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Houston and the Middle of the Halloween Party


Instead of joining everyone in the living room i made a b
line for my freezer and the Jagermeister it held. The tantalizing
thought of what i think might be possible crept into my mind
like Chicago ivy up the walls of Wrigley field. I poured
the strong tasting German liqueur into a little plastic
glass almost absentmindedly while imagining what might
happen later.

With robotic movements i added the Redbull to my concoction
as i ran through the scenarios in my head. "am i just
imagining what i heard" i thought to myself. I picked
the glass up off the dark wood counter top and held it to my
lips "neither one of them seemed outgoing enough
or what's the word? naughty? no that's not it.
um daring? enough to do something like that" I tilted
my head back and downed as much of the strong tasting liquid
as i could in gulp.

"maybe i am just over thinking this? I mean i have been
in this situation before, the best thing to do is just let
things happen right?" I finished the last of the shot
as my mind worked things out. " but what if they are
expecting me to make things happen? Shit why am i over thinking
this? aaahhhhh"

"Are you hammered or do you just like staring at your
wall?" Ebony asked from the doorway. I turned to see
her wrapped up in Jason's big arms looking at me inquisitively.
"just spacing for a second, you guys sneaking away
to have your own party?" I asked changing the topic.
"I can't i have a visit from Aunt flow right now"
she shrugged "but he won't be left hanging"
she said winking at me. I could only imagine what she meant
by that and chortled at the look of mild confusion on my friends
face. Since i didn't respond she circled her hand like
she was holding a pole and made the motion of shoving it in
her mouth "you know" I watched as she put her
tongue in her cheek to simulate something pressing against
it. "yes yes i know" i laughed.

Princess came around the corner with Scott in tow "are
we doing more shots?" she asked ignoring the previous
couple. I just shrugged and pulled out enough cups for everyone.
I poured a little of everything so people could choose their
poison and called out "shot time!! come and get it"
When the kitchen was filled with costumed people i handed
out all the glasses and we held them up in the air again.

I only knew one Halloween toast

A toast to Halloween, it comes but once a year but it brings joys a plenty the one night that it's here Murders, lovers, witches, ghosts appearing from the past here's a toast to halloween and may it's revels last

"that was lame bro" Scott said shaking his head.

"it's the only one i know and i'm not even
sure i got it right" i shrugged and didn't wait
for the rest of them to drink. Megan seemed to like it because
she beamed at me before downing her drink in one gulp. The
warmth of the booze flooded through my body and heated me
up in a hurry, i was about to go outside to get some cool October
air when Tifa stopped me. "can you show me where your
bathroom is upstairs?" A bewildered look crossed
Jason's face but he kept quiet, i wasn't sure what
why she was trying to be coy but eh what the hell. "Sure
follow me" I wove my way through the kitchen crowd
to lead the way. When i had moved into the living room i turned
to see Tifa following me with Megan being towed behind her.

"this is it huh" I gulped "ok why are you
nervous? you have done this before. Stop over thinking
and just be cool man" My inner dialogue was arguing
with myself as we walked up the berber covered steps to my
loft bedroom. I turned and put my back against the french
doors that led out to my own personal deck and held my hand
out to the door. I was a little surprised when they went through
it together. As the room darkened again when the door closed
behind them my inner dialogue started up again.

"you are a guy and this is every 14 year olds fantasy
why are you freaking out?" I shifted on my feet as i
leaned against the cool glass door. "what is it about
this that has you so worked up?" Somewhere between
panic and pep talk the door opened again without the sound
of the toilet flushing. The vampire stood shadowed while
the Hooter girl's orange glowed "can we smoke
on your deck?" Megan asked. I shook the nonsense out
of my head and turned to open the door. "you know i don't
think i have ever been on this deck" I laughed. The
three of us stepped onto the decent sized grey wood deck
into the cool night.

"so you think they are going to fuck" Erika laughed
"Probably" Scott's voice replied

We looked down over the deck rail to the patio below us "who's
going to fuck? Tifa asked leaning over and looking down.

"aaah holy shit" Erika jumped almost dropping
her cigarette.

"uh Jason and Ebony" Scott said in an unsure
voice. I had the feeling they weren't talking about
the new salt and pepper couple. Megan joined Tifa at the
rail and and they started to have a conversation with our
friends below us. "i'm going to go grab some drinks
you guys want anything?" I asked. They told me to bring
back up whatever before i walked back into the house. I dug
through the bottles of booze and grabbed Malibu, peach
schnapps and Crown Royal. I fished some Redbull out of the
fridge and tucked three full sized glasses under my arm
and headed back to my loft bedroom.

"thank you for letting us come over" Duff said
as i passed her and the brunette Ally that had been Erika's
guests. "no problem, we are glad to have you, we do
this a lot and you are welcome anytime" i told them
while trying my best not to drop the glasses. I failed at
trying to turn on the bedroom lights with my elbow and just
set the booze down on one of the benches that flanked the
chimney. I mixed up some drinks and headed back out onto
the deck. As it turned out the only three people that didn't
smoke was Jason, Ebony and I so that meant everyone else
was filtering on the patio to get in a smokey treat.

The three of use talked down to the patio while the people
below us looked up, Erika was doing some weird dance like
thing under the deck drawing curious looks from the people
with her. "What are you doing Erika?" Princess
asked. "trying to see up La'Tifa's dress"
she said unashamed. Everyone laughed including Tifa "you
won't see much I am wearing shorts under my dress"
as if her words weren't enough she lifted up the bottom
of her short vampire dress and showed Megan and i tight black
spandex shorts. "yup she's wearing shorts"
Megan called down. Erika's shoulders slumped in defeat
"damn" More laughter filtered into the cool
night air.

After people were done smoking their weed or cigarette's
everyone went back inside and almost immediately started
to dance and sing along to "Ghostbusters" by
Ray Parker Jr. As if it was suddenly a fun thing to do. Megan,
Tifa, and i went to the benches against the half wall and
looked down into my living room to continue the conversation
with our friends. The talking up and talking down continued
through a drink or two. It was starting to get obvious that
Megan, and Tifa weren't planning on going downstairs
anytime soon.

I left the two girls at the same bench that Daniella and i
had been at when we watched Jason fuck her twin sister over
the mocha colored bean bag couch. I sat on the bed and couldn't
help but stair at the two tiny asses bent over. Megan's
little butt was a tear jerking sight in those extremely
tight orange short shorts. The short sucked in tight in
the crevase between her cheeks and clung tightly to her
slightly puffy pussy area. Since there was barely any light
on in the room i couldn't really see Tifa's ass
well in the dress so i just kept my eyes locked to Megan. I
enjoyed every shift and reposition of their little bodies
as they tried to find a comfortable position.

Sadly the urge for a drink overwhelmed me and i got up off
the bed to grab one of the liquor bottles, the movement got
both of their attention and they stood up. "damn i
should have waited" i thought to myself. I mixed the
alcohol together and added some redbull to it "me
too please" Tifa said holding out her empty cup. After
pouring three drinks i turned and sat back down on the bed
not really knowing what to do next.

The girls sat on opposite sides of me and there the three
of us just stared at the chimney in front of us. Like three
birds on a branch or even better like Hank Hill and his friends
drinking in the ally we all took sips at different times
while saying only one sentence at a time. This continued
on until we were at the end of our glasses "well this
has gotten awkward" I mumbled while looking into
the bottom of my empty glass.

"totally" Megan agreed.

"well then lets make it not awkward" Tifa said
smiling way to big. She took the empty glasses from us and
stacked them together before getting up to put them next
to the bottles of booze. She turned and flattened down her
dress front and let out a breath. "ok"

She moved in front of me and put her hands on my chest "lay
back" and gave me a gentle push. I could almost feel
the blood thicken in my veins as i scooted up the bed and lay
on my back. The sound of my breathing was damn near deafening.
Tifa unzipped her knee high hooker boots down the side taking
agonizingly long to pull them off. After throwing them
aside she crawled onto the bed and laid down beside me. She
let her hand rest on my chest and propped her head up on elbow
and hand to look at me. Even in the dim light of my bedroom
it was easy to see how truly gorgeous she was. Her perfect
skin, her narrow nose and middle eastern features blazing
exotic sexiness into my brain.

"sooo Megan and i have been talking" I could
see her take a gulp as if the words were struggling to escape
her throat. She turned towards her accomplice still sitting
at the end of the bed looking down at her feet. "come
on Megan join us" she said. If i was nervous i was starting
to get the idea they were too. I didn't want to assume
what was going to happen but i couldn't get the idea
of a threesome with these too out of my head. Slowly Megan
bent forward and took off her shoes and socks then turned
and crawled up onto the bed with us. She didn't lean
against me and was a few inches away from me as she copied
Tifa's head on elbow and hand.

Her hazel eyes twinkled as she nodded at Tifa as if to tell
her to keep going "ok so we have been talking and we
both really like you" She looked from my eyes toward
Megan as if to plead for a little help. "yeah Dave you
are really cool and uh we both like you" Megan almost
whispered. Tifa apparently not getting all the help she
was hoping for urged her on "and?" Megan took
a deep breath and continued "and we think we should
all hang out more, just the three of us"

Tifa smiled at her and then picked up where her partner in
crime left off " and sometimes you know it could be
me and you or her and you"

The words seemed to swirl around in my head but didn't
make much sense. "are they saying they want to date
me? or are they saying we should just all hang out? or am i
just completely missing this because i am a dumbass?"
I thought to myself. "ok that sounds great"
i said slowly drawing out my words. I was starting to think
that maybe this whole threesome thing i had thought would
happen was completely off the mark.

"so since we both have boyfriends it couldn't
be every night so we would have to figure something out"
Tifa said. "is this really happening?" escaped
from my treacherous mouth. They laughed together and it
seemed to bleed away some of their tension. I say their because
it was just adding to mine.

I expected them to delve into a deeper explanation of what
they had planned or what they meant but instead what i got
was a kiss. Tifa leaned her body closer to mine filling my
nose with the spicy scent of her perfume and cigarettes.
"it will be fun" she whispered. Her lips met
my cheek with a soft moist kiss, she moved her kisses up my
cheek toward my lips slowly. When our lips were pressed
against each other her tongue forced it's way into
my mouth. Out of pure instinct my mouth opened and my tongue
darted out to me hers in a swirl of wetness. She grabbed a
handful of my shirt and twisted it as our kiss became more
passionate. I felt her moan into my mouth and involuntarily
returned the favor.

As if her body disagreed with her mouth her hand let go of
my shirt and pushed against my chest forcing her body away
from me. When our lips broke away from one another "wow"
escaped her lips and she settled back next to me. She opened
her eyes slowly and looked into mine "i love kissing
you" she said quietly. I was about to reciprocate
but she cut me off "Ok Megan your turn" I felt
a pulse in my stomach and turned my head to look at the other
girl in my bed. Her face was stone showing no emotion what
so ever, her hazel eyes digging deep into my own brown eyes.
I had never seen the look on her face and honestly it gave
me butterflies.

Her big breasts pressed against my arm as she moved her body
against me. My heart started to pound hard into my sternum
and the last thought i had in my head before our lips met was
"oh my god i like her. I really really like her"
Megan's tongue circled mine in it's serpent dance
while her body crawled onto of mine, the passion she kissed
me with was intense. I opened my eyes through our kiss but
couldn't seen anything thanks to the cascade of brown
wavy hair that blocked my vision like the curtain at playhouse.

I held her tight against me smashing her breasts into my
chest as we drove deeper into our kiss. I let my hands travel
down her back and covered her small ass with my hands. The
feeling of her body was like bread to a starving man. My nerve
endings fired one after the other rapidly rolling through
my body while forcing blood into my groin. Like a leviathan
raising from the depths my cock swelled beyond the confines
of my military style pants. I could feel the smoothness
of her tank top against the head of my cock as her body wiggled
with our kiss.

"Jesus" Tifa breathed beside us. Suddenly
overcome with shyness Megan ended our kiss and smashed
her freckled cheek against my lips. Her whole body seemed
to clinch as she tried to hug me "dude that was great"

In one quick motion she rolled off me onto her side leaving
me completely exposed in the process. "IT'S
ALIIIIVE" Tifa said in a loud imitation of a spooky
voice. Even over the music we could hear the laughter from
below us. I had no doubt they had all heard her and had put
together their own idea of what was happening up stairs.
"GAWWWD" Megan's suddenly thick southern
drawl exclaimed when she saw me sticking out of my pants.
"i told you" Tifa said excited. I just laid there
with my mind blank.

As i stared at the ceiling i felt a small hand run down my stomach
then warm moist hands grasp me. I jumped a little as the hands
encircled the head of my cock in turn making both girls giggle.
Not brave enough to move i just laid there and let myself
be examined. My mind was to far out there at the moment trying
to deal with my sudden feelings for Megan i hadn't even
noticed that my button fly pants had been undone.

Tifa cupped my balls with one hand and gave me gentle strokes
with her other hand "it's nice isn't it"
she said holding it up for Megan. "mmm hmm" She
answered. "Do you want to suck it?" Tifa asked.
My mind started to reel as it became obvious this WAS going
to happen after all. What i was even more surprised about
was how suddenly nervous i had become. It felt like a giant
troll was jumping on a trampoline in my guts. My heart knocked
against my chest like it was a loan shark trying to collect
a big debt.

"yeah" Megan whispered and leaned down toward
screamed. Warm wet sensations surged through my soul as
her small mouth surrounded the head of my cock. I felt her
tongue flick across the tip and then slide around the mushroom
head. "hhmmmph" escaped from my mouth. Tifa's
squeezed my balls gently and started to stroke me up into
Megan's mouth. Even with the cacophony of sounds coming
from the floor below it still felt like we hung in deafening
silence. The only sounds that my ears seemed to hear were
the soft sucking sounds of Megan's mouth.

I jumped again when i felt a second tongue slide up my shaft
toward Megan's mouth. I looked down to and tried to
see what was happening but had my view blocked by Megan's
slowing bobbing head. Megan's mouth released my cock
and like a merry go round their tongues played follow the
leader around the head of my cock. As if they communicated
through some sort of telepathy they worked my cock in unison.
One would suck on the head while the other would run her tongue
down my shaft to my balls then back up to switch places.

There shoulders were pressed against my stomach holding
up their weight and with every sharp intake of breath i would
lift their bodies up. For what seemed like forever they
lavished my cock with their mouths, tongues, and hands.
Megan turned her head to the side giving me an opening to
see what was happening to me. Together they kissed and licked
up the sides of my shaft together while Tifa continued to
massage my balls. As they both came closer to the dip of my
pleasured dick they seemed to lock eyes. In reluctant fashion
they began to move forward toward each other, Megan faltered
for a second before their lips touched. Soft slow draw out
kisses started before my eyes as the two girls found each

Megan held my cock tight in her little hand as their kisses
became more frantic. Each times their lips broke i was able
to see there tongues dance against each others. Soft moans
emanated from them as they kissed and squeezed down on my
balls and cock. When they finally broke their amazingly
hot kiss they smiled at each other and turned to look at me.
The mischief in there eyes was evident and brought back
the butterflies to my stomach. Tifa's hand moved from
my balls and closed on top of Megan's, together they
stroked my silky saliva cock slowly up and down.

"bet you didn't see this coming" Tifa said.
I shook my head "huh ah, but if i die now i am ok with it"

Megan giggled "you are too funny Dave" I gave
her a cheese ball smile in return.

"OOOOOOH SHITTTT!!!" Chrisite yelled making
us all jump and look toward the steps. The sudden fear that
we had been seen hit us all. "I wish you had a door"
Tifa frowned. "walls would be nice too" i agreed.
As if suddenly unsure of what to do next Tifa sat up on the
bed and left me in the hand of Megan. "we have to be quiet"
she whispered. She pushed herself off the bed onto the floor
and gave one last glance at the top of the open steps.

Megan and i watched as she pulled her dress over her head,
she reached back and unhooked her black bra. She looked
toward the stairs again then put her arms to the side and
let the black lace thing fall to the floor. She hooked her
hands into the waist band of her black spandex shorts and
pulled them down leaving her completely exposed to us.
Megan gave my swollen manhood a few strokes while she looked
up and down Tifa's lithe frame. Tifa my not have had
tits but her body didn't have a ounce of fat on it and
her muscle tone was superb. She walked around the end of
the bed and started to work on my shoe laces.

"help me Megan" she whispered. As if on automatic
Megan let go of my cock and slid off the bed to help with my
other shoe. Together they pulled my pants off by the legs
and then my black boxer briefs leaving me exposed from the
waist down. Tifa turned and grabbed the bottom of Megan's
tank top pulling it out of her orange shorts in one fell swoop.
I could almost see her blush as her white bra came into sight.
Her large breasts seemed to spill over the top of the plan
white bra and looked way to big for her small frame. Megan's
stomach was just as toned as Tifa's but for a different
reason. Tiny little scars the size of freckles flanked
each side of her belly button and had to more on her lower
stomach by the line of her shorts. Megan had told me she had
had a few surgeries on her stomach to repair something that
was wrong with it.

Tifa dug her thumbs into Megan's tight orange shorts
and pulled them down before Megan even knew what was happening.
She let out a surprised squeak that was a little too loud
for Tifa to be comfortable with. She put her finger to her
lips and shushed her. "we can't be loud"
Megan gave a quick nod then put her hands intertwined her
hands in front of her crotch. Tifa again went to her waist
and pulled down the nude panty house she was wearing. She
managed to grab a hold of Megan's panties as well it
seemed. Megan's freckled chipmunk cheeks blushed
as Tifa almost hugged her to reach around and unhook her

The sight of Tifa undressing her was sexy enough on it's
own, but Megan's tiny 95lbs frame being exposed made
it hotter. As the white bra fell to the floor i finally got
my first glimpse of Megan's orbs. They were extremely
perky for the size that they were, her pink areola and nipples
made my mouth water. There in front of me was the very sexy
contrast of a tall mocha skinned exotic beauty and a short
thin large breasted beach bunny.

My cock jumped betraying the thoughts i was having and made
the girls giggle and helped to lighten the tension a little
bit. Instead of joining me on the bed Tifa grabbed Megan's
hand and led her too where the bottles of alcohol sat. See
those too little asses walking side by side hit me in the
gut like a sledge hammer. The curve of their lower backs
into their ass, the sight of Megan's big tits swinging
gently as she moved. The muscles in Tifa's back flexing
as she tipped the bottle of Malibu to her lips, the way Megan's
long hair draped over her shoulders.

They brought all three bottles back to the bed with them
and slid in next to me "take off your shirt Dave"
Tifa said between gulps of the coconut rum. I sat up and tore
my shirt off with the speed of a crazy person trying to get
a straight jacket off. "you are so funny" Megan
laughed. The fact that she said that over and over again
made me wonder if it meant something else. Megan handed
me the bottle of Crown and without thinking i took a huge
drink of the whiskey. The amber liquid burned down my throat
and into my gut instantly warming me up. I capped the bottle
and set it between my legs and sat waiting for what was next.

"you have great tits" Tifa said to Megan and
reached out cupping one in her hand. Megan looked nervous
as her friends hand explored her chest, your nipples are
even perfect. She traced a manicured nail around her areola
before running the back of her fingers over Megan's
hardening nipple. Tifa bent her body in front of me and took
a nipple into her mouth. Megan sighed as Tifa gently sucked
and nibbled away. Not wanting to be left out i draped arm
over Tifa's back and reached under her to play with
her long dark nipple. I brought my other hand up to the back
of Megan's head and pulled her into a kiss.

I could feel her breathing quicken as we kissed, her body
seemed to pulse with each nibbled and kiss. My cock jumped
against Tifa's chest as if it was telling us it wanted
attention. Tifa wrapped me in her fingers and rubbed me
across her long hard nipple. With Tifa's nipples being
so sensitive each brush of my dick made her body tense. Megan
started to moan into each others mouths as La'Tifa
stroked my cock against her nipple and sucked on Megan's.
Feeling our bodies intertwined was a fantastic sensation
all in it's own as we twisted and bent to get better angles.

Megan took in a sharp intake of breath and her body started
to quiver, she tore her lips away from mine and pressed her
cheek up against my lips. "huuuuu huuuu" she
whimpered. She was just like Tifa apparently and could
cum just from having her nipples played with. Tifa's
actions became more frantic causing Megan to hold onto
me tighter, her fingers raked across Tifa's back as
she was brought closer to her first orgasm from a girl.

Tifa's urgency made it almost impossible to keep attention
on her nipple so i slid my hand down her back and below her
ass. My fingers hadn't even found her pussy yet before
they were wet. Tifa was actually dripping she was so turned
on. Her liquid satin poured over my fingers as they parted
her long labia entering her. "aaaahhhh" she
cried with Megan's nipple in her mouth. That little
extra must have been just what she needed. Megan started
to whine in high pitched tones as her orgasm flooded over
her body, she turned her face and smashed her lips onto mine.

In staggered burst of movements she tried to kiss me, her
short nails digging into my neck as she spun into pleasure.
My fingers brought Tifa to a quick orgasm and as Megan's
finished her started. Her hand squeezed my cock hard and
her back arched as hers started ripping through her body.
She refused to let go of Megan's nipples and moaned
into her breast as quiet as she could manage. Trying to concentrate
on moving my fingers in Tifa's pussy, enjoying the
pressure of her hand stroke me against her body, and struggling
to breath locked in Megan's kiss was difficult to say
the least.

When their orgasms had finally fallen into gentle waves
of good feeling they both relaxed enough to let me breath.
Megan moved her lips from me to Tifa's back kissing
every inch of dark skin she could find. Their soft sighs
in concert as they enjoyed the feeling of our bodies "that
fucking rocked" Megan said in between kisses. "uuuuuhhhhhh
huuuuuuuuh" Tifa agreed from below her.

"i enjoyed it" I laughed just wanting to be part
of the group. Both girls laughed and sat up to look at me trapping
my hand under Tifa's ass. They both looked a little
dizzy but extremely happy as they looked over my face. Not
wanting this to be over by any means i dropped my hand into
Megan's lap and worked my fingers towards her pussy.
The soft flesh of her slightly protruding lips were soaking
wet when i found them. She shifted her body a little to make
it easier for her body to accept me. Her inner thighs were
soaked from her excitement and the heat of her pussy as my
fingers sunk into her almost made me break into a sweat.

There i was sitting in bed with my fingers inside these two
beautiful women while our friends and co workers partied
down below us. They moaned and pressed their weight down
on my fingers as i moved them in and out of their pussies.
Again like if communicating but unspoken word they both
got up on their knees allowing me easier access and laid
their hands against my shoulders. I gave one last look at
the top of the steps and laid back on the bed.

I let my fingers fall from Tifa's pussy and reached
over to grab Megan's hip, with ease i pulled her into
a straddle over my face. Her tiny bare pussy had little tiny
lips that stuck out and glistened with her juices. I gave
one last look before i pulled down on her hips and brought
it to my face. She pressed her hands up against my bedroom
wall and looked down past her gently swaying tits to watch

She had the sweetest taste of any girl i could remember,
her pussy surrounded my tongue as i drove it into her as far
as it could go. Her clip brushed the tip of my nose every time
i drove deep inside her. Her stifled cries telling me she
liked what i was doing to her, I put my hands under her ass
held her against my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on her clit
then sunk my tongue back into her trying my best to make her
cum on my mouth.

I moaned into her pussy when Tifa's mouth closed around
the head of my cock. Megan and i started to moan in concert
as the pleasures of tongues and mouths worked their magic
against our sensitive parts. A jolt of electricity shot
through my body as Tifa sucked one of my balls into her mouth.
The vibrations from her mouth rattled into my spine making
me wonder if she was playing with her pussy while she sucked

Megan's sweetness poured into my mouth as i continued
to eat her pussy, her thighs would clamp against my ears
tremble and let open again. Whether dizzy from alcohol
or from the sights and sounds of our trio my head spun. My
stomach felt as if i was in an elevator that dropped to fast
and goose bumps erupted on my arms. Megan drove her pussy
down hard on my mouth and chin and her legs put my head in a
vice like grip blocking out all sound. I could feel her body
began to quake then my mouth was flooded with her sweet tasting
cum. I licked and sucked on her lips and clit the best as i
could as her juices threatened to drown me. Tifa's
mouth worked faster and faster on my cock and i could feel
her moan deeply with me in her mouth.

They both seemed to be having their orgasm at the same time,
whether it be because this seemed to be new for them and the
stimulus was too much for them or just because they wanted
to cum together i don't know. Megan's hands pushed
against my forehead and she moved her ass back sitting on
my chest "oh my gawd Dave" she breathed "that
blew my mind." I looked up at her as she looked down
to me. A waterfall of brown wavy hair falling into my face
and we smiled at each other, looking into her eyes i felt
something like a rubber band snapping in my heart. "uh
oh" i remembered thinking.

Long dark fingers appeared on the sides of Megan's
tits and covered her nipples. Megan sat up rigid allowing
me to see Tifa surround her like a blanket from behind. The
feeling of two wet pussies dripping on my chest and upper
stomach was sublime. Sublime isn't even the right
word for it but i know no better at the moment.

Megan's held tilted to the right as Tifa's lips
found the curve of her neck, I watched Tifa's tongue
lash out across Megan's flesh. Megan's eyes closed
and she let out another moan. I reached up and put my hands
over Tifa's and together we massaged Megan's
heavy tits. "this is going to kill me" Megan's
sighed. "wait till he's got his cock inside you.
Then you will really feel like dying" Tifa laughed
and slapped Megan on the left ass cheek. The sound of the
slap was extremely loud and all three of us froze. The sounds
of the party down below us didn't seem to change except
maybe a little extra laughter and Jason's booming
voice talking about strippers. In a collective sigh of
relief we all relaxed.

"cmon it's time" Tifa said and moved her
hands down to Megan's tiny waist. Megan let Tifa pull
her back toward my groin, i almost died when i felt Tifa's
lips drag across the bottom of my shaft and down my balls.
She pushed against Megan's back telling her she wanted
her to lay across my chest. Megan's tits pressed against
my chest and our eyes met "hi" i said with a bright
smile. She let out a little laugh and said "hi"

She braced herself on her elbows and stuck her fingers into
my hair. I felt my rock hard cock being forced up and away
from my stomach and then the soft wet lips of Megan's
pussy. Megan's hazel eyes opened wide as Tifa guided
me into her pussy. The crushing heat engulfed me as Tifa
pushed Megan down on my cock "aahhh" Megan cried
out. She pressed her forehead against mine and grabbed
handfuls of my hair.

Megan's tight pussy protested my invasion and tried
to clamp down tight as if not to let me penetrate her. As Tifa
pushed her ass down farther it literally felt like was going
to split Megan in two "aahh gawd" she cried "it's
not going to fit"

Tifa's hand ran up and down on my shaft spreading out
Megan's Juices and i felt her lift Megan's ass
up in turn relieving some of the pressure surrounding my
cock. "ready?" Tifa asked. Megan slowly nodded
her head against my forehead and took a deep breath. In a
slow jerky motion Tifa pressed her down on top of me "aaahh"
Megan cried again. Intense pressure surrounded me again
as i was forced deeper into Megan's body. The walls
of her pussy spasmed as i stretched her insides out to their
limit until finally the head of my cock pressed up against
her stop.

Megan started to breath like she was in a lamaze class, i
felt a tear drop from her eye onto my cheek. Before i could
ask her if she was ok she smashed her lips against mine and
drove her tongue into my throat. She moved her body up then
back down again slowly, it felt like trying to fuck a hole
3 times to small for my size as her body rocked forward and
back on my cock. Tifa's hand stroked the part of my cock
that wasn't buried in Megan and massaged my balls at
the same time.

Our tongues stopped fighting one another and our mouths
stayed together in a non moving kiss as she rode me. The sensations
from her pussy and Tifa's attention tore through my
body like a tidal wave being forced through narrow canals.
My cock was being strangled by her tightness and her pussy
being stretched by my size. Either juices from her pussy
or saliva from Tifa's mouth ran down my balls and inner
thighs. As much as we tried to be quiet our moans seemed to
reverberate in my ears as fucked each other into oblivion.

I don't remember Tifa's hands vanishing from
my body but suddenly hands were between our chests and Megan
was taken away from my lips. I watched her far away expression
turn into shocked joy or pain as her body sat up. A mocha colored
leg swung over my face and then i saw La'Tifa's
amazingly long succulent pussy lips hanging in front of
my mouth. I hungrily attacked them sucking them into my
mouth. A slight musky scent filled my nose as she sat herself
down on my face.

Tifa had sat so that her and Megan faced each other, i felt
her lean forward and could hear them kissing. They started
to moan and i caught a glimpse of them playing with each others
nipples. Dark wetness covered my face and i drove my tongue
as deep as i could into Tifa's pussy. The taste of Megan
and Tifa mingled into a master chef's dish in my mouth.
As my cock was lovingly strangled by Megan's pussy
i ate Tifa's with all the hunger i felt for both of them.
The sensations of our bodies invading or being invaded
by each other had sent us into la la land. No sound other then
ours could be heard and no other sensation other then the
tangle of our bodies could be felt.

A vice like grip brought a tiny bit of pain to my cock as Megan's
pussy relented into her third orgasm of the night. The rolling
feeling of her pussy muscles as they spasmed around me drove
me wild. I worked my tongue faster and deeper into Tifa's
pussy trying to get her to cum. Megan's body shivered
again and then she started to fuck me in jerky motions as
if her body was refusing to do what she wanted. With a high
pitched arm muffled moan and a flood of release she came
all over my dick. Her body locked up and she shivered a few
times before falling against Tifa's body. She tried
to say something but gave up after it only came out as jumbled

Tifa lifted her pussy away from my mouth "i wasn't
done" i breathed "i love how you taste"

She shook her head "i want you inside me" She
watched as Megan pushed her hands against my stomach and
gingerly pushed her self off of me. Looking between her
legs it looked impossible that my cock had been able to enter
her body. With a hiss from her lips and a soft wet plop she
pulled me out of her. My cock slapped hard against my stomach
and flung Megan's Juices against my lower chest. "mmm
my turn" Tifa cooed.

She straddled my body so that her back was facing me and worked
her way in to position. "Megan put it in for me"
Tifa whispered with a wild eyed look. With a wince Megan
got to her knees and reached out to grab my soaked cock. She
pushed it up into the air with one hand and put her other on
Tifa's ass. Tifa reached between her legs and spread
her long lips like the wings of a butterfly exposing her
pink opening. Megan guided the head of me to her pussy and
tried to push it in while Tifa sat back. Megan and i watched
as it started to disappear into our friend inch by inch.

Tifa not as tight as Megan but damn close engulfed me with
sweet hot pressure. Megan stretched her legs out behind
her and pushed them up against my sides, she wrapped her
hands around my ankles and rocked her body back forcing
my cock into her each time. Seeing between her legs as my
cock went in and out of her dark pussy must have turned Megan
on as well. She ran her hands from my lower stomach, up my
cock and onto her ass with each backward rock of Tifa's

Tifa looked back over her shoulder at Megan "play
with my ass" she begged. Megan did what she was told
and pressed her thumb up against Tifa's asshole following
Tifa's motions with her hands. I reached out and cupped
one of Megan's tits in my hand and light massaged it
while Tifa road me. The entire bed rocked as Tifa's
motions became faster, Megan had switched from her thumb
to two fingers and had buried them into Tifa's ass.
As we double penetrated our friend she whimpered and moaned
as quietly as she could. I couldn't take my eyes off
the sight in front of me, and the fascination of it probably
allowed me to last longer then this situation would have

Tifa's orgasm came out of nowhere and she slammed her
hips back forcing my cock and Megan's fingers deep
inside her orifices. "uh uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuhuuu"
she cried out and again my cock was covered with juices from
an orgasm. Her back arched and she slammed her ass down once
more forcing my cock in a little too far "aaaaahhhh"
she cried out in surprise. We froze again, my cock pulsed
inside Tifa's pussy and as if to answer it spasmed back.
Megan slid her fingers from Tifa's ass and lifted her
self up on her knees as if to look over the edge of the half

The music from downstairs was still playing but the voices
sounded muted and far away. "they must be out smoking"
i whispered. Tifa ground her hips down on me one last time
as if to remember what it felt like having me inside her then
moved forward and pulled her self free of our coupling.
She turned around "you need to cum, i don't think
we can get away with this much longer"

We all agreed and i was suddenly left with the question of
how will i cum? "you can't fuck my ass because
i will scream" Tifa said as if reading my mind. "We
could suck you off" she said crawling back onto the

"cum inside me" Megan spoke up from no where.
"it's ok it's safe"

She laid on her back and beckoned me toward her "god
she is beautiful" i thought to myself. She opened
her legs wide giving me a view of her pretty tiny pussy, i
crawled between her legs and she reached out and took my
cock in her hands.

The impossibly tight vice grip surrounded me again as my
cock forced it's way inside her body. Megan wrapped
her arms and legs around me as i plunged my cock in and out
of her pussy. Tifa moved behind me took my balls into her
hands. She massaged me while i forced open Megan's
body with my cock. Megan pulled hard onto my neck and i brought
my lips to hers in a tongue twisting sloppy wet kiss. My grunts
and her moan's started to get louder as i pounded her
body into the bed not caring anymore about noise.

With Tifa massaging my balls and the bottom of my shaft my
orgasm started to build up. "i think i am getting close"
i whispered into Megan's mouth. She looked at me and
moaned out "cum in me Dave" Tifa laid her chest
across my back "come on Dave cum inside her"
The urgings were answered as the tsunami of my orgasm rushed
from the tips of my toes and the top of my head colliding in
my groin. My head spun as cum shot from the head of my cock
into Megan's womb "oh my gawd" Megan cried
out and squeezed me tight. Tifa's hand gently milked
my balls of all the cum i had. Spurt after spurt of me filled
up Megan's pussy.

"you are filling me up" she whined into my mouth.
Those words for some reason just hit me hard and it felt like
i was having another orgasm on top of my first one. More cum
erupted from my throbbing dick and shot deep inside Megan.
Tifa's drug her tongue across my back and kissed me
all over my side "cum baby cum for us" she squeezed
my balls again as if her words weren't enough to urge
me on.

"fuuuckk" i grunted into Megan's mouth
as the last shot of cum left me. My body involuntarily convulsed
barely making it possible to hold my body up on my knees and
elbows. Megan's pussy over flowed with cum and my cock
started leaking down her ass onto the dark brown sheets
she was laying on. Tifa crawled her body onto making my arms
shake and threatening to flatten Megan into the bed with
our weight. She reached behind her ass and grabbed my balls
again "i love your fucking cock Dave"

She peppered little kisses across my shoulders and hugged
me very lovingly. "you ok?" i asked Megan. She
closed her eyes and nodded her head slowly "i love
your cock too" As if to thank her it pulsed inside her.
She laughed and opened her eyes "slowly ok"
she pleaded. With Tifa still on my back i moved my hips back
at a snails pace pulling my slowly dying cock from her abused
pussy. She sucked in a breath when i finally pulled free
from her. "it's pouring out of me" she smiled
and looked down past her tits. Tifa slid from my back as i
sat back on my heels to look.

White cum poured from her open pussy like lava down a volcano.
Tifa surprised us both as she lowered her face to Megan's
pussy and lapped up my cum. I moved to the side and just watched
in awe as Tifa's face pressed into Megan. Megan's
lips surrounded her mouth and Tifa's narrow nose bent
up as it pressed against her clit. "oh my gawd im going
to" Megan squeaked throwing her arms above her head.
she pushed against the wall and forced her pussy hard against
La'Tifa's mouth.

Tifa's ass shot up into the air and she brought her hands
to her cheeks so she could open Megan's pussy to make
it easier to dive in with her tongue. I couldn't help
myself i slid from the bed and got behind Tifa and buried
my face into her pussy. Megan pushed against Tifa's
face, Tifa pushed against mine and i stepped back trying
to hold us in place. Megan's orgasm into Tifa'
mouth had been a strong one and left her closed eyed and panting.
Megan's and my cum covered Tifa's cinnamon covered
lips and glistened in the dim light. Tifa looked absolutely
consumed in lust she beckoned me forward and got down on
all fours on the bed and opened her mouth.

I guided my dying cock into her waiting mouth held my breath
as she sucked me in deep. She worked my cock as if she was trying
to revive it, i almost couldn't believe my eyes when
Megan got up and moved in next to Tifa. I felt as if i was suddenly
living in a dream as Tifa pulled me from her mouth and offered
it to Megan. Tifa looked up at me and smiled her wet smile
as Megan took me into her mouth. "aren't you glad
we had this talk" she asked.

Megan laughed with me in her mouth and in turn i had to laugh.
Side by side their tight bodies with their asses up in the
air did the impossible, i started to get hard again. "we
need to have another talk" i told them.

"where the hell are they" Scott yelled from
the living room.

"i don't know! maybe we need to go look for them"
Erika yelled back.

The sounds of snickering and out right giggling drifted
up from the first floor. Like cock roaches that just had
the light turned on them we scampered around trying to find
our clothes. The three stooges could have looked more graceful
as we tried to get dressed. I think i even tried to put on Megan's
orange shorts once, we fumbled around in the dark getting
dressed the best we could. The girls left me to go to the bathroom
to check themselves out, i managed to put myself together
and just finished lacing up my boots when Tifa and Megan
came out of the bathroom blushing. Our friends had not stop
calling out the whole time making matters worse.

As quietly as we could we opened the french doors and slipped
out onto the deck. The girls immediately lit up cigarettes
and we all looked at each other wide eyed before bursting
into laughter. "so what are the odds they heard us?"
I asked wincing. "well with this one screaming i think
pretty high" Tifa said pointing her thumb towards
Megan. "wait!! hey wait no! you were the one moaning
loud when you were riding him" Megan fought back.
It's funny how fast people blame each other isn't

"hey hey none of us were very quiet" i said hoping
to calm the situation. The girls exchanged glances then
stalked forward backing me into a corner "it's
your fault" Tifa said pointing her cigarette at me.
"yeah if you did make us do that stuff we wouldn't
have gotten loud" Megan snickered. I held my hands
out as if to forestal my death. "hey hey don't
kill me i love you guys"

They laughed and Megan threw herself against me I wrapped
my arms around her cold bare shoulders and pulled her tight.
"bring it in killa" I told Tifa and pulled her
into a hug. The three of us held each other tight in the cool
night air. My stomach gave me another twinge of butterfly
and i had to swallow it down. "wow what the hell was
that" I thought to myself.

"i think talking loudly on the deck is probably what
busted you guys the most" a voice said from below us.
The door to the house closed and left us in a shocked silence.


When we walked back down stairs all of our friends and the
two girls Erika had brought with her were smiling up at us.
"talk about trick or treat" Jason laughed.
And then the clapping came, Megan turned and buried her
face into my chest with a high pitched squeal. Tifa balled
up her fists and put them to her hips, she stood up straight
and proud "it was all treat" Our friends laughed
and then turned back towards each other and ignored us as
if it was no biggie, k carry on with your lives.

Tifa and i looked at each other bewildered then i lifted
Megan's feet off the ground and we joined everyone
in the living room.

To Be Continued............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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mannn, this is one great read, please continue. I cum back
everyday searching to see if you've posted another
chapter. Please, more.


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Another great story, looking for more, only thing that
could make them better, is if they were shorter.


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quote rm_cremeflem:
mannn, this is one great read, please continue. I cum back everyday searching to see if you've posted another chapter. Please, more.
Thank you very much for the comments. I am really glad you
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_JJ22161:
Another great story, looking for more, only thing that could make them better, is if they were shorter.
Thank you very much, and yeah i suck at quickies apparently.
I apologize but they probably won't be any shorter.
I am sorry about that.

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Keep them coming, regardless of length! When's the
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Keep them coming, regardless of length! When's the book for sale?
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Once again, I really got a thrill from this installment.
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Keep up with the stories , have been reading them since
the beginnig even the ones with no sex were a great read.


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quote enoughfor2maybe:
Once again, I really got a thrill from this installment. Can't wait for more.
Thank you very much for that. I will be writing the next part
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote AportAcnesLusty:
Keep up with the stories , have been reading them since the beginnig even the ones with no sex were a great read.
Thank you very much for the compliment. I really appreciate
it and i am glad you enjoy all of them.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.