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Houston and the Move


For the second time since I had known her I woke up without
Morgan laying across my chest. I rolled to the edge of the
bed and looked down at the red numbers of my digital alarm
clock 6:32 it showed. I put on some shorts and stumbled down
the steps in search of her. I found her wearing one of my white
tee shirts and my husker basketball shorts again. She looked
flustered and panicked "Morgan what's wrong?"
She turned to look at me with worry in her eyes "I can't
find the tape" she said looking very upset.

I reached out and grabbed Morgan's wrists and pulled
her to me "Morgan it's ok we don't have to
move everything in today and we aren't in a rush"
I said trying to sooth her. "But we haven't packed
everything yet" She said softly looking around for
the packing tape again. I squeezed her wrists gently to
get her attention "Morgan calm down everything will
be fine" I told her.

She turned to look at me with glassy green eyes "you
high maintenance little pain in the ass" I laughed
when it dawned on me what was really wrong. Her lips began
to quiver and her face dropped "I'm sorry, I don't
mean to be like this" she whimpered. I let go of her
wrists and took her cheek in my right hand. "Do you
really love me that much?" I asked. She put her hands
on the back of mine and turned her face so she could kiss my
palm. She peppered my palm and fingers with her kisses telling
me without words. "Morgan" I said again trying
to make sure she didn't go down the rabbit hole again.

"I can't tell you how much I love you I don't
know how too. That is why I keep trying to show you"
she whined. To see such a strong woman in any other environment
except our relationship break down when it came to matters
of the heart still caught me off guard. With other people
and even when she is on stage at Splendors she commanded
the room. She stands tall and exudes confidence. Yet with
me she turns into a scared little girl.

When she told me about her ex and how he had verbally torn
her down for years I felt bad for her. I didn't know how
deeply it had affected her but at times like these I could
see it. She was terrified of being so in love with someone
again just to have them disappear from her. They dated for
5 years but he had emotionally left her after 3. She was young
and immature and didn't know how to handle it. She tried
hard to improve herself and hoping it would be good enough.
No hoping that she would be good enough.

She didn't have the emotional maturity to break away
from it. Instead she spent hours wondering why she wasn't
good enough and feeling horrible about herself. Rationally
she knew that it was all him and that he was the problem not
her. However like she said anyone who has been in your life
that long has a strong impact on you. He was her first and
only everything up until she had met me. It was hard for me
to understand truly what insecurities she really had.
She was gorgeous and I doubt anyone would disagree with

She was very intelligent and in any other area was more mature
then most people I hung around with. In most ways she was
more mature then I was. However her fear of not being good
enough for me, her fear of the Dave she knew disappearing
in front of her eyes terrified her. She was leery of change
with us and was afraid that I would leave her like he did.
Not only in the physical sense but in the emotional one as
well. Her two biggest fears were not that I thought she was
an amazing person or that I thought she was beautiful. They
were that I would change my mind about how I felt and that
I would no longer want her in my life.

She wasn't crazy she was just a loved scared girl in
love and she was afraid it would end up like last time. She
saw something in me that I couldn't. She and I were completely
opposites in someways and the exact same in others. I struggled
on whether or not to go this deep into her personality because
I was afraid of how it would make her sound. In the end I decided
just to tell the truth and lay it all out. So I know how it looks
as you read my words but I want to try and make this clear.

Morgan was strong and beautiful, there was no one in the
world that could influence her. She was sweet and kind,
strong and smart, confident and secure. Except when it
came to being deeply in love with me. She wanted to protect
us and she wanted to protect what we had. There were a few
times that she would panic if she felt something would go
terribly wrong and everything would fall apart. However
the other 99% of the time she was all those things I described.
I have tried to describe her in both ways, the goofy girl
with me and the way she appeared to others.

"I love both my Morgan's I love the one that could
back down anyone with a razor sharp look because of how strong
she is. I also love the one that seems to crumble in my hands.
But you have to trust in me and right now I feel like you don't
trust me at all" I told her hoping to change her way
of thinking.

Instead she looked even more worried and panicked. "No
no no please don't think that" she said shaking
her head and taking my face in her hands. Her body started
to rock as she now believed I thought she didn't trust
me "No please don't think that please! Tell me
what I have to do to prove it to you! Please Dave I will do anything"
She pleaded in a voice I had never heard before. I resorted
to the only thing I could think of to stop her from worrying.
So I kissed her, I kissed her with the most passion I could
manage and didn't stop kissing her until my lips got

When we broke she looked dazed. "I am ready to start
my life with you, I just need you to know I am not him and I never
will be. I can't fight ghosts so I need you to figure
that out on your own in your own time. You aren't a little
girl any more, you are a strong woman now. I am putting the
pieces of my life back together now and I need you there to
support me and keep me sane. I guarantee that if you were
to run into the guy again you would probably wonder what
big deal was in the first place." I said finishing
my little pep talk.

I didn't know it at the time but I had said the magical
words. Morgan's eyes flashed something and her face
seemed to take on a determined look . She looked me in the
eyes and they shown with the sparkle and fire that I had come
to know. She wiped the tears from her eyes with her fingers
and smiled at me "Your girlfriend is done being a hopeless
wreck". she sighed. "take me back to bed please."

I grabbed her hand and drug her back up the stairs, she was
naked before I turned around and we crawled back into bed.
Just as my back hit the mattress Morgan scrambled on top
of me. She snuggled onto my lower chest and blew out a big
breath of air. "I can't explain to you how much
I love you right now. I can tell you though that I will do everything
I can to make you happy for as long as you are willing to put
up with my crazy ass." she said softly.

"I just need you to be happy" I told her. She kissed
my chest "I know and that's one of the reasons
I love you so much" she said. "My heart, My mind, My
body are yours forever" she whispered so quiet I had
to strain my ears to hear. Whether she meant for me to hear
it or not I don't know but it suddenly became clear how
she did love me.

As I said goodbye to my last bar owner and sent his order in
my phone started to ring. When I picked it up it was Morgan
"you are so getting my ass tonight" she said
happily. I smiled at the phone "so then you see it?"
I asked. "I don't know how you did it but you are
amazing" she yelled into the phone. "I had help,
Jason worked his magic and convinced our landlord to sell
them to me"

"K hold on" she said. I heard her scream Jason's
name and then Kitty got on the phone. "Why is your bitch
hanging off my man like monkey on a tree?" She asked.
I could only laugh as I heard Morgan yell "thank you
thank you thank you thank you" over and over again.
"He's tall so he is easily confused for a tree"
I laughed. She clucked into the phone then I heard her yell
for Morgan to get down. I couldn't help but laugh harder
as I pictured what must being going.

"hey" Morgan's breathless voice came
back on the phone. "When will you be home?" she
sang happily. I am on my way now to meet Jai so we can pick up
the truck" I told her. "allllright" she
sang "love you" I told her the same back and heard
her and Kitty yell at each other as she hung up.

I jumped into Jason's car since he was using the Expedition
to move boxes over and went to Bourbon Street to pick up Jai
blasting Jason's bass speakers to my ears limit. Jai
and I got the uhual truck and went to the condo to fill it up.
Jason't group showed up and the 6 of us made short work
of emptying out the condo and filling the truck. Jason and
I stood in the barren condo and gave it one last walk through
to make sure we were ready to turn in the keys.

We drove to our brand new house and began to unload the old
into the new. Jason had chosen the upstairs master bedroom
because it looked out over the pool. That meant I got the
downstairs master so loading up Morgan and I's room
was actually easy and quick. As the house and rooms slowly
started to fill up with brown boxes and furniture we all
got excited. Except of course for Kitty and Cher who had
yet to get the invites to move in per Jai's plan.

When I brought the last box into my bedroom I found Morgan
admiring her house warming gift. An old ornate mahogany
makeup desk with a mirror and chair that the owner told us
was 100 years old and an old seamstress body mannequin circa
1930's. Morgan had seen them during the walk through
of the house and gushed about how beautiful they were and
how much should would love to have something like that.

"Already picturing which one of your dresses you
are going to put on it?" I laughed. Morgan twisted
to look at me "yes" she said wide eyed and extremely
happy faced. "stare later move now" I said in
a breath as I dropped the heavy box I was carrying on top of
another. "Aye Aye Captain" she saluted and
skipped out of the room to help the others. We spent most
of the afternoon setting up our furniture, TV, stereo equipment,
and kitchen table. The girls set up the kitchen and cleaned
whatever needed to be cleaned. When all was said and done
it was painfully obvious we barely had any furniture and
the house still looked empty.

We had a big fancy dinning room with beautiful crown molding
and dark real wood floors that was completely empty. We
decided it was a perfect place to put the pool table and we
sent Jai out to go get gym quality rubber mats to put down
so the table legs wouldn't damage the expensive looking
floor. Slowly but surely we unpacked everything we had.
By 8pm that night everyone's room was set up and so was
the rest of the house. We learned a lot of things that night.
First, and again we barely filled up the house with all that
we had, two; us guys can't decorate or color coordinate
for crap. Three; Jai didn't have a bed and would in fact
still be sleeping on the couch until he got one.

Four; Kitty and Cher were bitter and damn good at slipping
in remarks to show that they were bitter. Five; the hot tub
had no water in it but we had all the stuff to clean it out and
adjust the water chemistry so that was an easy fix. Six;
Morgan was the happiest human being I had ever met at that
moment. Seven; there was an intercom system in the house
that was going to cause trouble in the future. Eight; there
were speakers throughout the house and hidden in bushes
in the back yard which would be kickass in the future.

We learned a few other things too but they were just to sad
to talk about. For instance the Expedition in the garage
with the Eclipse was a very tight fit. Thankfully there
was a carport built onto the end of the garage for just such
an occasion. We also didn't have any patio furniture
or a garden hose. Several trips to Walmart fixed both issues
quickly and we all sat out side in our backyard around the
lit up pool. "it's so pretty. I just want to jump
in now" Kitty said shivering in the cool night air.

"well until my downtown accounts start ordering
big and until Dave gets his first commission check we can't
afford to heat it" Jason said. "who's paying
all the bills?" Morgan asked. "Jai" Jason
and I said together "He is handling the account that
pays our rent and utilities" I told her. Morgan dug
into the pocket of my hoody she was wearing and pulled out
a giant wad of cash. "Here is our half of the rent for
the next two months" she said and happily handed Jai
the wad of cash.

I had forgotten that when she works she makes around 500
a weeknight and close to 1000 during the weekends. I didn't
want to do the math and depress myself. Jai gave it back "Give
it to me tomorrow. I am too tired to try and write out a deposit
slip tonight" he said with a sigh. Morgan shoved it
back into the hoody pocket unaware that she had just given
Jai the window he needed for the last phase of the plan.

"Well you've inspired me" Jai said slapping
the plastic armrests of his white lawn chair. That was the
signal to Jason to switch to super secret ninja mode. I smiled
to myself and since Morgan had pushed her chair pretty much
on top of mine I put my arm over hers and took her hand in mine
and squeezed. "Watch this" I whispered. In
the dancing reflexion of the pool lights shining on her
face I could see her eyes squint.

"you know I was thinking since Morgan and Dave are
splitting the rent that gives them a lot of extra money to
decorate their room" Jai said leading Jason. "you
know that is true, they can put some extra money into things
like better lawn chairs and pictures for the house and shit"
he responded. "Yeah if I was splitting the rent I could
probably buy that bed that I have dreamt about since I was
a kid" Jai joked. Kitty was bitting her tongue and
lifting up in her chair. It dawned on Morgan what was happening
and she smiled brightly which actually surprised me a little.
I figured she would've had enough of living in a crazy
full house.

"We could probably also afford to heat the pool this
winter as well and maybe get some torches for out here."
he said looking around thoughtfully. "and a grill"
I said. Jai picked his beer off the concrete patio and held
it out to me. I picked up mine and we clinked them together
"you know I got some recipes now" he said. Jai
was easily the best cook in the house and I for one was looking
forward to eat something other then dry baked chicken and
broccoli that Jason liked.

" you fools need to figure something out because Jai
needs to get his ass to cooking" I said. "I will
even buy you a chefs hat and apron" I looked over at
him as said. Just beyond him I could see Cher getting antsy
like Kitty. "we have that fourth bedroom but who would
dumb enough to move in here with you perverts?" Morgan
jumped in and said. As it turned out she said the perfect
thing again. "you enjoyed saying we didn't you?"
I snickered. She crinkled her nose and smiled "yeah
I did" she said in a goofy voice.

"Good point I don't know anyone who could live
with us without pressing charges. Plus you refuse to wear
pants in the house and a naked girl greeting new renters
in the kitchen eating my ice cream might send the wrong impression"
Jason said dryly. We got a huge laugh about that thinking
back to the Christmas weekend incident.

"well how about we try out one roommate and see how
it goes" Jai said "they would have to be willing
to do something crazy so we would know they fit in"
I started to think that Jai was losing the battle with his
morals and sense of right and wrong at this point. "like
what?" Jason asked. "oh I don't know. maybe
someone who would jump in a cold pool during winter to prove
their insanity" He looked out of the corner of his
eye to see if anyone would bite. Sadly they did not.

I was overly happy and feeling very good about life at the
moment so I figured I would do something stupid. I stood
up and stripped of my Husker sweatshirt and kicked off my
shoes and socks. "nooooooo" Jai laughed. "Bonzai
mother fuckers!" I yelled and canon balled into the
pool. The freezing water hit my skin like a thousand needles
and I gasped for air whether I wanted to or not and got a mouth
full of pool water.

The shock didn't stop when I broke the water and gasped
for air. The freezing water sucked all the heat from my body
and I instantly began to shiver. My friends all stood around
the edge of the pool laughing and taunting me. "cold
is it?" and "you fucking moron" followed
by an "I'm so proud. Remind me to keep him out of
traffic." I put my feet down on the bottom and stood
up "I claim the pool as mine! first in gets rights!"
I shouted. "It ain't official unless you pee
in it!" Jai yelled. "I claimed Morgan that way
so I see your point" I yelled back. As one everyone
turned toward her.

"you ass" she muttered and blushed brightly
"damn Morgan you are a dirty bitch" Kitty laughed.
Morgan didn't even try to defend herself while she
was being judged. "fuck it" Jason said and stripped
off his shirt and shoes. "damnit" Jai muttered
and followed suit. They hit the water one after the other
with giant splashes. The girls laughed and cheered as the
three of us shivered and laughed.

"Wifey!" I yelled. Morgan jerked at how I addressed
her and gave me a wide eyed shocked look. "yes!"
she answered back. "get your sexy tattooed ass in
this pool right now!" I hollered through chattering
teeth. Without hesitation she stripped off my hoody and
kicked off her pink Chuck Taylors and launched herself
into the pool. She half screamed and half laughed as she
came up out of the water. "fuckin cold dude"
she said shaking her arms. She waded over to me and wrapped
her arms around me making me even colder as water dripped
off of her and onto me.

"Well I guess this is everyone that is going to be living
in this house then" Jai hollered trying again. "only
crazy people live here" Jason said and fell back into
the water arms out wide. "riririright" Morgan
chattered. "I swear Jason if I jump in that cold as
pool there had better be a key for me when I get out"
Kitty said realizing what the plan was. "get in and
find out gorgeous" He teased. Kitty kicked off her
shoes and jumped in while screaming. Cher soon followed
and we all froze our asses off laughing hysterically. "you
guys are assholes for putting us through that." Kitty
said through clinched teeth.

"shut up Kit you know you are happy" Morgan laughed.
Kitty smiled and jumped on Jason's back. Her smile
would have made the sun look dim. "Jai is to blame not
me" Jason yelped as Kitty tried to force his head under
the frigid water. Cher's hand parted the water like
a shark fin and Jai's body turned into stone "Is
that right Jai Du'pree!" Cher asked looking
deadly. "sorry sorry sorry" Jai said wincing
as Cher gave his tender bits the death grip.

I was regretting my crazy idea and decided if I didn't
get out of the pool I would be spending the first night in
the new house dying from hypothermia. "screw you
crazy ass people. Who jumps into a pool in winter?"
I yelled and pulled Morgan toward the steps to get out of
the pool.

After we got out we all tore through the house in search of
dry towels and warmth. Morgan didn't fuck around and
drug me straight to our giant frosted glass shower and turned
it up high. She stripped off our clothes and we jumped in
the shower still shivering under the hot water. We put our
arms around each other and laughed "you are a moron"
she laughed. "I know I know" I agreed. I brushed
her wet black hair away from her eye and held her face while
we both smiled at each other like love sick fools. "welcome
home baby" I whispered. "welcome home" she repeated.

Just as were having our moment Cher came into the room completely
naked "wh wh where are the towels she chattered. "linen
closet" Morgan answered. "wh wh where the fuck
in the linen closet!" she asked. Cher reached out
and opened the frosted door, stepped in and slammed her
little body up against us to get warm. Morgan threw her head
back and laughed while Cher tried to squeeze in between
us. I felt Cher's freezing grapefruit sized tits press
up against my side and then her hip hitting my leg. "Even
your tits are cold" I laughed. "the shit you
guys make me do" she shivered and pushed against Morgan
and I.

Being a good friend Morgan put her arm around Cher to she
could sneak in closer. Jai came in looking for Cher, saw
us and grinned. "Don't you do it Jai. Don't
you fucking do it" I laughed. Jai pushed down his wet
pants and stepped through the open door into the shower.
"you bastard" I laughed and tried to move away
from him so I wouldn't get hit by the low hanging tree
branch of his. He pushed up against Cher's back trapping
Morgans arm around her neck. Cher squealed "you're
freezing Jai"

"Turn up the water then. Shit" He said. There
was another two knobs next to the main temperature one that
I had no idea what they did. So like any normal guy I fiddled
with them. Morgan yelped out in surprise when wall mounted
spouts hidden in the band of black tiles hit us in the side
and in the legs. "holy shit this is a nice shower"
Jai said looking around. "you don't find this
the least bit odd do you" I said looking at him. He feigned
a confused look "why what ever do you mean?"

Kitty and Jason came to investigate all the noise wrapped
in my large yellow bath sheets. When Cher saw them she asked
"where did you find those?" Kitty told her the
linen closet. Cher pressed the back of her head against
Jai's furry chest and yelled into the air. "where
the fuck is this linen closet!"

"More importantly what are you guys doing?"
Jason asked laughing. "dodging tree branches, what
does it look like" I shouted at him. The situation
was just too ridicules not to laugh about but still "we
have gotten way to comfortable with this shit damnit. Boundaries
we need boundaries damnit"

"oh lighten up" Cher said and reached around
and goosed my ass. After we kicked Cher and Jai out of the
shower with directions the linen closet and towels we were
finally left alone. "are you sure you want this craziness?
I am stuck with them but you still have a choice" I said
looking into Morgan's eyes. She chose to answer me
with kisses instead of words.

When we got out Morgan opened our own personal linen closet
in the bathroom and fished out some towels. "I guess
I could have told her about these" She said giving
a wicked smile. "you need help" I told her as
she handed me a towel. "Nah I am more fun this way"
she said way to seriously. After drying off I was pulled
onto the bed by and excited Morgan "you ready for this?"
she asked. I knew exactly what she meant and I was more then
ready. "hell yes" I said. She winked at me then
jumped off the bed to close our door.

She jumped back on the bed and sat on her butt between her
legs "ok so how do we do this?" she asked. I thought
for a minute before I answered the obvious. "we put
pole at into hole B and thrust" I told her. She rolled
her eyes and got serious. "I have never done this before
so you have to take the lead." She told me. I don't
know why but it actually made me nervous. I felt like this
could ruin all chances for anal in the future if I fucked
it up.

"Don't worry, even if it hurts I will always give
it to you" She said apparently able to read my mind
all of the sudden. "Ok so lets do it" she said
and in one fluid motion turned around and got on her hands
and knees. I stared into her ass and pussy as she looked back
and me and smiled. "come on lets do this thing!"
she laughed and wiggled her ass back and forth. "get
hard and poke me"

I laughed at the hilarity of it and got up on my knees. I started
to stroke my cock while I looked at her tight ass staring
me in the face. The atmosphere was not passion or lust but
of light hearted fun and a little bit of awkwardness. With
Morgan staring back at me over her shoulder and watching
everything that I did just added to the awkwardness. "need
some help?" she asked. "come around here and
shove it in my mouth for a minute" she said and jerked
her head to beckon me.

I jumped off the bed and moved to the end so that I could do
what she had offered. She opened her mouth with a loud pop
and stuck her tongue out. "okay" she said opened
mouthed. I laughed as I put the head of my cock on her tongue
and watched her wiggle it around me. I stepped forward and
started to fuck her mouth while she stayed mobile. It felt
good but it was more fun then erotic at the moment. She happily
hummed a little tune as I continued to face fuck her. "really?"
I laughed.

She tried to talk with me deep in her mouth and I had to pull
out to understand was she was saying. "what? I am having
fun. Just go with it" she scolded me. I shrugged and
shoved my cock deep in her mouth making her gag. As I continued
to shove it into her throat I quickly became soaked with
her saliva, even though I wasn't completely hard I
figured now was as good a time as ever. I got back up on the
bed behind her and positioned my cock for a surprise attack
on her pussy.

In one smooth motion and split her lips with the head of my
cock and pushed it in. She cried out when I grabbed her hips
and went from long strokes to fast pounding ones. The loud
slap of my balls hitting her pussy mixed with her cries until
I was sure that I had enough wetness on my to try anal with
her. I pulled myself out and got yelled at "put it back
in put it back in! I was about to cum!" she shouted at

"oh shit sorry!" I laughed. I slid myself back
into her pussy and was immediately crushed by it. I grabbed
a hold of her supple hips and dug my fingers in deep. I fucked
her hard right away and winced a little as my balls slapped
against her clit. Morgan's screams could have woke
the dead as I pounded her pussy into oblivion. Her orgasm
came hard and fast, she held herself up with one hand while
she massaged and pinched her tits. Seeing her play with
herself as I fucked her got me instantly rock hard which
in turn only made her scream louder as I stretched her out
and went deep.

I sucked on my thumb to get it wet then pushed it against her
puckered asshole as I fucked her. I pushed my thumb into
her and slowed down my hips so that I could work my thumb around
without hurting her. She cried out and wailed as I penetrated
both of her tight holes. "do it" she grunted
"just put it in"

I figured this was a bad idea since there was no warm up and
we didn't have lube. "put it in my fucking ass"
she said through clenched teeth. I pounded into her pussy
a few more times before pulling it out and pressing the head
against my thumb still buried in her ass. I slowly pulled
my thumb out as she panted on all fours. I pushed the tip of
my cock against her asshole and tried my best not to hurt
her. When her ass started to stretch she yelped. "make
it wetter" she breathed.

I don't know what I was thinking but I worked up the saliva
in my mouth and let it fall from my lips to her ass. "oh
my God Dave I can't believe you just did that"
she laughed. She looked back at me with watery eyes and a
corny look on her face "you. just. spit. on. my. asshole.
you asshole." she said very slowly. I shrugged feeling
stupid and told her "I just did what you told me"

She furrowed her brow and barked out a laugh. "just
shut up and shove your cock in my ass already"

This time I spit on my fingers and worked it around her asshole
and slipped a finger in to get it total wet. I pushed the head
to her puckered orifice and watched as it slowly opened
to accommodate my size. Morgan started to breath deeply
as if she was taking a lamaze class "do you want me to
stop?" I asked. She shook her head "don't
you dare fucking stop. I want your cock in my ass" she
demanded. I felt a surge of lust go through my body and my
worry evaporated.

I spit on my fingers again and wiped it over the head of my
dick just for a little extra lubrication and kept putting
pressure on her ass. Before my eyes I watched her sphincter
slowly open and consume the head of my cock. Morgan's
breathing was deep and loud as she gritted her teeth and
took the pain. It sounds weird to say but I felt a thump as
the mushroom head went in and her ass clamped down around
it. "oh my God you are finally in my ass" she breathed
"finally?" I thought. Then the thought that
she had wanted to do this for a while now turned me on even

Slowly the pressure of her ass surrounded me as I crept it
deeper into her bowels. Morgan shook her head making the
long side of her hair fly through the air. She gripped the
black duvet tightly in her hands as she breathed through
the shock of having her ass violated. I kept watching as
my cock sunk to the halfway point. I pulled drew back a little
feeling her ass spasm around my cock as it struggled to close
down tight before pushing it in deeper.

Looking down at Morgan's body in the doggie style position
was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. The way her
shoulders tensed and how her lower back dipped. How her
ass curved up and how easily I could see my dick in her flinching
ass. How her legs looked on either side of my body was enough
to give me Stendhal syndrome.

"wait wait" Morgan hissed. She reached back
with spread fingers and pushed against my stomach. I figured
that I was hurting her so I slowly pulled my cock out of her
ass and sat back on my heels. "I am sorry I didn't
mean to hurt you" I told her as she spun her body around.
Without a word she pushed me back onto the bed and I fell onto
my back. She stood up on the bed and positioned herself over
me. "I told you I wanted you to fuck my ass with your
big cock. You weren't fucking me you were just too worried
about me" she said looking down at me with her black
hair swaying gently.

Morgan's hands went to the insides of her thighs and
her fingers pulled her pussy lips open. "you fuck
me hard here and I want you to fuck my ass just as hard"
She said with a wicked smile as she held herself open and
fingered her clit. "so since you are too worried about
hurting me right now it looks like I am going to have to fuck
you" she said sternly. The look in her eyes was one
of a devil and her crooked smile was one of mischief.

Morgan put her hands on her knees and squatted down in a show
of leg strength. She kept on hand on her knee as she hovered
over me and reached behind her. "give me your cock"
she ordered. I reached down and pushed my cock up and into
her waiting hand. She took me and angled me strait up into
the air. She lowered herself down and found the tip of my
cock with her asshole. She lowered herself even more and
winced when I started to open her up.

She let me go and brought her fingers to her lips. With a smile
toward me she soaked her fingers with her mouth and put them
behind her. I watched as she rubbed the saliva into her ass.
She ordered me to put my cock back in her hand and she put me
back to her ass. She lowered herself down impaling her ass
with my cock. When the tip had penetrated her she moved her
hand back to the top of her knee. In another show of leg strength
she held the squat easily.

She lowered herself down slowly, the amazing pressure
and foreign feeling her ass wrapped my cock in sensations
that blew my mind. She took quick shallow breaths forcing
her body to get used to having me in a strange place and moved
her body up and down driving me deeper a little bit each time.

Morgan closed her eyes tight and dropped forcing my cock
all the way into her body and froze. "AAAAAAHH HA HA"
She cried to the ceiling. She pushed against her knees and
her fingers grasped the air as she took the pain. Just as
fast as she dropped she lifted herself up into a squat again
and with amazing strength road me fast and hard. The shock
of her ass slamming into my groin took the wind from my lungs
and left me short of breath.

Morgan's face showed a mix of pleasure and pain as her
body moved up and down. "I am fucking her cock with
my ass!" she cried. I grabbed onto her ankles as wave
after wave of pleasure surged through my body. The loud
slap of her ass slamming into my body and her pleas and cries
rang through my ears like a bell. The slight pain my balls
when her ass occasionally collided with them and how her
ass continued to spasm and try to close around my cock was
ruining me.

"God you are all the way in my body and I fucking love
it" she cried. "I am taking all of you"

My guts twisted and I crushed her delicate ankles in my hands.
"fuck" I grunted loudly. Morgan looked down
at me with wide eyes "are you going to cum in my ass?"
she asked astonished and with anticipation. "yess"
I growled. She threw her head back and squealed and fucked
me harder. The bed slammed against the wall as she continued
to do squats on my cock. "give me your cum" she
screamed and my body obeyed.

I growled out words I couldn't understand as my body
felt as if I was being crushed into a tiny ball I came. Pulse
after pulse of my cock feed her ass my cum. Together we cried
out louder then we ever had before as her ass took all I had
to give it. Morgan's pussy poured her juices over my
lower stomach showing me how turned on everything was making
her but yet she didn't cum. I rolled my head back an forth
on the pillow as my orgasm felt as if my body was suffering
from two many g forces hitting me all at one time.

My body bucked and jerked as the last of my cum shot into her
bowels, the intense pleasure was too much to take but Morgan
refused to stop until my cock started to flex in her ass.
Instead of pulling me out she droppe down to her knees and
rolled her hips so that I wouldn't come out. My hands
shot out and I grabbed handfuls of my chocolate brown sheets
and twisted. She put her hands to my chest and held herself
up as her hips roughly ground down into me. After an eternity
my cock gave up it's fight and all the blood drained

Morgan collapsed against my chest fighting to take in air.
I felt the perspiration from her exertion on her chest and
on her back when I put my arms around her. She was completely
exhausted from her effort and out of breath. We lay there
as our bodies came down from the intense high we had just
been through quietly. As my cock slowly fell from her ass
she hissed and reached back to feel where the pain came from.
She jerked up as she felt her ass and rolled off of me to the
floor. She held her ass as she scrambled into the bathroom
and turned on the lights.

Morgan stood against the wall and put her ass towards the
double sinked vanity that had a huge mirror over it. She
bent over at the waist and spread her cheeks as she looked
back at the mirror. I burst into tears of laughter as she
jerked her head toward me open mouthed and beyond shocked.
"You ruined my butthole!!" she shouted. "oh
my God what did you do to me David!" she gasped looking
back at her ass in the mirror. "what's wrong I

In an awkward bent over stance she turned her body so that
her ass faced me and spread her cheeks wider "loooooook"
she whined. Even from the bed and 15 feet away I could see
how gaped her ass was. She put three fingers into her open
ass and let out a squeal "you tore me open!" I
could see cum start to pour over her fingers as she continued
to feel how open she was. She ignored the cum as it coated
her hand and continued to feel around. "It will go
back to normal" I laughed "I promise"
I had to fight too keep in the laughs as I watched her hunched
over feeling herself up. The look on her face was too much

Morgan duck walked to the toilet and let herself drain out
as she continued to ask me if she was going to be alright and
if this was normal. Then she blamed me for having to big of
a cock and threatened me by saying if I had ever wanted to
fuck her in the ass again I had better be right about it going
back to normal. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long
time as she continued to talk about how open her ass was.
The tears came as she laid against my chest with her hand
buried between refusing to stop seeing how gaped she was
and listing off things that could probably fit up there
at the moment with no problem. "Soda cans, fat end
of the hair brush, end of the hairdryer, remote control,
a small toaster.

Waking up in the morning in a strange place momentarily
confused me, I had to look around for a moment to remember
where I was. As I started to stir Morgan woke up as well. After
a short concert of moans and groans she looked up at me with
sleep filled eyes. "Morning how are you?" I
asked. She pushed her forehead against my stomach and shook
her head. "my ass is sore" she whined. She reached
back and felt around trying to make sure it had gone back
to normal as promised. "pheww" she breathed.

I laughed remembering how worried she was last night. The
wide eyed look on her face was almost as priceless as she
check out her rear end in the bathroom mirror. "so
what are you doing to day?" I asked. "mmmoving
my stuff over" she groaned. "do you need help?"
I asked. "no my dad and mom said they would help me today"
she said waking up a little more. "they want to meet
you soon"

Meeting the parents has always given me anxiety, even Jason
gets freaked out when it's time. Sadly for all three
of us it was that time now that us old creeps had stolen their
little girls. "don't worry they already know
all about you and have seen your picture" she said
feeling my apprehension. "Oh great so your dad knows
to put a hit out on" I groaned. She slapped my side weakly
"don't be stupid" she scolded me. A broad
smile lit up her face "my mom called you a hottie"

"oh that's just wrong" I told her. She let
out a little laugh "Hey my moms hot so that means I will
be a hot old lady some day"

"I guess we'll see" I teased her.

Like a jolt of caffeine to the heart she shot up on her knees
throwing the Duvet back at the same time. She put her hands
down flat on the bed and looked excited. "how was it?"
she asked. I thought for a minute and wondered what she was
asking. "How was what exactly?" Her face dropped
and she looked at me like I was the dumbest guy on earth. "Last
night you fucked my ass so hard it stretched my ass out wide
enough to hide a coke can in it! What do you mean how was it?"

"I love how you talk Morgan" I laughed. She momentarily
gave me a happy smile "thank ya" then let her
face settle back into the what the fuck face. "you
tell me, how do you think I liked it" Morgan looked
over and the sheets that had ripped when I came. "riiiiiight
ok then I guess we will have to do it again" She said
brightly. "I am surprised you didn't cum though"
I told her a little disappointed. She tilted her head at
me like the RCA dog "remember when I told you that having
you inside me was like being punched in the stomach but also
a the best feeling in the world?" She asked.


"Well having you in side my ass feels like" She
tapped her pointer finger and her chin and looked thoughtful
for a second. "Having you in my ass feels LIKE I HAVE
A HUGE COCK IN MY ASS and it's tearing my body into shreads!
It took me a while to adjust to it and by the time it started
to feel good I made you cum so I don't know if I could cum
that way or not. It doesn't really matter making you
cum that hard was AWESOME! Plus I came twice with you in my

"well I want you to have pleasure too" I complained.
She gave me a stern look "what did I say?"

"Right right my pleasure is your pleasure but still"
I said rolling my eyes.

"You have made me cum way more times then I have made
you cum so I am just letting you catch up" she teased.
Morgan laid down on her stomach next to me and lifted her
feet up in the air crossing them at her ankles. I let my eyes
travel over her shoulders to the dip of her lower back and
back up the seductive curve of her ass. She followed my eyes
to her ass and smiled slyly, she lifted her hips then dropped
them back down and laughed as my eyes followed her motion.

"you know it turns me on that you always look at my body"
She laid her head down on the bed and kept swinging her legs.
"The way you look at me makes me feel sexy and desired"
she said softly. "I can't help it Morgan you are
perfect" I answered back. Morgan just smiled and
watched me watching her. After a while she must have figured
I had enough because she climbed on top of me reached down
and grabbed the Duvet and pulled up over us. She put her lips
to my neck and closed her eyes with a sigh.

Kitty burst through our door in her usual morning Minnesota
shirt "Dave I need your vote, I already have Jason's
and Jai's" she said a little out of breath. I lifted
my head and looked her up and down "first tell me. How
many of those damn shirts does Jason have?" I asked
finally. "Lots. but no I need your vote on something"

"what's up" I asked "well no one is
using the forth bedroom and you and Jason go the gym so it's
not like you are going to work out in it so it's just going
to sit there" she was just priming me. " we could
use it as a computer room but you and Jason have lap tops soooo
I was thinking" She was dragging this out.

"Since you have three girls living here why not let
us use it as a giant closet so you guys don't have to make
room in yours" there is was. Kitty was already putting
her stamp on the place after one day. Morgan nodded into
my neck as if to tell me it was a good idea. I honestly didn't
care so "go ahead" I said. Kitty spun and flashed
me her bare ass she tore out of the room to tell Jason the wonderful
news. "what time do you have to be at work?" She
mumbled. I looked at the clock before answering "2
hours" I told her.

"mmm good" she purred and began to kiss her way
to my cock. "Can I still put the clothes the bedroom
closet?" she asked softly. "Morgan you can
do what ever you want to this room except destroy it. We have
a big walk and more then enough room, you live here too remember"

"I can decorate our room however I want?" She
asked. "however you want baby" I said pulling
her tight.

"I just came" she joked. "I love you"
she whispered then kissed my neck "play with my hair"
she pouted. I laughed and ran my fingers gently through
her raven locks until she fell back into a blissful sleep.

To Be Continued......

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great as usual


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oh you may wanna use lube next time


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I wish I could put my thoughts to typed words as easily as
you do. I write out a paragraph reread and rewrite several
times as different ideas come to me. It would take me all
day to do what you have been doing. Good job!


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Consider putting this complete story on your blog.


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I don't usually comment on here, but I have enjoyed
reading your story. I hope you continue and if you have a
blog somewhere I would be interested in reading it. Thanks


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I am also mesmerized by them as well as intrigued as to what
happens next. If you had a blog we could read that would be
fantastic. now if AdultFriendFinder would approve each one faster we could
read them faster.


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i feel like a kid waiting for his presents on his birthday
or under the christmas tree lol


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Sounds like a great story line for a movie or reality TV show.


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I wish I could put my thoughts to typed words as easily as you do. I write out a paragraph reread and rewrite several times as different ideas come to me. It would take me all day to do what you have been doing. Good job!
Just think about something that is happening or had just
happened and explain it how you saw it. You might be surprised
how could you could actually express it. Thank you for the
comment I really appreciate it.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_JW4623:
I don't usually comment on here, but I have enjoyed reading your story. I hope you continue and if you have a blog somewhere I would be interested in reading it. Thanks
Well thank you for leaving a comment I really appreciate

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote dezzertfoxxx:
Sounds like a great story line for a movie or reality TV show.
LOL sadly my life is one messed up reality show. It makes
me cry sometimes. Very sad really lol

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_jbadam01:
I am also mesmerized by them as well as intrigued as to what happens next. If you had a blog we could read that would be fantastic. now if aff would approve each one faster we could read them faster.
Thank you as always sir!

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.