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Houston and the New Accounts


"Dude you suck at this game" Jason said trying
to psych me out. "Says you! It's 5 to 2 right now!"
I not so politely informed him. I scooted my ass to the edge
of the plus brown couch cushion as I snuck up behind him with
a plasma grenade. "Fuck" he blurted out when
he saw my half of the screen. As the flickering blue light
stuck to his back I hollered out in triumph "WHO SUCKS
NOW BITCH!" We had both been on call that Saturday
morning for work and had to wake up early just incase someone
called for last minute emergency deliveries.

So the most natural thing to do when you are forced to be up
and ready for work is "HALO 2 TOURNAMENT red vs blue
style". I watched his character spawn back to life
on our big screen and continued my taunting. "Only
a little time left buddy. Looks like you are buying lunch
Monday" I might have said with a sneer and maybe an
evil laugh or two afterwards. "We'll see bro,
we'll see" He said while turning his XBOX controller
to the side as if that would help him avoid my laser fire.

Morgan came padding out of our dining room slash pool table
room from the kitchen carrying a plate of assorted fruit.
Thankfully our kitchen had two entrances so that meant
no one had to walk in front of our serious competition going
on. She looked so damn hot this morning dressed in tiny fuzzy
white retro shorts. They were the tight hot pants style
with pink piping around the sides and legs. She had on a tiny
white "My Little Pony" tank top on with a black
bra underneath. They hugged her ass and pussy so eye wateringly

She put a purple grape between her slightly dry full lips
as she turned to watch the action on the big screen. "Who's
blue?" She asked around the grape. I clucked my tongue
"you even have to ask?". She pushed the grape
into her mouth with her pointer finger and moved to my left
side. She crossed her feet at her ankles and sat down indian
style. "Lift" she said as she bumped my arm with
her shoulder. I lifted my controller high in the air so that
she could slide between my legs. She lifted her knees up
so the I could tuck my feet underneath her legs and dropped
them again over the tops of my feet.

She gave me a kiss on my shorts covered knee as a "thank
you" as I let my arms fall to her shoulders. She ate
around the white controller that hung in front of her face
and watched as Jason shot me in the head from an unseen position.
"6 to 4!" He shouted excitedly. "Too bad
there is only 15 seconds left chode boy!" I laughed.
After string of cuss words and a restart of our duel he got

"LOOK OUT! He's behind the pillar!" Morgan
shouted. She was pointing her strawberry at were Jason
was trying to hide. "Hey! Who's side are you on!"
Jason yelled. He was trying to avoid my stream of machine
gun bullets as he ran for better cover. "Hubby's"
Morgan said smoothly as she followed his character with
her head. I lost a little focus after that and got killed
by his rocket launcher.

After she let out her drunken true feelings that night of
the BBQ the fear of saying something that big had left her.
When we first got together she was afraid that if she said
anything too serious I would freak out and leave her. She
was afraid that any kind of change could shake us apart.
Over the months she had apparently slowly gotten over that
fear and figured if I hadn't left her yet I probably
wasn't going to. She was either facing her deepest
fears or she had decided to go for broke and have faith in

She didn't talk about us getting married or buy wedding
guides or anything like that. She would talk about next
years vacations or where to spend holidays, things like
that. It may have seemed innocuous but I could tell she was
gauging my reactions to it. It was her little sly way of seeing
if I was thinking about the future like she was. She seemed
to have gotten secure with how I felt about her and how much
I wanted her in my life. Or she just chose to finally trust
me I didn't really know.

The irrational fears seemed to be easily held in check and
the strong Morgan who I had first met was now fully in control.
One thing however that didn't change was her constant
need to be touching me. I can honestly say that it had become
a drug and I ended up needing it as much as she did.

"Baby! Behind you!" Morgan shouted with a mouth
full of Kiwi slices. I side stepped Jason's attack
and ran to safety. "Damnit Morgan! Stop helping him!
This is for lunches!" Jason shouted as she tried to
find me again. She just snickered at him and continued to
be my spotter. Score Dave 3 games, Jason 2 games. Translation:
Jason buys my lunch 3 days, I buy his 2 days.

I heard my cell phone ring and looked up at the clock "Damnit!
So close" I grumbled. It was 11:30 and the warehouse
closed at noon, someone had apparently called me in time
to make me do something. "Babe?" I asked. "MMHMM
MMHMM" Morgan nodded enthusiastically with a mouthful
of fruit. She took the controller from me and proceeded
to give Jason a lesson in warfare. She ducked with her finger
pressed on the firing trigger as I swung my leg over her.

I found my phone buried in the bright pink sheets and flipped
it open. "Hello?" My boss Gary was on the other
end with some news that complicated my life just a little
bit more.

My territory stopped at HWY 249 or Tomball Parkway. Everything
west of that was some other guys worry, it also happened
to be where Splendors was. Gary informed me that the guy
who had that account had been screwing up orders massively
and was having his area reduced. In his words "I was
doing such an amazing job" and so he felt the need to
reward me with 18 more accounts. I could hear Jason cuss
at Morgan as she killed him yet again as Gary went on.

I had to grab a piece of mail and a pen so that I could write
down all the issues with each account. The more I wrote the
more I felt my free time and easy days drain away. This new
development meant that I would no longer be having lazy
days on Mondays and Wednesdays. It also meant that my busy
days just changed to impossibly busy days. I was happy for
more chances to make money but this was a little much.

Of course one of the biggest issues was at a little place
called Splendors. "Alright I will pop by on Monday
and introduce myself and see what I can do for them"
I told my boss. I could hear him hiss "Yeah about that,
I need you to stop by this morning and see if you can do anything
for them, now" He said trying to make it sound apologetic.

He told me that they were requesting to talk to someone about
their issues today and I was supposed to talk to some lady
named Elaine. "I will be here until 2pm so anything
they need I can get for you out of the warehouse. You will
just have to come pick it up and deliver it" he told
me. After I hung up the phone I wasn't sure if I was more
shocked about the 18 accounts or that I now had the girls
work. I quickly changed into a nice polo, black dress pants,
and my slip on black dress shoes.

I leaned down and kissed the top of Morgan's head as
she slaughtered my best friend in the game. "Be right
back babe. Gotta handle a new account quick" I told
her. I knew if I mentioned all this I would have to take time
to explain and I wanted to get this over with quick. Morgan
sighed happily as I planted a kiss on her forehead then changed
back into Conquer the World girl. "you goin down sucka!"
She taunted Jason as I walked out the door.

I walked through the doors into the mostly empty club to
find Elaine. I easily found her from Gary's descriptions,
she was standing behind the bar looking none to happy. Elaine
who was in her 40's and a major knockout, I figured the
dark haired beauty must have been a dancer as well. I introduced
myself and was immediately slammed with everything from
orders not received to crappy service and so on. All I could
do was listen and write down each issue on a square white
bar napkin until she was done.

After a few phone calls I had solved her billing issues and
got her inventory adjusted. I also promised her a couple
of free samples and other bar goodies for her trouble. She
seemed to be satisfied with how quickly I seemed to of taken
care of it and calmed down. We chatted about the bar needs
and general things for almost an hour after. She turned
out not to be a dragon lady but instead a frustrated business

She joked about how bad some of her reps had been and how she
loved to remind them of it. We started to laugh about this
and that as we slipped into a casual conversation about
ourselves and the like. She had in fact been a dancer before
and had even worked in Vegas for a time. I told her that someday
she needed to tell me some of those stories. "It'll
make your hair go white" She laughed. "I can
only imagine" I laughed back.

As we continued getting to know each other the unthinkable
happened. "Hey Elaine?" a voice said from behind
me. I closed my eyes and hoped like hell this wouldn't
be trouble. A dirty dish water blonde settled up to the bar
beside me wearing two tiny white triangles over her nipples
and a matching triangle over her pussy. She was much taller
all of the sudden and almost looked me in the eye as she turned
towards me.

"Dave!" Sara exclaimed "What are you
doing here? Did you bring Demona to work?" she started
to say before she realized what she had just done. She made
an O with her mouth before pressing her lips tight together.
Their general manager looked at me then to her dancer. "This
is Demona's mystery guy?" She asked with a raised
eyebrow. I couldn't decipher the look on the tattle
tales face as she turned toward her boss. "Um"
she said convincingly.

Elaine looked at her expensive looking white Movado watch
"what did you need Mariah?" The dishwater blonde
stripper stepped back from the bar looking a little nervous
under the withering stare of her boss "Nothing important.
See Ya" She said before awkwardly hurrying off to
the back dressing room on huge white heels.

After she went through the door Elaine leaned over the bar
and gestured me toward her "I found my first two husbands
in the club that I danced at. I just don't want them bringing
in drama. Will there be drama when you come in?" She
asked quietly. "No ma'am" I assured her
feeling better knowing I didn't get anyone in trouble.
"Thank God" I said in my head. Much to my relief
the manager didn't ask any questions about it.

We talked for a little bit longer about random promo's
or some pricing she had questions on. We were just about
to say goodbye when someone else I knew showed up. "Dave
what's up man?" Edgar called out as he approached
the bar. "Hey Edgar, just working" I told him.
I was starting to wonder it this new account wasn't
going to be a pain in the ass.

He knew that Jason and I were reps so he just said "cool"
and nodded. "you know this guy too?" Elaine
asked looking half amused and slightly curious. Edgar
told her that it was me and my two friends that helped him
out New Years Eve. I explained about Jason and Jai and how
we had come to be there after close. Elaine raised her eyebrow
again but didn't say anything until after Edgar walked
to the front doors.

"So just so I know, you are with Demona, Jason is with
Kitty, and this Jai is with my bartender?" She asked
in a cool tone. "Yes ma'am but we didn't pick
them up in the club or anything" I told her in a half
truth. She held up her hand to stop me "As long as it
doesn't become an issue I won't say anything about
it" she told me. I wondered if she meant to the other
girls or if she meant say anything against it. I decided
it was probably best if I let that sleeping dog lie.

When I got back home I found Morgan still dominating Jason,
Kitty was trying to help out her boyfriend but it wasn't
going well. I called the girls together and told them the
news. The only one that looked worried was Cher, Jai and
Jason thought it was hilarious of course. Morgan was just
smiling while Kitty looked like she could care less about
it. "It's not like they would fire us anyway"
Kitty said brushing it off.

"I have to tell Rin" Morgan laughed and fished
my cell phone out of my pants pocket. She sat down on the couch
and chuckled as she dialed her up. "I guess I was worried
for nothing" I thought to myself. I looked at the clock
and with a sigh went to my bedroom to pull out my clothes for
my night at Bourbon Street. I couldn't help but wonder
how much longer I was going to be able to work three jobs now
that I had a bigger territory. Gary said that it was temporary
but I had a feeling he was probably not planning on changing
it back anytime soon.

I threw my jeans and black security shirt on the bed before
stripping off my dress clothes. I had three hours until
Jason and I had to leave for work and was planning on spending
them in the pool. Even on the plush carpeting I could hear
her coming at a quick pace. I had just turned around when
she launched herself at me.

I caught the flying hottie in mid aid as her arms and legs
wrapped around me. I stared at the crease in her bottom lip
and thought about how much I loved her little unique things.
She was beaming at me with a proud look on her face. "Congrats
on more responsibility" She said happily. I looked
up at her shining jade green eyes and told her "Thank

"We should celebrate!" She said while moving
her eyebrows up and down. I let out a little laugh at how cheesy
the look on her face was. "How should we do that?"
I asked already assuming it was something sexual. She bit
her bottom lip and looked up at the ceiling "umm"
she hummed drawing this out. "I suppose I could suck
your cock." She said slowly. "Ooorrr you could
fuck my ass maybe?" She was definetely drawing this
out. It didn't take a mind reader to see she already

"I could ride you maybe. Or NO! I know!" She said
excitedly as she looked back into my eyes. "You could
bend me over the bed and fuck the shit out of me until I cry!"
She let her mouth drop open and nodded vigorously with a
Christmas morning look on her face. I let out a laugh and
shook my head at how adorably unique she was. "But
First!" She exclaimed as she squeezed my sides with
her legs and lifted herself up a bit. "I will sit on
your face so that you can slide right in" Her sparkling
eyes told me that she was really excited about all of this.

"OK" I laughed. Morgan released my sides and
dropped her feet to the floor with a thud. She let go of my
neck and dug her thumbs into the sides of her tiny white shorts.
They were down in a hot second exposing her bare pussy and
the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. She put her
hands to my chest and pushed me back onto the bed smiling
the whole time. I looked down my chest as she knee walked
her pussy toward my face.

I could see that she was getting wet already as her little
shark fin came closer to my mouth. I looked up as she looked
down "I really am proud of you baby" She said
softly. "Thank you" I told her with a smile.
Her devious smile parted her full lips "now shut up
and eat me" I had my laugh cut off as she pussy pressed
down on my mouth. Her sweet taste filled my mouth as I sunk
my tongue into between her pussy lips. I felt her knees press
against the side of my head and heard a tiny far away moan.
Her hands found the top of my head with fingers spread wide.

I sucked in Morgan's labia and nibbled them gently
before my mouth found her swelling clit. Her body sagged
shoving my chin a little ways into her wet opening. She pushed
her toes underneath my back and lifted them up as I nibbled
her clit. She loosely grabbed a handful of my hair and started
to roll her hips a little. Morgan's juices dripped
down my chin and neck as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her
far away moans seemed to be getting louder through her knees
pressed up against my ears.

I moved my hands to her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard in
my hands. Morgan's body gave a quick shudder and released
more of her sweetness onto my chin. I loved how wet Morgan
could get just from thinking about doing something let
alone actually making it happen. I let go of her clit and
drove my tongue deep inside of her. She let out a squeal and
I felt her insides trying to trap my tongue inside of them.
Her pussy muscles contracted and release as it tried in
vain to hold onto my slippery tongue.

Morgan moved her right hand and slid it up her stomach under
her tank top. Looking up at her as she stared out the window
with blind eyes while she moaned started my own blood flow.
Her hand worked under her bra and I could see that she pushed
it up over her tits under the tank top. Morgan massaged her
tits back and forth ending with twisting her nipples before
moving back to the other one. "She is such a sex kitten"
I thought to myself. Morgan's mouth was opening and
closing as she rode my face and played with her tits.

I went back to attacking her swollen gum drop clit and sucked
on it hard. Morgan let out a loud cry and started to roll her
hips forcing my chin between her lips again. I moved my hand
to the inside of her ass crack and found her asshole with
my finger. I dipped it into her pussy before dragging it
back and sinking the tip into her puckered orifice. Morgan's
body shuddered on my face and her moan went to a deep octave.
In spite of what I was doing I couldn't help but smile
around her clit. I knew Morgan's body and I knew that
little bit of extra had taken her from kinda close to really
close. I loved how fast she could cum and how often, it was
an ego boosting turn on like no other.

I wiggled my finger deeper into her ass and sucked her clit
into my mouth. I teased it with the tip of my tongue before
sucking hard again. "OH FUCK" Morgan gasped
with a surprised look on her face. Immediately my felt my
cock fill with blood and I couldn't help but become
more frantic with my motions. Morgan squeezed her left
breast hard under her tank top and cried out. I buried my
finger deep in her ass and started sucking on her clit like
I would suck her nipple. Morgan's hips ground down
on my mouth and moved in tiny circles as she started to cover
my mouth and chin with her cum.

"Deeee ave!" she cried out. Her body started
to shake violently as she struggled to stay on my face. I
could feel her asshole squeeze and release around my finger
as she continued to cum. Her pussy was flexing and forcing
more cum onto my face as I flicked her clit with my tongue
in a blur of motion. Morgan's hand shot out from under
her shirt and she fell forward onto her hands. That gave
me the chance to double penetrate her with my fingers as
I sucked her pussy. "Fuuu huuuck" she cried
in a high pitched voice.

I opened my mouth wide so that her cum could drip from her
pussy into my mouth. I happily swallowed the sweet tasting
cream while I continued to lick her clit. "Ok OK OK"
She panted. Her hips pushed down on my face before she crawled
over my head. Before I could move her face appeared upside
down over my own. She looked a little dazed as she lowered
her mouth to my chin. She sucked and licked all of her cum
off my face before pressing her lips onto mine. I opened
my mouth to accept her tongue and almost chocked as she spit
all of what she had cleaned off into my mouth. "you've
been watching porn again" I thought to myself.

Our tongues fought and our lips mashed together for a while
as her breathing got back to normal. With one last soft kiss
she sat up on the bed. I sat up and got off the bed so that I could
turn around and see her "Come here" I told her.
She followed my order and crawled off the bed in front of
me. She looked down and used her hands to free me from my dress
pants. Once she had pushed them and my underwear down freeing
my cock she spun on her heels. She laid her chest and face
against the mattress and pushed up on her tip toes on the

Her hands found her ass and she spread herself open wide
for me. She watched as I moved in close behind her. Her asshole
and pussy squeezed as I took my hard dick in my hand and moved
forward. Her insides felt like an inferno as the head of
my cock opened her up. "NYAAAaaah" she cried
out as she watched me. Her pussy pulsed around me as if she
was still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm.

It almost felt as if she was the one sucking me into her depths
instead of me pushing into them. "Don't stop
until you can't go anymore" She told me quietly.
Her fingers dug deeper into her flesh as she tried to spread
herself open wider. My cock jumped from her words and made
her whimper. With my pants around my ankles I grabbed her
hips and thrust hard into her. I fucked her as hard and as
fast as I could without my feet sliding across the plush
tan carpeting. Morgan's screams sounded as if she
was being tortured as my cock tried to split her in half.

Her body jerked as my cock blurred in and out of her spasming
pussy. I couldn't help but grunt as I struggled to keep
up the fast pace. Drool ran out of Morgan's mouth onto
the sheets as she screamed from the abuse I was giving her
tiny pussy. My balls slapped hard against her clit and the
mattress as she moved it over the box spring. Morgan lost
her grip on her ass and gave up, she moved her arms over her
head and tore at the bright pink sheets.

Morgan's pussy exploded her cum over my cock as she
cried out through her second orgasm. She pulled so hard
on her beloved sheets that she pulled them up and over the
mattress exposing it. She pulled them into a tiny ball at
her face and bit down on the fabric as her screams changed
to high pitch whines. Her dark blue and black hair bounced
around her head as I continued to drive my dick faster and
harder into her pussy.

Morgan's feet came off the ground as my pounding kept
sliding the mattress over the box springs and flopped around
my calves. She tried to push her ass back into me but the position
and the intensity of my motions made it impossible. Morgan's
insides collapsed around me as if was plastic wrap. It felt
as if her insides were trying to milk me as they spasmed up
and down my shaft. The pain in my back was dwarfed by the intensity
of pleasure building up in my guts.

My hands all but crushed her hips as my orgasm built up pressure
and threatened to blow me apart. "FUCK" I grunted
in a short breath. Morgan screamed out louder as she heard
my precursor to my own explosion. Her body gave a shudder
and for the third time she came. Her newly tanned body glowed
red and the muscles in her back flexed as her cum poured over
me again. It struck me like lightening. I cried out as I shot
my cum deep into her womb. I had to struggle to keep moving
as the tsunamis of sensations rolled through my body.

"Dave" Morgan cried as she pulled her face from
the bunched up covers she had collected. "Daave"
She whined again as she felt my cum fill her up. I continued
to slide my cock in and out of her quivering pussy until my
body locked up and refused to move. Sweat poured down my
face and back from the exertion as I tried to catch my breath.
Morgan's young body shivered once then she let out
a deep sigh. She looked back at me and gave me a lazy smile
as jumped and flexed inside of her.

I stood there for a while just looking at Morgan as she looked
at me. She squeezed her pussy around my cock and chuckled
when I jumped because of it. I stepped back and pulled myself
out of her "NOOOOOOOooooo" she whined. I saw
some of my cum fall from her pussy lips to the carpet below.
The insides of her thighs were soaked with our juices with
little trails running toward her knees. "get on the
bed" she ordered gruffly.

With a breath of exhaustion I crawled onto the bed and laid
on my back while she got on her knees. She straddled me and
reached down taking my soaked cock in her hand. She looked
down putting her forehead against my chest and I felt the
crush of her pussy surround me again. I jumped as my sensitive
head pushed through her soft insides until it came to her
stop. She fell against my chest and blew out a breath "I
hate it when you pull out" she complained into my neck.

I put my hand on the back of her head and ran her hair through
my fingers. "Sorry baby" I apologized softly.
Her pussy gently hugged my cock either at her direction
or as an automatic response to stimulus. She lifted her
head and started her kisses against my skin "you were
made for me" She whispered in between kisses. "I
was made for you". I didn't answer but instead
ran my left hand up and down her back. She continued to cover
my shoulders and neck with soft wet open mouthed kisses
for a long while before she spoke again.

"I love this" she said in a quiet gentle voice.
Her pussy squeezed my shrinking cock as she spoke. Our cum
was running down my balls and the insides of my thighs. Morgan
dug her arms under my sides and nuzzled her face into my neck
"I could do this forever" she sighed. I reached
down and took her ass in my hands "Meeee too"
I laughed. I could feel her smile as I squeezed her ass "you
are such a pig" she said happily. "Yes ma'am"
I told her.

"Does this mean you will be in the club more?"
She asked in her soft tone. "I don't know maybe.
Would you like it if I was in the club more?" I asked
her. She nodded "it's hard being away from you.
It would be nice to see you more during the week" she
told me. Because of our schedules we usually only saw each
other in the mornings or after 2am.

I was usually asleep when Morgan got home, she would wake
me up for sex and then let me pass back out. During the weekends
we had Saturday day and all of Sunday and that was it. I knew
Morgan was unhappy about that but there wasn't much
we could do about it considering.

"Someday" she sighed. "Someday".

She pushed herself up and ground her hips in a circle forcing
my still half hard cock deeper into her. She let out a little
shudder and then stripped off her tank top and bra. Her pussy
squeezed me tight as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and
tried to push it up my body. "Naked now" she ordered.
After a little struggle I was able to pull my shirt over my
head. She leaned forward again pressing her firm breasts
into my chest and shoving her arms under my shoulders. "perfect"
she sighed and squeezed my dick again.

I wasn't sure what she meant by "someday"
but I had a feeling whatever it was would probably happen.
"Is it ok if Rin comes home with me tonight? We want
to go shopping tomorrow" Morgan asked into my neck.
I let a smile cross my lips "of course baby" I
told her. "mmm thank you" she whispered and
sucked on my neck "I love you" she mumbled.

We laid in bed long after I fell from her soft insides just
kissing and caressing each other. Morgan had remained
on top of me as if she was in an ocean and I was the life saving
raft. She had refrained from pulling the sheets over us
because of how hot the house had been lately. As you can guess
that little twist meant that we would be having company
of course. I still have no clue to this day why we didn't
lock the door ever. I can count on one hand maybe the amount
of times we did lock it.

A soft knock at the door announced an arrival of one of our
roommates. "What!" Morgan bellowed into my
neck. "Can I come in?" Cher's asked from
behind the door. Morgan let out a frustrated noise and then
sat up with her hair falling over her eyes. "We need
our own place" She looked toward the door as my cock
pushed between her dripping lips. She reached down and
adjusted it so that it pointed straight up against my stomach.
She slid it between her lips and let it part them and surrounded
the tip as if to hide me. Morgan's version of modesty
always made me smile.

This house had long since beaten any shame or self consciousness
out of me. "Yeah" Morgan tilted her head back
and yelled into the air. Cher came through the door wearing
her black booty shorts and a white sports bra. She walked
to the side of the bed staring at me with her dark brown eyes.
"Are you sure we aren't in trouble?" She
asked looking nervous. I told her the story again and about
what her boss had said. "As long as there is no drama
she said she wouldn't say anything" I told her.
I gasped as Morgan's hips shifted and my cock slide
through her lips a little.

Cher still looked worried but nodded her head "we
have a lot of new girls and I was worried Elaine would make
an example of one of us" she said softly. Morgan's
hand absentmindedly squeezed the end of my cock as she spoke
"She said she was cool with it so don't worry about
it Cher. It's not like we are doing anything wrong or
stupid" Morgan told her. Morgan lifted her feet and
put them over the tops of my knees forcing me harder into
her lips. Her eyes half closed and her lips parted in a tiny

The pressure and the feel of being surrounded my Morgan's
pussy lips started my blood flowing into my groin again.
I could see her smile widen as she felt me start to grow again.
"Ok" Cher sighed. She turned and caught sight
of Morgan starting to stroke me and shook her head with a
smile. Morgan's head followed her toward the door
"Close it please" She asked. Cher let out a little
laugh and I watched as our white door hid her little brown
ass as it closed.

Morgan looked down at me with a little fire in her eyes "Your
getting hard" she said playfully. "Yeah well
you have my hotdog in your bun so it's not like I have
a choice" I laughed. She furrowed her brow and let
out a laugh "how about we stick to your cock in my cunt"
she said. Her dirty mouth always drove me mad and my cock
pulsed in agreement.

"Mmm my turn to fuck the shit out of you" she cooed
while she rolled her hips. "I'm going to be late
for work aren't I?" I laughed. She smiled and
bit her bottom lip again. "UH HUH" she nodded.

To be continued.........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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It's been a rough to days with work so I hadn't had
a chance to look this one over after I wrote it. This was originally
part of a much longer chapter but I found myself trying to
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I am dog tired and have a really busy weekend coming up so
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hopefully tomorrow so thank you very much for those. I am
moving back to Houston very soon so I am also trying to get
all that taken care of as well. One of these days I will try
to do something simple and not so complicated and rushed.

Old Habits I suppose.

So hope you all have a great weekend.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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very nice again, keep them coming whenever you can, bet
your happy to be going back to houston, i almost moved to
houston a few months ago lol


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quote rm_jbadam01:
very nice again, keep them coming whenever you can, bet your happy to be going back to houston, i almost moved to houston a few months ago lol
To be honest I am a little nervous about moving back. The
city has changed so much since I have been gone. Places that
I will be writing about here in the future are gone now as
well. People say you can never truly go back. I am afraid
that they might be true.

For someone who's never lived there it can be a bit of
a culture shock but it's crazy fun! If you do go just
WINDOWS!!! Trust me.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.