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Houston and the New Years Day Fog


Holding onto the banister for support I stumbled my way
down the berber covered steps from my bedroom loft. The
dull throbbing pain behind my eyes reminding me that hangovers
were hell. When my feet hit the cool wood floor at the bottom
of the landing a shiver ran through me. I stopped and looked
over the partially covered naked bodies laid out on my recliner
and couch. I searched through gaps in my memory from last
night and struggled to make sense of what I saw. Two sets
of female legs stuck out from under one of our thick black
blankets on the couch but the puzzle of which leg belonged
to which person was beyond my solving at the moment.

I shuffled into the kitchen and shivered again when my feet
crossed over to the cold Tuscan tiled floor. The table was
a massacre of empty black plastic food trays and empty bags
of chips. Several round tubs of half eaten dip lay open on
the white tiled table top mixed in with empty champagne
bottles. I groaned at the thought of the spoiled food the
tubs contained and struggled to keep my stomach contents
from rising into my throat.

"mmm" Jai grunted from my left. I did a slow turn
and took a second to let my blurry eyes focus on his face.
"you look terrible" I muttered. "same"
he grunted inferring that I looked no better. I shuffled
to the cabinet next to the sink and pulled a clean glass from
the shelf. I filled it with water from the sink before turning
around and leaning against it. In silence we leaned against
the counter edge and just let out little burps as our stomach
protested everything in the world.

After several minutes just staring at the glass door that
led out to our little privacy fenced back yard a zombie walked
into the kitchen. Angie wrapped in a fuzzy grey blanket
that I swore had been in my room walked past us towards the
hallway bathroom. Her long brunette hair was a tangled
mess and she looked as if she hadn't slept in a week.
She didn't spare us a glance as she walked by and down
the hall to the bathroom door. The soft click of the latch
slipping into it hole sounded to my ears like a gunshot.

Again we leaned in silence and stared at the back door letting
out booze flavored burps and hating life. Footfalls on
the steps told me we were about to have company. The sound
of Jason's door unlatching told us we were about to
have more company. Out of the corner of my right eye I caught
a glimpse of a large black and grey tattoo and black hair.
Out of the corner of my left eye I saw a flash of white hair
and naked breasts swaying.

As the two naked forms appeared in front of us the white haired
one raised her left hand in the air while the black haired
one raised her left hand. In a thunder clap their hands found
each other high in the air as they passed one another. The
white haired one vanished through the door way to the living
room. The black haired one went down the hallway and more
thunder claps sounded as she opened and closed the dryer.

Jai and I turned our sore heads and looked at each other with
blank stares "Did that just happen?" I groaned.
"Yeah" Jai moaned back. He smacked his lips
together as if tasting something that had just entered
his mouth and we both turned back to stare at the door again.
After a few loud sounds the black haired one appeared like
an apparition in front of me. She had on my dark blue dress
shirt, it was open down to where she had buttoned it in the
middle of her chest. The tails of the shirt reached her mid
thigh and looked more like a sun dress on her body.

I did my best to focus on her beautiful face and was mildly
annoyed to find her smiling happily at me. "Good morning"
she sang. I squinted my eyes at her happy face and mumbled
"aren't you going to make me pay for getting out
of bed before you?" Morgan's face didn't
change it's happy look and instead leaned forward
and gave me a soft wet kiss on the tip of my nose. "today
you get a pass" she cooed. She bit her bottom lip and
lightly touched her finger tips to my bare chest.

Jai and I looked at each other again silently wondering
why she didn't make me pay for leaving her in bed. She
has made repeated threats that if I were to ever do it again
I would be dead meat. However at this moment she seemed to
be floating on air and happy as can be. The white haired one
came back into the room wearing the black security shirt
Jason had on last night. "where did she get that?"
I wondered. Not that my eyes were all that sharp but I sure
as hell don't remember seeing Jason's big ass
among the naked bodies passed out in our living room.

Kitty pulled up the front of the shirt and inhaled the fabric
deeply. The action lifted the shirt high enough to show
off her shaved pussy and before the shirt fell back down
I swore I saw finger like bruises on her inner thighs. "hi
guys" Kitty said brightly. She stepped in front of
me and put her hand on my chest and leaned forward and kissed
me on my cheek. When she backed up she looked just as happy
as her black haired cohort. She stepped back next to Morgan
and the two of them shoulder bumped each other lightly.

My mind struggled to find the answer why Kitty had been so
sweet to me and why her and Morgan seemed to know something
I didn't. Movement out of the corner of my left eye turned
my head and I saw Jason looking just as bad as I felt come shuffling
down the hallway in only a pair of white boxers. I also noticed
his chest was covered in small oval bruises. It looked like
his chest had been pelted with a dozen or so golf balls.

"uhhh" Jai groaned in recognition of our friend.
"uuhh" he groaned back. He opened the fridge
and seemed to be blinded by the light coming from within.
He grabbed a handle jug of orange juice from one of the shelves
and spun the cap off. He had the jug at his lips before the
black plastic cap hit the tile floor. He stood at his full
6'5 height chugging the half full jug like a man dying
of thirst. Kitty and Morgan exchanged looks and seemed
to smile even brighter.

Jason dropped the jug from his lips and took a big gasp of
air before tipping it back again and continuing on. Angie
opened the door and zombie walked out of the bathroom. She
shuffled past the 5 of us without so much as a nod and made
her way back to the living room with all of our heads following
her movements. After she had gone I turned back to Morgan
and gave her a weak smile. "I am never drinking again"
I groaned.

Her face changed into one of sympathy and she moved forward
pressing her body up against mine. She laid her head on my
shoulder and snaked her hands around to my back. "oh
ho ho baby I am sorry" she said way to loudly for my taste.
"Lets get you guys some aspirin and then you can lay
your head in my lap until you feel better" she said
in a sweet voice. "mmokay" I moaned back.

Kitty acted for her and dug the large econo sized bottle
of aspirin out of the cabinet and passed Jai, Jason, and
I 4 a piece. We each downed the chalky white pills and groaned
almost in unison. "hair of the dog" Jason grumbled
"yeah" I whispered. Morgan pushed away from
me and squinted one eye as she looked at me "I thought
you weren't drinking ever again?"

"my life is on the line, if I have to get drunk to get
over being hung over it's a sacrifice I am willing to
make" I told her. She let out a loud laugh and walked
over to the stove to get me a bottle of Captain Morgan. "here,
drink me with some Coke and then come lay in my lap"
she ordered. "aye aye Captain" I answered her
pun at names.

After the three of us had choked down as much alcohol as our
upset stomach would allow I let Morgan tow me by hand back
up the stairs. She stripped off my dress shirt exposing
her young nubile body and then made short work of taking
off my boxer briefs. Together and naked we crawled back
into bed. She propped some pillows up against the wall and
leaned back against them exposing her bare thighs. I laid
my head down and immediately snuggled into the warmth and
softness of her lap.

Morgan turned on the TV but was sweet enough to turn the volume
down to a dull roar. I lay staring at the TV with painful eyes
as she flipped channels looking for something to watch.
She settled on Jerry Springer and "My sister is having
my baby" or some shit like it and then raked her fingers
through my short brown hair. Her soft touch and the feeling
of her body went a long way in soothing what ailed me. The
large amount of rum I had drank a few minutes before was starting
to help as well.

Over the screaming of the women on Springer fighting with
each other I heard someone coming up the steps. "Can
I stay up here? I got kicked off the recliner" A raspy
voice that sounded vaguely familiar asked. "sure
hun. come on" Morgan answered and she patted the bed
beside her. I looked up to see Angie. If I was shocked that
Morgan agreed I was even more shocked when Angie dropped
the grey blanket exposing her naked body.

Angie's tiny tits were the size of big apples and had
large puffy cinnamon colored areola. Her slightly toned
stomach and nice hips flexed as she walked toward us. As
she put her knee up on my high pillow top bed her pussy came
into full view. It was the perfect example of a camel toe
with her pouty outer lips pressed tightly together. Morgan
lifted my black Duvet up so that Angie could slide underneath
and she settled in next to my girlfriend.

If I wasn't in so much misery I would've asked several
questions starting with "why is a naked Angie in my
bed". However in my current state all I could do was
silently freak out in my head.

I lay in Morgan's lap struggling to remember the events
of last night.....

The lulling feeling of Morgan's fingers through my
hair seemed to help focus my thoughts. I remember Jason
getting his dick sucked by Kitty and Duff. I remember Jai
joking about wanting to be next. I remember? I remember?

BEFORE!" My inner voice screamed out the sudden remembrance.

Who knows how many hours earlier....

"I can't believe you guys just totally sucked
his penis if front of us!" Jenny shouted. Morgan looked
down at me from her perch on my lap "did she just say
sucked his penis?" She asked me looking more than
amused. "yes... yes she did say penis" I answered
back. We both held in our chuckles as Jenny continued to
freak out.

"you even swallowed!" Jenny said with a full
body shiver. "uuhhh aaahhh blah doubt I could do that!"

"Jenny? are you saying you have never sucked cock?"
Cher asked matching Jenny's disbelief with some of
her own. "you can't possibly be a virgin!"
Kitty asked looking dumbfounded. Jenny took on a defensive
posture and shook her head "of course not! I have been
with 4 guys!" she said with a strong voice "I
just never sucked their penises" she said letting
her voice trail off. Morgan and I snickered again as she
said penises.

"Gawd I sucked dick before I ever even fucked a guy"
Kitty said looking more flabbergasted by the second. "do
you get eaten out?" Duff asked. Jenny blushed and
looked down into her lap "well no, I am kind of afraid
you know. I don't want to be dirty and have some guy go
down there" she almost whispered.

"Ok, we do all work at the same place right? I have seen
you give lap dances and you are good. How can you be so?"
Cher said. "prude?" Morgan asked from my lap.
Jenny looked taken aback "I am not prude! I just haven't
been with as many guys as y'all!" Jenny fired
back. Morgan shifted in my lap and I felt her tense up as if
she was about to strike. "exactly how many guys do
you think US ALL have been with" She asked. Her jade
green eyes blazed with fire as she stared down the blonde.

Jenny realizing that her comment had plenty of implications
in it quickly side stepped. "Well I am not saying that
you are sluts or anything I am just saying I have only been
with 4 guys and I know that is not a lot of for being 20"
She started to fidget with her hands clearly expecting
to get roasted.

"Well I can proudly say I have been with over 4"
Kitty laughed. "how do you think I know how to take
care of my man so good" The look on Jason's face
told me he wanted to ask her number but in the end thought
better of it. "The amount of guys you have been with
doesn't mean anything" Cher argued. "I
haven't been with many guys and I take care of my old
man just fine" She said looking at Jai for comfirmation.
He gave her a smile in return and said "sweet as pie,
and better than mom's home cooking" (what does
that even mean btw?)

"I mean you can be with just one guy and just experiment
a lot and know how to please your man. Right Morgan?"
The minute the words left her mouth she knew she had said
something she shouldn't have. Kitty looked back at
Morgan with wide blue eyes and the look of "uh oh"
on her face. "sorry" Cher said quietly. Morgan
turned to me and looked me dead in the eye "so yeah you
are number two. Now you know" she said matter of fact.
I will admit I felt sudden pressure as well as great happiness
at that news.

She turned back to Jenny "I suck his dick all the time
and swallow his load. I do it because I love to make him feel
good. And, and it turns me on" she said defiantly.
As the rest of the girls, save Angie spoke up it was clear
that they had all been with less then 10 guys (not what you
would expect from a stripper huh? (Don't judge a book
by it's cover is the moral here or a stripper by her micro
bikini I guess) except for Kitty who remained mum and looked
around sheepishly.

"Do girls count?" Cher asked "If girls
count I have to up my number by 2" Jai put his hand on
her knee "could make a leopard change it's spot"
he said referring to how much he liked her. She gave him a
toothy grin and planted a kiss on his cheek as a thank you.
Jenny now went in a different direction whether to be cool
or just because she thought it's what it took to be cool.
"I want to suck a penis I really do, I just haven't
yet is all. I don't know what the big deal is about getting
your pussy licked though." That last statement started
a giant flurry of conversation on the merits of having ones
pussy eaten. And of course Morgan and I snickered cause
she said penis again. Don't judge, it was funny at the

"well if you want to suck one we got three nice ones
right here" Cher said holding her hand out toward
Jason and I. "you have three choices, big, big, and
Oh my fucking God no way big. Choose one" Cher told
her. "count me out I am still trying to recover"
Jason said looking flushed. "I never in my life thought
I would hear him turn down a blowjob. Kitty and Duff must
have fucked him up!" I thought to myself. Jenny looked
flustered and realized she got verbally backed into a corner.

She seemed to be struggling with something and if I had to
guess it was the sudden feeling of peer pressure. "well
I" Jenny stammered "I don't know right
now" she said leaving it opened ended between the
time and the choice of men. "We just need to loosen
you up a little bit darlin." Kitty said "I know
lets play a game!"

Jason, Morgan and myself groaned when Kitty said game.
"shut up, y'all know you love my games. How do
you think we all got together in the first place?"
She said defending herself. "This one is simple we
make shots for everyone and then everyone takes a sip and
guesses what it is. The winners can make losers in the group
do something or you can have them tell you a truth. But if
you guess wrong you have to drink the shot and have to do what
we say." she explained.

"this sounds like a horrible game" Jai laughed.
"this sounds like alcohol poisoning" I added.
Morgan looked down at me and said "it's actually
a really fun game. You could make someone do something really
silly. It's a lot of fun" I thought about it for
a minute and then an evil thought hit me like a brick. "The
guys and I are in" I blurted. Jason and Jai gave me a
questioning look but I shook it off.

In the end everyone agreed so here are the rules if you want
to play it at home.

You somehow number the shot glasses. In our case it was with
tape and a sharpie. You have a mix master who pours/makes
the drinks and writes down what is in the glass. Then you
set those shot glasses out on a tray with the list taped to
the bottom so that no one can read it. Then you have another
mix master do another round and they write down what they
mixed and so on until all people have mixed a round. Then
someone randomly picks a tray of shots, you can use a blind
fold or spin them around until the stop and point at one or
however you want to do that part.

Then everyone selects a shot glass and takes a sip and writes
down what they think it is. After everyone has written down
their answer you pull the list out and match the number and
the drink to the person and see if they guessed right. Winners
can pick any of the losers to do what they ask or have them
tell a truth. If no one loses you all have to take the shot
before moving to the next tray. It's best to do this
at a bar or a place that has a ton of different kind of booze.
Like our condo for example, we had almost enough variety
to open a small bar. Oh and all the shots that didn't
have to be drank stayed in front of you and at the end of the
game you had to drink what was in front of you. Yup it's
got alcohol poisoning written all over it.

Since Cher and I were bartenders we figured we had a pretty
good advantage so we were eager to play the game. Jai didn't
need an excuse but the consequences of losing had him and
several others a bit worried. I however had something I
wanted to see so I was willing to roll the dice and take the

After a painstakingly long time we finally had 9 trays of
shots in various glasses sectioned off and ready to go.
We found pens and scraps of paper to write our answers on
and had picked someone to blind fold with one of Jason's
ties. We spun Duff around until she was dizzy and after a
few times she managed to point at one set. We each selected
a glass and the game began. (I thought about going blow by
blow and explaining every last detail but that would take
a lot of words so I will just put down the highlights I think)

The first round was easy and I easily guessed the Captain
Morgan in my shot glass. As everyone scribbled down their
answers I was starting to get excited about my diabolical
plan. "wait! before we go any further, girl on girl
is fine but no boy on boy. That would just be wrong"
Kitty said after scribbling down her answer. Jason, Jai,
and I thanked her for mentioning it however we would have
vetoed any such suggestion anyway. When Jenny started
to protest that girl on girl wasn't ok she was immediately
shut down by Kitty. Love that girl!

Jason, Jenny, Angie, and Jai lost the first round. Cher
went for a truth and got Jai to admit that he really liked
her. It was a weak truth question but she seemed happy with
it. Kitty made Jason agree painting her fingernails and
toe nails at a date of her choosing. Jenny had to stand up
and sing, while Angie was asked if she had ever been fucked
in the ass. The answer was no. As usual the questions started
off slow and easy with everyone trying to be nice.

By the time the 5th round had come around I still hadn't
had the chance yet to get my plan in motion. I still had hope
though. The 6th round of shots I honestly had no clue what
was in my glass. I lost that round and had to chug down a nasty
mix of Goldschlager, rumblemints, Jagermeister, and
Jack. Supposedly it was a different version of the three
wisemen with a kicker. I cried party foul but in the end I
lost all appeals.

The truth I had to answer was from Morgan "do you touch
me in my sleep" Sadly I had to say yes. "I knew
it! I knew you played with me in my sleep" She shouted
while pointing at me. "you dirty dirty boy"
she laughed. In my defense her body is like putting cheese
out for a mouse. How could you blame me? It's not like
I violated her or anything. Ok now I can just hear you judging
me. Fine Whatever!

We got through the game with the most outlandish thing being
Jai making Cher do the I'm a little Teapot dance butt
naked while standing on the kitchen table. In the end we
decided to go another round, the hardest part for me was
drinking down all those shots at once I had after only losing

The second time around things got more cruel. (This I will
describe a little more in detail but I will leave out most
of the boring truth stuff since some of it was personal non
relevant stuff between the three new girs or about would
they fuck any Splendors customers)

Bless her little heart Cher lost on her own round that she
mixed and Kitty jumped in before Jai could speak. "would
you if you weren't with Jai and we weren't with
Dave and Jason. Would you have a threesome with any of them?"
Cher thought about Kitty's question for a second and
then answered truthfully "I would fuck any of them
one on one or all three of them at once" she said with
a nod. Everyone let out "oooohhhs" and "wows"
when she answered. Jai just laughed not bothered by the

Morgan grabbed my arm and pulled me close "Cher you
slut stay away from my boy toy!" That brought another
round of laughs from the gallery. The next round Kitty lost
and her question came back to haunt her. "No offense
Jai so please don't be mad. I would fuck Jason and Dave
in a threesome or one on one" She said looking apologetic.
"Don't worry about me cher we each have our types"
he said. Jai was way to secure to let something like that
bother him.

Now by this time all the shots from the first game and the
rest of the booze we had drank was starting to hit us. Some
people were down right silly while others were starting
to see double. This is when the fun really began if you ask

"Tanya! See if you can deep throat my man!" Cher
yelled and pointed at his crotch. Duff being the most out
going of the new three agreed amongst cheers and "ooohhs"
and "aaahs" Cher did the honors up undoing Jai's
belt and pants. In grand viola fashion she reached in and
pulled out his small tree. The three newcomers fell deadly
silent and the sight of Jaizilla and stared at it like it
could attack at any moment. "don't be scared
cher it don't bite" Jai's accented voice
assured her.

She crawled over to Jai, sat next to him and looked down at
Cher holding up Jai's semi rigid tool. "Suck
it or just see how far I can deep throat it?" After she
was told just deep throat it she let out a sigh and then used
her left hand to hold her blonde hair back. She tentatively
reached out and took him in her right hand and put her head
down in his lap. Duff opened her mouth wide and the head of
Jai's cock vanished in her mouth.

Duff worked her jaw as she forced him down her throat as far
as her body would allow, she tried to go past the half way
point but to no avail. She let her lips drag along his shaft
as she pulled him out of her mouth making him smile and shiver.
The crowd hooped and hollered their approval. She flashed
us a smile and seemed to blush before moving back to her spot.
After he tucked himself back in the game started again.

"Angie! suck on Kitty's tits for 10 seconds"
Jason ordered. I honestly didn't think she would do
it but when Kitty lifted her shirt Angie the quiet brunette
went after it. She took Kitty's left breast in her hands
and planted little kisses around Kitty's hard nipple.
She stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the nipple
before lovingly sucking it into her mouth. Kitty giggled
as Angie worked her mouth and tongue on Kitty's chest
obviously giving the blonde bombshell pleasure. "mmmm
she's done this before. mmmmhmmm" Kitty moaned.

Soft kiss sounds and Kitty's soft moans seemed to have
an affect on everyone and no one was counting. Angie sucked
Kitty's nipple hard then lightly bit it before she
pulled away on her own. She smiled at Kitty before taking
her seat again. You know how they say paybacks are a bitch?
Well apparently so is Angie, she pounced on him when he lost.
"Jason run around the house naked one time"
she ordered. He looked utterly dismayed. "the condo
is 9 units long where we are at, I will get seen by the people
that live here or the houses around us!" he whined.

"come on you pussy just do it" Jai bellowed.
That would followed by a chorus of "just do it's"
from everyone including me. We all gathered out side on
the front porch while a naked Jason went tearing off into
the darkness of the early morning hours. We did the best
we could to stifle the laughter as he went flapping by but
damn it was hilarious. He was shivering and cussing up a
storm as when he came back after his lap. He mumbled all the
way through putting his clothes back on.

"Morgan! Make out with Kitty while you both are topless"
I shouted after they finally both lost the same round. This
was my diabolical plan. It may not seem like much but when
you had been around their bodies, um I mean them for as long
as I had it was a long over due indulgence. "I should've
known" Morgan grumbled. She made short work of stripping
off her tiny tuxedo shirt and waited for Kitty to do the same.

They met like two Titan's clashing sword and shield
in the middle of the room. Morgan's amazing figure
pressed itself up against the buxom body of Kitty. Kitty's
large breasts pushed into Morgans melon sized tits at the
nipples. Morgan's hands slid up Kitty's body
and cupped the sides of Kitty's tits as they spilled
over the side. Kitty's hands travelled down curve
of Morgan's back and found her ass. She squeezed and
kneaded the soft flesh with urgency.

The two perfect tens in the room moaned into each others
mouths and their tongues clashed like barbarians swords.
Morgan slid her hands around Kitty's side to her back
and pulled her even closer mashing their breasts tighter
together as their stomachs touched. Their bodies began
to undulate up and down as the kiss became more impassioned
by the second. Kitty's left hand moved from Morgan's
ass to her hip and she began to draw invisible circles with
her finger nails causing Morgan to moan again.

Just when I thought they were going to break apart Kitty's
hand moved between them and slipped into the top of Morgan's
white tuxedo boy shorts. Kitty pushed her hand into Morgan's
panties and her knuckles pushed the fabric out as her fingers
found my girlfriend's clit. Morgan inhaled a deep
breath of air and pushed her hips down toward the floor pulling
Kitty forward with her. I watched as Kitty's hand worked
frantically in Morgan's panties.

Morgan began to moan louder into Kitty's mouth and
brought her own hand to Kitty's matching white panties.
She slipped her hand down into them and together they fingered
each others clits as they kissed. Kitty's own high
pitched moans joined Morgan's guttural moans and
together they sang in pleasure. As quickly and as violently
as it began it gently and slowly came to an end. Morgan pushed
back up on her knees and straightened her back as she and
Kitty slowed the pace of their kiss to a slow soft peck. They
shared and open eye slow kiss to end their show and pulled
their hands from each others panties.

Morgan whispered something to Kitty who nodded in agreement.
Then turned toward me and my eyes filled with breasts and
hair as they bore down on me. I tried to back up but my back
found the couch after a few inches. "if you want to
put your cock in me again you will hold still and take it like
a man" Morgan growled playfully. I wasn't sure
what was going to happen but I knew I would take my punishment.
Morgan and Kitty brought their shiny wet fingers up to my
lips together "open" Morgan ordered.

As their fingers entered my mouth Kitty's tangy taste
mixed with Morgan's sweet taste creating a cocktail
of their own in my mouth. I sucked and licked their fingers
clean as they giggled at either being tickled or because
their plan came to fruition. "I don't know whether
to be jealous or pissed" Jason said "be pissed
bro. I am" Jai chimed in. They smiled at me as they pulled
their fingers from my mouth Morgan first Kitty second.
"turn out like you thought?" Kitty asked. "better"
I responded. They both rolled their eyes and collected
their shirts from the floor and put them back on.

"you better hope you don't lose honey"
Morgan said with a smile while putting emphasis on the "Honey"
part. I gulped and then the game continued. I was sad that
the taste given to me was taken away by my next drink. As we
went around the room everyone got it but one person. "Jenny!
Pick a cock and suck it for 30 seconds" Duff ordered.
I had to admit I was becoming a fan of Duff. The look on Jenny's
face was somewhere between run and why did I ever come over

She looked around the room at everyone most likely trying
to decide who was going to be her first. Morgan made it a little
easier for her by getting up on her knees and crawling into
my lap. Her supple ass wiggled against my groin until she
found a comfortable position and leaned back against my
chest while staring at Jenny. I couldn't help but laugh
at how possessive Morgan was of me and to be honest I was really
starting to like it.

"I don't know" Jenny sighed. She looked
back and forth between Jai and Jason. "Well then if
it's going to be your first time you need to do it right.
Stand up boys" Kitty told them. She got up off the floor
and stood. "come on get up" she told Jai and Jason.
She wiggled her fingers to gesture them up until they started
to move. "oh this should be good" I whispered
to Morgan. "She is so evil" Morgan whispered

Jason and Jai stood up and followed her suggestion to stand
side by side. Kitty took it upon herself to undue their pants
as she waited for Jenny to move. I was halfway surprised
when she dug her hands into their pants and fished out their
dicks. Cher seemed to not mind a bit and had her eyes glued
on Jenny waiting to see what she would do. Kitty turned her
back to my friends and took Jai's cock in her left hand
and Jason's in her right and started to stroke them
while she stood.

"you have two big beautiful cocks here just waiting
for you to pop your cherry" Kitty said using a sultry
voice. "Trust me this is a once and a lifetime opportunity"
she said sounding like a barker promoting his product.
"Come on don't be shy, it could take you a good
long while to find ones this big" she continued to
goad with a heavy southern twang.

Jenny moved at last and walked on her knees toward them.
When she got close Kitty told her to "grab them".
Tentatively Jenny reached out and wrapped her hands around
the heads of their manhood. Kitty backed up and squeezed
between their shoulders. From behind them she continued
to urge the first timer on. "Come on stroke them a little.
Get them nice and hard" Kitty said in a sultry voice.

Jenny scooted forward and slid her hands down until she
was at the half way point on both of them. She moved her hands
back and forth in an uneven rhythm and looked from one to
the other. "who goes first?" Kitty asked quietly.
"boy she really is evil. She has this scary peer pressure
thing down pat." I whispered up to Morgan. "5
bucks it's Jason" she whispered back. "your
on" I answered.

Jenny scooted up until she was in between the two choices
and licked her lips either in nervousness or preparation.
Jai's cock jumped in her hand and she yelped out in surprise.
We all couldn't help but laugh at how frightened she
seemed about the prospect of sucking a dick for the first
time. Excuse me "Penis"

We all waited in anticipation like we were watching and
American Idol results show. Jenny looked at two of the largest
choices she had ever seen outside of a porn movie and finally
made her choice. Kinda. Jenny leaned forward and kissed
the side of Jason's shaft. "It counts"
Morgan whispered. "just take it out of my wallet"
I answered. She peppered the side of Jason's cock with
small closed mouth kisses before turning and doing the
same thing to Jai.

She stroked them in between the kisses and continued to
stare both of their cocks down while she decided what to
do next. "Come on Jen do it!" Duff urged. She
looked absolutely excited for her friend or for herself
I wasn't sure yet. The anticipation in the room was
palpable and oddly fun for something this silly. At long
last Jenny opened her mouth and sucked the head of Jason's
cock. She looked almost adorable as she looked around with
his size bulging between her lips. "atta girl"Kitty

As if she finally decided to go for broke Jenny took a breath
in through her nose and took as much of Jason into her mouth
as she could. She bobbed her head a few times in a jerky motion
before Kitty told her "now Jai hun". Jenny let
Jason fall from her mouth and then turned her head to look
at Jai's award winner. She took another deep breath
and held it as she sucked Jai's cock into her mouth.
She blew the breath out through her nose as she filled her
mouth with all she could take.

"Do it girl!" Cher urged as she watched the inexperienced
blonde suck her boyfriend's dick. Jenny did the best
she could and continued to stroke one while she sucked on
the other. The more the seconds passed the more brave or
into it she seemed to get. "Damn girl" Jai said
as she bobbed faster and faster with him in her mouth. "I
don't think she's gonna stop" I told Morgan.
She chuckled and shifted in my lap. "she's in
Heaven" she whispered back following Jenny's
head movements with her green eyes.

Jenny had switched to Jason as was just starting to use her
tongue when Kitty spoke up. "That was awesome girl.
How did you like it?" Jenny took Jason out of her mouth
but held on tight to both of their dicks as she looked up to
answer Kitty. "it was fun" Jenny said happily.
Everyone laughed and waited until Jenny reluctantly let
go of both my friends and sat back in her spot.

Amazingly the next round not a single one of us guessed right.
I assumed that meant we were getting to the point were our
taste sensitivity was long gone. I knew I was feeling all
the alcohol and it was starting to get a little hard to focus.
As the dim light of the morning slowly started to illuminate
the off plastic off white mini blinds in the window above
the couch the talk got silly and serious at the same time.

"don't you hate living on the couch Jai?"
Jenny asked. She seemed to be feeling her groove and was
becoming part of the group. "Yeah it's a little
hard at times" He said. I knew it had to suck when Cher
stayed over which was a lot, living on a couch couldn't
have been easy. "how long are you going to be here?"
She asked. Cher's ears perked up waiting for Jai to
answer, in the month and a half she had seemed to grow quite
attached to him.

"I am really starting to like it here. To go back home
only takes a few hours by car so I thought I would stay around
for a good long while" He said putting his arm around
Cher making her swoon in the process. A loud slap of Jason's
hand on the bare wood floor got all of our attention. "That
settles it! We need to start looking for a three bedroom
house!" He said seriously. "We make enough
money between the three of us. So why not? We should've
done it back in Minnesota we might as well do it here."
he said.

"looks like it's time for me to go full time with
something" Jai said telling us he agreed. They both
turned toward me and waited for my answer. "I plan
on staying here in Texas" I told them "and you
are a dick for making Jai live on the couch Jason. We might
as well get him a cubby hole to sleep in. Upgrade" I
teased. "Yeah Jason you dick" Morgan chimed
in. Everyone cheered and laughed as if the news of Jai staying
was monumental. "lets make this official"
Jason said.

He stumbled a little as he reached for one of the discarded
lists and grabbed his pen. He scribbled "We agree
that the three of us will get a house and get Jai a bedroom"
and then signed it. He passed it to Jai who laughed while
signing it then passed it to me. I scribbled my name down
and we cheered again. Drunk people sheesh.

"three rounds left!" Kitty exclaimed. She
amazingly looked to be handling the booze better than my
two friends and I. come to think of it Morgan was doing pretty
well also? Cher was her normal bubbly self and was usually
the light weight of the group but as my one good eye focused
on her she didn't look to be trashed. "when did
I become a light weight?" We continued the game.

"Duff! Lick Kitty's kitty!" Jason yelled
when she became one of the losers for the next round. "Jaaa
son" Kitty blushed and pushed him with her hand. "I'll
do it" Duff said with a twinkle in her eye. A few people
gasped with smiles on their faces as Duff agreed to go down
on Kitty. "cmon babe lean against me" Jason
said patting his chest. He sat down on his butt and opened
his legs so Kitty could fit in between. She looked a little
hesitant as she rested her back against his chest.

Duff crawled forward and grabbed Kitty's panties
and her waist and tugged. Kitty laughed and lifted her luscious
hips to allow Duff to pull them off. With knees bent and feet
on the floor Kitty laid against Jason. Her hairless pink
pussy there for all eyes to see as Duff got down on her stomach
between Kitty's legs. With her ass pressed to the floor
it was a difficult angle for Duff to get at so Jason helped
in his own way. He put his hands between the insides of Kitty's
thighs and lifted her ass up off the ground. "aaahh"
Kitty yelped.

Before she could protest being held up Duff dove forward
and stuck her face into Kitty's pussy. The long haired
blonde hungrily attacked the short haired blonde with
her tongue. Kitty's eyes squinted and a half smile
spread over her lips as Duff's tongue found her clit.
She let out little squeaks and gasps when her assailants
tongue penetrated her body. "ohmygawd" Kitty
gasped with a laugh.

Duff's ass swayed side to side as her mouth consumed
Kitty, she moaned lightly with Kitty at first. Duff moved
her hand between Kitty's legs and I watched as she sunk
two fingers into Kitty's now soaked pussy. Kitty's
jaw dropped and her eyes rolled back in her head as Duff worked
her G spot and sucked on her clit. Loud wet sucking sounds
joined in with Kitty's moans, Jason's fingers
bit into the soft flesh of Kitty's inner thighs. Morgan
gasped from my lap and ground her soft ass into my lap as she
watched. This formed another diabolical plan in my head.

"ok ok ok" Kitty said breathlessly. "no
Tanya make her cum. She's close I can tell" Jason
said in a strong but slurred voice. Cher had at one point
gotten up and made Jai a tall strong looking drinking and
was just sitting back down next to him. Jai put the brownish
almost clear drink to his lips and took a long pull as he watched
Duff suck hard on Kitty's clit while she worked her
fingers faster.

"oh fuck oh fuck eeeeeeeee" Kitty panted. Her
chin fell to her chest and her eyes closed tight. Jason laughed
as Kitty's body started to tremble in his hands. "mmmmm"
Duff moaned loudly and moved forward between Kitty's
legs. Jason was holding her up so that Kitty's knees
pressed against her tits while her feet pointed out wide.
Kitty's toes clinched and then spread out then clinched
again as Duff brought her close to an orgasm.

"holy shit" Jenny gasped "this is insane!"
I looked from Jenny over to the brunette Angie who was sitting
quietly but watching intently. She hadn't really
said much all night but she didn't seem to feel awkward.
She was just quiet. "oh gawd" Kitty cried out.
Her body began to shake violently in Jason's hands
forcing him to press his fingers even harder into the soft
flesh of Kitty's inner thighs. Duff's legs went
up into the air at her knees and she crossed her ankles together
as she drove her face further into Kitty's pussy.

"aaahh ha ha" Kitty lifted her head toward the
sky and cried. Her breathing became ragged as she began
the spiral into bliss. Duff ravished Kitty's pussy
forcing her to cum in her waiting mouth. "huuuu"
Morgan gasped as she watched Duff lick her friends pussy
through an orgasm. Duff's pink tongue was lost in the
folds of Kitty's pink pussy as she lapped up the juices.
Duff circled the tip of her tongue around Kitty's swollen
clit before gently sucking it into her mouth. Kitty cried
out no more but Jason and Duff seemed to be deaf to her pleas.

Duff continued on until finally Jason relented and set
Kitty down. Kitty gave one last shudder as the action forced
Duff's upturn nose hard into her clit. When Duff pulled
back from between Kitty's legs she smiled a wet glistening
smile with Kitty's juices all over her mouth and chin.
She looked extremely happy and I wondered if she wasn't
more gay then she knew.

To Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great stories, keep them coming , always can't wait
till the next one, hope ur still with morgan as she sounds
totally awesome


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Thank you. I am glad you are enjoying them I am trying to get
them posted as fast as I can but for some reason it's
been talking almost a full day right now. I have 5 more done
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.