my love" Jason said avoiding
the question. "Yeah it's pretty cool and she
does my laundry" Jai said turning the channel to an
MTV reality show to get on Jason's good side.

"does it seem like there is less nudity?" Jai
asked. "no, just more places to hide it here"
Jason answered. "Speak for yourself I can't
keep clothes on that girl" I added. "like you
complain" Jai said shooting me a dirty look. "have
you seen her body? Fuck no I wouldn't complain"

"who do you thinks screams louder?" Jason asked.
"toss up between Cher and Morgan" Jai said flipping
channels. "why do you think that is?" Jason
asked. "because we're better" Jai said
seriously. "who do you think would win in a fight?"
Jason asked. We all took a second to think about it and then
agreed "Kitty" Morgan may be intense at times
and look dangerous but Kitty? We figured Kitty was a smiling
overly happy southern time bomb just waiting to go off.

Yes this is what guys talk about when you girls aren't
around. "best dancer?" I asked. "Cher"
Jason said. "by far" Jai said blissfully. "good
hips huh?" I asked "brother you got no idea"
he said wistfully. "Best ass?" Jai asked. "I
have to give that one to Morgan" Jason said. Jai grunted
in agreement.

"best blow job" I asked setting Jason up. "Kitty"
Jai said. "By far" I added. "fuck you guys"
Jason laughed. Jai and I had only seen but we liked to make
Jason think things that aren't true. Like how Jai tried
to convince Jason that Kitty was a Satan worshipper because
she had a lot of black candles and star jewelry. If he wouldn't
get so worked up we wouldn't harass him so often.

We sat around thinking up hypothetical situations and
flipping channels until we were blind. Around 6 someone
suggest we start drinking so we wouldn't spend so much
money at the club. By 7 we realized maybe it wasn't such
a great idea after all. With two of us in the liquor business
now we had twice as much booze in the house as before . We went
from being able to open a small bar to now being able to open
a medium sized one.

We were feeling pretty good around 8 when one of them asked
what time we were going to the club. After much deliberation
the best we could come up with was "not right now".
At 9 Jason's phone rang and a short time later we were
all rushing to take showers and get cleaned up. After getting
over dressed in dress pants and nice shirts because someone
thought it would be a good idea to roll in style we walked
out into the very cool February night air. We stood in the
driveway wavering from side to side and fighting over who
was going to drive. The game "not it" doesn't
work when all the parties involved say it at the same time.

In the end we called a cab and went back inside to continue
to pre lubricate for the nights festivities. We annoyed
the cab driver all the way to Splendors with questions about
sex in his cab, or being robbed, or crimes committed while
in the cab. Our last question was if he ever had any famous
people. We were sorely disappointed by the answers to all
of our questions.

Edgar and Jai clasped hands as we walked up to the door. We
each shook his hand in turn and he thanked us again for helping
out with the polo gang New Years Eve night. It had been decided
by Edgar that we would never pay a cover again and that was
alright by us. He even refused a 20 Jai tried to give him as
thanks. We told Edgar that as soon as we were settled in we
would be having a party at our new house and he was invited.

We walked into the club and found it packed with people and
girls in strings and triangles they tried to pass off as
clothing. "wow, was it like this the first time we
came?" I asked looking around for a table or three
seats together on the main floor. "Not even close"
Jason said looking around for either Kitty or a place to
sit. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned expecting to
see Morgan. "Hi Dave" Angie said smiling brightly
at me. Her brunette hair was in big ringlets and draped over
the front of her shiny rainbow colored second skin of a dress.

The fact that I couldn't remember if we had had sex or
not made me a little nervous around her. I knew damn well
we did the other stuff but I don't know who's pussy
had made me cum that night, Angie's or Morgan's.
"HI Annn" I started to say before I stopped myself.
"What am I supposed to call you here?" I asked
not remembering her stripper name. "I go by Ava now"
She said leaning in close to my ear so she could be heard over
the loud music.

"This place is packed tonight what's the deal?"
I asked. She looked around and sighed. "we have a lot
of conventions going on around us I guess." I looked
around the crowd and tried to guess at some of their occupations.
Some looked like doctors, others like sales guys, others
corporate types. I knew one thing though, no matter the
occupation they were all perverts the same as us.

Angie's hand pressed flat against my dark blue dress
shirt covered chest and leaned in close. "we should
get together again soon. Last time was really fun"
She said putting a little suggestiveness in her tone. "Yeah
that sounds great!" I told her back knowing that all
depended on Morgan. She pressed her fingers against me
and gave me a wink after she turned to go back to working the

As I looked around I spotted Jenny tucked in the back corner
of the first upper deck in just her tiny red micro thong giving
an old guy a lap dance. I found Duff talking to a table of guys
by the stage. I however did not see Morgan or Kitty anywhere
amongst the crowd. I wondered if they were in the upper deck
VIP section or maybe backstage.

Jai tapped me on the arm with the back of his hand and got my
attention. Cher was waving us over from the very end of the
bar against the back mirrored wall. As we got close I saw
a little folded sign that said "Reserved" in
pink on it and three empty chairs. Before we even sat down
our preferred drinks and three shots were on the bar. Apparently
when living with someone they get to know your preferences
in booze. She looked happy to see us and made no effort to
hide how pleased she was to see Jai in nice clothes again.
"you look yummy baby" she whispered to him.

Jason and I bellied up to the bar as Jai leaned over it so Cher
could say something to him without being heard by any random
people at the bar. The thin black bartender we had seen the
first time we met walked up next to Cher. "oh these
guys again" she said looking us over. She stuck her
tongue in her cheek and gave me a flirty look. "Now
I see why y'all are so damn happy all the time"
she teased Cher. Jai's girlfriend just smiled as if
embarrassed. Because it was a major no no for dancers to
date customers I wasn't sure if she was guessing or
if Cher had confided in her.

"You guys got here just in time" Cher yelled
over the music. She looked back up at antique looking clock
hanging above the shelves of liquor bottles. "Just
in time for what?" Jason asked. Cher raised her eyebrows
"oh you'll see" She left us to check on all
her customers at the bar and left us wondering. "what
was that?" Jason asked Jai. he shrugged "Dunno
she didn't tell me anything"

With drink in hand we spun on our seats so that we could watch
the stage. With our seats being almost against the back
mirrored wall we had the best seat in the house. If the girl
stood on the middle of the stage we would be looking directly
at her ass. It meant we could have the best of both worlds,
in theory anyway.

A song that has long been synonymous with strip clubs is
Nine Inch Nails "Closer". In every state I have
been in and in every strip club this song had been played.
I have seen hot girls dance to it and I have seen not so hot
girls dance to it. I have seen a girl in a plastic kiddy pool
pouring neon body paint over her body under black lights
to it. I have seen a black girl built like a brick house pouring
milk and baby oil over her ass to it. I have seen girls simulate
sex on stage to it and I have had sex in my own house to it.

What I hadn't seen was two painfully gorgeous blondes
that stood well over 6 foot tall and a black haired pin up
girl doing a synchronized routine to it. Uuuuuntil now
that is. As the song blasted it's normal heart beat
beginning Morgan exploded from behind the silver beaded
doorway from back stage. She stood facing me with her feet
just past shoulder width apart with her hands on her hips.
She had on black leather knee high boots with 6 inches easy
of heel. She wore extremely tight extremely tiny shiny
black leather shorts with a large zipper down the front
and a matching black leather corset bra.

She wore a black biker hat on top of her head with the front
of her hair down covering her left eye. Two silver studded
armbands squeezed her upper arms tight and she had a black
leather riding crop in her hand. She had her full lips covered
in black lipstick and a wide black strip of make up stretched
from ear to ear covering her eyes like a super heroes mask.

I saw her eyes lock onto me as Kitty and a tall slender blonde
appeared behind Morgan dressed identically right down
to the riding crop. They formed a wedge and walked toward
the middle of the stage as one right foot first then left.
When they got into position in the middle of the stage all
three pivoted with military precision. The entire club
seemed to stop what they were doing and focus on the three
girls standing on the stage. As one they walked forward
until they reached the end of the stage. The view of their
asses hanging out of their tight black shorts made me drool.

They stood stone still with legs out wide and fists on their
hips and just stared at people. The music shut off abruptly
and strobe lights like flashbulbs temporarily blinded
me. Jackyl's "Down on me" blasted over
the sound system and the three girls immediately threw
their bodies across the stage. The way they danced it was
like being back in the 80's rock band era, they kicked
their long legs high into the air and held them up by the long
heel as they spun and bent over. They would drop into the
splits and crawl across the floor like jungle cats and then
come together as if doing a sexy photo shoot for Penthouse.
They would strike sexy and teasing poses before going back
to showing off their uncanny flexibility.

They took their time working each part of the stage heating
up as many guys as they could. money littered the black stage
floor but none of the girls paid attention to the folded
bills. As they came around to our side Morgan kicked her
leg straight up in front of her and Kitty caught it. She rested
it on her shoulder and slowly walked backwards stretching
out Morgan. Kitty had to be almost as tall as Jason with her
huge heels on, to see Morgan's leg stretched up that
high made me let out a deep breath.

"Holy shit! Did you know she could do that?"
Jason asked leaning next to me. "I knew she could do
the splits in all directions and could put her legs behind
her head but this is insane" I told him. The other gorgeous
blonde reached down and lifted up Morgan's other leg
as Kitty lowered the one she was holding to her waist. Morgan
was in the splits with Kitty and the other blonde holding
her up at their waists. The crowd went wild as she went from
facing the side to facing forward in a painful looking straddle

The music snapped off again but the girls held Morgan up
and waited. Morgan crossed her arms over her leather constricted
chest and looked over the crowd. In another explosion of
white strobes "Stricken" By Disturbed slammed
it's heavy metal beat into our heads. Morgan stuck
her arms straight in front of her and leaned forward letting
herself fall. Her hands hit the floor in a hand stand and
the blondes stepped to the side and grabbed her ankles.
They slowly rotated Morgan as she held her splits and got
spun in a circle upside down. "That's your girl
right there" Jai leaned forward and yelled across

Morgan lifted one hand off the floor and in one slick moved
unzipped her bra. She put her hand back on the floor and the
bra fell down her arms to the stage. The crowd cheered again
when Morgan's 34b's appeared. The blondes let
go of my girlfriend's ankles and stepped away as Morgan
held her split legged handstand. Kitty and the other girl
turned to opposite sides and stood defiantly before stripping
off their bra's. Morgan stuck her tilted her head forward
and let herself fall to the floor. She rolled along her back
into a sitting position while still in the splits. Each
blonde straddled Morgan's legs and dropped to their

They sandwiched Morgan between them and pretended to be
fucking her on each side. Morgan's mouth opened wide
in a yell like smile and acted if she was going to take a bite
out of the unfamiliar blondes small tits. They all moved
together again and Kitty ended up flat on her back with Morgan
straddling her waist and the slender tight blonde straddling
her face. Morgan and the blonde came close to kissing while
Kitty acted as if she was eating a pussy and fucking at the
same time.

The three of them twisted, crawled, slithered, and undulated
into every provocative sexual position possible until
the song finally ended. The crowd erupted in cheers and
applause and money showered down onto the stage. "I
am so tearing her up tonight" I told Jason. "uh
huh" he said holding the neck of his beer bottle to
his lips. The three girls collected the money off the stage
and I could have sworn I saw a few twenty dollar bills mixed
in with the 1's and 5's.

"So what did you guys think?" Cher hollered
from behind us. We spun in our seats to find her smiling proudly
"who the hell was the other blonde?" Jason asked.
"Oh that's right you have never met Star"
Cher laughed. "She wasn't here when you guys
were. She is Kitty's arch rival for top blonde in the
club" Cher laughed again. While Kitty was more the
bombshell, Star's long slender body was so tight that
her belly button was just an up and down slit. Her breasts
were small and perky and seemed like they would be a little
more than a handful. While Kitty had short white hair, the
other girl had long silky looking light straw colored hair.
In the end I was just picking at strings and there was no need
to split hairs they were both gorgeous.

Cher set another round of drinks on the bar before we could
order them and set off again to help her customers. The three
of us burst into a conversation about what was just seen
like excited little kids. We didn't even pay attention
to the next two dancers while we talked. I had to use the bathroom
thanks to all the beer I had drank before we came to the club
and excused myself. When I came out I found Jason at the ATM
and started to worry. It was never good when Jason dipped
into the ATM and it usually meant VIP, constant lap dances,
way to much booze, or stripper orgies at our house later.

Before I could reach him I saw the tight slender blonde named
Star stride up to Jason on giant white heels. She had changed
into a white bikini top, a white mirco G string and had a see
through white scarf around her waist that barely went past
her amazing ass. I stutter stepped as I saw the bright white
fabric stretched tight against her pussy easily from between
the gentle outward curve of her ass cheeks. She pushed up
next to him and rested her arm on his shoulder before whispering
something in his ear. "oh shit" I muttered out
loud. I looked toward were we were sitting and saw that Jai
had seen it as well. Like VelociRaptors we converged on
Jason and got to him just as Star was purring into his ear
about going up to the VIP deck.

"Thank you" Jai sang and ripped the stack of
20's out of Jason's hand. "I appreciate
it when people pay me back that fast" Jai said covering
up his intent. He counted it out as Star turned to look at
me, um looked down to me, the girl stood like 6'3 man!
Jai mouthed 300 to me and I knew we may have just saved him.
Even in the dim light of the club I could see Star's intense
unique beauty.

"Star this is Jai and Dave, my two roommates"
Jason said pointing at each of in turn. She flashed us a brilliant
white smile before turning back to Jason "I will come
see you soon and we can have some funny baby" She touched
her French manicured finger to tip of Jason's nose
and bounced her hip off of his before she turned and walked
away. "You just can't help yourself can you"
Jai laughed as he handed Jason back his money. "Apparently
you guys forgot" Jason said looking serious. "We
are single while we are in here. The managers can't
know we are dating the girls otherwise we might get them
in trouble" he said.

I had forgotten about that but I still didn't see why
he needed to take money from the ATM. He slapped the bills
against he fingers "they will be working guys over
for tips all night and flirting and giving lap dances. So
how could they get mad if we have a little fun?" he asked.
Yup I was right this was this was no bueno. "Plus they
will easily earn what we spend so it's like we are here
for free" He said with a rising voice.

"Come on" he said nodding back toward our seats.
When we sat down Cher came back over to us and leaned against
the bar presenting us her tanned cleavage under her red
and black corset. "you boys behave tonight and don't
get too many lap dances." she said with a wink. "and
I mean that" she said turning a stern gaze to her boyfriend
Jai. "did we just get permission?" I asked.

Jason nodded "Yeah she told us while you were in the
bathroom we were to act like customers and just have a good
time. Apparently that came from all of them by the way"
He said making sure I understood. I chugged the end of my
beer so I could start on the fresh one Cher had dropped off.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Star walk through the second
door by the stage that lead to the dressing rooms in back.
I thought about it for a second and decided that what I had
heard made perfect sense.

"Anything but arrested or burned" I said in
a toast we used to use back in Minnesota. Jai and Jason held
up their bottles to mine and repeated the toast. Cher rolled
her eyes and turned to get us the shots that Jai had asked
for. Tonight was a lot different then last time in terms
of being visited by girls. It was either our fancy clothes
or it was just the right night for it. It was like we had a receiving
line of girls as they all started to stop by and check on us.

We were lucky enough to get a decent sized table when some
middle aged suits got up from it. Jai also wanted to be out
of earshot of Cher just incase. As the night rolled by we
found ourselves surrounded by girls in all forms of g string.
Jai kicked the charm into high gear and had the entire table
laughing their asses off. When Morgan or Kitty would walk
by they would make a show of laughing at us or just wink. Because
we had so much company I never had a chance to look around
to se if my girlfriend had found a lap to tease. Win Win!

Jenny, Duff, and Angie stopped by as well and when questioned
by the girls sitting with us Duff told them that her and I
knew each other through a mutual friend. The night minus
the watching eyes of our girlfriends reminded me of back
in the day when we would go to a strip club and raise hell.
I couldn't help but flash back to the limo night with
Nicole and the others. I really thought Nadia and Jai would
have stayed together since they had the same dangerous

Star came back up to us and Jason in fact did get himself a
lap dance from her, ok he got three. As much as I tried not
to look her body just made it impossible not too. (I LOVE
when their bodies are shape so you can see the front from
the back while they just stand there!) She earned every
penny and left him red faced and slightly sweating. Jai
and I got lap dances from a couple of beauties and couldn't
complain. The little group that was surrounding us seemed
to forget they were supposed to be trying to score lap dances
and just had a good time. We ended up buying rounds of drinks
for everyone and our bill sky rocketed. "So much for
heating the pool" I shouted to Jai.

The fun ended when a party bus rolled up full of college kids
on a strip club crawl. Our new friends were sent to make sure
the guys had a good time. The amount of empty chairs surrounding
us was sadly tragic. "I haven't had this much
fun in a long time. It's like back in the day" Jason
shouted over the music. We all toasted again with our bottles
held high over the table.

Kitty dropped into the seat next to Jason while looking
over her shoulder and the 20 or so college guys shouting
their orders and Cher and the thin black bartender. She
had on a neon green bra that was nothing more then two tiny
triangles and a matching g string. She had a sheer scarf
tied around her waist like Star had been wearing. She gave
Jason's knee a squeeze and motioned us all to meet in
the middle of the table.

"Ok so you jackasses have become the favorite table
in the house. All the girls are talking about the 3 well dressed
cute guys. Dave that girl Mariah" Kitty started to
brief us. "the cute little tiny thing with the curly
dishwater blonde hair is going to try and slip you her number
so heads up. Jai that asian chick that I can't remember
her name wants you." She turned her head to Jason "and
you." she started then stopped. "Mr. Popular
may not get another dance from Star. We have a competition
going and I don't want to lose the lead because of my
pervert boyfriend" She said with a disgusted look
on her face.

She looked around then grabbed Jason's beer and snuck
a drink. "don't spend to much money on these skanks"
Kitty said surprising me that we didn't get scolded.
She pushed herself up by the arms of the chair and strutted
off toward the college guys. I couldn't help but watch
her ass sway as he walked away. Apparently Jai had turned
on too much charm and had made us a target. It probably had
to do with being less creepy than other guys around. We also
looked like we had money so they probably figured we would
be easy marks.

"does anyone else thinks it's weird they are
being so cool with this?" I asked. Jai nodded first
then shook his head "naw man they know what's
up and they do it every night. They can't be mad"
Jason nodded in agreement so I figured what the hell. Worrying
about Morgan freaking out wouldn't leave my mind however.

Some of our friends started to filter back after they learned
this was the last club the college guys had hit and their
wallets were pretty much filled with moths by now. AAAAAAAANd
the party continued. The girls would revolve out as one
would go to the stage another would sit down. The night was
filled with rolling laughter, subtle and not so subtle
teasing and lots and lots of beer and shots. We told stories
and made our selves sound like heroes and like morons at
the same time. The girls ate it all up and laughed their precious
little bare hearts out.

Star came back to the table after making the rounds and pulled
a chair up behind Jason. She started to give him a massage
right when Kitty walked by. I could see her lips move as she
cussed one or both of them but couldn't do anything
about it. Star actually turned out to be cool and not the
villain I figured she would be as our Kitty's arch rival.
When she wasn't trying to be the ultra sexy beauty that
she natural was I found her down to earth and easy to talk

Jason however did make the mistake of telling her all about
Bourbon Street (this will come back to bite me in later days.)
She told us that she had heard about the place but since she
worked here weekends she rarely had time to go out. About
a half an hour before closing time Duff took a seat by me and
told me about an after hours party they were having and that
since she "knew me" as a friend some of the girls
asked her to invite us.

She wrote down the directions on a napkin and handed it to
me under the table along with her phone number so that if
we decided to go we could get a hold of her. Against my better
judgment I shared this information with Jason and Jai and
the temptation was starting to get the better of us. Thus
began the plan of all plans to find a way to try and pull it
off, it was like we were planning to rob a bank we got so detailed.
The kink is that we had chosen to take a cab instead of drive.
Good for the not getting of D.U. I's, bad for the stopping
by for a drink on way home plan.

The other kink in the plan was even though the club closed
at 1 the girls weren't allowed to leave for an hour after
so as to make sure they were safe when they walked to their
cars. It seemed impossible to find a way to make it work so
we could "casually" stop by. As if a light from
above was shining down on us the answer came from the most
unexpected place. Jason's girlfriend.

Kitty sat down next to Jason and point blank asked "do
you want to go to the party?" Apparently the girls
all talked openly in the dressing rooms and since our girls
were keeping it a secret all they could do was listen. "naw"
Jason said unconvincingly. Kitty rolled her eyes "we
are planning to go so you might as well go too" she said.
Jason's eyes lit up and lord forgive me so did mine.
I mean I love after hours! with girls. That are um, strippers.
Cause I am a guy.

"We didn't drive we took a cab" Jason told
of her of our little problem. "can any of you drive?"
Kitty asked. "I can I am alright" Jai said. "Just
go get the Expo, you guys have time. I think we are all sneaking
out at 1:30 so be ready by then and we will call you guys. It'll
be fun" Kitty said looking distracted. I felt her
hand on my leg and I took the napkin that was in it. After Kitty
got up I unfolded the napkin.

"I love you." was scribbled in Morgan's
handwriting. "We can secretly flirt at after hours
tonight it'll be fun. Be good xoxo" I smiled and
put the napkin in my pocket. "I have one badass chick"
I thought to myself.

We followed Kitty's suggestion and took a cab home
before closing time to get my car. After adding a little
bit more cologne and grabbing some extra cash just in case
I called Duff and told her we decided to show up but were still
keeping our relationships on the down low." She sounded
excited and said she would tell everyone.

We followed the directions to the best of Jai's navigating
experience and only had to call for help once. We rolled
up to an apartment complex with a big fancy iron gate that
was wide open and searched for a parking spot. Music wafted
through the air giving us an idea where we needed to go. We
walked through the dark parking lot letting our ears guide
us when we got screamed at, "oh my God you guys came!"
We watched as one of the blonde girls that had sat with us
most of the night skipped up to us in a bright pink velour
track suit.

"yeah we figured why not it sounded like fun"
I told her. She reached out and took my hand in hers "come
on I will introduce you to everyone" she said pulling
me behind her as she headed toward the sound. As we came up
to one of the buildings we saw that two side by side first
floor units were ablaze with lights and there were people
outside smoking from both.

As we walked up she let go of my hand and explained that the
two apartments belonged to girls that worked at the club
and this was the party place. She said that the building
mostly contained young people so no one complained about
the parties, and in fact a lot of people came to them. As I
looked through one sliding glass door then the other I saw
a mix of sexy girls and a few random guys everywhere. A black
haired girl in an oversized dark blue hoody, army fatigue
pants and bright pink Chuck Taylors came into view.

"Come on, um Dave right?" she asked me with a
curious look "yeah I am Dave, Jason, Jai" I said
pointing as I went. "come on lets go meet everyone"
she said in a bubbly cheerleader voice. She took me by the
hand and drug me through the door. As the new friends made
tonight saw us they squealed and "wuuu'd"
I was introduced to so many people I forgot their names as
fast as they told me. Some I recognized from the club others
were new. I couldn't even remember the name of the girl
towing us around by the end of it.

Jenny and Angie played along and let themselves be introduced
to each of us. The bubbly blonde then towed us to the other
apartment that I had seen Morgan in. She was sitting on the
couch holding a blue solo cup talking with another girl
that had sat with us all night. She tried to hide her smile
as we walked through the back door. Again the introductions
were made and the "hi's" were said. Kitty
and Cher were there as well and we all did a horrible job of
not paying attention to each other.

The party reminded me of every house party I had ever been
too except this one had random out breaks of girls sexy dancing
with each other and talks about which style of g string they
preferred. Mariah the dirty dishwater blonde found me
and pulled me into a flirty conversation with lots of hand
touching. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy talking to
Morgan as well.

He looked like the type of guy I had expected her to be her
type when we first met. He had the long rock star hair and
even dressed the part with a chain wallet. I about lost it
when he turned to the side and I caught sight of his grey Romones
shirt. She chatted politely with him as he waved his arms
in some grand story. For some reason I didn't get jealous,
I just watched her out of the corner of my eyes because I wanted
to see her. "God I am so whooped" I thought to
myself as Mariah drummed on about the kind of movies she

"So I hear you are were a pretty good bartender"
A strange new voice said from my right side. I turned and
was hit in the face with the beautiful image of Star. She
looked even more beautiful in the bright light and was a
little shorter then I thought. She must have been about
5'9 but I couldn't tell before with the huge heels
she wore. She looked like a different girl in jeans, a pink
v neck fuzzy sweater and white undershirt that hung down
past the short sweater

"Yeah I am ok I guess" I told her. Mariah picked
up this new information and asked if I could flip bottles
like in that old move Cocktail. I didn't want to tell
her that movie was the whole reason I wanted to be a bartender
and the reason I learned to flair.

"Yeah kinda. I am a little rusty but I used to do it back
in the day" I told her. "Can you show us?"
She asked looking hopeful. "yeah Dave show us"
Jason said walking up behind Star. Star touched me on the
shoulder "I would love to see that, I am trying to learn"
she said. I never thought to ask how she knew I bartended.
I only remember Jason telling her that we worked there.

"I don't know, if I drop a bottle I don't want
anyone to get mad"I told her trying to back my way out
of it. "Hold on" Mariah said with her arms out
as if to stop me. She spun and vanished into the apartments
tiny kitchen. When she returned she was carrying a Malibu
rum and a Smirnoff bottle. She held them out to me and said
"don't worry this is my apartment" Invite
to party explained.

After some goading from Star, Mariah, and Jason I agreed.
"I am going to need some club music or something with
a decent beat" I told Mariah. I took off my Jacket and
handed it to Jason with a look of "you ass" on
my face. The people around us started to pay attention as
I tested the weight of the bottles while Mariah searched
for a song.

Ok if you don't know what bottle flair is you would have
to look it up. It's kinda like dancing and juggling
with glass bottles while you poured drinks to music and
made your self look cool, unless you dropped bottles and
broke stuff. It looks cool but it's a pain to learn.
Mariah picked Enur's "Calabria" at first
but I shook my head when she turned around. The next song
she picked was a club mix of Daniel Bedingfield's "Gotta
get through this" That one I had flair'd to before
so I ok'd it.

I was a little tipsy which helped in the courage department
but not so much in the coordination department. I let out
a deep breath and told her to crank it up. As I started to do
a flair routine I had used a thousand times before a crowd
formed around me including our girls. I flipped the Malibu
bottle behind my back and over my shoulder stalling it on
the back of my hand. The direction I was facing put Morgan
in my line of sight. She had her smile hidden behind her plastic
cup as she watched her boyfriend make a fool of himself.

I continued to flip, roll, twist, and damn near drop the
bottles as people around me oooh'd and aahhh'd.
Star hollered out her encouragements as Mariah looked
hypnotized. As my confidence grew I started to get cocky,
I set down the empty bottles and looked over the bottles
on the old round worn wood table. I grabbed a blue solo cup
and used it as my mixing tin. As the people around me watched
I flipped, spun, and poured different liquors into the
blue solo cup in every way possible.

I poured the last of shot blue curacao and flipped it over
my back sending a small electric blue arch flying through
the air. The throw was a little strong and I had to twist my
body to try and catch it before something tragic happened.
I caught the bottle with my right hand directly in front
of Stars face. It was so close in fact that my knuckles touch
the tip of her nose. I lowered the bottle slowly and then
handed her the blue solo cup. "Hawaiian punch?"
I asked her.

She took the cup from me and tasted it while the small crowd
looked on. A smile spread across her pink lips as she lowered
the cup. "it's really good" People around
cheered and a few clapped. I felt a mix of pride, ego, then
embarrassment that I felt the first two. I grabbed my black
jacket back from Jason and slipped it on.

During a conversation with Star, Mariah, and Jason, Morgan
caught my eye and jerked her head toward the outside. She
walked out slowly and vanished through the door. After
a minute I told them that I was going to grab my phone out of
my car and I would be right back. I walked out onto the back
patio and looked around for Morgan. I saw her silhouetted
figure near the parking lot and walked toward her. She put
her finger to her lips and held out her hand. I took it and
at a slow trot we headed deeper into the parking lot. "where's
the Expo?" she asked as we trotted.

I led her to where my expedition was "open it"
she said looking around to make sure we couldn't be
seen. I punched the code into black number strip over the
driver side door handle and unlocked it. Morgan reached
across me and opened the door. She unlocked rest of the doors
then opened the back door and told me to get in. I did what
she told me and sat in the middle of the blue cloth back seat.

Morgan straddled me in a flash and hunched her shoulders
against the roof. "you are so fucking hot! Do you know
that?" she said with an intense look in her green eyes.
Her hands found my face and she leaned down pulling me into
a passionate kiss. Her hips rolled in my lap as she moaned
into my mouth. The familiar urgent almost panicked kissing
that I had come to know and love took us. The more she ground
into my groin the faster the blood flowed into it.

Morgan broke our kiss with a big gasp "we only have
a little bit before your admirers know we are gone."
She breathed. Her hands fell into my lap and she fumbled
with my belt. "Morgan what are you doing?" I
asked looking down as she undid my pants. "Claiming
what's mine" she said with a sharp tone. When
she pulled my swelling cock out she ran the fingers of both
hands up and down my shaft and sucked on my neck. As I grew
stiff in her grasp she threw her self to my side. She kicked
off one pink shoe while she undid her camouflage army pants.
Morgan hurriedly pulled the pants and her panties down
to her ankles and kicked one leg out of them.

Morgan dove her head into my lap and sucked the tip of my cock
hard. I could feel her coating me with saliva while pushing
down my black dress pants. She wasted no time in straddling
me again and took my hard cock in her hands. She rested on
arm on my shoulder and grabbed the back of the bench seat
while she used her other hand to guide me into her pussy.
"God you are so fucking big and hard" she winced
as the head of my cock penetrated her pussy. She brought
her other hand up and grabbed the back of the bench seat with
it. She looked down into the dark between our legs as she
lowered herself onto me.

She bit back her normal screams that accompanied my first
invasion of her insides. I felt her pussy stretch around
me as in burrowed deeper in her quivering pussy. "yessss"
she hissed as I hit her stop, she stayed still for a second
and the walls of her pussy vibrated around me. She lunged
forward and smashed her lips against my and rolled her hips
in quick jerky motions. The heat and softness of her insides
cradled me and reminded me who I belonged to. "nyah
nyah nyah" she cried as her hips changed to up and down

I shoved my hands under the hoody and found that she only
wore a bra underneath, I dug my fingers under it and pushed
it up as my hands moved over her tits. I massaged her warm
firm breasts in my hand as Morgan strangled my cock as her
pussy rode it up and down. "nyah nyah" she cried
out again. Morgan's tongue stopped moving around
mine and her breath became great gasps of air. "fuck"
she grunted into my mouth "you are making me cum already"
she grunted.

Her hips jerked violently and she ground them in circles
at first then changed to her hip roll then back to her up and
down riding. Morgan's body quaked and I felt her muscles
ripple across my rock hard cock. Morgan's tongue started
to swirl mine again but her moan's became louder and
louder as her cum poured over my shaft and down my balls.
"nyah ha ha ha" she let herself cry out loud.
Her body shivered as she refused to stop riding me even as
she became to sensitive to take it.

"I need you to cum. I want to carry you around inside
me" She moaned into my mouth with a strained grunt.
"I need you to cum right now." she demanded.
I was a long way off and didn't think I would be able to
do as she asked this time. "I am far away" I said
into her mouth while she rode me. "mmmmnnnnnoooo"
she protested. She pulled her lips from mine and pushed
her self onto my lap forcing me deeper into her. She rolled
her hips as she looked at me.

"what can I do, tell me what to do to make you explode
in my cunt" she asked seriously. I knew that she like
to talk dirty to me and it seemed to turn her on even more when
she did. "you have to cum baby. I need you to cum for
me right now." she pleaded. She squeezed my cock hard
with her pussy and froze in place while her muscles worked
up and down my shaft. "do you want my ass? I will try
to be quiet" she asked in desperation. "Morgan"
I moaned as the thought added to the sensation of her pussy.

Deciding she needed to do something new she lifted herself
off of me. I am glad I pulled my dark blue shirt up or else I
would have had a big cock sized white mark when slapped against
my stomach. Morgan pushed my hands from her shirt and turned
around to show me her ass. She leaned forward between the
driver and front passenger seat and laid her chest on the
large blue leather center console. She used her hands to
spread her ass cheeks wide "put your cock anywhere
you want baby. You own me, you can do what ever you want to
me whenever you want. Just please cum now" she whined.
Seeing her ass spread wide like that made my cock throb,
her little shark fin inner lips slowly opened to show her
hot pink center as it dripped.

I could see how wet she was from her being so turned on and
from her gushing orgasm . I scooted forward and forced my
cock down so that I could shove it back into her little tight
pussy. Morgan didn't look back as my cock forced it's
way back into her pussy. What she did instead was slam her
ass back into me hard enough to push me into the back of the
seat. Morgan's tight ass was sweet candy to my eyes
and made me fantasize even while I was living another fantasy

She pushed herself away from the console and sat up then
let herself fall back against me. "I am going to play
with my clit while you're inside me ok" she moaned.
I looked down the front of her body to see her hand as she massaged
her hard button clit in a circle. She forced her hips down
and pushed back up using her feet so that she controlled
the tempo. I shoved my hands back up under the hoody and played
with her tits pinching her nipples hard while she slid up
and down my cock and played with her clit.

"You feel soooo good in my tight cunt" she moaned.
"you stretch me out so much it feels as if I will split
in two" she whined amping up her sexual talk. "fucking
cum inside me now. PLEASE!!!" she cried. The feeling
of her firm tits in my hands, her nipples between my fingers,
her ass sliding up and down my stomach while her pussy glided
up and down my throbbing cock did what she wanted.

All at once it washed over me as if her words had reached down
and pulled it out. "I am going to cum" I grunted
into her ear as she pressed the side of her head against my
cheek. "yessssss" she hissed "I want
to cum again too" Morgan whined. I couldn't wait,
it had snuck up on me fast and overwhelmed me. "now"
I moaned. As my cum began to fill her pussy she fought back
by pouring her cum over my cock as she exploded into her orgasm.

Together we did our best to hold in our sound of intense pleasure
as our cum mixed together inside her body. The Expedition
rocked around us as she fucked me harder. Her fingers pressed
down hard on her clit and she shivered as she went over the
peak. I had already finished and just bit down hard trying
to handle the too intense sensation. Morgan shook once
violently and then looked out the front window and thought
she saw someone. She jumped off my cock and sent cum flying
from her pussy as she landed on the bench seat next to me.
My cock jumped as if it called to be back inside Morgan's

"Hurry put your clothes on" she said breathlessly.
"wait" she said when I reached down to pull my
pants back up. Morgan leaned down in my lap and took me in
her mouth to clean me off. I grunted and pushed down into
the seat as her mouth suckled the extremely sensitive head
of my cock. It went from intense to soothing when she went
from sucking on the head to licking down my shaft.

After a quick cleaning with her mouth I pulled my shirt back
up and tucked back my shirt. Just as Morgan was about to pull
her pants up over her slight hips she stopped. She dug her
hand between her legs and scooped up the cum that was starting
to pour out of her. My cock jumped in my pants as I saw the large
amount of white on her fingers disappear into her mouth.

She swallowed it down as she pulled her pants up and fastened
them back up. She turned too me looking breathless and a
little dazed "don't you ever forget that you
own me and that you belong to me" she said softly but
confidently. "did I upset you by talking to Mariah
and Star?" I asked. She shook her head and opened the
door bathing the inside of the cab in soft white light. I
followed suit and we slipped out of my Expedition, I locked
it back up and we walked back to the party.

"no it didn't really upset me" she said
slowly "it made me want to claim you?" she asked
more than said. "um like I felt like I had to do more
to keep you?" she said trying to work it out again.
"Don't worry I am not freaking out again"
she said quickly "It's just like it motivates
me to do more for you and it makes me want to show you how much
I love you even more" She said quickly. "I am
sorry I am so difficult, I just don't know how to explain
it. But I am not freaking out or mad or worried you I will lose
you or anything like that" she said trying to reassure
me she wasn't panicking.

"I love how possessive you are" I laughed. She
turned to me and smiled shyly. "yeah?" and pulled
her hair away from her eye. "a girl as amazing as you
wanting to fight for me, giving me your everything, wanting
me so badly. I can't tell you how huge that is."
I said as her smile spread. "plus it gives me a hell
of an ego! Have you seen you! Instead of getting jealous
you fuck the shit out of me to remind where I belong?"
I laughed. She gave me a punch in the arm. "wait until
you see what I'm going to do if I am right about something"
she said cryptically.

"Huh?" I asked. She flashed me another mischievous
smile. "your girlfriend is a nut job lets leave it
at that for now." We stopped as we got close to the party
that was raging and she looked around for signs of life.
She leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek "I
love you so much and just be yourself tonight and have fun,
don't worry I am ok" she said assuring me one last
time that she would not freak out and trotted off ahead of
me. I put my hand to my cheek and whispered "what was
all that about?"

I had to admit I was happy that she wasn't worried. I
also knew it had to be a little hard for her considering how
she is with me and the not being able to touch me thing. It
hit me all at once how in awe I was that someone like her had
fallen so hard over me. I just couldn't wrap my mind
around it nor was it easy for me to believe. "wow"
I muttered realizing the gravity of it all for the first

"Hey there you are" A smooth voice said from
the shadows. "We thought you left, you've been
gone over 30 minutes" Star's tall sender form
coming into the light of the lamp by the walkway. "I
really need to learn what quickie means, and she even forced
that one out of me." I thought to myself.

"Yeah sorry I had to make a call" I lied. Star
hooked long her arm in mine and led me back to the party "so
how much do flair lessons cost?" she asked.

To Be Continued................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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another great one


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Dave, this is lots of fun. This confirms your writing skills
and the great detailed descriptive style. You bring your
audience to live it with you.

Great Job Dave