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Houston and the Music Notes


When Star and I got back into the house I found that Jason
and Jai had split in opposite directions. One in the house
I had come from earlier and the other in the one next to it.
Mariah came up to me when she saw me and asked if I would make
her something tasty and unique. One Nerds drink later she
was a happy girl. I found a place on the couch with Star and
Mariah. The first bubbly blonde I had met joined us and we
all chatted about where everyone was from and all that small
talk stuff.

I caught Morgan bitting the lip of her Solo cup as she stole
glances at me and was talked at by the rocker looking guy.
She almost seemed to be enjoying our little hidden romance
thing that was going on at the moment. Jai joined us a minute
later with Jenny and the cute little asian girl that couldn't
have weighed more then 90 lbs soaking wet. I could tell it
was hard for Jenny to pretend she hadn't just met Jai.
When he talked about moving here and only knowing Bourbon
Street people she seemed to be absolutely vibrating while
wishing she could talk.

It dawned on me when Mariah had finished her drink and asked
for another that I hadn't drank since I got there. "We
should have brought something to drink" I told Jai.
He nodded "our bad" he said. Mariah must have
been a little tipsy because she backhanded my chest hard.
"NO! you can so totally drink whatever I have you guys"
she said looking very serious "Mi Casa um is your house!"
she said with a heavy slur. Jai coughed out a laugh and then
thanked her.

"what do you want? I will make you something"
Star said. Mariah's face dropped a little "whatever,
surprise me while I make Mariah's drink" I told
her after I thanked her. Mariah looked a little happier
again as I got up and headed to the table. Star and I made the
drinks side by side and we took the 4 solo cups back to where
we were sitting. I handed Mariah her bomb pop and Star gave
Jai the drink she made and we sat back down.

"This is good!" I said after tasting the drink.
I looked into the brackish colored drink and tried to guess
what was in it. Star gave me a dazzling smile and tucked a
long piece of hair behind her left ear. "thank you"
she said. "what's in it?" I asked. She told
me that it was a secret but maybe she would tell me if we knew
each other long enough. In Vegas bartenders can make 6 figures
a year believe it or not. In bigger cities like Houston,
New York, and Los Angeles you can make an amazing living
if you are good enough. She seemed completely motivated
to become one of these lucky souls and figured I would be
able to help her get better. At least that is what I was assuming
since she talked about it constantly.

We continued to hang out with more than 30 plus people until
the wee hours of the morning and I started to feel a certain
work flu coming on. I didn't have much to do today other
then check on some clients. My busiest days were Tuesdays
and Thursdays anyway. Since Jai had my old schedule he was
off on Mondays so he was good. "Where's Jason?
I bet he is going to be hurting later today" I asked
Jai. He shrugged "I think he was talking to the Fantasy
girl" He said meaning he was talking to Duff/Tanya.
I couldn't see Kitty anywhere so I assumed they were
all in the other apartment.

As the party started to break up Jai and I walked around and
said our goodbyes to all the people we had met. We found Jason
surrounded by laughing girls as he told them wild stories
about Minnesota. Kitty was there as well with Cher, and
Duff. They were all laughing and smiling so I assumed it
went well. Angie had to leave earlier in the night and she
snuck goodbyes to Morgan and I when she could. We promised
to invite her over when we had our house party.

The six of us didn't want to leave together so the girls
left first and headed home. As Jason, Jai, and I made our
way to my SUV a voice called out to me. I had managed to avoid
the now seriously drunk Mariah so that she wouldn't
be tempted to ask me to hang out and I was afraid she had finally
caught me. I turned to find Star of all people standing on
the side walk holding herself against the cold. "hey
it was cool to meet you. You are legit" she said shivering
a little.

She held out her hand and when I took it I felt a piece of paper
drop into my palm. I started to talk my way out of it when she
cut me off "I know you are with Demona. It's not
that hard to tell" she said. "That doesn't
mean we can't be friends and I really want to learn how
to flair" she said. "easy to tell huh?"
I asked. "yeah that girl's got it bad" she
said with a raised brow look. "I can understand it"
she said. I was afraid to read to much into it. The chances
of a girl like Star being interested in me and Morgan loving
me like she did were about as slim as a comet landing on my
head at that minute. What's that old saying? Comets
never strike in the same place twice? Heh.

"Don't worry I won't get her in trouble.
Plus everyone likes you guys and it would suck if you couldn't
come back into the club because of her" she said. Again
I didn't want to read into what "Because of her
might have meant" I think I was getting too cocky and
over thinking it anyway. "So" she said smiling
while leaning back and kicking her leg out in front of her.
"Call me sometime so you can teach me that stuff and
Demona should totally be there too, it'll be fun"
she said making it clear this was not a shady secret thing.

I told her I would and we said goodbye and went our separate
directions. I jumped into the back of my running Expedition
and Jai drove the bus home. "shut the fuck up dude.
No way did you land that" Jason said as I unfolded the
piece of paper. It was just her number and nothing else.
"She just wants to learn flair is all" I said.
"wants to learn something" Jai muttered from
behind the wheel. " she is more Jason's speed"
I said deflecting.

Jai pulled into our driveway and we found the girls waiting
for us. Morgan vaulted onto me and wrapped her legs around
my waist and her arms around my neck. "oh my God that
fucking sucked not being able to touch you all night"
She said yelling into the hazy morning sky. Kitty didn't
talk she just mashed her lips to Jason's and almost
knocked him over. I couldn't see Cher but I could hear
her giggling.

"come on Jason you have some work to do in the bedroom"
Kitty said and drug him into the house. I followed carrying
Morgan as she hung on me with her head on my shoulder. "you
should know that I coughed and you poured out all over my
panties at the party" she said quietly. I laughed
all the way to our bedroom wondering if it was while she talked
to that guy.

I looked at the clock an groaned when I saw that it was already
6:30 in the morning. I fought my decision for a few minutes
while I swayed Morgan back and forth. I admit I had gotten
completely used to Morgan's affections and even come
to look forward to it. Having her legs wrapped around my
waist became second nature. I dug my phone out of my pocket
as she hung on me and called my bosses office line to call
in sick for the day.

Morgan groaned "I am so pissed now, I have to work
tonight." She whined into my shoulder. "why's
that?" I asked. "I am covering for someone tonight"
she groaned. "Hey I have to tell you something you
won't like" I said figuring I better get it out
of the way now. She pushed back with her hands locked behind
my neck and waited blank faced.

"Star gave me her number because she wants me to teach
her how to flip bottles" I said with a wince. Morgan
threw her head back and laughed. "That bitch! I knew
it! That was the thing I was talking about earlier. I knew
I was right" she laughed. "I figured she was
up to something but I thought it was that she liked you or

"There's more" I said. She stopped laughing
instantly. "she knows we're together but she
promised not to tell anyone"

Morgan's tiny smile lines appeared at the corners
of her mouth as a smile crept up. "good". The
way she said good made me think she had plans or was forming
a plan. Morgan lunged forward and smashed her lips against
my forehead. "I didn't freak out tonight and
I wasn't that scared at all. I want you to know that"
She mumbled into my forehead. "I am glad" I smiled.

"I believe you" She said referencing our conversation
the morning of the move in my kitchen. "I really believe
you" she said and kissed me after. "Undress
me then take me to bed" She said. I followed her orders
and we crawled into my extremely comfortable bed. Morgan
straddled my hips and rubbed her drenched pussy up and down
the shaft of my cock. "You are so fucking wet"
I laughed. "your fault" she said. When I was
semi hard she reached down and put me in her pussy.

"aaahhh damn" she whined as I filled her up.
She held still for a second then collapsed onto my chest
smashing her tits into me. Morgan's pussy clamped
down on me then released over and over again. She buried
her face into my neck and put her hands into my hair but didn't
move. "what are you doing?" I asked curious.
"trying to make you cum by just using my pussy muscles"
she said into my neck. I laughed and took her ass in my hands
and squeezed.

We lay there as Morgan did Kegel exercises around my hardening
cock until she fell asleep with me deep inside her. I fell
asleep a short time later and we didn't wake up until
4 in the afternoon. I had fallen out at some point while we
slept and she had moved down to her normal spot between my
legs with her head on my chest.

"Morgan what time do you have to be at work? I asked
trying to wake her up. It took a few tries until she finally
mumbled "Not until 5, I have plenty of time"
I looked at the clock again "Baby it's 4:15 you
better get up or you will be late" She rocketed up between
my legs and squinted at the clock. "Shit" she
breathed. She looked at me and smiled while she ran her fingers
through her morning hair. "Why can't you do quckies!
ahh!" Morgan hollered in frustration while she shook
her hands by her head.

"Now I am gonna have blue pussy all night" she
sighed looking sad. I laughed so hard tears fell from my
eyes. I have heard of blue balls from sexual frustration
but never blue pussy. She gave me a dopey grin as I laughed
at her "no jacking off! you have to wait until I get
home" she demanded. I watched as she slid her hand
between her legs and pulled it out covered in her juices.
She leaned forward and drug her open palm down my face covering
it with her wetness. "Asshole" She teased.

She vaulted off the bed leaving me covered in her and went
into the bathroom to take a shower. Watching her tight sexy
naked body walk into the bathroom made my cock jump. "God
she is unreal" I said in my head. I laid in bed listening
to her sing while she washed. Before she left she kissed
me and sucked my cock for a second before warning me again
not to jack off and wait until she got home. She hummed as
she swished her hips like a cat out of the bedroom while I
laid there frustrated.

Later that night I was sitting on the end of the couch watching
TV when Kitty came down the steps wearing ANOTHER of Jason's
old college tee shirts and a tiny pair of green panties.
She waved at me and went into the kitchen to forage for some
food. Jason came down a minute later wearing Minnesota
basket ball shorts and a sleeveless work out shirt looking
like he could sleep for a week.

He dropped like a ton of bricks on the other side of the couch
"Rough day? I asked while watching Sports Center.
"I hit my accounts in the morning and hoped like hell
they didn't smell my breath. Then when I got home I tried
to sleep but Kit was in marathon mode" he sighed. "Yeah
I heard, she must have really been working it" I laughed.
One thing that even a bigger house couldn't change
was the daily amounts of screaming and moaning. I hate that
I am saying this but. Having an insatiable 19 year old girlfriend
sounds great on paper but it can wear you the hell out. I am
not complaining, but damn.

Kitty padded into the living room carrying a plateful of
green and purple grapes and carrot sticks with ranch on
them. She sat down next to Jason and swung her long legs up
onto the couch and dumped her feet into my lap. She leaned
back against him and held a grape up over her head so he could
eat it from her fingers. "How do you like my toes"
She asked wiggling them wildly as my hands settled on her
ankles. "I think Jason is an excellent toe painter"
I said without looking.

"Ha ha" she laughed with a purple grape between
her teeth. "He needs to learn how to color in the lines
though" She said drawing one leg back to look at her
toes. In doing so she opened her legs and gave me a direct
line of sight to her green panty covered pussy. "you
are leaking" I said flatly as I saw the big wet spot
forming between her legs. She shrugged and dropped her
foot back not my lap. "With as much as we came today
I can believe it".

"We are such a fucked up family" I laughed. Kitty
held another grape above her head for Jason to eat. Kitty
rubbed the back of her pixie cut white haired head against
Jason's chest and said happily "I love our family,
I love living here, I love how fun it is, and I love you guys".

Jason leaned down and kissed the top of her head and as the
basketball scores flashed by. We had all gotten very comfortable
with each other in such a short time that we didn't even
notice. The nudity and hearing each others loud sexual
encounters became as routine as getting the mail. I know
if a stranger were to see how we lived they would be beyond
shocked. I doubt we could convince someone we didn't
all have wild orgies together.

As hot as Kitty was and as cute as Cher was I had no interest
in anything sexual with them. They felt the same way I knew
and we just lived in our happy little fucked up world. I am
not saying we didn't all appreciate each others bodies
and attributes but that was it. All the girls liked certain
things about all the guys and vice versa. It's amazing
what you can get used to I guess.

"sup sup" Jai called out as he and Cher walked
into through the back door. "what up yo" Kitty
sang back as she fed Jason another grape. Speaking of mail
Jai was flipping through it as he walked into the living
room. "I think you got your first commission check
dude. I have two for you here" Jai said holding them

"hey guys" Cher said as she walked up the steps
stripping off her sweater. "hey" the couch
people said back. "it's like the same show every
30 minutes! How can you guys watch this!" Kitty said
staring at the TV as a new half hour of scores and stories
started. "Just deposit whichever check is needed
into the house account and I will deposit the other one"
I told Jai. "open em then?" He asked. "yeah
go ahead" I told him.

After tearing open the checks he let out a cough. "I
think this is wrong man. And if it's not I need to become
a rep" He said staring at the checks. I turned my head
to look at him. Kitty tilted her head back against Jason
and looked at Jai upside down. "that good?"
she asked. He did a slow head nod "yeeeaaaah you could
say that. I saw Jason smiling at the TV as Jai stepped forward
and handed me the checks.

"3 grand!" I yelled in disbelief. Kitty's
sapphire eyes pulled a Morgan and got wide as saucers "shut
up" she said. I looked from that to the normal payroll
check that was damn decent as well. I looked at a smirking
Jason "can this be right?" I asked. "it's
right, I already got my ten percent" he said. I knew
that since Jason was my referral he got 10 percent of my commission
for the first 6 mos. "You are already in the top 15 of
all Houston reps and it's only been a couple of weeks.
Gary was kissing my ass this morning over the phone"
Jason laughed. "I told you dude!" He said self

"how often do I get commission checks?" I asked
still looking at it. "once a month" he said smiling
again. "that was for half a month!" Kitty yelled
out scrunching her face and closing her eyes. "Jason
I need to to break up with Kitty because I am now your bitch"
I joked. Kitty pointed her finger at Jason "remember
you love my tits so think about that before you dump me for
A cups over there" She joked. Cher walked into the
living room wearing just pink boy short panties and carrying
one of Jai's colorfully crass shirts. She pulled it
over her head hiding her body from view "what's
every one so excited about?" she asked. "Don't
get too excited it's always like that during the holidays.
It will go down through the summer" Jason informed

Jai gave her the details and she joined it with the "wows"
and "oh my Goshes". As if planned Kitty lifted
her legs like a draw bridge to allow Cher to sit in the middle
of the couch. She let the draw bridge down as Cher settled
next to me and leaned against me to look at the check I was
holding. Cher put her little hands on Kitty's shins
and frowned at the TV. "Can we watch something good?"

As Jason took the grape from Kitty's fingers over her
head she asked a question that made him choke "So then
you make more than Dave because you have a better area and
you have been there longer? So why don't we ever go shopping?"
She tilted her head and asked. Cher turned to Jai "see
aren't you glad I am not high maintenance?"

The couple talked back and forth as I held on to Kitty's
feet. Jai praising Cher, Cher loving it and beaming at him.
Kitty harassing Jason about the new clothes she needed
and the stuff she wanted to get for the house while Sports
Center played in the background. "My life is so weird"
I thought.

Morgan got the run down about the checks and the job almost
immediately as she came through the door from Kitty. She
fawned over me about how proud she was of me as she scratched
my back with her long nails. After my back was red and slightly
bleed and feeling oh so good she pressed her bare breasts
against my back and draped her arms over my shoulders. She
told me how much she loved me and how happy she was to be home
in between her loving kisses across my shoulders.

"I brag about you to mom and dad all the time you know"
she said. I knew this meant she was going to bring up the meeting
them thing. I couldn't blame her, I had been dodging
it for a while now. I relented and agreed to have lunch with
them this coming Sunday. As a reward Morgan sucked my dick
for hours and swallowed several loads before she allowed
me to make her come with my cock and my mouth. With as much
as she had pleasured me before I was lucky I could even get
it up by the time she rode me. Life is rough you know?

When I was up getting ready for work the next morning Morgan
was on her stomach on the bed happily swinging her legs around.
"so all the girls were talking about you guys last
night." she said while she watched me shave. "oh
yeah? Were they saying how horrible we are?" I asked
as I drug the razor across my face. More like how bad some
of the wanted to fuck you guys, how cute they thought you
were, how nice and blah blah blah." Morgan said as
she laid her face down on the bed.

"I doubt they talked about fucking us" I laughed
looking in the mirror. She moved her arms under her chest
and lifted her self up so she could look at me. "you
really don't think I am the only girl that says shit
like fuck my cunt or begs you to cum in my ass do you?"
she said in her usual blunt manner. "girls can be worse
than guys. Trust me" she laughed.

"Mariah really wants to hang out with you. She wouldn't
shut up about it." she sighed. "I just wanted
to tell her about us so she would shut up." Morgan rolled
on her back and stuck her legs straight up in the air and grabbed
her toes in a show of flexibility. "it's a stupid
rule anyway. It's not like I took you home from the club
or anything." She shushed me when I started to remind
her that Jai had made it happen through Cher.

Morgan opened her legs in a wide V while still holding onto
her toes making me wish I didn't have the top of her head
view and instead had the other view. Morgan rolled side
to side while she continued to show off her flexibility
either not knowing it was killing me or killing me on purpose.
"I don't want you to be fired because you are with
me" I said splashing water on my face. "yeah
well, would it be so bad?" she said to herself more
than me.

I let that hang in the air as she brought her legs back together
and pulled her toes toward her. "I am so codependent"
she laughed. "Ah God I need therapy" she let
out a disgusted breath. "what am I going to do all day
while you are at work? Drive myself insane with my stupid
ass irrational insecurities thats what!" she said
in a frustrated laugh. With a plop her arms fell out wide
against the bed and her legs dropped putting her int a spread
eagle position.

I walked out of the bathroom and leaned over her so I could
kiss her stomach. "can you do something for me today?"
I asked. "I would looooove to suck your cock"
she said and tugged at my belt joking with me. I moved my face
to her chest and lightly bit on her nipple. "ow ow ow
ok ok I will be serious! Day hay hayve" She laughed
as I held her nipple between my teeth. When I let go she pushed
against me. "bastard" she said smiling up at

I looked down at her beautiful upside down face "can
you get us some new sheets? Any kind you want and I promise
not to tear the new ones to shreds?". My simple request
turned her into the putty in my hands little girl and my tough
pin up goth girl giggled like a school girl. "any kind?"
she confirmed. "yup any kind" I said. Regardless
of the little irrational issues she had. It made me feel
really good to see her get so happy over little things.

"I also need to ask you one more thing" I said.
She faked being exasperated "fine yes you can fuck
my ass before you go to work. Gaah you are such a slave driver!"
she had obviously gotten into the cat nip this morning.
I laughed as she giggled at her own jokes. "we need
to find a safe place for all that cash in your desk"
I said. Morgan and I would throw all of our cash in the drawer
of her beloved makeup desk, whatever was in my pockets at
the end of the day and the cash for bouncing at Bourbon Street, her
tips from the club. I hadn't counted it but I knew it
was a hell of a lot on money. Our house had a security system
but we didn't turn on the service and we had no idea what
the code was because we didn't ask. So we couldn't
even arm the door alarms.

"I know I need to get a bank account" she said.
"don't forget you need to deposit your commission
check today. Jai put the paycheck in the house fund right?"
I had decided just to put the paycheck in there to help out.
I knew we would randomly put more then needed into the account
just as a safety net. I wasn't worried about who paid
what because I knew my two friends would always take care
of business. The girls rent was always paid but we didn't
ask anymore then the exact amount. They were the ones that
loved to go grocery shopping so they bought all the food,
toilet paper, tooth paste and that kind of stuff. In the
short few weeks since we moved in we had found a system that
worked for everyone.

"how much do you think is in there?" I asked.
"eh couple thousand maybe?" She said. "I
paid another month of our bills already" she said
lifting her legs again. If we were ever going to have an argument
it was going to be about money I could already tell. I couldn't
stop her from trying to pay our half of the rent and utilities.
Apparently we have the first 3 months taken care of. It was
her money, she should use it on herself. I realize what I
am saying and I know I shouldn't look at a gift hottie
in the mouth but it made me feel like I wasn't pulling
my weight or taking care of her. This led me to making an amazingly
rash decision.

"I don't really like Bank of America and I was
thinking of changing to Wells Fargo. Maybe we should just
do it together" My mouth said without my brains'
approval. Like a little spider monkey she flopped over
sprung from the bed and landed on me wrapping her legs around
my waist and her arms around my neck.

"I suggest you tell me that you promise before I go
catatonic on your ass" She said looking into my eyes
while being eerily calm. Well I guess it's too late
to back out now. "Promise" I said. It took 5 minutes
to get her to stop kissing me so I wouldn't be late for
work. I also had to change my pants because she creamed all
over the front of them. Women eh. I had to learn how to trust
in someone again someday, might as well be with her I figured.

Two "are you sure about this?" phone calls from
Jai and Jason later I finally got into the swing of the day.
I admit I was thinking about a way I could put restrictions
on her spending. Not on blowing money on unnecessary things
but instead on over paying the bills. I tried not to think
about the consequences of what I had done but they kept creeping
into my mind. I was moving way to fast and making decisions
without thinking them through.

This girl had made me a moron from the minute I met her. She
had complete power in the beginning because of her calm,
cool, sexy personality. Then after we got together and
she crumbled in my hands she it turned into a different kind
of control. I wanted to protect her and make her happy in
any way possible. She didn't ask anything of me except
to love her and accept her the way she was. She didn't
care about money or anything like that, she cared about
my happiness. Well that and that I didn't vanish from
her life as she put it. "What am I doing?" I groaned
while driving down HWY 45.

Truth is I loved both Morgans, the strong one that lives
by the beat of her own drum regardless of what others think.
I also loved the Morgan that needed me as much as oxygen and
clung to me like ivy. "I wonder who has bigger issues,
her or me" I laughed to myself. "OH fuck it! We
will just be two little nut balls in a pod. And why the hell
am I talking to myself while I drive? Fucking Morgan"
I mumbled with a smile.

Around 6 I walked out of my last bar and sent in my last orders.I
walked to my car and dialed Morgan. "Hey where are
you?" I asked into the receiver. "I am at the
tattoo place getting the stencil put on so I can see how big
it will be" She informed me. She told me to come see
it and gave me directions to the tattoo parlor.

If a tattoo'd person walked through a business lunch
with all off them showing and lots of piercings all the people
in suits would stop and stare. If a person in a suit walks
into a tattoo parlor with not so much as even an ear pierced
all the tattoo people stop and stare. Including the guy
tattooing a tramp stamp on the back of a girl who was crying
in pain. I could feel the eyes following as I walked toward
Morgan and Cher in the back of the room.

Morgan got out of her chair and held her arm back as she leaned
into to give me a quick tongue filled kiss. Her tattoo artist
just sat in silence mildly bewildered. "what do you
think?" she asked holding up her arm. The stave (lines
on sheet music) curved around her forearm from just below
her elbow on the outside and wound around her arm and stopped
at the outside of her wrist. Different kinds of music notes
were dotted along the lines like normal sheet music. "Nice!
What's the song?" I asked tilting my head to see
it all.

"Can you excuse us for a sec" she asked the giant
bald tattoo covered artist. He nodded and walked away.
"when I was really little my mother got really sick
and she was in the hospital for over a month. My dad would
stay with her and I would stay with my grandma. I was scared
and I used to cry for my mother so my grandma would alway sing
me rock a bye baby until I fell asleep. The song became really
important to me after grandma died. So I want it to always
remind me of her and to remind myself that any fear can be
soothed." She said with complete conviction.

I kissed her on the forehead and told her it was a great idea
and a bad ass tattoo. She drew back her lips and hissed. "yeah
but I don't know about having it on my arm. I got the tattoo
on my side no problem but I am not sure I want anything on my
arms. I know I don't want anything on my chest so I don't

I looked at the tattoo for a second "what about wrapped
around just your wrist?" I asked. "I thought
about that and low across my hip or across my lower stomach
at my belt line. I don't think it would look good by bettie
though" she said. "Ok what about wrapped around
your ankle and over the top of your foot?"

Her jade green eyes lit up and she turned back toward the
big bald guy. "Jaime can you do it on the top of my foot
starting here and over the top and wrap up my ankle and still
make it look good?" she asked as she drew a line from
just behind her big toe over the top of her foot then up her
ankle above the bone and half way up her calf.

"his big ass in named Jaime?" I thought to myself.
The guy thought about it for a minute then told us to give
him 20 minutes. I was first amazed at how fast he drew it out
and more impressed with how amazing it looked. He some how
drew it to look like it was waving over the paper and gave
the illusion the stave was actual up in the air. He cut it
out and lined it up on her right foot. The India ink outline
temporarily soaked into her skin and he pulled the paper

I will admit it looked damn good and it was sexy how it seamed
to flow around the outside of her ankle up to just below her
mid calf. Morgan's face said it all. "when do
you want to do it?" I asked. She turned to the big guy
and he shrugged. I can do it right now if you want my other
appointment cancelled. Morgan looked to me and I nodded
she should go for it. I sat with her for a little over an hour
as the guy took his time making sure he got it perfect. He
not only did the outline but he shaded it and finished it
as well.

Morgan didn't even make a peep and only winced a few
times as the gun went over the top of her foot and by her ankle
bone. "Your body can only take so much ink at once if
you remember with the one on your side. After it heels come
back in and we will make sure it doesn't need a touch
up." He told her. The just below the breast to her hip
tattoo of Bettie Page on her knees in a polka dot bikini pushing
her hair up with her hands took months to complete.

Morgan paid and I swooped her up in my arms and carried her
out to my car as she laughed and the tattoo people stared.
Even Cher was laughing at how they seemed dumbfounded by
us. As we drove home her foot was rested against my dash while
she admired her tattoo and smeared the healing lotion all
over it. Her skin was an angry red and it was raised up where
the tattoo needle had sunk into her skin. "It's
beautiful. Thank you for being there with me" she
said. "It's my job man" I said.

Morgan bit her bottom lip and looked at me "I suppose
then I need to do my job" she said softly. I knew that
look in her eyes and stilled myself for her idea of "job".
Morgan unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned across the center
console. Her hands dropped into my lap and she tugged my
belt free. "you know it's still bright out?"
I said looking at her sideways. She shrugged "my man's
orgasm waits for no darkness" she said. "um
that is not how that saying goes"

"Toe mato, ta mato" she said and lowered her
head into my lap stuck her ass high in their air. Trying to
drive down Sam Houston tollway while Morgan struggled
to pull me out of my pants was daunting. The massive traffic
surged forced me to pay attention to the road as her hands
jerked and yanked at my waist. The feel of her cool hands
made me jump I struggled to keep my big SUV between the lines.
"mmmm so nice" she cooed. "Ten and two,
Ten and Two" I repeated in my head.

That first sensation of her soft lips surrounding the head
of my cock always makes me gasp. Morgan's sucked on
me as if she had a pacifier in her mouth. Her gentle urgings
trying to bring me to an erection while she lightly tickles
my balls. Being in the car and on a highway driving over 60
miles an hour occasionally forced me into her mouth. She
was careful not to hurt me with her teeth, I felt nothing
but soft wetness as her mouth worked to take care of me.

She moaned and whimpers as she took me deeper in her mouth
as I slowly grew. She continually shifted her body on the
big center console while her tight ass was up in the window.
As people passed by they caught a view that would turn any
man and some woman on. Her denim capri pants crinkled at
her back creating a small opening that I so badly wanted
to slide my hand into. "mmm" she moaned softly
as the wet pleasure of her mouth travelled slowly down my
hardening shaft.

As I fought my steering wheel I felt the back of Morgan's
throat and felt her gag against me. As she held me in against
her throat she worked her lips and tongue in the best kiss
she could manage around my shaft. Morgan's fingers
pulled at my sack trying to get balls into her hands so that
she could massage them. As we hit a dip my cock was forced
hard into her throat and made her body gag hard and lurch.
Her head shot up with tears and black makeup running down
her cheeks. "oh God that hurt" she coughed and
swallowed hard. "you ok?" I laughed.

"Yeah. Just a little blunt force trauma to the back
of the throat" she squinted, stuck her tongue out
and coughed. I laughed as she dove back into my lap. "MM
MMM MMM" she teased as she bobbed her head up and down.
I shivered when her tongue swirled around my cock before
she put her lips on me and sucked. "Morgan we are getting
close to the toll road" I breathed as her mouth sent
more pleasure into my nerves. "hmmmm?" she
hummed on me. "toll road" I said with clinched

She drug her lips to the sensitive head of my cock and spoke
with it between her lips "then you should really learn
how to cum faster so that we don't get caught"
She licked the tip then took me all the way in her mouth again.
Her assed rocked as she sped up her motions trying to coax
the cum from loins. "mmmm" she moaned deeply
as her head started to turn around me. She moved her hand
to my shaft and stroked me fast at first then slow before
gaining speed again.

The more pleasure she forced me to endure the harder it became
to keep driving straight. A few times cars had to move over
to avoid the side of my Expedition. My foot involuntarily
pushed down on the accelerator making me speed up putting
us almost on the bumper of the car in front of us. As the toll
booths loomed closer Morgan's passion became evident.
Her deep moans told me she was loving what she was doing as
her mouth showed me how could she could do it.

"Morgan" I whimpered trying to warn her as we
slowed down to wait in line for the toll. "hmm mmm"
she protested. My hands strangled the steering while while
her hand began to strangle my cock as she stroked me. We sat
barely moving as her headed bobbed up an down in my lap and
her ass followed in the passenger side window. I couldn't
see the person next to us but I know for certain they saw us.
Morgan's deadly skill wore me down at the wrong time,
the fear hit me as my body tensed up and the booth came closer.

I tried to dig out the right amount of change to throw in the
basket so I didn't have to pay the attendant but all
I could do was grab a handful of coins and hope it was enough.
"mmmm m m m " she laughed with me in her mouth.
She knew that it was only a matter of time between two things
happened. One, I filled her mouth and belly with my cum,
Two we got caught.

"Morgan" I grunted as my stomach cramped. She
felt the pulsing and throbbing in her mouth and knew she
had gotten me. She let out a big breath through her nose and
shifted her body so that she could get ready to swallow all
of me. The fear of the tool 4 cars up and the intensity of Morgan's
hot mouth mixed together. Out of reflex I put my hand on the
back of Morgan's head and pushed her down hard. She
whimpered her approval as she softly gagged.

As if consumed by an avalanche of lava my body began to sweat
and flush. Morgan let out a little squeal of excitement
and her head bobbed faster as she stroked and sucked my throbbing
cock. It was my turn and there was nothing I could do about
it. I took my hand off the back of her head and grabbed the
wad of change. The old black lady in the booth went white
when she saw the top of Morgan's head appear and disappear
in my lap. I threw the change in the basket as she watched
and her eyes got bigger than dinner plates when Morgan's
hand grabbed mine from below and put my hand back on her head.

I cried out as we moved past the booth, I felt her swallowing
as my cum went down her throat. She cranked me up and down
as fast as she could while her lips suctioned on my dick as
they went up and down my length. Morgan's happy sounds
mixed in with her swallowing and my cries as we crawled down
the road to our exit.

When she was unable to get any more of my spunk she changed
from her voracious sucking to loving tongue filled worship.
My body spasmed as I drove down 1960 toward our house. Morgan
moaning all the way and with her ass still up in the side window.
The sensations and sublime feeling dulled my senses enough
to where I no longer cared that people saw. She continued
to worship my cock lovingly with her mouth until we had pulled
into the driveway. The intense tickle of my over sensitive
tip had blown through me like a sharp wind. I was on autopilot
as she continued to assault my semi erection and I put my
shifter into park.

She pulled me from her mouth with a pop "that was so
hot being caught. My pussy is so wet right now and I want to
cum" she gasped. She lifted her head out of my lap and
showed me that her mouth and chin were wet. She leaned back
into the passenger seat and went to work on her capri pants.
I watched in silence as she frantically pulled them down
her long legs and kicked them off onto the floor. Naked from
the waist down she lunged across my lap and dug her hand down
the side to find the automatic seat controls.

Even the light of day couldn't dissuade her from getting
what she wanted. Our neighbors were of no consequence against
her need to cum. When my seat was all the way back she gingerly
crawled over the console. I saw a single drop of wetness
fall from her pussy lips and land on my scrunched up pant
leg. Her tattooed right foot momentarily forgotten as
she put it on the seat next to my leg as she got into position.

Not caring that I was only semi hard she grabbed me and put
me to her opening. She leaned back and honked the horn with
her back trying to force me into her. As the tight heat of
her pussy took me she let out a closed eyed groan "I
need this so bad" She pushed her hips down onto me bending
my cock before it pushed inside of her. "you feel so
fucking good" she growled. Morgan leaned forward
and put her hands on my chest. She had her freshly tattooed
foot under my thigh covering me with the sticky thick healing
cream and her other flat on the console.

She was wide open showing me everything as she precariously
started to move. "mmmm" she moaned closing
her eyes and licking her lips. Since I wasn't fully
hard her pussy had complete power to crush me almost painfully.
Her muscles constricted around me and I felt as if I would
be flattened. Her ass pressed hard onto my balls as she moved
her hips in a circle with me half way in before putting all
her weight on me. Her pussy was already quaking, her body
seemed ready for her orgasm.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me and smiled shyly
"I am close already" she whispered. Her pussy
spasmed a few quick times and squeezed me tight. In a rush
she slammed her hips down forcing my semi hard cock into
her. The SUV rocked as she took from me what she wanted. The
horn honked again as she leaned back and closed her eyes
to let out a cry. The insides of her thighs flexed and shook
as she continued to push me inside of her.

"nyah" she cried out again. Keeping her eyes
closed she fell into me and just ground her hips against
me "Make me cum" she moaned in my ear. "Make
me cum baby" I started to grow again inside of her forcing
her open and going deeper on my own. She gasp and let out a
happy laugh as she felt me grow. Morgan wrapped her hands
around the back of the seat and I could hear her teeth mash
together. Her hips turned in fast circles as her pussy twisted
my cock at the same time. The heat and the wet suffocated
me and trickled down my balls as she fucked me.

"GAAHhhh" she gasped and I felt her tremble.
"uh huh uh huh" she whimpered as if answering
a question. Her breathing was loud in my ear when she pushed
her face against mine. I went deaf as her orgasm started
to course through her young body "aaaaaahhhhhh ha
ha" she cried. Her cum flowed from her pussy and sent
a slick down the insides of my thighs to the blue cloth seat
below. Her inner walls vibrated as a drum would when beaten

"Dave" she cried out. My cock was struggling
to reach it's full potential still as her hips locked
into place. Her pussy and her heart beat at the same time
as she lay still against me. The day light around shone around
us as we sat embraced in my drivers seat. Morgan not in a hurry
to move and just wanting to catch her breath trapped me beneath
her. "Morgan. We will get caught." I whispered
as she panted against my cheek.

She nodded slowly against me then her pussy clamped down
tight again as if hugging me goodbye for now. "My foot
hurts so bad and I don't even care" she laughed.
Slowly she pushed away from me until she was upright against.
She lifted up for a second and failed before trying and failing
again. She looked down at how her cum had saturated the base
of my cock and sighed softly "I can't get up".
We laughed together at her being stuck. She gave me a soft
cute smile that showed the two tiny smiles lines at the corners
of her mouth.

We struggled to carefully get her up and in the process sent
intense jolts of painful pleasure through both of us. She
slowly fell back into the passenger seat and leaned her
back against the door with her knees open. She looked down
and slid her two middle fingers up her dripping slit. "you
didn't even cum in me and I am soaked" she said
looking at her girl cum covered fingers. "you are
me?" she asked holding them up. I laughed "me"
she smiled and me and leaned over the console so I could suck
her sweet tasting cum from her fingers.

She smiled at me and her lips separated in a little smile
as she watched me. "you really love my pussy don't
you?" she asked happily. I nodded as I sucked the last
tiny drops from her finger tips. "want me to sit on
your face when we get inside?" she asked looking cutely
excited. "uh huh" I nodded. She actually clapped
twice before she reached down to pull her pants up her legs.
She didn't bother to button them before she carefully
got out of the cab while I pulled my pants back up.

She walked into the house on her heel careful not to cause
pain in her foot. "hey guys" Kitty said looking
as if she wanted to talk about something as I followed her
through the living room. Morgan held up her hand "can't
talk now, gotta sit on his face" she said brushing
off her friend. I just shrugged at Kitty's amused expression
as I walked by.

To Be Continued.........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great again


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Outrageously great story. Each is better than the last.
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